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6731 Fallbrook Ave, West Hills, CA 91307, United States Located in: Fallbrook Center

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REVIEWS OF AMC Fallbrook 7 IN California

Edward Dawson-Taylor

Great. Comfortable, nice bar, good picture quality. Child have turned the volume up a bit but that's my only suggestion. Otherwise great!

Pat Burke

Locally, the only theater that rivals it in seat comfort is the Edwards in Calabasas. The theater itself is great. Located next to some fantastic restaurants. Relatively small so to me it's best visited during non peak times.

Roger Soria

Very comfortable chairs

Deas Steele

Nice place to see a movie. Clean.

Susie Abel

The seats recline all the way back . Way more comfortable than the Topanga theater .

Kers Pate

Great Location for all your movie premieres I'm here every weekend with my family love this place.

Kristen Grunewald

I love the comfy seats. The staff was friendly and courteous. I enjoyed my movie experience there and I will go back again.


Awesome service saw so many movies for a cheap price


Awesome most comfortable seats ever in any movie theater I have ever been to!! Like reclining chairs...careful though, I dozed off!!

De Mann

One of my least favorite AMC theaters. The entrance is too small to hold the movie crowd especially having the concession stand right when you walk in. Too much congestion getting your drinks and it's messy. The ticket taker is positioned in an awkward place, so you have to pass them and get in line again if you forget or decide you want to buy something at the concession stand once you enter the movie theater in the back. Once you pass there is a lot of room to get to your movie and the theaters themselves are good. This theater needs a remodeling STAT.

Fina Thorstensen

Very nice & comfortable

Ramon Saldaña

This AMC Theater it is great to go see movies they have great recliner seats

Clint Lipfert

Love the electronic recliner seats. Excellent service.

Simon Alberto Padilla

The best theater in the valley


Its a really good theater liked the recliner chairs and its nice and clean

noemi sonido

It was the best theater I have been too. Chairs the most comfortable

tristan pariser

It is good and the food is too

susan simpson

Luv the recliners, but got a little hot, they didn't have a/c on.

Julie J

This a smaller less crowded theater. They have recliner seats. I grew up in that area and have been around this area for over 50 years. Very comfortable.

Angel Burgos

This is the only AMC in Valley that has all reclining seating. They also offer delivery to seat if ordering on the app after buying your tickets. I Also have had the A-list monthly plan, now $23.95 for 6 months to get any 3 movies a week & free app reservations. The only reason for not giving 5 stars is the app is buggy, it freezes or restarts & kinda slow for having a powerful phone with LTE. But If you love movies at least once a week this is best deal any theater has offered ever. They allow us to watch IMAX, RealD 3D & the better Doldy cinema with fully adjustable seats that vibrate with movie actions. I dont take full advantage of the 3 movies a week but go to the best of the week at least.

Mark Conboy

Best theater in the valley. I hate watching movies without recliners now and can't go wrong with a beer & a movie.

Brandon sinn

Comfortable.. nice seats

Kreshell Ramey

Really nice snacks and there is a bar as well. Seats are comfortable and clean as well.

priscilla Cervantes

Just saw Scary Stories anyone who loves horror go watch it!!!

Mark Gendernalik

Love our small local theater. My only complaint is they reclining seats are too comfortable and I've been known to fall asleep during the kid's movies.

Leslie Palermo

All staff is welcoming and friendly. Great movie experience!

Risa Berger

Concession stand will deliver your drinks & snacks to your reserved, reclining seat. Fresh popcorn made every 15 minutes. Plenty of handicapped seats/spaces in all theaters. Friendly, smiling faces greet you; helpful employees behind counters & throughout the whole, seemingly-still-new, establishment; movies shown with great audio/videos; farewells that welcome you back again, for a wonderful, entertainment experience!

Marlene Aragon Jerez

I love this place and has small bar so u can just relax and have cup of wine

Jonas Stuffypants

Very luxurious and comfortable seating. Very expensive snacks. Great place to use AMC movie pass thing, especially during the early day on five dollar Tuesday.

Ara Celi

Omg this theater is the best one so far because of the reclining chair, I get to watch a good flick in a great comfortable recliner that I get to adjust at my level, putting my feet up is a joy to my feet! Anyways it's a great theater to enjoy with popcorn and a slushy. My husband and I always enjoy coming here because their is a Trader's Joes and a Daico just outside for after the theater shopping.

Mirna Alcala

Friendly personal, not too crowded, the chairs are very comfortable, and a lot of places to eat

Mohammed Sabbah

Nice and comfy, good service.

mary drinkard

Love this theater always comfortable, clean and the crowd is always great. The food is not always the best. But it is a theater not a restaurant. For the most part very much bearable.

Nayomee R

Nice clean place. Very super comfortable chairs! I was surprised.

Demetrios Katsantonis

Love this place, just wish they had Dolby cinema and iMax.

James Butler

This theater is pretty cool. The sound is great and the seats are actual recliners. You can lean back, kick your feet up, and still have plenty of room. And if you go with your significant other, the seats are close enough to raise the armrests and get close. Unless he's still in the doghouse and working his way out. Then, of course, you can use the armrests and roominess to send the message that he still has some work to do! (But give him a break, he brought you to a nice theater.)

Rosario Apaez

Nice and cozy place to watch a movie

Cheryl Corona

Love the recliner seats!

Mario Cortez

The best place to see a movie

Gwen Fauquier

Very comfy seats very roomy love it need one like this in Valencia

Qtd Feelings

Reclinable seats! Good prices and Great service.

Jose frias

Love this theater. Great seats, great service.

Oscar Gil

Good experience as first time visiting this place

mario mendez

It was awesome sits and they have an alchohol bar.

Batya Roseman

This is one of the best movie theaters they have reclining chairs and you can even pick your own seats ahead of time it makes me so happy to have enough room to spread out and really enjoy a movie do you even think you go by the seat on either side of you . I think it’s a very fun idea to entertain

Liza Chandler

All around great experience

Tristen Farley

Clean theatre, quick service, and plenty of parking around the back. Only thing was a homeless man shouting to the sky on our way out. Not really their fault or his, just sets you on edge


Easy local. Very comfortable reclining seats.

John King

It's a nice theatre with the fully reclining seats but considering how expensive it is you'd think they could afford to have ushers check the theatres a few times during the film's. Apparently this is a very talkative area because people are always, ALWAYS talking during the film and won't shut up. I've seen a few people go at it for this reason, so be prepared.

Leona Young


Melissa Branchaud

Comfy seats and friendly staff.


My wife and I loved the reclining seats for this theater #reclinerseats

Albert Sanchez

Was nice but when i was looking for someone to help with the ac since the room was getting a bit to warm i couldn't find 1 employee to help

M&M Sister Vlogs

Simply horrible experience! I hate when I have to write unfavorable reviews. This place was DIRTY when I visited last night. The bathrooms were hideous, the floors were filthy and the concession stand countertops had not been wiped down!! I had forgotten why I stopped coming here and started going to the Commons in Calabasas. I wish I could give this ZERO stars but I know it won't allow me to. Get some mature people working in here, PLEASE! These kids have no desire to work and it shows. Highly disappointed

Erika Bravo

Great theater! Comfortable sitting best place to watch a movie and relax

Jonathon Santos

Clean facilities, great food selection and tasty. The theaters are clean and the seats are comfortable. Never had an issue with the staff.

Toni G

Nice big and roomy seating. The concession area is very small so it gets congested. I recommend arriving early to get settled. Great theater overall.

Nick Ryan

They did a lot to upgrade this place. Def a favorite theater. It gets 4.5 stars, it would be a a full 5 if they would fix their nacho cheese sauce.

Bobby Holmes

Great facility to watch a movie but concession staff is very slow. So come early if you want food or drinks before hand

Cristopher Valle

Very good prices and seats

Rebecca Rios

Clean movie theater and nice working staff

paria sheibani

Nice place with comfortable chairs. My kids love this place

Radeepa Kiribathgala

One of the best AMC theater with very comfortable recliner seats. The theater isn’t big but still good has enough space. If you go to early 10-11am show it’s cheaper than most theaters in LA. great deal.

Sydney Dajnowicz

I like this movie theater because it is small, clean and comfortable. It costs the same to go to the amc 16 in woodland hills but you get reclining seats and there is better food options available.

Angie Covarrubias

I love the luxury recliners when I go watch a movie! It is almost as if you are watching the movie at home... The only downside is having immature moviegoers who don't know how to be quiet and respectful in public... And It's usually the late teens to young adult ones... The new generation lacks manners.

danthekiller909 god mod

Great seats and good service.

Priscilla V Lopez

It's an older theater but its always clean, friendly staff and they have amazing chairs feels like home!

James Lee

Great seats great theater. Good staff always friendly

Joshua G

Reclining seats, they have a small bar in the lobby. Always good popcorn

Fatima Adams

Just great ....nice people


Relaxing theater experience!

Zizely Gutierrez

Love love the place amd the staff...alwaya fast

Robert Stein

I like this theater. The chairs are all electric recliners. Very comfy. And it seems to attract a nicer group of people than some of the other theaters in the area.

Tim Lambert

Comfortable reclining seats in every theatre. Nice shopping center.

Daniel Bliley

Great alternative to the Woodland Hills Promenade AMC and you can usually catch movies here that have been out for a while and have left other theaters. So you can catch a lot of movies that you haven't yet seen. All the seats in this theater are plush recliner seats also which makes for a very relaxing way to watch movies. I'll definitely be back.

Brandy McDaniels

If you want to feel like your at home in your recliner, this is the theater you want to come to. PS: please give up after yourself when you leave. Last week when we were walking out, people had left EVERYTHING in their seats.

Richard Perea

I'll forever love this theater for it's reclining loveseat sofas! I can get nice and cozy and enjoy the movie. I've been there dozens of times and have only ONCE had a bad recliner, but that wasn't something that couldn't be worked out. I also love that the venue feels a little more private, or intimate, because of it's small size.

Williams Macua

The chairs are comfortable but they need to do a better job at cleaning. I u understand is difficult to clean a theater in between films. Yet the 3 seats we had all were smeared with butter. Too dirty for me going to stick going to my local theater.


One time I didn't even watch a movie, I just went for the Bavarian Legend Pretzel. It's just that good.

Kevin Moreno

Yeah its pretty chill.. Reclining chairs.. Pretty nice. To take a nap .. Or actually watch the movie

Doris Pecorino

Always love ur movies

Corey Moon

Love this theater. Great service, Comfy chairs, Reasonably priced than most theaters and the new bar is a plus!

Michael Rodela

Great place to watch a movie. The theaters are a nice intimate size with bog sized reclining seats, the concession stand is fairly quick, and the bathrooms are clean. Also, there is a small bar when on the right when you first enter. Five stars!

stephanie williams

Comfortable reclining chairs! The most comfortable theater I have been to!

Cris Federick

Best Reclining seats !

Michael Druckman

Gotta love the new recliner seats they have

Dan Putnam

Seats are Ok. not great. floor is flat so optics are different. way overpriced food, but what's new? I liked a lot of previews. and the 22$ pretzel was mammoth

Paul Stillman

Awesome theaters, great reclining seats, excellent sound and picture. Friendly staff, it's all good.

christian rodriguez

Very good the seats are amazingly comfortable and they are very clean its a great theater to come to.

Tyrone Warney

Customer service is the worst..... Go to promade 16 so much better than here..... Only good thing here is the reclining chairs.... Not worth the worst service ever!!!!!

Robert Berke

Bigger screens and less crowded than most. Reclining seats and wide aisles.

Sofia Aguayo

Great late night, not so many people.


I love the reclining seats in each of the Theaters. Theres so much space. I have been enjoying the 3D as well!

Rio Habibi

Best movie theater I’ve known so far. I’ve been there most of my life at a very young age take it from me it a very good place to relax and watch a movie.

Marsel Koci

Great chairs, quite possibly the best theater chairs I've ever used; they recline in user adjustable positions. Screen and audio quality could have been better, but if chairs are your thing, you gotta come here.

poop poop

Really nice seets and an overall great viewing experiance

Kevin Waitley

Clean. Large comfortable reclining seats. Cool a/c. Great sound system. Polite workers. Maybe I'm cheap, but it was pricey. Friday night 4 people about 100 with 2 popcorn & 4 drinks. I'll come again on $5 Tues

Amanda Moreno

The only movie theater I go to ! Love the recliner seats , very comfortable and kept clean

Peter Carniglia

Great time to take my grandson to lion king!

Tamara Pheiffer

a little on the expensive side, but still worth 5 stars. Lots of seats - VERY COMFY - to choose from. tons of space, lots of choices of candy and soda machines (just what the kiddies love).. service of employees was great too. also located in a cute shopping center with tons of other stores like old navy, trader joes, etc etc

Reuven Reyman

Very nice reclining seats, although, if the person infront of you doesn't recline their seat, its almost impossible to see the bottom of the screen.

Nintendo Kid

Amazing but it just doesn't have Dolby

Mildred Sellers

Good movie seat

Lisa Brazil

Best movie experience,great comfy seating,pre order food they bring it to your seats when you tell them to,always clean and well kept

Omar A

Went to see Captain Marvel the second weekend and avoided the lines plus going early is a deal. The place is nice and clean with enough availability of the latest movies. The seats are reclining big and comfortable you just have your own lazy chair. The snack selection is awesome I got the triple feature box that has a chicken and waffles sandwich with curly fries and a cookie, and it was delicious try it the waffle comes with syrup built in so it won't get messy and so tasty I honestly would just go in there for a meal. The fries are spot on good and crispy and not greasy because they dont use oil, the cookie was definitely worth having a cup of milk around for to enjoy it better but overall worth it.

Robert Schott

Great small theater with full electric reclining seats. Clean and well staffed. Parking is ample but usually full so plan to spend a few minutes looking for a spot. $5 Tuesdays are a great deal.

DeVarna Griffin

A great theater to watch a movie. The seats are comfortable. You will definitely go sleep. I normally visit here to get some great rest. Bring your pillow and blanket, it's just that comfortable. I Love this theater.

Sean Wellbaum

Great evening. Clean theater. Good time!

Dawn Tindall

Needs an update. Carpet was disgusting. Not worth the price.

iCaKeFamily A

Love the reclining seats.

Jalilah James

Love to visit, just seems like I always have to go to another location if I want to see a movie that has a cast of mostly or all people of color.

Jesse Crawford

Love the seating here. The big recliners go all the way down and if you're not careful you may fall asleep. I nearly did once! My daughter brings a blanket and a pillow.

Leo Dayao

Very cozy, countable reclining chair.

Hilda Esteban

I love watch movies and always eat popcorn

Gene Waysman

I love that place. Good stuff, good prices, comfy chairs. All good. Highly recommending


I love AMC Fallbrook! It’s always clean, almost never packed, the staff is always nice, and it’s nice and tucked away so you can pretty much bet on there never being a huge crowd.

Nayeli E.

Our favorite theater, employees are do nice only thing is that people are do dirty , restroom is always a mess and the soda station

Cheri Trozzi

This is the best theater ever. Reclining seats, small movie screening rooms so all seats are good seats, friendly atmosphere, never a line, you can pick your seats, extremely clean theater including bathrooms. I purchase my tickets early and then I walk to Chili's, red lobster or Olive garden for a cocktail or bite to kill time before the movie starts. There are a lot of restaurants in this area. Parking is no problem and this place is relaxing and hassle free. Love, love, love


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