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322 Americana Way, Glendale, CA 91210, United States Located in: The Americana at Brand

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REVIEWS OF Pacific Theatres IN California

Rumman Kibria

The Pacific Theatres has great quality in terms of the number of movie selections and services provided but also gets unjustly expensive during the holidays. Normally, the price is around $15-16 but during the holidays around October to January, I've seen movies for over $19. It attracts customers due to its location at the Americana mall and its variety of selections, but otherwise it's even more exorbitant than usual during that time.

Josue Vargas

Everything was great. Would be a 5 star but the chairs were to noisy. Need to oil it up or something. On quiet moments of the movie others or myself would be moving around the chair to make ourselves comfortable and all you hear are the chairs.. Everything else was great. The cleanliness and staffs were great. Awesome customer service

James Laney

Great area and theater

Roseanne P

Conveniently located in Americana, so if you got there too early, take a walk around the park, get a coffee or drink outside, maybe a bite or two, and just enjoy your time Theaters are nice and you have a great view from most seats. The only downside is that the seats are getting worn out and dirty/dingy. I hope the management will read this and take action. However, this is still my theater of choice.

Merp Merp

On my way to some Z's

Ovi M

Very nice theatre and not that expensive. Comfortable chairs and great drinks

Jason Justus

Cool spot saw it there

BSG Channel

Clean bathroom. Was a nice place to see a movie

Sonal Patel

Love watching movies at The Americana. Lots of movie auctions at this theater. Lots of bathrooms. Concession stands. Validate parking

Luz Paez

It was fun going to the movies, get some kind of relax


One of my favorite go to spots to catch a flick within the Glendale/Burbank region especially for new releases since they provide multiple screenings with the same movie, so getting tickets isn't too much of a hassle if you're like me and like to catch a movie that you're looking forward to within the first weekend. Other than that, it's a very well-maintained movie theater and you get 4 hours of validation at the Americana with a ticket purchase. My only gripe is that IMAX and Dolby Atoms isn't offered at this theater that I'm aware of, otherwise I'd give it 5-stars rather than 4-stars, but to be fair I'd give it 4.5-stars if the option was available...

Dan J

Decent clean theater...not five star like its sister Arclight.

Patricia Maillard

Great theatre. Always take a great selfie at the film booth

Chris Armijo

Nice theater, clean and seating is good.

Tim Thurman

This is a nice theater, but it could be nicer. The seats are just average. The price of the tickets are pretty high. The area it is in is really nice. The parking is free and easy.

Phaedria Begay

The theater is located in an amazing shopping center. They do validate parking if you need it. They do have reserved seating. Enjoyed watching a movie here and would return.

FROSTY Burny master

Great place great movies great stadium greay food great customer service 10/10


I love this place but I just wish it had lime juice and tapatio for the popcorn.

Max Mosesman

Comfortable seating with plenty of showtimes

Ihsan Munir

The theater at The Americana at Brand is very nice. Always a great time going there as they have really nice facilities. The concessions will break your pocket though...that's the only downside.


Typical theatre. Location is convenient since it's mixed in among other shops and restaurants.

tony riegos

Beautiful place. Plenty of free parking and stores to browse

Jo R

Very nice theater, comfortable seats!!

Marie Edwards

The staff at the counter was friendly and helpful. The theather was nice and clean. The tickets were pricey. I thought we paid for those reclining seats like the ones they have at Regal Theaters.

Lilit Sedrakyan

The pacific movie theater is a great place to go for a movie no matter where you sit you get the same great experience I recommend this place to anyone who’s looking for a good theater to watch a movie.

Arto Ovakimyan

This theatre really sucks. The sound is terrible, the screen is so small and the chairs are so uncomfortable.

Tom J

Really nice theater, seats are great. Buy tickets at the counter or at kiosks, or online before you get there.

julius medina

Great place to watch latest movies with lots of Food to choose....

Max Bernabe

Ok not that bad..

Diana Sibrian

I love this place

Demi Vis

Always clean and nice. The prices are high but that's just how movie theaters are in this area so I can't blame then for that! Friendly staff who keeps most of it clean most of the time and the popcorn is pretty good, get an extra box so you can add but evenly all throughout!


Needs more cleaners. Floor was so sticky.

Sebastian Perez

Really like these movie theaters I like that they where clean the reason it's not a 5 star because where the restrooms are located

Larry Uribe

Reasonable prices, great seats.

Ani T

The movies playing there may be good, but for the second time I go there and they do not have ice in the drink machines. This is ridiculous management should be able to know when they have increase in the number of audience and have enough ice to satisfy the customers. There will be increased temperatures during the summer months, what good is it if you cannot get a cool drink!!! Totally unacceptable @

James Fox

Very nice. Visiting from Britain. Vastly superior to most British cinemas. Grand entrance and comfortable seating. Food was still pretty bloody expensive though.

Saeid Riazi

Grate environment and clean bathroom's

Patty Zambrano

Great experience always

Gigi Bakradze

THIS IS THE BEST THEATER EVER!!! It has very good quality and loud sound which makes me feel better

Ken Shubin

Watching John Wick 3 in theater with only 10 people on Sunday morning. Nice

Lisa Elwart

It's very nice inside and location is perfect. Down points are that it's pretty expensive, no reclining seats and nachos aren't very good...

Kardo Designs

Date night with my husband. Good, clean location.

isabel aviles

Good service

Chhaya Taylor

Customer service is awesome!

Jane Grant

Nice theater in the midst of a fun shopping area.

Leonardo Genzon

A great theater. Biggest drawback is the bathrooms are outside so if you drink too much soda (or coffee in my case) you'll have to run all the way to the front.

Jordan Smith

I took a star off because of the high ticket prices but this movie theater made you feel like you were in a movie before you entered. The theater was clean and everything about it was high class. I would recommend this theater if you are visiting the Glendale area, it is in an extremely upscale setting and very family oriented.

first name last name

Clean good place but prices of tickets are ridiculously expensive.

leo pak

Movie theater is clean and very spacious.

Gloria Murillo

Very beautiful plaza. Must go once at least.

TheRockReborn .

Come early or else it's 15.00 bucks plus 10 for parking if not valadated and another 24 for popcorn and drinks it's upperclass movie theater .That being said it's an amazing place to visit at least once.

Adam Garcia

Parking validation great sound effects great

Jose Hernandez

The theater looks really nice in the outside with great customer service and good assortment of snacks and drinks. But the seats in the theater are so dirty they're practically black rather then red. For $15 dollars I'd expect better seats considering the same price at AMC gets you reclining chairs.

Maggie Tapia

Has great service and great food and movies


Despite its age, it is still kept somewhat clean and neat.

tom krumal

A lot of choices for movies but be prepared to fork out a lot of cash for concessions

Deneca trammel

Very helpful employees... I ordered something that was going to take awhile to cook. The employee said he would bring it to me since my movie already started.. So I didnt miss the show, exceeds expectations.

Chris Mann

Really good place to see a show. You can buy tickets online and pick your seats. Always a plus


Once your tired of shopping head to the cinema... relax and you’ve got to try their delicious popcorn.

Erich Arabejo

Great movie theater with an excellent atmosphere. Great service at the ticket counter and concession stands. Very clean.

Nikita Fedorov

Spent 60 on two with a tiny theatre. Not worth it honestly

adriana casanova

Pricy, but worth it. Nice comfortable seating, and always a good movie selection

Suzy Gharibian

At $16.75 for regular adult tickets, I can not justify the fifth star. Otherwise a great theater with plush seats and always fresh popcorn.

Tim Kang

For the price tag of admission, I do not enjoy the subpar projection in these theaters. It feels more heavily compressed and lower in contrast and saturation than what I normally expect with proper digital projection. Given the plethora of high end projection available in the LA region, why would I bother here?

Kimberly S.

I appreciate select seating, soda machines that provide multiple choices for drinks, and clean women's restrooms. I do not appreciate dirty and stained seats, so gross! They should replace or wash the seats when they get bad.

Jonathan Cesari

It's in a great location and it's a fine, older theatre. You'd be surprised how large the theatre actually when you go past the lobby! The staff incredibly kind and helpful. I'll certainly be back!

junior aguayo

Pacific Theaters in Americana awesome just came back from a free screening of Godzilla king of monsters with my sister got to say they treated us very good and everything for being a few minutes late much respect to the employees there thank you definitely will be back I enjoy my time at Pacific Theaters great place to see good movies

Luis Whitlock

Clean great place to go on a date or family move time


Like the recliner chair, and excellent popcorn., Etc.

Andrew Masters

So many great showtimes here; I'm from La Crescenta area and usually stay down there to go to a local theatre but there are so many available showtimes for the bigger movies that come out so you definitely want to check this one out.

Latryce Wilson

Great movie place...

Hababa Heheheh

We came here the other night and there was a extremely long hair in my popcorn (I and the person I was with had short hair) I told the con-session stand people and they gave us another popcorn and there was mold on the popcorn. DISGUSTING.

Analiza Balbalosa

Popcorn are fresh everyday.

Jay D

Very busy place, ample parking higher level. Early screening was Awesome and ease of getting to movie theater.

Camille Brown

For the movie Overcomer - what a brilliant and authentic depiction of the daily yearning that the true Christian has to be close to the Lord, to please Him and to shed those aspects of ourselves that hurt one another. Thanks to the Kendrick Brothers for yet another genius display of the daily splendor of life in Christ. The dialogue, the acting, the cinematography Oscar would be blessed to attach it's brand to this film!

America Forjan

Clean & comfortable seats

Jonathan Bautista

One of my favorite theaters in Los Angeles along with the Grove and Universal Citywalk. Love the atmosphere inside and outside the theater.

regina colchado

Beautiful theatre awesome experience

Ulises Gaspar

Really nice Theater and staff is friendly. After your movie you can check out the stores in the Americana and the Galleria

jae pae von

Great service from Tora A.

Guillo Noboa

Dinner and a show at the Americana #theamericana and even a water show...nuff said.

Monica Munoz

Staffing is a little on the "we don't know how to help you" list and chairs can definitely be upgraded (they use the non-recliner hardly have any space to myself type. Otherwise everything on the outside looks amazing

Ashot Gholian

Nice I love it

Henry Perez

Movie theater was great but the audience was horrible they could not stay quiet for one second.

Glenn Harrison

Saw "Blinded by the Light" enjoyed the movie and the theater was nice and clean.


I have been going here all my life, and I really like it. It's a modern theater, with good foodstuffs and lots of theater rooms. I recommend going here for movies.

Theresa Santos

Pacific Theatres has always been our favorite cinema. I just hope tickets bought from ATOM is acceptable just like Fandango.

Ricardo Close

I go to these cinema theaters very often , and let me tell you : it’s great place to watch a movie even more with some good friends. It’s nice atmosphere and really nice customer service. 5 stars for these guys !!

Cassandra Yeh

The lobby is very grand compared to most of the movie theater. The wall painting & the chandelier. The food concessions area has many cashiers, so no long wait line. The theater is kept very cleaned. Always staffs in the hallway/lobby making sure no trash on the floor. Each theater is not too big so every seat is a good seat. The seats are very comfortable. The Parking: Parking Structure (FREE for 4 hours with theater validation)

Art O

It's a nice theater but the seats are slightly uncomfortable

Ed Frost

Very nice staff clean place

Tracy Hock

They have the recliner seats now. The prices are not too bad! I had a good experience overall.

William Lozier

Great experience, wonderful decor, the outdoor plaza adds to the fun. Trolley car and beautiful water fountain just make it memorable too.

Mr. Bear Duarte

I like to watch a movie @ later time cause it's nice and quiet and get almost any seat I want

Melissa Botting

Dated. Dirty. Loud

Paul Roth

Beautiful movie theater with reserved seating also comes with 4 hrs free parking in the Americana at Brand Caruso parking structure, if you get your parking pass validated. Plus they have a booth.

edwin terrero

They are overpriced!!! $30 for an adult and a child on a Sunday morning is insane.

HairFreek Barbers

I tried to watch a movie. I took my 16 year old niece and her friends. I stood back and watched snobby people making faces as the kids laughed and giggled in the hallway. Why should that bother people? We went in the theater quietly. The movie was just starting. My husband and sat in the back as my niece and her friends walked down the isle to find closer seats. One of the employees followed my niece and told her to find a seat and sit down. They told my niece they were blocking the screen. They said they had complaints about the noise they were making in the hallway. The movie was just in the opening credits. They didn't say anything to the people who walked in after that. I didn't know they were so rude until we got home and I asked her what was said. No wonder they wanted to leave early! I wasted my money here on rude and possibly prejudice service. I don't know why their noses are turned up. This wasn't Fashion Island. The welfare office is down the street.

S May

Great location, clean restrooms.

Gabran Arruda

This place was as fine as any other theatre I've been to.

Mr Lee

looks nice inside and friendly staff ,butttttt...... the chairs are bit uncomfortable .but whats worse is all the chairs a filthy.needs new covers or cleaning .its really dirty,dont wear bright colors .

Fatima Jovel

Love this theater! RECOMMEND IT!!!

E Majich

Really comfortable seating, small theatres, great location

Raquel Pantoja

Amazing place to go, very clean and friendly atmosphere.

Peter Kim

Great theater with all seats having a good view of the screen. The seats were comfortable and the concessions were great. I especially appreciated how the popcorn was made fresh and I was able to add as much butter as I wanted.

Anna White

I enjoy the decorum, the large screen that displays what movies are or will be available, but that's about it. NEVER purchase 3D tickets here. Their glasses are never ever new and are always filthy. Wash it, wipe it, and still there's water stains all over it. I mean, why pay for something I can't see? Overrated!! Areas with popcorn butter, salt and pepper and what have you are completely sloppy. Strange for a place that has high standards for employees. I mean, why undergo 2 hours of single group interviews when most of them don't seem to be doing their jobs?

Bob Fried

Good movie: fighting with my family

Katie Venable

Great theater and experience inside but the 4 hour validation is a lie. Apparently in small print somewhere it says if you go over the time, there is a $10 charge! Uhhh what?!?

eric bohler

Beautiful place and great service! They validate parking upon entrance.

DeAnna Taylor Douglas

It's nice if you don't have to go to the bathroom. It's hard to find, a long way from the theatre's and outside the ticket collectors. You need your ticket just to get back in. Expect to miss at least 10-15 minutes of your show.

Nekro Nekro

They need an upgrade on the seats. The seats are dirty and uncomfortable. For the area they are in they should have seats like The Winnetka Movie Theaters. Now that's a good spot!

Missy P

I love the fact that you get to preselect your seats online and don't have to show up early to find a good seat. It's very clean and very conveniently located in the Americana.

Terri Campos

Really like what they have done with this theatre, such a fun spot 2 take the kids out to .

Neno Kechkarian

Very clean theater, amazing sound and video, validated parking for Americana

Cony Monterroza

It's my teather!

Adam Justin

I Only go here because it's convenient. Clean the seats and hallways because it reeks

Mary O'Connor

Pleasant and clean!


I used to love this theater! I went back in the day when they first opened and every the whole theater was playing Iron man! It’s a beautiful place in a very nice outdoor mall and I would highly recommend it except for the fact that the seats are disgusting. Normally the are a beautiful red however these ones are almost black. Looks like people spilled soda on almost every seat or stuck gum on them. The floors were sticky and you don’t even want to touch them. The carpets are also equally black. Used to bed red because of all the soda that has been tracked on the floor. I prefer to watch movies at home now because they are so disgusting. Not sure what to say, I love going out and hopefully they start to clean their theaters.....


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