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Where is Pinnacle Hills Promenade?

REVIEWS OF Pinnacle Hills Promenade IN Arkansas

Angie Waters

A lot of dark spaces. No longer have some of the great variety stores like Melody’s Choices. Just meh. I would give a higher rating in the holiday season as the decorations and holiday music bring some refreshing ambience.

Dawn Harris

This pops up on my list of places often. Usually for The Fresh Market. I buy specially ingredients, produce, meat and teas here. There meat is always good! Often they have produce that other markets don't have. They have a fabulous tea selection and food that you can't find other places. The staff is always friendly. The deli is great when you don't feel like cooking and the meat counter let's you choose exactly what you want. If I am in the area I will run in here because it is faster to grab basics like salad ingredients, Almond Milk or even on occasion local beers.

Noah Young

It's a nice atmosphere but it's all outside, so if it's cold it isn't great

Kari Vierkant

Love all the different shops. Especially Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Savoy Tea.


With difficult parking due to all the other attractions, this Malco is a cornerstone to the Promenade. Walking distance to great food, entertainment, and shopping this is your one stop shop for a fun filled weekday or weekend.

Jimmy G

Neat place to shop here!

Jule Wpunkt

It was quiet nice. Not to many people and some good shops. What I didn't like - no coffee shop...

Carlton Bond

Very nice place! Lots of stores, and the layout is perfect.

Phillip Mead

Beautiful outdoor mall with plenty of great shops

Chelsea Willis

The Best Place To Shop And Employees Are Always Friendly and Professional!!!

Natalie Davenport

Love the outside mall! Always decorated nicely.

Marsha King

Dave n Buster's is fun for all ages. It's not just about the games, the food is good too.

Nupur Goel

Quite good place to hang out. One destination where you can shop, play,eat and watch movie. So don't wait and visit this awesome beautiful place


Great place comfortable seats great concession stand

heyitsglobalworld channel

Very cheap on Tuesday all day 6 dollars

venkata krishna

Good outlet mall ,decent and apt for this city,kids play area is small and parking is little difficult to find near shops or need to walk lot. If weather is good, can enjoy the place

Andrea Blair

Lids store has the worst customer service. It is very unfortunate.

Ethan Genser

This is a great mall. There's a lot of stores and it is kept very clean. It's never too crowded, but it can be tough to find a parking spot. Traffic here is also pretty confusing for the uninitiated, so keep an eye out.

EvanSean Wright

Great mall, just going in and out of stores is a drag and no public transportation.

Donna Wright

Love this place. There is a variety of shops to choose to shop in. Great place to go to.

Rocky Pena

Nice but kinda small

Jon Phillips

This is a really cool place! Always well kept and some fantastic restaurants! Great location.

Tegan Taylor

I LOVE the Promenade! I love how the shopping center is set up. I feel like I am on an episode of 7th Heaven when they would go down to the Promenade. Lots of fun stores with lots of variety.

Michelle Perkins

Time to visit the kitties for adoption and food for our cat. Love the employees here.

Alyssa Simington

Never been to a outside mall before visiting this one. Good first experience though, it Has lots of parking areas but hard to find near the entrance. Property was well maintained and clean. Wish they had more stores opened (several was either closed down or had relocated)

Candi Alley

I'm still new to area but I have seen it's a beautiful

Dawn Donato

Feel safe walking around at night.

Aditya Saxena

Open mall. Good brands but limited shops. Have to walk a lot so be prapared.

mohammad reza razavi

Best mall in NWA, nice walking area with actively played music;)

Nica Shiley

Best mall that I ever been to..

Theresa L

It's Ok when the weather is nice, but if it's raining and you can't find a parking spot near the is fairly unpleasant.

Jarrod Shelton

Nice shopping center. Super busy at times.

Christopher Kelley

I went only to the game stop there and the store was an absolute disaster, asked a manager if they had any used Microsoft battery packs and his exact words where sorry we don't sale them anymore used due to not knowing how old they are and said I would have to purchase the new ones and I go and browes all the used accessories and not was there one but 8 of the batteries I was looking for and informed him they do sale them and he then said that they aren't supposed to anymore and then I said well I want 4 of these and he looked at them and said well I'll have to charge you the $17.99 price for all 4 when 3 out of the 4 where marked down to $11.99 needless to say I ended up getting all 4 for $11.99 a piece by the way and it only happened cause I had to be the customer that got an attitude in front of everyone there and the other problem is 1 person working and had easily 13-18 customers waiting I will honestly take the extra 25 minutes and go to the gamestop in the next town will not be back at all

Rachel Garrido

Only thing I don’t like is it is very hard to find a parking spot without having to park far away. Not disabled but close to it.

Monika Harjo

Nice shopping area, lots of restaurants, easy parking.

krista rawson

Excellent outdoor mall. A great one to go to for a variety of shopping and dining options.

Karen Burrell

Great place to browse and shop. Good variety of stores and usually front door parking.

Guillermo Olivares

Good place a litter it spencive

Greg S

Great location for shopping.

Stephen Volsted SR

A lot of stores here Dillards JC Penney Victoria Secrets on and on you can find almost anything here and walk around all day shopping

Clayton Bearden

Very nice outdoor mall.

rose !!

really pretty place. the stores are nice and i enjoy going there

Celsey C

Love walking around here. Lots to do.

jon bowles

Wish the parking was better. Don't like the cars driving through the middle. Too many drives don't pay attention or speed

Mona Harris

Always a great experience! I love the mall! Everyone is so nice.

Savannah Smith

Lots and lots of options. Even better that you can pull up to a certain store you want to go to instead of having to walk through the mall.


Love the open concept, the open flow of the shopping center and it does not fill closed off like your ordinary or average mall. Has a good selection it variety of stores and restaurants. I enjoy seeing bicyclist riding through the area also enjoying the atmosphere and area.

Debbie Southard

I really like the Mall but the traffic is crazy. I was almost hit 3 times by cars running the stop signs.

Tiffany S

Nice open space to shop, eat and mingle. Super cute during holidays as well.

Takishia Ford

Great enjoyable family atmosphere & great variety of restuarants. Great Time!

David Jennings

Large shopping plaza was very interesting, very clean area. Will have to visit again to see full experience. Thank you.

Charity Treat

Nice mall, but it's often hard to find good parking. And I personally prefer an indoor mall.

Angel Smart

Love the Promenade mall so many stores to choose from! :)

Felicia Mendez

Really love just relaxing here. I don't even really go to shop, just walk around and get some ice cream most of the time. There is a little play area for small children, surround sound music which is wonderful to hear while your outside, and comfy outside couches to lounge in. There is a green grass area by the children's play area that we like to bring pizza and picnic at. And of course lots of wonderful restaurants and places to shop. Good for the whole family.

Shaun Moore

Lots of walking. Love it! Great stores.

super beats

Another great place to go watch movies

Candice Stiles

Love Maurices they have such great prices!

Karen Cakouros

I don't go to the movies on a regular basis and I was here for the first time this year. My teen daughter went to the snack bar for a cup of water and was charged $6.00 . Ridiculous

Jordan Utley

Moved here two months ago for a city of 175,000 to find the shopping to be comparable! I’m also excited it’s outdoors! Beautiful at the holidays too!

David Campbell

Large outdoor mall with many specialty shops. It's great when the weather is good. Not so much otherwise.

Larry Linn

Nice, clean shopping center with a good variety of stores, restaurants, entertainment.

Shannon Enderland

You can find anything here, all while enjoying the outdoors!

Lorie Joyner

Pushing your agenda not acceptable! Will never shop there again and I was a good customer!

Yvette Lesser

Something for everyone. A must visit for anyone

Austin Morris

Excellent outdoor mall. Great vibes

Carole Whitekiller

Beautiful place. Everything you could wish and chocolates, too!

Waylon Grimes

Good place to shop. Parking can be a pain but I don't mind walking around. Lots of things to look at it has a good variety of shops.

Tom Cochenour

Would of been better if I did not had to work

Carol Walters

Has all my shopping needs. Visited Fresh Market store they have a lot of items at some of her other grocery stores don't have. Excellent shopping you can find almost anything you need there and everything is fresh really fresh and the Personnel are all very helpful it's one of my favorite places to shop for meals for my family.

Kanyiba PE

This "mall" has stores so spread out, walking outside stores is just unbearable in summer heat! I can imagine it is the same during winter. You will still get what you need here, except a food court of course.

Molly Mahurin

Parking is always a issue but otherwise it is a great place to go.

Susan D Cearley

Nice place for walk and shop! Good food all so! Safe, neat and clean!

tyler stroud

Great stores, good luck with parking on weekends

Jorge Martínez

It has good department stores as well as stores of specific brands the big orange is a good option to eat

Lauren Jordan

Could use some better seating.

Jacqueline Parthe Kish

Attend the LPGA every year . Fun family event

Charles Whitford

It's Pinnacle Promenade. It's holding up well for an aging outdoor mall. The food court is now a Dave and Buster's, while kind of fun it's extremely expensive for most of the same games they have at Chuck E. Cheese. The food there is disgusting and over priced. They have lost several store from the mall I enjoyed.

Lindsey Greve

A wonderful shopping complex full of a wide variety of shops for whatever your needs are. I could've spent all day here just walking around the Promenade and exploring all the different shops they had.

Vijay Ganjigunte Ramachandran

Good number of shops. Little laid back environment/getting I got when I visited it twice. Not sure if it's just the way it is or just the season/timing. Not much dining options. Decent clothes centres. Cinemas also in this location. Good overall.

Austin Phillips

Very nice outside mall. Parking is hard to find on the main drive, but plenty of spaces all around the outside of the mall. Great selection of stores and big chain stores. Pretty pricey for all stores. Used to have a nice food court but now there’s nothing left. Needs a better food court.

Jessicca Riley

Love the look of the area. Reminds me of hardy. Wish they had more old time stores. Shull

Great place to do some outdoor shopping with the family

Robert Sherman

Good service and friendly. Good was delivered fast and was hot when I got it. Waitress laughed when I teased her and she teased me back

meghana kiran

Nice place to walk around and shop. It has good restaurants and theater as well

Janine Young

I went with a friend and the salesperson was very helpful

Johnnathan Carr

You can save on deals. If you dont mind the extra walking from store to store. The mall has alot of extras like restaurants and other popular venues in the immediate area. I also enjoy how clean the walkways parking lot are. And the constant outdoor music adds to the decor.


Always a fun time with friends and family at the mall of pinnacle hills

francis arcia

Nice but not many store options.

Leland Hebert

Clean and great movies. Awesome popcorn and friendly staff

Steve Forbes

Excellent outdoor shopping experience with many types of chain and local stores and restaurants available.

Michelle Jones

Of course, we visited here in July and it's hot in Arkansas, but other than that we liked being out and about. We got to eat some good food at Big Orange and we got to walk around outside to see what was open today.

Rose Graham

Love the variety of stores and restaurants.

Zong Vue

It's MEH.... GO HOME if you are looking for a bargain. This out door mall is for people with money. All the affordable stores have closed. The place is beautiful and it's nice in the spring and fall. Too hot for the summer and too cold in the winter. Parking is horrible.


Plenty of shops and just a wonderful atmosphere

Karen Rhodifer

Variety of stores and restaurants make this a great destination.

Mark McDonald

It's still appreciated to have a variety of shops that you can browse around while also enjoying the outdoors in between locations. They do a great job with theming during Christmas and have speakers. It's not too difficult to get a decent parking spot near the stores you intend to visit which is nice during less than ideal weather.

Bradley Garrett

An outdoor mall in the south? How could that be bad? Oh yeah, the planet is warming and the south was already hot. How any establishment stays in business at this mall is beyond me.

elizabeth t

the whole place seemed kind of dead. lots of empty shops and not enough restaurants (especially if you’re a healthy eater). just the typical soma, lululemon, loft, hot topic. not really worth traveling more than 30 minutes for. maybe my standards are too high but i was let down by the lack of interesting shops

Melanie Tromblee

The cutest outdoor mall. I like walking around. Felt so safe here. Will definitely return.

Christine Pinkley

Pinnacle Promenade mall is allowing a retail store that will be selling dogs. This is unacceptable and I will not be shopping at this facility until the store is gone. I urge others to do the same!


A mask like ive never seen. Set up like a small town. Very cool

Holly Pate

Great shops to walk around on a beautiful day.

Melissa Kucyk

Lovely place to hang with family and shop!


Lovely shopping setting but has lost some retailers. Boutique feel. Great dining options.

Jimmy Cline

A nice place to take the kids to just walk around, play in the play area or go to yum yoes.

Sandy Pavlik

I had to visit Dillards while I was in town. .it was the last day ESTEE LAUDER special. I had ask them to put one free gift back for me however, I couldn't get there when I said I I didn't think they would have one for me on the last day..Rachel is the manager and she is awesome; she found me one..and was so very professional and took such good care. .will definitely be coming back to this Dillards...even though there are Dillards closer to me, I'll travel the extra miles.

Matthew Edmisten

Good place to watch moviea

Kevin Beasley

Great social place as well as places to shop

Bert Birge

Kinda hard to find the store your looking for!

Matt Sims

Very clean place friendly staff lots of stores. I'll definitely return.

Lillian Laymon

I love this place! Love the vibe, has what I need, very nice!

T McLaughlin

Good shopping, nice to be outdoors

Sierra Johnson

Love this mall! Clean, nice, great stores!

Gabriela Ward

I loved it. I went on a shopping spree and it was perfect!

Scott Vacenovsky

Very comfortable theater, at a great price

Keith McCarver

Very clean and discreet parking

Arunima Prasad

Good place to shop and walk around.

Kaden Gough

I love all their movies but not the scary ones I love toy story 4

Stacy Siler

We drove around but couldn't find parking so we didn't stay.

Amy Lynn

Great stores, benches, and shade. Clean public restrooms!

Junior Cantu

Today was pretty good with parking. The stores were clean. PF Chang had great service and good food. They are a little pricey.

Tony G

Lots of cool shopping stores, safe place at night, never worry about leaving my teens hanging out here

Vivian Johnson

The seats are comfortable.

Alex Gil

Enjoyed the movie. Decent food for a theater.

Arturo Rivas

Great selection. Great place to hang out and shop in the summer AND winter!

Kevin Mach

Good atmosphere and open space. I like how quiet it is on the weekdays. The people are nice and every store that is there are relatively close to each other. Good prices and nearby venues make this place a go to for convenience. Clean also.

Ardis Dartez

New to NWA. From Texas and this is one of the best for Mexican and Tequilas. Salsas are exceptional

Missy Grigsby

I love the pinnicle great shopping great outmospher clean

Karthick prabanandhan

A decent multiplex at pinnacle hills.. enjoy shopping/dining and movies

Donald Broussard

Clean and well managed theater

Sri Gangula

One of the biggest outdoor shopping mall in the area with good branded shops.

Mary Putman

Found great clothes at Dillards and Torrid.

Shey Corde

Very nice to a day of shopping and exercising. Most stores are sidewalks entrance but the big departments are inside store. Great areas for entertainment with Dave and Busters and Malco Cinema. Restaurants of diverse cuisines. Candy and ice creams stores. And surely one can find what you look for any occasion. I love spending time here since is a lovely view always in a safe and clean environment. Handicap access all around and plenty of free parking spots in the area makes it a family friendly all year round.

Ken Robertson

Great outdoor shopping area

ashutosh mahajan

A lot of vatiety for men and women brands. They have a small but good selection of perfumes and colognes. They are spread over 2 floors and have ample parking in the promenade complex. They have frequent sales and it is best to go during those times.

Owen Polumbo

Good mall easy to navigate, large selection.

scott brophy

Love this place I drive almost an hour away because you have everything right in one place. Better than a traditional inside mall. Always have sales as well.

Michelle Hufana

This is a pretty mall to stroll around during good weather. They have lots of stores to go to, and the convenience of parking directly in front of a store you like to go to. Prices are high as the area is a little bit more upscale but anyone can shop here because of their spectrum of stores. They have good food places to go to but no classic food court. I recommend to be mindful of the way the roads are set up here, sometimes people forget the sign says stop 4 ways for the safety of pedestrians. Always drive safely like your children live there. Music plays in the outdoors it's nice too.


Has a lot of good stuff for hunting fishing camping and a great place to go

Mikey Mal

Great shopping center with stores and food and fun for all!

MJ The Young CEO

Great Place Clean and We went to GameStop very happy place!! Love it!!

Chad Parker

Great stores and a great place to shop

Amanda Setters

I enjoy walking around and window shopping.

Nova G

Great shopping and open air atmosphere.

sharon bryan

Great atmosphere and help food ...

Dipesh Rai

Good for walking around. There are some decent and good restaurants but a little expensive.

Matthew Wishtono

Would be a great place if there wasn't so many people smoking. Wont be bringing my kids here again.

Timothy Koon

Ioke walking from one end to the other just to window shop and get outside....

T.J. Cowan

Great reclining seats and reserved sitting

Daryl Price

MImi's restraunt is still as good as ever!


Went to see a show with a friend at 1:00. Was mostly empty and we had a great time.

Julie Warren

I loved walking outside and the variety of shops.

Bryan Patrick

Nice "lifestyle" shopping center. Seems to be suffering a bit in today's retail economy. several closed stores. However, there's still plenty of shopping opportunity and several nice restaurants including Big Orange and PF Changs.

Mathimus Prime

Definitely on the pricier side of things, but awesome spot to amble about

Judith Havens

We enjoyed walking around and looking at the stores.

Jennifer Debban

Favorite outdoor shopping promenade!

Dan Naranjo

Could use a few more stores. The Dave and Buster's also does not have the specials you see on television. The theater is well done, and having larger stores Bed bath and Beyond, JC Penney Dillard's etc allow for smaller unique stores to thrive.yhey could use a few more unique stores.

Richmond-Richmond Lakeisha-Lakeisha

Clean place. Outside mall and many places to pick from. Need more urban wear.

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