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Linda Jerez

Its a good theater with a good atmosphere. Only problem is that i went to get more soda and put half ice in the cup, by the time i got back the ice had melted. The provlem was that the soda was hot(??) and that's just weird, so yeah.


This is one of the best AMC movie theaters i have been to. The staff was really friendly and courteous. Kind and prompt at the ticket counter. Smiles all around so you can tell they were happy with their job. Clean and dry counters. No spills everywhere. The popcorn was hot and fresh when i received it. Movie theater itself was clean and smelled nice. I would definitely recommend folks to come here.

Cody Watson

Compared to AMC 10 nearby, this one lacks severely. Doesnt have reclining chairs, the AC was not on in the theater so everyone was sweating. They only had small lids available at the time after i had purchased a large soda. I would rather pay maybe 3-4 dollars more a ticket for AMC 10.


This is my favorite movie theater. The sound quality is good, it is not piercingly loud the way I have experienced at another theater but it is certainly loud enough. Good quality. I went into their Dolby Digital theater and yes wow! Simply put, it is my favorite.

Dalila Ayala

We loved the experience of Dolby cinema but the theater was dirty! There was popcorn and old soda in our seats. We had to clean our seats before we could sit down. I'm paying $17 for a seat and it's not even clean! Very disappointed.

Dolores Jenkins

Precious time with daughter

Maya Walls

I really like this theater. Not my favorite, but my regular!

Ruben Bedolla

Great atmosphere but it just needs some little bar for those drinkers!! Lol :)

Nina Washington

Like Eastlake better

Nicholas Tonkin

As an AMC A-List member it's nice to go and visit other theatres I wouldn't normally go to! I saw a film in their IMAX auditorium. Had a great time, only critique is the seating could be a little roomier!

Dennis Holland II

Good place to watch movies....pricey for my taste but clean and big theatres

Edward Miraflor

Good place to watch filipino movies

Javier Sanchez

Place is very clean and the service is A+, i did all of my purchases on line, thickets, sodas, popcorn, coffee, you give them a time for pick up and you just go to the pick up area and everything is there, you don't have to be in line, it's a very cool service.

Roberto Rodriguez

First impresions are good. My first time here and I liked it.

Frank Gagliano

This place is great. Good that work here.

Julie Klingforth

First time yo a Dolby experience theater with reclining seats. The Avengers movie was 3 hours long, and my husband, who usually needs to get up half way through a regular length movie, didn't even notice the length of this movie!

Jajaval Nakhakes

Cozy, easy walking plaza with all products you need , in national city area

Ominae Aiono Jr

Went to AMC movie theater to watch "The sun is also a Star" l gave it a 6 out of 10! Slow developing plot and l got bored waiting for something exciting to happen. Plus the movie chairs do not recline....sadly we have become spoiled moviegoers.

Ahmad Tamim

Could be better on service at the kiosks. And also during the show there was some attendance was walking from one side to another side.

Michael Spence

Good stuff. Free ice refills!

Angie Meléndez english

Nice cinema, I like their Phillipine movies

Dawn Sherman

Fairly dirty for a Saturday night. Trash, popcorn and The theater itself was nice and comfortable.

Gregg Anthony

Always nice to visit AMC prices vary from location but being an AMC Stubs member makes that a moot point. Facilities are clean, staff is friendly it's a good experience.

Ramir Lyles

Just saw the latest Avengers movie. The movie and sound was great. Customer service was horrible. When purchasing the ticket I asked about using my account for point but was told that he already printed the tickets and I had to ask customer service after the movie. I waited 15 minutes just to try and get in to the theater after purchasing tickets just to be told that 15 minutes before my movie was to start, that our theater still wasn't ready and was asked to go to the end of the line, which had more than doubled and wait again. I refused and someone finally came out a few minutes before the movie was to start and let us in. Still had to wait again before they would actually let anyone in and get seated, by then the previews had already started. Afterwards went to customer service and had to wait for about 10 minutes before anyone came to assist me. Horrible experience. I do not plan to come back to this theater. They are very ill prepared to handle a big movie debut.

Phillip Gutierrez

It was hot in theatre and picture was horrible it kept flickering took bought six tickets was not worth it

Ken Brucker

Audience was well behaved; auditorium was clean. Seats don't recline.

Christina Welch

Great location, limited selection of movies and times. Theaters are small and usually unkempt. The chairs slightly recline which is a plus.

Fabian Gonzalez

Good theater but I'm so used to my hometown theater with the recliner seats and not the stadium seating but all in all I had a very good experience

Liliana Real

The Dolby theater was great, and the reclining seats are cool.

Levon Prop

It is my favorite place to go when I get paid

Malcom Smith

Theatre itself is great! Especially the reclining seats. But the cleaning crew needs to stay on top of those restrooms. When popular movies increase traffic, smart bet to increase cleaning rotations right?

Emo the Emu 98

Small but still a great place to watch movies

Xylia Grogg

Amazing movie theater and I understand the prices on the movies but the food prices could use some work.

Yosabeth Gomez

Very clean good customer care

John Mooney

Dolby theater is the best. Use the AMC app.

Tony Ronco

Went there for an open caption movie. It initially had issues which were professionally dealt with. Staff member Roquel was particularly helpful. Thank you AMC Plaza Bonita for the level of service and helping provide access to the Deaf Community.

Catherine Alyce

The person working the ticket counter was really nice but the theater wasn’t even cleaned. Good thing only a few of us in the theater that we could sit in somewhat okay spots but it was just bad. The movie was great though.

Josie Grimm

Auditoriums are always clean. Love how they've decided to do reserved seating. Staff who work with food seem jaded and at times discombobulated. I suppose I don't mind it too much, I keep coming back.

esteban part

Could be better. great location, but it needs to be updated or remodeled. Still a good place to go.

Jennifer Martinez

I didn't have a bad experience

John Hill

Worst purchasing experiences ever! (At a movie theater) Obviously your automated systems save money at the great detriment of customer satisfaction. Also they are so bad that I would say it takes the average person 3-5 minutes to buy a ticket! And don't get me started on the concession line overflowing past the end of the snake and yet only 2 registers open. I haven't moved an in 5 minutes. Movies starting no $6.50 soda + candy sale for you.

Anallely Delgado

The place is very clean, the employees are very friendly and the movie theaters comfortable, it's everything you can expect !!!

Evanjelyn Flores

Never too busy and the staff is quick to assist you. The seats are all new as well.

Bruno Tierse

The theater is really clean

Joshua Writer

Wow, this is not your average AMC theater. We went to see bubble bee and the theater was amazing. Dolby Surround Sound, huge screen, reclining leather seats and tons of room. This theater was similar to The Lot in LaJolla or the new movie theater inside Sugar in downtown. Definitely coming back.

Dominic Ivory

Rather nice theater, although the seats could be a little more comfortable

Irish Retez

My number one concern about this theatre is, they should match the online tickets to their walk in customers so that they're not selling double tickets. It's so annoying to walk in and there's people sitting down on your reserved seat saying that it's theirs completely but reserved mine for like, a week or so. Please take action.

James Cothron

This Theater is our favorite movie hangout. Always great movies to see!!!

Tiffany Payno


Shiawana Turner

Went to see The Avengers....great movie

Aaron Bryant III By Coach Yvette

Clean, comfortable and best of all $5.00 Tuesdays.

Mark Martinez

A lot Big improvement compare from 3 years ago.

eva anderson

Very comfortable and clean. You can see movies in IMAX, Dolby, and 3D formats. See latest main-stream features here, not any flash-back, independent, or foreign offerings.

Gregg Diederich

Average theater based inside a shopping mall. Many other, better, places to view movies available.

Spencer L.

Ya’ll it’s so hot in this theater I burnt all the calories I just ate.

Niki Jefferson

Fun time. They need to find a way to sign people up for stubs quicker. I ended up being late because the guy in front of me, and his gf, wanted to sign up for stubs and delayed the line.

Jerry Sprague

I saw Jurassic World in the Dolby experience theatre and it's a great way to watch a movie. Seats are super comfortable and the screen and sound is fantastic. I will watch the biggest movies here if I can in the future. I considered one less star because the building itself needed some cleaning. It looks like they didn't schedule enough people to work and the bathrooms were out of paper and generally messy. And the trashes outside the theatre were all about to overflow. I didn't knock the star because I come here regularly and it's usually a lot better so I'll give them a pass this time. Overall I like coming here especially since it's so close.

Sally Reid

If I could give this movie theater no stars I would. I’m disgusted with the customer service here. I bought my tickets to see Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom on 6/19/2018 for the showing on 6/23/2018 at 7:15pm. I bought them through Fandango. We got to pick our seats and we were in theater 4 seats H11 and H12. $40 tickets. We got to the theater and a couple are in our seats. We ask them if they have tickets and they tell us that someone came by and took their tickets. We went to the Customer Service area to let the staff know what was going on. Natalie came to go to the theater to ask the guests for their tickets, she comes back to tell us that she sold those seats to those people earlier at the box office. How is that possible? I had shown the ladies at the desk that I bought my tickets on Tuesday and they still allowed the people who bought them today to stay there. I am completely outraged at the way this was handled and I will be calling the manager of the theater on Monday to complain as well. My entire night was ruined and I had to turn around and go home. What kind of customer service is this? When we approached the counter the lady behind it laughed and said “no that’s not going to happen” and then turned around and acted like we weren’t a priority. I will never step foot in this theater ever again.

Alan George

Great food and customer service and they are really freindly to you and your family and nice place to see movie!!!!

Mona Lion

You would love coming here.

Josh Dennis

Theater is clean and looks new. A-List priority line seems to actually be a priority unlike some other AMC locations. Bathrooms here are VERY spacious so long bathroom lines are less common. Would recommend this theater to anyone. Only annoying quirk is that the theater entrance is a little inconvenient to get to

Jennifer Colio

Big and easy to access. ❤️

Robert Boyd

super clean and $6 movies durung the day

Cher Delcarmen-Horst

They should upgrade the seats to recliners like most of the premium theaters

Gabriela Frias

Clean! Not crowded

Jesus Compean

Very nice movie theater 2 go and enjoy a movie with ur family o friends, cheap matinee movie tickets, food is good, very nice employees, parking can get tricky in the weekends though!


Unorganized Resvd. Seating when it came down to actually sit & watch the movie. Our movie room smelled like VOMIT!


Place was comfy and casual.

jomar justiniano

easy to fine

Charles Paige

Great Movie! Clean and great audience.

Rodrigo Ramirez

The pretzels are awesome, very good service as well.

Kim Montiel

Great movie..Green Book. It is a must see. Disappointed with no recliners and seat were worn and dirty.

Blake Hillawi

Dolby theater is great! Though the A/C didn't work when we went to a regular movie showing last time.

Diane Balistrieri

Very comfortable theater. "Yesterday" was a great movie! They asked me to bring all my old movie passes in for new ones!


Although i did enjoy the movie John Wick 3, despite no real story, has awesome unparalleled action compared to the previous ones. I give the theater itself 3 stars because despite being a Tuesday evening, the lines were crazy, and they only had 3 people at the registers. One more person working the registers would have been better to get of the lines, and gets things moving quicker. Other than that, my movie experience was good.

Tyrus Williamson

Two times in last four months and same results. Continuous pauses in the movie. I watched an ‘Angel has Fallen’ at 4:30 on 31 August and there were at least 20 pauses, some short and some long (approximately 60 seconds in duration). A highly suspenseful movie was hard to watch. This is the second, but last time; this has been my experience at amc Plaza Bonita. This theater sucks and is not worthy of one whole star.

b4divine 1

Loved the movie, agauman.however the prices of food is way too steep.

Dulce Liliana Gaytan

I really love this place the movie was great and the bathroom were clean and the staff was very polite

Tati Cofield

They manage to be clean and there are no problems. However, employees are very chatty and take long to give their customers what they asked for. I missed an hour of a movie because the employees were talking amongst each other and it was a special viewing.

Camila Santucci

Pretty good movie theatre, it wasn't busy at all maybe because it is a week day. This theatre has gone thru some renovations and now looks much better. The chairs were comfortable and the theatre was clean. The screen and sound system were pretty good too.

Tommy Joe Madera

Movie theater was great! So many options to eat too. The flat bread was tasty.

Arcadio Mora

Very nice establishment. The newer Dolby Auditorium is amazing. Imax is also a very nice theatre.

Doc Comics

Great theaters, especially with AMC A-List + Stubs Rewards! :)


Hire more older people, with some sense, O.K.!!

Donn CLC

The chairs of the theatre aren't cleaned that much They only take off the big things and not the dust or whatever.

Mabel M Rivas

A great place to spend time with your family.

Jason Anderson

Really like this AMC. Clean, Seats are spacious and lean back pretty good. Great sound even on digital. Dolby is the best you can get.

Andy Botello

Love this theater.Has great workers and you feel welcome at all times. Its bit small so might feel croweded .

Edgar Ramirez

Clean environment, friendly service. Awesome Dolby Cinema I recommended to watch a movie in this format.

Annise Martin

It was fun other than a parent allowing their child to run around

Bernie Toledo

I love coming to this theater. They are always kind and helpful. The seats need some cleaning or better yet, a replacing.


Friendly staff... theater is usually warm though... idk why? They could clean up in the aisles more in between movies...

fortnite 7uhj

I love the AMC movies it is so good the customer service is very helpful and nice the sites are very good

Ruben Casas

Love the new large space for AMC PLAZA BONITA 14!


I Love Love LOVE this movie theater. The staff who works there are very friendly and the place is very clean and so are the bathrooms. I enjoy taking my kids here to see the movie.


AMC Theater is nice, but the restroom were dirty.

montgomery mchargue

Great movie experience! Staff is great.

Levi Blount

One of the nicest movie theaters around, only issue I've had is if you see the last showings the mall will be closed by the time you get out. Now that's not a big deal but some times getting out can be, but target is usually open and available to go through.

Matt Kwis

good seats and nice location


good movies. cheap during the weekdays

Michelle Pivaro

I go here every Tuesday, wish they had a bar like the ones in mission & fashion but hey since they've had assigned seating its been a great experience every time

Roberto Nava

Very inviting and clean location right inside the shopping center in Bonita. Fun, eating, buying and entertainment all in one location

Miyamoto Musashi

How to Train your Dragon & Alita: Battle Angel were truly awesome movies!!

Crystalball Wizard

Had a good time. Movie sucked but the theater was cool.

Rebecca Eusey

Since the dawn of select you seats on the AMC app before the show, I've enjoyed coming here a lot more. Have you noticed when people know they are looking for K 21-22, they tend to sit in K 21-22, vs. directly in front of the person already in their seat in the middle? Having your own seat somehow affects the experience in a positive way.

Nacho Snitch

Good place, seats semi comfortable. Mostly clean.

Eddie Saul

Love the Dolby Cinema!!! Last showing of the night however, area was not cleaned.

Lillipop Garcia

I think it’s terrible that they make you go through the automated machine system. It’s nice to have as on option but not as a must. It takes older people forever to figure out how to get tickets. So we got tickets and apparently it’s assigned seating. We went to an almost empty Sunday night theater and were asked to move because we were in their seat. Since when is a movie theater assigned????!!! If that’s the case shouldn’t they have a seat attendant like concerts!! Or at least make sure there are signs that say such!! I talked to the manager.... which I never do by the way. Management did not care!!! Worst customer service also! Do yourself a favor a spend your money else where!!!!

luis montoya

Very clean,nice staff and enjoyable seats

Annie Salas-Delgado

The chairs in the regular theaters need some upgrading.

Evette Morneau

I am going to be there to look for engagement ring me and my boyfriend

Odon Magante

we watched a movie yesterday march 5 at number 8 theater. my wife bought popcorn and coke and enjoyed the filipino movie. then we went home and found out my wife's wallet was missing. we learned it just today so it's been missing since yesterday. i called the office in plaza bonita mall where we watched the movie. i asked if someone turn in a brown wallet that my wife dropped by accident. the lady who answered my call was so nice too and very accomodating. she said someone turned in a brown wallet. i was so happy that your employee or the one who cleaned up the theater after the showing was so honest that he/she turned in the wallet which has most of my wife credit cards and some money that were not touched. i am so grateful for your honest employees. will continue to watch at AMC which we were doing for years now. thank you very much. GOD bless you all...

Alberto Ortiz

Good entertainment at good prices. Ok for the family.

Kristie Smart

Every time we have come here, there have been issues! We came to see Dirty Dancing and halfway through, a box popped up asking if we were still watching due to inactivity. It took about 15-20 minutes for them to fix it. We paid $25 for the movie experience and it sucked.

Chim Lover

The movie was a disappointment. There were parts that were stretched waaaay too long and unbearable. For example: The police scene, funeral, front room scene. The actors were terrible and cringey! The audience laughed at the parts that werent believable, like the crying of the family when the dad died. Once the movie ended I heard people sigh in relieve and someone said “finally!”. Could’ve been better.

Lisa Lorraine Bowen

Love how late night movies people come in their PJs with blankets.

Antonio J Hidalgo Rios

Crazy expensive ... not worth it at all

Kisha Phillips

Always enjoy movie time and I went 2 times in a week and looking forward to the next time

Melissa Stephenson-welter

We took the family to see Lion King. The new seating is awesome. The ticket machines were not working properly, but there was an employee immediately over to assist us. Overall a pretty good experience. Bring a blanket.

jeffery Markham

Great movie theater with nice seats

Adan Verduzco

Just went to the newly remodeled Digital Dolby room and its super comfortable the sound is great and the picture looks good.... I will definitely return.....

kong DaBomb

Great seating and huge food court right outside. plus cheap matinee tickets. Only problem is the arcade inside doesn't work sometimes.

Melissa Flores

Big movie theater, great prices .

Sagrario Mendez

Lots of good movies! They have popcorn soda and it's big!

Montoya Gunn

Seeing a movie in Dolby surround is cool experience

Yoana Carrillo

OMG they are unorganized.. I was going to watch Advangers EndGame and because they let us in late I couldn't get my popcorn and drink on time. WTF

Ken Hyland

Great customer service, concessions line too long of a wait.


Nice seats, nice Dolby Surround System... Concession lines were not that bad. Cheesecorn a bit stale, but overall fast service.

Cristina Ramirez

The concession stand always takes a long time but aside from that everything was good. Clean and all

Guitars rcool

Very nice, well kept Theater. Service was great and they keep a well organized and nice group of employees here. Restrooms are kept clean. Cashier was very nice and accommodating. We absolutely love coming here.

Matthew Cannon

The movie stopped halfway through and ruined the experience for me!!!! I'd like a refund!!

Craig Kozeluh

I've been enjoying the Studio Ghibli events here. It's great to see something outside the blockbuster field in a mainstream theater.

Ny V

Still s good movie experience!

Jose Collazo

At the movies today movie starts at 6pm with no previews and all the ligths on for the first 5 minutes horrible start to the movie IMAX I pay almost $20 for the movie I won't come back to this movie theater ever and I will post this also on Instagram.

tracy treppa

Fun place, awesome staff. Very clean

No Name

The projectors in the Dolby have been misaligned for months. Management refuses to fix it. Save your money and go somewhere else.

Nobody Is Here

The movie had crisp audio, and the audience was quiet, and not disruptive. Overall, a good choice if you just want to watch a movie.

Ray's Mail

Experienced the recliner seats with Dolby surround sound and it was awesome!

Carmen Valdez

Clean and staff was very friendly

Ana B Buenrostro

Enjoyed the movie, all employees were very courteous, helpful and patient

Angelina Reyes

Kids love to watch movies at this location and go shopping after. And also get something to eat or grab a coffee.

Jairo Carbajal

Best place to watch a movie


The Dolby theater is amazing. You can feel the seats actually rumble! They also recline!

Maggies Cafe

Seat were dirty but over all is a decent place

Renea McLemore

Great place to see a movie

Dustin Joiner

The drink machines are terrible, almost always broke when I go there, they take the longest time to clean up, and the lines take way to long to get condiments. The only good thing about this theater is the Dolby Theater.

Albert Frayre

Ok They need more help at counter..


The seats for the IMAX movie were very comfortable. They have chicken and waffles as an order here, which was exciting until they told us they didn't have waffles.

Oscar G

The assigned seating blows but it's also good because you have a saved seat(s).

Jackson G

Excellent theatre with excellent rewards program! Clean bathrooms. Very tasty popcorn. Huge variety of drinks to choose from. Free refills.

Lillian Bocaletti

With all the technology and ways to see a movie I still find it fun and entertaining to go to a movie theater where else can you enjoy a good movie with a bunch of strangers, and even more fun when the audience interacts!

Emanuel Pacheco

Nice place and good customer service

Robin Mitchell

Theater is unstaffed and the staff there has no sense of urgency. There is no one to help with ticket transactions and we were forced to choose a later show due to not being able to purchase our ticket in a timely manner.


Clean theater though there's potential for improvement. Excellent sound system. Unfortunately, a lot of young people are hanging around in aisles and theater doors.

acegirl none of yours

It was comfortable watching End Game. I really enjoyed myself

Jose Padilla

this theater is cool. there's never too many people in the theaters. staff were helpful and nice.

Aubrey Aubrey

Love this mall. Everything I needed are here, from clothes, foods, etc.

Tina Lopez

My boyfriend lost his wallet in one of your theaters today and I'm very disappointed in how your employees handled the situation. We called asking if it had been found and never received a call back. Upon returning to the theater to look for the wallet we were not allowed back in to look. I feel this was handled poorly and am very disappointed in your business.


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