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REVIEWS OF AMC Norwalk 20 IN California

Joe Cobarrubio

This theater has been remodeled nicely from what it was years ago. Nice motorized reclining chairs that provide enough personal space. There is also a bar that serves alcoholic drinks. There is one imax theater. Food options are better than what they were 8 years ago. I like parking in the rear near the hotel. Always free parking there and it is a short walk.

Avishek Сorrson

This theater is located off the 5 at Norwalk. The theater is clean and the seats are lazyboy types that recline. The concession prices are high as expected. Also there are not many places to really get satisfactory food around the theater. I'd recommend eating elsewhere and then coming with a full stomach. Parking is a bit weird. During the weekend, you can park in the structure across the street from the theater. During the week, it seemed that that same lot was used for other buildings. I had to find parking behind the theater. There's lots of space, but at night, the lot behind the theater might not be the safest as it's pretty empty.

Gonzalo Iniguez

It was pretty chill and clean no problems there but the beverages at the bar are way outta control with the prices I know top end bars in LA with better prices

Denise C.

This theater is one of those comfortable recliner seating type that assigned seating upon purchase of the tickets. We didn't get snacks, so I can't comment on the that. Everything else was fine. My seating was comfortable and operating properly, however my seating area was dirty. There were popcorn in the cracks on the side and was sticky between the backing and seating cushions. I know they don't wipe the seats down in between showings because it is too cost-effective, but I wonder if they do it at all on daily basis or even on weekly basis.

Jonathan Elguea

Nice theater and good sound, especially when it's not packed.

Danny Gomes

I'm from Portugal, if you'd compare this movie theatre to the ones in Portugal it's like comparing the White House to an abandoned shack respectively. They do serve alcohol in movie theatres here so later sessions people might be drinking, people drinking were at the very least considerate enough to only be slightly noisy in the last 5 Min of the movie. I imagine that this might cause some drunk behaviour in some later sessions though or not, I have no idea

Cesar Moreno

Very clean! Parking structure across the street was cool. Helped keep the car fresh.


Not as big as others but still very accommodating.

Emil Pagaduan

Went to watch Lion King today with my family of 4. Bought tickets not knowing one of us will be seating in a separate chair. So i asked one of the staff if they can sit all of us together instead since it was there mistake giving us 1 wrong ticket even with reservations. And the answer we got from this staff was. " THAT IS THE TICKETS YOU BOUGHT SO IT IS NOT MY PROBLEM. JUST FOLLOW THE SEATS ON THE TICKET". Exact words me,my wife and kids heard. Its our 1st time to come here at AMC Norwalk. This will be our last too. So beware of this place and its unprofessional staff.

Melanie Gallegos

Had a good time felt very cozy being alone recomend

Mauricio Fuentes

Great theater. Has all the amenities and a bar for adults. Also has Dolby and IMAX screens.

Doctor Gonzalez

Good place, but PRICEY snack bar.

Maria Thomas

one of my favorite movie theaters, been coming here for the past 15 years, the place is clean, the popcorn always taste good, & the prices reasonable...


This theater is one if the more affordable locations. But a lot of people bring their infants to watch the movies. Be prepared for a lot of crying.

Yesenia Diaz

Love the seats, but not happy with food, its overpriced and not good.

Zulema Garcia

Waited a long time at the concession stand women's restrooms were dirty and no toilet paper. However person who assisted me was nice and helpful.

Myrna Sotelo

Pop Corn bae

jose mejia

Great place to watch a movie solo with a couple of drinks..


Great place for the family. I love that they have Armed Security there. I really wish they would have security all week long. I would feel safer.

Jennie Zimmerman

the BEST place to see a movie and the best snacks and great movie deals

Jasson Alvarez

Don’t come here cuz this is where I go most of the time and don’t want you taking my fav seats lol

ANGEL Carrera

Declining on their cleaning. On a positive note my kids love the you can refill drinks and ice on your way out or during the movie. Small theater rooms are great no noise at all if you get me.

Richard Colton

They let me choose what seat I could sit in as long it was a green seat. Funny because there were only 3 other people in the whole theatre. Concessions were marked up approximately 873% of standard market value Eg....a soft drink and a bucket of popcorn is $15.00 really???????? I bought a horrible hot dog. for $ 6.95 + tax ( under cooked ) should of reported it but didn't want to.miss the movie. .

Eloy Medrano

My grandkids and I had a great experience..Wife was happy.

Donald Porter

Beautiful theater, one problem though we ate dinner there and there are no individual table areas so we had to put the food on our laps. This made dining there a bit of a problem.

Daniel Ornelas

Friendly staff good selection for food drinks and food

ray lopez

Big place nice and cozy to watch movies recommended

Zack Williams

Took my wife and kids .. they loved it . City of Norwalk bringing me memories ;)

Aaron Gutierrez

Do not listen to Le Pina, amazing high quality theater with great seats, screens, and sound. Super chill staff.

Brooke Rookerson

Very nice soft comfortable reclining chairs

Manuel Maldonado

Me and my family love this AMC. We are here almost every weekend. The bar tender is nice and already know my favorite drink a bloody Mary with a double shot of ketel one vodka.

Carlos Morales

One of my favorite theaters to watch movies. Always clean with reclining seats. Great app that lets you pick your seats at any moment. Absolutely no complaints.

frank hernandez

The upgraded recliners are a must on going to the movies now. The space is usually pretty decent pretty clean pretty well maintained. if you are driving just make sure you realize that the parking is usually better across the street at the parking structure but you have to go in through the back entrance and AMC will validate your parking during the day and at night it's open so there's no need for validation. There is parking behind the theater to but it's very limited and a pain in the butt it's easier to just go straight to the parking structure.

Maria Hernandez

On 6 dollar Tuesday, condiments were not adequately stocked. As in, people worrying the movie would start while they waited for mustard, relish & butter. Really!?! The same 2 bathroom stalls have been unavailable for at least a month. All the employees were pleasant, it was the establishment that pulled the low score

Lizette Avila

We have been coming here quite some months now experience was great didn't have any issues. Until, last night we had ordered a chili hot dog and we waited about 20 minutes and still didn't get our hot dog. We went to our seats very upset for the wait time. I went back and asked what was going on and one of the employees said it wasn't ready. Apparently, they forgot about our order. I don't understand how if they're wasn't many people last night. Anyway took another 5 minutes and our hot dog was given to us. I've noticed i wasn't the only one waiting for a long time I saw another gentleman that had been waiting for his order too. Service needs to be a little faster.

Mel Gee

Took my family there for the 1st time & they loved the reclining seats! We saw Dumbo in a very well air conditioned theater. I wish the prices were cheaper but we had a great experience!

Susana Orozco

You need to have the membership to have fast Services to buy your goodies before the movie I'd you do not have there is a lane for nonmembers and you need to wait until the other lane for members are done

hoodis hoodat

Im a 40 year old movie lover and tonight was the absolute worst movie experience of my life. 30 minutes into the movie and dozens of people are still trying to find their seats. There were at least 3 different ringers that went off, one person even busted out the flashlight. The family next to me had their phone go off no less than 4 different times. I asked them to please quiet their phone and not 15 minutes later it's going off again. I asked a staff member to please ask them to stop and not even 15 minutes later, in the middle of one of the most intense scenes, its going off again. I told the staff again and they did NOTHING. I will absolutely never come to this AMC again and I'm thinking of canceling our 3 A-List subscriptions. Yea, it was that bad. I just asked my son what he thought of the movie and he said he wished all the phones would have stopped. This is an Endgame for AMC, at least in my family.

Creepy Crawlie

I always have fun coming here with friends.

Herbert Giron

It was great...pop corn..a hot dog and candy and a big coke and a alcoholic drink..and IT.

Gaming with Abe!

Smells very strong like oil from the popcorn machine. But if you can stand the smell, the place is pretty neat.

Frankapril Riverasilva

Great movie and you can buy mix drinks full bar.

Carlos X

Half the reclining seats in the dolby room didnt even work. Luckily i went in the day time and it was empty so i changed seats and the next one didnt work either. So i settled for one that worked atleast halfways

Vincent s

Great experience and clean facility. Reclining seats at this location are the real recliners. Not like other AMC locations that say signature recliners but only tilt the whole seat which are not comfortable for watching long periods. So 5 star to this location for that.

Roxy Jane

Love the theater, all of the amenities. I, myself, have the AMC stubs premier and get to go to the premier line, get discounts, collect points, get to reserve my seats ahead of time, it is so worth having it. Clean and comfy chairs. Plus my popcorn is only $4.49 everytime I go, with my annual popcorn bucket that I got for $19.95 the first time. Staff is friendly. Plus many little restaurants nearby, as well as the actual theater has a variety of many different food items, that you can purchase there, or purchase online and get it delivered to your seats when you get there. This theater has 20 different rooms to watch movies in and they all have great seats.

Krypto Panda

We only come here when we get free tickets or on a whim. Not the best service.

Michael Salcido

Nice new tilting. Vibrating. Seat with a alcohol or drink of your choice holder.

Teaireyana Williams

Tickets are a good price. The seats it the theater are amazing! Prices for snack are a bit high but it like that at most movie theaters.

Jazmin Rodriguez

Do not buy your tickets for $5 Tuesdays Online. They'll charge you a convenience fee of extra $5 . They dont even give you a summary of what you are paying for before charging your card. Customer service does nothing for you

Olga Sanchez

I enjoy going here they have the best seat to watch a movie!!!!


This place needs air conditioning I see at least 1 to 2 movies a week and the air conditioning is worse every time, it's so uncomfortable. I spoke with manager on duty twice a young woman the first time which by body language she didn't care at all, and the 2nd time was a young man and he told me upper management won't allow cool conditions because it cost to much. Looks like I'm going to try Montebello AMC.

Lisa Espinoza

My class and I had a great time watching Aladdin! Thank you, AMC, for treating all of us like Disney princesses and princes!

Silver Hexagon

The barkeepers are awesome. And when they say no talking during a movie they mean it. There was a little group of drunks in the back of the row having a conversation unrelated to the movie... during the movie. The theater staff showed up and saved the evening by making them leave. I appreciate their awareness and their enforcement of the oldest theater rules. Coming back here again on the next movie night for sure.

Vanessa Silva

I love this Movie Theatre, the service is great I haven't had an encounter with a bad employee. The restrooms are clean. I come here at least once a week.

Arthur Rivas

Very nice reclining chairs. Although I did mot partake they do have a bar. Nice environment.

Linda Lippincott

Good selection of movies and can't beat those recliner seats! They also offer senior pricing.

saint guti

...Good Quality Sound.!!

Atul Shukla

Screen, sound, seats , everything is good. Enough parking, however, if you park during week days and if you collect the parking slip from the available parking structure, you must endorse your slip inside AMC theater guest services.else you end up paying lot of money. Saturday and Sundays , it's free.

Ricky Corral

It was a awesome experience the workers were very friendly & helpful. The chairs in the movie theaters recline with a push of a button making it very comfortable.


Our movie night hangout spot. Nice place with plenty of parking.

Richard Buttery

Some theaters seem a bit warm . I like to escape to a cat time

Damien Garcia

Reclining seats are awesome.. make sure and dont go to movies without reclining seat. They are like 20 years old...

Javier Reveles

Very comfortable reclying chairs and wide.

alice _713

First time at an AMC theatre to watch Burn the Stage, and I loved that you can reserve seats (the seats are comfortable recliners). An ideal spot, in my opinion, would be reserving a middle row. I reserved myself seats in the last row and couldn't recline as far as I would have liked to because I was getting blocked by the wall separating the rows. Aside from the wall, the theatre my movie was in was very spacious, so my seat was a tad too far from the screen.

Reyna Rodriguez

Clean and the customer service was great. The line to the food was long but what theater isnt like that. Moved pretty quickly and another register opened as soon as it looked too long.

Istmania Lopez

The revamp is awesome. Only thing they fell short on was their theater seats. They are to narrow. They have this beam between them (not talking about the arm rest) that is very uncomfortable. They should have modeled their seats after the lounge chairs at the downey cinemark. But other than that, the theater is really nice...just a bit short staffed.

James Bart

30 minute line for snacks. Comfortable seating has a bar. Just needs more registers open. Buy online skip the box office line.

Patricia Mata

The best place to see movies!

Raelyn Jade Wynter

Even though this theatre is further from us than others like the Downey Grill, we love coming here. They have so many theatres and their curly fries are THEE best! Staff is great and it's pretty clean. 2 thumbs up!

Ron Del

Mediocre facility with an excellent IMAX screen and excellent sound in IMAX. Mediocre because it is dirty and slow at concessions.

Christopher Lopez

The seats are comfortable here and they recline, saw Aladdin with my daughter and she loved it. Not sure what's going on with the popcorn because she didn't even bother to touch it. For the most part the place is clean, just the MENS restroom is horrible.. like is someone just decided to piss in the middle of restroom..

kevin pun

Clean, ample seating, full bar, reserved seating, order food ahead, plus with A-list, worth the money. Lots of surrounding shops to eat. Parking directly at theater not so great since they share with the shops and outback steakhouse, but lots of parking across the street at the parking structure.

Bigsseexxyy !!!

Tried to upgrade my drink to a higher class liquor and they told me I couldnt when the last time I went to watch spider man when it came out I got the same drink but was able to upgrade it. This time there telling me i couldnt cause it not in their system so how did i get charged more last time. It really doesnt make sense and now I dont want to go back cause they only make drink ks when they want to.

Jared Lesueur

Not bad as far as theaters go not my favorite AMC Theater but parking is easy and I think they do have some recliner theaters that I've been to a couple times. I do feel like the screen with had a weird glare to it or seemed a little off also one time there was one theater that had a huge exit sign right by the theater so that part of the screen glowed green

Blaze Red

Watched Avengers Endgame last night at 6:55pm 29 Apr. Auditorium 11 was so hot from start to end. We stopped by guest services to let them know of the problem, they guy was so rude to tell us they cannot give us refund. Who said something about refund? We don't need a refund, we just want to let them know. Wow!! They need orientation.

Mike Enriquez

Always fast and friendly employees! Been there many times not a bad thing to say!

katherine diaz

Friendly always clean bar is a Plus

Midnight Lotus

I love th reclining seats; however, prices r a bit high.

Angela Karanja

The line for food was 30 minutes long! I'm incredibly disappointed. I missed 30 minutes of my movie because they were slow. I don't recommend this place, if you want good service go to bianchi


I've watched many movies there and its a great experience!!

E Garfio

I actually like this theater except they have a MAJOR FLAW everytime we come here, the stench from their trash bins outside are overwhelming and fills the entire parking lot. They need to clean those up. It's been like that for years.

Manuel Monroy

Always a great time, I would just recommend ordering your popcorn ahead of time. The line wait till can be a drag. Get there early if you plan to wait in line

Oliver Smith

The theater is good but the outside smells like garbage, also the parking is bad.

Paul Mora

I like going early during a weekday so that it's pretty empty. Prices on drinks are steep


This place is Awesome, huge screens, professional staff & friendly. Very clean, restrooms.

Chris Tamayo

The Dolby room is great. Only time I come to watch movies is for watching on the Dolby room.

Glenice Singleton

never crowded, new menu items and the bar is great.

Elenda Flores

Haven't been here in awhile but it was clean and not very crowded.

Sole Req

The theatre is very well maintained & clean and the staff is friendly & helpful

Efrain F.

Very clean and great service. Restrooms were clean. Went to see a Dolby movie and the area was clean and the recliners worked. Sound was great, picture was great. They should do something about some wires hanging from the ceiling on the left side though. Their shadows can be seen when the movie is being projected. Other than that, it's a great way to watch a movie. I think people should watch this over their LieMax.

ralph perez

Run down place. They upgraded the inside. Added a bar. Gets packed on Friday evening with all the high schoolers.

Kristine Salas

We love going to the early matinee at this theater, we go on Sunday mornings for only $6 a ticket! Clean, nice theater!

Leticia Armas

Easily accessible to all. The Only thing is when it's busy, they don't have enough ticket checker people to let you in to movie theater

Victor Salas

Cool little theater everything is good but I dont like when they turn off the soda machine early and sometimes the reclining chairs do not work

Maria Zaragoza

A list ... Definitely Worth getting. I live in Whittier but I go to Norwalk. Cleaner and good customer service

Babu Kommineni

worst customer service. They took forever to give tickets. 30 mins for 2 customer tickets. Come on.... I lost my patience and interest to the movie.

Gagandeep Singh

Only place to go and enjoy Punjabi movies in LA

Manny Garcia

It was like I was at the premier for the movie , very satisfy with the movie and the place . the seating is outstanding.

Michael Houston

This is a very nice and clean movie theater. If you go, the best place to park is near the Outback Steakhouse.

Jesus Magallon

Went to see Hobbs and Shaw and great movie too bad I can't say the same about the movie theater. The actually room (7) was extremely hot everyone kept saying why is it so hot. The only upside was the line wasn't as bad as other theaters. But I will not be coming back I'll just travel a little further to my usual theater AMC montebello.

Ed Torre

Love it been coming here since this place opened brings back memories

Joel Quezada

Great atmosphere and friendly staff.

John Adams

Loved the new recliners, very clean. Was a little confusing when I went to buy tickets. I think they need signs that state that the ticket kiosk has moved inside when they aren't working the outside booths. Sound and picture was excellent. We went on a Monday night, so it was not busy, but everyone was helpful and were smiling. I'd love to keep going back for future movies.

Glenn O'Claray

Very nice & comfortable seats & a very helpful staff

Ann Marie H

I know companies are conserving energy but for the price of a ticket to the movies and what they charge for popcorn and a drink you would think the theater would have the AC on during the movie. I was sweating in those chairs and so were the people around me. This is the second time I have seen a movie there with little to no AC. I will make sure the next time I see a movie there I tell them before watching a movie or just find another theater to see movies.


Had a good experience over all , the concession stand was great and helpful but even with premier level the was only one person attending two lines at the ticket booth. (This happened during matinee hours)

Aaron Ramirez 5.0

Reserved seating reclining seats can be pricey if enjoy watching it just about every kind of movie try becoming a stubs member

Jorge Fonseca

Cool place. A little crowded for endgame, but overall. Good.

Yolanda Flores

Totally enjoyed my movie @ AMC 20. Great comfortable reclining seats. My friend n I were so comfortable n relaxed enjoying "The Farewell", lovely movie. We went to the 8:30 pm showing. Great choice on a Sunday evening.

Laura Campos

Love the seats here, always enough space to pass others in the aisle when needed

Peter McDougal

Great seats, great service, pretty good concessions

Jessi Rey

Poorly managed, poorly trained staffed, maintenance staff needs to be replaced, customer service is awful. Its truly sad the employees at this location don't take enough pride in their work as to make it a welcoming business. I hope corporate gets to see the bad reviews and do something about it. We pay nearly $50. monthly for membership and when we come to watch a movie, theaters are not cleaned. The trash is scattered all over the place, watch out for candy on the seats ETc..

Jon Paul

Theater is clean, comfortable and does the job. My only complaint, theatre 10 does not have reclining seats. When I bought the tickets, it said AMC Signature Recliners for this movie. The seats did not recline. I still enjoyed the movie Spiderman 2.

Richard Sanchez

Looks good after the remodel. Parking is easy. Seats are great most of the time. They recline. It's clean. No more games. And a bar. Kind of interesting, but still expensive.

Carlos Dj

Tuesday Discount Day just saw JOKER slow starting very dark movie, but really picks up with some bizarre turns... Oscar winning performance.

Lourdes Flores

Bad customer service, especially at the concession. After making a long line the guy tells me you at he wrong line get in line again, he said cant help you sorry! Very sarcastic people. DO NOT BRING YOUR FAMILY

Tiger Lilly

Just like watching a good movie at home. Good food & drink options

Marcus S.

Incredibly comfortable. Dont bother with bad IMAX seats though.

Huy Nguyen

Nice theater and my family love the recliner seat. It is mostly clean. The staff is friendly and helpful. If you become a Stub insider member, then you can see movies on Tuesday for $6, which is an awesome price!

Sheri Grant

It was really clean and love the chairs very relaxing love the Screen very clear and bathroom was super clean! Very nice and environment

Nikhil Chowdhary

The best AMC in LA region. Nice reclining seats, well maintained.

Steve Astle

Typical AMC theater, but with 20 theaters the movie selection is good.

Victor Velarde

Great Dolby sound and pic. Seats not to good especially if in section b.

Jag P

Love their comfortable reclining seats, has bar

Phillip Olague

I use to like coming to this theater. Today we came to see a movie and there was a very long line and one ticket person. We went in and all the workers seemed to be in a bad mood. We went to go buy food and the food area was filthy. Two very long lines and only two or three cashiers. The combos were changed and very overpriced. The chairs were very comfortable but the theater itself smelled old and stale... Not coming back ever...

Ulises Cazares

Love the improvements they've made to the seats and lobby area. I do miss the arcade games

Alfredo Zanchez

Great theater! They have great recliner chairs, a wide variety of movie selections, including foreign movies and snacks . Hanging out with family at this theater is pleasant.

Claudia Morelos

I love the size of the theater is more intimate makes you feel comfortable

Anand T

Very good place to watch movies

David Mcgee

Very clean inside. Ticket seller very friendly. Only two people in line for food and the staff acted like we were a hassle wanting food. Seats were comfortable and clean. Will come back but next time bringing my own snacks.

Valerie C

To this day, one of my favorite theatres. Over the last 20 years they have made major improvements. From Recliner seats, bar and of course reserved seating.

Daniel Leewood

Fairly tucked away and quieter than most AMC’s. Not a dine in theater but the seats are still the recliners and definitely more puffy than all the other ones I’ve been to - almost too much but most people enjoy it. I especially like going here for the Fathom Events Studio Ghibli fest movies. Overall recommend for a quick movie, not sure about concessions or customer service.

Patti Pearson

This theater has everything you need but I do find the reclining seats uncomfortable. I'm not a very tall woman (5'2") and if I don't want to recline, I find that my feet don't touch the floor (very important for circulation!) unless I sit at edge of my seat! Rather distracting when I just want to enjoy the show!


I drive a jeep with my top off. I absolutely love the fact the police department parks their cars in that lot. Honestly feel safer leaving my car exposed. Good parking!

Erick Macias

This place is great! I love going to this place, I come here all the time. Everything here is well above satisfactory but, the only thing that I don't like here is the bathrooms are sometimes a little messy.

Vanessa Guzman

They always run out of cheese sticks place is dirty hardly able to see movies

Satvir Singh Klair

Great and nice place to watch movies. Neat and Clean.

srt Art

One of the best AMC theaters, love the seats and format variety. Great customer service from every single staff, I always can't wait to go back for another movie especially being an A-list member. Check them out they are doing an excellent job here.


People expect long lines, expect it to be busy at the movie theaters on the weekends. Sorry to bust your little bubble, you're not the only one who goes to the movies. Oh, there's soap missing, out of toilet paper, soda tastes water down? Get with an employee and let them know. That's out of their control. They're not standing at the soda machine tasting the soda as they're serving guests their snacks, they are not standing in the bathroom monitoring each guests as they come in. Dont be rude. Bring it up to their attention. BUT Enough of all that, great upgrade on their seats and super plus on the bar! Staff are always friendly.

Raymond Ballesteros

It's been a while since I've been to this AMC (The Dark Knight Rises was playing here at the time

Hector Escobar

Great theater. Clean and friendly atmosphere.

Bhaskar Bhakta

Easy in and out. Large parking area. Great recliner seats. Lots of food options outside. Right next to I5. I go here about 2 times a month.

Jerm Gord

I love this movie theater. The service is awesome.

Marielena Nila

Free parking, reclining seats and food taken to your seat....what more could you want? Alcohol! Well, they also have a bar!

Liz Rincon

It was a disaster. Kids were super loud and parents would not exit the auditorium. Popcorn selection was inadequate to say the least. Ticket and concession lines were very poorly coordinated. It was a mess.

Diane Alonso

Great movies and prices on Tuesdays. Kids always enjoy

GachaEvelyn PikaFan

Was watching Detective Pikachu. Really clean, nice places, and good movie features. I really recommend IMax.

Jose Enrique Fuentes

Great movie theater to wach movies


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