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5310 Summer Ave, Memphis, TN 38122, United States

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REVIEWS OF Malco Summer Drive-In IN Arkansas

Jessica Patterson

I remember I used to go to the drive-in all the time with my family. Those were some of the best times of my life, I love movies. I haven't been since the summer of 2007 when my ex and I went and I don't even remember what we saw. I would love to go again sometime soon. I think its a great place for family movie night and would make an awesome date night for established couples.

Anna Trollinger

Over priced. Women's bathroom flooded. Smells. Parking lot need to be rearked. Etc

Madison Smith

I grew up going to this drive-in as a kid myself, and took my grandchildren to experience this blast from the past. We took blankets & pillows and camped out in the back of the SUV. We saw Hotel Transylvania 3; they had a great time! Good thing we took our snacks, concessions was closed but they offered rain checks so it was all good. Made great memories for my grandkids.

Patti Strother

We love going to this drive in theater. Hide our 5 kids and all of our neighbors in our bigass trunk and get 2 movies for $7.50 You can’t beat that!!

Daniel Freeman

The drive in is always a great experience. Summer drive in is the last of its kind in the city,so get the family and friends go to the movies and have a real tailgate party.

Christina Bullock

This is a good drive in. The staff is friendly & prices cant be beaten but the parking is ridiculous and beware the previews they do show scary one on kid movies!! Which is ridiculous my 5 years old is going to have nightmares now thanks ALOT!

Lee Peyton

The Summer Drive in is a classic American destination and one of the few gems of Memphis.

Cecily Briggs

A place definitely worth saving and good for christian families trying to get a breathe of fresh air and relax

Dinisha Jeter

Great place

Alexander Cody

Area is designed to do everything that it does. Your car is your seating and your car stereo provides the sounds. Lights, camera, action!

Kristy Vinson

Its ok

Crystal Stang

Couldnt always see the movie cause how dark screens where!!

Jessica Micheli

I love the drive in ! It's the best you don't have to deal with people talking through the movie it's a self serve concession lobby which is great. It's just the best.

Kathleen Mashburn

Great experience 7.50 for adults and kids under 10 free too much fun for our family

Crystal Boyce

Affordable not to over crowded my family enjoyed it.

Baul Solanos

Always enjoy going there and even though it’s a bit aged it’s a great place to go

Jay Ferguson

Love going to the drivi- in preferred it above a walk-in love the food and privacy , wish malco would pave!!!!!!

William Holland

I remember going to this drive-in when I was 8 or 9 years old. It hasn't changed much other than the speaker post are no longer there and you get to listen to the movies through your FM radio. I remember the concession stand looking very similar to the way it is now. I didn't care for the pre made popcorn buckets because they seemed to get stale very quickly. A very reasonable price, a lot of privacy in your car, To listen to the movie and if you get this intrested with that movie you can always change your dial 21 of the other movies. Very reasonable prices. Please support this place. I would hate to see Memphis is last drive-in disappear.

Shawna Lockett

Love the Malco Drive-in! We’ve been happily going for over 30 years... However, it sure would be nice if it was repaved

Adam Davis

As I was pulling up taking it all in around me, the only thing I could say to my friend is "This is so rad....." If you're not going here every weekend you're missing out

Sarah Smith

Good for if you have babies or no sitter. The picture didnt show as good on darker scenes but overall really good.

Tammy Shawn

I love the summer drive in , I have been coming here since i was a kid and i still go now. Cheaper than regular movies and just nostalgic.

Latisha Gray

Driver need to be more courteous, and learn how to drive.

Shaquri Giles

Everytime i go i always have a good time

Stephenie Lebel

We love this Malco location and hope that they remain open for a very long time. It is a great place for a family movie night and is an economical way to see a first run movie (or two, since there are always double features) especially when you have children under 10 (they are free!).

Nathon Embray-Gentry

I love drive ins. I love movies. This was a definite A1 drive in

Raymond Arwood

Over all it was a great experience and will go again

Erica Strong Ushi

Better than I expected! The area scared me at 1st and a little confusing to navigate where to park, but once situated we had a great time! We will be back.

Michael Shimoff

Very cool experience. FYI, there is a great concession stand towards the back. All that being said, take it from experience, if you don't like the movie, don't slash the seats.

Patrice Savage

Always a great and fun time at an old time classic

Nathaniel Altman

It's nice that there is a large drive-in in the area; however, a lot of the time the people that go ruin the experience. People will leave there lights on during the movie and leave trash everywhere.

Keith Casto

Kissed my girl here

Drew Landa

It's been a few years since I have been. So I decided to take my family there for a night out. All I can say is that it needs a lot of TLC for me to wanna take my kids back. The staff was great. Just wish malco would spend some money to make it great again.

Jeremy Douglas

It could be better but it works

Camille Jones

Love coming here!! Can't go anywhere else in the city to watch 2 movies for 1 price. Kids 10 & under are FREE!

Willie Brown Jr.

Best drive thru movie theaters on summer.

Jimmie Mackey

Cannot beat the prices, great for families

Asha Harrison

It good for the experience of not wanting to hear your neighbor talk or phone going off but terrible because people are so rude and will turn their lights on during the movie like it the correct thing to do. The other downfall is the picture is so dark you can barely make out what the scene is. They should brighten the screen.

Jacob Hale

I love the summer drive in! I've been going most of my life. Some of the screens are kind of dim. Maybe it's just the movie. Also maybe it should be enforced for people to keep their headlights off.

Brandy Michelle

Love this place went upbut get 2movies great family fun

christine matseas

We love Malco Drive in!! It is a family favorite destination.

Kat's Ever-Winding Road

Vintage drive-in movie at it's best! Classic drive in spaces, old timey cartoons during intermission, and an old-school concessions stand. Two movies for less than the price of one was a plus, and they were new releases. Really was a treat! Highly recommended!

Kay’s Lovely Boutique

I like it I really do but I recently went to see “us” and the screen was super dark couldn’t really anything, the quality was terrible.

Total Wireless

If I could give them 0 stars I would. Their screens are so dimmed and could barely see. You watch a movie through the audio. Save your time and money and go watch at normal theatre.

Alaina Marie

Love the Drive in you get 2 Movies for the price of 1 and don't have to worry about any extra sound you get at a regular Movie Theatre.

justin williams

Love being able to do what i want to do while watching the movie

Larry A. Daniel Jr.

Great place for a date night. Fun !! 2 movies for the price of 1 can't beat that

Heather Thompson

Kids love it.


This place is AWESOME!!!

Denise C

Movie was nice a great family hang out we went here several times throughout the summer!

Caryl Judd

love this drive in. Good food. Great movies and with radio great sound.

James C

I just want some better food and the screen I watched was extremely dark not satisfied

James Sanders

Good movie. Long line for refreshments

Maria Lenz

Absolutely love going to the drive in . I really hate that Summer drive in is not as busy as it used to be . It's great pricing and it's great for a family night ( depending on what is showing) or date night.

Gacha life cute

It's the the best time of my life and it is open all summer.

Farroukh Mohammed

Had fun watching “The Meg” at this place. My first drive-in movie experience. Definitely a go to place.

Jasmine Jackson

I'll always love the charming old theater feel and decor! Great place to take your family in the summer. Great place for date night!

Rodney Pierce

Okay it's been over 10 to 12 years since the last time that I have been to the drive in. Saturday night I decided to change things up on date night and the drive in was a big hit for me and my lady we had a good time watching a horror movie. It took me back when I was a kid and my family use to go a lot to the drive in. Fellas grab your lady take her to the drive in you going to get lucky that night. Or it's a great family night movie the kids want to see grab your dinner and your pillows and blankets and have a great time with your family.

Drew Miller

Like a time capsule surrounded by "new Memphis." The facilities are dated and a bit run-down, but the experience of an old-school drive in theater is worth it.

Christina Pye

Great reminder of the past. We as a families would load up during the summer months for the movies! My grandson first time. And they had a great time and can't wait to go again!

Penny Vincent

Have been going to this theater for 40 years. Always a good experience.

Suzanne Evans

Loved it.

Tony Tate


Rodney Dangerfield

Good for snuggling while movie watching

Laszlo Kovacs

This place is old but the video is high quality. And we went to see DeadPool 2 and there were a few cars (it was a thursday). It was cool.

Wendy Perry

My family really enjoys going here. The food is good and price's for everything is very reasonable. I have been going here for 39 year's

Amy McConville

The Malco Summer Drive In has so much going for it, it's in expensive and a fun old fashioned way to see a movie. The snacks are pretty reasonably priced and good, except for the popcorn which is never even close to as good as the other Malcos for some reason. The best movies to see at the drive in are brightly lit movies such as animated films and comedies. Anything like a thriller or horror movie that would have a lot of dark images is quite hard to see on the screens for some reason. Only one major negative about the drive in is the smell from the near by mulch yard, it can really smell terrible so bringing a scented candle is a good idea if you plan to sit in chairs out side the car. Word to the wise, make sure you bring jumper cables in case your car battery dies because you won't be able to find anyone that works there to help you once the last movie ends but another patron might if you have cables.

Kenyana Black

Great hang out but screen 2 always too dark too watch, it's been this way for a year. Update Every movie I come to see always on screen 2 ugh lol

Francisco Torres Jr

Cool family place a great experience

Alex Romero

My family and i saw IT last weekend. This was experience was filled with corn dogs and southern hospitality. I cant wait to come back!

Nicholas Matlock

Fun date night

John Apking

I don't feel like a teenager anymore, but I still enjoy going to the drive-in movie with my wife. Everyone should enjoy this piece of nostalgia while it still exists. Fun for couples and family at a decent price.

John Blumberg

1. Price up $1 (14%) $8.50 2. Do not spray mosquitos 3. Copied down personal information to buy beer. 4. Put my can beer in cup. 5. Slush machine broke. 6. Most doors locked to refreshment stand. 7. Worse drive in out of 51 total we've been to.

Larry Lyons

I'll give any drive-in movie theater 5 stars just for existing. But this one was in fact a really good time. The staff should tell people to keep their headlights off, but other than that we had no problems. The FM radio station was crystal clear.


Dont go here for scary movies, the screen is so dark, you can’t even see it. La llarona was a terrible experience

Don Porter

Need never payment... toooo many pot holes... besides that.. i like it .. it could easily be a 5... #freedom

Stevie Payne

Good prices food kinda sucks

Elijah Jones

I have been going for over a decade & it has always been a great movie experience!

Katie Stickorates

No speakers blurry screen


Great time everytime cheap prices for 2 good movies glad it still operational!!!

John Hughes

Amazing drive in. They have 4 screens that have speakers or radio options for your car. They offer some older movie screenings a few times a year for all night sessions called "Time Warp". Overall this is a great place for families or adults depending on the film.

Cleandrew Oliver

Always 2 movies for the price of one

Ursula Grooms-walker

Screen 3 was horrible on top of that ppl continued to run headlights half way through the movie but thats just memphis other screens looked much better than 3 however food was great service was nice

Juicy Sweet

Best date Night Spot. Hands Down!

andrea Matus

Definitely enjoy this place. Just wish people would be more considerate on turning off their lights. I recommend getting here minutes before the show starts to get a great spot and get comfortable.

Roz Rozzie

Love! Love this place! I love the fact you can sit in your car in your own privacy without the distraction of others like in the movie theatres.

Ericka Gibbs

Great place to take your children and enjoy a movie, especially my single parents.

Michael Roach

Me and the kids enjoyed the drive inn and food prices are good.

Hal Berry

Love the prices

Jelly beans Kzissler

I love going to the Drive in! I'm so happy that Memphis TN still has one to go to.

Mike Hatfield

Old school and proud of it. Bring food, bring kids, have fun.

Cherie Moore

Oldie but goodie! Not the bestest of the best but drive ins are a dying breed and it's so awesome to have here in Memphis. Fun and different outing and at a great price

Megan T

It’s affordable and good except for the fact that screen one’s radio station has a lot of static which takes away from the movie. I also would not recommend watching a musical here as the audio is weird. Though overall its great and the popcorn is way better than movie theatre popcorn.

Denise Miller

How can I knock this place? The atmosphere is however u make it within your vehicle, the only babies I hear are mine, the volume is controlled by me, and the snacks are of my doing. I love it and its a great way to have personal space in a public area

John Turpin

It's a fun way to get out with the wife or take the whole family. Now serving beer at the concession stand.

drew bodenheimer

Best drive in in town

Keeley Jackson

The best place ever to grab a pizza and kids and blankets and hit it!!! Food very expensive but movie great!!!

Raven Warren

It was fun, pricing in concessions was surprisingly good. Authentic drive-in experience.

Shennyka Paul

OMG I Love Malco drive in two movies for 7.50$ can't beat that price anywhere

N. M.

Great as always

Tamika Robinson

Screen 2 needs to be fixed. The lighting is so dim, I can hardly see the movie I paid for.

Carolyn Robinson

Picture quality isn't the best. But the price for the movies and concessions keeps bringing us back. Plus great memories for the kids is always a plus!

Jess Lynn

The customer service is fine but they really really need to do something about people being able to leave their headlights on! Still waiting out this movie for my child while I have LED lights reflecting into my eyes for over an hour now. Angry doesn't begin to describe it. Also there is way TOO much static on the 103.9 station.

Edyth Dorning

Had fun.

Davin Bartosch

Awesome. History and movies. Byob.

Nelli Ase

We are lucky to still have a gem like this in Memphis. Time for a revamp...don't let this die!

Lil Boo

Its okay nice cozy spot for u and special something to cuddle and enjoy and relax the movie

Biff C

Always fun. Last one in Memphis. Relic of the past that you should try if you never have

Chrystal Reese

It's the best. The food is good,the staff is nice. Love the time warps!

The Lovely

Lots of fun for the family! The shows are running for the summer just after sunset, which tends to be around 8:30 p.m. If you catch a double feature of long movies, you can easily be there until 1:30 a.m. They have concessions and and a clean bathroom facilities. You can bring your own food, grab some chairs and pillows - it truly is a friendly family sleepover atmosphere!

Brandy Isaacson

Love it!! Even my kids love going.

Gaylee Ann Lumley

Comfy and great place to settle.back and wa0tch a movie.

Gabriella Danielle

This was an awesome experience plus its a great inexpensive activity for everyone. The only thing I didnt really care for was when other people around us would turn their lights off. This causes a glare on the screen which effects the movie lighting. Anyways the family had fun enjoying a great movie.

Retro Replayz

I couldn't give 5 stars. I like the drive in because It's cheap especially when have children. You can bring own food and be comfy in your car .The thing not so good is the pot holes, the maneuver smell, and the dark screen not seeing the movie at all. A lot of the movies are too dark to see, so basically wasted money and time. Please fix this because terrible spending money and not seeing the movie at all looking at black screen

Natalie Rogers

Love love love thats all i got to say.

mia j

Nice spot to enjoy a movie if you don't want to go in public

thomas osowski

One of the employees (later found out he was the general manager) sent my family and I to the wrong screen despite me clearly stating the two movies (playing on the same screen) to him. After going back to the ticket booth there was another employee (Melvina) who I explained the issue to and she literally didn't listen to me and kept asking "but he sent you to the right screen didn't he?" and "well you still saw the film you wanted right?" several times and upon me repeating the issue she told me to "stop making a big deal about it" despite me being calm and respectful the whole time. Then she rudely said "well, I don't know what you want me to do about it".. Honestly, why would I go up there to complain if I had seen the right film?? And why would you be so rude to a customer without warrant? The answer? Because the GM sitting beside her was just as incompetent and rude. When I point out the employee who was sitting beside her as the one who sent us to the wrong screen, he didn't bother to apologize or even give me any attention besides glancing at me and back at his phone. Turns out this incompetent man was the general manager.. how embarrassing to have such a person as the general manager. For him to sit there and ignore the error he made while his employee essentially danced around the issue while trying to make it seem like i was being unreasonable without even understanding the complaint and telling me to stop making a big deal about it.. its a good thing these people work at a place that sees few people because they'd likely be let go anywhere of significance. I couldn't find the words to say to these two as they both seemed like absolute lost causes.. when I found out he was the GM I couldn't help but laugh and decided I was wasting my time. Me and my wife just looked at eachother in disbelief as we drove away. Hopefully this GM and the staff member can recieve some sort of training or mentoring because what an absolute embarrassing way to conduct yourselves.. especially the GM.. he is supposed to set an example and teach the staff and here he is allowing such bad service right in front of him without even attempting to mitigate the issue he caused. Unbelievable..

Megan Horne

Enjoyed (always), but forgot mosquitoes repellent.

Dilly Dilly

Enjoyed going it's was nice to sit in the comfort of my car. Will go again. Concessions were reasonably priced. Would recommend for anyone. With four screens there is something for everyone.

Barclay Frazier

Please don't let the drive-ins disappear from the face of the Earth I love them even though when I go to see a dark or scary movie The backgrounds are much too dark for the drive-in with all the city lights around it I'll probably have to go see the movie again in the theater.

Audra Williams

To be able to watch 2 movies for $8 is a fantastic deal. Children 10 and under are free. Their parking lot could use some improvements; needs re-paving, lines painted, clearer signs directing you to each screen and the exit, but overall I’m pleased with our experience and will definitely go again.

Dedra Ford

We couldnt see our movie as good on the screen...I believe it may had some to do with the quality of it. I love their concession stand area. Food is affordable and good! You can get your money worth of food here verses going to a movie theater but to enjoy the movie experience more, I would suggest movie theater (to see the quality better that is). Going to a drive in is pretty fun though honestly. More privacy for you and whoever comes with you surely. Cant get that at theaters. Just this past incident we couldnt see our movie good at all and had to leave. We went at night too, which may had some with it...unsure...

Juan Rondon

Great experience. Nice price. Good service

Sara Shughart

It's such a classic American feeling going here. Time-Warp is a great experience if you haven't been to it.

Buddy Furniss

We had so much fun!!! Reminded me of days gone by always loved a drive in movie. Listening to the sound through my stereo was awesome. It was a nice cool night so we let the convertible top down and enjoyed the stars and the movie. Prices are very reasonable, snack bar has a huge selection. I will definitely be back soon. Way better than sitting in any theater.

Dana Fiveash

Nothing like going to a drive in movie! LOVE it. Too bad that there are not many left.

Brian Jackson

Great family fun. Just perfect for each and every occasion. First date, just to get out the house, or just when you straight up bored. Try it you will love it.

Anna Green

A good place for a date night with your boo, lol.

Dan Kindervater

Great drive in, always has double features!

Mercedes Sanders

Place is well worth admission. As long as the movie wasn't made insanely dark(solo a star wars story couldn't see movie at all) but getting two movies for price of one is great. Wish they would be more strict on people who leave lights on. Then the parking lot should definitely be redone. As there are potholes all around. This place is still great just needs some extra love to become even better

Alex Mason

Love this place! You can carry your own snacks or food to the movies and be comfortable in your own vehicle.

Viewz WithJp

Quick n friendly.Clean lot.

Carolyn Robinson

This place is awesome. I love bringing my family here, added bonus kids 10 and under are free. Concessions are reasonable too, compared to the regular theater.

Shante' Crawford-Shotwell

Cut your lights out people so we can see the movie

Gorilla Smith

Love this place

Breanna Henderson

Man upfront to ruuuuuude

Sandra D. Jones

It was awesome being able to share this experience with our children

misty looney

Love this place

Amber Wilkinson

great place to spend time with friends. needs to be re-paved but we love this place!

linda christy

great movies, popcorn wasn't up to par but other than that it was great

Arielle Turner

Since I have started going to the drive in it’s hard to get me to go in the theater. I’m private so when I’m out on my first date I like to be low key. My mom & son loves it. I remember my mom first time going. She was dressed up honey. I told her no ma’am go put on a T-shirt & some comfortable joggers. She had no clue

Michael Collins

Great Drive In with lots of theme events. Memphis landmark.

Duphus Ruphus

Ole Duphus went here with my wife, kids, and grand kids. I nostalgic trip back in time, since I started going to this drive in when I was a small child. No speakers to deal with, but u now just tune in your radio. No swing sets at the front of screens anymore for the kids. Picture quality was good except for the darker night scenes. But it was a good time. All the other patrons were very nice and quiet. Snack bar was very good. Bathrooms were clean. I suggest going at least a couple of times w ur kids, for the experience.

Gennifer Martin

Your couldnt hardly see the screen and people kept flashing ther headlights on tge screen making it even harder to see

shantete holland

I absolutely love it

MarriedGirl17 Love

My family and I love coming here. The tickets are affordable, and kids under 12 get in free. The parking lot is always clean. The women’s restroom is pretty decent, I think it could be cleaner. The staff is always friendly when purchasing tickets. The staff at the concession are also friendly. The movie quality is pretty good. My family feels safe, when we are here. I definitely recommend coming here.

Christy Covington

Great place to bring the family

Lee Edward Echols Jr

Love it here

Samuel F. Campbell

Great experience, great place, great price! Got a lot of food a great price from the concessions stand. They seemed to be cleaning up and closing the concessions halfway through the second movie recommend you get your refreshments early. Try to get there early headlights disturb the viewing of the other patrons. We watched the movie Glass M. Night Shyamalan brings together the narratives of two of his standout originals—2000’s Unbreakable, from Touchstone, and 2016’s Split, from Universal—in one explosive, all-new comic-book thriller: Glass. From Unbreakable, Bruce Willis returns as David Dunn as does Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price, known also by his pseudonym Mr. Glass. Joining from Split are James McAvoy, reprising his role as Kevin Wendell Crumb and the multiple identities who reside within, and Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey Cooke, the only captive to survive an encounter with The Beast. Following the conclusion of Split, Glass finds Dunn pursuing Crumb’s superhuman figure of The Beast in a series of escalating encounters, while the shadowy presence of Price emerges as an orchestrator who holds secrets critical to both men. All in All it was a good movie! Now I'v got to watch Unbreakable and Split. Wish Samuel L. Jackson had a more interactive part in this movie! ~ Samuel F. Campbell

Ms K

Can't go wrong with reasonable prices for families great concessions and Good family fun can Sit out or stay in your vehicle and enjoy A Great movie

Candace Thompson

I took my two teenage nieces to the drive-in movie tonight. This was the first drive-in experience for both of these girls and the first for me in a very long time-- since about 1979. It was a great experience overall. It is a very unique venue. You feel like you're going back in time literally! There are four screens showing different movies all at the same time and you navigate your way to your screen for the movie that you've chosen. The only thing I didn't like was having to use your car radio FM frequency to generate the sound in your vehicle from the movie. I believe this is bad for the car...if you let it idle while it's on, it will wear the engine out. alternatively if you let it run on the battery, obviously it will drain your battery very quickly... I wish they still had the little speakers that they would give you to put on your car when we used to go in the 1970s... but I know times change so the technology does too! The only word of caution I would give is to be very careful, and I mean very careful!!!when you're pulling into the parking lot at the entrance... there is a huge sinkhole. I bottomed out my luxury vehicle driving over it. It probably damaged the undercarriage of my car seriously. They need to repair the potholes all around the place. But maybe that's part of the charm_ I don't know LOL!

Sadie Langford

Love going here for the movies

Brandon G

Can't beat it for the price! I always have a good time!

Li M

Loved it!! Went on a Sunday night & it was barely anyone there. The entry fee & prices for snacks are unbeatable. I'll be back for sure.

Ranada Carter

Pretty nice family outing...

Kurt Kuykendall

Radio sound. I didn't go to the snack bar brought our own food. Nice drive-in.

Lisa B

The picture was hard to see but it was fun! 4 large screens, good selection of food choices.


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