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Jennifer Evangelist

Allan B

My neck still hurts.

Sunil Kumar

The dome view is kind of a pain inthe neck when u have to keep ur head up all the time. Not great but a different concept. Very limited leg space too

Ebra Y.

Lost my neck

Stephen Smith

I saw Dunkirk there on June 29th. Great film and cool experience... however, there was some really bad chromatic aberrations going on. I don't know if that was from the original cameras used to film the scenes, or if they were introduced by the imax projector optics, but it was kind of distracting. When the film switched to the standard field of view (which it did for about a quarter of the movie) it was far better, but then again the areas that were most susceptible to the aberrations weren't used in those particular scenes. I think Dunkirk might be more enjoyable on a regular movie screen, but I'd love to come back to the imax theater for an immersive nature documentary. Overall, it was a good experience

Yu-Hang Tang

Ian Emmons

Biggest imax screen in northern california

Peter Burgess

This place never disappoints! It's probably because I'm right up the street. The line always goes fast so I get my ticket fast enough to run in to my movie (I'm never on time, but it only takes me 5 minutes to get there). The staff is always friendly.

Martin Shock

miguel mayagoytia

I loved

Tung Ai Tang


jiyeon lee

Edita Cruz

I got dizzy and had a neck/shoulder soreness after watching a movie with my head looking up. Not a good design at all. The one in San Francisco was just a very large screen without the need to look up.

de gujeet

A MUST TO CHANGE! NOT ergonomically designed! Recommend recliner seats and range of view within eye angle. If not, problematic experience, i.e. neck pain, dizzy, eyes strain, leg room, spine. For now, not good for fast pace movies.

S. Matthews

Love this theater!! This the best theater I have ever been to for the following reasons: easily to order tickets online which shows where the seats are located in approximate distant from the screen. The seats are recliners and ultra cushioned with the right amount of firmness. The carpet floors are very clean, and the restrooms are always clean. The concession has plenty of wholesome food, fresh hot popcorn, various refillable drinks, and other snacks. My only issue is parking which is average parking for the area but wish a discount is offered with purchased movie ticket.

Patrick Albath

Management informed of faild Imax projector 5 min prior to real effort to compensate.

Miguel Irizarry

aoboy kobie

Lee Stoker

Raj Shekhar Singh

Loved it

Alvin Holmes

Excellent place

Shelby Wildeman

Place is messy. Staff not care.

Evolve n Grow

The most amazing educational experience

farnaz zinnah

Jon Johnson

Chinarut Ruangchotvit

Any movie filmed w IMAX cameras gets the special treatment on this bonafide multi-story tall screen!

jessi johnson

Maya E.

(Translated by Google) very interesting. (Original) sehr interessant.

chris baker

Prices are little high at the food but great movies

Indrig Serrano

I love this movie theater

Juan sebastian montan

Chely V

Pam C

The 3D glasses are cool. Highly recommend it. It's an experience!

Magdalena Valderrama Hurwitz

Clean, systematic, famous seats. Counter service is quick but we had a server who was a little "bored" with his job.

Jack Bewley Lin

This is my favorite movie format. And, for 3D movies, row 'J' is the sweet spot (at the Metreon in SF). I just saw the first Aquaman movie on IMAX 3D - and it was amazing on the IMAX screen. Highly recommended - both the movie and IMAX!

Jonathan Seymour

See the First Man in IMAX! Well worth it!

Try hard Timithy

Alka Pachauri

Lizzeth Guzman

Buen ambiente y me encantaría que ubiera un empleado que llegará a preguntar si uno quiere algo de comer ho beber.

Berris Fueller



Mike McCormick

I love the comfortable reclining chairs.

Sf Bluejade

What is better than imax-imax.

Phao Keolephee

Pedro Castro

Maxime Guieb Collado



Lucas Schirm

Great theater with a good service. Love the index, biggest screen I've seen. Do recommend if you want to enjoy a film you like

Andres Aranguren

Stephanie Ravet

Fantastic screen


Incredible IMAX theater!

Mike Bartell

Has really good they got me in and out the new seating in the IMAX is perfect maybe too perfect might might make you want to fall asleep. all-in-all I recommend it to anybody

Michael McCormick

vishalgupta9298 vishalgupta9298

Jonathan Kiley

One of the biggest screens you will get to experience, and an incredible sound system to match! Being such a large theater the seats are vast and could use more elbow room. I hope you like your neighbor. You are immersed in sound here. More than any other theaters. The seats rumble slightly with bass and it all could be too much for some littles. The water works show and other arrangements outside the theater make this a great place to spend a few hours. Of course you will have the option to browse through some quality furniture too.

Ran Zhang

Chip Healey

Thomas San Francisco

The screen is awesome from floor to ceiling and the sound system excellent. However the plush reclining seats at least mine never could be adjusted to be fully comfortable. Would be 5 stars except for my issue with the chair.

Lu Jr

Ernie Hernandez

Christina Tolliver

I love this movie theater. It is very close to my home and I know most of the staff .They have very good and friendly service .

Mithun K

Jennifer Hudiono

I'm all for enhancing my movie experience, but some things are just too much. This IMAX Dome Theater is dome shaped so the screen is somewhat circular (just keep that in mind). The theater's dome shape gives way for an immersive watching experience given the right movie. I've been here multiple times and the movies shown for the tech museum look remarkable and beautiful. But the other night, I came here to watch Instertellar (a regular movie) thinking it would be the same but it wasn't. Regular movies are just not meant for dome shaped theaters and the picture came off distorted. Not only that but whenever the camera panned around, it was too dizzying. TIP: SIT IN THE VERY BACK, AT THE VERY TOP. You do not want to end up looking up for majority of the movie, not good. Also if you could sit at the edge, it would be better especially if you like to get up during the movie. The aisles are too narrow and near impossible to walk through comfortably without tripping on someone or falling over to the next row. If you choose to watch a regular movie here, be warned.

Vova Kovbas

Chairs could be more comfy but everything else is great. I've had an amazing experience to watch a movie in IMAX.

Mark Galeck

Awful. It used to be, the seats would recline all the way, so you could actually see and appreciate pictures shot for the IMAX format, on the whole dome. Now, I guess they wanted to make more money, which is a noble goal, for sure - they do a lot of public good, and they want to have funds to continue. So, they made the seats non-reclining, and put lots more seats, and the seats have much less room than in a conventional theater. I am 5'10" and my legs were squeezed. In that upright squeezed position, you then have to bend your neck upwards towards the sky. To make money, they want to show "normal" movies (i.e. brainless, like Marvel stuff), so the picture is distorted, does not cover the whole dome, but at the same time is cropped. You can imagine how awful the whole experience is. It used to be so nice...

Tejinder Mangat

Saw Interstellar here and it was an amazing experience, had to turn my had just to experience the whole movie

Beve Matthews

Came here to watch a Korean film (subtitles included) with friends. Ode to my father was a great movie (very touching! Highly recommend!) but this theater was great as well! Very clean, with friendly service. Will definitely come back and maybe try their special popcorns that everyone is raving about! :)

madhav mane

I went to watch superman vs batman. This needs renovation e.g. recliner, 3D imax projection for blockbusters movies. 2 less stars bcoz of these. Nice place apart from these few things.

Joseph Thomas

First IMAX dome theater experience, and that too for a special weekend show of Nolan's Dunkirk. The first time I watched Dunkirk was at Inox Thrissur, where they messed up the format and shrunk it to 35 mm, and remember that 70% of the movie was shot in Imax cameras. And now what more can I ask for this second time! The dome experience is incomparable to any other cinematic experience, but it isn't all awe. For example, wide angle shots are quite an awestruck experience - you are immersed in the scenes, it gives you a feeling that you are right there, which is a different experience than what 3D glasses can give you - whereas close-ups and steadicam shots would give you a headache because it is too difficult to focus on such a large screen. Audio is quite excellent. In the scenes where you have too much exposure, you could see the stitch lines on the screen which is distractive. The seating inside the theater at The Tech Museum of Innovation was a bit difficult. There isn't enough leg space and if that is the case for shorter guys like me, I wonder how would the taller guys could sit through the two hours without stretching their legs on the front row seats. That said, IMAX dome is quite an experience that one should go for at least once in a lifetime. Particularly if you're a movie person.

Sharath Chandra

Watched Dunkirk and it was one painful experience. Seating is almost vertical and it was a lot of strain to watch the entire screen. Either the seats have to be more reclined or the height of the dome should be increased. Bad design of the dome.

Dennis Suggs

Awesome place

Jin Park


Jonathan Kiley

One of the biggest screens you will get to experience, and an incredible sound system to match! Being such a large theater the seats are vast and could use more elbow room. I hope you like your neighbor. You are immersed in sound here. More than any other theaters. The seats rumble slightly with bass and it all could be too much for some littles. The water works show and other arrangements outside the theater make this a great place to spend a few hours. Of course you will have the option to browse through some quality furniture too.

T Watson

Nice place

XANE Michael Scott Hackamack


tony P

Awesome Horror Movie!

Dillon Zhang

Good movie theater, but anything before row h and you have you turn you head to see the entire screen.

Pamela Bales

It's always good, but probably louder than it needs to be.

Ryan G. Schmidt

Frederick Oko

It's the only real IMAX screen in the area - when I say real I mean it's not a lieMAX branded screen but the giant 100x80 ft floor to ceiling screen that made IMAX truly unique. And this has the latest laser projection for the ultimate in contrast and color.

Joe Kern

The ultimate way to see a movie. These shows can make you go poor quickly though.

Marcus Cottingham

A true movie experience

Hamza Elmiqdam

Tommy Guyennot

No comparison with most of the european cinema. Great places, great sits with an amazing sound !

Bobby Bannerman


Chip Healey

Sienna Jones

Lu Jr

Caua Felipe

(Translated by Google) Loved it (Original) Amei

Alan Fredericks

Many theaters. Clean seats and theaters with reclining chairs with armrests with cup holder.

Terry jones

Great theater, I love the order ahead option. Would love if the validated parking .

Iain Hendry

Very good and informative shows put on. Really good in 3D. You are allocated a time to view at the ticket office on arrival, if you choose this option.

Leonardo Tolosa

Impresionante. Si la peli no es muy buena... te quedas dormido de lo cómodo que son las butacas

King PapiTre

seats recline i love them.

Lisa Kelly

Sonia Ramos

Jorge Frasser

Angela Gregory

Wow. Excellent theater experience top to bottom.

Marion Gautier III

Heather Schindler

One of my new favorite locations in San Francisco

D. Candler

Nasa Rouf

truly big screen, the seats are very comfy. nothing beats this experience.

raja sekaran

Steven ross

Fantastic Movie Experience

Steven Roloff

The AMC Metreon is awesome! It's clean, the employees are friendly, and most of the other movie-goers are courteous. This is the only IMAX theater I'll visit.

Jayda Teal

al su


tony jetta

Truly an experience of a lifetime. everything was so memorable. Had a great time.

Clint Vado


Sean D

Great theatre but the 3D glasses for Solo were really distracting and took away from experience

Corey Lau

All the theaters here except IMAX have recliners. The screen is amazing tho

John Bowes

Corey Benally

..good for those who are single too.. comfy couches.. no crying babies..

Anane Mbaye

Awesome! Ready to go back! If you have not visited yet, your mussing out on a wonderful experience.

Lorine S

I hadn't been here for some years and tho while a little pricey the experience and new reclining seats are totally worth it. No more regular seating for me thank you!

Oskar Dez

Excellent picture quality. Only recommended for specific movies.

Karina RodriguezL

This AMC has the coolest lMAX theater! l highly recommend this AMC in addition to the great lMAX, it now also offers a Dolby theater which is great and offers you a more enhanced experience, in addition it is located at the Metron which offers you a wide variety of foods, drinks and desert places to eat!

Margaret Sen

We went to the Yellowstone movie. It’s a 40 minute movie. Amazing screen and great sound.

Night Fire

The IMAX 3D at AMC Metreon 16 provides superior view of the details.

Shrih America

Very good”

Sandra Melchor

Kid loves it

Steve Bigley

My favorite theater!

Ankur Solanki

Don't EVER go to watch a movie here. It might be only good for shorter science movies. I watched Dunkirk here, and it spoilt the movie for me. The most uncomfortable movie viewing experience ever. Leg space is only sufficient for kids. Poorly designed. I got dizzy and left the theatre with neck pain.

Theresa Marko

Big, loud, amazing! The seats are memory foam. There is a subwoofer under every seay so you vibrate at the action scenes.

Xiaolei Xia

Vivek Murthy

Awesome theater but need more movie choices and timings.

Bret Carter

Luis Villalvazo

Patrick Owens

Dan Wright

The sound in this theater is by far the best I have ever heard. 12 channel surround sound and subwoofer in every seat. What?!? Saw Ready Player One in 3D. Amazing, immersive experience.

Shri Matthews

This is a top notch theater in the Bay area. They run top major movies, great concession area with a huge assortment of food and beverage with free refills, and seating area. They are the cleanest theatre I've seen. The seats are like new, very comfortable with recline option. It's conveniently located in downtown and easily accessible by car or bus. There's a convenient parking garage across the street but without theater validation, so it's pricey. What's great about this location is the adjacent mall that is filled with major and independent retail stores, and a vast variety of various American and ethnic food choices. This place is definitely a great choice for a date, with friends or family. Please Note: Though impressed with the theater, movies, service, restroom, and overall condition, there isn't adequate staff's appearance during shows to lessen disturbances by people talking loudly.


Terrible parking, horrible customer service and dirt everywhere.

LaNette Parker

Devin Fox

Fathur Rachim

(Translated by Google) This time using a new theater presentation, the location is quite far from San Francisco. And this place is very private and can't just enter. This is where many films are made, the location reaches 7000 hectares. One of them is Indiana Jone and Starwar Films (Original) Presentasi pake theater baru kali ini, lokasinya cukup jauh dari San Francisco. Dan ini tempat sangat private dan ngga sembarang bisa masuk. Disinilah banyak film2 kolisal dibuat, lokasinya mencapai 7000 hektar. Salah satunya Film Indiana Jone dan Starwar

Lay dee Madison

Love it

Joy Engstrom

I love the Tech IMAX ..... it is unlike any other theater that I have ever been in.... It has one of the most fantastic high tech sound system providing excellent sound.. However I do not suggest that you go for a long movie if you have any problem with "Sea Sickness" The curved screen is so real that you feel like you are there! I saw the story of Shackleton's expedition to the Arctic and I felt as if I were there with them. I like the Documentaries best. I think some of the negative reviews were written by people who may have "motion sickness" I would recommend that they do not attend any more viewings at this theater.. JE


The service was terrible as well as the fact that the projector seemed to be smudged in our theater kept shifting which caused the movie to be blurry.

Casey Cho

Michelle Mcmullen

Food is rediculously expensive, theartre was empty and clean.

Jorge Espinoza

Kevin Cheek

While their museum films yielded positive experiences, Dunkirk wound up being unwatchable. Only about 30% of the theater has seats that allow you to watch. Many people left including ourselves because many in our party were becoming ill from the enveloping projection with warped dimensions of the figures on screen. Staff were very helpful in giving us our refund.

Roberto Bee

Great fun watching Imax movies here.

Siddharth Gopalakrishnan

Henrik Rogers

Travis Wise

Renata Alves

I love these place!

B. MIchael McFarland

This Theatre, the AMC IMAX, is incredible. Feels like the screen is as big as a building.

Salvador Chavez


Theresa Marko

Big, loud, amazing! The seats are memory foam. There is a subwoofer under every seay so you vibrate at the action scenes.

Kumail Haider

i love it

Maritza Torres

Peter Preciado

State of the art theatre with great popcorn and awesome reclining seats!

Dan Wright

The sound in this theater is by far the best I have ever heard. 12 channel surround sound and subwoofer in every seat. What?!? Saw Ready Player One in 3D. Amazing, immersive experience.

Mario Eichenberger

(Translated by Google) recommendable (Original) Empfehlenswert

Richard Lee

Seats and screen are great. Two stars because the food order in app was an abject failure. If you want a premium experience, go to Alamo Drafthouse.

Markus Haeusser

It's the best imax theater I have been to. The screen is huge and the picture and sound quality is outstanding. They also just put new chairs in which is super cool since they are really comfortable. For big movies like jurassic world it's worthied to pay the upcharge. Also I read this is one of the best ones in the world with laser projection.

Kyle Hulbert

Large screen, don't sit anywhere close to the front

Олег Колесов

(Translated by Google) Good museum (Original) Хороший музей

Hailey Norris

Saw scary stories to tell in the dark, wonderful movie

Pineapple Cake

Best cinema I have been to.

Warren Chef

Great place to watch up coming Star Wars movie

ankit vij

Great experience. Recliners need some maintenance

juan carlos suarez Uribe

(Translated by Google) excellent, it's nice to see it (Original) excelente, da gusto verlo as

leton farajee

Deea ideas

The huge imax screen was great.

Mikala Burgoyne

Zairac Smith

LASER 3D IMAX was very bright and clear.

Kel Morgan

Great popcorn.


The service was terrible as well as the fact that the projector seemed to be smudged in our theater kept shifting which caused the movie to be blurry.

Casey Cho

Jõgeva takso tel 56302268

Rusty Clifford

Jose Pedro Ortiz


Siddharth Gopalakrishnan

Cindy Sayde Leos Diaz

New and modern , I enjoy it .

Matthew Leigh

Man Hyue Shin


Jonas Wagner

had all historical things love them

Joshua Grate

Nice experience

Abdulvafa choudhary

Good option for IMAX 3d

Tyler Alexander

One of the nicer theaters in nyc. Very clean and kept up. Its a shame it all the way on the west side of the park for us UESers.

Michael Mize

Love this theater.

Sathish Muthuswamy

This place is good! But the seats are real bad making it near impossible to watch the movie. The challenge is if you arrive within 20 mins of a big launch movie (say... Star Wars) you would get seating pretty much in the front 3 rows and the screen would be right above your head and beyond (literally back of you). What's worse is the seats are non reclining, hardly any leg space. So unless you are neck is super flexible with an eye span greater than 240 degrees, you would end up with either seeing just 10% of screen or really really bad neck ache. Recommendation: if you are regular family guy with small children who can arrive at theater only 15-20 mins prior... Pray there is a lot happening the bottom half of the screen

Kaitlyn Gonzalez

Went to see The Meg in 3D, very comfortable seating. Prices are obviously high for food. Not satisfied nor dissatisfied with customer service. Bathrooms were surprisingly clean.

PelicanFly_ FlyPelican

I believe this is the biggest IMAX in CA and one of the biggest in the country. The sound and picture quality can't be matched! The seating is comfortable enough for tall people. Don't bother buying tickets rows 1-4 you won't be able to watch the movie without missing half the screen at any given time.

Giovanni Lopez Morales

I like it and its fun the only time i went is when i went to a flied trip from Chualar school to San Jose

Bob Chin

BEST theater I went to in a very long time.

Eliana Quinet

Everything to be expected multi screen movie theater. But pretty clean and no one had a problem with my little dog being there in the front row for the whole movie. (She was pretty good though; didn't make TOO MUCH noise.)

Mikel Ward

Screen is at a bad angle. Even with good seats near the middle, watching Star Wars required looking up too far.

Ciro Noronha

Saw the new Star Wars movie there and was a bit disappointed. The Dome has a curved screen, which does not work very well for "normal" movies. Worth going for content produced to be shown in that kind of screen, avoid it for standard movies - go to the Metreon instead for that.

Nicolas GIRARD

curlyyhead niy

Suresh G

The best IMAX experience in bay area. Awesome screen and sound experience.

Jim Hamilton

There's no way around it. The IMAX screen at AMC Metreon is, without a doubt, the best screen on the west coast to see a movie. Biggest *true* IMAX screen on the west coast, IMAX laser projection and Atmos sound with comfortable seats. If a movie comes out in IMAX, this is where you want to see it.

Timothy Pierson

Joshua Roddy

Never staffed correctly. Line at concessions can be 20+ min long. IMAX theater is getting dated and needs an upgrade.

Sona Hovhannisyan

Great, I and my son enjoyed Aladin and the lamp immensely. The only negative experience about today's visit to AMC 16 was the guy who as if was "helping" with buying tickets, since they don't have anyone behind the counter anymore. Its ticket machine and I was unfamiliar how to use and when i asked for help he showed some attitude and was extremely rude. He was a young Male Asian. I give five stars today for the movie.

Steve Johnson

Big screen theatre with comfy chairs.

Certainly Cee Caldwell

Went to the premiere of The Meg at the AMC Theatre in their IMAX screening theatre. The seating is very comfortable and roomy. Oh my goodness!!!!! This movie sent my friends and I on a thrilling heart pounding ride full of action. There wasn't one boreing moment in this movie. Jaws is no way a comparison to The Meg. I think in my opinion this is the movie of the year. At the AMC theatre there are plenty of choices for food and drinks it's pricey but they're opportunity to join their movie club with reward points you earn for items at the concession stand. There's five dollar Tuesdays for each screening you see plus tax. I enjoy five dollar Tuesdays it's economical for the family.

Chris Carlsson

Too loud, makes one dizzy

Randy Martinez

Wow and Wonderful at the same time!

james arcieri

The IMAX screen is amazing! You feel immersed in the movie and the reserved seating provides a nice touch.

Chelsea Brooklyn

Hanna HD


Raasan Ttm

Movie time

Jacky Wan

Best big big screen for good kicking butt And all kind of action movie

Beat R

Amazing Museum- definitely worth a visit!

Terry Risk


Ralph Statuto

Andrew Page

Huge real laser Imax projector and screen. The bar is nice, everything else is pretty much the standard movie theater experience.

Michael Agata

Perfect, very comfy seats :)

Martin Reynolds

Laser IMAX! well worth the trip.


Nice seats and smooth experience from online ticket purchase to seats.

Skip Simon

Pretty cool

Ken Freese

Great times.

Suren Suren

Love the chair

Raj Budha

I love it

Ryan OReilly

I hate AMC but this screen is impressive

Levi Peterson

My seat was ok, but the reason for my 2 star was the brightness of the projector. While the screen was big, the movie was very dark, even in the bright scenes, like maybe the projector was failing and they didn't wanna replace it. Very disappointing.

Kimon Flanagan

I asked the couple in front of me to please not talk so loud during the movie and the guy had a MELTDOWN! He came around to my seat and was threatening me with bodily harm, reminding me that he was a grown-ass man and a carpenter!

work #1

Courtney Reges

Bille Palmer

The theater was great. It held a little of that old time feel while proving the comfort of modernism. The movie, Pet Cemetery (the remake) sucked. It was the wrong one for me to go see.

Warren Johnny


Nasim Sedaghat

Our show had lazy boys with humongous seats. Pretty cool.

Orin Allen


Bruce Gaetos

..always good times @IMAX Metreon Theaters! Don't forget to stop by the concessions stand for popcorn and goodies!

Late-n!ght Special

I come and watch all the new movies here with my AMC stubs member ship.

Justin Fencsak

Only film Imax in the city.

Holden Pike


steve goerke

Best on West coast

Lori Townsend

I love that they play korean movies with subtitles for people like moi. Tickets are $10.50 (not bad). They only have three movies out at a time so there's not TOO much of a selection but I mean, you'll live.

Salvatore Petrone


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