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REVIEWS OF AMC Sunset 5 IN California

scgalaxy .

The movie theater is nice. Comfortable seats with good legroom enough not to force getting up when someone is trying to get through. Clean restrooms. Like the idea of dining in, but make sure to come over about 30 minutes before your movie starts if you want your food before the movie starts.

Gina Nutter

This is my favorite theater, probably because you need to be 21 or older, so it's a nice escape from kids. You can park in the parking garage underneath and you can validate at the theater for up to 2 hours. I was there for over 3 hours and paid $4 with the parking validation. Give yourself plenty of time to find parking and take the elevator up to the top floor. I tend to only go to the movies on Tuesday nights as it's $5 if you are an AMC stubs member. The theater serves alcohol as well as has a full menu, hence the 21 and older. I've gotten their chicken tenders which were surprisingly juicy and tasty.

Dee Dee Schneider

Great theater. Food choices are varied and really good. Seats are super comfortable and the view of the screen is accessible throughout the theater. And parking is easy and validated.

Alex Huot

What a theatre!!! My friends are were visiting LA for a week in July and we found this place and it couldn’t have been better. I think all theatres should be 21+. It’s so much cleaner and nicer and everyone is just relaxed. Highly recommend!


Great place to watch lots of artsy movies. Now that it's AMC, I can use my AList pass here for all the non-artsy movies.

Brian J. Curiel

Mind you this isn't the large screen cinerama dome experience. However, reserved seating, food and alcohol sold and allowed in the theater, and good sized center consule tables between some seats...awesome! Also, the AMC movie pass seems like a great offer.... 20 bucks a month for up to 3 films per week. For an AMC, I was impressed. Enjoyed my cinema experience.

Samantha Berendt

Love that they serve wine and sell it by the bottle. They even give you ice buckets to carry and keep it in. The popcorn is also always on point. The seats are fairly comfortable, although not as comfortable as iPic or Landmark Theatres. Some theaters at this AMC have loveseats and some only have regular seats. The seats above the entrance in each theatre are made with real wood while the seats below the entrance in some theatres are made with what appears to be fake wood. Just something to note. Still love this theatre. 5/5

chelsea march

they validate parking (plenty of parking in the parking lot....) it is a bit cold at night when you walk from the elevator to the top level so bring a jacket for sure!!! the amc is not big at all, but they have friendly staff. if you are hungry after the movie there is Rock n' Roll sushi next door, they're open until 2am and they have all day happy hour!

Richard Cole Jr.

First class theater with plenty of ambience.

Gonzalo Mejia

Very good place to watch a movie! Great facilities and good customer service.

Avi Morgenstern

Super friendly staff and manager.

Candice Ramirez

This theatre is 21 years old only, not sure why. It is rather small, and they don't have some amenities that other AMC have such as reclining seats which was kind of a bummer. Other than that it was ok. The food surrounding isn't too bad of selection and glad they have validated parking.

mia strbac

Terrible customer service. Asked for Id despite me clearly being above 21 and not wanting to drink

Serge Chakmakjian

Comfy seats and no kids, what else can you ask for? Maybe bigger screens. Overall a solid AMC location.

Tom Maxwell

Nice theater, comfortable seats, food and alcoholic beverages available.

Ronnie K

Compared to all the AMC's this place is not as nice as most AMC theaters have upgraded seating and this place isn't necessarily a dine in theater as the one in marina del Rey. You have to order your food, wait or get buzzed to pick up what your ordered. Perhaps convenience for the people that live in that area.

Joshua Williams

A friend and I visited this theater tonight for the first time to see Captain Marvel and were very impressed. We weren't expecting anything more than a normal, kinda-sticky movie theater but this AMC has a lot to offer. Seating is assigned (always convenient), comfortable, and spacious. The concession stand has a variety of options. Best part: its a 21+ theater, so they serve alcohol and there are no kids. Inconvenient for families I realize, but parents can consider it a date night spot! Definitely returning soon.


No kids allowed The lounge upstairs is better than universal city amc, more intimate❤️

Diane Jones

I love this theater! Lots of parking, comfortable seats, no kids allowed and you can get a cocktail

Anthony Roberts

Omg the best place to watch a movie on Sunset

Adil Tajgeer

Love that it's 21+ but the screens and seats are pretty old. Staff is very friendly though and the theater is clean

Min Ki

Great cinema theater, awesome location (weho), quality screens and seats.

Yvonne Gray

Customer service from the ushers was great. Unfortunately before the movie started the screen image disappeared. They were able to fix it though for the movie.

Courtney Bash

This theater doesn't allow anyone under the age of 21yrs. It states that in fine print on fandango, however who on earth would assume that means anything other than supervision required by someone over 21?! I brought my 11yr old son to a PG-13 movie and they asked for his ID. 11. Really?! Why even ask?! Then said I couldn't bring him in because they can't assume responsibility for him in case I serve him alcohol. It was our last night in LA and this theatre trashed our night. I'm so glad AMC is monitoring whether or not I choose to serve my 11yr old alcohol. Phew. We should all feel so much better with AMC taking on this responsibility. Then-I couldn't get a refund bc the credit card attached to my fandango account wasn't on me.

Chang Jin Oh

Good location for seeing movies along with glossary shopping since there is a Trader Joe's on 1st level. You can get 3 hour free parking validation. I love this theater.

Claudia Casasola

Great small movie Theater. Seats are very comfortable service is good and no children allow which is great for adults on a date night. Very pleasant atmosphere.

Alexander Westerman

A horrible concept and a poorly executed user experience. Basically located in the heart if Hollywood this movie theater relegates the movies it's screening to third class. When they should be celebrating movies. But no. They prefer to create highly disrupted viewings with waiters serving people at their seats. And the patrons are no better. It's and endless stream of getting up, sitting down, checking phones, talking and etc. i dont plan on ever going back.


It was nice but the bachelorette party was really annoying and talked during every thanos scene and started screaming everytime there was a female charcter and kept calling captain marvel wonder woman

Elie Choufany

Great screenings. Beer is fantastic. Friendly service. My go to theater.

Kevin Muela

I came on 7/18 and they were 21+. Not a family spot yet. The usher mentioned they're working on fixing that but dont go with kids.

Sharon Clawson

Comfortable, relaxing, people are friendly and popcorn is delicious!

Gilbert Cruz

21 and over only

AG Bass

This is a 21+ theater and I love it for being a place I can see a movie without kids around. I don't think it is a coincidence that this is always one of cleanest theaters in the area.

alan bradshaw

21+. Expensive beer. Decent sound. Screen was old. Stairs are super loud. Didn't smell bad.

Justin Ferk

They don’t look at me weird when I dress up in my cosplay and pretend I’m a monster...

Carmen Hawthorne

Very nice . Price right , nice movie place

Zach Xanders

Small intimate theater with a good selection of flicks. Don’t let the food menu fool you though. It might seem appealing, but it’s about to spoil your movie. Go with popcorn.

Tim Thurman

Fantastic movie theater, the atmosphere is terrific. They don’t have the plush seats that other AMC theaters have, and I hate that you have to pay for parking even though they validate, but that is not enough to keep me away.

Martin Cremer

This place is almost a great theater. They renovated all the auditoriums and put in leather recliners. The screens are just too small for my taste and the parking garage is no fun. The projectors are solid. Sometimes, they are the only theater in town playing an independent film and I will usually visit on these occasions.

Kristhel Constanza

I love that no one under 21 is allowed inside. Peaceful/Respectful crowds. Great good & alcoholic beverages. Makes this my favorite theatre!

Paul Peña

Good prices, nice seating, great theaters, friendly staff, but 21+ age restriction is odd and probably not necessary.

Jay Siruno

Place gets some good food and drinks, so make sure to bring an I.D with you. The auditorium and sound wasn't stellar but all in all great place if you want a bite with your movie.

Derek Cardwell

21 and older movie theater. Lots of independent films. Good selection of food and beverage. Great ambiance for date night.

Carlos Vasquez

Horrible dont take your children here they wont let them in. Even to watch a kids movie (pg) makes no sense.

Yury Fridman

Screens are a bit small but I enjoyed the experience.. Plus it's the closest theater to home..

Jess Gil

Parking is ridiculously difficult. Small parking structure. Service inside the theater was slow. I waited over 35 minutes to order popcorn and sodas. Barely made my movie on time. The theatre sound kept popping and skipping. I will NEVER watch a movie here again and warn anyone going to spend your money elsewhere. The movie experience wo uh ld have been better in someone's back yard.

Cornell Miller

Very small theater but always clean!

king peoples

Nice place 21 and up love it no kids

שחר א

Small and cozy little theatre. Good chicken wings

Gaby Duhina

Never knew this theater was here! Good location, parking is free with validation from AMC (up to 3hrs). Small theater that shows a limited amount if movies. Ordered two hot dogs but they only had one so they replaced the other with nachos

Pablo Guerri

No big seats, but everything fine overall.

Madisen P

Nice location, OK seats. $14.50 a ticket, which if you don’t have MoviePass is super steep. Chairs don’t recline & they don’t serve food inside the theatre, & there aren’t tables in front of you - only off to the side. But overall comfortable & free 3 hour validated parking.

Josh Bubar

Major disappointment!! Seats do not recline, barely lean and aren't that wide. Wide armrest for you AND another to SHARE. You are NOT able to order from your seat and have it brought to you like most other dine in theaters. 1 register open on a busy Saturday night at 8 with line reaching to the front just to wait to order anything. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND $.. MAKE THE DRIVE TO THE MARINA AMC DINE IN it 100% better.

Lenny Shepherd

There are long lines at the box office and the last showtimes are too early..8:45?! AMC taking over this in independent theater should be making it better, not worse.

Cleo Guia

If you want a movie theater that has less commotion of people, then this theater is for you

James Peter

This place sucks. What kind of place has a row with ten seats and only ones side to get out of the row, so you have to walk by 9 people just to go to the bathroom. The theaters are also very small. The food was also not good. I wasn't expecting much but all I can say is I've been to places that have a full meal in the theater and the food was way better than here.

zalmy finck

This is not a regular AMC movie theater, you must be 21 and above to be able to purchase a ticket here this is because they sell alcohol which is fine though they should be upfront about it on their website that day Only allow people over the age of 21. This is not OK that AMC Does not advertise this because I came here and I was 22 though the person I brought was under the age of 21 and I was just coming up to see a movie it was the closest one to me, so I wasted 20 bucks on another Uber drive.

Abraham Perlmuter

comfortabke seats enjoyed the whole ambience of the AMC 5 on sunset


Nice place for a date if your older than 21

Zo Wesson

A movie theater with a bar? Me likey!

Richard Cortijo

Love this place. NO KIDS ALLOWED !!!

Steven Salmonsohn

Free popcorn and drink for my birthday and a great movie for $6 Tuesday.

Joyce C

Great atmosphere! Very clean and well kept. Comfortable seating.

Otto Kimba

Great staff. Location was perfect to park and grab dinner @same building.

Daniel Mpinga

Movie started late and this theatre has been neglected by AMC for quite some time. Needs work.

Andrea Cortes

Nice place not too crowded. I had to show my ID at the door so make sure you have that handy.

Lea Algazy

Great movie theater, not that big so it's not that crowded. The screen is smaller than usual but nothing that will bother you. They have a parking validation so you won't have to pay.

Casey Dennison

While I was there 2 senior citizens were kicked out for not being able to provide ID. I didn't know I needed my ID to see a non rated R film and for some reason my lack of ID prevented everyone I was with from using theirs. Never go here


As far as "bang for the buck" it is hard to beat the AMC Sunset 5 Theater for the combination of amenities to value. It is my regular and favorite 'go-to' for movies away from home.

pH Ayers

Love what they did to update this place. Food is surprisingly good, we had the sampler player. Still craving the chicken strips from here. Get the AMC movie pass if u go, it's well worth it after the first visit.

Theo Dudley

Smaller 21+ theater with a great selection and friendly staff. Parking is available, easy, and free with validation. I’m here almost every weekend!

Mike Tartaglia

I love this theater, if you're a drinker they have a bar, no kids allowed, a genuine pleasure.

NeNe Babez

Very nice theater. Only 5 rooms and not too busy even on opening nights/weekends. Could use more food choices considering it's a dine in

Jalisa Beverly

Went to see Good Boys. Although the movie was good the theater itself was hot and musty smelling. The seats are super old and I left with 6 bites on my leg so bed bug alert. I was in theater 3 seat J1. Safe to say I am not going back.

plaza dental

It's easy to go there, they are validating the parking, not big movie theater but comfortable and cozy. They serve alcohol means over 21 years old

Shannon Wilkinson Romero

A nice time was had by all.

Rick Gravestone

Nice and comfortable place that makes a good time being/

Blake Edmondson

Had to ask to see a menu of food options. My expectations were low for the chicken tenders and fries but they were fantastic. I think the kitchen my have been about to close or something. Overpriced for sure but that is to be expected at a movie theater.

Ariel Bautista

This is a 21+ theater and it shows. (Besides the fact they card you when you enter) Lots of great food, a nice alcohol menu and the ambience of somewhat more refined tastes with a laid back feel. This place also used to be a Laemmle's theater and you notice it with its architecture and historic vibes/decor inside. Biggest issue is parking (of course, its Hollywood) so be early for your movie. Also helps to order a snack (like the bacon brussel sprouts) or an alcoholic beverage while waiting for the movie, or even during the movie. We watched Once Upon A Time in Hollywood and it was very surreal watching a movie about the Golden Age of Hollywood, in Hollywood. I wouldn't mind watching in this theater again by the way, very courteous staff and since the audience were all adults, it made for a amicable evening.

Jae L

Great modern theater seating. $5 Tuesday movie, comfy seats with side tables, was great!

Cynthia Cantrell

Went with a friend to watch Swiss Army Man. I loved this theatre a lot! Roomy, comfortable seats, very clean, lively. People under 21 aren't allowed in, so there are never young children in the audience. Also, this theatre only shows indie films. For students, ticket prices are 6$ on Tuesdays, and definitely worth it!

Dion Lack

Nice and very intimate

Balmore Rene Esquivel

It was a great experience. The movie i watched with my girlfriend was great. Popcorn and the food is made fresh. An they also provide beer and wine. The employees were nice and polite.

Jose Estrada

It's really cool, but the screens are small, so is basically a theater to watch movies about the story not about the cinematics.

Angelina Alvarez

You guys need to advertise it’s 21+ !!! Before people come with their entire family !!

J Michael

It was a really nice theater. Had beer/wine but we didn’t try because we went to the early show. The matinée price was only 7 dollars and that was a great price to see Deadpool 2!!! Try the cinnamon churro’s that are filled with chocolate!!

Angie Mendez

A bit farther than I expected but enjoyed the eye opening Active Measure documentary.

Charmayne Sonny

Drinks and a movie. ❤ but pricy on half of a small cup of wine. But it's wine. Lol oh well. Was cool they have a lounge area too!

Shaun Kramm

Small, older, the sound is going

Myles Jackson

Best place to see a movie and grab a drink!

Brandon Gilbrech

Sitting atop a strip mall, the AMC Sunset 5 has been in operation in some form under many marquees for a long time. Usually it was the home to wayward independent and foreign films, but with AMC's take over they're playing much more mainstream fare. The theater's are very nice, AMC did a fine job refurbishing them after the take over. Although the front rows have a pretty strong angle for viewing. I have a tendency to want to sit back further. The food and beverage options are robust, they have beer and wine, and will check IDs upon entry. It was eight dollars for a large glass of wine during our trip. Popcorn was a little cold and stale when I bought it. You could, it seems, buy things from the trader joe's downstairs and bring them in, the AMC didn't check our bags as we entered the lobby. I love popcorn so I'll always go for that good movie theater version. Parking is in available in the lot beneath the strip mall, and it isn't always easy to find spots, you might have to drive deep into the bowels of the structure to place your car. The theater only covers 3 hours worth of time, and I was there for about five hours, with after dinner sushi at Rock N' Roll which is open until 2 am. We ended up paying about 28 dollars in overage parking fees. Not pleasant. Overall a nice theater in a great location. Parking kinda sucks, but access to the trader joe's and other accoutrements help to elevate the overall AMC experience.

Francisco Funes


Rogelio Salas

Nice place to get a drink before the move

Nathalie Ramirez

Clean theater ! Actual adult place with no kids crying or talking throughout the movie ! Great place to enjoy a date night!

Leon Andrus

Great theater on the Sunset Strip, especially if you are an AMC STUBS popcorn!

George Tibbles

Big movie-goer and this theater didn’t disappoint. Best thing about it are the seats (very comfortable) and the food options! You’ll get bigger options here in terms of food as well as alcoholic choices. The downside is it’s a little smaller in terms of theaters and options.

Matt Harding

My least favorite theater in L.A. I recently got MoviePass and have been here a couple of times - not coming back. Broken screen once made me miss a movie I'd wanted to see. The fact that they sell full meals is a super turn off. Go to dinner then see a movie. No one wants to hear you eat, folks!

Linh Pham

Great staff, free parking and no crowd

Matthew C. Newton

The atmosphere is great and the movie ticket prices are better the competition. But I can't rate 4 or 5 stars for 2 reasons: -Food prices are a bit high for the quality. The chicken was pre-cooked before arriving at the theater and the tater tots weren't crunchy. A bit disappointing for a fancy theater with a focus on the gourmet concessions. -The EXIT signs in the theaters are very bright and detract from the movie watching experience. While I understand they are needed by law, the placement or the brightness has to be changed.

Lynnette Gryseels

The popcorn is terrible at this theatre!

Derek Bloch

It's too expensive like all movie theaters are but the seating is nice. Good place for a date because you can get dinner here as well as a movie. If you're not on a tight budget anyway

Shahaneh Limonadi

Its not as handicap access friendly, but you can make it here if you're handicap. They got one of those slow

Mayco Castillo

Intimate theater. Always showing the latest and comfy seats. They serve beer! The staff is super friendly and its surrounded by great restaurants.

Alex Nasir Medley

Very cool old school basic movie theater with all the essentials and they even had "bar type appetizer s" with beer and wine selection. Parking in the lot with 3 hour validation made arrival and departure seamless.

Anthony Cortese

Very comfortable seating and 3 hours of free parking!

Alan Harrison

Very clean environment, cozy and able to comfortably accommodate my wheelchair

Umar John

When you want to do something middle in Hollywood you have to compromise so many things I had my film premiere at this place it's a very small place to do red carpet I don't recommend. But Management is very friendly and professional.

Bob Barth

AMC has gone indie?? Next thing you're gonna tell me is that a reality show host will become president. This very hip theater is the bee's knees. Swing in and read a movie.

Georgie Brown

Great service everytime I go. The guy at the concession register today, 2:27pm, 06/14/2018, was amazing. Main reason for the 3 stars instead of a 4, was for NOT having toilet paper. Completely out, I had to use seat covers.

Karen Alvarez

This place is OK and does offer beer/wine as well as actual non consession stand food choices. Though the AMC website indicated cocktails and even more food offerings, this AMC is currently limited in choices. Nothing particularly outstanding here but all as one would expect of an average AMC theater. This AMC is not in our neck of the woods but the movie we wanted to see was playing here which is why we ventured to this location. We'd visit this AMC again if need be.

Matt Hilliard

Was just ok.

Primrose Rose

Perfect and nice place to watch movie and just spent time with the friends. Affordable prices and parking spaces!!! These theater has o lot to offer!

Paul Roth

Park in 8000 Sunset, it's not just for Trader Joe's. Reserved stadium seating Seats have little tables between them. Elevator from parking garage to level 2. Only Standard showings of movies. Small theaters 21+ audience members only. No kids! 90 min free parking standard - need to validate for more

Kevin Wagner

good prices ,matinee

Stephen Goldberg

This was a wonderful theater when it was the Sundance Sunset Five. But when AMC bought it, it went way downhill. The movies are more mainstream and big box office The prices are ridiculous: $12.50 for the smallest bottle of water and the smallest popcorn. There were 20 minutes of .commercials followed by 30 full minutes of previews of mass market movies. We went to see a movie playing at the ArcLight Hollyood and at the sunset Five. I’m going back to the ArcLight for all future movies. The seats,however, remain quite comfortable.

AJ Churchill

A great theater with excellent sound and video quality, but some of the staff seemed annoyed when the AMC app didn't work and I asked them to check me in manually. This happens every time (app issues). I have never had anyone be overtly rude to me, but you can tell they're not happy whenever this happens.

Marcus Young

Great theater! They serve beer and wine, popcorn, sandwiches and more. The staff is friendly and eager to help and the theater is clean and the screening have great sound and picture quality. Don't forget to arrive a little early and head upstairs to the wonderful seating area. Very comfy couches!

Jon Reeves

Food was disappointing, especially compared to the previous owners. At almost $15 with tax, the pepperoni pizza was way overpriced for its quality. I guess calling it a "flatbread" is supposed to justify the price. The popcorn was stale and cold. At least the movie selection remains fairly interesting and projection is competent, but the parking is still expensive at this location if you stay more than 3 hours (as with most screenings that include a waiting line and a Q & A session).


21 and over so be sure to take your ID. I only had a photo of it on my phone and I had a hard time getting in (I live 2 blocks away and decided to walk so I just took cash). The concession stand closes early so once I got in and payed I couldn't get any thing to eat or drink. I went to an 8:45 showing. The seats were comfy and they had a 5 $ move deal we used (Tuesday only) which were it's saving grace. Also they don't have many mainstream movies mostly indie films. Which I found odd since it's an AMC. When it was Sundance that's what I would have expected but not once it became a big chain.

Robert Williams

When they changed to AMC they stopped selling the yummy ice cream sandwich and started selling Toll House. This standardization of ice cream sandwiches is emblematic of America's decline from a manufacturing juggernaut. We put all of our egg's in one sandwich and then that sandwich becomes victim to the demands of greedy shareholders and quality suffers, as does my movie experience.

Shane Campbell

Their systems were down and they couldn't sell any tickets. The movie we wanted to see only had 8 people who purchased tickets prior. We drove all the way from Eagle Rock to enjoy the movie and management offered no cash option, no accommodations to pay later, NOTHING! So, we left! This matter could have been handled much better. Will more than likely never return to The AMC on Sunset.

Lady Leslie

Enjoyed a nice Christmas movie with my family. Convenient parking. Nice place. FYI Its an over 21 movie house.

Budd Hipp

Visiting LA for the week with family. Last night in LA wasted after buying tickets thru Fandango only to arrive and find out everyone in family had to be 21. NO WHERE DOES IT SAY YOU HAVE TO BE 21. NOT FANDANGO! NOT ON THE AMC 5 Google Search! Thanks for wasting our evening!!!!

Amelia Flanagan

The facility itself is nice! How ever it is 21+ due to their liquor license , which I dislike as well as appreciate. Personally, I don't drink and wouldn't be ordering any alcohol and therefore if I brought my teen son, how does this affect us? It doesn't. But I cannot bring my son to this theater because he's not 21. It made me change my whole plan that day ... I thought it was convenient because I needed to go to the Trader Joe's as well as a UPS store across the street. I thought great everything is all right next to each other. I couldn't go because my son is underage. However! If I was bringing a small child, I wouldn't appreciate people drinking around him/her so this is a good way to avoid risky circumstances. However I digress, why is alcohol being served in a theatre in the first place? The staff doesn't know who the alcoholic is, the out of control, loud or/and belligerent one is or isn't. Not until they've gotten drunk and then it's too late!!! Bars are for alcohol NOT movie theatres.

Dan ONeill

Great movie selection,good food.No one under 21,so no kids running around making noise.Best bet for $19.95 a month you can see three movies a week with A list program..No restrictions

Christian T.

Quality of sound and projection system is really bad - at least in the small theater rooms. But you can find a good independent movie sometimes. They offer a wide wine/beer selection and the staff is nice.


This adults only theater with dine in food and a good selection of adult beverages is a great choice for date night.

Sands Time

Bar tender was awesome! Saw Captain Marvel!!!


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