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REVIEWS OF TCL Chinese 6 Theatres IN California

Important Person

Old and dirty. Needs fresh ideas since it's such an iconic theatre. Volume for movies too low.

Jordan Mader

I was unpleasantly surprised with my most recent experience at this theatre. The max4d experience was unfortunately tainted by a lack of visibility on the screen. I was seated B1,2,3,4 for 11:45 showing of endgame & was shocked that the midpoint of my visual field was not even at the edge of the screen. In order to view the screen I had to turn at least 30 degrees to even see the screen. I have always enjoyed this theatre but this experience was unforgettable. Unforgettable in a negative respect

Ashley Thomas

There's a lot of people here but it's really cool. And you can Google search a map and find certain people's prints. It's really cool.

ben og

It looks pretty, but that's about it. You wait until the hot dogs are gone to make more? The level of incompetence of the employees here is indicative of poor management.

Joe Taylor,Jr

Loved LA

Alison Berger

This is not the Grauman Chinese Theater specifically, but associated with it. So these are the add-ons right next door. Huge facility. Comfortable seats. Parking garage under it and I believe only costs around $2.50 with validation. A little confusing finding the theater from the parking garage, but follow the signs and you will get there. So save time for that. Pricier, but that is LA.

Christopher Keninger

did you really see Hollywood if you didn't put your hand in Bogy's print or see Mel Brooks' sixth finger?

Active BM0

No pictures for the films in the entrance only texts. Seats are not comfortable ( for who wants to sit in healthy sitting position). And every thing else is fine.

Brian Matthews

What more can be said about such a historic site? Great souvenir shops, fun sidewalk atmosphere and of course the Hollywood Walk Of Stars! It’s LA, baby!

Danielle Bullington

Great theater. Really need better seats. It's 2019, this is an IMAX theater.

It'sTruly Life

So beautiful

Tabitha b

Great quality sound and picture!! Watched Passenger during a time which left me feeling like the main male actor. For those who watched it, you will know exactly what I am talking about. Comfy seat and definitely enough leg room. In the very front, I notice sofas and thought that was cool as it wasn't something I see at theaters. Spent $12 instead of $16 due to timing.

Kimberly Scalf

Fantastic just watched the DARK PHOENIX premiere

Ric Sandoval

One of the venues for the annual AFI Fest

Omar Budhoo

The Chinese theater is the only thing that's real to me about Hollywood I've seen it in many classic movie or them old film clip from the 30 and 40 and so on, it was a honor to be able to have had the chance to perform in front of Chinese theater thank you Hollywood!

Peter Utecht

Right in the heart of Hollywood, the center of all the fun....

steven ramirez

The place is awesome but the captions stand didnt fit the mx4d it annoying we had to hold it during the full movie




Great movies complex .!

LLynn Brown


Joe Soto

Awesome experience! Avengers Endgame was awesome!

Andrew LaRock

For a theater that is literally in need of better directions (it was like using a pirates map to find the place) it was amazing once we got inside. All the seats are great and offer a spectacular view not to mention they are robotic in nature so you experience the effects you see on the screen. The whole experience was well worth wat I paid and I recommend going there in the future if you ever get the chance

Dagan Potter

Great theater


50 dollars to see a 4D movie but so worth it

Laura S

I come here for press screenings on the top floor. The theater is small, but it's great. The main theater - where all the celebrities go - is HUGE! It's great at any angle. FOOD: Standard popcorn and drink... I always get an Icee! :D STAFF: The staff is great! They were so nice when I had to wait for a movie showing. I came for Game of Thrones TV screening and they gave out posters. So I made sure I was early to get them! The staff were so awesome and gave me one! PARKING: Hollywood and Highland Parking Garage - $2 for 4 hours validation The plus side, right next to a shopping center and all the tourist attractions like the hands and such.

Alexander Brunner

This theater is probably my favorite. If you want to enjoy an IMAX movie, be sure to preorder tickets as this theater is located in the heart of Hollywood, which is, obviously, full of tourists and visitors. Good seats sell out fast and usually at the box office. Tickets are pretty expensive, but you get what you pay for: The most recent IMAX Laser projection, very comfortable and retractable seats, and very delicious popcorn at the concession stand. The theater has a metal detector and an employee checking your backpack, in case you carry one, unlike some theaters who will kick you out.

Dylan Lewis

I've only been once, but it was a great movie experience. The cinnamon sugar pretzel I had unfortunately caused me some chest pain mainly due to its dryness. Seats were spectacular and comfy. It is a bit pricey, but a fun experience to see the old Theater inside. 2 IMAX tickets were $38 Total cost. Most theaters are $28, but you can't beat the heart of Hollywood scenery and the famous foot and handprints in front.

K hyuihiun

This is the kind of place that people go to with their five cousins, grandma and 5 year old kid in tow to see a R rated slasher movie, if you know what I mean. Of course there was that one "Shaniqua" that talked too loud during the movie and somebody told her to please be quiet and "Shaniqua" went into a fit and started threatening this good samaritan with a beat down and interrupted the whole movie experience for everyone. I was just trying to see Michael Myers sever a few heads people! Not be in an episode of Jerry Springer. Anyway, stay away if you want a non-ghetto movie experience. oh, but the hot dog was tasty.

scott dolbec

Definitely worth seeing a movie in this theat6

Alyasin Hossain

Good place to hangout . It's in the heart of Hollywood so attractions won't be a problem. But it is Hollywood so it's crowded just about everywhere. Back to the theater, it's one of the nicer theaters ice been to and their seats are also quite comfortable.

Garo Bakirci

The imax screen is literally the best! It uses lasers so there is no motion blur.

Julia Sinquimani

It's NOT the same inside as I remember it.

Bernardo Puron

Standard theater. You can hear the bass from the adjacent screens.

S. Yun

Lots of fun! Empty during the day.

Gregg Schuder

Beautiful theatre! 900 seats. They don't make them like this any more. Saw "The Great Lebowski" as part of Turner Classic Movies Film Fest. Ben Mankeweiz interviewed Jeff Bridges before hand. Tremendous experience!

bill reis

Great place to visit

Andrew Baxter

Overpriced parking but that's Hollywood for you. There is the famous Chinese Theater IMAX which is amazing but expensive. Only consider going here for movies which are a MUST SEE in IMAX. The normal theater side is small but all theater rooms are a nice size with comfortable seating. The best part of this place is the bar though! 2 for $10 deal on wells. According to the bartender it's daily.

Chris Owens

Over crowded armpit. Loud, obnoxious, and rude people. Everytime you want to take a picture, some clueless idiot steps on the spot you at trying to capture.

Alejandro Espiritu

#it felt like home

patricia theis

A little undwhelming. Saw Spiderman in4D 3D. Left with a headache.

natasha gauthier

The theatre is incredibly beautiful and you can feel the history and stories that this theatre has seen and been a part of, as soon as you begin walking in. The sound was clear, the screen is huge and watching an Action movie here was fantastic. (We saw Rampage). It is an old theatre, with old carpets and old seats, etc and that is also why it is so special, smell and all.

Moises Lopez

The staff made racist mexican remarks towards me.

Erica Camisa Morale

It's a great cinema, their program, activities and overall organization is really good. Unfortunately, the area where it is located makes it so chaotic that it is sometimes difficult to enjoy it. But this is part of the game -- it's Hollywood!

Rick Kilpatrick

AFI FEST every year in November, so I pretty much live in the Chinese theatres and other nearby theatres and facilities associated to the festival. The theatres are above the Hollywood/Highland RedLine subway stop, so no need to deal with the horrible Hollywood traffic if you want to avoid it. Decent bar in theatre lobby, and main TCL Chinese Theater (formally know as Grauman's) downstairs is still one of the biggest and best screens.

Edward Monti

It was very disappointing from the outside. Full disclosure we never went in, primarily because of how badly it looked from outside, so you be the judge.

Cecilia Hilton

Do not take the tour. Use the money for an imax movie instead!

Terri Raun

Left Berger place / across the street live on stage Theater . Harley Davidson store, Geardelie & ice cream shop, popo Every day !

Crusher Destroyer

It would've been dope if Hellboy was playing there.

Hamed Mansouri

A must visit place for tourists. Great for taking pictures and spent a day with friends.

Kt Donohue

Quite a site. Secure your stuff. Leave nothing in your car.

Nancy Alex


Tina Starr

I took my daughter there and we had fun


The famous one you see in all the movies. Pretty cool to see it close up.

Jose Luu

Nice big screen and place. Sound too loud on non feature trailers, ok on movie.

Lebo Malatse

Outfest was absolutely a fun experience.

Andreas Becker

Iconic landmark. I loved my trip. I can’t wait to go back!

Ryan Fernando

Very Spacious and Comfy and the Largest screen I have ever seen

Nikki Sandoval

Fun to see all the history and memorabilia there, and the staff were so helpful and nice. A bit crowded, but a well worth it tourist attraction.

geoffrey Rivas

Nice movie complex.

Ray Gallagher

Fun place... All the stars hand prints and signatures in the cement was awesome!


The facility is ok. Need to maintain water dispenser.

Alin Lunca

Very nice good vibes knowing the history need there seats upgraded

Bill Franklin

Was ok to see. Would go once. Enjoyed the casts in concrete. Too many tourists of which we were 4. Maybe inside would increase my rating, but had NFC game to watch. Go Cam!

Abby Gonzalez

Love it

Chris Banning

Always fun to go to Hollywood and see a movie at the Chinese theater complex. Be prepared for the cost of parking, it's quite expensive at $15 to $20. However there is lots to see and do along Hollywood Boulevard in this area. The Hollywood walk of fame is here on both sides of the street. The Hollywood Wax Museum is also here. Try to go on a nice sunny day to get the most of your experience.

Dennis Rünger

First time I went to TCL Chinese 6 Theaters and probably the last. My seat was uncomfortable and the viewing room felt cramped due to its small size and stadium seating. There is no shortage of better movie theaters than this one in LA. I'm guessing the Google reviews are generally (too) positive because some reviewers confuse the TCL Chinese 6 Theaters with the TCL Chinese Theatre aka Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

Rachel C

Fun to see the charector dressed up and the atmosphere is one of a kind.

Adam Bomb 1701

Went for the TCM festival. Going back next year.

Sean BG

Historic theater that can use some upgraded seating.

Jose Estrada

Great service and great theaters, very convenient place

Ryan Davidson

Bes movie theater in Los Angeles and also most expensive.

John Mogavero

Yes it's a very big tourist attraction, but i would definitely visit's part of Hollywood's Legacy.

Max Mustermann

The location is a very special and cool. The Front is beautiful and the handprints and signs of stars are great. The cinema itself doesnt seem to have the fame of the Front. But it is still a very good cinema, we went to a 4D screening. The experience was outstanding, never watched a movie like that before. The only issue was that it was pricey, 30$ for one screening is very expensive.

Brittanie Maddox

I love this theater. I've been here a few times for special screenings and events and it's always been a great experience. They are quick and friendly and I know I'll always have a good time here.

Sandy Vue

I read so much about this place I was excited to get tickets to see Zoolander 2 during my trip to LA. The exterior was beautiful but the interior was little run down. The tables and chairs in the main lobby had seen better days. My shock was at the condition of the auditorium itself. The seats were stained with only god knows what. The arm rests were worn out and dusty. I'm a movie goer and I've been to many different theatres and I've seen some bad ones but this one took the prize. I didn't stay for the movie. I asked for a refund and promptly left.

April H

Didn’t go inside but it’s a cool building from the outside. There are a lot of celebrities that have signed the concrete outside of it.

Edward & Michele Mendibles

Enjoying the Day❤

Janis Chambers

With the amount of difficulty it is to get simple show times for their minor theatures, It's a wonder if they even want business at all. Their web site only shows time for the main show.

Joseph Billeter

Very interesting.

Paul Grant

Cool to see the Hollywood stars.

Rhina Petty

Very interesting area! It was super busy but we were able to see many stars and prints! Along the street is various people passing out and selling things like music. It was a great experience and there is blocks and blocks of stars to see. They sell tickets for some tours in the area and tons of gift shops nearby.


Cool and historic place to take pictures and walk among the stars

Antonio Barajas


Nathaniel Durkin

I never got inside. Some kind of gaming competition and they would not let me see the actual seating area. Its only open once a year for the Oscars. Not joking. Wow. That is dumb. I guess sometimes you can see movies I dont know when. So this place is like church for celebrities which is creepy. At least I got my pic taken with Wonder Woman who was there...a model not the famous actress ;)

Shay Perez-DeBusk

No closed captions at the big theater. That's pretty illegal. Fyi.

Anthony Olivas

The Chinese Theater with the glamour and and beauty of yesterday with the technology of today equals a great movie experience

Malia Mason

Seeing Star Wars here on opening night was a dream come true. The seats are amazing and the theater is gorgeous. It's definitely a must if you're in the area!

Matt Harding

While people confuse this theater with the main IMAX theater downstairs, both are excellent!

dan mil

Love this theater. The staff is so friendly and most remember me when I come in.

Steven Speciale

Amazing historic theater that's been updated. I've been to screenings here in the multiplex, but nothing beats the main IMAX experience. Pro tip: Make the effort to go to the big theater. It's worth it!!!

KayLee Abbott

It was smaller then I thought it would be but not in a disappointing way

Nolan Tirado

Love this place !!! I've been coming here since I was a kid my mom use to bring me and now I bring my son. It's one of those iconic places on the BLVD that's been there forever.

John M.

Famous old theater it's still comfortable and good viewing options. Validated $3 parking at Hollywood and highland

Kat Rivera

Truly an amazing experience to watch a movie here.

Marc R.

A must see when you are at the Hollywood Blvd. Many hand- and footprints of Stars.

A. Cunning

PARKING/OUTSIDE: If familiar with the area and know specifics (when traffic will be decent..not rush hours or during main events, purchased tickets on line, know where you will be parking, not really interested in concession stand, or no need for bathroom break) arriving 15mins to 30mins and a-lining to the theatre is doable. But for these who love a good'ol planned experience and need all the extra or just having one of those days...plan to arrive 1hr to 2hrs in advance. This is necessary if no recon for parking is conducted in advance, are a bargain hurters, or do not mind a lengthy walk through the waving seas of site-seers, tourists, icon impersonators, street vendors, music and shop promotors.) There is plenty of "pay parking" just keep safety in mind especially if adventuring after dark...the theatre validates mall parking (Hollywood & Highland) only for 2hrs. Baja Fresh will also validate parking in the 6922 Hollywood Blvd Garage. CUSTOMER SERVICE: The team is laid back, friendly, and know--- pointing in the general direction; answering questions; giving directions; being attentive; not overly chatty, but engaging enough; smiling; enjoying the football game at the bar, showing team spirit with guests; offering assistance and service. Classic matinee love, relaxed but not complacent. If it were the first time going to a friends house, it was a welcoming, inviting, and safe experience. THEATRE (this is only one out of how many are available): Box office is on ground floor on Sunset by the Hollywood Footprints, but also able to purchase tickets upstairs inside the theatre. Escalaters to theatre entry properly function, but did not see an elevator at the time. Vintage photography of Hollywood Footprints are a plus while enjoying the quite, spacious, and almost empty entry hallway. Common area is clean, no odd odors, setup with seating, bar, tables/stools, sports television, more vintage hand/ footprint art, and interactive technology. Restroom were clean and available for use. Theatre is auditorium seating with plenty of seating for massive parties and/or groups. Seating is cushioned, clean, good condition and comfortable. Super dark after the lights are cut---recommendation: arrive on time to see where the hell to go, to not trip on steps, and not cause distraction. At this time the steps/stairs and seat numbers are partially lite, so it will not do any good to fumble around in search of a seat unless absolutely necessary. Phone screen on low is enough lighting to help out. Because it was not heavily trafficed, multiple "good" seats remained--- find the nearest one, dust off any old popcorn, and kick back. Aquaman 3D, was on the menu during this adventure...ask the attendant or grab glasses at the box office counter inside theatre (not the one downstairs, unless they are being handed out there). The theatre offered a great visiual experience running smoothly and seamlessly! In addition, the theatre was one of the last theatres still offering Aquaman 3D--- it was worth the adventure. This is a nice friendly environment to celebrate a quite birthday, hang out with loved ones and friends, site see, or catch a good movie --in 3D or not-- before it leaves box office.

Chris Schmitt

Theater seats were horrible very uncomfortable

Jaime Moreno

Nice air conditioned place. Good popcorn.


It was a good experience

Hey You

Still amazing and definitely worth a visit.

Joshua Tafoya

Great theater

T Rosemore

Clean historic venue with a professional staff

Ronny Dominguez

The seating is so uncomfortable in the regular theaters. It was hard for all of us to sit thru an hour and half movie.

Ceasar Rodriguez

It's expensive but worth every dollar, thanks for the parking SP+

Gregory Uhland


Benjamin Lakselv

Good seats, very beautiful building, huge canvas, decent sound and picture, friendly employees. Hard to book tickets online for tourists because you need an American zip code. Very expensive snacks.

Tommie Lipponen Wennberg

Tried 4D. Not worth the money. Not a lot of effects using neither the chair nor visually effects

Andy Milo

The five stars go to the main theater. Its so beautiful - a bit garish of course, but really exquisite to see. Other theaters are "OK", nothing special.

anita mcmillan

Clean and very beautiful but very pricey worth checking out

Susan Hathaway

Good quality screen's, well maintained, staff polite and helpful. The theatre screens many movies through the year. Side bar, and usual theatre food, with table and Bar seating.

George Millet

A must see if visiting LA. Parking is good.

Brian Randell

Such a beautiful cinema and the tickets were reasonably priced for its location.

Norm Cox

Clean, freindly staff and big restrooms.

Mitchell John

High quality screens and sound - some of the theaters have couch seating. Great spacious lobby with upscale concessions. Couple of the theaters are quite cramped and you get really close to the screen if you arrive late.

Annie McKnight

I had an opportunity to explore the theater of many stages. I was attending the Hollywood Comedy Shorts festival. Customer service, popcorn & drinks marvelous!!! #HWCSF

Cindy Riley

Awesome. Must go!

Jagat Patel

Definitely one of the best IMAX theater's I've ever been to. The overall design aesthetic of the theater is pretty impressive with movie props on the inside themed for new movies, the food is good and again the IMAX screen, even with the 3D is pretty good.

Louise Borg

Very very crowded with lots of homeless people begging for money! Lots of vendors selling most of the same junk! Check out the $5 gift shop for great souvenir bargains

Oscar Arroyo

Visited this location for the AFI event everything was fine, but the restrooms was very dirty, definitely restrooms need more attention.

Latoria Ort

I love this theater for its history and it's structure, if your visiting. I say watch a movie in main theater downstairs or do a tour of the theater itself. Everything I watch a movie here, I always get to step in the footprints of some of my favorite Actors/Actress of all times.

Kim Garcia

Super historic theater in LA. I love going to this place! I used to go see all the Harry Potter movies here at midnight. Such an awesome and majestic theater to go to for any movie experience.

Gregorio Cabrera zavala

Great movies always you almost feel famous but food is going to run you In other words snacks and food are very pricy here

Melanie Wright

Enjoyed visiting this area and the famous walk of Fame.

Christopher Winston

All Nice, But That Walk Of Fame Isn't Worth It, Unless Whitney Houston's Hand Prints & Signature Are In The Cement As Well !! She Was A Very Big Music And Movie STAR !!

maj malique

Was okay... was in screen 3.. clean and neat but nothing exceptional

Albert Leong

Great multiplex amid shops, restaurants and plenty of tourists.

Rahul Jichkar

awesome theatre experience

robert yaffe

Amazing very friendly and exciting


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