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13455 Maxella Ave #280, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292, United States Located in: Villa Marina Marketplace Mall

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REVIEWS OF AMC DINE-IN Marina 6 IN California

Ronnie K

Amc premiere pass is great as usual and the staff is great because they do the best they can do. But the food here is terrible. I would seriously avoid anything that doesn't sound fresh. Avoid anything fried. I had their chicken tender/boneless wings (same thing btw) and you can taste how old and rubber the chicken was. Hot oil splashing out and burning is definitely not a good time. Biscuits are pretty bad so I would avoid that. Fries had a weird dry and tangy seasoning to it. AVOID THE FOOD! 1 star because it is a dine-in theatre. They should have better food.

Lala Lewis

Wonderful experience/very comfortable seating. Great customer service. Delightful food.

Jasmine Vazquez

Best dine in I've been to in the are! The staff is friendly and helpful everytime. They're always smiling and will greet you. The location is very clean and tidy, inside the seats are comfy and clean. The seats recline and the median can go up if you want to cuddle your movie buddy. You can order food throughout the theatre and that is what sets this place apart! The food is great and the staff is attentive to your needs and can cater to food allergies or restrictions. Will come back!

Cyndy L

We saw "The Farewell" at a late afternoon showing. The theater was clean and had very comfortable reclining chairs. Ordering food from the friendly staff was simple. But the food was served during the movie which interrupted some important scenes. The first server tried to be discreet but then the next server tried to collect money at the end of the movie. She blocked my friend's view so she missed the ending. Next time I won't order food though this is the reason we came - to experience a dine in theater.

Carolyn Dixson

Seats were awesome. The dining experience was like being at a real restaurant

Ann Thomas

Loved it!! Great food and spirits

Chala Cueva

We saw the kitchen - excellent

Kayla Broom

Food is

Ebony B Chappell

This place is the best. From friendly service to friendly staff

Jim Hohl

Love this kind of experience watching movies. Only wish they’d occasionally have some non mainstream movies.

Michael Vincent

Friendly staff, large comfortable reclining seats. Food and drinks are brought to you. Full bar with stiff drinks. I usually park across the street by the book store. Much easier then trying to deal with the tight spaces in the parking garage. I’ve never had loud annoying people in the theater with me, probably because they can’t afford it.

Rita Raygosa

My favorite theater, I prefer this once over other places. Staff awesome, great location, comfy chairs, and dine in food & drinks ordering right from your seat. I feel at home her with my A-List membership. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dionne L Pass

Staff is great! Seats could use some upholstery repairs. Once again, the staff is great! Parking is free!

Alejandro Cadavid

The theater and attention from the waiters are great, but I would like them to be more careful when passing in front on the seats while the movie is going.

Gale Castillo

I usually enjoy coming here but today was a horrible experience. I placed an for order capachino which was warm not hot asked for it to be redone and it came back the same way. I had to ask 4xs for a cup of ice water which i did not get it until my movie was almost done. Maybe they were short staff I dont know but it was very disappointing.

Mayra Garcia

Recliner chairs and dine in service is perfect

Dannette Montague

Love this place. Food is great and so is the service. Comfortable chairs. I will travel 3 freeways to watch a movie here because I love this place. I'm spoiled by the experience.

El Vez

Honestly it’s my favorite theater on the Westside! I wish every theatre followed this model!

Declan Durcan

Overpriced for what you get. You pay more per movie ticket compared to other AMC theaters on top of expensive food + tipping wait staff. Also it can be distracting with the wait staff walking around the theater during the movie.

Michael Morris

Awesome. Love this place. Service was good and the sound was amazing. I had the flat bread. It was really good for being theater food. Very happy.

Monica Amromin

Great service, love the reclining seats!

Marco Martinez

Its the best expirions


The cinema and the food is so good but the service is a little bit slow

Kourosh Kermanian

Very comfortable reclining seats. Good food selection. The price of the tickets are higher than non dining theaters but the food prices are reasonable.

Peta Takai

I love the movie theatre, in terms of comfort, having a cocktail; but they play a pretty bad selection of movies. Rarely any independent films?

kevin dick

Great chairs, menus, and staff


The girls that work here have big booties. The girls that visit here also have big booties.

Coleen Kelly

It's one of the Marina Del Rey movie Theaters there. Of course you can dine in there.

Mila Devlin

Comfortable, nice and clean, best of all...$6 all day Tuesday.

M Duque

Clean and good service! Nice and comfy and enjoyed watching "Once upon a time in Hollywood"

iori Yagami

Is great place ,, comfortable seats The food is good ,, you will enjoy your movie and have a drink

S. Kate Schmidt

The bus is the best way not worry and enjoy a day at the movies

Jo Dee

Extremely comfy seats, and good casual fare food and drink menu. Knock out dinner and a movie at once! I come here all the time.

Dabra Hirsch

Loved it. Staff really nice. Food was good. Pricey, nice treat.

Calanthe Jackson

Seats weren't clean nor was the tray. This was a very nice theater when it first opened years ago.

Memee Rockeymore

It was a very nice experience. The seating is spacious, and the food was actually very good. My friend and I had the sampler, the wings, and the Oreo Milkshake was Super Delicious

Dolki Golk

popular American movies and Korean movies. good to go with people need Korean or English subtitle

all for you playhouse the playhouse

Very comfortable seat wonderful people

Kaelyn Simone

Good service, comfy seats, high prices and lots of rules.. They enforce them...NO outside food. I understand but dang I had just went to dinner downstairs and I had to finish my food b4 the movie. Worked out cause I got a coke (free refills)

the cat family welcome

My husband and I went to this location for a movie date an we both love it. nice comfortable sitting seats nice staff service at this location.


So far, my favorite AMC theatre! Totally worth getting the A-list! Food is good, service is good and more importantly, it doesn't smell like food when I walk in before a movie! This place is always thoroughly clean.

Enrique Morales

Very nice and clean service is very friendly

Kurson Champion

Nice setting but workers need to work on their customer service skills on serving the moviegoers meaning when I take your order they need to be more patient and not have nonchalant attitude when you have a question about something on the menu

Glitter Usagi

It's pretty good. I went to this theater a couple of times last year and felt like the customer service was poor (they were all on their phones!) and everything was dirty - this freaked me out a lot at a place that is known for serving food. So when I recently decided to give them another chance, I brought my own cleaning wipes and tissues like my grandmother used to do! The first night, we wiped off our seats and trays in theater 4, but they didn't need it at all - they were very clean and the wipes didn't pick up any hidden muck. I used the ladies and it was pretty clean before the show too. It was a little worse after the show, they needed to empty all of the sanitary bins (*gags*), but that can happen a lot around LA. We went back again last night and sat in theater 1, almost exactly the same experience. The workers are still maybe a little slow, but they are much more engaged and polite than they were a year ago (I think it's mostly the same people, management must have just taken an interest in this!) and everything is a million times cleaner! Five stars because while not technically perfect, still great for the price when you facter in the comfy chairs.

Adolfo Castillo

Best place to watch movies

A.N.A. So Nunya

This is my go to theater. No kids, bacon brussel sprouts and drinks! Who could ask for more?! Plus, Ruth's Chris is just steps away.

Susan Chang

I love the recliner seats in the dine in theater. Tickets are a little more expensive because of these seats but it's just nice to recline back, have food and drink brought to you, and enjoy a good movie. It's perfect for date night. Service is great, too! Only complaint is that they only offer popcorn in one size.

Jennifer Darrington

I visited the AMC Dine In@Marina Del Rey on May 11, 2019 with my sisters,mom &aunt for a Mother Day outing. This was their first time experience. To my disappointment, the food service once again was slow. No one offered any explanation or apology for the lack of quality service. This location is really nice. It would be a disadvantage for this establishment to lose its credibility due to a staff shortage or poor on-site management.

Gisela Jackson

I truly like the dine-in Movie experience. A little more costly but worth it. Seats are very comfortable, staff is very pleasant

Laurel Brown-Harris

This is definitely my favorite movie theater for "Date Night". Movies and cocktails are always a plus!!

Marcus Camero

Don't come here for the food. The chefs have given up on preparing things of quality. Cold French fries, Luke warm nachos, ran out of lemonade, the vinyl/leather arm rests are torn in the more frequently utilized seats. They used to have a few good things at slightly higher prices but now they just keep raising the prices to keep meeting their revenue goals, but lost emphasis on quality. This used to be my favorite theater to splurge for, but I'd rather go to any of the other ones. 13.49 for a flatbread pizza here or 8.99 for the same pizza across the street at the other AMC.

Atarzah Sims

Horrible the price is insane for a child (21$) oh no and for adults (25$)and then the black man with dreads that order food he don’t listen he rush he just need to get fired he has a bad attitude People were sitting in our seats

Ramos crafts

So I decided to treat my family to a night out and enjoy the newest Toy Story movie. We came out to take advantage of the discounted ticket sales on Tuesdays. Its been years since I had been to this movie location and definitely the last time I set foot here. thanks to the young gentlemen working the ticket booth age 18-24, brown hair with the tattoo on his forearms lack of effort to inform me of showtime availability to the film. thanks for the horrible experience young man! Definitely taking my business elsewhere! you should too.

Jennifer Vargas

Usually this theater is amazing yet tonight the fire alarm went off and no one could tell us what happened and no one could give us vouchers or anything.

Manny JBad

Food I ordered was very salty. Movie quality and seats were great.

Daniel Nash

Great experience. Comfy seats that lean back. Big screen. Great Cobb salad.

Otto Kimba

My waiter was great. I only wish I remembered his name, but most if the staff is great. One night this week, a girl checking tickets (and reading a book simultaneously) looked so sad (wouldn't say hello) that I actually asked her what was wrong.

Ilia Forouzan

Fairly clean, friendly staff. Food is decent. Something is always broken in the bathroom. Reclining seats have never been broken.

Juanita L

Wonderful chairs! (You could easily fall asleep in them, if you were tired or the movie was a bore

Brad Fowler

Best recliners at a y theater as they are very spacious and wide. This is a full service w drinks and incredible food dishes for lunch or dinner. A great date experience for the adults.

Lea Algazy

Such a cool experience! It’s a restaurant inside of the theater. You get recliner seats and a full waiter service. Menu is full of good things like chicken wings, burgers, pizza , salads etc. You order and they bring it to your seat. Really comfortable. AMC is a really good theater chain. I recommend on their loyalty app in which you can earn points and rewards. Birthday gifts and $5 tickets on Tuesdays

Jay Johnson

Boy get you drink and food served straight to your seat. No more waiting in lines

Phyllis Davis

A new experience as we do not formally have this sort of setup on the east coast. A pleasant unique difference!

Tina Scruggs-Tate

Simething is going on here. Everyrime i come to this theater the agent tells me they only have 1 seat left or only seats at thr very front of the theater are available. When you enter and sit through the movie, half the theater is empty. I expressed that to the agent before and she indicated that she had no controll over the sales of seats. This is true however what are the odds that both times this has happened and half or more than half the theater is empty. Something is definitely wrong. Help!!!

Dameon Turney

This is how movies should be done: In-theater food service, comfy recliners with surfaces to eat on, and mainly adults. My cocktail was good. The fries are great. Service before the movie was sufficient. Saw equalizer 2 here. Pricey.

Cali Jay

Good experience, definitely recommend this place if you taking a significant other on a date

Marjorie Josaphat

What a great experience. I love dining at the movies!! Will definitely do it again

Brandee Hewlett

I don't really go to 'dine' I get popcorn and occasionally pretzels, but I go for the seats! So so so so comfortable and the screen is gigantic. Love this theater.


Cool date scene. Or not! LOL!


It's bougie ya'll. It's bougie, but nice. Free parking, all the seats are reclinable; and the customer service was great. Come here with your AMC stubs pass, or a fancy movie date. I'd say; hit up one of the bars during happy hour and then walk over to the AMC, finish with a movie and a snack.

La Brena Rent

Awesome movie theater! So comfortable and worry free. No loudmouths to ruin your movie. I'd happily pay more here, just to sit in enjoyment. Now this is how a movie theater should be managed. All the employees were busy and seemed to enjoy their jobs, pleasant to talk to and very helpful. I highly recommend this theater among any other. It makes me proud to be an A-List Member. Thank you AMC, you out did yourself with this level of comfort, commitment and care towards your customers! Bravo!

dolapo sunmola

The movie theater is great and the seats are super comfortable. The downside to this place is the RUDE nature of some staffs. Just be mindful expecially if you gonna be paying with your credit card when ordering some food. The rude and nonchalant servers will misplace your card and say you never gave them. By the time one of the staff realize you right, they begin to accuse you of been rude and threaten to call the security on you. So pathetic! Aside that it’s a great cinema.

Josephine Faux

The atmosphere was inviting as we got there. Also the young lady that informed us it was $5.00 Tuesday. Food was excellent as will as the waiters. All it was a wonderful evening relaxing in my recliner seat enjoying my Movie The Up Side with my daughter Dawn. Got to go again with my friends.

Jesse Alva

Cool place for datenite.diner ,drinks & a stop shop!!

Martin Social

I really love this theater. Seats are very comfortable lots of room and they recline. The only reason I can't give them 5 stars is because ordering and/or receiving of food or drinks takes so long. I also wish they would have traditional movie theater menu's as well (popcorn, nachos, pretzels. Etc)

Alex Reyes

My go to spot for movie, just because of the fact that its reserved seating and love the reclining chairs. Loved the idea of having a waiter for drinks and food. They lack a quality of service and the wait time to get your food is ridiculous. Movie run time was 2 hrs, i didnt receive my food until 30 mins left of the movie. Sticking to drinks only next time.

Clare I

This is one of the best theaters in LA. It's a small Cinema so they may not always have the movie that you're looking for but if they do go there. Huge comfortable seats that recline back and legs up as far as you need them , food brought to you by ordering through a waiter. They also have a button next to you if you want something else from the waiter during the movie. I have tried a couple of the supposed big seat theaters but this is the best one. They separate each pair of seats so that you're not too close to other people or you can be if you want to. I don't think a single theater has more than 50 seats And on the really big movies they have at least one 3D theater. I love this place I can't figure out if I'm going out for dinner going out to see a movie or going out for therapy to stretch out my bad back. Have a bar downstairs too. Aug 12 th UPDATE- I really don't want to give away my Gem of a place but I see that a lot of people have read the review, so I thought I would add a couple of extra things you probably should know. 1. Because they only have around 6 Theaters and small seating arrangements for the huge seats and privacy - if it's a new movie or a big movie, you should RESERVE SEATS AS SOON as you can. DAYS IN ADVANCE FOR AN OPENING NIGHT. 2. The food is actually pretty good and well priced for exactly what it is. And you can have drinks from the bar brought to you at your seat. That's it, enjoy!

Christian Folmer

Theater and dinning experience has such a premium feel compared to other dinning theaters I've tried from AMC. Highly recommend it!

Alicia Clark

The popcorn was too salty!! But good service


The food is delish I love the chicken wings and the chicken bacon Mac and cheese I bought 1 beer wings Mac cheese and spent $34 so it not cheap but not expensive either I watch Creed II it screen is decent 3D available chairs super comfy but be warned if you eat a big meal there and recline your chair all the way to bed status you will go to sleep and miss the movie... Location is awesome now there are 2 theaters across from each other one is dine in the other is not so make sure to pay close attention to which one you want to go to

katie judge

The seating is amazing! The food is great! And the service is also great but their mixed drinks are not worth the money. It almost seems like they don't put any alcohol in them.

Alfredo G

What can I say just finished watching the movie The Mule with Clint Eastwood and Loved it. First off the recliner seats were comfortable and a must try the Milkshakes. Also if you got that special somebody you wanna takeout and enjoy a good movie with this is the Place!!!

Sonia Reyes

I love coming here .. services is amazing good !!

Curtis Hamilton

Food is not that good and very expensive.

Johnny B

They serve alcohol at this movie theater and have better food than a regular movie theater with just popcorn and hot dogs they have more choices I would say park across the street at dw shoes in that plaza because it's a 2 hour parking in the structure oh and reclining seats is plus they have people in the theater that can bring you food or drinks if u want to order during the movie I love it

Kim Delgado King

Nice - oh those lounging seats! though

John Fitzwater

Considering this theatre makes a point of promoting itself as a place to watch a movie and enjoy a meal the range of food options for anyone on looking for a healthy or veg option, you'd best eat before coming here. If you like burger fare, you're in..

Jasmin Banks

Great theater, food is great, customer service is great. Fast service... sometimes a lil gift for new movie premieres. Thanks.

Elsa Olivares

Very nice place to eat and watch movie!! Good service and clean!

Andres Lopez

I love bringing my daughter to this dine in because it's loud everyone is ordering food, eating I don't have to worry about my kid being too loud and ruin the movie for everyone. The sound and image quality is very poor you could see the light from the chairs reflected in the screen. Also you could hear the sound from the theater next door. The food is good a Little overpriced just be careful when you're eating check your food it's really dark in there so you can't really see your dish that well. My wife ordered a quinoa bowl and was chewing on a piece of glass... Luckily she didn't cut herself the manager Brandon was very nice he apologized and just gave us so coupons and they only refund the quinoa bowl.. Honestly I was expecting a little bit more from their part. We returned the following week because he had promised he would take care of us next time but he never showed up. You can see the piece of glass in the picture below.

Jorge Cerrato

Great place to come and enjoy a mivie with great food. Love the food

W. C.

I actually really really like this DINE In theater its a very nice establishment went on a couple dates here and each time was a great experience. Great customer service, clean restrooms, nice theaters, great food. I don't have any complaints about this theatre.

Miraj Simpson

Clean, great food, awesome service. I loved it.

Nubia Altamirano

First time...& i love it..

Lanna Johnson

Best food drinks and service

Veronica Von

I love this theatre and the dine in experience! Food is good.staff and service is friendly. Service is fantastic!

Nicole Paige

This is the closest dine in to me and I love it. I wonder has anyone ever suggested AMC turn off the light next to the chair? It is really distracting. Anyhoo FUN

Angela Bridges

This was a nice experience! Most impressive.. the restroom was clean, employees were nice and courteous, movie theater seats were comfortable and cozy, food was good!

Lisa Pevc

I do not like is that it cost almost $20 for a ticket. It looks like from the description that the food is included when you purchase a ticket. When you get there you find out that all of the choices are 15 to $20 and you have to pay for them in addition to the movie ticket. Why charge nearly $20 for a movie ticket if you have to pay for the food anyway? The movie tickets should be regular price if you're going to be charged for the food. This makes no sense Great movie. Great food.

Michelle Jackson

A little pricey but I don't mind... I'm comfortable and no ones kicking the back of my seat! Excellent for date nights. The chicken nachos are delish

Ra Londra Howard

Used gift card to pay for my stuff, did not receive my gift card back. Had to go ask the server named Manpreet about my gift card. Which another server didn't get his name, had my gift card in his pocket. No explanation, no apology. Asked to speak with manager on site, he took up for the employees. No apology from manager either. I suggest if you go there pay cash or don't buy nothing. Watch your credit cards and debit cards too!!!!!!

Alma Salguero

Great place to go on a date or with friends. The chairs are big and comfortable. It is very spacious. Service is nice and the wait time is decent.

Jackie Chupina

These people was not able to help me out right after they double charge me on my meal and on top do everything the meal was over cook I would not recommend this place at all

Donna Long

Bartender needs to work on his customer service skills..Didn't acknowledge the customers in lounge and just so happened to have been Black...Ticket agents and wait staff were attentive excellent customer service...


Great place to enjoy a movie. Most the time the people here come to watch the movie and not play on their cell phones but due to the seating it’s really easy to not let that bother you even if they are on their cell phones. The food here is OK I like the nachos they are a little loud though. the tacos are good too. They have quite a few nice food items here. Usually the staff here can be not so friendly which is unfortunate. This isnt a huge theater so there’s not a whole lot of choices but if this theater hits one of the Films you want to see, it’s a great place to watch a movie.

Keyhan Almir

I like it! Very nice layout! Everybody is very helpful, there are machines for self-pay, couches outside the patio and inside the theatre lobby for people, and it's very easy to locate where every theatre inside is.

Eric Woods

Great place to relax and enjoy a movie like the days of old. But the price isn't. I do must say that if there more than two of you it a fur pricing . It eat-in and watch. That kul!!

Willie Striggs III MT

Superior. I love'd it. Never experience anything like it before except for @ home

Roseann Boffa

Terrible they serve dinner so all throughout the film you have staff walking in front of you dropping off food. Twice they tried to deliver me food that was not mine.... talking about the order... never go again!

Dorothy Wms- Kohlmeyer

The theater is great and so is the service. The four stars is for food that is slightly overpriced with not that much a taste value. However their shakes are amazing. You can seat comfortably from the from it the back row. Parking is in a structure and it is free.

Angelina Afiafi


Lily Munoz

Service has degraded from the previous visits. I ordered the chicken with Quinoa, it was SALTY, I asked for a Coke refill never got second, ordered Mac & Cheese they where out, and it took our server forever and a day :( I'm always saying go to AMC Marina Del Rey you will love it but after this visit, I'm like never again

Anthony Simpkins

4.5 STARS !!! Helpful staff, clean seating area. Food options brought to your chair, if you want it. Kudos to the register assistant, who helped me sign up for points, discounts, etc...

Gin Yu

I went to use the restroom after the movie and noticed an employee using the restroom but they had a tray on the floor in the stall with them. I am sorry, I used to work in the food industry and I still cannot comprehend any justification for this.

Nekie Gant

I went to see "Little," recently with a friend and the atmosphere and environment was really nice as always, although the service and food was regrettable. I ordered something simple from the menu, chicken strips. I stated very cleary that I didn't want any sauce with honey and it was because I was allergic. Then I very clearly stated I only wanted a regular barbecue sauce. When my food came I had several sauces on my plate instead of only the one I ordered and I had to ask if any of them had honey in them. The server unsure stated he would check. After waiting to know for quite some time he then returned stating that the barbecue sauce had honey in it, horrible. So he had to then move all the sauces from my plate since I only ask for BBQ sauce and they did not have barbecue sauce without honey. I then asked if anything else had honey on it he stated he would check. When a completely different server came back he said asked what I needed help with pointing to the help button when I look at him confused. I then had to explain the situation to him and inform that I was waiting for my server to return with information on my food. He then informed me he was told to assist me further. Frustrated I explained everything over again to him. He stated the biscuits might have honey on it but he didn't one hundred percent know so he would check as well. After a very long time another completely different server came by stating that the biscuits definitely have honey on them and he would remove them from my plate he took the food and said he would have to have it made it over which I appreciated because I didn't want to have an allergic reaction. But then after quite some time and halfway through the movie I still did not have food. I was honestly becoming overwhelmingly annoyed. Then finally another server came and brought me just cold chicken strips, cold and hard french fries with two biscuits on the side that were stated not to have honey on them were brought to me. I was cautious about eating the biscuits deal so I chose not to. I'm pretty sure it took about four different men/servers to handle my order. I feel as though if in the beginning when I said I was allergic to honey if that was just checked then I could have had my order right away and not waited for cold food to come throughout half of the movie. I just sat there waiting and feeling very upset I could not even properly enjoy the movie. And I still don't understand why they switched off to so many different servers when the one individual who originally took my order should have handled the situation. There was no apology for the inconvenience. Nor was there any type of discounted offer. Or some type of manager acknowledge the mistake. if it were up to me I probably would not come back to this location I'll do a lot of my friends live in the area so it is convenient. Next time I probably will not order food or I will stop at the front desk and asked about the menu in advance to check everything out and make sure there's nothing I may be allergic to on the menu.

keydel santiago

The recliners are comfy and very spacious but other than that the food was not good, the staff was not very nice and they were not very attentive. had to wait a long time after pressing the button to get my order taken and then another long wait for a refill. I was very disappointed. I have gone to studio movie grill which spoiled me and so I don't think this is worth it at all.

Arash Shoushtari

Lovely seats and good food for a movie theater

Dalio Estrada

My wife and I went to see the new Halloween movie and also to try the Dine-In experience. We ordered an appetizer which took 35 min to get to us. The theater started to get stuffy and hot, I asked the waiter if the A/C may be turned up and I was told it was not working properly. I ordered two waters and a coke with no ice due to it being so stuffy in the theater, when we got our drinks the coke was warm, I again called the waiter over to tell him the coke was warm, he replied that the "machine" was out of coke and they decided to go and buy canned coke. I don't understand why, if knowing you are out of coke and the canned coke you went to go buy is warm, would you still serve it to your guest. I guess customer satisfaction is not priority but making a sale on a soda is. We will not be going back to that theater.

Sedrick M

Staff is always nice. The space is clean and very, very comfortable. Though the serving of food can be annoying, it's too be expected in this environment. It's no one's fault really, you have to know what you signed up for. With that said, you can't go back to regular theaters after this great spot!

Shea McMahan

Great value and great movie experience

Jasper Lewis

Perfect date night spot! I also find this to be a super comfy theater to do movies alone. Food is surprisingly delicious and the bartenders are really nice if you come early and hang

Madame Papillon Rué

Great theater with considerable space and comfortable seats. The food is also pretty good.

Karelia Jauregui

Horrible service. Wait like 40 minutes for nasty and salty popcorns and a soda.

Andrea Pulliam

Drinks food movie love it

Chuck Carr

Large roomy seats with lots of leg room you can bring your food or order from AMC

Ericka Yvette Ramirez

Cute and spacious movie theater! I love that they have this option if you’re looking to just watch a movie and not dine-in (like the AMC across the street). I was surprised the chairs didn’t recline but maybe I was just using it wrong. The chairs are super comfy and made watching a movie @ 11pm relaxing. Edit: Forgot to mention there is AMPLE PARKING and a VARIETY of food options to pick from! :) you cannot go wrong hanging out w friends here or going on a casual date.

Crystal Urrutia

Nice place to watch movies and drink but the food sucks , salad was nasty ultamite nachos stake was dry beans tasted gross , wont be eating her again

Mario Rivera

This place is annoying. Cannot watch a movie without some jerk trying to order everything on menu.

Michelle Ierardi

$20 for one ticket to see a regular digital matinee. I asked why so much for 1 ticket and she said because it was dine in. So you pay almost double for a ticket and they charge an exorbinant amount if you chose to eat or drink there. The place was not that clean. So bad I had to take a picture. Bathroom disgusting and the entire theater was empty. Staff walking around doing nothing because noone was there. I did not order food or drinks. I go to AMC all often all over the country and this one is the only one I absolutely would not recommend.

Scott Wiseman

A really good concept having booze relaxing reclining the food got better actually the drinks are expensive and a little watered down but still you're having drinks at a movie theater so there you go definitely a fun thing to do once or twice

Andy Cheng

Nice recliner seating. The dine-in idea is great in theory, but in practice, the wait staff walk back and forth taking orders and delivering food during the movie blocking your view. It's also not as dark probably so people can see their food.

theresa wright

Pricey. Good seats and service.confusing to find from parking.signage not good.

David Sabillon

Best table service in town and great food.

Thamika Staine

Great good and drinks while you watch your movie

Phyllis Tiger

Tyler Perry Movie was funny, Food was okay, chicken finger could jave been more seasoned but overall the movie was fantastic n seating excellent, plenty of room. Parking structure need more room for bigger trucks. Lady was upset because she couldnt fit her big truck by my small car.

Daniel Cisneros

Great place to see a movie for a date night...dinner and a movie is a classic...our server was awesome as well, very attentive...

barb beaser

I like this place. The desserts are better than the chicken fingers - I like the Oreo milkshake. The chairs recline and are comfortable, and the service is very good. They're really nice here. It is not cheap, but for an occasion it's a good place to go.

Valentin Secades

Polite staff, comfortable seating. Food was enjoyable. Overall a good place to go and enjoy yourself.

bee breezy

Nice area but service is awful in the bar area does not tend to you this theater is more expensive and yet service is not as good as the other AMC the manager had a very quick answer and that was i need to walk up to the bar I asked for the corporate office number he was quick to get it I guess that's his way of not having to deal with me


I thought this was going to be a wonderful idea. It was not. Cold food. Cold service. I ordered a drink and have to remind the waiter 3 times and waited half an hour just for one drink. The chairs all have these huge lights that distract and bug along with waiters just walking around in front of everyone. Never again. I can just eat before I go.

Roshelle Dixon

Cool theater. Not a lot of big crowds. Cool food on the menu too..

Suheyla Pekin

It’s a little pricy but definitely the most comfortable movie watching experience.

Diego Perdomo

I have never been to a AMC dine-in and my first thought was wow genius 5 stars for everything

Anthony Thomas

Comfortable seating in an innovative movie viewing experience. I highly recommend it.

Debbie Oliver

A new experience to both dine & watch a good movie & loved it!

George Torres

Great service and food and the seat are to die for

Stevie Mack

Big plush comfortable chairs that recline, awesome sound system, great menu to choose from and the best chicken tenders I've had ... ever!

Martin Soltis

Good experience, but not a good value. $50 after fees for 2 seats and mediocre food and drinks (think Applebees) for another $75+. If you're not willing to pay a premium for great seating (it's kind of worth it), just go to a real restaurant and a normal theater.


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