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6430 Goodman Rd, Olive Branch, MS 38654, United States

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REVIEWS OF Malco Olive Branch Cinema Grill IN Arkansas

Sharidan A.

Always bad experience. My go-to theatre!! I remember I put waaayyy to much salt on my popcorn and manager (black man) don't know his name gave me whole new bag. So unexpectedly sweet

Forrest Jones

Great atmosphere and comfy seats. The food is good too.

Andria Bradford

I always enjoy myself very nice and peaceful I love the seats also

Anna Salzgeber

Movie theater is clean with a consistently good selection of movies. It has its ticket office inside, preventing patrons from having I wait outside in the cold or heat. The lobby has a small fountain, making it very welcoming and beautiful. I highly recommend this movie theater.

Aspenwood Square

Well it could have been cleaned better. I sat right on a wet seat filled then there was popcorn under my seat

Leander Johnson

Nice seating and quick service

Traci Selwood

Nice place

Anna Trollinger

Nice place for a movie night and to grab a snack or a drink! Not typically too crowded

Edward Martinez

Best place to go to a movie , better than all the rest good service !!!

chad morrow

Awesome theater with friendly staff. 4 stars for pricing being so high but that's all of them for the most part..

Amanda Baker

Love it and fast service comfortable seating

Danielle Backen

I love this movie theater! The seats are super comfortable and the staff is very friendly! I love how clean they keep it!

Valentin Sanroman

Customer Service is a joke. Check your girl tonie at the check-In she was extremely rude.

Kara Smith


Adrian Bailey

This theater is great and the food is amazing!


The best between Olive Branch and Southaven.

Ken Sellers

I like the way this theater has their concessions set up. The reclining seats are becoming common but they are still nice! The controls for some of the seats on our row weren't working right.


Great place.. good food

Darryl Myles

Very upscale venue

Donzell Wright

Had a great experience tonight

John Cooper

Great seats, hot popcorn, and friendly staff !!

Jennifer Hart

Always friendly and clean.

William Holland

Recliner seats, great acoustics.


Good place to spend the day in.

Sandra Watkins

Very comfortable and friendly staff.

Hillary Burkett

Good theater but they don't always bring in all the first run movies that are in Collierville. They also let older movies run too long and miss others completely.

Lj Nelms

Saw Lion King on one of their screens and it was a great experience.

Carrie Bailey

Had a blast celebrating my Birthday early here.

Desiree 52871 Acker

Great place

Vell Wilborn

Second best and only other Malco theater I would visit next to The Powerhouse theaters are safe and clean staff is over the top nice and the newly added bar is great.

Madi's youtube

Always good popcorn/candy/food definitely recommended

Bob Bakken

Great movie venue.

Cynthia Burgess

Always love coming here..staff are always polite and the theatre is always clean...

Vickie Roberts

Love seeing movies here

Michan Tutor

Comfortable and clean

Lashaun Johnson

Comfortable seats, friendly staff

James Franklin

Always clean and smell good. The people who come here to watch movies are always respectful of others and are quiet while the movie is on.

Joy Sumlar

The staff needs to really clean up between each movie. It's so disgusting to walk in a movie theater, that has a sour odor and food all over the floor. As a consumer, I DO NOT want to watch my movie with awful smells and trash underneath my feet. Especially in Olive Branch, the appearance of the theater is unacceptable!!

pumpedyew771 fortnitegod

Great place to go, beautiful, well kept, inside, food delicious, just an amazing family setting!!!

Marcus Strickland

Love this theater. Been going since they opened the doors. We need to get Malco to open a theater in Hernando with recliner seats. I'd live there if they did. Not fair collierville is only theater with recliner seats.

Kelly Varney

Was late for show and they were still able to accommodate. Beer could have been colder but still a good time.

Tabitha Seever

It's a pretty good theater. The bar that they have added is a nice addition. Now, if we can just get it upgraded like Collierville's Malco, I would have no reason to leave town to go to the movies!

Robert Contreras

Nice and clean venue. Wished bar area was bigger. Ticket prices were reasonable One last wish, IMAX !!

Elle Hopper

Clean theater, nice location, need more variety with popcorn!

prima mcneill

Really nice

Fisher does gaming

The seats are uncomfortable and popcorn had a lot of kernels. Good sound and picture. Clean facility.

Michelle Sain

We enjoyed the movie cinema. Nice food, just an enjoyable outing.

Angela Dodson

Clean & love the seats!

Jonathan Alexander

Love this theater but cant wait til those recliners get put in!

Brooklyn Mount

Good quality movies but can be dirty

Rachel Johnson

I love this theatre. It’s always clean and the people who work their are kind. They have bigger seats that you can lean backward in. The food is somewhat expensive like most theaters but their non carbonated slushies are worth it. I definitely recommend this location over any other such as the one in Southaven.

Melissa Hines

Nice atmosphere.

Heather Flemons

Nice, clean, friendly workers. Its Just the movies have gotten to be overly priced!!

Josh Polk

This was the first time I have been to this Malco. My wife and I went to see Jurassic World. There is nothing that particularly stuck out to me that was fantastic it seemed to be under some kind of renovation. However there was security guards walking around and the food from the grill looked good.

Bruh Thumb


JustFloatz _

The people there are really nice and the game room is fun.


I love going to the movies and Malco Olive Branch is great. Double dates one on ones with my wife it is just a nice get away. The price of tickets has risen but the nice atmosphere makes up for it. No Riff Raff just nice movies

mike smith

It was good I watched spider Man far from home I hated the seats tho

Joyce Hunt

Nice Theater & Very comfortable seating also very clean.

Rachel Stallsworth

Ive never left a bad review before but this was just gross. Food all over the floor and smelled like week old popcorn. Dirtiest theater we've ever been to. It was so dirty, I made my daughter put her jacket to where the leather seat couldn't touch her skin. If they dont clean after the last several movies I'm sure they dont disinfect the seats. Went to see a movie that we checked times on 10 minutes before we arrived. Got there and they decided to play another movie in its place without updating their online info or listing inside. The staff was polite however

Bilbo Baggins

Popcorn had burned taste. Got it replaced. Movie not so good. Ad atlas

Cad lan

It was a great movie theater nice and clean and friendly workers but in the move the rooms were small.

Monica Bowman

This is a nice, safe place to enjoy your favorite new blockbuster. Their stadium seating is spacious and comfortable.

Michael Moorman

A five star visit it was good movie.

Julie Sisk

Very expensive but workers are very friendly, very very clean..

Tina Haney

They serve good food besides popcorn lol

Josie Dunlap

Very nice theatre. Friendly staff. Large popcorn refills, I love it. My favorite movie treat besides seeing a good movie.

Laszlo Kovacs

Everything about it is awesome! Just have to get new seats

Michael Ed

It’s nice and well maintained.

margarita sianez

I like the clean of the movie theaters I went to see Aladdin with my family

Shuntorie Coppage

First time visiting and the atmosphere was great. Very nice & clean, love the bar & food.

Cassandra Findley

Totally awesome very nice place to visit

Lori Franklin

A friend and I have been going just about every Tuesday because the movies are only $5.50. Great deal! The only issue I have is the price of the food. Popcorn and coke is over $11. It doesn't cost that much to make popcorn and you can get a large coke at any fast food for a dollar. No wonder kids don't have any where to go these days on dates. It cost way too much!

Cayela Simpson

Had a blast ordered and ate pizza while watching the movie. Wasn't very roomy but very clean and nice.

Terry Moore

Nice theater. Clean. Good food and drink selection. Love the alcoholic beverages bar. They need to get the luxury recliner seats and it will be perfect.


The people weren’t overly friendly or rude. Staff was simply okay, which is fine by me. I did notice that they don’t fill the popcorn or drinks to the top. I’m used to popcorn nearly overflowing! Lastly, the theater was quite dirty! There was drink on the chairs and the floors were sticky. I could not get comfortable.

MF Tech

I'll give this place 3 of 5 stars. The movies they have are good, but the food is WAY overpriced. I know they need to make money somehow, buy really? 6 dollars for a medium sized popcorn? Ridiculous.


Nice place clean .

Rebbie Floyd

Thank you Malco for making this theatre a good place to go. I was so impressed that the staff actually enforces the rating recommendations & checks IDs when a child tries to enter a rated R or PG rated movie without adult supervision. I especially appreciate no toddlers in certain movies after evening time begins. I have children, but when my husband and I go watch an action movie etc...I don't think it's appropriate to bring a little child in this forum. Cheers to you Malco Desoto!

Earline Brown

Beat theatre I have been to since relocating to Memphis although its in Mississippi! Clean...modern...and what you expect for your $$$

Nancy Fleming

Went to see "Shaft" the movie was great!

Melanie Baker

Friendly staff, very well maintained. The seating in the theater is comfortable and enough space to stretch the legs. My family and friends will definitely make a return visit!

Alejandro Rafael Gámez Andrade

Old services. Dood place to share with your family

Melissa Lynn

I purchased a Large bucket of popcorn, a pretzel, a hot dog, a icee, a large candy and a bottled water plus 2 movie tickets. Then Christian made me pay .75 for a tiny kid cup of ice. I’m 8 months pregnant and I keep ice for nauseausness. But regardless of how much I had already purchased, still had to make me pay .75cents for a total of about 20 pieces of ice. This is the 2nd terrible experience I’ve had with employees here. The last time was due to management miscounting a field trip reservation and making 150 ish 4th graders wait in a dark theater for 20 minutes while they recounted and accused teachers and parents of sneaking in an extra 40 people. Customer Service is seriously lacking here.

Tukeyua O'Neal -Gamble

Nnniiicceeee!!!Really Really nice!!

Scott Kowalski

Movie was good theater was extremely dirty. A person who went to see the movie actually picked up the garbage which was supper nice. I had1 beer and paid $7.50. WOW

Zakavien Ortiz

Very nice people and the popcorn is super lit

Ashley Johnson

Such a comfortable place and popcorn is always fresh!!


The screens are smaller than I'm use to in Texas, but I can understand why. Aside from the screens its a very nice theater. Though the bathrooms could've been cleaner, a majority of staff was very helpful & friendly! Some seemed like they didn't want to be there, but overall it was a fun exoerience!

April Mixon

Nice place

Afterlife Enterprises

The young so called assist manager on duty at 7pm on January 30,2019 was extremely rude. My wife and I was there to see Escape Room,the 7:40pm showing. Upon entering room for watching the Escape Room, we noticed the room was extremely cold. The current temperature outside is 28°. I went up front to inquire about the air and I was told that the heat is not on and that he didn't think it was cold. I stated to the assistant manager that the temperature outside is 28°. We were told that the heat would come on after the movie starts at 7:40 pm. The room was very uncomfortable because of the cold weather. The manager did not seem empathetic and displayed no sympathy. I asked for the manager he stated that he was the manager. I asked for the person in charge and I was told the General Manager Brandy was on vacation. I asked for the General Mansger's email and he never answered my question. My wife and I asked for our refund and left. I have been going to this theatre since it open no very long ago. Company's should really be caution of who they allow manage their business in their absence. Very rude behavior by a so called leader! Please provide your young managers on customer service and displaying a positive role model figure to your other younger employees,because they are your future leaders. I am very very very extremely disappointed with Malco Olive Branch!

austin runnels

Nice theatre. Very clean and well kept. I enjoy the smaller size of the screening rooms. Makes for a better experience even when the movies are sold out.

Arlena Pruitt

I love the parking and the spacious seating.

Jacqueline Borrum

I got to see the movie I wanted

Chris Nycum

Pretty good theater. Everything is decent and clean. Ended up with cold popcorn though.

Oleduddydawg 5

Paradiso has slightly better selections but it is much safer here.

Victoria Szekely

It's very clean. Snacks are a bit over priced. But overall the employees are awesome!

Brent Bomia

No kidding they serve booze here! 1st and only movie th ive ever been to where there is a small bar inside.

Deborah McLane

Great place for an afternoon movie.

Jim Phillips

Good movie theater with Fair ticket pricing

Mr. John Nick Strange Media and Printing Company

Great place for the family good food and great service come check it out

Thomas Campbell

This one is definitely the nicer of the two movie theatres in Desoto County. It is in a nicer area and you feel safer at this location than the other one in Southaven.

Bobby Davis

It's nice. The "Bar" only sells beer. Thought that was misleading

William Houston

Well-managed and comfortable movie theaters


Love the theater, don't know why their prices are higher than some of the other Malcos.

Sam Mills

I love this theater. Nice customer service, clean (bathrooms too), friendly people, & food is good too. Definitely should check it out when you want to watch a movie, alone or with someone.

Stacey Morgan

Staff are friendly. Facilities are nice

Jeri Clark

Awesome place to have gatherings

Barron Hall

Got a bar and some good pizza. Clean theaters.

Michael Mantion

2 kiosk fast ticket line. Busy but decent concessions. Seats are a good size but don't recline. Cute fire place in small sitting area.

Marcus Rodgers

Me and my mom , had a great time at the theater! We saw the movie MEG !! And it was pretty good

Mika Savage

Convenient. Clean.

Jason Neel

Great place but needs to be cleaned between showings

Kevin Godair

A nice place to go see a movie!

marques johnson

Great theater!

Charles Rosenblatt

Loved it very nice and clean had a great time

Tracy Parker

I ordered BBQ nachos was too much sauce. My date agreed and so I threw it away. I usually stick to a hotdog or nachos. It's a nice environment and I will go back again.

Z.V. G.Z.

Always a lovely place to visit! I honestly prefer this one over the Olive Branch one due to all the memories here. The theatres are also very cold, and that is refreshing in this terrible summer heat!

Kenya Osorio

We went to the movies last night and had a positive experience with the security guard on duty around 9pm. I believe his last name may have been Sims. He went completely out of his way to help my mom after he noticed she couldn’t walk properly because her shoe was torn. He came out of the lobby to help stop the cars so she could cross the street safely. It was a very kind thing of him to do without anyone asking him to and hope you guys know what a great job he’s doing. He deserves to be recognized.

Jimmie Coleman

Really clean. The seats are comfy. The surrounded sound is mind blowing!!!

Carlos Barnes

Great place for entertainment

Brittney Arndt

Very nice Malco! The people are nice and it's clean, unlike the Desoto Malco!

Jenson Turner

Decent movie theater, far better than the Southaven theater.

Albert Millbrook Jr.

I really enjoyed the grill and seating. I will most definitely be back, I have made this my favorite theater

Faze_jerm G

Staff is nice, the facility is clean and doesn't have a Oder they are a little more pricy then Southaven but they also have a inside cocktail bar

Becky Rooker

Love to watch movies with granddaughter Harper. We get popcorn and a coke.

Marlaina Lalonde

First time here. Seats are ok not great but overall the bathrooms were clean. All the registers were open and our food was great.

Kristina Grubbs

It's nice that Olive Branch finally has their own movie theater. Of course they would get it an open right when I move but still it's a good addition. A nice thing about it is you can go in there and eat while you are waiting on someone to get done with a movie or beforehand kind of like a mini restaurant. They have a fireplace in that area that you can sit by as well which was something I haven't seen it other locations. I just wish the price of movies would go down but I guess it is like that everywhere. Is become a Christmas tradition to go here for a family movie every year on Christmas it's nice to not have to drive and deal with the headache of Southaven anymore that was getting old fast

YourWatching Maddie

Nothing went wrong it was pretty good

paul pinckley

Over priced concessions, nice movie seats.

Desiree Hernandez

Nice and clean location. The young girl Tonie at the entrance well cash register is extremely RUDE. She rolled her eyes and couldn’t even answer the simplest question. You all should really work on customer service. Wait to get reviews from all the other 4 people I was with.

ashley davis

It was okay, my husband and I enjoyed the movie for the most part.

deanne evans

Been kicking it up a notch with amenities and I love it!

Dave Downer

A nice, clean place for the family. Enough theaters to have something you'll want to see. The concession stand is well supplied and you get your own butter. Saves time in line. On Monday the matinee lines were quick first tickets and food.

Stephen Copeland

For now it's the most decent theater to go to. They do have beer which is nice, but security and staff seem very stern and are very attentive to needs. Hopefully it stays that way and does not fall victim to the run down ways of southaven

Jeralyn Powell

This movie theater is really a hidden secret. Very clean and nice staff. Seats are comfy too.

DeMarcus Wilkins

This is truly a great location and upscale atmosphere with great Services from top to bottom. Enjoyed it all and will reccomend this spot to anyone.

Nick Emeric

Very good theater. $12 which is average for any movie chain. Clean, plenty of parking.

Cwright Wright

It's the better of 2 movie theater between Southaven and Olive Branch MS. The movie theater is clean and friendly.

Joel Rees

One of the newest and cleanest Malco theaters in the GMA. I hope they keep this one up so it doesn't start to smell or get too loose (meaning the way it's run). I see a lot of families now - that's how it needs to stay. So far so good - keep it up guys! We like our local theater.

Dennis Hollaway

Nice theater in a nice area, but the prices for tickets and concession treats have really changed since I was a kid 60 years ago.

Toneshia Cooper

Excellent. Very nice theater and nice atmosphere.

Marissa Sanroman

Horrible customer service. I’m not one to ever leave a review but after today I can make an exception. The young African lady Tonie who tended to us was completely rude from the get go. She was calling next and of course as we walk up she rolls her eyes and mummers as if she thought we dis not understand her. Oh by the way My family and myself are Mexican Americans!! So yes baby we understand everything you said. This is a great location but i refuse to be treated like this, little yet by another minority getting paid minimum wage. Baby girl, God Bless you.

Tre Babcock

Nothing bad to say about this place. It's just like the rest; which, to me, means it's good.

Gregory Whitfield

Great experience. Peach slush bland.

Norma Landfair

Had a great time

Brw Outdoors

Service was not that great. Waited forever on my food. Chairs weren't the most comfortable.

Bobby Stegall

Great theater. Great Atmosphere! Need real reclining seats!

Griffin Bull

Great time and staff there were super nice!

Kayla Sassenrath-Cole

My favorite movie theater in MS. It is always clean. The seats are nice. The service is always so friendly.

Sarah Kinnett

Seats here are so comfy. Food and drinks as always are pricey. They just opened a bar, but one beer is $8.


It was clean, the sound was good, the seating was fine. The movie was almost sold out; however we got a pretty good centered seat. I didn't buy any food but the popcorn looked good. Enjoyable.

Heather Creel

Wish they'd upgrade to reclining seats though

Daricus Alexander

I had great time there.

Kathryn Matheny

It's not an AMC theatre but it's okay, I guess.

Jessica Clayton

Always lines at food court.


Always clean and seats are very comfortable

Katrina Carr

The children love this theater .....the staff is friendly the tickets are not overpriced the concession is pricey but other than that the theater is clean and the staff is great

Dawn Marie

Comfy seating and clean! Snack bar is high but whatever, sign of the times i guess!


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