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Miranda Steenmeijer

My goodness! Only the best birthday ever. We had a lot of fun. The bartender was extremely awesome and helpful. Our server Leif was amazing. The hamburgers and churros are yummo. I would have spent he same amount had I went to dinner and a movie. Highly recommended if you are looking for something out of the ordinary to do while celebrating Any milestone.

Joseph Henry

Staff was all friendly. Chairs were ridiculously comfortable. Movie admission price is very reasonable. Food was tasty, with plenty of options to suit all tastes. All of the above were worthy of five stars. The disappointing part of the experience is how long it took to serve the food and how wrong the order was. Only a couple substitutions were made on the order and none were prepared properly. One plate came out at a time, every fifteen minutes so we all ate separately. Our bill was over $100, before tax and tip. The staff was all friendly, they just weren’t attentive. When we asked why the service was so poor we were told that four movies started at the same time (right around 7:00pm).

Ken H

To be able to sit, eat, and watch a movie is a very cool concept, but the food is not what you would expect with the prices you pay for it. The cauliflower dish was tasty, but the portion wasn't worth the price. It's better than just popcorn though. So movie yes, food okay. I would still eat before or after if you really want a meal you can truly enjoy.

Mike Henson

I really like how they operate. It was a great experience.

Sweet Smell of Rain Photography

First time stopping in. Immediayly when you walk in theres the bar/living room area. Sit, drink, watch tv, play games. Or Order from your movie seat. Server comes to you. Variety of food. Drinks from a full bar.

Katie Carnes

Been here twice and both times service was not very good. The 1st time there was a very rude staff. The 2nd time there was terrible food and constant wrong orders.

Charles Corey Scott MD, PhD, FACEP

Great atmosphere for family movie day or night. Stick to the basics of food. Has a full bar, specials, which are reasonable. The food prices are reasonable, and you can get a casual restaurant meal for just a bit more than a casual restaurant. Recommend hamburgers, fries, and salads but probably not tacos, rice bowl. Big, comfy recliners, service seat side, so no long lines. Cleaned well after each movie.


We spent over $200 for tickets and dinner. We were told they were out of napkins. We did not get our drinks until our dinner was over. When we called, it took over 20 min for someone to come assist us. The chairs were nice and comfy, the restrooms were horrible. Overall, I was very disappointed for the amount of money we spent.

Kylie Yeet

Everything was great, seats were comfortable. We only had one problem out of it all, the brownies were SO hard. Definitely don’t recommend getting the brownie bottom sundae. The brownie felt like it was left out for days.

Sheri Hawn

It is a nice environment with really good sight and sound quality. My only complaint was with the food service. We didn't get our food until we asked a second time, half way through the movie.

Shannon Shenker

Facility was nice and seats were very comfy. That's about the only good things I can say. Tried getting tickets online which ended in a fiasco and the worst possible seats in the theater. Our waitress was prompt and helpful but so incredibly loud. It was so incredibly distracting not only to hear conversations but not even an attempt at a whisper as she was almost yelling to customers. I honestly could tell you what everyone in theater ordered even if they tried to whisper bc she would scream order back to them. So annoying. Food was cold and overpriced. It is a great concept but very poorly executed. Tickets, sodas and apps for 3 people $90 before tip. Not worth the money or aggregation. Will not be going back.

Mendy Dominguez

Don't eat late at night! My daughter and a friend ate the Cheese and bacon Fry's last nite and my daughter through it up on the way home. Her friend was puked after she got home. Shame on you guys for not doing what your supposed to do. I hope you refund her money, I'll be letting everyone know.

Tremele Cobbs

Movie is fine,food overrated, drinks over priced, and I dont like beating in the dark. Maybe they should have some type of lighting so I can see what I'm eating

Jeff May

Movie was good but dont order no food while watching bc it was over 80.00 for 4 ppl

Viper Poison

Love being able to sit in a comfy recliner...order from a full menu...and enjoy adult beverages watching your favorite movie !

Kari Perry

Everything was great but the service. My daughter had to wait an hour after ordering to get her good. We called the waiter after 30 minutes, at which time he said he thought it was given to someone else and he would take care of it. 20 minutes (and no food) later I buzzed again and another 10 minutes someone came out and said it was just about to be ready. Also, the bathroom was a mess and smelled like old urine. Other than that, the food was great, seating awesome.

Elise Temple

We had a great time here! The theater seating is really comfortable and the food is good to. It can get a little expensive but it was worth it.

Joesph Simmons

Nice atmosphere! The food was great but expensive.

Eileen Fallen Angel

Amazing experience especially for someone who would rather watch a movie at home. The seats are super comfortable and the leg space is so nice. Plus you get you food brought to you...who wouldn't love that?!?

Selena Irizarry

I visited this bar while staying next door at Tru by Hilton Hotel. This bar was nice and drinks were delicious. The place was clean and staff was very nice.

Jeff Gatlin

Wasn't super impressed with the service overall. I had been to a movie tavern in the DFW are before and it was good. When we visited it took way too long to figure out what local beers were on tap. The waitress didn't seem familiar with what was available and had to go ask someone then she came back with a list but told me none of them were available, then came back again and said one was available. I ordered a beer and our meals (3 of them) and was asked for my card immediately to charge what I had ordered. I was confused as I had intended on maybe having a few beers. It seemed like only our waitress did this. When the food finally came, 2 of the 3 orders were incorrect and had to be remade which took over half an hour. I felt like all of this distracted from being able to enjoy the movie. I had the chicken tacos and they we're bland and dry. Doubt we'll return. The theatre was nice and the seats were comfortable so that's really the only reason for 2 stars.

Erica King

Well I THOUGHT I was going to get to experience this place that I've heard good things about and treat my baby girl to a movie, HOWEVER I have tried to purchase tickets online and it tells me I can't leave an "empty seat" and will not let me proceed to buy a ticket.....if I press the 3rd available seat (even though I only need 2) it will let me purchase! I also tried calling their number to try to bypass the system and I tried FOUR TIMES to call without anyone picking up the phone....thanks for the disappointment and making my daughter sad.

colin crandall

I cannot tell you how happy I was to see that this theater is a part of the Marcus movie theater chain. We just moved from Nebraska in loved our Marcus movie theater. The only negative to the one in Nebraska was they did not stop people from making noise or talking on her phone. I did not notice anyone talking at the movie tavern. You can't beat $5 Tuesdays with free popcorn if you remember. Having this theater in Arkansas made me so much happier about moving back here! I just wish there was one in Hot Springs where I live.

Stacey Stanchak

Amazing experience. Staff is super friendly and food is great! Have been back several times and brought other people with me for them to experience it as well. Great job!


The service was great, but the popcorn was stale. The recliners were very comfortable, and I enjoyed the movie. Overall, I'd recommend.

Aldo Reyes

The seats are comfortable. I like the hydration stations. What i don't like is the wait staff. Every time i order food it takes forever and then it's cold. They always forget the cutlery or napkins, so i have to call them back. And when they drop stuff off they stand right in front of you.

Dianna Novak

Definately pricey! Nice environment and hostess was decent. Did take over 30 minutes to just get a Coke and some popcorn delivered to our seats, and the movie was already started. Had to inquire on our order before it finally showed up.

Rajeev Reddy

great movies and delicious food These days their service is rocking

Soundwave144 rules

Unless you actually sit AT the bar, don't expect the bartender or his helpers to wait on you if u are sitting in the lobby... Even brought this up to the guy (bartender) and he still ignored us. He needs to be either retrained so he understands that customers make his paycheck or he should be let go.

Dawna Stirrup

Comfortable seats, ok food. Very friendly service. We greeted at the door and immediately give directions and complementary popcorn and water. All the staff were friendly and accommodating! Food tasted good; not the best wings or pizza we'd ever had but it was good. The fries were amazing, but the portion was so SMALL! For a $5 basket of fries that was supposed to serve me through a movie, the portion was disappointing. The wings were tough, as though they'd been cooked far ahead of time and kept warm till order. They were supposed to be served with celery and carrots, but I had to send the waiter back to get them because they were forgotten. Will go again, but plan eat dinner ahead of time and just order popcorn/dessert at the theater.

LeCreesha Thomas

Always have great experiences at the Tavern. Love it!!

Stephen Moore

Staff has always been friendly for a the few times that I have gone here. Food has always been good with quite a wide variety. Also great alcohol selections from beer to cocktails for whatever you want. Seats and theater is clean and the seats are quite comfortable to sit in for long time period. Definitely recommend this place for a date night, it is semi pricey depending on what you get. Either eat and drink before you go watch a movie or enjoy great service and great food a little extra.

Amanda Austin

The experience was wonderful! You purchase your tickets and go to your seats. A waitress (or waiter) brings menus and you can order appetizer, whole meals, drinks, popcorn, candy, and more. You have a tray attached to your recliner where they bring your order to you. The bill is brought to you towards the end of the movie. Fabulous!! Staff and service were amazing!

James Lindsay

Always a great place to watch a movie and wonderfully close to the outlet mall.

Keith Norman

Very nice facility. The even offer chairsude service. Very moderately priced. Overall a nice experience!

Griffin Seaman

I have been going here consistently for the past few years and it was my favorite place to go see a new movie, but ever since Movie Tavern was bought by Marcus Theatres it has gone downhill. The prices for the food got more expensive and the quality of the food has went down. Yesterday I accidentally bought 2 tickets for Annabelle instead of 3 and I called to try and make the change so that we could all sit together and the associate that I spoke to on the phone told me that I had to come in before the movie and get it fixed. When I got there about an hour before the movie started, they said the movie was full and they couldn’t fix it. I asked how I could prevent this from happening in the future and the person I was speaking to (sounded like the same person I spoke to on the phone) told me that I needed to call up there ahead of time and get it fixed. This is ridiculous, and the quality of my experience has gone down exponentially since the change of ownership. It used to be worth it for me to drive an hour because the experience was great, but I won’t be doing that anymore.

Robin P

We visited on a Tuesday afternoon, when they have discount pricing and, at least for now, free popcorn. There is food and beverage service in theater. The food's a little pricey, but good. As do most of the newer theaters, they have recliner seating. The staff was very friendly and it was a pleasant experience. This will probably be our regular theater from now on.

Josh Connolly

It's a good theater, the seats are comfortable, and it's a fun experience! The food is good too. But the prices are really high. The best bet is to go on Tuesday night and get the $5 tickets with free popcorn. Then you don't feel as bad about paying $50 for a couple of burgers and soft drinks.

Michael Davis

Comfortable seating, plenty of aisle space, and a good selection of appetizers, meals and beverages. The staff are always polite and expeditious while serving. Movie Tavern has always presented an all-over good experience every time we've been there. Definitely 5 Stars!

Kevin Shadwick

Disgusting & terrible experience. Food was prepared wrong and cold. The soda was over carbonated which have me bad heartburn. Apparently you're allowed to be as loud as you want and talk through the movie. I walked down to the men's restroom and seen the kitchen as I went by and it was so dirty with food everywhere. It has a nasty restaurant smell to the entire theater it seemed. Lesson learned

John Daniels

Great theater. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Food was good. Just a tad on the expensive side. The seats are very comfortable.

Sharonda Gilbert

Great place to watch movies, order dinner and drinks. Better have plans on spending quite a bit of money.

Harold Walker

First time visiting little rock. Awesome place to watch a movie wish we had one in florida. Good drinks! Good food!! Nice staff!

Guy Diviaio

Great food, great place, awesome atmosphere. Scotch is good too

Michelle Thomas

The staff were all really friendly, the seats were very comfortable, and the food was pretty good. Fair warning though - it is a little pricey, but to me it is worth it for the fun experience.

Peggy M

Enjoyed $5 movie night on Tuesdays. The service can be slow but it's not an issue when you're comfortable in the recliner seats. It's a little chilly as all movie theaters are but I can't wait to go back!

Nic Goslee

I have been here a few times before today and every single time i come it has been a good experience and greeted every time i step foot in the building. Today was different walked into the building to a lady just sitting in a chair didnt greet us or anything. Then we go to the ticket taker and he is typing on his laptop and and didnt say much besides what theater we were in. Not a good time since we have been treated differently before. Other than that it was good.

Adrienne Kelly

Comfortable reclining seats...great food served to you at ur seat

Lee Olger

Got into the hotel next door a little late and wanted a quick bite before bed. I walked over and sat at the bar at the theater. There were only a few people there having a drink. I sat there at the bar checking out the menu for over 10 minutes while both bartenders ignored me. Literally walked past me 3 times and never even acknowledged I was sitting there. I got up and left. Pitiful service. I would not recommend wasting your time there.

Eric Williams

A. Great experience food good . service awesome

Kristian Miller

Seating is always comfortable. Food isnt bad. Good selection of movies. Price is fair.

Tiyonna King

Great service! Awesome food and great seats!! I recommend the fried pickles

Robin Pulliam

This place is fantastic...great for date night or family fun!

Shawn Thomas

We got lucky and were the only ones in the theater, the food was wonderful. The seats were comfortable! I'll definitely be back.

Erin Sullivan

this movie theater is a little different in that instead of a traditional snack counter they have menus and basically give you table service at your seat. picture and sound quality were very good, only complaint would be the food is pricey but that's about standard for movie theaters

Jennifer Burton

Friendly people. Good food. Free popcorn on tues

Lytori Crow

Best Movie theater I've ever been to,here visiting from Shreveport decided to go to the outlets & catch a movie. Awsome atmosphere and options snacks,foods & drinks to choose from.

kristina ransom

Went to see End Game. It was comfortable and great service, just took a long time for the waiter to come to us. Seats are narrower then other places, but more comfortable. 4 out of 5.

Mello Talk

I always love going here Perfect for dates. And if you just want a nice place to sit and talk. They have a cool restaurant area

Jane Bakari

Always my favorite place for date night. Love the $5 Tuesday deals.

James Wilborn

This is a great concept and I have visited theaters in Kansas City and Dallas. So when this one came to Little Rock near my home I was excited. My previous visits were excellent, pretty good food and very comfortable atmosphere. Unfortunately last night visit did not go well. Mix-ups on the order, and a long time to be served well after the movie had started, with vague apologies about a mix-up in the kitchen. This led to an unpleasant experience. Our main course arrived first, appetizers 10 or 15 minutes later.... Both were awful. So this review might help other people what I think happened, was our food was given to someone else. So if you go and the waitress tries to give you something you didn't order, which will happen, do the right thing.... Tell them that's not your order. We spent about 100 bucks on a night out you expect a little bit better service. We decided next time we will just skip this theater. We can get a good meal at a restaurant close to a regular theater with comfortable seats, and have much better service.

Casey Walters

Exceeded expectations!! Very nice facility. Great menu, seats are amazingly cozy, bartender, Patrick was too notch!! Great experience

Heather McKim

I just wasn't super impressed with my food or service for the price. I've had two mediocre experiences so far. I love the concept but would like to see gourmet food and excellent service.

Syreeta Ball

Good comfortable seats. Food OK but not worth the price. $30 for a small pizza and 2 sodas.

William Mc Cord

Really nice experience. Get there early, grab a menu, sit and order your food while waiting on your movie to start. The prices are not bad either! A+

Randa Darby

I really like the concept on being waited on and having the food brought to me at this theater, but I think most of their items are overpriced considering the fact that we are still expected to tip generously. The seasoned fries were hot and very tasty, but I was disappointed in the turkey bacon wrap. It had way too much sauce, which tasted more like mayo than ranch.

Alicia Bradford

Hustlers was a great movie. The seats are are nice and comfy and the arm rests with the tray is big but not to where you feel uncomfortable sitting at. The bbq chicken pizza was amazing, but their 3 dip trio for like $7 was not worth the price. Plus there was a chip on our chip bowl. And the guacamole wasn't even filled up all the way and tasted old.

Chris Drye

After waiting 2 and a half hours for our food, they realized they forgot about us. We told them we didn’t want it. They supposedly weren’t going to charge us, but they did anyway. Absolutely no ownership of the mistake and the staff as a whole was completely unapologetic. We won’t be back.

Susie Marks

The facility and theatre were great. Took a group to see a movie. I ordered an additional soda for someone two down seats from me, the soda was placed at the spot of someone that did not order the soda. When I asked who was it for, I was told to just keep it. When someone with me ordered food, it was delivered and just slid over to him. Customer service from food delivery staff was horrible. Servers were great.

Jessica Rauhofer

I rarely order food from this theater because they are so expensive I did order one of their cocktails once it was really good but this time I think this will be my last trip because I want to go see Spiderman far from home picture quality was excellent and customer service was really good because they helped me with a rude client who was playing with her phone throughout half the movie and her brightness was soup was so bright that I can see it glaring through my eyeglasses for some odd reason the people in this theater want to play on their phones and have their kids run around among the aisles it’s just ridiculous if you go to Cinemark or Breckenridge they don’t see them do that. So you’re better off spending your money at another theater but just stay away from movie tavern

Lexi Brown

Horrible experience! I’ve been here two times, lots of people, very crowded, the staff doesn’t seem to know what they are doing, my BIG issue here is, I went a couple of days ago, and realized the man who took our order charged my card 4 times!!!! I only ordered one thing, it was charged for $11, $15, $7, and then 55 cents! Crazy!! The item I bought was $11. I don’t know what the other food charges were for, also, they won’t answer their phones I live all the way in Conway. I want something done, NOW!

Larry Ellison

I love the food and it always comes out hot. Keep up the great work.

Diana Thomas

Always enjoy going! Great food, service, and comfy chairs!

Daniel Love

Movie - fantastic, Service - Fantastic. Theater 3 was at least 80-83 degrees, A/C was clearly not working, everyone was sweating and sticking to the seats, and there was a guy next to us that smelled very unpleasant due to the sweating which made the experience more of a 3 star experience.

Suzie Greene-Bisbee

I've never had a spectacular experience here. If you are here for just the movie, then it's a great place to go for reclining seats and mediocre popcorn. The service is never the same. We would get a great server but terrible food or a vanishing server and half way edible food. The food would be right but served an hour later than anyone else. Or not get a drink till well after the food arrived. I'm usually understanding because I used to be a server/bartender but I wouldn't recommend this place for impeccable service/food. Go for the movie and the possibility of a good nap because the seats are very comfortable.

Breanna Sanders

Tonight was absolutely horrible. We have been here probably 10 times before with pretty decent service and super comfy seats. But wow... it took over an hour and a half to receive our food tonight. Our movie was almost over... the food was terrible. We couldn’t even eat the meal. Not only us had a bad experience, but everyone in the theater was getting frustrated and having to LITERALLY grab a server to get their food. My drink was forgotten THREE times... the two men beside us had ordered drinks, food, and candy. They didn’t receive their food OR candy til the movie was almost over... as in 5-10 mins almost over. The candy is in a bag? What took so long? It was just the worst experience. The server didn’t bring the two men’s change back or ours... just kept it. WE WILL NOT BE BACK, PERIOD.

Kelly Joe

Great atmosphere. Speedy service. Food is delicious guys. Thumbs up for the cooks.


Great food and service! The experience of having food and beverages brought to me whilst watching a movie was phenomenal!

Jen King

Wife and I went to the Movie Tavern this Monday, August 12, 2019, to watch Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. We got there 30 minutes before the movie started and we were the only ones in the theater. Wife and I were hungry and looked forward to eating. We looked at the menu and then waited for someone to take our order. No one did, and the movie was about to start. I was pretty upset for several reasons. The first reason is because this happened once before at this theater. The second reason is because we drove from Sherwood. We could've went to several other theaters that were closer; but we decided to go to this one, so that we could be waited on while we watched the movie. The third is because we were very hungry and looked forward to getting something to eat, but no one took our order. Instead, we left hungry and didn't get to watch the movie that we looked forward to seeing. I talked to a manager and told him the situation. I then asked for a refund. The manager didn't seem to care and didn't offer complimentary tickets to have us come back. That being said, we will never go back and I will tell everyone I know about my poor experience I had with Movie Tavern.

Brianna Daugherty

They have 5 dollar movies on Tuesdays! Perfect for a cheap date night. Lots of food options that are a bit pricey but delicious as well. Definitely check it out


Yikes but I’ll still go again! I absolutely love the concept of sitting back and having food delivered to me at the movies. However, the other day I went for the first time and the staff sincerely seemed as though they were on something. In fact, a few people around me noticed as well. That made for the experience to be a bit uncomfortable. However in regards to the food we ate, it was fairly decent. I actually got the “steak and shrimp” plate just to see what it was like, and it was not bad at all! The prices are extremely reasonable. Overall it is the fun atmosphere and unique experience that makes the trip worth it if you have never been to a movie spot like this one. NOTE: Tuesday’s are $5 movie night. So get there early... people were fighting for a parking spot by hunting down those who were walking out after 7.

Jon Johnson

Great concept. Food was good service was prompt. Prices were fairly high. Would only be a special trip.

Sandra Chavez

What a blast! I never felt so comfortable at a movie. The food was terrific too. I am definitely going back.

Melissa Newberry

We went with our 2 boys and one of their friends on a Friday around 1:00 pm (not crowded). This was our first time experiencing this dinner and a movie thing. The seats are super comfortable with reclining capabilities and the kids loved that. Other than that, we had a horrible experience and the place is not cheap. We ordered drinks, a large popcorn and cheese pizza for the boys to share, and an order of nachos for my husband and I. The popcorn and drinks came out quickly. The nachos came next but were not hot and we were not given silverware. We request silverware and a refill on a drink, and inquire about the cheese pizza for the kids. We wait about 15 minutes and our server never came back, so my husband leaves to go get his own refill and find a manager. By this time, we've been waiting on the pizza for 45 minutes. My husband returns and says that the pizza will be done soon. When they bring our pizza it is pepperoni instead of cheese, and they only brought one fork (there were 5 people in our group). They take the pepperoni pizza away and eventually return with a cheese pizza (an HOUR into the movie). We were not able to enjoy our food or the movie due to all of these service issues and having to go back and forth dealing with management. I do recommend to get there early to order your food because once the lights go out and the movie starts it's incredibly dark and very hard to see to eat. Plus if there's problems with your order, you'll have time to resolve it before the show. This was the first time we took our 3 year old to a movie, and we missed most of it, and he was so fussy and hangry that we just ended up leaving early. The manager supposedly comped our pizza and drinks, but I never saw any refund on my debit card...We ended up spending about $90 on what was supposed to be a special day for our kids. I'm very disappointed and cannot recommend this place, especially with how expensive it is, poor service, poor food quality, and lack of remorse or follow through on the management's part.

Linda Dawson

Enjoyed the experience. Please offer more vegan choices on the menu.

Adam Savage

Our server Kay was excellent but the kitchen was not so good. Our order of popcorn was wrong and the chicken quesadilla was awful! This is the first time I've had bad food at this location. Hopefully it was just a bad night for the kitchen. We will try again.

Kendall Clemons

Comfortable reclining seats. Food is great. Tuesday is the best day to go to see a movie.

Lover of Movies

Enjoy this theater, and even though its a little away from the city I enjoyed my visits to this place..The theater has good seats and the dining menu has really tasty food which surprised..The theater being new has good sound and screen quality..if u enjoy having a meal with ur movie..this is a great option however if u r one of those who watch a movie with absolute concentration and hate any disturbance the initial few minutes may be a little interrupted with people bringing in food though the staff try their best to avoid obstructing your view. In my opinion they should play some international movies in one of their screens to distinguish themselves from the other chains and have some sorts of rewards or loyalty program as every chain has one nowadays.

Justin Carroll

I love the setting but the hostess is constantly eating and talking to co workers and ignoring the customer. Two white girls up front were kinda rude. Didnt say thank you or anything it would be 5 stars if they had better customer service bottom line.

Nikki Garcia

The last 3 times we went here I was so disappointed. It was so hot in there! They told me the air couldnt be controlled from the location. The food had a hair in it, I returned it but still was charged. Another time, everyone in the theater was waiting for their ticket that never came! I had to go track down someone. They were hateful about it.

Bill Hall

Perfect date night location. Dinner, Drinks, and Movie in one location what a radical idea whose time has finally come to Central Arkansas.

James Murdock

A fun theatre to watch a movie... comfy seats, good sound, cool atmosphere and friendly staff. It is a little pricey compared to what we are used to paying, but still a great time.

Greg Perry

Great movie experience. Got the carnivore pizza was really good and had a crispy crust!! Definitely will be back

Robert Presswood

This place was amazing. Staff was friendly. The food was a bit pricey, but it was great. Plus, you are paying for the experience of having a waiter serve you while watching a movie on the big screen. Prepare to spend quite a bit (we spent about $100 on one movie) but also be prepared to have the best theater experience you've ever had.

Andrew Cerean

Seating and theater quality/sound was very good. I feel the restaurant could have been a little better, but I would definately choose this theater over others in the area. If you don't want to order food, you do not have to, and you still get great seating. I rate it high because you also have the option to buy food at a reasonable price, regardless of taste/quality.

Nebraska Jane

Hannah was AMAZING!!!!!! She got all of our parties order correct and polite and professional. She was a delight and made our first time so enjoyable! She needs a raise!

Christopher Hall

I love the $5 Tuesday and complimentary popcorn. The real butter is worth the add-on price. The servers are fairly inconspicuous as they move around the theater during showtime. The seats are comfortable and seating area is clean. The food is pricey, but better than typical movie theater snacks.

fiona macfarlane robertson

Love this place dinner and a movie - and the food is good

The KennyWayne

Awesome experience, A little weird getting used to the servers. Highly recommend.


I enjoy the experience of your food coming to you versus missing the movie and going to get in a line but that is only if there is good service. I am not sure if it was because it was a weekday but service was not the best and the theater was nearly empty.

Mandy Fleeman

Love the sound and seating. The drinks are great, but the food not so much. Staff was shorthanded.

Rachel P

We have been to this theater multi times. Really disappointed in the overall experience since the theater ownership change. First experience was the theater was dirty and had limited cleaning between showings. The service was mediocre and had slow response time throughout the entire movie. Prices have increased at concession. There is a $1.50 charge to add butter to a bag filled of unpopped kernels. The theater has room for improvement. However, the service was friendly.

Virginia Laliberte

Theater is nice enough, and the reclining seats are comfortable enough, but you can get that at a lot of theaters now and the food is only decent and way overpriced. The last two times I went, I asked for extra chips so I could finish my dip, and both times they never brought it to me, and there's no counter at the front so you have no idea who to bring your requests or complaint to, other than your server. Don't think I'll plan any more movies there now that we've had the experience.

Steven Nichol

Great place for a movie if you got some money to burn. Food prices are steep but the food is generally good. Movie prices are about average. Staff are fast and friendly. They bring your food to you during the movie and the recliners are very comfortable. They also have a bar/restaurant area out front to.

Rebecca Horton

Excellent food and service, a little pricey ($120 on tickets, food and adult beverages for our group of 4) but worth it for the convenience and experience!

Wayne Lunsford

Great movie experience. Food was too expensive, but otherwise we enjoyed it. Helpful staff.

Aya K.

$5 Tuesday is a great time to check this theater out. Employees are fantastic.

Rebekah Bowen

Service was good. The past few times we’ve been the food is terrible. It tastes old. I also think it’s ridiculous to pay $5.79 for a soft drink. Won’t be returning anytime soon. I usually give businesses the benefit of the doubt so we went back a couple more times but nothing has changed.

Demetri Poulos

Great rate for movies on a weekday night, food made to order and reclining chairs so comfortable that I can fall asleep just like I'm at home. I wish we had these back home.

Nicholas Bradford

A little pricey, but good service nonetheless. The bar is clean and inviting with an open floorplan. There are a few TVs on the walls and the drinks were good. The staff is friendly and approachable, but did not volunteer any info or suggest food/drinks. The theaters are large with good, clear sound. The chairs could be more comfortable.

Ba Turner

This Movie Theater is Amazing!!!

Aaron Flippo

When I went to see Captain Marvel, the regular ticket price was $5.45 and they were giving out free popcorn. Tonight I went to see John Wick 3 and the prices were over 12 dollars for the ticket and 11 dollars for popcorn. I don't appreciate the bait and switch.

Meagan Larison

Love it here. Friendly staff and excellent movie experience. Food is great and the movie seats are very comfortable. It can be a bit pricey, but the overall experience is worth the extra dollar.

Bojangles M

The food was terrible it was very old and stale I had them take my meal back it should have never been served also we saw other people sending there food back We were double charged for the drink The drink holder is so close to the other people to your right it’s easier for them to pick up the drink than you This place was amazing when it first opened The food was not eatable for me We will not be going back It’s to easy to eat a nice meal before we go to the movie And most places have recliners now

Amy Tarkington

First time going here, it was good at first but the power went off in the nid DC le of the movie. We was told to come back Wednesday. But our schedules do not permit it. So I guess we are out of pocket on that? The place was nice, and loved the concept. The server was pleasant, we had food ordered but never got it because of the power outage. We have the stubs, so hopefully we can try again.

Partne Daugherty

This is an AWESOME place and successful social experiment. My only complaint is that it is located so far away from where I live that the total drive is almost as long as the movies.... But, worth every second. Where else can I kick back in a recliner and have my Friday night meal delivered to me as I enjoy a REAL movie at a REAL MOVIE THEATER? What other movie theater in Arkansas will deliver your beer to you without you wife nagging?

Diabetic Doll

Super expensive. Entrees come out before appetizer. They tried to charge us for appetizer even though we never got it. A waste of $75 and our time. Manager on duty was rude. Unimpressed

Brandon Gornto

Worst experience I've ever had at this movie theater. Ordered a beverage from 3 people that came by. All within the first hour of the movie. Never saw it. Never got a check at the end of the movie. Had to wonder around just to find my check so I could leave. Get it together movie tavern. For what it costs the service should be 10 times better than what it was tonight.

Kayla McWha

Best place to go for a special night out with a dinner and a movie all at once and also great place to take your family out with dinner and a movie together and at the same time with no hiccups. My husband took me out last year when they first opened up and watched The Black Panther and I will say absolutely best night ever for us enjoyed every minute of it

Jesus Flores

Overall awesome theater with comfortable reclining seats and a delicious variety filled menu. Prices are a bit on the high side but that's to be expected. If you wanted to just watch a movie I'd suggest other options as servers will walk around and talk thru the movie while caring for other patrons. Otherwise this place is special and will continue being a go-to of mine.

Thomas Rao

It will be hard to go to another theater, after Movie Tavern. So comfortable, clean, great food/drinks, and such nice people. ~Thomas & Christi Rao


This place is really nice! The food was great. The service was good and friendly! We saw the movie " Kingdom Men " and it was truly amazing!

M Thilo

Good concept but last two times we went for Toy Story 4 and Lion King. Seats were sticky and tables were not cleaned properly.

Candice Smith

Food is good, and it's so convenient to be able to eat and watch a movie. Servers are always nice. Alcoholic drinks are pretty decent, too. There are some alcoholic drinks that are Movie-themed.

Sandra Lapp

I can always appreciate an experience with a courteous staff. They were friendly in the hallway, they were friendly while taking our order and the first employee explained how the experience worked since this was our first time. Pricey food but the food was good.

Darlene Wellman

Great experience! The loungers are comfortable, the servers were friendly and quick. We went to a mid day movie, or matinee, so it wasn't crowded and an all around great time.


The seats are nice and the facility is comparable to other local theaters with reclining seats. The food was okay but definitely overpriced. The drinks were lacking and did not come as we ordered. It took quite some time for them to come out initially, and we had to wait just as long for them to be corrected. They still weren't as advertised. They were definitely overpriced as well. Staff was courteous but overall service was pretty poor. I wasnt expecting anything miraculous but, considering the hefty price tag I expected better than we got. We paid our bill but realized when we left that we were either mistakenly overcharged or there was some other fee attached to our bill that they were not upfront about. Bottom line I wouldn't go back. There are plenty of other theaters with comfy seats and overpriced mediocre food and drinks. It would be ok for just a movie if it is conveniently located for you, but I wouldn't recommend going for dinner and/or drinks with your movie.

denise burnell

Really cool place love that you can order food and drinks and watch movies in a recliner that’s very comfortable I love this place


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