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704 Cooper Estates Dr, Mountain Home, AR 72653, United States

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REVIEWS OF Sun Valley Cinema IN Arkansas

David Taylor

Went and watched Hobbs & Shaw. Good atmosphere, friendly & polite staff. Cash Only, but there is an ATM that charges a fee in the lobby.

Joyce Leahy

We went to the movies. Very comfortable. Good picture and sound. Very enjoyable.

Karen Shumway

Went to see a movie here, kinda tucked away but love the people here, great service & great popcorn!! Comfy and clean place, small arcade is nice too! We’re over an hour away but we’ll definitely come back!

Rodger Hickerson

Stateum seating and clean but you have got to pay with cash no debit or credit cards there is an ATM there

Tyler Howell

Place was clean but a bit pricey

leah fortin

Love seeing movies here. The theaters are clean, the seats are comfy enough, and even though it's cash only they provide an atmosphere so you don't miss your movie running to the bank!

Amber Sperka

Great selection of movies to choose from. Employees are friendly. It is always clean and seats are comfortable.

Andy Schisler

They do a very good job ast getting new releases on the day the are released.

Gloria Maness

Clean, friendly staff only downside is the way the seating is set up. With my husband in a wheelchair we have to stay up close to screen. I prefer seating arrangement in other theater in town.

Sally Lamb

Superior movie Paul the Apostle but cash only

Lena Robinson

Good theatre smaller than some but comfortable and quiet.

Christina Daniel

I used to love their buttery popcorn, but they switched out the butter for some kind of oil that made my family sick. It didn't even taste like butter. So bummed.

Lex Maples

Good movie theater

Brandy Upton

The movie the upside was funny

Vicki Lane

We have watched a lot of movies through the years The staff are polite as always.

Bonnie Fischer

Great place. Typical high priced snacks. Clean and friendly. 6 Theaters.

dianne cruse

Love the comfortable lounge chairs

Anthony Smith

The smaller screens aren’t really a big deal to me but the fact that they are cash only is pretty dumb considering the fact most people use plastic nowadays. Other then that it’s not a bad place to watch a movie.

Texaco turner

Great place nice seats good movie check it out sometime! !

Larry Duncan

No credit cards accepted.

Silver Seraph

Dirty run down

les_stoner 419.9

Clean and great staff. Great movies, big screens and comfortable seats.

Jacob White

I enjoy going there it's clean it's has good sound system it's a good theater to go watch a movie with somebody

martha washam

My pick of the "local" cinemas. We drive 40 miles to go here. Comfortable seating, good selection usually showing. I do recommend a long sleeve shirt or a light weight jacket as it always seems to be on the chilly side.


Definitely the lesser of the two Cinemas in town. I believe they have the same ownership. The entrance is less than friendly to those who haven't been before, the food court is pretty bare, the seats are fine but the sound was choppy during my viewing of Infinity War. I will give it another chance, but otherwise I'll just go to Baxter Cinema.

Dave Mason

This theater is clean and the staff is friendly

Januarie Wood

Comfortable chairs and decent prices

Linda Vornheder

We went to Baxter Cinema, not Sun Valley as Google said. They are owned by the same people now. And when that ownership changed, Baxter Cinema improved to the point where we will go there now. The popcorn machine is kept clean and the theatre is a comfortable temperature. And the $7 matinee price was competitive. Incidentally, we adults enjoyed "Wonder" as much as our 4th and 5th grader.

Nik Minard

The picture shows one person alone which is exactly how it is if you go in the middle of the day for a matinee showing and that is how I like it. Oh wait, you actually can't do that because during the week they are closed until 7 in the …

Harold Dougherty

Theater. NO COFFEE..?!$?&€=? Only soft drinks and candy and popcorn. Took wife to see ENDGAME. She liked it...I suffered through it for her sake. My personal OPINION...B/S ON A REEL. Anyway theater good, and comfortable. The staff are really nice people.

Le3viathan Sanford

Great prize 7$ they only show 3 different shows at a time.

Jennifer Watlington

Enjoyed. Bumblebee movie

Brad Morris

Fairly nice theater, but do not accept credit cards. You must take cash.

John Fraser 800-775-0619 ext 1

Not your average small town movie theater these guys have a number of theaters sound systems are really good very clear projectors with color rendition and the seats are comfortable with cupholders!

Jere Matthews

Very nice theater for a small town!

josh jones

great seats, good popcorn, staff is pleasant.

Lonnie Brown

Very friendly, and clean

Tina Weaver

Enjoyed the cute movie Petter Rabbit, and always good popcorn

Gerald Nissen

Good snacks, great 3D movie, and great sound.

William Giberson

Love the seating and popcorn!

Gabriel Jarrett

I went to watched endgame and the theater employees were completed unprepared

Leona Martinez

No long lines, very comfortable seating.

Haley Beasley

Always a good time

Kutter Mcneil

This is the theatre everyone prefers because of the comfy seats.

Cheryl Fortuna

I haven't been there in a couple years but I remember I loved it and plan on going there tonight

Lisa Arnold

One of two in town. Clean.

Melissa Hadfield

This is a pretty nice theater. Good seats and sounds. I would have gave it 5 stars but they only accept cash. They do have an ATM but it is definitely inconvenient due to charges. But otherwise a great experience.


Clean,nice theater. Great people, great movies. Seats are pretty good, prices are fair. Cash only !! ATM in lobby.

Chris Cranfill

Nice theatre comfortable sears, and generally the more popular movies.

Robb Kephart

Nice little place clean


Comfortable seating. Good picture. Great sound.

Laura Kemp

Very comfortable seats and awesome sound quality.

Suzie Stanley

Nice theater! Comfy seats with drink holders. The movie starts at time posted, the attractions are played before the posted time, so get there 10 to 15 minutes before if you want to see attractions and not be late for the show.

Rhonda Hardcastle

A Monday night. Kind of slow, but it was clean and well run.

Brent Martin

Movie theater is very dated and it was warm in the theater. The movie was fine but the theater could stand for some upgrades at 9 dollars a ticket.

Deanna Ortega

Clean and safe

Karen Summers

Nice theater, clean , friendly staff

Josh Evans

Always clean and they don't skimp on the popcorn butter.

Depresso Espresso

A little pricey on food, as most theaters. Good quality and nice seating, I go quite often and have great experiences.

Christine Accorsi

I really enjoy going here to see the movies and while they have begun charging $.50 for a refill on the popcorn and drinks. It is still worth what you pay for

Marcus Woods

Seems unfinished and weyorly cash only.

Brett Stevenson

Usually has the latest movies, and the seating is very comfortable. The way the theatre is built there isn't a bad seat in the house. As far as movie concessions, the prices are better than the other theatre in town.

Carilla Zirkle

I need small modifications to my meal, and they are always good to make them for me. Great food and service.

Alesia Hickman

Loved the seating very comfortable


Good movie theater. Their popcorn is the best in town.

Erica Johnson

Horrible sour people working there. I have never had such poor service. The employees kept coming into the movie and interupting,as if we needed supervision. Tried to charge me 2.50 for a empty styrofoam cup.

Johnny Johnson

Pretty good but they need to show newer movies

Jennifer Ciesielski

Great place for watching a movie!

Robert Willis

Good movie, good concessions

Tonya Stone

Always enjoy this theater

nathan y

I always have a good time at the sun valley cinema in mountain home. Great service and good facilities.

Fred Camp

Very good

Mary G

Everyone working there are very friendly, the seats are soooooo comfy and the theater is clean. Only reason for the 4 stars is with the Dolby sound systems you hear EVERYTHING from the movies next to you. I don't know if added sound proofing is feasible bit it would be so nice.

Trina Wilson

It's a good theatre. The lobby needs another bench or two for families that don't watch the same movie and one always gets out earlier. One in front of the preview screen would be AWESOME!!! Some in the game room to watch after your child(ren) or grandchild(ren) would be nice too.

Maggie Herrmann

Always a wonderful visit. Clean, new movies, great popcorn!!!

Andy Riley

Clean friendly enjoyable

Ron Underwood

Excellent features; stadium seating, full service concessions, and courteous staff.

Karen Roberts

Great place to watch movies

Jared Burke

Decent theater good priced

Darrell Roberts

They have great seats and they keep it clean great place to watch a show

Michael Harber

Prices are competitive. Staff is friendly and courteous. Cash only but they do have an ATM if you forget to hit the bank.

Jeramy Sneathern

Comfy chairs, nice environment. Great experience!

Toryn Daniel

Good theater with pretty clean theater screen rooms. A fun little arcade to kill some time and chill in. Great, friendly staff. Prices are a bit average - high but they have drink & popcorn deals that can save some money.

Sheila Daily

Was visiting from out of town & took my daughter there to see The Grinch on ChristmasEve. The inside is kinda dreary but the staff was very friendly and I loved how some of them were dressed Christmassy.

Valerie Taylor

Always a great time, and "Bohemian Rhapsody" was awesome!

Michael Church

BRING CASH! No debit cards accepted and an overpriced atm in the lobby.

Abundance of Oils for Life

Fun place to hang out

daniel toomer

Great atmosphere

SidePro Kaos76

I had to give it four stars because I went to one in fayetville and was way better than the one here but it's the best one in town. Also one thing why the heck you don't have detective pickachu like bro why.

Paula Forrester

Comfortable seats with cup holders. Good popcorn and drink sets! Lots of candy to choose from

Peter Kashpureff

The seating here is much more comfortable than the other place in town. They also have the more popular titles first. The only downside that I can think of is that they don't accept debit/credit, but they make up for that by having an ATM available in the lobby. Go for it!

Tim M

Nice little cinema, concession

Sandra Allen

Love this place very affordable, great concession stand, most important, no mosquitoes

Lisa Ellis

The theater was so hot. When asked them to turn the air down the staff said it was off. When we left we were drenched the girl at the front shrugged her shoulders and said it must need to be fixed. I was glad to get back outside to cool off.

Jonathan Fox

Great place for the family to go and see a movie or even for a date night with your special one. Popcorn taste amazing and prices are fair. Employees are all very nice and give great service. Loved it

the jonesn

Nice but pricey

Rosita Cotnam

Popcorn very flavorful!

Denny Fay

Big screens, great sound and friendly people

Eric Booth

Good theater but cash only?

clarence davis

love movie with family here.

Scott Kosatka

It is everthing you would expect of a small-town cinema: friendly staff, over-priced food/drink, dull and dreary.

Uvette Winger

Clean and polite staff, with excellent movies.

Michael Jay

Nothing fancy, but decent little theatre with pretty good popcorn for a movie theatre.

Carmen Miller

Good movies all the time

patti brown

Always love date night with the hubs quick to get in and get our snacks

Midwest Girl

They have enough clientele that they should update their seats.

Robert Zdora

Good place on a cold winter night to get away from the house and enjoy a movie. I really like the seating arrangement. Popcorn is great.

Keith Sharp

I really enjoyed this place . Really clean and comfortable. I'm from jonesboro and wish ours was as clean.. good job to the staff .

Michael Avila

It's clean but expensive. Almost $20 for 1 adult matinee, small popcorn and large drink.

Linda Forrester

We love the comfortable seating!! Popcorn is buttered popcorn in town!! Great staff, very friendly and helpful. Nice and clean, as well!!!

Jim Hurst Jr

Nice comfortable place, but EXTREMELY pricey drinks and snacks... The wife and I shared a drink and popcorn , it cost as much as both tickets.


The seats are unnecessarily cramped, and every time I go people are texting during the movie. I wish they would send an employee every 30 minutes or so to check for people on their phones, or people with crying babies and then kick them out. I know they can't exactly control what their customers do, but they currently do nothing. I'd rather just wait for the movie to come out on DVD.

Jared Thomas

Place hasn't changed much since I was a kid, but everything is clean. Reasonably priced. Well cheap compared to what I'm use to


Great place and worth the hour and a half drive from my house to watch a movie. Seating is very comfortable! Can only pay with cash, but an ATM is available.

Carole Schiefer

Don't like that you must have cash.


I dont work here, but in all honesty, contribute to your local theater. Buy the concessions.

Sweet Leaf News

One of our fav theatres

Randy Lancaster

Great movie theater, comfortable seating, friendly service and great popcorn!!

Hannah Bug

Lovely theater with great popcorn and a good selection of candy...Great audio and comfy seats! Would recommend

Giga Squatch

The best movie theater between Branson and Little Rock. Stadium seating, good sound and no bleed over sound from the other rooms.

Paula Lay

Healthy, friendly, good place to eat

2AR Tactical Custom Guns

We had a great time there with our family!

John Barnett

Very very hot in the theater. Kids crying and body odor. Never going back.

steven ryder

Cash only, the atm didn't work but the service was great.

Mark Argentine

Good theater. Clean, friendly staff, great popcorn, cold drinks, ample parking. I'm visiting family from out of state and would like this theater in my town.

Ricky White

Always happy.

Chelsea Sanders

The chairs are pretty great.

Shelley Maethyn

Clean establishment with comfortable seating.


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