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REVIEWS OF Century Huntington Beach and XD IN California

Becky Johnson

Yesterday, my husband walked out of the theater unnoticed. I was frantic but the staff at the theater went well beyond helpful. They engaged in the search and were able to find him and bring him back to me. I appreciate their kindness so much and will consider this to be my theater of choice and will highly recommend it to family and friends. Thank you.

Chel Sanchez

Its a good place to catch a movie. Fast Freindly staff. clean, comfortable, seating areas and good snack bar. Restrooms could use a little more attention. Plus you can purchase a beer, if you're old enough and enjoy drinking. Overall a good place to catch a movie.

Jamene Utt

The atmosphere here is family-oriented yet fun and exciting. The Cinemark movie theater has a good selection of movies always playing. They have the great lounge seats as well

Melissa Newton

Great location within the Bella Terra. Clean theatre with well maintained facilities. This is one of the few movie theaters that offer both freshly popped butter popcorn and kettle corn. They also serve beer and wine, Starbucks drinks and gelato in addition to their hot food of nachos, hot dogs, pizza and pretzels, candy and more. They do not have full recliners.

Kieran Fischer

Super great food options, and super clean theatre

Albert Kingsbury

Great seating. I only dozed off 2 or 3 times.


XD in the luxury lounger with electric recliners/leg-rest chairs was AMAZING! It was better than any other theater I have been to. So worth it. Staff was friendly and happy to be there. Bathrooms well maintained and clean. Snack bar has many choices but more extensive than expected.

Fonda Jennings

Great movie experience!

Bethany Tooley

I love the seating here. Very roomy and the seats have a great reclining feature. They have a bar here that sells beer and frozen martinis which is delicious.

Ben Minch

A lotta pricey

Chris Rabago

Love the recliner seats here. On Saturday mornings they have an early bird special so I can take entire family for $50 with

The Breez

I love attending the movies on a regular basis now. We always reserve seats in the luxury loungers. I have the movie club card which really helps make going to the movies less expensive. Also they along with AT&T make going to the movies on Tuesday almost free. We also get lots of other discounts with the club card. This theater is really AWESOME! Clean, friendly, helpful and everyone seems to have a smile!

Susan Kersh11

Staff not so friendly but the building is very nice and clean

alfredo valenzuela

Love coming to thdsi this theater with the family. They have food, treats and beer.

Thu Nguyen MD

My favorite place to go for movie! Not crowded. Comfortable leather recliner seat. Can’t go anywhere else for movie :)

Katie Spoelstra

Love the new reclining seats, dislike the bag policy.

Katheryn Kennedy

Nice lounge chairs, prices are good on Tuesday, food wildly overpriced

Chuck Thornton

Great seats and sound but concession prices are high lol

Jacob Schubert

Friendly staff and a clean environment. This is typically a great place to go for your standard movie experience. They don't have the biggest screens in the game but it is an all around great spot with comfortable seating and a positive environment.

Jason Freeman

A decent theater with reclining seats. I love to come on their discount Tuesdays where their prices are like $6.50 a ticket. They also have a small arcade which is rare now. They also sell ice cream cones and make smoothies which not all theaters offer.

Ly Le

Self serve on the food which was great on the wait. Recliner chairs for the win!

Kris Rajendren

Worst theater experience ever. I brought a really small backpack and was asked to put that back in my car. They never communicated this while purchasing the tickets. I recently got my bag stolen from my car with MacBook and iPhone. Never risking my valuables again for a $10 movie.

C.T. L.C.

Inexpensive tickets comfy seats wonderful snack bar... We will be back!!

domingo enriquez

Great place to go for a relaxing time out with the family.

Lidia Wardlow

I love to experience movies at the movie theater

Edward Santos

Best theater. Family vibe environment. Lots of restaurants and shopping. Plenty of parking.

Chandrasekhar Mankala

OMG!! Loved the screens. Recliner seats for all screens and they are maintained really well. Staff is very friendly too.

Kim Schow

Great place to go see a movie. All seating is reserve seating with comfy, cushy recliner chairs.

JOEY !!!!!

awesome spot to see new movies and really nice , this is my favorite spot for me and my kids to go because of all the restaurants near by

Eli Witt

Good theater feels like all they care is about taking your money. Not the best customer service but they make it up with food seating and decent food.

Ben Osborn

Great Tuesday ticket deals, easy parking in the structure just west of the theater

xiomara lopez

Restrooms needs to be clean, they smeal weard

Paul Fely

Very nice for a thetre. Seats are assigned. Seating is tiered with recliners, but you fo share arm rests with your neighbor. Arcade is very dated, but it is like a trip into the past.

Ryan Greeves

always loud and annoying people in the theatre. maybe because they sell BEER which makes everyone fing obnoxious. cant even enjoy films here


Excellent movie theater!! Comfortable seating, large theater, great selection of drinks, food and snacks. The employees always seem to be quite friendly. Restrooms are clean. Awesome place to watch the latest movies. Great selection of time slots for each movie. This is definitely my favorite movie theater in the area.

Alejandra Cardenas

Very nice, clean, Theater. All seats are reclined and comfortable. Temperature is cool, concession options are good with more than just popcorn and sodas. They have a rewards program which is so worth it and parking is not a problem.

mike katbi

Best service, cleanest, awesome screens and seats. Even the front two rows you can see reasonably well! Best Kettle and regular popcorn of any movie theater I've been to! I sometimes go there just for the popcorn when I'm in the area! Special bargain pricing all Tuesday and member Club pricing any day.

Dr. Donna Grogan

Not enough seats at prime time. Seats are comfortable. Food service great

Monica Cuadrado

Always fun to watch movies here...

john V

Great place for kids and family to enjoy outdoor. Lot of stores, restaurants, coffee shops, etc....

Scott Jensen

nice chairs; when will the front row recline far enough to let you actually SEE the movie?

April Nguyen

Went here on Saturday night. Got their membership and everything was so smooth. No more showing up early and waiting in lines to get ticktets. Even got 20% discount on their gelato. Definitely recommend getting their membership.

Silly Sallys

Always nice and clean.

E. Len Libao

Very nice staff. I got tickets in advance so that helped skip the ticket line. We watched a movie on a Sunday night and it wasn't too busy. The snack bar is massive. Literally had most snacks that I could think of bringing. The candy selection was huge too. I would've like to have some lollipops but couldn't find any. The seats recline and we're big enough to fit two people to a seat. The floors weren't sticky. Even though there were some concession stands closed, I could still find condiments, napkins and straws without having to walk all the way to the front.

Alisha Randell

Nice spacious theater

Jose Romo Velazquez

The staff was friendly and helpful when helping me get a refund for a ticket. I just wish the website had their bag policy more front and center, so I could have planned accordingly. Yes the bag policy has been in place since 2018, but I don't usually go to this location regularly and it was one of the locations near me that had a ticket for a movie i wanted to see. Maybe someday I'll see the nice staff of this location again, but not until I can travel without the need of current size bag. Thanks again to the staff for helping me.

Adam Wiener

Very nice theater with am extremely wide range of concessions

Samantha Vu

Great outdoor place for kids to play and parents to chill

Val Ann

Never to crowded and good food choices all over.

Cathleen Sexton

Saw MIB Intel wonderful and good sesting


Excellent customer service I recomend it


Very convenient and clean movie theater. Usually not too crowded and the staff is helpful.

Joel Carpenter

Great experience! Super comfy seats, good snacks. Avengers EndGame awesome!

ericka alonzo

I love this theater. Good prices at matinee, clean, friendly, snappy, and movie experience is unbeatable. Good is good, always on time and a great experience overall.

Bette Harry

Ate at Kabuki Restaurant and food was excellent with our family.

Dave Alvarez

Great Theaters I highly recommend if you're going to take on a movie do it early as possible in the morning prices are like half off and there is nobody there can you could just walk right in great concessions it's pricey but that's kind of how it is nowadays at the movie theaters. Construction is going on around the theaters but it is a very nice and going to be a very nice area in place to go to eat in to the movies.

Matt Fideldy

This theater s out favorite. Seats are all recliners and very comfortable. Tuesdays are discount day for only $6.50! Buy your tickets the day before though if you want good seats.

Jack Kee

Nice clean theater

Herbert Lo

Love the coffee Ice cream.

LeRoy Wood

My favorite theater in our area. The staff is helpful, theaters are clean, sounds is good.

Tri Tang

This theater is my favorite. It has recliner seats without raising the price. The theaters are plentiful and the seats are comfy. Everything here from the snacks and arcade to the theaters themselves are handled well and kept clean and pristine. The only problem I have is that the theater is very popular meaning last minute showings often only have the front row of seats open.

Rose Stone

A very nice experience with G-PA from South Africa! Two of us treated the whole family to.... Ralph breaks the internet! Fun was had by all as you could see in these pictures...

Daniel Sangiorgio

Great theater inside Bella Terra Mall

Andrea Dawson

Clean and comfortable with reclining chairs and stadium style favorite theatre

Cindy H

Great big comfortable seats! Very nice and clean, but many times the bathrooms are out of toilet paper!

Judy Smith

I Really like the Movie theater. And as always very clean and it is very close to my house. The parking structure is also wonderful. Never have any problems finding parking

Patty Williams

It was very nice. Clean. Comfortable.

Gaby Vega

So.... Don't bother to come here, the manager is terrible!! Go to another movie theater if you are Latin American, I saw it with my own eyes!! The manager is a racist in all his forms!!!

Monique Lozano

The seats are great! The theatre is small and you get to pick your own seats! Pricing was more than fair for the accommodations!

Daniel Stepanov

They got rid of all of the good places

Jeri PerkinsUpton

Lounge chairs are the best! Place is clean. Parking is easy.

Lillie Knapp

My favorite theatre by far. They have movies for $5.50 on Tuesday. They have reclining seats and its clean inside. They have the usual stuff plus they offer wine, Starbucks, and gelato.

Adrianne Taufa

Clean, nice, comfortable. I would go here again for a movie

Brooke Wanamaker

I love how the theater is set up and the people who work here are always very polite and treat you like family.

Dan C

The outside plaza area has been renovated and is beautiful. The show is very spacious and comfortable.

John Estrada

Great vibe. :)

Kelley Stevens

In a shopping center this theater will not allow packages. They offer no locker for rent and state "they are not certified to inspect a package to enter". Can someone please tell me what agency certifies package inspection? All this time going into concerts, fairs, and special events I never knew those temporary employees were certified. If you anchor yourself in a shopping center, please do not disassociate yourself therefrom. There are other ways than simply turning paying customers away. You have an arcade and an expansive lobby. Most of which is empty. Offer a few lockers for rent. A "hat" check attendant for a fee. You looked for a shopping center to increase your traffic and visibility,. Now please work within the environment you chose to service your customers.

Joey Reed

This is a good theater with the comfy chairs and good prices on food.

Steve Novosad

Love the theater but annoyed that they limited the free refill for popcorn to one time. Especially for their movie club members like me.

Erica Finn

WHY SHOULD CUSTOMERS/ ELDERLY PEOPLE HAVE TO RUN ALL AROUND FOR CINEMARK TO MAKE MORE MONEY ON CANDY!! They made 65 year old mother in law walk all the way back to the car parked at the furthest restaurant from the theatre because her purse was too big. The sign said 12 × 9 or smaller is fine, and her purse was smaller than that. She also let them look inside her purse but they said we could sue for invasion of privacy. I mean really?? they also sent another elderly woman away when we got back from the walk to the car. The woman said her movie started 15 mins ago,the manager did not care and so she asked for a refund. We ended up being late to our movie even though the manager said we had 18 to 20 mins of previews to walk to the car. We had arrived 1 min after our showing time and then ended up being late. He also suggested we come back 2 hours later for the next showing. There are no signs outside the theater saying what size your purse can be as you buy a ticket and no warning online. The sign is inside the theatre!! Then we see other women inside with purses and backpacks bigger than hers!! I WILL NEVER COME BACK HERE THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMER SERVICE HERE!!! They easily could have told us next time dont bring it, or offered us a popcorn or voucher to come back. Idk maybe just anything to not lose a customer. But they care more about teens not sneaking in candy (AS WE READ ONLINE WAS THE REASON)!! And they shouldnt turn people away if the purse is a centimeter bigger, because it could actually be a centimeter smaller like my mother in laws purse. PICTURE INCLUDED

jerry nguyen was ok, but the chairs dont go all the way back

Zee Mayba

Great sound! Comfortable seats. What more could you ask for?

Nam Eric Doan

Nice theater, recliner seats are decent and on par with other theaters, but with a medium number of screen, this theater can only show some Fathom events and the bigger movies, not many of the smaller budget films or independent movies. Food options more varied than Edwards, less so than AMC.

Amy Composto

One of the best features of this theatre is the preorder seating option. Fine are the days when you’d have to show up 30 minutes early to get a good seat. The theatre itself is big and spacious. It’s clean and well kept and conveniently located in the Bella terra shopping plaza. The popcorn here is my favorite and you get free refills with the purchase of a large. The also have a gelato section which is pretty very amazing.

Omar Batista

Well organized and has recliner seating

Kathleen Hazlett

Love the seats and room between. Popcorn could be fresher

Craig Wilson

Overall a good experience. All of the theaters here have leather reclining seats that are very comfortable. The screens in every theater are big and wide. They offer XD theaters here that I have yet to see a movie in but I'm sure it's very similar to AMC Prime or Dolby theaters with larger screens, legit sound and comfy recliners. I haven't purchased any concessions here so I have know opinion of wait times, quality of food or service. The bathrooms have always been clean enough. Sometimes when it's crazy busy they could use a quicky pick up but they never stink. Overall the theater is an excellent place to visit. Tip: park in the large multi level lot by Costco. Park closer to the theater and it's a brief walk.

Debra Bell

Tuesday discount days are the best time to go to the theater

Brittany Stidam

I visit this theater at least once a week, sometimes twice. I am a movie club member and it is absolutely worth it. 20 percent off concessions, an $8.99 monthly fee which gives you a ticket per month and an additional one for purchase at $8.99, and waived online fees for ticket purchase. Tuesdays are discount days which means tickets are only $6.25! The seating is so comfortable and even the front row seats aren't a pain in the neck (literally!) Like other places. This is one of my favorite places to be when the wife and I get a date night, or just come with some friends.

Crystal Varkalis

Love this theater. The best comfy recliner seats, reasonable ticket prices, never very crowded at all during the week, really nice theater. It is always a luxurious experience to come here. I only wish all the construction going on for sooo long outside didn't make it so annoying to enter the theater, & I also wish they stocked more vegan candy options (like Justin's or Unreal chocolate!)

Carl Weaver

We love seeing movies here. Park in the free parking garage. Very comfortable recliner seating. Employees are friendly and helpful!

Mark Kempton

Really good Gelato and all the best movies including indie.

Liz Sweeny

I love this theatre!!

Jannete Avalos

Nice, spacious, enjoyable theater...

Gilbert Ortega

Don't like the new upgrade. It was better before.

Sean Hilgenberg

Slightly above average movie theater. Large seats have adjustable footrest and lots of room for your arms. Concessions have larger selection than most including ice cream, but are pricey like all movie theaters. I docked one star because it was slightly dirty, not bad at all though, I recommend it.

Jacob Shamoun

Customer's service was absolutely horrible. Their policy on rated R movie is absurd.

Daniel Skadal

Good location, decent movie selection. Bit pricey.

Philomen Clark

First time to go to this Cinemark, it's a popular place do if you don't like crowds this might not be a place to go. I enjoyed being there because I enjoy people.

Lenny Bilken

Very spacious theatre with seats that recline. They have some of the most comfortable seats ever. You can preorder your seats here which I like so that way you can get their right before the movie starts.

Wade Shelley

Watched Lion King (2019) in theatre #11...enjoyed the push-button reclining chairs, comfortable, nice space and from the middle level to the top each row was seperated by a wall and you could barely see the row in front of you.

Collin Scott

One of my favourite theaters! The seats are fantastic and it's nice to be able to reserve your seats online!

Brianna Garven

Everytime my family and I go we have a blast! Since we go to the movies often we have the movie pass and it saves us a lot of money.

Jovonda Anderson

I visited the theatre to see the movie The Best of Enemies. Thank you 95.9 The Fish for sponsoring. The Theatre was nice the seats were very comfortable and customer service was very professional.

Mario Carter

The working staff was the best experience i have had in a long time with any movie theaters ! They were all uplifting and positive . I would give them a 9 out of 10 . They also have the reclining seats there !


This should be no shocker it's century. But did you know Tuesday is discount day so you can discounted prices even on XD showings. A major plus is if you have AT&T as a cell provider there is a program called ticket twosday where if you buy a ticket you get one free so you can take your best friend or girlfriend/boyfriend for free. That program also works with discount day too providing an insane deal so make sure you always go see movies on Tuesday.

Andrea Kohler

It's over priced and we waited 45 minutes after our movie was SUPPOSED to start but DIDN'T before we demanded a full refund from the manager. The Regency on Westminster Blvd is a better and cheaper movie theater.

Familia Reyna

Good movie experience followed good customer service

Hai Chau

Love the decline seat that have, very rommie

Miguel Partida

Best theater in OC! Awesome screens, comfy seats, great staff!

Sandy Pilon

Finally caught up with the rest and have comfy recliner seats. Great hot dogs too! I am in!

Jeff Karelius

Convenient location, nice staff, comfortable reclining seats and a great place to see a movie.

John K

This is our local theater and I love it! Get the luxury loungers! Worth it! Seating is reserved which I actually like (didn’t at first). And Tuesday is always discount day! Bonus tip, large popcorn gets a free refill.

Taylor Riggs

Theater was clean and staff was friendly. Went to opening night of Avengers and they did an amazing job at coordinating theaters and customers

Jeannie Stewart

Nice, clean theater. Rocket Man was excellent

M Rios

Comfy chairs. Nice and clean.

Darlene L

Love this theater but today at 1pm floors in food area a mess, out of cups, drink fountain out of syrup Too early for that. Inside the theater clean!

Jordan Strickland

Favorite theater in the OC. Best reclining seats & comfortable too. Food & drink options have come along nicely. Kettle Corn has always been fresh and we get the refillable buckets.

Douglas Morgans

Enjoyed very much. Clean, quiet. Little challenge parking.

Refuge and Strength Outreach

The Century Huntington Theater was great. This made the movie Aladdin-already fantastic- better!

Ria Mignano

Nice court yard but parking is tough for the handicapped

Ken Lemler

A little older of a movie theatre but looks like they are adding more modern feature. It’s usually not the cleanest but not super dirty either. There’s usually a little popcorn on the floor and one of the bathrooms will be out of paper towels but it’s not enough to make you not come back but would be nice if they spent some time keeping it cleaner.

Bridget Wright

The snack bar closes too soon. You can't get refills if you go to a late movie.

Alexandra Segler

Good, saw Endgame there. Cried for three hours. Nice movie theater, the reclining seats are great for curling up in a little ball when your fave dies.

Susan Johnson

Best place to see a movie. Has reclining chairs. Might cost a little more, but worth it.

Stephen Stroup

Love you can get ice cream, Starbucks or Kettle corn for the movie. As well as beer or wine. The recliners are so nice.

Anna Bedley

Good snack bar which includes wine and beer. Comfy recliners with assigned seating. Definitely a good spot.

Kirk Davis

Really good kettle corn, padded reclining seats, friendly staff. My favorite theater in the OC!

Jack Mitchell

Love the seating and the fact they don't cramp everyone into close tight seats. No one sitting in front of you. Wide isles. Clean restrooms. Food station a little pricey. Lots of parking including handicapped.

Lucinda Wiley

Nice theater, prices for popcorn and drinks very high, excellent seats.

Dennis Joven

Expensive for grandpa & grandma with two grandchildren, $54 to watch Toy Story 4! Wait for DVD!

Myrmidon Rex

great theatre, the best in the area

Linda Cryer

Loved the New Luxury Recliner Seats


Great place to watch movies

Don Kloos

Went and saw Captain Marvel on Wednesday night with my fam. Fun movie. We had the theater pretty much to ourselves and really enjoyed the big lounge chair seats. It's a nice theater complex. It is still expensive costing $45 for the 3 of us with popcorn. When we got out of the movie all the bathrooms or closed down due to some problem. Monday nights there are cheap movie ticket nights.

Joshua Don tahtinen

Love the movie club

Jackie H

Nice theater with large, reclining seats! The snack area is self service with more choices than the usual theater snack bar.

Twilight MacLeod

Bit pricey but a great place to see movies.


Nice theater with a lot of screens! I don't like the new stadium seating that you have to choose your seat! Seems that many of the assigned seats are occupied by Phantoms! Also, this theatre charges more than the surrounding theatres! If you buy your tickets in advance from Costco, it's a better deal!

JD Rinde

This theater has huge lobby with free ticket fame kiosk and game room. Concessions are expensive but good variety. Good signage. Seats are large reclining with controls. Good screen and viewing experience is awesome. Facility is very clean too.

Julianna Craig

Very clean establishment and the popcorn is always fresh!

Randy Myers

Great theatre. Comfy seats

Denise Sheld

The Lion King was great!!! Jo Birds early 89th BIRTHDAY present XO

Bill Reitz

Nice theater, good crew. $8.00 senior Mondays.

Carla Peeples

I usually like it here and I am a member of Cinamark. They have a new policy of no big hand bags. I am not interested in going back to my car to place it there. It feels like the old days with theaters being paranoid we wont spend money for popcorn and the like. Or do they think I brought my glock in?

Lisa Ziegler

Very clean and nice reclining stadium seats. Buy your tickets online ahead of time or you'll be stuck in the front row. It has assigned seating.

Robin Steelman

This is our go to movie theater. Both the theater themselves and the bathrooms are always clean and well kept. The prices aren't awesome but that's kind of the industry standard at this point. I don't really eat their food so I can't speak to how good it is or isn't.

Alex Velasco

Pizza a suprising really good, clean and the recliners are great!


More modern, and up to date movie theater..

Jackie Andersen

Love to see movies here. So clean. Nice staff too.

April Vandervest

A boomer complained about us quietly talking during previews in the otherwise empty theater. The usher then went to each of us to warn us to stop after the movie had already started and we hadn’t said a word. We paid a collective more than $100 including tickets and food that we probably should’ve bought elsewhere. But sure, cater to one jerk who didn’t even buy popcorn. Clearly they have their priorities and customer service is not one.

nelson martinez

Very nice recycling seats very nice, clean and right outside an area to spend ti.e with your kids, recommend.

Marty West

Lots of recliner seats for reasonable prices. Concessions counters are much faster than most theaters due to different layout.

Alan Mahmalji

Tuesday is discount day. Great theater

Heather Freeman

The XD sound is worth the price of admission

Kyle Ortiz

I Love this location (7777) & the staff is always kind. I'm sorry for movie hopping, I've been doing it a long time, a tradition of sorts. Thank you for being so warm & friendly And having $5 movies all day on Tuesdays, so cool. Love -ko

Devin Montes

Cheap movies on Tuesday nights are an awesome deal and the reclining chairs are among the comfiest you'll find!

Phayvanh Le

Best soft comfy seats perfect surround sound neat clean lobby all the yummy treats you'll ever want.


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