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REVIEWS OF New Daisy Theatre IN Arkansas

Randy L Lucy

I've been to 3 or4 concert there and it was a wonderful place to hang out people was cool as hell

Devin Futch

Seen Beth Hart. Was amazing. But the standing got to my old butt. But it was easy to get to the front and up close.

Belkiz Montserrat

Very interesting place and history. I love Elvys

Reginald Woods

Very pleasant to have good time there

Ricky ORourke

Great place to see amazing acts.

Helms Farms

Unique experience in concerts. Small enough to get a personal entertainment experience.

Kenn Youngar

Awesome venue to play. The sound system is incredible, stage hands and staff were very accommodating and the location is as good as it gets. The Unstoppable Screams Tour with Red, Lacey Sturm, Righteous Vendetta and my band MESSER had an amazing time. We hope to play there again real soon.

Collins Laster

Paul Taylor performed here tonight. He was good as usual.

Pat Ashley

Excellent venue for show, staff extremely efficient, friendly. Loved event.

brittany franks

I went for trap karaoke and had the most amazing time. We did not stand in line long, and they had multiple bars and the bathrooms were clean.

Kirstin Williams

Do u like being hot an sweaty packed in like lukewarm hot dogs? Come here

Adam Ashby

A band starting 15 min late is fashionably late an hour late is rude seats would have been nice at least give the option to sit in the balcony band started an hour late not good not honest with ticket start time

YaBoy Skittles12

Love all the edm concerts

Grayson Garrett

It was a pretty nice venue, I enjoyed seeing Eptic there.

denise birdyshaw

It was my first time there. It was every nice place to have a concert.

Clifton Hummel-Young

A unique and enjoyable venue. Get there early for the mezzanine if you like sitting down.

Sean Salsman

Nice small venue, great acoustics

Isaiah Costner

I have always loved this venue for shows, and it is even better now that they have renovated it. The three bars in the back are great - hardly ever a line to get a drink! Bathrooms are still very small though.

Brianna Bunn

A great venue for catching bands.

Marilyn Bryant

It was great!! I won free tickets to see a concert. The Roots,Isley Brothers, Estelle and more!!❤

The Mens Mall Stores, LLC

Had a great time tonight. Went to see Tamia. She was awesome! Sounds even better live!!!

Tayana Butts

For the most part it was fine... The sound system corrupted for a short period of time...but i had a great time at the concert that was held there.

Toya Samuels

Vip/persons in lounge areas can3 see because of people standing in aisles

Spencer Johnson

It's the Daisy...gonna break down top about 50/50 for/against

Neil B

Reasonable drink prices, good view of the stage from anywhere! Upgrades available if you want to sit on the balcony or VIP couch areas. Otherwise, you are standing in front of the stage which has different levels slightly elevated so everyone can see. The urinal situation needs to change, there is no way two average males can pee at the same time without rubbing elbows (at least), the damn this game are so close together.

Thomas Webb

Saw Beth great

A.D. Davis

Great venue for shows. Love it. Sound system is incredible.

Tori Wilkins Baker

I've been here for several concerts and events. Never had any problems and they host a wide variety of shows etc

Ben Reed

Great venue with great sound and layout. Only downside was the "bathroom attendant" who held the toilet paper and soap hostage until you tip him. Some people could go without the soap...but toilet paper? I've been there about 4 times now and thankfully he was only there one of those times.

Leah Moore

Great time. Wasn't too crowded. Security was adequate. Nice bathrooms. Great intimate place to see live music.

Kitteh TheGamer

Amaazziingg!!! I saw Black Veil Brides perform here and it was the best experience ever! 10/10 would go again!

Buzz Worth

Saw HELLYEAH play there in June of 2017. Venue was full and the crowd was a perfect metal crowd. No disrepect at all!! The band was pumped. Never thought it would be the last I would see of Vinnie Paul. May he RIP.

Ed Bosch

Newly remodeled and always a great place to see a show

Thomas Horton

This was my favorite venue until the crowd surfing got out of control and they did nothing about it and refused to respond to my email concerning the troubles. Parkway Drive had to stop the show twice and the second time they ended the show altogether. Will avoid this venue as much as I can until they do something about the issue as two people were seriously injured and they had to call two different ambulances, two separate times.

Keith Martin

I love Beale Street and this music venue is phenomenal

Greg Maxwell

It's a place we want to rent.

Low Rider

Worst venue for a concert I have ever seen. VIP seating is off to the side.. People standing block your view. And they WILL stand in front of you. General admission is standing only. And they allow them to stand anywhere. Should have left the theater seating in place. Not very well thought out. Staff was friendly though. Doors were supposed to open at 7.. Show at 8.... That was a joke! Doors opened at 8.. Show started at 9. Beth Hart started at 10. Too many drunks by then. They obviously don't cut the drunks off when they've had to much to drink. If you want to see two drunk gals fight, go to a bar. It won't cost you as much. Best thing about the place, Beth Hart!!! If it had not been for her, I would have got my money back and left. WILL NOT GO BACK!!! Blues City Cafe is a much better place. This place is for the 20 something crowd... Or at least THINK they are.

Joe Ann Johnson

Nice venue. Entrance and bar are is a little busy, close, confined.

Nathaniel Naylor

It was really really hot but there were about 500 to 1000 people in the building too great show though and a great spot

Justin Crawford

Great time as usual. Atmosphere was amazing. Love to everyone who helped make it possible.

Leah M

Recently went to Chief Keef show. I had a 17 yr old with me. Unless specifically stated, under 18 is allowed entry. Venue was nice. I got a couple of mixed drinks which were average. Bathroom was ok. Chief Keef was hrs late but not the fault of the venue. Wasn't a bad spot in the venue. You can see the acts clearly wherever you are. Had a great time & would definitely go back.

Anne Brown

Venue still good, 3 bars were open downstairs so no waiting. Would have given 5, but we waited over an hour outside before doors opened...not cool!


Visited on vacation

Lena Mac

This bar has changed from what it used to be the upgrades are nice in the sound is impeccable come party with them.

cake does random stuff

Great venue for small, personal shows! Love it, vintage feel to the place.

Netta A

Just need more seats...feet get tired

Patrick Koch

Usually always good shows here.

Matthew Barre

Beautiful Room. Well organized. Fun place to see a show.

Linda Duran

Great venue for an up close and personal, music listening experience.

Ryan Klein

Saw Chris Robinson Brotherhood here while visiting Memphis. It reminded me a lot of a smaller version (and less decadent version) of House of Blues in Chicago. Was able to get pretty close to the stage, and the acoustics were solid. Quick service at the bar and prices that weren't too far out of whack, and the crowd was pretty mellow (might have something to do with the the band :) ) Location was towards the end of Beale, so we were able to hit a couple of bars on the way. Fun time!

LeeAnn Johansen

Very cool place, great vibes, good venue to see bands, intimate, great bar!

Shaun Reinert

very nice theater. the night I visited though, it seemed like the place was over-sold and over crowded... admittedly, it was my first time here, but damn. It was HARD to move around, people were wedged in.

J.R. Fray

Saw Smith and Myers acoustic. .. bad ass


Just the right size for Moon Taxi. Needs better A/C. Sound was magnificent.

Jerry A. Rosser

Love the new Daisy try to go there often as I possibly can food is great nice event to rent this is a historic Field Street landmark spend time and think about all the things that once was back at the new Daisy

John Miller

Good, intimate venue to see a show. Three bar areas in such a small area make it easy to get service

Sean Oldham

Great Music Venue. Wonderful acoustics.

Amy Joyner

I love the New Daisy Theatre. The set up is nice. The sound is good. The bar has a good selection. It fits a fair amount of people too. It's a great venue overall. The smoking patio could use some sort of seating. I guess that's the only complaint I can come up with at this time. And the charge from the bar on my card hasn't come across yet either. That's why it's not 5 stars truthfully.

Elizabeth Strong

I love this place! the venue is completely different than it was back in the day. we saw friends that were sitting in the vip seating so we got to try it out. this is the way we go to shows there from now on. its not to pricy and well worth it. the service was stellar. my date said it was be best experience downtown ever. parking was easy and we felt safe.

Danetta Carter

It's a nice venue. Went to see Lyfe Jennings, which was a pretty good concert. I like that once the concert ended that I could easily get my hands on good food and a cold drink.

TaMara Monique

Absolutely enjoyed myself!

Derek Ryder

Nice size theater and sounds great. Glad they have all ages and an outside smoking area.

Triniece Simpson

Had a ball at the MONEY BAGG YO CONCERT

Ron Rehberg

We were walking by and heard Todd Rundgren, sure enough. We caught most of the show. What great ol place

william Thompson

Terrible place to see a show they pack to many people in there felt unsafe

Mayce Barker

Love this place! New Daisy Theater ALWAYS impressed. I've never been disappointed at any of their events.

Debbie Nolan

Well i liked that the location was right next to our Hotel and Beal st. but i didn't like the fact that there were no screens to view while the bands were playing. I have never been to a concert that didn't have screens. I cant see much far away and the screens would have made all the difference for me!

Spencer Amborn

Amazing venue for a hip-hop concert. Fairly-priced drinks, in my opinion, and beautiful architecture.

Connita Hill

The concert was fun. The seats up top is a little dangerous. Stand on the floor or pay for VIP. Or, get there early so you can sit on the couch or very close to the rail in the balcony.

Tiffany Banks

I went to a concert here and did not enjoy it because of the long wait to get in. My tickets said doors opened at 8 however we did not actually get in until after 10pm. It was very cold & raining on this night so by the time I actually got in I was frustrated, tired, and blowing my nose every two seconds. Never again!

Bobi Welch

Good sound. Good venue. Right on Beale street

Pam Brown

Good music and drinks

Anna Jones

Excellent as always even though it was raining

Debi Neal

Attended men talks ...great event

Brian Stout

Love the place, but the stairs and balcony are in dire need of floor lights during shows... I witnessed no fewer than 3 people trip and fall!

Michael Haire

Great place for concerts.Not to big not to small.

Patrick Albano

Any show I've seen since the renovation has been great. I've always had an enjoyable experience

Joseph Young

Great place to go for concerts and parties.

Robert Stewart

Amazing venue to see live music

Chris A

They don't have a 2nd console for monitors. Aside from that, friendly staff and good PA.

Etta Anderson

I don't like the fact that there is NO seats downstairs if the New Daisy Theatre.

Madeleine Landrum-Noe

Much much nicer after the relatively recent refurbishment. Bathrooms are now fully acceptable

Deartis Barber

I saw The Wailers perform at the New Daisy on Sunday evening (January 14, 2018). It was an excellent show. All races together in peace jamming to one sound right on Beale Street. One love one heart...

Westley Carroll

Pretty cool little venue.

Cocoa DaDiva

The venue is beautiful, but literally worst security ever. From yanking people off stage, starting fights and picking with people to getting danced on in the seated section. Gropping women during performances and randomly frisking people. I do not know who hires these idiots but they ruined the entire ambiance of the show.

Elizabeth Keltz

I've been coming to concerts here for 20 years. Love the small venue.

kyle b

The stains and blemishes of poor ownership avail themselves in a grotesque display of ineptitude at this poorest of excuse for a music venue. Employees are all kind and benevolent despite the barbaric work conditions they are forced to deal with. And yet their dedication stands as but a very small defense against the onslaught of chaos and neglect that permiates from the top.

Gwendolyn Weakley

Real clean.

Greg Mills

Great old venue on Beale. One of the best places for live music. The sound was great.

Kira Cummings

It’s a nice venue. I paid for balony seating but when I got there I was told to move to the floor in the VIP section. They consider this an upgrade but the balony has an overall better view which is why I wanted to sit higher up. Please be mindful of the type of seating you buy for this venue, the staff will not reimburse you if they decide to move you!

Kishlay Mishra

Cool theatre for music and shows

Jay G

This is a great venue to watch live performances. I was @ the J. Cole concert and it was amazing.

Rena Shelby

Limited seating General admission stands. VIP seating xtra and balcony seats xtra. Good atmosphere very clean

Jennifer Hill

I didn't pay $160 for VIP concert tickets to have to stand when there were couches available...but they wanted $50 a person in addition to what I paid for tickets. Ridiculous.

val lofton

Smaller venue, I prefer and will come again.

Rita Wilson

Good place for comedy show on Beale Street. Drinks available at the theater while Beale offers plenty of food options.

Rhonda Woods

Great atmosphere and the dancers were great

Chad Brown

Great sound system but a bit small for my taste. Still overall had a fun time.

Sam Abrams

Really awesome venue. I love the small, intimate feel is the place, it doesn't have that weird detached feeling of bigger venues, it feels kind of personal, if that makes sense. Drinks are reasonably priced for what it is too. Bathrooms are gross if you care about that kind of thing, but I feel like you should expect that anywhere on Beale street. 10/10 would recommend seeing a show here.

Zyair Allen


Kevin Henry

Really well done remodel

Kenny Long

Nice place to see a live show. Good view from almost anywhere in the house. The sound is usually very good there as well.

Michelle Lee

Small place. VIP is definitely the way to go. Guaranteed comfortable seating and a $50 tab included. Well worth the money.

Sean D.

It was a very nice show and she was super funny!

Dan Halen

Good shows, but a different atmosphere and feel since they've remodeled......

Joseph Jackson

The venue was great ..the show along with the guest off the chin ...but NEW DAISY turn off that $%&# air ...had a GREAT TIME!!!!

H8te Male

I've seen many great underground bands here

B Watts


Ricky Phelps

Great venue. I love seeing concerts here!

Larry Douglas

Great venue. And great performance by Tory Lanez and his openers.

Amanda Eddington

The New Daisy is a Memphis classic. They get a great variety of quality bands that schedule tours there pretty regularly. This is a great venue to have a drink in and check out whoever may be playing, too.

Jessica Wallace

Awesome shows! Wonderful bartenders!

Robert Jones

This place is fantastic. Newly renovated. The drinks are a bit pricey, but hey you're there for the music...right! Saw Corinne Bailey Rae there recently. Fantastic lighting. Fabulous venue!

Daniel Bastardo Blanco

Awesome concert and event venue with top-notch sound and lighting systems!

Russell Thompson

My wife and I went on a date here, we saw Lita Ford in concert and it was one of the better shows we've seen in a while. Service was excellent and it was very cozy for a romantic couple. I will definitely keep going back when good venues are hosted here.

GinnGinn Graham

Great place to see bands play. General admission, 2 bars, but very few seats to relax in, and the ones they do have are reserved.

Christopher Rubano

This is my new favorite venue in Memphis. Good afternoon, decent prices on booze. Good all around.

Earnest White

Nice place check it you will like it peace

Amber Reese

Great sound, clean restrooms, plenty o open bars.

little navajo girl

Schoolboy Q was pissed off cause venue wanted to close early. My 1st concert.

Jacob Thibodeaux

Saw Bush here... it was hot but the beer was great and got to touch Gavin... it was amazing

Marlin McKelvy

If you like an intimate venue to see a band perform up close (while having an adult beverage) then the New Daisy Theatre is hard to beat and that's why it is a Memphis institution.


My business partners and buddies all went to see a Periphery concert here. Sound was great, building was perfect for a rock venue, and I want to marry the VIP server we were assigned. -Frank H Cox III

Hannah Jeffers

Nice place but a little old smelling

Dustin Graham

Amazing night had a blast !


Awesome place to see shows!

Jennifer Hawkins

Crystal Method tickets appeared to still be available online.The venue had them listed as an appearing act for the 2nd. Without any notice or withdrawing advertisement of scheduled concerts, the New Daisy was closed when we showed up. A buried article online said they were on 'operational hiatus' but not closed. WTF?! Still listing concerts, saying they're open and wasting everyone's time. So dissappointed!!!

Kerstin Leidinger

Good location, beer is affordable, but not cheap

lovely _. jamyra

Not big enough for a concert at all.... When u think of theater, u think it'll be chairs to sit down in... No my kids and I stood in line for an hr, then had to stand up the entire show to see Queen naija....

Mrs Rob

Simple venue for concerts with limited seating upstairs but a good view.

Toy Toy

GREAT venue for intimate concerts...

Roderic Cunningham

Sound system could be better

Joe Red

Decent midsized venue. Non-smoking, with an outside smoking area. Liquor seemed to be watered down, though.

Dscotta Adams

Beautiful venue with great sound. Not very organized last visit letting in guests from only 1 line 1 at a time. Full bar, good bartender service.

John R

I've been here a number of times. It's an intimate venue and that always makes for a really great show! The staff is really nice and helpful!

Carol Shivers

It was nice. I guess I should give it 4 stars but the event that I attended, misguided us. It wasn't what we expected.

Sherri Bowen-Green

Security rude and disrespectful. Dope smell is ridiculous. I have been there in 2 or 3 years. Now I remember y.

lynda schneider

Nice place for picture taking. Nice background.


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