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540 S Front St, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

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REVIEWS OF Malco Powerhouse Cinema Grill & Bar IN Arkansas

Danielle Mitchell

Really enjoyed this theater. Nice and clean.

Ann Morris

AWESOME!! EVERYTHING was NICE & CONVENIENT!! The Hawaiian pizza & Delta Sunshine beer were GREAT together

John Dow

I really like the new theater. Prices are decent for tickets and the seating is very comfy. The wait for snacks is a bit ridiculous though. The location is right along the trolley tracks in a rejuvenated part of the city.


Definitely new and relaxing plus the bar and grill topped it off. Way to go people...

Allison Joseph

A great addition to downtown! We went to the bar/restaurant before the movie and the BBQ pizza was actually very good. The theaters are very nice and the chairs are very comfy compared to what I am used to in other local theaters. Definitely will make this the one we come to every time!

DrumKiing 2018

It was a decient visit. The set up is small but when you go to the MXT theater it reminded me of why i went in the first place. It was clean and the seats were very comfortable. I could actually be comfortable im my seat and enjoy my movie.

Termaria Tyszka

Movie started 30 minutes late. I think they forgot that 6 people were watching "The Best of Enemies" that night. Nice environment though.

itz1 AV

Awesome theater great seating cutting edge movie experience with a grill restaurant well lit and secured parking

Bryan Jones

This place is amazing, they have recliners, so you get that at home experience. The place has walls between the rows of seats, speakers in the head rests, which cuts back on the extra noise. I loved this place and will totally be back, I'm dying to try the grill.

Latarsha Mosby

Would've givin 5 stars if parking was easier, but veryyyyyyy nice cinema


Went to see the lion king with my church and the staff were very respectful and understanding about everything we wanted. And it was very clean

Jae Bea

Sounds like you're in the movie. Very comfortable seating that you can preselect.

Alberta House

Love the reclining

Sara Wilk

Beautiful building and theater, but I was quite disappointed. We arrived 25 minutes before our movie and ordered a cheese pizza and a sandwich, our food took 45 minutes and missed the first 10 minutes of the movie because I went to check on it before the movie started and was told it was almost done, they were waiting on the pizza (be warned there is no sauce on it) it was literally very thin dough with a little cheese sprinkled on it not worth the $10 it cost and both of our food was just lukewarm. I know they just opened on the 8th, but we went on Monday when there were not as many people there and made sure we were plenty early. If they have a long wait for food they need to be more up front about that when you orders also when you read online they have in-theater food delivery, they do not, they give you a pager and tell you when it goes off you and go and pick it up at the concession stand.

Anastasia McCray

I was there for the South Main Association meeting and it was a very lovely venue. We got a chance to hear the Manager speak and provide awesome details about the space, as well as watch a few previews in the MXT Extreme Theater. The screen was huge and the seats were so comfortable I could nap lol. It was amazing and the staff was super polite and helpful. Great addition to the city!

Mary Lollis

Awesome! Unique reclining motorized seats! Charming atmosphere!

Sheila Fitchpatrick

Comfy assigned seating so buy your tickets early! The new theater is beautiful and they seem to have Clean Teams that maje sure each audience has a fresh experience. Admission is a few dollars more but worth it for the comfort. Well-lit and widely-lined parking is on the site of the Farmers' Market.

Maurice Fleming

Excellent very impressed with the whole venue. I will come here from know on. One of the best Theater's in Memphis.

Kia Lincoln

So clean!!! Awesome sound system, amazing screen, comfortable luxurious seats, friendly service, and all around great atmosphere!!

Mark Turner

I love the size of each movie room. I also love the pizzas and salads they sell in the bar area.

danny mitchell

the worst service and rudest people Ive ever had the displeasure to come across! i will not be coming back . the management acts like they are only there to collect a paycheck, and could care less ! the concessions are run by a multitude of rude obnoxious kids . i would not suggest spending your money here .

Grant Ricossa

Loved everything except for an aisle down the middle. Sacrificed center seats.

Adrianne Larde

The theater is awesome! Seats are extremely comfortable. Make sure you take a jacket, sweater or blanket.

Jessica Patterson

I am so glad that we have a theater in the downtown area now and hopefully we could keep it up. Its a nice facility through and through. The theater was breathtaking and I love the recliner seats. I was enjoying the show with my feet kicked up LOL. Tickets are rather pricey but well worth it. The staff went above and beyond, they wished everyone a safe ride home when we were leaving out of the theater. I was a little disappointed there weren't many movies to choose from but I still enjoyed myself. I will be back.

Tom Anderson

My new favorite place to watch movies.

Rosalyn Cowans

Love the seats they are nice. The overall theater is really nice and a beautiful addition to downtown Memphis. I suggest buying tickets in advance so you can choose your seating. Otherwise on a busy night you might get stuck with whatever is left. In which if your on a date like I was we were not able to sit together so we had to pick another movie.

Vell Wilborn

Definitely Malco newest and best theater!! This is what future blueprints of theaters should build upon. The waiting area with the TV and fireplace display puts you at ease while waiting on that person running late but the restaurant and bar has an amazing menu for eating and drinking and if you don't finish it take it with you into the movie or eat and drink after the movie to catch up. Let's talk auditoriums they are all unique especially the MXT (Cinema 6) it's almost to much like home. Finally what I really love it's only 10 to 15 minutes from West Memphis versus the 30 to 45 minutes to Southhaven or Olive Branch so needless to say this is my new spot my only complaint is it doesn't have IMAX.

Syndi Hopper

Loved the theatre. Good price. Great theatre. Only tiny complaint was the lights had to be turned off upon request of 3 people.

Precious Love

Comfortable seat, food

Torrye Scott

Great place! So exciting to have a new place to go downtown. Great food and service!

Joey ?

My wife loves this theater and so do I the seating is great pick your on seating

Elizabeth Gibson

Best theater I have been to. Clean, quiet, no riff raff. Great place to enjoy a movie!!

Sheldrick Rogers

Really enjoyed Powerhouse. The bar & grill area was cool not too pricey. I'll coming back.

Justin Serda

I had my first poor experience at this theater today while seeing John Wick 3. The AC went out at some point during the movie and I was so hot, I was sweating during the final half of the movie. However, when the movie was over, the manager and other staff were waiting at the door to our auditorium handing out free passes and apologizing for the AC issues. Great customer service is well worth this theater maintaining it's 5 Star review for me.

Edward Davis

Nice new look, theatre seating, and shows some great movies

Richard Champlin

Terrific new addition to downtown! Convenient parking is a PLUS!

Carl Peeples

A new place and new experience! The Bar & Grill area was decent but it seems like it don't get many visits or I just didn't go at to see a film during the Bar & Grill poplar times. The recliner chairs is a great thoughtful change for years normal. Many ways to sit and cuddle yourself in them. I'd make this my main theatre to visit for films.

Sinaed Kuntzman

Honestly one of my new favorite places in Memphis. Not only is the building itself beautiful, the tech dedicated to an awesome audio visual experience is impressive. There was no line for concessions, bathrooms and facilities were clean, parking was easy, and the employees were friendly. Love it! Well worth the drive downtown.

Scott Briggs

Theatre is great and seats are comfy. I do not recommend trying to get a drink or concessions here. The bar is so understaffed the wait time at 7PM on a Tuesday is around 20 minutes for a drink. Do yourself a favor and don't try to get a beer or wine here.

C Gwinn

This has become our new theather. Workers are always pleasant, but they should work on cleaning just a bit better between shows.


Beautiful new theater in downtown Memphis TN. The service still needs improvement. Waited a while for order and our entree came out before our appetizer which we thought was funny. So many food items missing from menu that was posted online as available. I believe it will get better so I will return.

Ruchee Patel

Theater is pretty, and seats/audio/screens are very nice, industry premium. Assigned seating so make sure you buy tickets online. Terrible service when it comes to food and drink from the bar/grill. No takeout orders or delivery service to your seats, you must be seated in a restaurant chair before you can order, but they are slow and ignore impatient customers. No system for letting them know you want to make movie on time. You can take food and drink into theater, after its arrived. Make sure you get there one hour before showtime if you want anything to drink/eat from the bar/grill - that's everything on the menu posted online, beer, wine, liquor.

James Smith

Clean, excellent staff, great good at the grill. Able to reserve seats.

Sarah Beason

The movie showing started at 10:05pm on 7/30/19 I was running late. Made it there at 10:20pm the two people working customer service counter asked if I already had a ticket I stated no... In response they stated they were already closed.. Everyone knows the critics and upcoming movies last about 10 minutes before the movie actually begins. So, if I choose to miss about 10 or 15 minutes of the movie that's my loss but I should not be turned away.. I stated that, that in fact was bad business...

Mandy Toms

I was in auditorium 6. The ONLY theater without recliners which is a huge disappointment because I'm pregnant and was looking forward to it, but the biggest, fanciest theater does not have recliners. If you want recliners, choose another auditorium. Also heads up on Aud 6 (MXT-ATMOS) seat F-2 is broken. It leans sideways. Other then that it does have amazing sound and the seats are better then the other Malco theaters.

Karl Moore

Looks great! "Yesterday" was sold out! Bummer!


WIFEY surprised me by taking me here out the blue. All new, but pricier than other theaters!


The best cinema in the area! New and clean. Theaters 2 and 5 have recliner seats. Not sure if other theaters have it. Ticket can be booked online and no stress of fighting a seats. Like all other cinemas, it is freezing cold, so suggest bringing a blanket or wear something warm.

Ed Bosch

Super comfortable reclining seats. Good sound system. I like the idea of assigned seats Would have given 5 stars but the bar / Grill is super slow. I just wanted to refresh my drink not take a 20-minute break from the movie

Stephanie Lowery

Great bar area, stadium seating, and much better food options

Diane Gillespie

Fresh food, nice wine, high tech atmosphere and nice waitress. A good way to relax before seeing your movie

Donnalq Brunetti

Loved the reclined seats..Good sound system and great pizza

Antwoin Carter

Love it here. The environment is so relaxing and intimate. Makes me wish I had a place downtown just so I could be closer to this theatre. Favorite malco hands down.

Brown Sugar

We had a great time! The movie theater is so nice and beautiful on the inside! The chairs are so comfortable!

Christina McEntyre

Went to see John Wick 3 yesterday. The movie theater was nice & it was clean. My only problem is that the popcorn tasted old and stale. On top of that it was HOT AS HELL!!. 3 people got up and informed the workers & their manager including myself about it being hot inside of the theatre but nothing was never done. I'll stick to the Paradiso theatre or Studio on the square.

Miguel Estrada

Great sound and picture and the seats!! So comfy. This is my new favorite choice for the movies. Also the bar is quite good. The place is just opening and it is expected that a few things won't run perfectly the first few days. They will catch up and I'll be there any moment soon.

Aubrey Boyd


Rebecca Feaster

Most comfortable seats anywhere. Theaters are well set up and arranged.


First time going.... It was nice overall, but I don't like having to pick seats when purchasing tickets. Still trying to figure out the point of that. Must be Security for corporate because it makes no sense otherwise. I really don't appreciate that they let neighbor boy run wild in there. He is unaccompanied by an adult and I had to change seats because he just sat beside me and wouldn't stop talking. Employees said it's normal. No it's not.


i dont like the fact that thay tell you where to sit... you paid for the movie but got to sit where thay want you to sit....

Jacob Samuels

Vintage feel. Great movie experience. Full restaurant & bar.

GangstaRob 100

We Love the new movie theater at Memphis Made Clothing!

Mike Merrigan

Super fantastic cinema

Brent Crenshaw

Wow. The place is BEAUTIFUL but boy do they have work to do. It's PACKED even on Sunday. They aren't ready for it. We walked to the restaurant but there was a long line and no direction. I asked if we could order and get it in the theater or if we could get it and take it in the theater and I was told eventually yes, but not right now because the have to figure everything out. However, as I stood in line for popcorn and hotdogs I saw people walking into the theaters with food. When I got to the front of the concessions line they were out of hot dogs... I wish there was a better selection at concessions. How hard is it to have some healthy options like a grilled chicken sandwich or salad. it just seems like a huge opportunity to make money that's just being passed on. There are all kinds of healthy or prepackaged finger foods that could be sold. May be this will be addressed when the food delivery is working correctly. It would also be awesome to be able to order drinks while you watch the movie to be delivered to your seat! I really think it has a ton of potential but they just aren't ready yet. Will change my review to a 5 if they get it all right. Right now they just aren't delivering on what was promised. I don't think they expected crowds this large. People were just hanging around watching TV and ordering food. It just made it feel like nothing was big enough. Concession lines were long. Restaurant lines were long. Just not enough organization. Employees were nice but overwhelmed. Giving it a 4 because the MXT Screen is boss. Will be a 5 when they get everything worked out. It really is an awesome theater.

Jamiel Jones

The food there is pretty good, we got the Philly cheesesteak and the avocado BLT and they both were amazing!

Mecia G

I absolutely love this place. Comfortable seating and family friendly.

Ophelia Hall

Super beautiful place to visit! It has comfy chairs that recline in the theater and has a nice place to eat before you go into the movie. Will definitely make my new movie spot!

Brie Elise

This movie theater is beautiful. We ordered the usual popcorn and drinks and had no issue. I would suggest purchasing your tickets online, so you won't have to stand in line.

Monica Wilkins

The ONLY place 2 watch a film! Feet up, great food from restaurant or

Noble String

Everything is well organized. They just need more food at the snack bar

Shanda Thrash-Williams

The only reason I didn't give 5 stars, the hostess in the Bar/Grill. She was not knowledgeable, slightly rude, and not helpful. Otherwise, it was a great experience. Will return and recommend to others.

dredrick moore

Great place! Admirable setup! Loved the pulled pork pizza! Oh oh oh the seats too!

French Fry Fingers

Worst service I’ve ever had at a concession stand. Asked for butter popcorn got popcorn to add the butter myself. When I asked for a bucket to mix in the butter to each layer I was instead offered a straw. I’m a visitor to your town, in hopes to move here.I’ll never be back to your theatre. It’s run by incompetent people.

Verlene Lanos

Everything was really clean & I loved the setup. I only wish that if you purchase tickets for the recliners seats. They should bring food out to where ever you're sitting. The wait for the food is ridiculous & while you're waiting for the food its easy to miss half the movie.

M.A. C.

A movie theatre was much needed downtown so I am glad that the Powerhouse Cinema is finally open! It's brand spanking new so it's quite clean but also has some kinks to work out. There are reclining seats in the theatres and at some point in the future, patrons will be able to order food & drink to their seat! So far, so good.

Diygone Raz

100% amazing love this place. The food is great well priced and tastes great customer service is great everyone is very nice and friendly The theater is clean and comfortable with power recliners seating ticket price is perfect

Lisa B

They only show 3 different movies. More titles would give them 5stars

Nicholas Matlock

Love the atmosphere and the new screens. Reclining seats also make for a much better movie experience

haley pounders

Awesome new theater with electric recliners but no tables in the movie for the food. The seats are incredibly close to the screen in the first 3 rows. Experience would incline you to pick seats in the back next time. Must choose seats right next to strangers or system beeps at you. The food looks delicious but seems from frozen. The BBQ sauce was most likely commissary so they earn their star back lol. The manager made me feel like I was the one being managed, it’s a small eating space he needs to take a step back and quit circling. Unless he would like to hear about the disappointing burger patty. But who wants to do that on their anniversary. Make sure you park in the lot, they tow quickly out front. Security is around. No military discount. All in all, still a premium theater in comparison and snack bar was still cheaper than some I’ve seen.

April Riddle

We had tickets reserved and couldn’t make it due to unfortunate circumstances but I called them and Tameko (hope I spelled her name right) changed our date for us so we didn’t lose our money! She was an absolute pleasure on the phone and completely understood our changes! Thank you ma’am for helping us out! ❤️❤️

Linda Gregory

I didn't purchase any refreshments so I can't comment on that aspect but I can on others. The theater was a beautiful place and the "fireplace" room was great. The movie room we were in was extremely nice... Comfortable and relaxing recliners, with plenty of room for people to pass by, helped to make it an easy transition for late comers and bathroom visitors. Definitely will return and recommend to friends.

Meredith Shaw

I don’t have enough nice things to say! Beautifully designed, wonderful customer service, DELICIOUS food, the recliner seats were extremely comfy. Even the bathroom was impressive with its glowy lighting, beautiful tile work and very clean everything. The only negative thing I could say is that it is pricey, but for all that we got/experienced, I believe every penny was well spent. This will be our new home theatre from now on. Keep up the good work Malco.

Marvin L. Stalls

The place is absolutely beautiful. I can go watch a movie there anytime!

Clint Breasure

I normally only go to Regal Cinemas but this has them beat. Better picture, sound, and seating. Where I'll go to the movies if I'm in Memphis, TN.

aubrey smith

First time visiting and it was great very different experience

Dana Thomas

The vibe was pretty cool here. Didn't get there early enough to check out the bar and grill so maybe next time.

Cantaniece Johnson

Great spot. Parking available. Good food that won't break the bank for a single date. Seating in theaters super comfy as well.

Robert Jones

Reasonable prices and friendly staff

Andrea Porter

I had a great experience. I purchased my tickets online and picked them up at the kiosk. Easy peasy. Then, we hot alcoholic beverages that we could take in the movie with us. So. I reclined, drank, and watched the movie. I truly enjoyed myself.

J Michael

Place was a very nice theater. They have a restaurant/bar located in the theater that has cool movie themed cocktails, draft beer, and good food. We got movie tickets, a few drinks, and food to enjoy our movie. Also the theaters are very nice, clean, and comfy.

Kristin Mullins

It was a bit pricy, but totally worth it if you want to chill in recliners with cocktails while watching a movie.

Bill Novick

Very nice theater. Limited seating 25-30 in room 1, which made seem more like home, great sound system.

N. H.

Initially, I resigned myself to go to the movies with my teenager and spend a small fortune on drinks, popcorn, candy, etc. We arrived early before our movie started, so I decided to try the Bar & Grill for food & drinks. We ordered a burger w/seasoned fries and Philly cheese steak w/fries. While waiting on our food, I decided to order one of the Wednesday Wine specials. Kristina suggested a prosecco & Tanya added her mixology skills of additional liquors & I gave it a name. In a short time, our new cocktail was named the Riverside Punch. The food & drinks were placed on a special tray to fit in the cupholders of the recliner seats. Great customer service, food & atmosphere.

Shae Williams

This theatre is very nice! I love that they have some covered parking. While it is a little small, when you walk into the movie it doesn't have a small feel. The chairs are oh so plush and comfy! Have yet to try out the menu, will do that next time.

Roslyn Crayton

llove it the location is great parking is good food n drinks are a plus family friendly

Wendy Dallas

June 7th @ 2:10pm called regarding a moving and showtime. Michelle (that's the name she gave) answered the phone and was extremely rude. So rude she hung up the phone because I didn't hear her answer the phone. She replied, "are we just going to listen to each other?" I replied "I didn't hear you". Due to her rudeness I recorded the conversation and will post it on social media. Not a good impression for a new theater.

Warmsley Roderick

This theater looks really nice and has potential . My son and I visited on opening weekend of The Avengers Endgame. We arrived at 12 noon, and was told that the 12:20 showing was sold out, which was understandable. We were also told that the 12:50 showing was also sold out and that the only seats available for the 1:30 and 2:00 showing would be on the front row. I agreed and purchased the tickets. My son and I decided that we would enjoy some items from the grill area. We waited to be seated like the sign said. No one came to greet us or seat us. I happened to see the general manager walk past and asked how do we go about being served. He replied that they were not selling food, only drinks. I look around and every one is eating. I asked how they could get food and we couldn't. He told me that they were really behind on orders and they couldn't serve any more food until they were caught up. He was polite and refunded my money. Overall this experience was a waste of time and gas.

Angela Norfleet

Wonderful venue, customer service is great and the food is fulfilling!!!! ❤❤

Roy VanBuren

Our favor theatre, and we love the reclining seats.


Great atmosphere. Nice clean and great customer service. The sound quality is awesome and the seating is very comfortable

jason black

Great seats, Great food. Excellent customer service

Anthony Avery

This was a great experience. I really enjoyed it. Can't wait till the next movie.

Nelli Ase

So my main issue with this new fancy theater is that they really missed the mark here on the food. There is no reason why you have expensive seats and a nice new theatre without better options other than dry popcorn and old nachoes and candy at the concession stand. There is a restaurant inside but we were told that we would need to dine inside the restaurant to order food. What in the hell is the point of it being inside of a movie theater then?! WHY.

Darnell Bridgeforth,Jr

I went to see Captain Marvel. Theater is clean & sound is excellent. The seats were spacious & reclined. Restroom was clean as well

philicia hinton

The attended at the front desk wasn't friendly. She wanted to know how old my son was, he definitely looks under eight years of age, he's six. She was trying to give me a had time and appeared to be enjoying it

Kelsey Mounce

My boyfriend and I came here on a Thursday at 12 o'clock. We walked in and got out tickets for the 12:30 showing of captain Marvel. We looked around and asked about where we can get food from. The guy pointed us in the direction. We got the the grill area to get food and the guy informed us that they are not doing the "run it to theater" at this time but you are more than welcome to order it, pay for it, and take it yourselves. We ordered our food I got the Memphis burger and my boyfriend got the chicken strips. After ordering the food I decided I wanted a drink. The bartender told me they didn't have an full bar they only had draft beers at the moment. I was a little upset but it was fine. Our food got to us pretty quick. Everything was hot but my burger was not worth $9. The fries with the burger was good but the bacon on it tasted like jerky there was no barbecue on the burger I had to ask for it. After getting everything we headed to the theater. The chairs were great and the quality of the movie and sound were great. No complaints there only complaint was with the grill part of it. Needless to say we will be eating before we go again because the food is not worth it.

Sharhonda Davis

Nice and clean. Of course it's new so we will see as time goes on. Parking is accessible to be downtown. Parking is directly behind the theater with plenty of space and some spaces have covered parking. The sit down restaurant food was pretty good. Nice menu selection. Staff was friendly. They don't play all movies but if they have what you want to see playing I would give it a try. It's a small theater but cozy and not cramped.

Rodney Howard

Small intimate very nice. Limited parking Saturday mornings due to Farmers Market parking in same area


Seating was amazing,food was way overpriced and fair at best

Henry Kelley

Service was good. Food not so much. $4.72 for a bottle of tea. Give a guy a break.

Albert Franklin

The best theater in Memphis probably next to the imax. The architecture is amazing the lighting is good. They also have reclining seats which is always a plus. The attendants show you to your seats during big block busters which helps during those big films. Make sure you buy your tickets in advance however. A lot of people like to go to this one.

shaquan johnson

Absolutely love this theater! Seats are so comfortable I almost fall asleep waiting on the movie to start.

Terrence Lanier

Good environment, good food, and nice theater. Highly recommended

Caden Crockett

I love this theater! Very nice friendly service. Great safe feeling atmosphere.

I'm the one looking. All the time.

Went twice. Both times order was wrong. Waitress didnt skip a beat when it came to chastising me before she checked the receipt and the menu. When she found out she was wrong.....she tried to push the meal off on me as if it was my fault. I did not get a resounding apology. She talked to me as if i was bothering her. The place was empty at lunch time. I paid for my food and only ate three bites......not worth lack of customer service. I feel that if i was a different color o of a certain affluence, my sandwich would have been taken back or not even charged to me. Poor service and even less empathy. Not coming here again.

LaDarian Thomas

Movies are always fun. Of course, I don't know who wouldn't like it. It's such a nice building and provides comfort. Maybe, I'll check out more showings too. I haven't been satisfied with the showings I've seen.

Shajuana McDuffy

This was our first time going to celebrate my son's birthday, and it was wonderful! We ate at the Bar & Grill. They serve mostly appetizers; however, it was delicious. I also ordered a Sex On The Beach drink. It was to die for. It had the right amount of juice and alcohol in it. We were able to take our food and beverages in the Theater, which was awesome. The manager and employees were very nice. The theater was exceptionally clean. It does have reclining, leather seats. The cup holders were big enough to hold our trays with our food. It's a little pricey, but you can expect that being downtown. It's well worth it. We will be returning.

Joanne Estes

A great location with a cool bar and nice amenities like recliners with foot rests.

Pizza_ delivery

The seats are amazing! I definitely recommend it. BTW Mysterio dies (;

Valeria Walters

Really liked it here. The theaters are new and spotless. The food was really good too. I definitely liked the reserved seating.

Tamara Berry

Close to home. Nice theater.

ramona sweeten

This new state of the art theatre is contemporary, modern, hip, & SOOOO comfortable! The staff at the ticket counter is Very organized, fast paced & patient at the same time... the restaurant is quaint, & kind of steampunk modern, with nice food- (if you're hungry skip the appetizer section, small portions). The inside of it is Not too big, but Also has many seats around the bar, & theres patio seating.. The assistant manager Leo was accommodating, funny, & attentive. Saw Avengers Endgame in the Extreme Theater, LOVED IT... awesome sound and very cozy seats.. Don't come there if you're already sleepy!

Pamela Jones

Pwerhouse was the most relaxing start to a great weekend. The ambiance ambiance amazing, parking great, the movie seats make you want that experience at home. Comfortable relaxing spacious private. Would be a great place to host a movie for girls or guys night out movie party's.

Ryan Mathis

Best movie theatre in Memphis. Very up to date facilities with the new construction, and you have the ability to take a beer into your movie. Not much to hate

Justin Gage

I went. Saw the movie. Then I left. Had no issues and enjoyed the movie

Christine Pappas

Honestly the worst service I’ve ever had at a dine in theater. When you go to a theater that has a full menu and reserved seating, what is suppose to happen is you order your food and the staff will bring it to your seat so you don’t have to wait around. Here you have to be sitting at one of the tables in the bar area to order the food to then take to your seats. You can’t even place a to go order at the bar at an order window. But you can easily go order a drink at the bar and then walk away with it. Don’t waste your time trying to do dinner and a movie. I’m honestly not the type to complain and write reviews, but each time we’ve had a worse experience than the last. And every time the wait staff gets ruder and ruder. They need to adopt the system of bringing your food to your seat. If not, then why have reserved seating and why have a restaurant that lets you bring the food into the theater. Other than that the theaters are nice and the seating is nice and I love having reserved seating, but the poor service and lack of organization with the restaurant ruins the experience. Please fix this soon.

Christopher Mills Scola

Seats in the fancy theater RDX or something killed my neck

John Anderson

I was disappointed. It didn't break the paradigm. It is just a movie theater. Until food is served in the theater seats, this is a no, in fact inconvenient.

Waydell Foster

Absolutely love the reclining movie chair. The prices are fair and consistent and below cost of most other places. Nice restaurant and bar inside sometimes you can order food and they will bring it to you while your watching a movie during certain days and hours. ** I would recommend this to anyone **

Reggie Franklin

Love this place. Great atmosphere.

Tremaine E

Love this location! So comfortable!

April Powell

Best movie theater Ever..ample space and comy recliners.Excellent food and portion sizes along with alcohol beverages..that can be brought into movies on a portable tray...bring a small throw and relax and watch a great movie if you dont fall asleep like me

Veronica Fuzz

First time here at the new Downtown theatre. Definitely a very laidback, relaxing place.

Harvey Simmons

Nice time. Great location for a theater.

Charlyce Williams

Awesome movie theatre. Recommended to everyone I know

Phyllis Bowen

Terrible Terrible service terrible food they don't know what they are doing. It was like we were on candid camera being punked. Will never ever eat in there again.

Sarah Steinbeck

It's nice but I wish they had an imax with recliners.

Babe Travel Honey

Very nice new exciting movie theater ! Awesome way to have a dinner and movie night all in one place! Good food awesome seating great movie theater. We will definitely visit again ! It's so convenient and it wasn't very packed either which was a plus. Also we could eat our dinner in the movie theater right as we watched the movie so it felt like home. Everyone I encountered was awesome great personalities and great customer service! Btw we watched Captain Marvel! Great movie !

Stephen Copeland

Best place to watch a movie on a weekday, friendly staff as well

Kesha Rena Pearine

I absolutely loved taking my son and his friends to this theater. It was nice, clean, and very industrial looking. Beautiful! I hate they didn't have the child boosters like Collierville but it turns out we didn't need them anyway.

Alejandro Garcia

Honestly the best theatre in Memphis. They have a bar and grill. The food is actually pretty darn good. You can take your drinks to the theater and enjoy your movie with your favorite drink. The house drinks brewed there in Memphis are excellent. They sell many kinds but the home beer is great. The ghost river gold is sold in a bottle which I prefer in a draft but was still really good. The theatre is pretty new and the seats recline and are leathered up. I highly recommend this place.

Wes Smith

Great new small theater, be prepared for a long wait in the concession line or trying to get anything from the restaurant.

Annie Henderson

Beautiful theater great movieland nice customer service loved it and will definitely go back..


Great new Malco love the reclining seat, you can get cocktails, pizza I can't wait to go again

April Terrell

The theater and seating are really nice and being able to enjoy my margarita in the theater!!!


This is a great little theater the pizza is delicious and the reclining seats make you want to sleep more than watch the movie

Adam Willoughby

MXT theater is NOT bigger than the IMAX at the Paradiso AND the MXT theater DOES NOT HAVE RECLINERS as advertised by Malco and Fandango and And AND the MXT is the only theater at Powerhouse that doesn't have recliners and it's tickets cost more. WHY ! ! The only superior aspect of MXT is that you LITERALLY FEEL EVERY SOUND in movie... Actually, all the theaters at Powerhouse are tiny so if you like big screens, this place isn't for you. BUT because of the size and set up, sitting in the front row isn't as bad as the other theaters... I sat in the MXT 4th row for Avengers Endgame and that was a sweet spot... The IMAX 4th row sucks...

Kayla Sassenrath-Cole

Oh man!! This is the place to go. Forget all theaters because this is the ultimate movie going experience. Theres reserved seatings in plush recliners in a very clean theater, theres a bar and restaurant with regular movie food too. The sound quality in this theater is top notch and the screens are perfect. The restrooms are very clean. The customer service was absolutely above and beyond amazing.

Tanisha Fowlkes

I love the whole atmosphere good job Memphis

Shelby Watkins

The place was nice and the recliner seats are sooo comfy... However the electricity in the kitchen was out so no food could be ordered, which sucked... The food that others had before the breaker issue looked great though!. I will definitely go back because I think they're just working through the kinks of having a new establishment. Hopefully they play more movies next time.

Dee Marie

This is a well needed accomadation to the malco franchise. I have been to a theater like this before, before it came to Memphis, so it's nothing new. The staff if cooperative and friendly and work super hard. If you need tickets it's best to buy them before the day if the movie to get good seats.

kktofly doe

I loved it had nice cotton seats and has nice screen but prices were tooo high

Mixon Moore

Great place. Had several questions upon arrival, but talked to the manager, Parker, and he was helpful and answered all my questions. Will definitely be back

Kent Pafford

This place is AWESOME! I don't even know where to start. The place looks amazing! The sound is unbelievable. The staff is really nice and enthusiastic. I can't wait to try pretty much all the food on the menu. Oh, and if you are meeting friends there and just happen to arrive early, you can sip an Old Dominick's whiskey, distilled right down the street, while you wait on the leather couch by the fireplace. Yes, you read that correctly! Malco Powerhouse Cinema, you just single-handedly bumped Memphis TWO points up the cosmopolitan scale. I love Memphis' fantastic new cinema! Update: Several people have asked about parking so I posted a photo of the clean, safe, well lighted, partially covered parking area! Seriously, this place is awesome! Come see for yourself!

Mark Gaines

Extremely friendly staff. Good fresh popcorn. Clean theaters.

John Tard

It is a great place with a great setup especially the reclining chairs, reserved seating, and smaller viewing rooms. All are very nice touches. However, i'm never able to order their food to give it a try. I'm only able to get concessions. I always arrive early and the staff says they aren't taking any food orders. When i get in and take my seat i notice there are so many others that come in after me with burgers, tenders, and pizza. I just want to try the food when i'm hungry and watching a movie. Will give it another shot soon. Fingers crossed.


Arrived at 6:15 before a 7pm movie. Ordered a burger. It took 30 minutes and the burger patty was room temperature while the actual bun was ice cold, like it came out of the refrigerator. Offered a new order by waitress but at that point it was 6:50 and I didn't want to risk another 30 minute hamburger. Further, ordered a cinnamon roll which came out stale, hard and inedible. Also, they should more accurately display their lack of wine/liquor license. Won't be eating here again!


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