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11523 Santa Monica Blvd 1st floor, Los Angeles, CA 90025, United States

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REVIEWS OF Laemmle Royal IN California

Alina Demeter

Love this theater and here are the Laemmles who are lovely people! Highly recommend for fans of silver screen....

Paul Ryan

Good for Art House & limited release movies in Pasadena; not many like it in San Gabriel Valley, and I like it!

Jack Bowman

Recently upgraded multiplex with prices a bit lower than area standard. Discount cards good for admission and snacks. Substantial senior discounts on Thursdays.

Sonja Herman

I have always encountered very friendly and helpful personnel. It's my neigjborhood movie theater for artsy, independent movies.

Reynold Bryan

No parking and they have a bunch of patrons that want to talk during the movie. I am going to avoid this place since I don't want to have to police their theater.

David Starkman

Great theater for foreign films and documentaries

s planes

Best choice of movies, super comfortable seats and great viewing after total remodelling.

jizel banki

Best with foreign language movies

Nate Tinner-Williams

Awesome place to find high-quality indie movies.

Ravi Khot

Very cosy, very experimental

Josh Bou

Super duper comfy chairs. Nice little cozy theater.


Izak Ben-Meir

Great selection if documentary, foreign and indie films!!!


Tom Rubendall


Elias Khoury

Laemmle is the ultimate destination for art house and foreign movies. Period. This is where you catch all the movies nominated in the foreign film category as you won't find them in the big box theaters! Need I say more?

Tim Shea

Chelsie Uriarte

I great place to watch indie movies and documentaries.

Brian Marks

Nhu Trinh

Old theater

Kay Jay

Christine Barber

Fabulous cinema, with wonderful choice of films.

Robert Sucher

Scott Eaton

This is a small independent motion picture theater located in west Los Angeles. It is clean and well maintained with comfortable modern seating. I attended the screening of a new documentary there that was followed by a live Q & A session with the filmakers afterwards and the venue was great for just such an event. What I also found convenient was the city parking lot just a block to the east that accepted credit cards. Rest rooms were also clean at the theater. I would not hestiate to attend another screening there.

Robert McKim

Great little theater, feels homey, comfortable seating

Steven Barouh

Remodeled. Comfortable.

Judy Linklater

Always a great movie playing, and special Senior pricing.

Ella N

Vintage movie house with the best movie popcorn in Los Angeles!

Rimma Melaten

Ta-Chung Ong

noor haydar

Great little indie theater.

John Thompsen

Caroline Kennedy

Love the Laemmle Royale. I can always depend on seeing excellent art and foreign films there.

Marc Wanagas

Art house theater with actual food at concessions.

Mona S

nadia fahimian

Carlos Granados

Small theatre, good service.

rocco damiano

Great theatre, dirty woman's bathroom

Jo Dee

I know this is going to sound crazy, being that I am a frequent flier of the Marina Del Rey Dine-in theatre.. but after seeing Juliette Naked here (and seeing a photo for RAN - showing soon!).. It pretty much made me almost ashamed of admitting that I frequently go to to the AMC's! God save our Laemmle theatres!

Luz Ramos

Vintage theatre !!

Amy Spiegel

A great theatre for independent and foreign films on the Westside!


Wonderful new theaters, greart seats, interesting movies.

Robert Starkman

Great independent and foreign that you probably won't see in many other theaters or on Netflix. Great new seats too.

Bonnie Ank

kayde dandridge

Santiago Ortiz

Beul Gibson

I LOVE this theater. They play select American films here but for the most part it's known to play Korean films. The theater is very clean, and it's assigned seating. Don't forget to buy tickets ahead of time because tickets tend to sell out if you wait until the last minute. And definitely DO get their sour cream and onion popcorn...I know, it sounds heavy but the seasoning is fairly light so it's not salty at all :)

Ilia Forouzan

The best popcorn I have ever had. Staff is helpful and friendly. Seats are old but comfy.

Jessica De La Torre

Greatest weekday deal for seniors! Excellent foreign films.

Saeed Rahman

Jordan Paul

Great small cinema experience. Would definitely come back if I lived close by or they’re plying another film I’m excited to watch.

Ania Wita

This was my first time at Laemmle theater. I'm in love with the setting, seats are comfortable, love small cozy setting, and seeing the star in person, and having an opportunity to ask questions. Surprisingly parking wasn't as bad as I anticipated.

Samantha Biffot

Laurie Ruttenberg

Jeffrey Rabin

Charming, warm movie theater


They have such wonderful movies all the time

Food Shutterbug

Probably the smallest theater I've been to on the Westside, but a favorite nonetheless for the often quirky indie films they show. They sell Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches too, which is a plus in my book. Better to buy a prepaid movie card to be eligible for discounted rates.

Aileen Stein

Monarex Hollywood

The Royal is that wonderful old fashioned movie house going experience of times gone by. Its programming is excellent. They always show the best of the best of foreign films.

Rr Rr

Great little intimate theatre with first run foreign films and art house films the big chains won't carry. Really comfortable seating. Always friendly staff. Easy free parking on side streets during day. Easy free street parking after 9 pm on Santa Monica Boulevard

Roxana Ariadne Curiel

The selection of movies in this place is amazing. The movie theater is big, the sits are comfortable, the sound is great... I love it so much. Moreover, the staff is very friendly.

Gil Toff

Good selection of films.


alberto alepuz fernandez

Super confi, not over crowded wich makes the experience great and the movie selection is always fantastic, one of the few cinemas where I can just go and know the movie playing will be worth my time

Pooyan Manoochehry

Jim Lieb

Jo Trust

Nice theatre nice staff, comfortable seats

Pat Pending

A place to see good international films outside of Hollywood mainstream- all the same. Visit and support this independent movie theater. Employees and owner are extremely friendly.

Yutack Kang

MoviePass + indie + international films ( this location shows mostly Israeli films)

Giacomo Valentini

Nice experience, generally the programme features good quality films.

Lee Richerson


frank bifulco

Great theatre for small or intimate screenings!

Babette Spatz

Wonderful films Comfortable seats

Rod Sprott

elle fersan

I am grateful to Laemmle for bringing good cinematic art to the big screen. I had to drive an hour from the east side to be able to watch a decent movie; and I am thankful and hope that other laemmle locations would also sho movie like Capernaum

Liam Larsen

no slushes

Erik Haber

Asim Matin

This split the one theater into a multiplex, but each theater is nice and doesn't feel like shoebox. Has an ornate proscenium and seats that are stacked high (stadium style). And thankfully they still show art films.

Ashley Sundquist

Small movie theatres have that chic, indie vibe that make you feel just a little bit more cultured. Laemmle's Royal Theatre is located on the edge of Santa Monica near Sawtelle and has a wide range of indie films. You have to check it out if you enjoy new local experiences! We saw Loving Vincent, which was one of the most breathtaking film experiences I've ever had. It was created entirely by painting each frame - 80,000 in all. You might not get the opportunity to see something like this in a large chain movie theatre, which is why places like Laemmle's are so important in the community! The ticket taker was super friendly and we even got a free refill on our large popcorn. It's reasonable for just $5.75 and they use REAL butter. No weird chemical stuff. Oh, I'll be back. Pro Tips: - Ask for your popcorn refill when you order because they'll give it to you in a cardboard box to bring to your seat (good if you're in a group of people) - Street parking is tough so try the garage off of Colby Avenue

annie smithson

Seating is a little awkward but thank heavens for independent small theater venues like this!

Evita Cheslow

great place for movies

Alejandro Avalos

Good spot for indie or foreign films wish i had one closer tah mey in Bell Calif

Philippa Kennealy

Comfy seats, easy parking

mohan cheng

paul heimberg

Susan Goldman

Always great films here!

Sophia Hsu-Zic

Great movie selections, movie tickets prices are very reasonable

Pam Hanig

Watched "Raise Hell! The life and times of Molly Ivins". It was wonderful and the theater was very accommodating. GO SEE IT!!!!

David Gayton

Love this little old theatre. Great films selections, good crowds and comfortable seats.

Jacob Khakshouri

Very clean, well managed theatre with great foreign movies.....a breath of fresh air from the commercial trash.

Marc Timoteo

Gloria Campbell

Terrific programming, friendly staff. Highly recommend.

Camilo Santana

Really well put together operation. The screens are a little small but everything else from the comfy seats to the friendly staff more than make up for it. I'll go again and recommend to friends.

Ryan Ho

Small little theater, the best non mainstream movies, park in city public parking across and behind

Rishab Khandelwal

Barbara Weinstock

The movies on sept.23

Kimberly Sneed

I drive a long way to attend a movie at Laemmle and we'll worth it everytime.

Perry McLelland

Good films nice old house with not great chairs but parking is an issue

Rachel Rothberg

Incredible deals and great movies!

Sonya Canton

Great service, excellent movies!

Olinka Cervantes

Beautiful place

Great little place

Lenore French

For serious film curating is brilliant.


This is a fabulous theatre. We would love to do business with the owner! We had a great conversation. He is very reasonable and gracious person. Thank you Greg. Truly, SND Film Festival ~John Sill

puiu voinov

A small old theater, with relatively comfortable seating where one goes for the uniqueness and great quality of the non comercial movies, not so much for the looks of the theater inside and outside.

Riyadh Abdullah Bin Muqrin

I love Laemmle because they support independent movies in the whole world, I wish the best for them.

Brian Huie

This was a very good theater to watch independent film. The staff was very friendly!

Donna Jaffe

I find the customer service soorly lacking...The people behind the counter would rather talk amongst themselves. I've waited many times while they hold conversations with one another. The attitudes these people have, make my stomach churn.


Better than average Laemmle's.

Liz Eclipse



Nathaniel Pitchon-Getzels

Classic beautiful theatre

Meme Garcia

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno

thomas hicks

Edward Bukowski

amir khamesi

Always you can enjoy watching the best movies there.

Claudette Grand

Great theater.

Maria T. Mejia Velasquez

love this place , it was my first time , I definitely recommend this place to everyone and the movie was great

Sophia Pei

enrique mendoza

Amazing independent theater. Great place to watch indie and foreign movies.

Guy David Gazit

Kat Rivera

Love their programs and there are 3 theaters so the offerings are great. And the popcorn is even better!!!

Joel Vega


Lavinia Tatar

Love the theater very clean and really cool

Helene Hendrickson

Gordon Schaye

Very artsy theater

mel mayorga

Excellent variety of indy movies with great seating always available. Aside from worn box office curtains, this theatre offers a nice departure from mega cinema complexes.

simon renshaw

Worth going for the memorabilia (photos) in the lobby, but also consistently showing some of the most interesting international releases.

Dirk van de Bunt

I feel like I need a shower. Restrooms smelled of spilled sewage. Theater seats (theater 2 anyway) smelled like.umwashed homeless men have been sleeping on them. Hard to enjoy the movie in those conditions.

Desiree McNeal

Jon Toellner

We love this theater and love their selection of arthouse films.

Jon Drucker

It's an LA treasure! Great Indie and foreign movies at ticket prices lower than elsewhere.

Jenny Shaw

Sisir Karumanchi

Denise Galindo


Mathias C. Honeycutt

Mick Foley

Great theater. Very laid back vibe. I bought two tickets online, and when I said my friend wouldn't be showing, they offered a refund. Honesty. Imagine that.

Alan Otto


Leroy Richardson


Tim Hilton

Wonderful foreign movies

Claire Carpenter

daniel hollander

Thank you for showing good quality movies that are not the popular commercial products instead of art.

Mitchell John

Another good Laemmle theater - is a tad older but that gives it charm. Unique lobby and spacious theaters.

Gauthier Pitois

James Cone

Florence Dott

I love Laemmle and the movies they show. I've been going to this theatre for 30 years, but no more. The last few times I've been there the experience has been completely ruined by groups of seniors talking through the entire movie. Today I asked them to be quite and was told to shut up. They seem to treat it as their own personal theater. I don't know if it's the same people (maybe they live nearby?) each time but it's a problem.

Leopoldo Munoz

One of the best art house theatres in LA. No parking Lot, so it's street parking behind the building about two blocks back. Screen #1 has stadium seating and the original theatres screen frame.

Yakov Bakis

A comfortable theatre to see movies.

Gary Itano

Been going since the '60s. The best in avant garde.

Rocie Carrillo

Nick Carpenter

Comfortable seating, fun atmosphere, good facilities, as charming an independent movie theater as you'll find.

David G

John Hardham

Good theatre showing good foreign films, most of which we will never see if not for places like this. Excellent sound and projection, good comfortable seating.

Monica Silva

Place is great, owners are very cool.

DRJPH GoogleShared

Gail Watanabe

Same as 2nd Street but l saw the excellent "Tea With The Dames" today! Found a good space across the Street since they don't have to deal with the Farmers Market but being on Santa Monica Blvd. and near 405 makes it very conjested. Fortunately there are good restaurants and coffee shops nearby where you can wait out the traffic.


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