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808 Theatre Ln, Mountain View, AR 72560, United States

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Here you will see the opinions of people who consume the services and products of Stone Drive-In Theatre (Movie Theater) in the state of Arkansas.

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This Movie Theater belongs to the category of Drive-in movie theater.

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REVIEWS OF Stone Drive-In Theatre IN Arkansas

Johnny Hodge

Nice place to come enjoy a movie .The staff are working on bathroom and concession .l will come back

Nick Herrington

Always a fun place to visit when we are in town. Fun experience for the kids. Tip 1: Take lawn chairs

David Townsend

I great place and I love going to the drive in.

Logan Adam

Friendly owner. Comforting, well kept environment. Well taken care of equipment

Megan g

Tamera Moore

This place is awesome. I do however recommend bringing your own snacks since the concessions stand never opened. But. Still. Awesome!!

cj dykes

So family friendly my kiddos just love going

Beka Wright


Nostalgic,inexpensive,comfortable, and magical

Michelle Rowland

Shawna Teegarden

Ruby Tolar

Gentry Hipp

Love the fact you just tune the radio and have surround sound in your car. Great prices on the popcorn and drinks as well. Just a little difficult to find from the road. A rare hidden diamond.

Bill Akers

Sherry Fortenberry

Alex Salazar

Chris Ratcliff

Great little drive in movie place. You tune in to the sound from your car radio to listen. They have food also

wayne marvin


Not the fanciest of places, but we enjoyed our visit. They had a small concession stand with popcorn, drinks, candy and a few other things.

Trevor Cline

Gabriel Meraz

Robert Brewer

Nothing like hearing a movie from the back seat of your car

Tiffany Reynolds

Calvin Welch

The second drive in movie theater we've been to in different state.

Pam Reed

Kay Adkins

Lance Warner

Incredible movie-going experience. Everything is incredibly affordable from admission to concessions. Its also very neat and rather historical for being one of the few drive-ins left in America. Like one of the last 3 or 4. Great for families. Would not pass up this experience!! Also great sound quality and picture despite its age. It has been managed professionally, and the screens condition reflects that. Drive on by.

Bradley Brakhage

This is a nice drive in. It's a little overgrown. Amazing screen quality. A note on the owner. Hes up there in years and he'll sound a bit rude on the phone. Go up there and talk with him. Hes really a pretty good guy.

Dennis English

Whitney Mendoza

Alli Hubbs

Caleb Glasgow

Krista Brubaker

This was our first drive-in movie experience, and although the area was pretty unkempt, for $5 we didn't expect anything fancy. We'd read that the bathrooms were in poor condition so we were prepared not to use them, and we brought our own snacks. The picture was clear and the sound was fine through the radio. You'll probably need a GPS to find the place, it's only marked with a street sign. All in all, worth the experience if you're in or near Mountain View.

G Luther

Great place to visit and very affordable. Nice updated screen too!

Gail Casper

Great place to go with children very affordable

Laura Marie

Adam Purcell

D Mickey Thompson


brad williams


regina corter

Billy Hollis

Staff very accommodating to the needs of their customers. A great experience for children and grown-ups alike.

nancy butler

Loved it...the kids lived it had a good clean fun night..

Heather Secker

Go but don't use the bathroom and pack snacks. A fun experience for the family.

David Verhegghe

Shirley Morris


Mandy Tucker

Bobby Smart

Had a great time with my wife

Jody Breckenridge


Cindy Baty

Excellent experience

Malinda Sefton

It isn't fancy but it brings everyone together! Great new screen with all the works!

Hubert Tubbs

Kayleah Simmons

Always enjoy taking my family here. Sure can't beat $5 per person

Laci Cameron

Great place to go to watch a new movie from your vehicle. The prices are great and we always enjoy the movies. Lots of good children's movies so way fun for the kids.

Mandi Curtwright

For $5 for adults, it's a great way to have a different type of movie experience. There is definitely room for improvement but what he seems to be doing is working and plenty of people still come out. Finding the entrance is difficult if you aren't familiar with the area. One of our favorite things to do is get a pizza from Tommy's Famous Pizza and take it to the drive-in. I haven't ventured to the bathrooms and the concession stand at the drive-in but, my husband said it's best not to :)

Desiree Gilbert

Eric Rogers

Richard Luper

The projector broke and we were unable to watch the movie. We waited for over a hour hoping they would get it fixed. We will try again if we are ever through Mountain View.

Mike McDaniel

Great theater. They just updated to a digital screen. You can also tune your radio for audio now as well.

josh paul

Awesome experience!!! Highly recommend for family nights.

Charles Smith

Very pleasant

Kandy Owens

Kind of weird and creepy but i loved it!

Judy Thigpen

Jayme Jones

Christopher Pigford

jerry brown

Christa Spickes

Love the drive in. Bathrooms are awful but the movie and popcorn is great.

Shanna Kronk

Harold Hess

Great new upgrade great place for the whole family

Andy Stone

Kenneth Watkins

Neat drive-intheater great for a family outing.

Jeremy Jones

Megan Geisser

Really run-down, unreliable showing times, improperly managed, probably the worst drive-in in Arkansas, much better off going to Marshall drive-in.

Malinda Dotson

It's like going back in time when I was a kid,new screen rocks!

Lucas Mccluskey

randy man

Always. Enjoyable. Family entertainment. Nostalgic

jack Stevens

I enjoy seeing a movie there

B.J. Smith

Bring your own potty. Not kidding. Otherwise, great place to see a movie!

sam sutterfield

Heidi Dacus

We love this place.

Sandra Dockins

Glad they got the new projector! Enjoyed Avengers End Game!

Megan Pigford

Such a great place to feel old school.

Eddie Rickman

It was great to watch a movie on the big screen yet still surrounded by nature.

Paul Thomas

It's a drive in theater, a dying breed. The screen is a good size and parking spots ate fairly close to the screen. The single shared bathroom is gross, compared to indoor bathrooms, as someone else said, but it's outdoors and we can find clean bathrooms at plain old theaters any time. This is history, something that's a part of a bygone time. $5 a person for first run movies is a great deal and the snacks at the snack bar are lower priced than other theaters. Don't come if you don't want to be outside, if you want the best sound and picture, if you want to be coddled. Come and celebrate a place from a different generation. The Route 66 time when the Great American Land Yacht ruled the roads, when there was no such thing as self service gas stations, and you could feed a family of 4 for less than $5 at McDonald's.

lucien casey

Inexpensive and fun for the family. Such a treasure to have a drive-in still open locally

Kyra Rush

Best experience

Shawn Dacus

Great prices,nice way to spend an evening.

Yucky Tortoise

Arjuna Larson

One of the very few remaining Drive-in theaters. Looking great with new screens and projectors. Great place.

Amanda Williams

Its so nice I wish every town had a drive in theater

Black Ark Studios

Good for what it is, but needs some good up keep

Darrell Roberts

I love going to see movies here.

Christine Foote

I love coming here to watch great movies. Where else can you take the whole family for a great movie. Enjoy Sitting outside and don't forget to bring your cooler and snacks for the kids and just have a great time together. They also have a concession stand so come enjoy yourselves.

Melissa Sartin

James Steiner

Lived in mountain view as a child love to be able to come and make new memories with my children

Hassie Shelton

Cool place

Holly Jones

0 0

Our favorite drive in!

Tammy Knapp

I love going. However, I would love to see something new instead of same movie for weeks.

Kristy Storey


Anthony Fike

Normally this is a good experience but this time not very well their projector did not work because of their bulb issue their concession stands was very low on Supply so you had no selection and their bathroom was just horrible like normal but even worse this time no toilet paper

Jeramy Sneathern

Brent Glenn

Love this place. We've been a couple of times. It's just a little bit run down.

melissa jones

Love it

Jason Pugh

Doyle Smith

Shirley Havard

It’s history! The younger generation doesn’t know about drive-in theatres. This one is not in use but, it’s worth the visit to see!

Michael Walker


Sean Golden

Hard to find a drive in movie these days but its so cool and brings back some good memories.

Edward milholland

Old guy at the front was super rude. Small crappy picture and disgusting bathrooms. Very disappointed.

North Central Paint

Everyone should experience the drive-in! Great place for the whole family!!

Teresa G Miller

Sylvia Allen

Olav Bekkeheien

William Axsom

Kasie Linville

Mercy Fury

Ashleigh Shelby

I had called up here before deciding to not go and a man answered the phone as Stone County Drive Inn, and I told him I had questions about the show that would be featured this weekend. He replied, "Do you have any access?" I said yes and about to ask further questions before he rudely interrupted me by raising his voice and saying, " Then why are you calling up here?" I replied back, sorry sir you didn't have to be rude to me about it, and he just smirked after I said that. Thank you for ruining my experience with the drive inn and I haven't even been there. Who wants to come enjoy a movie with the family when the place has rude employees that talk to you like you are stupid.


One of the few drive in theaters left. Definitely a fun evening.

Larry Writesel

Just a cool atmospere

Chris Elliott

Denise Bernhardt

It reminds me of the good ole days when i grew up with Drive-Ins and i have always had such fond memories, i am now 54 and have the pleasure of taking my granddaughter since she was 7 she is now almost 14 and still loves going even with her Meme. A Drive-In tells a wonderful story of when things were a lot less complicated in life.

Geoffrey Nielson

Just like the Good Old Days at the Local Drive In.

Shirley Jones


Miranda Jarosz

Always a good time.

Cammy Whitfield

Jen Casey

Very friendly and it was a great family night for under $20.

shailisa roberts

Chloe Fisher

I love the drive in, please never close

Abbi E

Sooooo much fun for the kids!

Peggy Green

Max Mullen

The Professional

Was a great experience, definitely would go back!!!! The sound in your car radio is excellent.

Onkel Pils Tyssebotn

Bryan Morgan

Been here many times, excellent price, brand new movies, nice owner & employees. Disagree completely with the other whiners, they expect a movie theatre experience at a $5/person price (which you AIN'T gonna find anywhere else I know or heard of). Whiny cheapskates is all they are. Recommend you try it yourself for 5 bucks....which cheapskates, won't even buy you a pack of cigarettes. Get real, or get gone. Highly recommend this business.


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