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2550 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States

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REVIEWS OF Alamo Drafthouse Cinema IN California

Ashley Osbourn

What an amazing experience! Went to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in 70mm and have no regrets! The atmosphere is amazing and the staff is friendly & are knowledgeable about their beer lists! Try the Moonlight Lager, it was aces! Will definitely be back for another theatrical experience!

Sena Koleva

Love this theater so much! The food is ok for this type of thing — the grilled cheese was yummy but the pizza terrible. What I love is their no nonsense policy re distractions like people on their phones or talking. Comfortable seating and good sound. Good service, very unobtrusive. My go to theater.

Margarita Savkina

Love love love this place! Looks really cool inside, bartenders are nice, lots of beer and cocktail options. They have lots of rotating beer options, which I love. The movie theaters themselves are beautiful - they preserved the architecture of the old theaters. Comfy seats. Food is about $10-20, lots to choose from (truffle parmesan popcorn is a must try!). I like that they uphold the policy of no talking during the movie, some people get annoyed about that. I like how while you wait for your movie to start, they show clips about the producers talking about the movie or just interesting facts that are somewhat related. Awesome experience, especially because AMC and all of those other movie theaters like it are super expensive just for the ticket.

Chris Lindboe

A great place to enjoy a movie and lunch or dinner. There are tables for every 2 seats, with food and drinks ordered and served during the movie. They show a combination of the usual Hollywood fare with some arthouse films as well. To top it off, there is a large pinball arcade (arcade games near entrance, pinball upstairs,) bar, and video store. Definitely caters to classic movie fans properly.

Erica Lee

Drinks at the bar is amazing! Mushroom pizza delivery while watching the movie was great too. (the pizza was quite good).. The only thing is that the seating is not as spacious as some more modern theatres

Jerry Gordinier

Fantastic venue, great staff, tasty food brought right to you. Extensive menu and good drink selection. Bar inside theater as well.

steph barrett

Reserved seating, good food, good movies, with great sound, in the coolest retro style. Zero Lines. Fantastic.

Brian Case

Love the vibe of this old theater. It's been chopped up and updated, but it retains charm and is fun. Recommend. Be sure to check out the pictures of what it used to look like, both when it was maintained and when it was not!

Severa Rangel

Loved this theater. They serve drinks and some food items before and during the movie. Old theater in the Mission District. We enjoyed seeing Downton Abbey at this theatre.

Tiffany Oda

Gotta love Alamo! It's not the 'nicest' theatre by any means, but that is not what the Alamo Drafthouse is all about. Very vintage. (+) Assigned seating. Forget about having to get to the theatre super early to get the best seat. (+) Cool old timey and relevant commercials before the preview starts. (+) Comfy leather seats (+) Order food and drinks at your seats and servers come and deliver straight to your seats. (+) Boozey milkshakes are yummy. (+) Fried pickles. Not even my thing usually but it's so good here. (+) Cobb Salad is really good. (+) Their flavored popcorns are super good. Warning, you get A LOT of popcorn. (+) Paloma from the tap. There's a good amount of alcohol in it! (+) Pizzas are good too.

Janis Dy

Cool venue. The food and drink were great, and the wait staff were friendly. Looking forward to our next visit!

Kyle Bowman

Great for pinball. Gotta go up some stairs then down some stairs.


I was an Alamo junkie when I lived in Austin. Neat that it came to SF. Just saw Double Team there for Weird Wednesday with my buddy who goes about 150 nights a year. The popcorn and queso are tasty. Expensive for sure, a true indulgence, but heck, it's worth it. Thanks to all the staff.

Gregory Vögelman

Excellent venue for those who know how to keep their phones off and conversations to within their personal space. The food and service are also commendable.

Zac Bowling

Absolutely the best place to watch a movie. Get the mac and cheese


Great old "Art Deco" style multi screen. Saw QT's latest film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". It's a "dine-in" movie theatre......

Eddie K

This spot was legit ordered some chicken and fries a d they were on point I would definitely come back

Maïté Mériaux

If I could marry a movie theater, I would marry this one. If I could befriend a movie theater, I would befriend this one! In fact, this movie theater is probably my best friend from a past life. Or maybe, it's the soul of a best friend from a past life reincarnated as a movie theater! I have no idea what the f#€k is up with this movie theater but it makes me want to giggle! Maybe I want to sip on an herbal tisane served by its furtive staff. Or maybe I want to rub my head on its gold and ornate proscenium arch. Or maybe I can't do that because its staff will kick me out! Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I have!

Ray Sutton

Great food. The best place to watch a movie and the only one I’ll go to these days.

Douglas Archibald

What an amazing place. Turns the cinema into a completely new experience. Loved it!

Frances Thai

Super cute place to have dinner and watch a movie. Their setup for ordering is convenient so you can order during a movie, and I'm a fan of their refills :-)

Russell Houlston

The food was astonishingly flavorful and the venue was fascinating. The area is host to many clubs and restaurants which makes for an interesting stroll

Kylee Klemann

Their truffle popcorn is great and they have gluten free pizza. Not the best pizza I've had, but I was thankful they had a gf option. They also serve drinks. Such a cool experience!

Alex Krentsel

Awesome place for a date. It's a very cute place.

Bradley Flynn

Love this place. Only way to watch a movie! The food and drinks are great. Get the truffle popcorn

Robert Hoffman

Fun place to eat, drink and see a movie though not as upscale as Cinépolis.

Jeremiah Knoche

The food and cocktails were fine, although not amazing. I enjoyed eating and drinking while watching the film... My only real complaint was with how distracting it was too try to watch the movie while the servers are wandering through taking orders.

Alex Novosad

Great movies, custom pre-show ads to fit the theme, good order system, friendly staff - can’t wait to go again!

Stacie Larsen

Alamo is the best. I used to go when I lived in Austin and am so happy I live in a place I can go again. The food is dank, try the buffalo cauliflower. And they make going to the movies an experience, like it should be.

Nate Rock

Evidently originated in Austin TX, this place brings back the vibe of the true Cinema experience with a slight twist on the convenience of food/drinks. We saw one of the only two directors cuts of The Abyss here for our first major feature. Decent beer and food selection. The second film we watched was a dark movie in the same genre of Heart of Darkness or Lord of The Flies called MONOS. Service for both was outstanding! I wish we had one of these in Chicago near west loop/Fulton market... *wink*

Juan Padilla

Alamo Theater Used To be Called New Mission back in the day. Very hip and Stylish, has a full bar now, which is nice, to go have drinks with friends.

Mike Coletti

Great place for a film. Comfy seats, good food, pinball and old arcade games. Booze.

Ilya L.

This place is awesome. The decor, the service at your seat, and the funny "pre-previews" are all top notch!

Dave Davidson

Great experience! Definitely will go again.

Nicholas Cialone

Nice theaters, love the food, variety, quality, all of it. Haven't visited the store or bar/restaurant in there but the movie theater itself is really nice.

Cyndi Rosen

Beautiful restored theater. Good food. Comfortable and fun.

Nick Ishimaru

I mean, where else can you get table side pizza service while watching awesome movies? The food is great and the seats in the main theatre are extra comfortable

Alina Peneyra

Great idea and beautiful facility. The have a good selection of food and drinks. They also have video games that are $0.25. My server was a bit rude and threw out some food I hadn't finished without asking if I was done and before I could stop her. When I told her, she gave an insincere "sorry" and she didn't offer to replace it so her tip was crossed out and went for 18% to 1%.

Maxfield Atturio

Simply amazed by what they've done here. I had a burger while I saw endgame and it was such a great experience. Afterwards we went to the bar across the hall and nerded out over the movie. Ten out of five, I will be coming there again soon.

Aaron Kendall

Such an awesome movie going experience! The food is great, the hand picked movie intros are awesome, and the ambiance is wonderful. It's nice that they take care to make the movie experience perfect so that you're there to see the movie! The staff is very attentive and always buzzing around making sure you have everything you need, but they are never in the way of the movie.

Jimmy Noehren

Great movie theater. As you watch the film, you can discretely place orders for food and beverages which servers will deliver to you and you just have to sit there and enjoy your movie! Cool spot, comfortable chairs, good food, just an all-around great experience.

Tor Hagen

Great place for a cocktail, pinball and datenight movie fun. They have a tendency to run out of stuff on the menu... And to add salt to that wound, they don't seem to restock often either - so you'll come back a week or two later and the menu is unchanged and they still don't have half the stuff on there....

atotal noob

Very good movie theater, could be a little cleaner. The food was surprisingly good and lots of gluten free options

Reginald Manuel

This should be a mecca for cinephiles. They have historical art adorned in the hallways. People that work there are knowledgeable and know its history. There's a little kiosk upon entry for you to collect items to prove to your friends you've been here before. When you enter the theater there are two seats with a table that can pivot in either direction. You write you order down, put it on the table, and turn on a small light. Someone will be there to collect your order. They'll bring it back to you. Unfortunately, I didn't try the food. Although, I did have the adult milkshake which was to die for. They have copies of the movie on film in 70 mm when available.

Tik Thurston

Went to KQED special on next year's schedule. 2 free drinks, but not hard liquor. Pay for food. Full menu with table at each seat. Great screen. Good sound.

Theo Spears

Food while watching a movie is a good novelty. Overall the food is pretty average given the prices, but it’s still a fun night out. Seats are fine, but not as comfortable as eg the Century.

Richard Harty

Great place to watch movies. The have service that brings food and drink to your seat. And as anplus you can order buckets of beer...

Gavin J

Bartender was rude for no reason. Wasn't even packed nor busy, and I treated him with respect. Wild.

Blake Johnson

Beautifully restored classic theater, turned cinema. They're a popular movie tavern with great food and limited seating so buying your ticket in advance for a popular movie is a must. They take their no talking policy seriously, so dedicated fans may appreciate the more respectful audiences they tend to come to Alamo. They have a variety of classic movies showing during the week, so check out their calendar if you're bored on a Tuesday. My favorite part of going to the Alamo is actually their "pre-reel" where for 30 minutes before the show they play a series of old clips, interviews and goofy videos that are specific to the movie about to play. I'm usually not paying them full attention, but they're interesting and better than the loud ads blasted out before movies at most franchise theaters.

Chris Richardson

Excellent theatre!! Great food and drinks, and super friendly staff. Plus, some awesome pinball machines.

Maria McDonald

Interesting place to watch a movie. Pick your seats well, otherwise you will have servers running past you during film. They do attempt to drop down out of sight, but still distracting. Especially if the people next to you keep ordering food and drinks.

Clauida Ramos

They literally cater to you!!

Clementine Gunter

Good food, wonderful atmosphere, generally a super enjoyable experience. The shakes and truffle popcorn were particularly enjoyable and we got all our food promptly. If you are sensitive to noise you may want to sit in the back, up front it is rather loud.

Samuel Duffy

A wonderful theater with an enchanting atmosphere. If anyone is disrupting the show it is taken care of, unlike many other theaters. The food is delicious although not cheap, and the portions are perfect. I highly recommend.

Steven Tadeusik

Best movie experience! Great seats, yummy food - I had the loaded tots - plus folks are well behaved. No texting, no chatting, no late arrivals. Kinda pricey but worth it - reminds me of those old airline pics, where folks were eating on real plates, with actual linens

Christopher Thomas Constantino

Great food. Fun staff. Wonderful pinball. Unique movies. What a gem.

Ramon Ortega

Best place for movies. The service is amazing and you hardly notice them. The quality of the movie is really good as well. Definitely a must go place.

Ranulfo Alvarez

Been here a few times now. I always find it very pleasant. Great snacks during the movie and oh yeah the atmosphere at the bar is excellent as well.

Osuper Duke

Love the place! Love the food served! Best movie theater in Town! Love the popcorn, mac n' cheese, pizza's and sandwiches!

Rhys Davies

A San Francisco institution, seen some incredible shows here. Good beer and food also

Anthony Cesnik

Recommended! This is a great old timey theater with service to your seat with popcorn and even full meal items. They're pretty strict about not talking during movies, but that's not much of a problem for me. The ticket price really isn't that bad, either: only $16 or so for the film I saw. I think they make money back on the tasty food items.

Kevin Chavez

This cinema is a real neighborhood gem. The atmosphere, the decor, the full service menu, and all the little touches they put really add to the moviegoing experience. You can really get immersed into a movie here. I thought the staff was very friendly and like ninjas whipping through the aisles, barely noticeable, providing food and refreshments to the patrons as discreet as possible. I watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in 70mm film and let me tell you, it was a welcome experience to see film grain again. I really enjoy this theater, the seats are plush, the angles are great, and the vibe that it gives off really make this a place worth visiting.

Mark Duvall

Awesome restored old theater. You order at your seats from a full food and bar menu. Excellent quality food, large unique drink selection. Items are delivered directly to the small table at your seats. Great pinball machines upstairs. (about 10!) Entrance and seating is super easy when you purchase tickets directly from their website. Go check this place out.

Donna Analyn Estipona

Great place to meet up after work, on a date night, you name it. Dinner, drinks and a movie all rolled into one. Love the food, the atmosphere, the people, and the convenience of getting it all in the same place.

Madeleine Paige

Of course it's good. But the service is slipping. I'm fine with not getting that drink for not being noticed, or my food never arriving, but I want to give you my money and support you. Step it up a notch and enjoy the bounty that awaits!

Jason Leung

Great theater for movie enthusiasts! Loved the malted cold brew coffee milkshake! It may be interruptive for waiters to pass in front of you during the movie but I feel the overall experience is worth it!

Jacob VanderWerff

Cool theater, but simply the food is mediocre.

Bobby Velasquez

Cool theatre that serves food and drinks delivered to your seat. Cool paraphanalia in the lobby. Real cool tee shirts

A Poe

This place is so cute. Be careful because the front seats in some of the small theaters are notttt goooood. But they do excellent previews and delicious food and cocktails. They even have theme menus!

Neha Mac

Love this theater! Great option for solo movie or going with friends.

Asher McInerney

Alamo is the next level theater complete with a vast gambit of cinematic offerings from classics to the new stuff. Make sure to come with enough time to enjoy the full bar. The large theater is awesome and all the rows are very spacious. The in seat food offerings and drinks are second to none in SF. Truffle garlic popcorn amazing.

Jim Kinney

The theater itself is beautiful! Great ambiance for watching a movie. The popcorn was delicious and huge!! The drinks were a good deal as well, and you get 20 oz at once which is nice!

Michael Lee DS

Place was fun and decor was great. Food was delish. The seats was more of a classroom setup. Not as comfortable. The problem I have is the table is small and it is shared. You wont know which seats share the table. So if you dont know if you are sharing with your date or stranger. Doesn't show on fandango not sure on the website. The pre movie commercials are funny not the usual movie theater ones. Recommended to experience this.

April Notes

Cool vibe, good drinks, busy BUT attentive bar. Heart of the Mission and it shows!

Daniel Feldman

Definitely a date night experience. The food is ok to good. The venue is pretty awesome, especially the pinball machines. The waitress told us that we should be prepared to be "pampered..." I wouldn't go THAT far, not PAMPERS per se, but at least squeezing the Charmin. The prices are pretty steep. Dinner tickets, an entree, a shake (which they have NO NON DAIRY OPTIONS which for me is unacceptable in this day and age), and a beer for a couple of patrons will cost you about $100. And that didn't include popcorn. Service was kind of slow and they didn't really serve food until after the movie starts, and I'm like "why wait? I'm hongry now, scribscraminit!". The concept of the place is awesome, and I love the idea of their events running 5 similar shows with lectures and discussion about the genre. Would I want to pay $500 to see those 5 shows? Hmmmm. I got 80% of the value of what I paid, so a healthy 4 stars for Alamo.


The theater has has that off-beat, quirky sense of humor you find in San Francisco. If this is not your style then you will have to endure the previews and they also have a matinee price that's fairly reasonable. They have reserved seating and you can order food directly from your seat that is delivered to you. It is a smart system that doesn't interrupt your viewing or enjoyment of the feature. They also have a bar and on the lower floor they also have old-school pinball machines. It's a good theater.

Nathan Zeke

I like modern theaters with reclining seats and an IMAX screen but on the boozy milkshake alone...5 stars.

Morgan Moore

The food the films the drinks are fantastic. The only downside is there’s minimal light to see and enjoyed the presentation of your food and drink.

Megan Smith

Great food. It's a little pricey but it tastes so good it is worth the high price tag. The staff here are always super nice too!!

Edna Soto Aveleyra

Giant bowls of delicious popcorn, drinks and a very good selection of food and snacks served right to your very comfy seats. It has a bar and a couple of arcade games. You can buy vynils, t shirts, DVDs,etc.

Connor Nielsen

If you love going to the movies but hate the general public, this is the place for you. A movie theater for people that want a respectable way to watch movies. Great menu, fun bar, and excellent staff.

Jesse B

The best movie theater in San Francisco is the restored Mission Theater, which is now operated as the Alamo Drafthouse San Francisco. They restored it over several years and now run a truly fun place. It has a small number of classic video games and a rather impressive collection of pinball machine above the Bear vs. Bull bar. This bar is also really nice. There is a retro style video store in the lobby, and the whole place is designed for movie lovers. If you're not familiar with the Alamo Drafthouse, they have spacious seats with food and drinks brought too you at your seat during the movie, including bringing drinks from the bar. This costs a bit more than a local burrito as you might expect, but makes for a great night out.

Katarina Murto

Walked in on a sunny afternoon. It was like stepping into another world, another time. Wonderful! Watched "Us" with a huge bowl of popcorn on the table and a good cocktail in my hand. Would love to go again! (I hear the shakes are great but none were available the day I was there.)

Priscilla Thorner

Friendly staff, comfortable seats. Skip the popcorn, too salty! Try the Buffalo roasted cauliflower with a frosty local brew instead. The avocado toast is another good choice.

Edgar S

Please train your personnel to be more respectful to your guests. Otherwise it will be their last visit. It was my first time in this movie theater, I was running late so I forgot to turn off my phone, so as soon as it rang, I reached out to turn it off. But your waiter Seth ran to me and screamed at me something about the first warning and then while I was trying to completely turn my phone off to make sure its not gonna ring again, he ran to me again and screamed at me aggressively. It is unacceptable behavior, he could have been more polite about that. I hope its not gonna happen to other guests. Best Wishes, Marianna.

John Marshall

Love this movie theatre. My favorite place to see a movie with friends. The theatres are small to medium sized with large comfortable seats. My two favorite parts are that you can order food and drink before and during the moving. Everything from wings to pizza and desserts, along with draft and bottled beer, wine and cocktails. The second being that there is plenty of leg room so staff can bring the food and drink without interruption, as a result it never feels cramped. It's not iMax quality picture and sound, but still very well maintained. Try out the pinball machines after he movie on the first floor mezzanine.

Messmer Northrup

I have always visited other theater chains, never been to this one. Came to it to watch a movie that wasn’t available anywhere else. I just say I was very surprised by this theater. The chairs are nice, spacious, and comfy. They are all in good shape too. The theater rooms are quite big as well. I love how they serve everything too. Not just your usual popcorn and nachos. And the chairs are even designed with this in mind, with plenty of space around the armrest to place a food item, or even trays that connect to your cup holder that will hold all your food.

Brett Putman

I love this theater. My favorite in San Francisco. The staff is great, the food is well above average, and the theater's projectors and sound are really great. The only downside is that lately the word has really gotten out and almost every time I go there now there is some moron or group of morons that think this nice public theater is their living room despite the very loud and obvious disclaimer telling them that they can not talk during the movie, as if that was not a well established societal norm already. Bottom line, you will probably have to deal with an idiot or two in the audience, but at least Alamo staff will kick them out eventually.

Mariya Kovtunova

This place is so cool! I saw Lady Bird there and it was really fun reminded me of when I went to SXSW and experienced all of the old theaters in Austin. Great place to see a film and eat great food!

Paul Prosseda

Seeing US today! Can't wait to get that table sized bowl of truffle buttered fresh popcorn and a few too many craft cocktails! This place has Reserved seating and they wait on you AT YOUR SEAT! Movies are fun again!

Catherine Windham

It was a great experience to watch a movie in a comfortable seat and eat a wonderful meal at the same time! We had the Brisket Burgers and fries with S'More Cookies for dessert, and everything was so delicious! The burgers and fries were what you'd expect at a top sit-down restaurant, and the cookies were what you would find at a top bakery. We also enjoyed bottomless soda-pop and quality beer! Everything was mid-priced and well-worth it! We will definitely go back again!

Allie Ledesma

This is our favorite theater to frequent. It’s full table service and the food and drinks are great (though a little pricy in some cases). The regular butter popcorn is my go-to and is just delicious. We always show up 10-15 mins early to see the video that Alamo Drafthouse puts together with facts about the movie. There’s also hooks under the tables for your bag.

Matt Hart

Great atmosphere in this theatre, especially if you're a big movie fan. Very plush interior, arcade and pinball machines, and a lounge. Food is amazing and easy to eat in the dark. The churro popcorn is SO good!

Clara Perrard

Really fun experience! And good food (delicious warm pretzel)! Only issue: the AC in the theater is quite strong so bring layers!

Allen Barth

Great SF Mission District vibe - this was my first time at Alamo Drafthouse - it reminds me of The New Parkway in Oakland. Seeing the engaging, "Once upon a Time in Hollywood" This cinema has superb audio and video screen.

Wil M

Good food. Good films. Good fun. We love the themed menus. Prices are high, but so are the portions and the quality.

Austin Cruz

This is the only place we go to watch movies now. We've been spoiled! We love being able to pick our seats & being able to order food, beer, wine, and cocktails from your seat is definitely the best part! The food is actually pretty good (a couple of faves of mine: fennel & mushroom pizza and their yummy hot wings). I also love trying out the rotating beers they have on tap.

Matthew Enthoven

To be honest, the hype of this spot isn't worth it to me. Seats are less comfortable than other theaters (no recliners). The in-theater food and drink order system causes distractions that absolutely eclipse the no-cell-phones policy. Movie times are a bit odd. Bathrooms are pretty inconvenient, too. The food and drinks are nice, and theaters are clean.

Joel Croteau

This place is amazing! Great food and drinks. Great service during the movies. Comfortable seats with tables. Lots of showings of great classic films. These guys take their cinema really seriously. It's a hidden gem and I highly recommend going and seeing something they're showing when you get a chance.

Sam Smith

I went to the Alamo Drafthouse SF for the first time today for a movie party of Steel Magnolias! Fantastic experience! I had never been to one and this was a fabulous way to be indoctrinated to the plushness of this theater & all the fun it has to offer. Try the truffle popcorn with a bottomless Diet Coke (thank you, thank you, btw, for offering Coke Zero!!!) That never happens!

Peter Zhi

Cozy, intimate theatre with great selection of movies and good food and drinks

Matthew Case

What a unique venue! I like being threatened into not using my cellphone because it forces me to be in the moment and really enjoy the movie.

Kevin Palacios

Walked into a movie with 3 other friends, and there younger baby to watch "Last Black Man of San Francisco". We found our seats, they took our orders, we began watching the previews. After 15 minutes of previews we're confront by a manager who claimed were not able to have a baby in the theater. He wasnt making any distractions or noises, but they claimed it was their policy with was "clearly outlined", which we never were informed of until being kicked out. They lost 4 customers due to this woman's pride, thank you for letting us know where NOT TO GO.

Salma Guerrero

Great staff hard workers and under appreciated!

Brent Michael Gannetta

This is a fun and functional take on dinner and a movie. Why not combine them? The waitstaff is great and doesn't linger. You order food by scribbling what you want on a slip of paper and placing it in a band in front of your table. These slips of paper also come in handy when you want to talk to your date, as talking is prohibited and passing notes is a fun way to get around the restriction. I found that I ended up with food on my shirt partially due to not being able to see what I was eating, but I brought a jacket so it was fine. Bonus points for gluten-free options, though their options are limited to pizzas. There is also a huge classy bar for while you wait for your movie to start or for after the show, and there is also a gift shop and integrated DVD rental section with some pop culture and cult favorites.

Lakshya Budhiraja

The movie selection isn't as great but the experience and overall vibe of the place is great! Food is nominally priced and they bring it to your seat.

Juan Pablo Rubiano-Groot

This place offers all you al in a movie theater, an old vintage feel, a great movie selection (new and cult classics), and food & drinks delivered to your seat before & during the movie! If you get there a bit early, don't miss the vintage French Bruce Lee posters in the main hall! Awesome selection!

Andrew Rettmann

Beautiful, old theatre that takes you back in time

Robin Scheepers

Movie, warm meal and drinks all in one fairly intimate theater. Service excellent. And what a surprise to go down a level to find a variety of old and newschool pinball machines! And then going down to street level to find the most hidden,dark but enticing bar. This place is full of hidden treasure if you thought you'd just come for a movie and meal

Ricardo Portella

The attraction of the place is the delivery of food in your seat. And there is also some nice pinball machines there.

William Owen

Front row in Theatre 5 was somewhat close for following split-screen action and deciphering subtitles in a movie whose audio was mainly in Mandarin Chinese. Additionally, our seats didn't recline as they frequently do in other high-end cinematic emporia. But the Alamo Drafthouse SF seems to be a popular cinema because all of the rear seats in rows 2, 3, and 4 for this 7:30 PM show were sold out on the previous day. Audience was mainly -- but not entirely -- Millennials. Everyone respected the stern admonition video shown prior to the feature film, which not only asked everyone to silence their mobile phones but also to refrain from talking during the movie. The "dominator" voice in the lead-in video also indicated that we would be denied entry to the theatre after the film had started. I wonder if they allow bathroom privileges during lengthy movies? Food choices were decent, even for vegetarians. I enjoyed the beet salad and the Brussels sprouts pizza. They offer a wide selection of about 20 craft beers on tap, all of them from California breweries. Price of the movie ($18.75 + an additional service charge) and the salad, pizza, and beer ($49 for one person, including tax and tip) seems a bit on the high side (over $70 all-in) but it's nice to have this lovely restored theatre (1906/1916) in San Francisco's historic but increasingly gentrified Mission District and not to have to battle hordes of people at the downtown movie multiplexes.

Jonathan Guz

Always have a great time when visiting the Alamo Drafthouse. If you like movies and food in sure your experience will be comparable. Seats are positioned so you don't fall asleep.

Stephen Pieraldi

Venue is great. Staff is great. Food it's just not on point. Needs a small shake up.

meagan byrne

Went to a special event here. It's a really cool old theatre that let's you order food but some of the staff were rude and didn't really communicate when things were out. I heard one staff member berate someone next to me because she ordered a milkshake and they were out. The food was really good but I thought it was odd that they seemed to be running out of things really early into the event especially since you have to book tickets so they knew it was going to be a full event. I would go again but I probably won't order food or drinks next time.

Robert Rosales

Very cool and popcorn is off the chain. Best movie experience I have ever had

Brad Kitson

Comfortable setting to see a movie and have a beer.

Laura Milvy

We went to see Downton Abbey but did not know beforehand there'd be a summary of what had happened in the past. I'm also appalled at the price of popcorn. All in all we spent about $70 who includes paying for the owners portion of his employees health insurance.

Killian Le Clainche

An amazing experience with genuine care towards providing the best possible time for those that come in. Tickets are no different than most any you get the option to dine in.

Richard Trimble

I can't say enough about the Alamo DH! Such an amazing experience ❤️, order food & drinks right to your table! The venue is focused on enjoying the movie and having a pleasant peaceful experience!

Olga Musayev

I was not a fan of the at-your-seat service. It was disruptive and the wait for the food was long. It also made me hyper aware of my neighbors' eating (crunching, etc.), which is unpleasant. Theater was otherwise decent.

Mels Holmes

I picked Alamo to go and see Avengers: Endgame because I would be in this city on release weekend. I go to Alamo in my home state and this one was a bit different. The building is an old theater that has been rehabilitated back to its glory. There are only a few screens and they are the old theater setup instead of stadium seating. There is still enough room to walk and to get your food but I am reminded of when all theaters had the slanted floors. The place is beautiful. A lovely display of movie and theater history is there to tempt the pocketbook. Alamo also produces a limited edition book/magazine of major and historic movies. I spent some money there walking away with information on Jurassic Park, Avengers, and Star Trek. A lovely place and a good time. My food was prompt, fresh, hot, and tasty. My milkshake was divine as it always is at Alamo.

Jc Chavez

This place is impressive. I was surprised with how large it is inside. The bar atmosphere incites you in with its sultry attitude. Upstairs we enjoyed a few rounds of nostalgic pinball. Seating for the movie started about 30 min prior. I highly recommend arriving early. That way you can get familiar with the layout and order food/drinks. The food was and drinks were amazing. That Truffle popcorn is an absolute must! The vibe of the theater and patrons were perfect. If you find going to a typical theater a lackluster experience full of obnoxious people then try this place. You wont be disappointed.

Marina Kobayashi

I love the Alamo for All program-such a great program for new parents to be able to go to movies when you can't leave the baby alone.

Peter Rivas

Love the old quirky atmosphere the theater emotes. You're greeted with an old-school vibe. You have pinball machines on the second floor an arcade and dvd/record stand on the first. Love the idea of ordering food from your seat but often times the ushers weaving in and out can be distracting. The food is a bit pricey but what isnt in San Francisco. Overall, you'll enjoy the uniqueness of this theater.


Such a fun place for date night! We would of never found it unless we didn’t hear it from another couple. I would go there again the next time I’m in town. You won’t regret it! Make a reservation and ask to sit outside, it’s beautiful.

9X Ninety-X

Only place I watch a movie at. You HAVE TO try the truffle popcorn. Out of this world. Real talk. No lie. All facts

Jeremy Hunter

All around great experience. Definitely worth the few extra bucks for an experience far greater than all the other theaters I've been to in the city.


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