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REVIEWS OF AMC Puente Hills 20 IN California

Matthew Sanchez

This AMC has a lot of great amenities. It's part of the Puente Hills mall. This mall has a rather large parking lot especially next to the theater. So while you shouldn't have trouble finding parking you might have to walk a far distance so keep that in mind. The theater has been refurbished and has the new reclining seats as well as the McGuffins bar if you'd like a drink. I would recommend getting a STUBS membership as it will give you access to discounts for tickets and refreshments as well as a special shorter line for both.

Capital :]

A fantasic theater where you'll be sure to find a fun crowd, an entertaining movie, and delicous food

Matthew Del Toro

Nice big theater with great customer service I was greeted entering and leaving. Stopped by the bar to grab a drink to pass by time until movie began and service was great there. Thanks for a great experience

Jose Hernandez

Awesome customer service. Very helpful in my ways. They have a smile for you. Very friendly personality to greet you.

antonio infante

Nice & clean theater come down you will like it like I do

Gilbert Ramos

Love how you don't have to share arm rests with your neighbors

Benjamin Caldwell

Pretty reliable establishment. 3/5 only because the sound and picture weren't like super great. But I really like the reserved seating and multiple bathrooms. Also it's at the mall where they filmed Back to the Future.

Marisol Lopez

We bought food n when we sat down to eat it, it was cold n stale...thank god for the bar cause that was the only good thing to make up for the very bad food.

Cristian Pinales

Best theater for my wife and I. We drive to this one because of the recliners in ever movie room and the ability to reserve your seats for any movie. We are stubs members so getting our snacks is always a breeze and can not forget the jalapenos. Right now they have limited edition Toy story popcorn buckets.

Jorge Perez

Love their recliner chairs! Makes a big difference watching a long movie like "It, Chapter 2"

keith nakao

I LOVE THE MOVIES. I usually go to this movie theater because they have the AWESOME reclining seats, so my movie experience is always GREAT.

Danny D

Nice size mall. It's missing a few key stores and restaurants to gain more customers. Possibly the owner(s) charge a lot for rent which scare off big businesses.

Andy Huang

Alyssa was very helpful today. I purchased a ticket with an employee at the front counter and he didn't even tell me the two seats I purchased were separated. I know I should pay attention but at the same time as an employee you could have gave me a heads up. Thankfully Alyssa came to my reacue

Johnny Velasquez

I saw a lot of complaints against one of your workers. The one at the ticket window. The manager was called and it was handled very professional. However I blame managment for poor training. Then there was the person checking tickets. She didn't know for where the restroom was. She acted like l was a bother. Then there was the snack bar. I requested some cheese popcorn. She replied there wasn't any without checking.. then your register broke printing a lot of paper. I will not be back.

Marcos Acosta

A-list membership makes it better.

ice_ 578

Very clean with amazing theater. It's a pretty big mall and next to great food places

Tim Reese

This place on Tuesday nights is great if you are a AMC Stubs Premiere memeber.

Bernard Bailey

I'm a big fan of the A List club. Granted it isn't for everyone and they need to get a family plan. BUT the paying $25 a month to see any 3 movies a week in any format I want is pretty much with it to me. As far as the theater goes, it's clean and laid out like any other theater. Nothing special. It does have a bar...personally I find that distasteful but realize that may be a plus for you. The staff isn't always that A-List gets you certain privilages like cutting the line...or rather you have your own special line that no one ever gets in to for some reason, so when I do the staff looks at me funny. And it isn't just me feeling weird about skipping ahead of a twenty plus person line. They have actually asked me what I was doing...and I have had to point at their own sign for the A List line I chose to stand in.

Jose Sut

Very easy to ge there. is clean.

Imelda Rodarte

Bar B Que Chicken is good, is gotten a but salty but good.

John Bugg

Comfortable seats...very important...the concession stand food is actually pretty good...the bar inside of the theater is chill and reasonably cheap...but the staff is pretty lax...I sneak in food Everytime.. and load up the exercise water bottle with a beverage of your choice ... you get the rest...went today...go see the peanut falcon... excellent... enjoy ✌️

Miss Ruby H

Friendly staff. I've always enjoyed this theater. I hadn't been here for a while. They have a great setup. They even have a nice looking bar. There was a couple sitting there. They looked cozy. They have very plush seats. I was able to figure it out and it adjusted in a way that was perfect for my back. I left feeling refreshed!

Pom Poms On Furballs

It's a nice, clean theater with good friendly staff, good concession! Nice comfy reserved seating seats! I wish they would play more independent films but hey maybe if more of you out there speak up I won't have to drive 25 miles to another AMC.

Francisco Garay

Recliner seats! Make sure not to drop you phone under the recliner, one of these killed my s9+. Fairly priced for a theater

Justin Galindo

I love the reserved seating and the Dolby Atmos is the best way to watch a movie. Although today (3/15/19) I have to say was a bit lacking in the service department. While we got there early (15 minutes prior to showtime) and ordered a simple coffee and Icee we had to wait 15 minutes for the coffee and it only came after I asked if the coffee was ready. This is the first time I've had a "bad" experience but won't stop me from coming here for the experience.

John Rogers

It's the AMC experience on a large scale. Great popcorn and nice recliners.

Lisa Boccarsi

The theater was clean and good selection of food. Love $5 Tuesday. My only thing is the seats. They could be larger and have little tables on them to make it easier to eat the food

aliiz delonge

The staff is very friendly and very informative. The cinema is always clean and everyone has a big smile. They helped me with a Mistake I made buying some tickets online and they helped me out without making a big deal about it.

Antonio Lossio

Bar inside is a thumbs up. They have a $20 suvenir bucket that you can get $5 refills on every visit!

Albert Nava

Great watching the newest movies in Dolby Cinema with The A list. No charge for up to three movies per week with a small monthly fee.

Amy Lin

The price for adult tickets are $13.99, or roughly $15 when you add in the tax fees. This is the first time I watch a movie at this location, and I absolutely love this place. The seating I was assigned were reclining seats which is very comfy when I was watching Godzilla. Also, this would be a great choice to bring your kids, family, and loved ones. Not only do they offer a wide selection of movies from kids to adults, they are also located in a mall. If you are tired of your kids, take them to a food court. Maybe your kid is hangry so it’s nice to have food option available. Highly recommend this location since it has everything you need from entertainment, shopping and food hub. Why go to one when you can go to all?


Rats in theater 15. Staff was nice and friendly with refunding us our money but still gross as hell im sorry.

Barbette Lollis

When leaving this AMC , THE EXIT IS UNKNOWN AND all the employees are gone for the night. No one show you how to exit and the bathrooms are NASTY AS EVER. YOU can smell the URINE. THE CARPET NEEDS CLEANING AND THE EMPLOYEES NEED customer service training. I saw Crawl, I will never come back. No African American workers, just Hispanic, no Asians, wow

800_ fundip

It's very organized, and of course have good pirces for a family


Loved it,I can only use those words

Sarah Encinas

These seats are the best around not all And seats feel the same

o meza

This AMC is awesome and you can walk around the puente hills Mall.

Mark Medina

Love this movie theater, the assigned seating is great and the whole theater has been completely renovated and everything looks great and is super comfortable. And they also have a bar!!!

Suresh Goolcharan

First visit and attendances at this AMC. Great surrounded sound system. Flawless projection. Patrons were quiet and allowed everyone to enjoy the movie .. .all laughter at funny lines...then, quiet again...enjoyed immensely.

Joey Baker

Watch a pokemon movie with my friends here. Very clean with amazing theater.

Angel Zapata

Haven't been here in a while, but it's definitely a good place to come to. Seats were great, movie war great (Missing Link) and the staff is patient, friendly, with great service.

Hanna Blackschleger

Awesome theater! The seating is amazing, lazyboys with electric controls. The aircon was not so cold that we were shivering, toilets were clean and prices for food were average. would definitely go back!

Paul Clark

It is a great movie theater! I have seen several movies in this establishment, which includes Taken 3, Fifty Shades of Grey, Furious 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, Spectre, and Star War Episode 7. Overall, the seats were comfortable, and the sound was great.

Anilu Rodriguez

I like this movie theater, the seats are so comfortable and there's even a bar at this place, it's clean and nice.

Position28 Position28

I really like most AMC theaters but the one at puente hills seems to be slipping. Their Air conditioning is not as cool and comfortable as other AMC theaters. There's soda machines are usually out of a lot of flavors. And while the rest of the movie theaters nice and clean the bathrooms are really dirty and stinky. I asked about the restrooms and they said the only schedule somebody to clean the women's restrooms and save the men's restrooms for when the night janitors come on certain days of the week. the screens don't always show all the movies that are playing but that's no big deal you can look up the movies online. How things improve it funky Halsey MC but there's a lot of other AMC theaters around.


The cashiers don't take long to call customers and they don't favor the longer line, they stick with their premiere/a-list. The cleaning crew cleans as soon as everybody leaves and they don't take long to clean. All of the seats have recliners as promised and the womens bathroom is pretty clean, although small. My arm goes on top of the toilet paper box and feminine can. Overall a good theatre.

Tony Wong

A great time to enjoy movies with comfortable recliner seat and outstanding sound effects along with more choices of movies within one place.

James Franco

Started movie 27 minutes into the film and 27 minutes late. did not acknowledge or start the movie from the start. And for a movie that has only one screen time. Maneger can't even oversee it is played correctly without any problems for a movie that only shows once.

Celeste Medina

This AMC now offers reserved seating, which is great. You can order your tickets online and skip the line at the box office. Ample parking, friendly staff. The actual seats here are terrible though. Wondering if they're ever going to upgrade to the recliners!


Clean with great service and quality HD screens. Also, most theaters have reclining seats!

Frank Trinidad

A couple days after it chapter 2 came out, my brother anf I went to go see it with was a Saturday or Sunday I forget but the movie was suppose to start at ten and the dame theatre wasn't even open they didn't open till like half an hour later.....

Marla Perez

Good service i love the seats..

sonny Guerrero

Movie theater is nice and clean but the smelll is bad, please put something to make it more acceptable...

Robin Ficery

No internet ti show tickets, movie started late, food took forever and only 3 people working on a Saturday night!! What a joke!!!

allen quach

14$ a ticket, $19 iMax, big leather reclining seats. Very good movie selection, with longer runs than most. Sound and projection very good. Late showings, late close time. If I want a memorablr movie experience I go to an AMC theater.

Ben Chicharoen

The mall is still stuck in the 80's with Doc and Marty but the theater is pretty decent. Modern amenities like IMAX, ordering online, ticket kiosks, reserved recliner seats, and a bar. But the showstopper in my opinion is the Dolby theater. Stadium style seating with incredible sound. Great for movies with music i.e. Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star is Born. It's like you're at a concert without sweaty people and lines to go to the bathroom.

No PerfectSense

I love this theater for the several locations to get food sometimes one is far too busy.

Tina Del Moral

Great theater, just wish seats reclined more...

K Cristal Bonilla

This was the only way I was going to watch Avengers endgame was with Dolby. Its sounded and felt awesome.... Large icee please

Robert Bojorquez

We found the stadium seats to be uncomfortable. Otherwise the theatre is large and lots of movie choices here. Clean and well organized. Staff is friendly. Lots of parking available and easy access....located in Puente Hills Mall.

E Currie

Hadn't been to this theatre before and was pleasantly surprised. My daughter works nights and its hard to find movie theatres with super early start times, 9:30am, that we can go see and still get her home early enough for bed. It was a really nice theatre and the food portions were huge. I'll be back.

Dean Schulz

Where do I begin to describe the suck factor of this theater. I simply can't understand the positive reviews.

Sam Sheffer

Very nice place to watch a movie, clean, lots of parking, good seats. Not too crowded. Will be coming back for more, highly recommend to friends

Apez Apex

Nice to know there's a place for small time movies to show, the seats are comfortable and its relatively clean

Adrian Camarena

This AMC is great but the down side that the internet reception doesn't work well

Davina Lightner

reclining seats a bonus but no more cashiers at yhe box office. Must use kiosks which are not only not personable but took me several minutes because the touchscreen didn't respond to my fingers and took the 1 employee to still lookup my account because their system doesn't use phone numbers.


Theatre experience here was superb! Thoroughly enjoyable. Whenever you're in the area, I recommend AMC Puente Hills.

Charlie Jimenez

Took grandson to see Pokemon movie it was good only problem was buying Tix no more cashier's and I'm old school I want someone to help me

saulo vazquez

Reliable, confortable, clean and a lot of fun. Have been coming here for years. Everything you expect from a movie theatre with attentive staff and the mall right next to it.

Vickie Tjia

Still great place to watch movie. Of only the movie is not too expensive.

Joel Quezada

Great atmosphere and friendly staff.

Victor Cornejo

Take an early show specially if you have small kids . They need to have better lighting in the exit . This too creepy, the only reason the picture don’t look too dark is because I have a good phone. BTW no security

Gloria Espinoza

Nice theater. Reclining seats. Higher priced movie tickets and food though.

Jarrod Kluk

It has the movies it has nice seats it's clean

Moses Torres

The new seats recline a great deal and it is very nice. Only issue it was a little warm and stuffy in the theatre so be careful of that

Aaron Cruz

Now That is some Amazing Service. Thank you for the reminder AMC. Always a joy watching movies with you guys. Just Love it. Staff is very friendly about missed orders.

Lorna Mendez

The line was huge, should of had more open. Had to wait 25 minutes to get food, missed a lot if previews. Had to send in most everyone else while I waited. I found out it's better to order on the app 1/2 hour ahead of time. And get the Premiere Stubs Rewards for free upgrades, no $2 fee when reserving seats for the movie. People were having to sit in the front row for a 9:15 movie. The chicken fingers were a lot but not crispy, probably because they were trying to do so many and get them out fast. Popcorn was good, and the nachos (chips and cheese) was 2 big cheese cups and a big box of chips; twice as much as you get from Regal. All in all we will go back, just order ahead of time. Oh, and the 4 - 5 employees that I talked to were all nice and trying to do the best they could with so much going on.

Mike Ferrante

Reclining seats, awesome movies, a bar, incredible sound. What's not to love? Book your tickets today. You won't regret it!

Karen T. E.

Nice clean stadium seats movies theater, but the reclining seats needed back support to make them comfortable.

Alan Antonio Rios

Nice sized & comfy seating but a tad too expensive though? Sometimes prefer price over at REGAL EDWARDS of WEST COViNA... at least their $6 bucks all shows b4 6pm & $9 all shows after 6pm. That's how they got their 5 STARS... 2 STARS more than You!!! Can ya match that??? Mmmm......

Alison Kang

Been going here as a kid and employees are always nice. saw they have like chicken and waffles. Etc I think it's a dope place to go in faded and just eat and watch a movie. Also stubs is free and Tuesdays you get $5 tickets

Juan Cardenas

Always a pleasure coming here. Reserved seating doesn't mean you will have time to get your snacks before the movie starts arrive earlier lines get pretty long.

John Lee

Nice seat offering but wish they had more heated seats

Helena Martinez

Wonderful, clean theater. The only drawback is I spent $12 on a medium soda and a small water.

Cameron Douglas

Great customer service. Had a negative theater experience (one time only - my other trips have been great!) and they really did a good job with customer service! Super responsive - very quick and professional. Alyssa, the senior manager, was very helpful. Thank you!

Mike S

First time here at this AMC location, came here because of the late showtime and recliner seat but was dissapointed because the seats at this location did not really recline. They were power seats and were soft but just so you are still in the same sitting position just facing the ceiling. Very uncomfortable. I saw alot of people twisting during the movie trying to get comfortable. Had a back and neck ache after the movie. The theater I was in said signature recliner seats so hopefully not the whole place had the same kind of recliners. I have been to the other AMC locations and their recliners are comfortable.

John Yu

What this theater needs is to prevent mental unhealthy customer from coming to the auditorium to ruin other’s movie experience!!!! Today is 03/09 I booked the ticket of Captain Marvel five days ago. After every thing settled a white male in his fifties walked in and stared at me claimed that he owned my seat. Since all tickets were reserved in AMC20. I said no check your own ticket. After he realized he was wrong he didn’t apologize instead he started the SLUR to express himself!!!!!!!!!!! I was so offended!!!!!!!!! White Power huh?!?! Not a happy experience!!!!!!!! Even though I have the manager helped me out with two rain tickets but such experience totally ruined my day!!!!!!!! The staff is helpful but they cannot teach someone to behave themselves. As an A-list member I might never come to see Captain Marvel. I guess it is so HARD to be a white person.

Pen Rose

This is one of the best movie theater in town. Recliner seats in every auditorium, friendly staff, good service, and clean bathroom. It's located inside the mall. I often go there on weekends to relax and unwind. It's a big bonus staying cool inside a theater with air conditioning on a hot sunny day particularly when it hits 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Martha E. Macedo

This is the nearest movie theater so I visit often. However, I try not to use the restroom there. The restroom always smells, floor is dirty & stalls are not clean. Sinks are clogged or full of water everywhere. Not just once but every time in the past year. I visit about 2 or 3 times a month because of the discount Tuesdays. The condiments area is not cleaned often & the floor by the soda fountains is always sticky. Considering Tues night is busy, I wonder why they don't have more staff working to keep these areas clean & keep concession lines down. It's too bad because I'd visit this place more. On days I pay full price, I prefer to visit Regal / Edwards theatres. Very clean facilities.

vincent Lau

Great place for kids and family or couples. If you are looking for famous Hollywood movies and want to enjoy it with your love ones then here is a place must go. They had all upgraded recliner seat in every row. I can literally lay down to rest while watching movie. The seat had a lot of room for me to stretch my legs and arms supper comfort. Perfect seating design in terms of distance and height and no one will block you even kids. Strongly recommend!

Garrett B

Love the recliners and with a list saves me money and friendly staff!


Was not expecting these signature recliner seats to be this uncomfortable. They are not like other AMC places that truly recline.

Ana Federico

Always clean and the reserved recliner seats are great. Oh and there's a bar inside lol

Anthony Martinez

Recliner seats, bar, parking, and very open spacious. Love going here

DeRek Woo

The whole environment feels very good after their new remodel a couple of years ago. The only thing I suggest AMC is to keep cleaner because sometime it really doesn’t very clean.

Stephen Wong

Great theater with reclining seats and reserved seating with plenty of parking

Nanette Diaz

Dolby theatre is the best experience.

frank morales

cost too much !! need to lower cost of tickets, and everything else , great place to see a movie

Alex Kit

Now that they bring food to your seat, 5 star!

Justin Fields

I like this theater. I have not been here in awhile but they updated it with the reserved seating and recliners which I like. They have the food service that they can bring to your seats you can order right from the AMC app which is cool. The chairs were comfortable and spacious. I will definitely be thinking of coming back in the future. It is also connected to the mall with plenty of places to eat or shop at. Just a heads up, they are strict about no outside food or drinks. Definitely a recommend if your in the area and want to see a movie at AMC!

Georgine Okura

Because Rocketman was AWESOME

Eric Chan

Came to see Avengers Endgame in IMAX with an AMC recliner. Left somewhat satisfied, if not at least reimbursed. My seat was taken but able to find nearest replacement. However both replacement seats could not recline. Reported this issue to AMC guest services, they were more than willing to find the problem and rectify my situation. Will be returning the this AMC theater to re-experience?

robert reyes

Took my wife to see Bohemian Rhapsody. She's not much of a movie person, so she hasn't been in a long time. But when she sat in their new recliner chairs, she was excited and said she could get use to this, and join me to see future films.

Brenda Calmar

It was cleanly and the staff was really friendly. Kinda wish the recliners would have a bit more lean to them, but overall was a great experience for the family.

Henry Kim

Overall, I had a mixed experience coming to this theater. As the other reviews say, the Dolby theater was very dirty. The seats we reserved was stained with popcorn and grease where the seat sparkled in the light. However, not other seats were like this. This just shows that the staff do not clean the theaters afterwards. I went to get some wet napkins to make it at least bearable to sit. However, the quality of the movie and sound was fantastic. The bass was so big that the whole theater shook (inside the theater there's at least 4 speaker lines on each side). I'll come back again as the movie experience is better than the stains I saw on the chairs.

Gabriel Plascencia

Best movie theater in my area. The seats are definitely one of the highlights.

Ivan Torres

Long food lines. Manager was just walking around watching instead of jumping on a cash register. Other employees in the back organizing stuff and others chatting on the side when they could have too assisted with the line.

Mary Flores

Great theatre! Big with lots of big auditoriums. Dolby, IMAX,..etc. Big bar a to hang and drink with friends.


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