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Michelle Lee

Nice small town theater. Popcorns fresh and drinks are quinking to the thirst.

Noah Johnson

Good movie theater good bathrooms but chairs are very uncomfortable

James Virden

d we 5! zpZa,y 65peP uni

Jason Young

Joy M. S.

No other place to go to see movies. They are selective on which movies they choose to show at this location.

Alanna Fife

They need to make sure when movies start getting full to make sure there are seats other than the break neck row up front. Where we had to set. There were better seats but they were spread out and hard to find in the dark.

Angie Smith

Love this place

Cheyenne Merritt

Prices were decent, movie selections were a bit small, loved that they seve beer and wine.

Jocelyn Smith

Really enjoy the movies there

Lupe paredes


Theater is nice. Popcorn is always fresh. Clean, good seating and good sound. However the movie selections are also important; meaning I am in a movie mood often but don’t go because it’s almost always sci-fi, adult type sexual content, or cartoons. I understand that those decisions are made by corporate, but can’t just one screen be designated for something else?!!! Also, I haven’t found, on a Thursday, how you can check for different movies starting the next day. I might be able to see movies locally that I drive to West Monroe to see at Tinseltown.

Brandon Vines

Great place great staff

Micah Campbell

Loved watching endgame

Nadirah Majied

The sound system was very good and the young woman at the concession was very nice and courteous.

Chad Rhodes

Prices are a tad high, even for matinee showings

Richard Rankin

Love it

Jane Siratt

Spider-Man movie very good

carlene willis


carl jones

Great locally owned theater!

Mason Gamer

Thank u for ur service....

Gary W

Only place in town

April Hunter

Daisy Smith

They are a little high but the theater itself is wonderful @!!

David Taylor

Cinema was clean and the movie started on time. Great concession stand goodies.

Amandas Layton

Enjoyed myself. And free popcorn on Tuesday.

Onegamer 20

I like the sound and the picture

Bruce Kline

Everything today was just Incredible 2. Literally! Lol! Great experience today. Comfortable, not too hot, not too cold. Just right!

Bonnie Hazel Obama

Im still wish in!

Dee Rozier

Bring a blanket it cold in there

Marty Higgins


william changose

Great place!


Nice experience good popcorn not too pricy and all around a good place to spend time with family and friends

Lana Webb

Sam S

Really great, sound quality on point just make sure to arrive early to get good seats in the summer and bring enough for the concession stand.

Jordan Antwine

For a small city theater it's adequate. Prices are a bit high, however if you ask the staff there may be some matinee or food deals that they are not advertising. For example, Tuesday is free small popcorn day! Only 1 serving of course, lol. One thing you will find though is that there is no enforcement of the rules for no talking or cell phone use. More times than a few people would come and sit behind me, with all the other seating available mind you, and jabber away. This one time these people brought a baby into the theater and were making so much noise that this older gentleman eventually got up and left. They used to have the police come out but not anymore. That's my only gripe really, everything else is adequate. Not great, but adequate.

Peter James

It's very nice entertainment center

Cassie Young

A little expensive on snacks..other then that great movie choises

Ms. D Davis

Friendly staff

Andrew Runnels

Stars Cinema is a theater with a heart and soul. I’m relatively new to El Dorado, but movies are a big deal to me. I have to say that the movie going experience is half the fun. I was so surprised by the timeless nature of the cinema and the quality of the sound and projection. For most big movies I’ll stay right here in town with a large tub of tasty popcorn.

Akeem Ford

Janice Shelton

Nice employees and clean building

Whitney Bates

When I set down the seat was wet ruind my whole night

Trent Sims

It's a decent movie theater. But needs to do better in regard to being clean.

Quan Youngblood

Good arcade games, The seating is clean and comfortable and when you sit down and watch the movie it makes you feel so nervous & good and alive, Stars Cinema 6 is one of the best theaters in Arkansas!

Incarceration Consultant

Great older theater


Not bad for a local Indy theater. Beware on weekend nights though. Rowdy kids in parking lot

Steven Moss

The parking lot needs work but it ok and the food is $$$ movies are 5 on Wednesday and all other days are 7 and 8

Linda Savannah

The ticket takers were very polite. When we left usher at the were also kind. The only problem I have is that the foods were too expensive!!!!

Jared Palmer

By far the best movie-going experience in the Magnolia, El Dorado, and Camden area. Always clean with helpful staff.

Lisa Robinson

Always enjoy when we go,so comfortable,and nice and clean,and cold.

Louie Daily

nice 3D glasses everything makes it feel...good and it's my favorite the popcorn and drinks even the arcades and more. I wouldn't trade this theater even if it had cookies (which I like alot)

Kristi Jones

Paula Heinley

I had a pleasant experience. They have specials available for people on a budget such as $5.00 movies on Wednesday’s. It was not packed which was very nice and very quiet. We were able to enjoy with movie without a lot of talking. Of course, concessions are expensive but that’s with any movie theater so that’s to be expected. The restrooms were decorated nicely & cleaned (which is always a plus) and the staff was very nice and helpful.

Ileashia Hines

The movies they show are great

Jennifer Funderburg

Free refillS on drinks AND popcorn!! Sweet

Bridget Loe

Michael White

Greg Jones

Eat and drink before you go! Snacks and drink prices are outrageous!!

Sherri Hawkins

We always have Family Fun Here

Teresa Parker

Decent movie theater for the size of our city. Seats are comfortable. And get this, they sell beer!

Matthew Wilson


While the interior is nice, the parking lot is LONG overdue for replacement.

Cameron LeDuc

Should have gotten to the theater sooner almost had to sit up front. Service made the line go quickly so that's a plus

Tony Olivier

I've been to nicer cinemas, bit they were also much more expensive. That's not saying it isn't nice, it's very comfortable and comfortable. They also have a decent snack bar and friendly workers.

Misty Ann

It was dirty. They didn't clean up before the movie. Trash and cups everywhere, people were loud and talked all through the movie, it was hot and stuffy we asked for air and it took almost the whole movie before they turned it up. Police had to run kids off because they wouldn't obey the no hoody rule. He gave them warnings and they still made a scene.


Nice theater. Usually crowded.

Patricia Sinclair

Friendly and helpful staff! Free refills on drinks and popcorn. Clean and comfortable.

Casey Mitchell

We enjoy coming to Stars when there is a movie we want to see. The place is clean and safe. The staff are always pleasant and for the size theater that it is, the movies are shown with good quality sound and picture. We have never felt deprived on selection even for a 6 screen theater. El Dorado is lucky to have Stars.

Rodney Hopson

Not a bad place to watch a movie. Not perfect, but the sound system and visuals are good, and the seats are comfortable

sarah gonzalez

Our favorite theater


Has a beautiful atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy and has the best sound system and movies to watch... It's an awesome place for you and your family to enjoy.

Ricky Vaughn

Sticky floors buy some mops please with that 15 dollar popcorn money

Jarvis Brown

Decent movie theatre... Snacks are a bit expensive

Christie Williams

Richard Wakefield

Terrible parking lot but friendly staff and well maintained inside

Andrew Wood

There is a few movies they decide not to show that I've been excited to see

heath stapleton

Fair prices...

Joshua Holt

For a small town, this theater does well. There are several movies I'd like to see that we don't get because of the lack of screens but for a small town it's not realistic to have many more. The theater is kept clean and the box office keeps lines moving so there never seems to be a long wait.

Scott Wells

Nice, clean, and comfortable.

Kaci Scharbor

My place to see the movies

Alexis Payne

Love the movies

Kenneth McIntyre

Pretty decent theater but never get worthwhile films. They don't have the #1 film this weekend that I was hoping to go see with my friends. Instead I have to take a road trip.

Kilala Davis

I will tell me what time to see my movies.

Donald Dominguez

When there is a line for the snack bar you need to open another register missed part of movie

John Taylor

Jimmy Correa

Kevin Johnson

Annie Patton

I really enjoyed the movie, Ma,

Marla Cones

Loved it!

Ashley Williamson

Nice theatre with alcohol

Glenda Gannaway

It was funny

heather bell

Not bad

Captain Action

Good Theater. Showing it's age.

Katherine Beavers

The popcorn was salty but it was clean.

Matt Burton

They have stadium seating, which is my favorite. They also serve beer which is awesome.

Paul Stephens

Comfortable seats quailty sound all around good place.

Raymond Wilson

Baylie Davis

Olivia Carter

Friendly staff, clean bathrooms, & kid friendly!!! We enjoyed it!!!

Biohazard Productions

A big selection of movies.

Christian Barnes

Parking lot is okay a few pot holes the staff is very good the food is good I recommend this place to all

Keith Watson

It's a decent theater sometimes messy though

Donna Haynie

Good theater, bathrooms were nasty!

rrreyhhsbabsnsn najajshahananak

sharron martin

Good clean theater

Elizabeth Escamilla

Everyone is always nice! Every thing is good - food, drinks, clean bathrooms. Only place within an hour and a half to watch a movie.

Debra Grimes

Always a good experience there!!!

Jenn Winn

Great movie theater close to home. I have always been happy with the popcorn and other stuff bought at the concession stand. The bathroom is always VERY clean. It's nice to walk to comfortable seats without having shoes stick to floor. Really appreciate the cleanliness of this theater. It's also refreshing to receive friendly service from beginning to end of time here. Wish the same people who own & manage El Dorado location would open another location in Magnolia, AR. We drive to this theater instead of driving slightly further to Bossier City, LA or same distance to Ruston, LA. We always enjoy our experience here even if our movie choice is a disappointment. Wish more theaters were operated like this one!

demetric smith

It's the place to go to see a show

Michael Smith

Great place


Been there a few times. Facility is nice but the movie choices are most of the time not very good. Is this all Hollywood puts out is sci-fi, horror, 3d ,erotica ,cartoons? How about showing some old classics you can get on DVD but show on a big screen.

Dodie Arena


Great night out with the Birthday Girl

andrew heath

We enjoy going.

Kimberly DeWitt

Just Me April

I took my kids to the free kids summer movie. They had fun and enjoyed going to movie theater.

Tristan Hunter Carter

James Lindsay

Surprisingly well maintained, decent sound and picture quality for a small venue. Wish sick people would stay home.

Bobby Mann

Very comfortable seating . handicap seating available.

Kathy Berry

This is Dorothy Gilmore but im on my sister's account! I absolutely love this theater! Only 33 miles away! Great popcorn! I never drive to Shreveport just to see a movie! Why? There's one right down the road!

Annie Gray

Going to go back again " Awesome. Taking the family Very Touch.

Andrew Higgins

Great theater. Employees are always extremely helpful and nice. Always clean and great sound and picture. My kids and husband also enjoy the arcade .

Alisa Simpson

Great for date night!

Sarah Campbell

terrible parking lot, screen quality & sound are off. But friendly staff, prices at the food bar are way too high. but it's clean the floors arnt nasty & the bath rooms are clean. but we like our little local theater. (:

brenda hatridge

Needs updating, usually has latest movies.

typical mikey

Loved it but just needs better service I loved a dogs way home

Phill McKinnon

Nice theater . Would recommend.

Jeff Clark

I wish magnolias Cameo, "the show", as it was called back then, would get bought, modernized, & reopened. When I was in school. Back in my wild days. When Mr Florence had it. When Colombia co was a dry co. for years. And we had to go to haynesville, Marysville, or springhill to get liquor. Or a boot legger. lol. And magnolia was booming.( & Eldoe)Lol. Buying/watching movies at home gets old after a while. It's sad that we have to go all the way to eldoe, Rustin/Monroe, txrka, or s'port to see a movie. Watching movies at Stars cinema 6 is okay I reckon. And who doesn't love theater popcorn!!?? My only two complaints is they need someone walking around supervising sort of speak. I hate it when I'm trying to watch a movie and there's people around jabbering & won't shut up or won't stay off their phones. But I wish they had a bigger variety of movies to watch. Not everyone are sci fie, cartoon, or adult sexual type fanatics.

Jonathan Mitchell

Good Movie

Lisa Fox

Its dookie

Candi Lovett

I never have a bad experience here. The movies are always shown with great quality. Great atmosphere!

Holly Moreno


Tanaya Coleman

Fredrico Billings

Very expensive food & drinks $21 for two soda and popcorn. That's ridiculous


Very outdated but a movie is a movie

ty toyshow

Awesome!!! Am going to the movies today to watch the mummy by Tom Cruise



Marion Ellen Navejar

Connie Garrison

Great place to get away and watch a movie in a clean temperature controlled environment.

Allen Cain

Good place! The food is to expensive.


The drive to watch the movie is well worth it. The staff is polite and usually very hospitable. I have no issues going to this place. Sometimes there can be others talking throughout the movie, but that's with any theatre. I hope that the management understands the great crew that they have.

Erica McHenry

Jason R. Berry


Pam Williams LMP u BC

They have the greatest movie

Brian Lison

800 west Adams

Brenda Brown


MrsCee Murray

What is wrong with showing new movies every other theater shows, this is the reason we don't go to Stars Cinema 6 anymore.

Bhsfg Hhbsd

The movie was good and star cinema was very nice.

David Simmons

A fine movie theater for the area. They don’t keep the movies for too long though.

Dimas Melchor

It is a little dated, but the main theaters are much larger in size than anticipated. Great spot to catch a movie. The screens are up to date and clear. The popcorn is really good! This place has a certain charm.

The Mover



What a great movie experience!

Eddie Roberts

We enjoyed ourselves and the movie was awesome.

Monica Stilwell

Good local theater.

Maggy Yaksic

Great movie!

Paisley O'Guinn

It is the best place ever

Orren Hogan



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