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REVIEWS OF Regal McCain Mall & RPX IN Arkansas

lewis Zachry

Staff was accommodating... but while in a movie kids under the age of 18 where in the movie and kept getting asked to leave and while in the movie IT chapter 2... the kids where talking and yelling and screaming throughout the entire movie making it very distracting to me and my wife and at least 65% of the others in the movie I was not impressed and I will definitely not be returning.

Carol King Kennard

We had comfortable seats, and the restroom was very conveniently located. Great sound and picture! Tickets are a little pricy.

Jim Gilliam

Not a good first-time experience. I sat in auditorium 11, and I won’t be back to this Regal cinema. The seats are not too much better than an airplane’s. Cramped and you have to share armrests! Nobody likes that. We watched The Nun, and the speaker quality needs improvement; it was not loud enough (except the trailers blew me outta the house, of course). No beer or wine. Again, I won’t be back here.

Adrian Anderson

This is the first time I've seen a movie theater inside the mall and i'm blown away. This is AWESOME!!!!

Allen Buford

Always clean. Has reclining seats. Friendly staff.

bernard ellington

I took my two kids to a matinee. The price was reasonable for today's market. The theater is always clean. The staff is nice and attentive. It's a great movie going experience.


I enjoy this place it clean up to date, the only thing I would add is more staff. On some busy days the lines are long. I do dislike the new reserved seating. It's no longer 1st come seating. The Regal Rewards Program is great.

Lisa Mae Johnson

Son and I had a date day at Regal Cinemas McCain Mall. We had such a great day!

Jennifer Bell

Horrible experience every time I come to this theater. Always full of people playing on their phone, up out of their seats walking around the theater, and talking loudly and the staff won't do anything about it . I am tired of spending so much money for an unenjoyable experience. Worth the extra time and gas to just go to Breckinridge. At least there if people are disruptive during a movie the staff care enough to do something about it.

Daniel White

Pretty nice theater, little short on staff but a good experience overall.

JM Olvera

Clean and comfortable. I have always appreciated the new movie theater, the Tandy 10 was cheap, but gross. The Regal theater has always been a great place to bring the kids, friends, or a date. I have be a customer since the beginning and have seen countless movies here.

Joyce Woods

Love going to the movies will be back again soon

Denice Taylor

Nice facility. Comfortable seats. Typical expensive consessions.

Helen Farrish Hinkle

The movie was good. We were extremely uncomfortable because it was very hot in the theater.

Phillip Vineyard

First time here and I was pleased. Went to Saturday afternoon show and was not overcrowded at all. Will definitely be back.

evan barre

Not bad. Wish more seats were renovated like Breckenridge. Real food options are surprisingly good--I had the spicy chicken sandwich and it was comparable to a chick fil a sandwich with waffle fries and everything. Rpx is always worth the extra price.

Richard Loghry

Good solid theater experience with all the modern niceties. I’ve been there at least 40 times. Anytime there has been an issue they took care of it and were super nice about it. I take a client who is in a wheelchair and they only charge for one ticket since he cannot go without a caregiver (a lot of places are starting this policy, but it’s not a law...they choose to do it because they want to).

donna demery

Lion king was great

Dena Hankins

Very nice time had a great day with my sister and friend

*Night Lights*

Concessions are WAAAAAAAY over-priced, as in- they have lost their minds over-priced. Reserved seating is and always will be dumb.

Pho3nix 045

Seats aren't comfortable and food is so high

mike brewer

Movie theater was very clean Bathrooms were excellently maintained Staff were polite and helpful

Scott Shellabarger

This movie theater seems to have a problem hiring good staff. Don't expect quick or friendly service at the concession stand.

Stephen Ramsey

Staff had no "drive" no get up and go in their work attitude, there were lines out the door at noon on a Saturday ("yeah who knew) and there was only one worker per line, lines moving slow and none of the workers seemed to care. With so many people looking for jobs it's not like they could possibly be short staffed just don't care about the customers experience. Oh yeah and only 1 popcorn machine going. Manager should be ashamed.

Touched’By Tonya

So many seats in the theater so they are very small and uncomfortable, asked to check my wallet size purse with a flash light , and higher than the other theater.

Jr Glosser

Wonderful, reclining chairs, nice sound. Easy ticket purchase. Extreme comfort! Definitely pony up for the better package!!


Amazing staff and great food

Doug Seuell

To high for drinks n popcorn dang rip off supposed to be family outing it's a costly vacation for 2 hours pitful

Socio Path

The place is clean the ushers are nice but they need more people to work the concession great theatre tho fix that and it's 5 stars

Eric Carter

i love regal at the mall, the managers always work with me well when i am having regal crown card shenanigans and free stuff going on. pro tip: go inside the lobby for the self-serve kiosks.

Angie 4Food

We decided to go here on date night because it was near our restaurant BIG MISTAKE! The seats are uncomfortable and the 2 times we went here we had problems with teenagers. They laughed loudly talked even louder took pictures with the flash on all while we were in the middle of watching our movie. Several times we had to move to let them pass by because they obviously couldn't sit still. When you purchase a ticket you choose which seats you want and reserve them I'm not sure why they even bother because we went to our seats and people were I our reserved seats because some one was in theirs! I will not go again

Emily Hurst

The seats don't lay back. No reserved seating where you pick out your seats at the ticket counter (except for 3D movies I think). But they have good food and it's always clean with friendly service!

Parris Buford

Great atmosphere. I love this place plus movie was free.

LaTrina Thomas

Minimal staff but great location. Love the RPX option.


It's decent. Good place to catch movies with my mom and boyfriend. There's not much I would change save for the wheelchair seating is too close to the screen and it really hurts my ma's neck to have to lean so terribly back just to see the film.

Chris Moore

Nice theater. Eat before you get there and bring a soda with you. Waited in line for 20 min for a soda. Ended up leaving and walked out into the mall to a vending machine.

Sueellen Scogins

Regal Theater in McCain Mall had a calm atmosphere today and was on time for the Spider Man Movie. The large screen picture was was easy on the eyes with perfect color, sharp and clear details. The volume did NOT hurt my ears even with all the explosions and monster actions in the movie. We enjoyed some Peanut M&M's from the snack bar. They had almost every snack imaginable. Prices are expensive, so consider eating before going to the theater. Oh yes, you must see Spider Man! Excellent movie.

John Hogan

Tried to see Spider-man:Far from Home here. Got to the theater a half hour early to get caption glasses. I asked several employees to help me from the concession stand to the ticket taker, I tried calling their phone number. No one would answer or assist. Finally after missing 15 minutes of the movie someone provided caption glasses. They didn't work. I came back out, same rigmarole. Finally contacted someone to return the glasses, the movie was half over at that point. No offer of money back, another showing, nothing. They got their money, why should it bother them you couldn't enjoy the movie? I finally more than a week later got acknowledgement of my problems and passes to another showing so I have adjusted my rating accordingly.

Joseph Malat

Seats were excruciatingly uncomfortable. Concession prices were ridiculous even for a movie theater. They had to be told to turn off the house lights.

Jason Tinkle

Needed more people at the ticket office. Other than that its a nice theater.

Judith Bee

Nice as usual!

Jason Smith

Like any other movie theater. I felt the sounds system could have been louder in the theater I was in.


45 bucks for popcorn and two drinks I think that's a bit excessive

Chris Elwood

Always a friendly staff and unlike Wal-Mart they use almost all of their registers to check out people lol.

Shellye Crosby

Movie started 45 minutes late, had to tell them to turn off overhead lights 5 minutes after movie started, never turned the lights on after movie ended which made it difficult to gather all our belongings


Front row seats an experience I will remember as pretripping

Bobby Tedrow

Theatre is nice. The concession stand is terrible. Lines are long. People do not get in a hurry to get anything. If managed better it would be a better overall experience.

Crr V

Very nice. Recommended

Stacy Wright

Need more service to call them to get info.I pressed buttons and called 2or 3 times still no answer to my questions ...

Tiffany Perkins

Great....clean....good customer service

Complicated Order

Nice theatre for the price. Clean and spacious.

Kathryn McCoy

We always enjoy seeing movies here. It is clean and service is good. Only downside is the wait for concessions, and the concessions price. Super high, but that's the case at any movie theater.

Nick Murphy

Fix that terrible automated call system! When its options do not contain the information I need, give me an option to talk to a human. Pitiful that this is what has become customer service. I'll just watch at a theater that has better access to customer service.

Brett Stuart

Clean. Nice theaters. Could stand to have more cashiers open for the snack bar.

Don Jackson

Great place to watch a movie. Staff and management are very pleasant and accommodating.

Robyn Adair

Foos is cheap and low quality but friendly service and staff.

Ray Tate

I'm old enough to remember when McCain Mall only had 2 screens when they first opened back in the mid 70s. Regal Cinemas are a step up - big time. They have plenty of screens, seats are decent, lots of snack options, plenty of clean bathrooms and a friendly staff. My only problem is the long lines yo purchase tickets and even longer lines for expensive snacks. Only drawbacks I see for an otherwise great time at the Mall's theater and the mall itself.

Kristin Odom

We love this theater! The seating is always great and its great for our young kids to see and have plenty of room.

Christopher Hansen

I love this theater! I went to see Crazy Rich Asians, which I would highly recommend, because the film covers everything we each experience in life. There is a connection with everyone in this movie one way or another. The establishment was beautiful and clean, concession stand was spot on with fast service, and the recliner seats were comfortable for a wonderful movie viewing experience. Thank you!!! #ibehookinit

Kim Washington

Had a wonderful time and everything was so clean!

Rochester Rodgers

I always enjoy my time at this particular theater. Everyone is generally kind.

edee C.

I would give 5 stars but I always have issues with concessions. I dont even have to be in a long line it just takes forever in general. Be sure to come to the theater 40 to 50 minutes b4 movies starts. They only have 2 or 3 employees getting everyone's concessions even if it's a busy night. Also there is usually 1 to 2 ppl selling tickets and this place is always packed.

Jason Morris

One of the better theaters I've been to

Cleo Smith

I really enjoyed the seating and the movie in 3d.

Jennifer Bridges

We love this place, they always have the newest movies, the seats are never broken. Everything is comfortable, the air is always just right in the summer and the heat is also in the winter. We go every weekend and I enjoy everything about it, from the minute I buy our tickets to going to the extra clean restrooms at the end. The manager Roland is the absolute best, always polite always makes sure that you are happy with their staff and Any service that has been provided. He will talk to different people through out the Hugh lobby asking if you enjoyed the movie and what did you watch this time, just the nicest man in every way. I give this movie theater 5 stars and the manager and staff a 10

Phil Fely Ocampo Grasse

Good theater; nice and clean!

Janaytha Perry

Went to see Shaft!! It was GOOD! Had GOOD seats.

Ray Bowen

Movies were good I would give it 4 stars if prices were cheaper but I guess they have to make a buck

Aurelio Garza

This location keeps moving in the right direction. The service is great , the theaters are clean as well as restrooms. I had great experience. Aside from air conditioning not being sufficiently adequate for occupants in the RPG theater. Arriving early is not beneficial at this location, as you find yourself in lobby waiting to be let in.other than that was an enjoyable visit.

mark Vinson

Nice place just sometime games are not working to keep the kids busy while we wait and theater number 11 ac was out for the last five months if the movie I want too see is in then I will have too get my money back it too hot in there other than that everyone is very nice great job

Just me

Watched endgame. . Attendant in the window was way too busy talking on the phone instead of assisting our party.. there was no line just us.. we waited at least 10minutes to get our tickets.. once he got our attention... it's our fault!!! Never again.. did not get his name.. but he looks big and his uniform looked like it has not been washed for days.. unprofessional !.. whatever happened to customer service???

Darrell Coleman

Slightly kool adjust 72°

Emailla Accountal

Safe and clean. They are always very kind and helpful. I also appreciate the family friendly restroom for families with special needs. The theaters are always clean and there is plenty of room.

Brian Holowell

Great theater with comfortable chairs, but the staff couldn't care less. It's almost like I was inconveniencing them.

Gregory Lamont

Good clean theater with options from standard to 3D RPX. Has some arcade games to kill some time before the movie and self service ticket purchasing or ticket printing for pre-ordered tickets.

Julian Robbins

Terrible customer service. Long lines and not ent employees. No one at cust service desk. Might not return to this location or this chain.

Andrea Fossette

I always enjoy my family time here!

William White

Employee were standing around but one noticed I needed help and took my order. Other than that great experience. Place was clean. It may have helped I went at 1025 a.m.

David Bacon

Pretty clean... Middle range pricey...Alway good selection... Movies, candy, food, drinks...

Mary Langlais

Bohemian Rhapsody in the RPX Theater was the perfect sound quality that made the movie even more amazing.

Jay Bass

This is one of the best theaters I’ve been to in a while. Nice seats. Great customer service. Had an small problem with the chair. Staff was very kind in resolving the issue. Most definitely a great theater. The popcorn here is off the chain.

Brian Locke

It is conveniently located, well furnished, the latest movies and technologies. It is expensive, barely staffed with employees, and not very clean. I enjoy going to a movie here because of the location, but there are much nicer theaters for the same price or less

Alfred Davis

The remodel sounds great. Creed II was interesting.

Kristine Rodgers

Comfy seats and great popcorn!

Kevin Clingmon

great experience from last time can’t remember price of ticket . Can someone tell me the price

Stephen Truax

Liked it, went to a matinee had the theater to myself

MissNita Hall

Nice theatre but not very roomy, I think I've been spoiled by large recliner seats.

Deborah Holloway

Nice and clean! In the theater and they have party room in there if you want to have a party for your kids of all ages.

Kathy taylor

Movie was good but the concession people were veryy mean

Elaine Kelley

Great place!!! High priced concessions!!

Ruger Dutton

Good theater. It is usually very clean. The seats are decent. There is a good layout. The rows are high enough someone's head won't be between you and the screen. It is generally not to busy which makes it nice to get the seat you want.

Susan Stanford

Awesome theater. Impeccable staff. Delish popcorn. Comfortable seating. Awesome employees. 5 Stars!

Anaee Nacole

Visited this place. Had over 48000 points. Bought 3 tickets and was asked by the cashier did I want to redeem my points. I told her no I was saving them for my sons birthday and PAID FULL price for all 3. Look at my points 2 days later and over 19000 had been redeemed for tickets. I never did. contacted customer service via email and they responded in like 30 minutes saying they couldnt replace them. Then they tried to say they expired when I know they didnt. ( points expire 12 months from date issued and I didnt even join the rewards program to feb 2018 so one month from now would be a year and this happened December 31st.) They wouldnt even investigate. Moral of the story use your points immediately because it's obvious the cashiers cash them out and use them for whatever they please if you dont with no repercussions. I honestly think if they see you have alot of points when they ring you up they remember or write your number down because I was told by others that this has happened to them at this same location. Emailed them again showing my join date and letting them know the points hadnt expired and as of over a week response. I would give a no star for customer service if I could.

Jacoby Roark

The ac was not working in yhe theater and they did not say ne thing about it was very hot

Christopher Gilbert

Everything about my experience was OK as far as movie theater experiences go (Hence the two stars); especially for a chain. This was my first and last time going to this location however. I came and watched Captain Marvel and about 15 minutes into the movie the audio was not playing in the theater correctly. I could hear people eating popcorn over action parts of the movie, which I could tell was not only irritating myself but those around me who had noticed but had not been able to muster the strength to do anything about it. Me being the bravest and most motivated individual in that theater at that time, got up not only to receive my free refill on my overpriced frozen sugar cup, but to also make a note to the first employee I could find. While getting my drink refilled I saw the perfect opportunity arise, the man who I can only describe as the "stereotypical guy who you assume is a manager due to large bundle of keys attached firmly at the waist" was refilling his soda at the same time. I loudly and clearly asked the gentleman if he was the manager to which he replied, "yes". I then went on to discuss the issue that was occurring in my theater in regards to the lack of sound to correspond with the movie. Swiftly I was met with a "Oh, yeah we'll look into that". Guess what? One hour and 20 minutes later the credits were rolling and nothing had changed. 0/10 Would not movie again. EDIT: I would like to add the second huge positive about this place, the restrooms are VERY CLEAN, like the cleanest public restroom I've ever been in.

LaKeysha Lawson

Clean and s great place to relax and watch a movie

Micah Cross

Love coming here. It's clean. And friendly

Amber Goins

Exactly what I’ve come to expect from Regal. Yes, if it’s throwing you off, this theater is inside the mall and does stay open later then the shops. Popcorn and Coke are fantastic. Service is always really good. The theaters are always very clean. I’m not sure why, but it never seems over crowded. I’ve never had an issue here with people being loud or bothersome. There’s nothing special about it, but there’s nothing to complain about either. Just a good experience.


Air conditioning seems to be weak, usually chilly in a theater and I sweat the last movie.

Dorian Mullins

I remember why I don't go to movie theaters now. Poor customer service. The girls at the concession stand were awful! The only person that greeted me was the guy taking tickets. The movie was okay.

Buddy Curtis

This is our go to movie theater. Parking is never a problem and movies are always exactly what we expect. A little pricey but all movies theaters are these days.

Mary Wood

Loved The Grinch! One of my favorite Christmas Classics & a great holiday tradition. Here's to Love & Kindness!

Jodi Grace

Fun watching Spiderman!

Kimberly Kelley

I haven't been at this theater in a couple of years. However I was very impressed with it tonight. The seats are extremely comfortable. You can partially recline and the seats can actually rock. The screen is way larger then I remember from the last time I was there, which made it awesome for me. Now if you're a very small skinny person watch out you might slip out the back of the seat.

Angel Martinez

Service was very bad. They seemed to be completely uninterested in good and speedy assistance. However, theater was nice and seats were comfortable.

Taylor Karnes

I’ve never left a review before, but my experience has been incredibly poor. I’ve been to this theater twice in 2 months, and both times the movie has not worked. The first time was computer error and the second was “corporate didn’t send the audio file.” We were informed about 30 minutes after our movie time to go to the lobby for refunds. The worst part was that there was NO management in the lobby for 10 minutes, AFTER telling everyone to go there! Everyone was getting very heated… The acting manager finally came out and was slamming doors and showing visible frustration. 1 hour and 45 minutes after our movie time, we finally got to leave with refunds and one extra ticket. I will not be going back to this theater again, because they don’t put customers first and are seemingly poorly managed.

Douglas Wilson

Not my favorite Regal to go to, but wasn’t too bad. I just don’t care walking through the mall. But the RPX was worth it.

Matthew Cameron

I like that you can reserve seats when you buy your tickets. The place was very clean and the people that took my order for the concession stand were nice

Both Uvuss

Well it is a movie theater, over priced food and drinks and sticky floors! Lol we went to the last showing and when we got out there was no one to be seen. Kind of creepy. The place is clean (except the floors) but you already know that! Lol Enjoy!!

Matt Sullivan

Slow service at the ticket window and the kiosk machines were available inside for ticket sales, but people kept cutting in line for them as well. Snack counter..same thing! Put up a stantions so people who have been waiting in line don't get screwed. Nice theater other than that.

Gina Hughes

They don't need to have you pick your seats when there are only 2 seats taken in the whole theater. Especially for people who need glasses to read and didn't think they would need them at the movies. What happen to going to the movies, buying tickets then go look for a seat? Does that not exist anymore? Then they wanted to check my wallet purse. Come on now what could possibly be in it but my id and money. Really like this old lady is going to have something illegal in a wallet. I had to leave, never saw the movie and my experience there made it where I will never go back to another theater again. I will wait and see them in the comfort, hassle free home.

Pam Stephens

I used to enjoy going to the McCain Regal to see movies but I'm going to have to revise my review from last year. The past two times I went, I was required to stand in line at concession stand to purchase a ticket. There were only two customers in front of me but I was in line for 35 minutes, and by the time I got my ticket, I had to go into a dark theatre, feel for my seat, and missed the first few minutes of the movie. Please, please designate at least one area just to purchase a movie ticket. That was ridiculous.

Diabetic Doll

I love coming here. They're affordable, the drinks and popcorn, thought expensive, are good size! The chairs are comfy, the staff is nice. Impressed overall!

Sherri Lynn Tidwell

Guy at concession stand seemed super stressed, but we were the only people?

Phyliss Sanchez

I call y'all and y'all just hang up on me

Elizabeth Robertson

Not bad for seeing a huge fight before the movie. Not my favorite town.

Jerome Nash

Always clean, comfortable seats, decent movie goers


Nice movie theater rooms and good selection of sodas, food, and candy

Shannon Clark

Awesome movie theater! It is in the McCain Mall which is pretty cool. The snack bar is pretty expansive. They have a theater with huge comfy chairs that recline. It is pretty pricey but it is pretty on par with how expensive going to the movies is in general.

Nate Townsend

Clean and cool. It's a chain cinema. Use the kiosk for tickets. Kids that service ticket booth and concessions move slowly. Projection is good, and sound system works great as well.

shuntine nash

The ticket attendant was very rude to me... my family and were celebrating a birthday decided to watch a movie. It was 7 of us, all purchased tickets, I was the last one in line, she rudely walked away for 10 minutes. When she returned I asked her why did she walk away and I’m waiting to purchase a ticket. She first said she didn’t see me and next she said I thought the guy paid for you. It doesn’t matter what you thought you first apologized. Instead she said do you want a ticket. I immediately walked off and ask the attendant that was taking the tickets to call the manager. The manager came out, I explained the situation., she really wasn’t concerned!!! My family and I will next be back, and I will share my experience with other family members and friends. One thing I know for sure is there are numerous theaters we can go and watch a movie and don’t have to be treated in such away!!!

Brent Morris

When they put this movie theater in, it was the best of the best in Pulaksi county. Since then however, several more replicated it and even went further with more comfortable seating and a better menu (and alcohol). The cost is about on par with the going rate these days, except for matinees when it's cheaper. The normal ticket prices aren't as cheap as Rave on Colonel Glenn but for a mall theater, it's above average.

Nicholle Milligan

Went to see Shazam. Good movie. Not fond of the seats,but a clean theatre.

Ingrid Bolton

Seat were not comfortable at all but restroom was cleam

Kim Smith

This place is awesome. They don't have all reserved seating, but it has been upgraded and is beautiful. The staff is nice. Bryan is especially awesome.

Barbara Scorza

Went to a 3:50 PM show. No lines. Staff was friendly. Theater was comfortable. I had popcorn and it was fresh.

Brittany Brown

I love using the atom app when I go here. No lines and a discount on concessions

Kimberly Stapleton

Good movies bit pricey friendly clean

Michael Proch

Was very clean and the staff was pleasant.

Jennifer Washington

Nice place, but they need to clean better between movies. Popcorn everywhere and sticky floors.

James Eaton

Convenient location in the mall. At times, concession lines can be extremely long and time consuming

María Isabel

Always like to go with my husband. Pretty basic cinema.

Amanda Gill

Great picture quality. Theatre had comfy chairs in good condition. The screen was huge and I really like that you don't have to pick your seats ahead of time.

Morris Campbell

I go to watch movies it be so fun but too high on snaks but very nice

Benjamin Doby

Pretty nice theatre! And it's in the mall so that's a plus. Staff were cool and it was a nice show.

Lisa Mikel

Seats were comfortable, plenty of leg room, movie was great, staff were helpful and friendly. I will go back

You Know


Candice Smith

Nice seats and screens.

nick cobb

I prefer the rave the surround system is over rated the seating is 2nd rate the food prices are out of this world. The ticket prices are on check with everywhere else and the rewards system they have is the best aspect of this theatre. Other than that I prefer other theatres to this one.

Curtis Rhea

Good place to go watch movies

black siren

Great service

Normam Wakefield

Its comfortable seating assigned seats, food, beverages & snacks are too pricey so eat before you go especially with kids . They have a party room looks nice . Bathrooms where clean & yes you have to walk through the mall to get to the movie theater. You can buy tickets on line, We purchased our tickets prior to get there so no waiting in line

Terri Sutten

Great cinema!

Vivian Thomas

Sooooooo, I really enjoyed movie, Madea's Funeral, BUT a Sista thought Made a was gonna die.....ijs

Eathan Huber

Not always great. The connsesions are way over priced. The employees are not allways the best, see b par. The RPX theater is the best. The rest is kinda outdated

Roger Farmer

Really hot in theater 6 May 21 18:30

Missy Swatloski

Cleanest movie theater. The RPX seating is comfortable and relaxing! We have a movie theater in our town but go to the Regal instead. Always worth the drive. Concessions are $$$.

Brandy Fabacher

Love it. Fast service, great seats, only thing I would change is the amount of $$$ needed


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