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Maria Moore

This place was awesome. Watched a 3d movies about Superpower Dogs . Really amazing how much dogs and other animals do for people. Great place to take the family. Parking cost $12 but since museum was free worth every penny!

Sirana Hanwongrith

Great place to explore for my preschooler. He asked me to bring him back here the next day. Hope we have this center in northern california ;) will be back when we come to visit LA again.

Christina Tomlinson

Not only can you view about 90% of this place for free they also have exhibits that change periodically for a fee that are out of this world. The staff is friendly and the Trimana food in the food court is delicious with plenty of options to choose from. I also recommend catching an iMax feature while there. They are the perfect length to get off your feet and into the air conditioning. Great sound and super high quality picture.

Momo R

So much fun! Its free however 12$ parking and some events need tickets so you purchase an imax movie ticket and that covers you for the events. After the movie which was a great fun learning experience you are free to explore. It's Super affordable fun for the whole family was an amazing experience definitely plan to go back!!

Honey Brown

Perfect place to take your children while school is out. They get the opportunity to learn & play all under one roof & there's no admission fee

Jessie Le

Amazing place for everyone who love exploring about science. Suitable for family and kid. Ticket is free but if you want to see the Endeavour, ticket is $3... pretty cheap. Their small aquarium is awesome. Sometimes they have exhibitions and events, which you can update about them on their website. overall this is one of my favorite place in LA!!

Forrest Kramer

Great for keeping children occupied, but not great in terms of learning anything. The exhibits don't have much there, it focuses mostly on providing entertainment for smaller children

Michel Benjamin

My son loves this place. Parts are a little dumpy but overall it's free and amazing

Leslie Lopez

Great place for kids all ages. Great exhibitions and hands on activities. The entrance is free. You only pay special exhibits.


if you visit make sure to see Space Shuttle Endeavour, separate ticket to enter the Shuttle part of the center is needed. enjoyed the movie about how the shuttle was welcomed by LA and hosted by the CSC.

Bill Weber

Colorful, fun place. The Dogs! Exhibit is 100% designed.for kids. Great space capsules and space shuttle.Endeavor.for the grown-ups.

Winnie Wingo

Had a lot of fun in each area I visit. But in the room I think was the discovery room, where my granddaughter played in sandy water. Was fun but I wished they kept the floors up. It was to wet and slippy when we enter/exit.

Bethany Tooley

Lots of fun if youre interested in engineering, astronomy, or just love to see what goes up in the sky up close and personal. My only complaint is that theres sometimes too much people that are in one area at the same time. Maybe a better flow of foot traffic would be nice. Next time ill have to come when it wont be so crowded.

Jennifer Molina

My 7 and 9 year old loved it. I, personally, thought some of the exhibits were dated, but still nice. Visitors should know that because of summer day camps it is crowded even on a weekday during the summer. Expect long lines in the women's bathrooms In all, this is a great family place. And best of all, admission is free.

Brian Rayburn

Great for kids. 2 adults, was good. Seeing the shuttle was cool. Easy from metro.

Greg Garcia

The Facts: -Parking is $12 -Entrance is free -The extra VR rides are $5-8 a person - Plenty of water fountains -All bathrooms have a changing center -Fully Stroller & Wheelchair accessible -Eating areas available in the food court. -the food court sells food as well. The experience: - great for kids of all ages - plenty of Discovery rooms for little kids to play and create objects based on the museum theme -lots of aerospace technology facts -all-around good experience for families. it came on a Saturday which would seem crazy to do in Los Angeles but nevertheless I did it. The volume of people inside the museum was not too bad it wasn't very crowded and the staff was attentive and ready to explain whatever you asked. You can eat indoors or outdoors we opted for eating outdoors there is a courtyard behind the building that does not disappoint and has plenty of shade and benches. **Please note: no open food or drinks in the actual museum area.** Enjoy

Ian S.

Fun place to bring your kids. Lots to check out and put your hands on. Definitely check out the space shuttle, it's awe inspiring in person.

Ghost Man

Pretty neat place, got to see the Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit while it was being presented. Probably one of the highlights of my life, so much history in the relics and scrolls. Wonderful premises as well, gardens and grounds are very well taken care of.

Alex Loumos

Large exhibition space with many hands-on and activities to entertain kids and adults. Climate areas offer interesting insight amd Endeavor shuttle display area is filled with fascinating bits of info on the shuttle missions. Imax theater has plenty of space, all affordable ticket prices.

Andrea Mencos

Parking ok, fun activities for kids on a learning path. Ever since I was small I loved it and my kids love it too!!

Corina Rao

This is one place I've been to many times as they always have something exciting to show. With kids or without you will find new things to learn here. Also have a food court where you can take a break. Like the surrounding area with the rose garden and the amazing front architecture. One thing I dislike: $12 parking fee...

Christian Aprahamian

The Dogs exhibit was fun and interactive I recommend it for adults and kids. There was a lady working inside the painting area inside the exhibit that was very nice. There is also a rose garden within walking distance from the science center if you want to pack a lunch and eat it there.

Bryce Van Horn

The kids had a blast! I got to look at real space capsules. Would go again.

Chris Doneza

Had a lot of fun. The price to view the Endeavor plus watch the movie for a family of 3 was incredible. My only complaint is that they're not open later than 5 on a Sunday.

Thomas Zangler Scaduto

A great place to take your kids and friends. It a fun and educational experience

Yvonne Naranjo

Great place to visit and take your children to. So much to see and do. Kids can touch and play and learn all in one place. Plus it's free for some areas so that's a plus. Great place to visit even for adults.

Melissa Mota

Love coming here to relax and walk around to destress my self and enjoy my day interacting with everything at the science center. Family fun day always going.

Blanca Hernandez-West

A must visit while in Los Angeles. This was our first visit. I was very impressed at the quality of the exhibits, the amount of exhibits, and that it was free admission! They're adding a new exhibit so we will have to return when they're done.

Cletis Henderson

Fun activities and learning opportunities for children and adults. Entry to the science center is free. There are activities you have to pay for once inside.

mattia pugliatti

Highly interactive and enjoyable. Space shuttle exhibition is amazing.

Robert Mendez

Great place to bring the kids during summer time. It is always free to go in and you get to learn anything from biology to human anatomy. Gift shop is a little over priced but I guess they have to make money some how. Some attractions you do have to pay for like the simulators and special exhibits. But all in all I would recommend this place if your just looking to spend time with the kids and short on cash that week. Walk there or take public transportation as parking is $15.

Chris Lao

The ticket for Endeavour is $3 now, but it's still worth visiting. Yet, The special exhibition, dogs, is a little bit too small; what's worse, many of the interactive facilities are under maintanence. I think it's okay for visitors who love dogs but don't have one in their family. And kids love it, I guess. As to others, save it for an IMAX or souvenirs or whatever you like.

Jeffrey C Lin

There are better Museums out there (Smithsonian) but still a good learning experience for the kids - not so much for adults. It's basically a Glorified version of the Discovery Cube Museum in Santa Ana for kids.

Robert A

It’s free. Best place to park is in the adjacent structure and parking is $10. Very popular with kids and families and you may see lots of school field trip groups during your visit. Lots of exhibits to interact with. There is a nice gift shop and plenty of options for food on the ground floor.

Isauro Luna

My family and I love visiting the Science Center! The is so much to do, visit the Space Shuttle, Space capsules airplanes and so much more. Lots of activities for children, also IMAX movie theater, rose garden and the Natural History Museum is next door. A lot to do free of charge or for a small fee! Also the have a SR-71 Black Bird, what else do you need :).

Tobias Helmer

It was of course okay, but why not making the space shuttle accessible? A bit more direct contact to the real stuff had been great...

Ayeh B

I went here on a school trip. It was rlly fun and not busy at all. Parking was easy to find. The center has its own parking lot at I think you have to pay about $7.00 but it is worth it! Overall it was rlly great. It also has a theater!

Jacob Diaz

Excellent place to bring kids and out of town guests. They have many interactive displays and exhibits. My favorite exhibit is the kelp forest tank. The best thing about the Science Center is that it is FREE!

Illy Duarte

The Museum was super fun! And it's free for permanent exhibits. The Aquarium was my favorite part. Definitely worth checking it out. Definitely better than other aquariums where you have to pay and they are small.

Leila Cooper

It’s free! Which is wonderful but it’s very dated. Mostly crowded with bus loads of school children. Has a food court (sells beer and wine too) and the rose gardens are beautiful!

Guadalupe Lopez

I have a 1 year old and there were plenty of kid zones and exhibits where he could be hands on and that were meant for toddlers! He especially liked the ocean exhibit and the human body toddler section. Great FREE family event. Just gotta pay for parking ($12 cash only).

Rebeccah Avila

This place is such a great place to bring the kids for a learning experience in many different ways. I brought my 4 year old and 2year old. They were both very interested in everything. We spent about an hour and a half here, although if you have older kids you'll probably spend WAY more time here. Lol just because my little ones don't have a great attention span yet. The best part is it's FREE! you only have to pay for parking which was $12 on a Friday. Must go if you're in a LA.

Randy Chandra

This museum/science center is not that big, and located near the LA Memorial Coliseum. The most exciting item on display here is the Endeavour Space Shuttle. It is a dream come true for me to finally see the space shuttle in person. The other displays are also quite nice, but not nearly that special as the space shuttle. They have a good museum store as well.

Genesis Padilla

This is a very nice educational place, fun for all ages. Not only that but admission is fairly very cheap, items are pricey though. Totally recommend for locals to bring family here it’s a very good fun place. Like taking pictures? here is a very good place. Want an educational trip? this is a very good place for that.

CJ Han

I haven't been here since I was a child but coming back here made me feel young at heart again. The great thing is that all the exhibits are interactive. Being involved hands on with the exhibits makes everything much more engaging. The Endeavor exhibit is truly spectacular and describes everything from how astronauts use the restroom to the shuttle itself. It really is awe inspiring and puts things in perspective.

David Brand

This is a great hands on museum to bring kids to. We took our grandson to see the Science of Dogs exhibit. Quite interesting but maybe a little too educational for a 4 year old. He did love pressing all the buttons! Loved the demonstration with live dogs.

Vanesa Harris

Was harrassed by staff as I've started to grown accustomed too.. since I usu keep snacks with my 1 year old. At least this time I had help because if I dont and have to leave the stroller in the corner.. it's even worse

Joshua Brown

Very fun place and totally free if you don't go for the extra events.

Sarah Tiedeman

It was a fun place to visit but being a free facility for kids and stuff a lot of this stuff was broken or well used to wear it didn't work anymore also it got crowded fast we enjoyed the museum aswell! They had a butterfly atrium when we ent!

Diana Rodriguez

The fact that it's free admission is great, especially for those with large families. Lots of hands on activities, but some need to be updated - some things didn't work. We visited the Dog exhibit and it was cute, but smaller than expected and the Jepawdy trivia game wasn't working well (touchscreen issues). Overall, a good place to visit on a school free day or weekend.

Leandra Davis

Never ceases to amaze me, this place! Took the kids on a field trip here. Bring cash for parking, around $12. Entry is just a simple donation which helps fund the cost of running it or free. You pick. There's a food court you can buy from or you can pack your own lunch and have a picnic on the benches inside or outside or on the grass. There's multi levels of things to do, see, feel, explore and learn! We got in the hurricane machine and it was 'a blast' ...see what I did there lol? Ultimately you leave the place feeling full, like you gained a ton of hands-on knowledge. Oh just a side note: They always have an expo going on. King Tut is usually featured. However, a few years back they had the Dead Sea Scrolls. You have to pay extra to get into an expo, but boy I'll tell you what, it was worth every penny! As we entered the calm, dark, cool room, an overwhelming emotion of connection between us and a piece of biblical ancient history, took over our bodies. Every hair stood as we silently gazed in awe of the Scrolls. Slowly walking the floor to see each ripped piece of scripture felt thunderous in our hearts. Like we was being forced to breathe deep as our lungs were rejecting the air out of pure emotional overload. Trust me. Worth it. So if you get a chance to attend an expo, it'll be pretty cool.

Cassie E

Visited California Science Center last week. The place is huge my opinion. In order to see everything you need to spend more than 2 hours. Will definitely visit again. Workers are very helpful. Just got a few pictures was enjoying the place forgot to take more. My toddler was having a ball Discovery Room is nice , Tree House for children, Touch Tank. A Forest. Has an Atm also a Food Court. The toilet was clean.

colton clark

Lovely place to see fish and the space shuttle. Also nice place to get some small lunch and dessert as well.


How can you rate seeing a space shuttle in 'real life,'?! Awesome

Isidoro Barranco

This is a great place to bring kids. It's also free except the space shuttle which is 3 dollars per person during summer and weekends. A must see if your in town.

Kimberley Carter

Great place to take children from very small to teens. Plenty of free exhibits for children to explore and play with. Weekends tend to be extremely crowded which makes it more difficult to engage in making the visit an actual learning environment with the smaller kids. The parking costs $20.00 They do have a food court inside for light lunch fare as well as snacks and beverages. Outside independent vendors hock their wares whi h consist of beverages, sweets, chips, candies etc. They are located on the same grounds as the the California African American Museum which definitely deserves a visit also.

Step By Step 3D

We were so excited to wander into the museum by chance only to see the Endeavor up close and personal. Reading the history was sure a treat. They also have a killer rose garden out front that was a great place to rest after the walk.

Daniel Hirsch

You can't beat the value of this place ("free", except for special exhibits, parking and IMAX movies), so it's a great way to spend a day with tons of activities and exhibits for kids of all ages. There are various halls with different themes and if course the space shuttle Endeavor is always amazing to see. A great experience when LA weather is at extremes and an indoor activity with A/C makes sense. Only complaint, some of the exhibits are really, really dated and it shows. And, the accumulated dust and filth shows serious neglect by the staff. Wipe it down, California Science Center! C'mon! Also, food in the food court can be a bit pricey and lacking in options. Consider a 5-minute walk alongside the rose garden to Fig. Street where you'll find a few chain restaurants like Chic-fil-a and Chipotle, to name a few. Will definitely return again soon!

Kathy Boghosian

This is an educational and fun place to visit. They offer hands on exhibits for all ages. Elevators for those with physical challenges. The food court has plenty to offer including delicious pizza. Staff is friendly, informed and inclusive. You can easily spend a full day here.

Joe G

Free to enter, $3 to see the shuttle (parking $12). Great exhibits to inspire any kid or adult. This museum is a gem and a resource for the kids of Los Angeles and beyond. The space craft exhibit has scale models of space probes and space capsules. These exhibits are well done and lit very well so you can see a lot of the detail these modern artifacts have. I have always loved this place since I was a boy, and it still impresses me as an adult. Go, take your kids and enjoy this wonderful museum and Exposition Park.

Tahseena Kahn

Best place to bring your kids to and help them get interested in science! They will see the space shuttle Endeavor and all its parts. Outside is a beautiful rose garden. The best and the cheapest way to go there is to take the Expo Line train to USC/Expo station. You can also walk from the Expo/Vermont station.

Chris Orlando

Great to see all the different parts of the space shuttle and that the non shuttle parts of the museum are free. While some is interesting there was quite a bit that seemed either broken or lacking in certain exhibits. Where most had 5 or 6 exhibits to that theme almost every one had something broken and needing to be fixed. Except for the shuttle where you had to pay for entry

Honey Bee

We LOVE this place! We drive far to come here ever so often with our kiddos. There is fun for every age, and the place is so interactive and educational it’s hard to believe it’s free. It’s a day trip, and always fun to visit the Rose Garden right outside afterwards and enjoy the street vendors. One of our favorite places!


Awesomely fun exhibits! Great for both kids and adults. And employees are Uber nice and helpful.

Jessica Bandes

It's a great and fun place to go to. Plus it's one of the few places where you can get up close and personal to a real space shuttle.

survey george

Seeing the space shuttle and watching the montage of everything done to get it here is just jaw dropping every time.

Diana Pineda

Amazing I love it but why paid again to see the main expositions not fair.

Cathy Greenwood

Fun place to visit. IMAX, special exhibits, the whole experience. Bring the kids. Get a Science Center Membership.

Kenny Tan

The museum is very interactive and has lots of detailed yet simple explanations to most scientific facts. Great place to bring your children

Tommy Andersson

California science center had good and educational exhibits, but most of it were aimed more towards kids, which is great but not what we were looking for when going there. There were lots of buttons and cranks you could play around with to demonstrate the different sciences you read about which is great to get kids interested

Leese tiuks

It's better to come very early, from 10 am and on. Fridays areost busy, that's when they're field trips. On Fridays it's best to come after lunch time. We had so much fun here, in about 3 hours looked at and explored all the museum, excluding the exibitions.

chris hardeen

Loved every minute of the visit! I love to learn and especially about science. Brings the little kid out of me. Seeing the Endeavor was highlight this trip. Will be back and would absolutely recommend to others.

M&M Sister Vlogs

Had a great time here as always. We saw the 3D Volcanoes documentary and it was awesome and breathtaking. The Dogs exhibit is nice and seeing the Space Shuttle is still one of our favorite stops no matter how many times we see it (if you see the 3D movie though, you get to see the shuttle for free). The small aquarium area is just enough to get your feet wet with marinw life fun. There's ample seating near the restaurant as well so you truly can spend the day here. The Rose Garden outside is always a sweet ending to the day. Visiting here is donation only but if you don't have money, you can still come in.

Rebecca Davis-Castro

We spent the day at the Science museum mostly on the second floor. Picnicked at the benches outside. Ran through the Rose Garden, then went to the 3rd floor of the museum. AND it was only $12 for parking! So price effective and so much fun!! I'm definitely going back for the Natural History Museum next!!

Larry Donhoffner

WoW. Great place to spend an afternoon. Too much to see in one visit.

Alexandra Sviatocha

An amazing place to spend the day with the hole family. Lot's to do and learn. We had fun!!!!

Michelle Alemán

I love the Science Center! This is one of my favorite places to visit every now and then. I think they should add more food to their food court, that’s all.

Rhonda Carrillo

Always a fun place to go. Plenty of scientific shows here. The science ctr makes learning fun. Staff is friendly and informative. Plenty of parking. Pay parking only. Located off 110 fwy.

Bean Slinger

A good 35% of the machines are broken. All the machines that work are uninteresting considering the place is a 1st grader field trip destination. On the so called most interesting room you are not allowed to take photos.

Georgina Garcia

A very good place for kids to play and learn at the same time, they always have new exhibits. You will never get bored of this place because there is so much to see and do here.

richard skelton

Absolutely great museum with brilliant space shuttle display. The whole reason for the visit was to see Endeavour up close and you can walk around it, take as many pictures as you like and get really close - but not allowed to touch!! Fantastic value for money. Easy parking and easy to find.

Angie Tran

It’s amazing place for discovering science. Our family spent all most time in here for many interested things. We know about global, ecosystem, earthquake, space, human body, animals, desert,etc. They have a beautiful rose garden with a nice fountain. The food court has variety food. They are yummy.

Gerard Lai-Smith

Had an absolutely fantastic time, tremendous exhibitions of space related items plus the Endeavour. The high wire trapeze bike is a must do as well!

M. Sue

They have a space shuttle! It's the only one on the West Coast. The IMAX theatre is also nice if they're playing something interesting. They have other things too. Good place for children with curious minds.

Jennifer Martini

We love coming here. Our kids are young but they always have a blast!

Dominic Mehling

They have the space shuttle Endeavour!! So cool. Worth going for this alone. Come early to avoid the crowds.

Mike Wallis

Really cool place. We spent 5 hours there and didn't have nearly enough time to get thru it all. Plan for the whole day. The dog exhibit was awesome. Gives me new appreciation for my pup, for sure. Also saw the IMAX movie about dog heroes. Awwww it was so cute and amazing to see those incredible doggy heroes!

Jamee Franklin

Amazing! You could spend hours there and still not cover everything. Informative and diverse. We are from out of town so we didn't have much time to linger but will definately return on a future visit to California.

Selena Mo

Can't beat free admission! This place is so much fun for kids (and adults). You can learn so much about different topics and have a great time while doing so. There is definitely lots to see and everything is interactive, which is perfect for children, since they like to touch everything they see! There are even live starfish and sea urchins in touch tanks. Add this on your list of places to see/things to do when you're visiting from out of town with kids!


Great place to visit for free (or small donation). Great for the kids because there is much to explore and discover. But whatever you do dont miss touching the sea creatures like the starfish!

Hugo Castillo

DOGS! A Science Tail. Highly Recommend it So many different exhibits! Take your time, bring your children and your elders, too! Great Educational Fun to be had by All!


Not the best science center we've been to. But for free, I can't complain. Not free parking, though. Clean. Friendly staff. The kids had fun

Jo Coco

We loved it ! Only downside parking is so much $15 .

jimmy colestock

Very entertaining science center. Lots of exhibits, along with traveling ones that vary. Parking is 12$, admission is free. To see the space shuttle it costs 3$ or is included with the purchase of an IMAX ticket. The shuttle is the best thing to see here by far!

Jennifer Manson

It's a really cool place. Been going there since I was a child and it's nice being able to now take my kids and see how they enjoy it.

Judy Kroesen

Enjoyed a wonderful day with my twin grandchildren and my son. They love the dog exhibit.

Keskim Shillingford

Great interactive science museum. Definitely worth the visit and it's free. Very relaxed atmosphere and a great place for kids especially those interested in science and astronomy. Parking is easy.

Cyndi Aguirre

There is so much stuff to do here!! My kiddos love it. Every time we’re in need for an adventure or a fun educational experience this is the place to go! My favorite spot is the earthquake simulator!!! You get to experience so much while learning about it and it’s free! What’s not to love about it!?

Daria B

Amazing exhibit! My 7 year old and I had a blast -- will return many times!

Alec Teh

I love this place! There are so many cool, hands on exhibits! Even as an adult I had a total blast at this place. And all for free!

Kitty Bacon

Best place to take friends and family, there is a lot to See and learn. You only pay for parking which is $12, but the entrance is free. My favorite part is the aquarium especially when they feed the fishes. The bathrooms are always clean.

Ronald Chu

Our 3.5 years old loves here so much..... will become our family's regular stop when we visit LA again.

An Cermit

It’s a great museum! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because there wasn’t a lot of things to do. This place does have The Space Shuttle Endeavor and a big theatre, but it doesn’t have as many exhibits as for example, The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia or the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Great museum though!


It's a very interactive museum, everything you see, you can use it. It's not that big, you can visit it in an hour. The cool part is obviously the Endeavor that is situated on the first floor. There is the IMAX theater where you can watch some short movies, I saw Apollo 11, it was interesting. The staff is kinda absent.

Dan Miyamoto Toda

This place is really great. The exposition itself might be a little dated but the information is still valid. The crown jewel is definitely the Space Shuttle Endeavour and the space capsules. The store carries some really interesting science books.

Ariel Alston

Went to the center to see the dog exhibit and loved it! Staff was very nice and one of the few establishments that actually asked the two legal questions for a service dog team!

Gaby Chaparro

I remember going to the California Science Center as a younger kid; and seeing how much it has grown and taught people all over Southern California brings me lots of joy! I hope this place continues to grow, educate, and introduce people from all over to new concepts and a greater interest in science <3

Christine Simon

A wonderful place to explore for kids and adults alike! Free admission, but the extra exhibits are a little more. Very possible to do without the extra. We went as a group of various ages and everybody had a good time. Kids especially loved being able to pet the sea critters and look at the ocean life through the glass. Parking is $12 FYI.

cia kirchner

Excellent experience, every time! Kids of all ages love it.

Rhonda Nichols

I had a great time at California Science Center. I especially enjoyed the Space Ship Endeavor exhibit. The aquarium was also wonderful. It is situated across the Coliseum and near the Natural History Museum. I will be returning.

Richard Hartmann

Loved it. I got to see the Endeavor ! Right next to the Coliseum. We'll be back.

Patrick Raulf

Interesting place to visit. Need for sure 1 hour or more

Tony Gabrielse

Great place! Parking was $12, but the museum is free. Lots for kids (and adults) to see and do. Our kid's favorite was the kelp forest and asking the diver questions. We paid $3/person for the Endeavor exhibit which was great as well. There are a couple other "a-la-carte" activities that are available for a fee as well. Had a great time!

steph s.

Always an amazing experience plus great for getting your daily steps!

Julio Lopez

Me and my 4 year old like to come visit on weekdays. Always something for us to do very fun and educational and the staff is always friendly. Not to mention the rose garden is in full bloom right now. The natural history museum is our favorite.

Santizo Alvarez

Science center is a bit disorganized. I have been coming here since a little girl they have done great improvements and added great food and displays. Love that this place is still around just the customer service when purchasing is really bad. Disappointing, very rude and they seem annoyed of their jobs. I know I can be hard to deal with children and some adults but I went on a slow day. JESSE was the worst arrogant and very rude.

Joon K.

They have up the exhibits here in the ecosystems area, and it's free. Even though they now charge $3 per person for the Space Shuttle Endeavour exhibit, it's the best bargain in terms of museums. Of course you have to pay for the IMAX films but people love it anyway. They also have a great gift shop!

napo Montanez

It is very interesting and can be enjoyed by children and adults, it is free you only have to pay 3 dollars to see the space shuttle, which I recommend 100%

Frances Taylor

Excellent place to take kids. Many of the exhibits are made to touch and it’s great for my toddler who wants to touch everything and get into everything. It’s awesome that it’s free to get in. Special exhibits cost extra but there’s so much to see that you really don’t have to pay for the extra exhibits unless you really want to. Endeavour is free during the weekdays but costs money on the weekends and holidays. However, I think the cost is minimal like $3 or something like that. Parking is cash only at $12 which is steep but that’s LA for you. Also, the CSC has a food court that is also pretty pricey but has a good variety - American fast food, tacos, pizza, cafe/bakery, and a convenience store/market that offers all kinds of drinks (juice, milk, etc) and small bites like fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, chips, etc. The gluten free options are limited but you can bring your own food. Food isn’t allowed in the museum if it’s out. As long as you keep the food in your bags, you’ll be fine. The Expo rose garden is just outside the back doors so you can go have a picnic and there is seating inside and out of the food court area.

Catalina Nguyen

My family and I love it here! There's interactive exhibits & it's fun enough to be educational but not boring for the younger ones. You can pay extra to check out the space center but you can still have a fun time without. Be prepared to walk a lot because this place is HUGE, with each exhibit taking up a good amount of room in the center. There's a food court here too since you can't bring outside food or drinks in but it's either tacos or pizza. Overall, it's a good way to spend a couple of hours if you want to learn something new.

Chad Allen

This place is quite the experience!! We walked under a space shuttle, came face-to-face with ancient dinosaurs, explored mazes of precious stones, rare gems, and massive nuggets of be pure gold, peered into Gemini and Apollo Landers, and SO MUCH MORE! I always heard of these amazing moments in Earth's history or seen photos of these rates artifacts, but I never imagined I would experience them in person. I love this place!

Katherine Dunlop

Love coming to the Science Center. Variety of hands on exhibits for kids of all ages, some of them don't work the best, but there is so much to see that you can get a full day in. There is a rise garden that is a nice place to eat lunch. If able to do not miss the shuttle, Endeavour. You need to purchase a ticket, absolutely worth it.

Megan Gearhart

I still can't believe this place is free. Our kid loved it and the ecosystem exhibits were amazing.

David Chalk

Kids of all ages loved it. See the Endeavour, totally worth it. Plan the entire day but beware of the LA traffic. There is a tram stop right out front.

Scott Gentile

It’s ok to geek out here. Why? Because if you aren’t than you are not human! Lol! A fantastic experience and a great place to enrich the learning of kids and adults. Museum does not cost any money, but some of the attractions do. Parking is about$15. We will definitely be back. Awesome place for a long LAX layover. Leave time to get back to the airport for traffic!

Davide Bertolo

Great place to make your children learn the science fundamentals and to spend some relaxing hours. A lot of interactive experiences and a gram finale with the Space Shuttle Endeavour visit.

Joshua Graber

Impressive museum. Also it's free! The shuttle is so inspiring to walk around up close. Also inside there are some fun displays and cool learning for kids. The IMAX theater is also awesome and worth the fee.

Phil McClendon

Space Shuttle Endeavor exhibit is really cool. Impressive collection of early space program capsules.

Bruce Schramm

If you do one thing here, it is to visit the whole Endeavour space shuttle exhibit. Watch the videos and kick the tires. Absolutely frikking epic. This thing was in space! A must see!!!! You need reservations but they are only 3 bucks and you can get same day.

Laura Holborn

This place had a real life space shuttle! Seeing the endeavor was absolutely amazing!

Andrea gutierrez

I always love coming here, whether it be for a little while or a lot of time. Theres always something new to encounter and learn. Amazing this place. And the best part, its almost all free! And with three kiddos, it's always good to find free things to do in LA

Craig Baker

The DOGS exhibit has very little worth seeing. Spend your money on the IMAX DOGS movie instead.

Katt !

This is a great place to bring your kids! Young children will love the dog exhibit! We also saw the imax theater dog movie and enjoyed that very much. I am not sure if young children would like the movie as much for be able to follow all the things they talked about in the movie, but I am sure that young children will Like that the movie is in 3-D and they will enjoy seeing the dogs jump and the thrilling parts of the movie visually. You can even upload your dog's picture to the display in the children's exhibit. We also got to go see the endeavor! It is included with our price to see the dog exhibit. I really enjoyed seeing that endeavor and learning more about its tasks and all the things it accomplished for our space Program.

Regina Hall

I really enjoy visting the CSC. I watched the 3D Dog movie and enjoyed it. To my surprise the price I paid included the Dog Exhibit which was very well done. My only thought is yhat the dog breeds represented were all pure breeds and focused on specific breeds in both the movie and exhibit. Should do more for other breeds + the mixed pups who are very intelligent and loyal too. More to promote adoption, spaying neutering...

Maureen Whitson

Nice science museusm. Free admission but need to pay for parking in cash. Love seeing the Endeavor Space Shuttle. Museum is nicely done. Staff were friendly and nice.

Carlos Guerrero

Awesome place, lots to see (obviously) the space is great so it doesn't feel as crowded. Great planes showing and of course lots of information. Many areas for hands on learning for kids and adults. It was great, glad we were there to check it out. Oh and the rose garden out back is great too. Quite and beautiful.


The place is huge with lots of activities around, but traffic was a nightmare- which I believe is quite normal for residents of LA. The parking is huge and you need to pay for parking. There are lots of activities for kids and adults of all ages who love to know more. The rose garden is a must see if you come here, we went to the butterfly garden as well it was Wow!!! Lots of food vendors selling pre- made juices and cut fruits as well as hot dogs. We didn't have the courage to try fearing contamination. The natural history museum is also a stones throw away.

May Visor

This place is amazing!!! So much to see and to do for adults and little ones. We had a blast and cannot wait to come back. Everyone there was super helpful as well.

Kyle Tanton

Free entry unless you wanna go to an additional exhibit they might have. Definitely go to the rose garden behind it afterwards.

Stephen Joyner Jr

It was "FREE". Yes, the California Science Center is free. They have a few simulators that are only $5. The IMAX was $8 that showed Apollo flight to the moon. Huge crowd but spacious. I definitely recommend this place to families.

Mark Anthony Cooper

This place is fabulous. A visual and audio delight for children and adults of all ages. Home of the space shuttle "Endeavour" the center has a rich display of NASA space capsules, suits and photographs. I was fortunate enough to be there during the King Tut exhibit (which was the last time any King Tut artifacts will be allowed outside of Egypt). The treasures displayed were simply breathtaking. When observing the craftsmanship and beauty of the pieces on display one can easily forget that all of these treasures were never meant to be seen by the eyes of man once they were entombed with the King.

Jayachandran Thejus

Good museum. Endeavor space shuttle is the highlight. There was a 45 minutes long Apollo 11 movie. That was also good.

Janet Trammell

Great science museum, surprisingly not crowded and short lines for everything despite being busy. Well done exhibits and the space shuttle is a must see.

Home Base

Great family destination stop very friendly staff. Guest will not be disappointed with visit especially with Endeavour and IMAX


Great place to take the kids. Free admission except the special exhibits which are well worth the cost. The space shuttle is nothing short of amazing!


It's free but you'll have to book your tickets since it's so popular. Very interesting to see the Endeavor spacecraft, especially with a timeline for American space exploration around it! I bought a pair of NASA certified sunglasses which are polarized and blocks 99.9 % of blue lights, really comfortable for the eyes now during the hot summer!

Everest Sostre

Should upgrade their own technology to more relevant modern standards

Biko Hodge

Neat exhibits great place to take kids and for them to learn about science. Neat place for a field trip for your school.

Sugar Sipe

The place is amazing. Bring your kiddos and learn.

Laura Velazquez

The science center is free excluding special exhibits. Good museum for being free. Ecosystems exhibits and other exhibits that have been updated are nice. Space shuttle is great. There are parts of the museum that old and really need updating.

Christopher Thompson

All of the exhibits that are free are amazing experience for kids of all ages. The Space Shuttle is an amazing and unique experience that is well worth the price of admission. We went to the traveling King But exhibition a few years ago and it was a very impressive collection of artifacts and information. It is hard to find a time where the science center is not busy, but earlier in the day sees to be a better bet. It's location close to the Expo line and proximity to other attractions and the future plans for this area make the Claifornia Science Center a must see on any L.A. stop.

Aaron Cutting

The traveling exhibits are almost always interesting and well crafted. Seeing the shuttle Endeavour should me mandatory for any Los Angeles resident and admission is free. The IMAX is also state of the art.

Katie Venable

What a wonderful place! My students were enthralled with all of it! Loved all the touch exhibits! Great places to sit and eat. Also yummy food. Only one major complaint was the lack of communication to where we should line up and wait. Tiny complaint was all the exhibits and fun stuff that requires extra money. Would have raised more money had I known.

Didi Rod

Love this place it's my second home. I'm not just saying it because I work there but I grew up going to the museum with my parents and honestly it has only gotten better and for sure its continuing to grow. Expect more! Love science!!!!

J Hestet

Great place to take your kids, especially if they are Into science. A lot of the exhibits are very very dated, but it's fun for the nostalgia. It's next to the natural history museum so you can do both if you start early enough.


Love coming here. Nice place and always informative. Alot of neat areas and very educational for the littles ones. If you visit California and want something free to do then there's plenty of free hings here. Only gotta pay for parking but definitively worth it.

Jackie Shepherd

Amazing place, just wish it was a little bigger but overall a wonderful experience

Tonia Robinson

Such a great place to let kids run around and explore.

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