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Reading Cinemas Valley Plaza, 2000 Wible Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93304, United States Located in: Valley Plaza Mall

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Reading Cinemas Valley Plaza has always been a must go theater when I visit relatives in the Bakersfield, Taft area. They always have the latest blockbuster movies in regular or I Max. Friendly employees, good popcorn. What else can a movie goer want? Warning! It gets busy sometimes. A great movie experience!!!!

Cristina Navarro

They need to clean down the theater rooms floors more often

Juan Garcia

Wonderful time with my family

Sexy Sara

Excellent Customer service

Cindy Hufnagel

My husband and I watched Alladdin there. We had popcorn and a drink. Great sound and employees.

Helen Riesen

Their food is very expensive. Their movies are excellent- even the almost deaf can hear the words

Brianna Daniels

Great staff. Well priced tickets.

tammy spickert

My son went to the concession stand got his goodies. The lady charged him twice and I still haven't gotten him a refund that was over 4 days ago I've called the manager everyone tells me they're that someone's going to call me back still waiting be careful if you go there might get ripped off

john fee

Sunday's are a great day to go. $1 hot dogs and bargain family pack, helps keep the cost down and the kids happy.

Vampie - Don't tell Jordan!

Their IMAX theatre was pretty good, the floor wasn't sticky as in most other theatres

layla mohamed

It's decent great place to go for a quick movie. However, sometimes you can feel the small bits of tension between the employees in s busy night

Rabbit Dead

Always good service and clean

Amanda Mestas

Tickets were fairly priced. It had nice seating. And I LOVED the cutouts of movies that you could take pictures with! The food was pricey but that is to be expected.

Cat Man

No one goes here the food is hot garbage

Steven Garcia

Not bad for the price

Marysol Huizar

I like this theatre it may not have the most modern seats but at least I was able to go and see Endgame the same day after I went to other theaters and they where sold out.

Erick Ledford

I only really go here for the IMAX screen. It's got great picture and an awesome sound system. The handful of action movies I've watched in the IMAX room were so loud, it felt like every seat was a "D-Box" seat.

Lisa Ruozi

Staff was friendly. It was a good time.

Nick Espinoza

It Was ok.. They need to keep up more with cleaning.. I was worried do to one of the workers catching the popcorn on fire and smoking up the place . After seeing what waa going i was left uneasy with having to worry about the place going up in flames while we where watching the movie. I understand it was an accident. But still they need to be more careful..

Daryn Nevels

IMAX! Probably the best and only way to watch any major movie! Im not used to putting my own butter on the popcorn either. I’m spoiled

Tiana S

Great food, friendly staff.

Rosa Salinas

They have matinée price $6 for any movie before 6p.m.Friendly staff,Very clean and very comfortable seats.

Saul Martinez

I love it IMAX its the best way to watch a movie if you haven't tried it i highly recommend it you will enjoy it

Micheal Kinney

My wife and I go here for date nights every other Friday or so due to the Student ID (High school or College) 50% discount they offer that comes with Free Popcorn. Additionally, she loves collecting the special cups and they're worth the $7.25 price tag because they're unlimited refills of either Drink or Slushy. Other than how much they seem to burn popcorn there, you can smell it when you walk in the doors, it's always been a great experience. I personally wouldn't eat "real" food there because I like to sit down and enjoy my meal, but they do offer a lot more than they used to. Overall, I would recommend.


Why do they not offer buckets of popcorn? It's like they're told to give you the least amount of popcorn possible. I have never spent so much on such a little amount of popcorn. It's the popcorn that brings me to the movies, and it's the food and the popcorn prices at Reading that will make sure I go to Maya or Edwards instead. One hot dog at reading costs 4$ minimum?? 20 hot dogs for that price. Forget this place, go elsewhere.

Angel Leyva

It's a very good theater. If you have a problem they quickly solve it.

Patrick Blood

Went and saw it the seats where uncomfortable

Theresa Boldra

Went to watch The Grinch in 3D. They didn't have the glasses ready and had to wait for 10 minutes. When we got into the movie the movie was all blurry. Had to leave the theater twice to tell them to fix it. Missed the first part of the movie. When getting popcorn we got ours and the clerk just walked away and just ignored the person behind me and never took her order.

Shanna Shoopman

For to watch pets life 2 with my little granddaughter we all loved it. Good memories

Nicole Mccoy

I wish they had DBOX then u wouldn't have t9 go to Maya

MaNiAc-O ViBeS

Very welcoming & friendly staff, great for family time days


Wonderful place. Friendly staff!

Steven Hilts

Only bright spot was the ticket counter polite and speedy. The theater smelled old and the seats hurt to sit on for the duration of the movie. Other patrons were aloud to talk through the whole movie and at least eight of them were drinking alcohol that they had snuck in. One patron asked them to be quiet and the drunk tried to start a fight with him inside the theater in front of my kids. With definitely think twice before coming back to this theater to watch a movie.

Isaac Valdez

Awesome place to watch movies with your friends, family, siblings, or other. I recommend going at certain times they advertise because of price difference. Movies usually start 10min after they say the movie will start so yup.

Diana Hamlin

Be a great theater if it had lounge seats. They offer good food with no swing out tables to eat it! No thought behind this.

Bea Pelayo

Enjoyed the movie, popcorn and drinks.

Vanessa Sierra

I dont go to any other movie theatre! I really love this place great prices before 6 everyday plus sunday specials i just love this place...

Jose Carrasco

They had poor customer service didn't look like they knew how to handle large crowds unpleasant experience not enough theaters showing The Avengers movie very unpleasant experience

Javan Kitchens

Great employees, wouldn't go anywhere else to watch a movie, shout out to Tanner Rasley, he's the one with a cool beard

Lysana McMillan

Good, if not the newest theater Bakersfield has. My compliments to them for not having the volume so high I couldn't stand being under a set of speakers in one of the IMAX screens. Crowd management could use a little work, since advance …

Juan Ochoa

The movie may have been a little too loud for me but otherwise it was a great place to be with loved ones, was very clean and plenty of seats to sit in

nicole malone

Great place especially on Sundays...a large popcorn and candy for $5.00!!!

Brendon Hauser

Comfy seats. Great experience. It gets a little cold in there.

Sirena Salazar

Nice and the food is great and they are with fast service

Saphron Bell

It's a movie theater... It's cool

Silver Fox

Very nice clean theatre

Mark Beck

Very good theatre and comfortable seating. I'm going through some vision impairment stuff so I can absolutely vouch for the top notch audio quality.


Overall Mediocre theater. Good sound and stadium seating. Not up to par with most modern theaters nowadays

BulletSeed TV

Great theater if your looking for a quite movie opening nights are always a little crowded well maintained and good service

CL Ferrell

This was my first visit and I was not impressed. The movie, visual and sound, were fine, seats comfortable as most theaters are. Half the fun for me at a theater, is the food. I ordered a chicken sandwich and I'm not sure what I was …

Ivan Apodaca

Nice movie theater Can be a tad more cleaner. Everytime I walk in to the lobby it's full of smoke from the popcorn machines. But screen sizes are pretty good overall.

shaebabe blu

Firsttttt of all this place has went down HILL! It's filthy, overpriced & the movie we watched the speakers were so loud I felt like my head was gonna explode...loud is good in the theatre but NOT THAT LOUD, I'll be sticking with the Maya.

Angela Hernandez

Love Family Night ❤️

Carla Bianchi

toy story 4 was amazing

Sean Smith

So happy they upgraded to IMAX. A lot of upgrades have been done to this theater over the past few years and it's good to see them getting the technology that help people enjoy their movie experience.

Charlie Brown

Had a good time,comfortable seating and awesome sound effects!!!@


Love this place...

Mariana Cabrera

Love ❤️ it there

Safiyyah Desouza

Your ordinary movie theater there is an arcade room with a variety of games. There is cooked food not just pop corn and nachos but actual food with a variety of options. Seats do not recline. The design of the theater seems to be centered around an art deco look.

jose garcia

Their IMAX screen is the best place in the area.

Walker #557

The best movie experience ever!

SassaFrazz Love

There's a lot of movie theaters here in Bakersfield, but I love this one❤ clean,big & expensive Lol

Gilberto Robles

Great place. Management is on point.

Monica Orozco

Not the best customer service buy it's ok

Tim Leonard

Very nice place and helpful staff.

P Sauvola

The kids that were working here were friendly and helpful. The theater we were in was one of the smaller and older ones and really reminded me that there are better places in town now. The seats were old and stained and not super comfortable.

Angela Montoya

Good movies and food

Mati Alcaraz

I still like the theater, the changes that were made over time are good changes! I don't really go to the theater anymore bcuz it's to dang expensive!! Especially when a it's a fam of 5 or more..

Melissa Cordell

I like coming Thursday or Sunday. Pop corn is free on Thursday. Sunday is $ 1.00 hot dogs. This is the best movie theater in Bakersfield. Keep up the good work guys.

Tessie Trejo

Been there twice this week! The Mule & Aquaman! Great place!

Grass Soda

Very nice customer service, clean, great movies, what more can I say?

Billy-don Crabtree

They've expanded the menue. Now have hamburgers and french fries.


Nice place to watch movies. Showrooms are a bit small which I like but it is easy to navigate, and the staff is friendly. The place always looks clean and it has a arcade if you get there early.

Brandon Garcia

Really good place, pretty clean for being as busy as they are, if only they had more room for people.

Gerardo Perez

Your mall theater with good space

Irene Andrade

I like costco. They have good prices.

saul smartinez

Great place to watch movies on IMAX in Bakersfield i enjoy it and i recommend it

Omar Ruelas

Best movie theater to go to recommendations going on a Sunday great family deal.


I always come to this theater, when good movies are showing, and I've never had an issue with the service. The staff is friendly and helpful. But there are some people who go to this theater and act like a bunch of pigs, like, clean after yourself. You don't have to do math to pick up your own garbage, oinkers.

Vivian Boughton

Best place to go movies

Diane Manzer

Well me and my husband have been coming there not long. It seems to be a great place to relax and enjoy the movie and Munchie. The last three times it's been great

John Arvizu

Good theater to catch a flick or two was clean staff was polite.. and there food is really good

Timmy Pitcock

Very good worker response to my requests. Always have a great, positive response. Good prices and plenty of choices for snacks. Good movie s, too. Thank you for their fine training.

Cristina Bennett

I love that they are not greedy with the popcorn and with the jalapenos. They don't care like other theaters in town. It's cheap, it's big and the staff is always friendly.

Nicole Coslett

I watched lion King in a large theater room, then I go back the next day to watch toy story in a tiny theater room with lines across the screen and the seats were low, the big theater room you can see over everyone's head..the movie came out only a couple weeks prior I was very upset, didn't even know they had small theater rooms that are very out dated, bad quality!


Disrespectful security no self respect

Rita H

They now have restaurant food, family day discount popcorn and soda pops

Alan Salcido

Its pretty nice. It COULD USE A DEEP CHAIR CLEANING. especially the prices we pay to watch a 90 minute movie

Eleuterio Hernandez

2 hours of fun and a.c.

Tena Williamson

This wouldn't be my first choice for going to the movies, but they do have an IMAX theatre. The area itself is sometimes a bit difficult for parking. The theatre has your standard fare at the concession stand. They have a very convenient ticket kiosk in the lobby so you dont have to stand outside in line. There are other theaters in town with cleaner facilities and friendlier staff. Sometimes it appears that the concession stand employees don't listen carefully or pay attention. I would recommend only for IMAX.

Dora Mendoza

The staff is great and it's a nice cinema, but the seats are so uncomfortable. Overall experience was good.

Secret Admire

Yaasss this place is the BEST for DATES or with FRIENDS and FAMILY !!! They are so friendly and inside the seating area it is clean and comfortable!! I recommend that you guys come on down because you'll love and enjoy it !

Abigail Rodriguez

Have come here many times, i only had one incident when i wanted a refund cause i was given different tickets than the ones i asked for and watched the wrong movie but they didnt want to give me a refund.

Valentino Zaz

Love it. Great prices. Sundays they have special on popcorn. 4 the bouquet, and a free candy. 6 dollars ticket before 6 PM after 6 is 9.50 IMAX are 13.50 great quality. I've bee a member since 2000.


I went to this theater just yesterday to watch the Endgame, which was great, but I had some lousy service. For one they gave me IMAX tickets when I wanted regular tickets and they still took more of my money after I returned the IMAX …

Lupe Baker

Saw a great movie in a clean theater got our snacks quickly the seats were comfortable will go again


They have everything I need and they have comfortable seats

fire dragon 302

I love the movie theater because it's my child hood

Stephanie Carter

Pretty clean, cool on hot days. Food has improved and they are competitive with other local theaters in town.


Not bad quality for the view

Rovetta Johnson

We waited in line for an hour, but the movie was worth it! It was a very exciting movie I enjoyed it very much!

Carmen Montiel

Me and my husband went to see instant family very good family movie .


The mall is sadly falling into the hole that the East Hills mall fell into. At last count there were four stores that have closed. I ambulate by way of a power wheelchair. Every time I travel from one end to the other, a good deal of the floor tiles I roll over will move or make a sound. I am disappointed with the quality of the stores that have replaced good top of the list stores. The mall is great for women's and teen's needs. Men who need professional attire have few to no options. Go to the mall on a Sunday if you want a swap meet environment. So whomever is in charge of it's everything, he or she is doing a crappy job.

meow meiw

Horrible. Staff was so disrespectful. I was so disappointed, the movie was good but i can’t get over how i was treated by the staff

David Wynn

It is aging but nice

CaptTM Ace

Good IMAX just needs to be bigger and better seats

L. McDonald

Uncomfortable seats but fair price.

Robert DeAnda

Went on a Sunday matinee good deal on the popcorn combo!!! Also $1 hot dogs, but were just warm which is why they were just ok. The seating was not to comfortable needs an update in my opinion. That's why the 3 stars Hope this helps?

Larry Potts

Due to going on a Tuesday morning and school is in session we enjoyed a private showing of the lion king.

Timithy Coleman

Unfortunately this theater is in the worst shape of those available in town, definitely due for a remodel. Seats are extremely uncomfortable and broken down. Made it difficult to enjoy the movie. Customer service is the only reason I gave more than 1 star. Employees were very kind and professional

Blanca Ochoa

I enjoy the movie my daughter and I saw, specially in her friendship.

Maggie MacGregor

I typically prefer other theatres to this one because it gets so busy but I'm impressed with the number of showtimes they offer now so I come here more often. I'm most excited that they have so many showtimes for Thursday night premiers as early as 7pm. They also have a lot more food options and they usually have exclusive limited edition cups and popcorn buckets if you're into that. My only complaint is that they dont have tapatio for the popcorn like the other theaters in town do

evaristo chaidez

I went to wacth Bumbo with a close freind and her two daughters. The theatre was amazing the restroom were clean the service was great. What disappointed me about the movie and just about every movie i wacth is that all movies more and more are dark in message in and throughout the movies no sense of joy and peace tranquility. Even this kid movie was dark. Im coming to learn more and more that satan and his demons are behind disney and just about every Hollywood production. Be careful about what we wacth and what we allow our children to wacth. Marvel heroes fantacy movies and cartoons are decieving and can affect our grasp of reality. We only have one hero and thats not superman but the man Christ Jesus who came to save all on the cross. I will pray about this most important issue God bless all amen

Pablo Arteaga

My wife and I took my Mom in law to the place Great prices .

Genaro V

Love there Sunday specials all you can eat popcorn and 1 dollar hot dogs

Ernesto E. Alvarenga

Liked seating and surround sound, very expensive popcorn though.

michael ewings

The girls watched Five Feet Apart and loved it!!!

Michael Stamper

The munchies are great had the carne asada fries and they were bomb. With some starburst gummies. The. Movie as always was nice watched Happy Death Day 2 U. Which was a very surprising good movie.

Keshia Butler

This place should be ashamed of themselves for using the tiniest theater for a movie premier! #Uglydolls premiered today and there aren't enough seats for the guest! This is ridiculous

Chewy Chew

Go to spot.. Arcade area can get a lil hot during the summer.. Hopefully they can get that fixed... But overall cool.. No negative experiences yet...

Jerry Beaucaire

Great prices and theaters are well-maintained.

ashley solares

Love watching movies. Come at least once a month

Acacia Williams

Friendly staff very nice! Seats could be better very outdated and old. Enjoyed the movie with my children. Picked a movie that my kids couldn't get into and they let me change it to a better movie and did so with a very pleasing attitude.

Jackie S

The price is always good however the theatre needs updating. The food menu is better and service is always good.

Jr Herrera

Went to watch Spiderman/spiderverse good movie good seats and staff was friendly.


Uuuh idk where to start the arcade is the worst I ever seen they can update the games and most of the games didn't work so I was stuck waiting for my movie for like an hour customer service is good I really like the young high school kids that work there that's the only reason they get 3 stars and not one BTW as you wait for your movie go to the mall. Thank me later

Buster Underwood III

This is the only place I go to watch movies. Tickets prices are reasonable and great concession food. Love coming here at any time of the day.

Corbin Maricich

Awesome movie theater with seats that you can reserve online if ordered online

Marshelle Fain

Nice theater friendly staff good proces

Jerome Tyrome

The place is extremely dated compared to other theaters in town. Also, if you ask for a water cup, they give you like a little mouth wash size cup, forcing you to buy a drink. Really needs some renovations.

Guadalupe Guzman

Great place for family movie. I go every friday same times twise a week i love the place.

Daniel Aleman

Very friendly service @ snack stands. Very clean theatre. Great sound and awesome seating.

Angel Leon

I love going here people are so nice

roy Wright

Loved it very nice staff ! Going again tomorrow to take my nephew to see spiderman.

Jorge Briseno

Last movie i went to see was the purge. I was excited to watch this movie. After a long wait because I arrived early to the movie... I ended up in a small room... lots of people complained and asked for a refund. I stayed watched the movie, btw... good movie.

Jess Gunter

Pretty decent theater. I definitely prefer any other theater. It's not as nice as Edwards or AMC. The IMAX is pretty nice though, if you've never been to AMC.

john traore

Good movie theater just wish there was a bigger security presence to keep the trouble makers away

Elliott Tellez

no refills on large Icee....Maya Cinemas free refills on Icee


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