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REVIEWS OF Malco Jonesboro Towne Cinema IN Arkansas

Ray Vincent

Saw John wick 3. The new remodel is awesome. The chairs are just like a comfy recliner you might have in your living room. Sound and image is great as usual.

Elisha Pillow

Would not let us in because they thought that after 6 babies under 3 years are not allowed to go in because they may disturbed other people. Why not just say if your baby gets fussy take them out. Plus would not give us our money back with out credit card. Go to Paragould movie theater instead the only baby rules there are if your baby gets fussy take them outside. Plus better popcorn.

Chad Johnson

Great place to watch movies

Tim Adams

Good clean theater! A bit pricey though

Lenora Shell

The newly remodeled reclining seat are absolutely just the best way to watch a movie


New seating is nice. No IMAX or Atmos but it's a nice enough theatre.

Tyler Gray

Can't even find the words to describe how amazing the self reclining chairs are that our cinema now offers.

Nathan Henry-Hutton

Friendly staff. Popcorn was great. The movie was funny and heart felt. They were however doing some construction on the building. The bathroom was forever away from thw screen I was watching. When you have a big gulp in one hand and a large popcorn in the other your going to have to go relieve your aelf at some point. Well I had to twice and I had to run down the hall twice. Not so fun. Other than the bathroom being forever away I had a great time. I do believe that the when the construction is done therw will be a closer bathroom to the screen. In the mean time you better run down the hall.

Janel Chambers

Great place to watch a movie

John 20:31 Videos

Great staff. Place is being updated. A great theater.

jason swindle

Great theater can't wait till they have their grill and reclining chairs

JoAn Franklin

Very nice with the new reclining seats

Linda Layne

We were celebrating our anniversary

Chris Eheler

People there acted like it was an inconvenience to serve you. Had to ask 3 times to get the food I ordered and paid for. Employees were carrying personal conversation the whole time they were "helping us" and glared at us when they finally did give us our food as if we had ruined their conversation.

Sue Maple

Seats were great

Katherine Winberry

Great theater, Nice employees overall a good experience. Also as of now construction is underway to make a new IMAX theater so the second concession stand and arcade are not open. But still a great experience and worth the expense

Gabbee Sanders

This has reclinered seats. That's all I have to say

Jamie Dugger

Love the new seating!

Nic S

I love going here and the new seats are great!

Celia Lindsey

I think they're renovating it. At least I hope.

Zena Blackwell

It is being remodeled with reclining chairs so you have plenty of room, and the prices are good

Kyne Jones

New recliner seats were awesome!!!Lots of space and very comfortable!!!!

Mary Harris

My family and I went to see Godzilla. We were happy with the movie

Mark Doak

Shooting was excellent. Price of movie was excellent. Price of a soda was outrageous. But the location was good. Excellent sound with a movie. But the price was sorta was outrageous.

Josh Estill

New seats are awesome

Tracy Maxwell

Ok movie house. Nice seating

Tommy Lawrence

New seating is amazing!

Patrick Carroll

Looking forward to the planned enhancements.

Leanne Thomas

Loved their new seating!

Richard Mosby

Great seating and incredible sound. Loved the experience.

Bethany Seaton

Excellent customer service, top notch! Very understanding with a booking question. Would recommend.

Mary Hanks

Great place to watch a movie

Scott Terron

Needs better seats though

DJ Peppers

They have several movies to choose from and several times available for each. Convenient parking. Nice place.

Kendall Boyd

The renovation to the theater was awesome! Saw The Lion King tonight, really digging the recliner seats. Enjoyed the movie, but the experience was worth the money.

The Haskins Family Vlog

We loved our experience here! The new reclining seats with cup holders are awesome!! The view is great and everything is nice and spacious!

Dave Castling

Would have been 4.5 stars if the cinema wasn't freezing cold. Luckily I had a beach towel in the car that I went out to get. Might be 5 stars if they add recliners and don't freeze it up.

Sheryl Lady

I brought my grandsons for a movie this last weekend. I bought a large bucket of popcorn and a Coke for too much!. That aside, the popcorn tasted like it had been burned and stored in a dark basement for six months. We couldn't even eat it. This isn't the first, second or third time the concession "food" has been uneatable.

William Sterling

Love the upgrades they made. It's very comfortable now.

Samantha Purcell

It's a good theater with fair ticket prices.

Kelli Branyan

Love the new reclining seats!

Rick Turner

Lovin' the new recliner seats!

Harley Hardin

The carpet on their walls is amazing.

Loraleigh Hart

New recliner seating. It's very comfortable and more leg room. Pic is dark, it is a cinema after all.

Jerry Hodge

Have not been to this movie theater in a couple years, due to my wife having allergic reactions whenever we went to the theater. We decided to go again, due to the need to stay in Jonesboro that evening. This time my wife wanted to see a movie in the newer part of the theater, because she thought we always ended up in the old part of the theater during the past allergic reactions. This seemed to help some. Her allergic reaction was tolerable, with only some minor irritation where her skin made contact with the seats. Other than this, we enjoyed the movie.

Jennifer French

Movie was good but the theater itself is getting pretty run down and in need of repair and updating.

Terri Keith

awesome movie watched lion king

Erik Whaley

I love the place and their movies

Laura Hoppers

It's a good theater as long as you don't go at peak times to a newer movie. If you do you get seats that are all the way to the left or right of the theater that have the entrance below them and could ruin your view of the movie.

Jamie Wallis

Love this place!! Clean, smells good, friendly staff, and wonderful ada accomodations! I have always loved and always will! Plus their popcorn is amazing!!

Rickie & Michelle Howe

We watched Alpha. Excellent customer service and quick with concessions. Well organized layout in the theater. Comfortable temperature.

Joseph Shaw

Great!! Now being completely remodeled it is even better!!

Pat Spurlock-Gunn

Good theater. Refreshments are a little expensive. Will be glad when renovation is completed. Anxious to see if we can still afford to go to the movies after renovations are completed.

Jay Hicks

The doby sound was off the chart. And it was my first time to set in the recliner,.it was awesome

Pastor J.C. Seward

Crystal cooooool!

Corie Scott

The malco needs a serious face lift. It is heading in the right direction with the updated seat selection and reclining seats. Food prices are sky high so take your own snacks.

Connie Doak

Excellent sound and picture!! But 4.75 for a small fountain soda is a little much! But recliners are so comfy!

Jackie Dotson

Hopefully the place improves after the renovation. The lobby is rather plain as there were no games, vending machines or even many upcoming movie posters in it. The seats, which should be improved after renovations, were very uncomfortable and leaned and rocked way too much. The audio and video was good and the concessions were good but hopefully improvements come in the near future.

Heather Cooper

Huge theatre with great surround sound! Saw Aquaman with the girls. Great night!

Tracii Adams

Nice b/c we had the movie all to ourselves. The food/drinks are WAY over priced as usual. & What happened to all the benches in the hallways & foyer?? There are none now.

Erin Sullivan

Movie graphics were good and sound was good I have gotten used to movie theaters that have put in reclining seats and reserved seating which hasn't been implemented here yet otherwise was clean and well maintained

Michael Guthrey

Love the new additions, can’t wait to go back


It's a big theater. The people aren't super friendly, but they aren't rude. The concessions aren't great. It's adequate.

Jim Neeley

Reclining chairs great

Elizabeth Diane

They're doing a reno, but service was great

Brandon Haneline

The new recliner seats made it feel like I was watching the movie from my own home.

Christy McFerrin

Awesome experience! Comfy seats and great sound!

I Am Sammy Samstagram

Foods good although the popcorn

Rita Spencer

Saw the Grinch with my grandkids. I wished the snack bar was more affordable.

Jory Williams

This theater is small dirty and old. Only choice in Jonesboro though. Apparently they are planning on some remodel which it is in desperate need of.

Robert Reese

Went to the movies tonight to see Childs Play. Love the new recliners but there was no air-conditioning. Ask for a refund but was told no refunds allowed. I won't be back

Tracy Mcmaster

Good place to go watch a movie

Jessica Gordon

A good family oriented place to take everyone

Nancy Willard

It was very comfortable and not to cold

Melanie B

It is ridiculously wayyyyy to cold! Literally everyone within our theater room was freezing. People were having to leave because they could stand it let alone pay attention to the movie. Y’all need to fix that! It’s not fair that people pay to watch and enjoy a movie and can’t because it’s below 50 degrees inside.

Veonia Jackson

Love the seats great customer service

Cain McCall

Decent theater. Modern and has lots of showings but extremely overpriced. Since it's the only option in town it's what everyone chooses but I won't be going here when either of the new ones open up.

Michael Bean Jr.

Enjoyed! Great and Family Friendly

Mark Bishop

The stadium seating is wonderful. It is however rather silly to be standing at the counter buying a ticket and be asked what seat do you want. Respectfully I'll pick my seat when I go into the theater. But if I'm forced to pick a seat I'm stuck if the theater is full. Eliminate this idiotic policy

Ben Blankenship

Good overall experience.

Jan Jones

Nice comfy recliners. Consession is still outrageously over priced

Gaming with Jammer68

Nice cinema with plenty of choices and theaters at an affordable price.

Samantha Wells

Great environment with a wide selection of movies and viewing times. The theaters are of various sizes with comfortable seating (each seat has a cup holder). There is a wide variety of snacks and drinks available at the concession stand. Competitive prices. My family go as often as possible.

Micheal Yocum

For the price, there needs to be people ensuring people stay off their phones and are quite during the movie. If your late then no admittance so not to disturb those who are watching the show. The people at the concession area need to put effort, not just be there and if they see someone that they know, need to find another time to catch up, instead of making everyone wait for them to finish. Over all for the price people have to pay to go to a movie, the service could be much better.

Verge Mitchell

Watched avengers in 3D after the movie i had to go to the restroom and one of the employees followed me in the restroom to get the 3D glasses. Usually you keep them when pay for a movie. Cheap place plus it smells.

Jesse Carter

I enjoyed the movie. The personal was very polite & helpful. The theater was very well maintained. Restroom clean. A little attention to cleaning, I moved 3 times before finding a seat that didn't fave stick armrest. Otherwise I well be back.

Amy Barber

Loved recliner seating No one crossing over you to go to restroom or a kid kicking your seat...good experience


We had a great time watching the new Aladdin movie.

Let's Go Bowling

One of the better places to watch movies. Tuesday night is cheeeeaaaapp

Nick Wilhelm

Fun relaxing place

Amber Stokes

Very nice movie theater with an excellent value on their large combo of popcorn and drink- it's refillable as many times as you like! Tuesday's is a super good value of half price tickets!

Allan Lambert

Always a good theater to see a movie at. Right now they are renovating several screens to add recliners so it will only get better. The only issue I have with this theater is the popcorn is not popped fresh (comes out in bags) and is very bland even after adding salt and the yellow "butter" flavoring. Considering the high cost we pay for concession items, I would appreciate a better product.

Laura Johnson

We will never go there again. Manger Tyler Beard was rude when we asked for different seats in #6 seats G1 & G2 because with their reclined seating we had a huge box in front of us where they enclosed the stairs. Lord forbid we reclined it blocked the entire screen almost. Not to mention stale popcorn.

Deb Bolt

Love the. We chairs@

Jennifer Lawrence

Food was way over priced. Theatre was too hot. And NO SEIZURE WARNING for GLASS!!

Fierce Defender 76

Nice theater a bit pricey though

Francois du Plessis

Love the new seats

Brett Grice

Very excited about their future upgrades!

michael rollings

Comfortable seating.

Marcia Brown

Movie was okay, ticket prices were not too bad. But I suggest you eat first because the concession was quite expensive.

Michael Hames

As of right now the only choice in Jonesboro but pretty decent

Tiffany Pervin

Always good. The new recliners are very comfy.

Janet Hooks

I took my 2 year old grandson to see the Incredibles. It was his first movie and we had a great time. All staff were friendly and helpful. The facility was nice and clean. He loved the movie! We plan on going back!

joan worsham

Racing in the Rain was awesome

Sarah McKenzie

Last time we went, the theater smelled awful. It smelled like stinky feet but other than that it was fine.

Amanda Ragle

I absolutely love the stadium style seating as well as the comfy leather recliners. I also love how the entrance is located down a hall so you don't have the light coming in every time The door opens. The sound and picture is amazing. I live in Batesville, but i will drive to Jonesboro everytime I'm wanting to go to the movies. The prices are reasonable for what you get. Being able to reserve your seats is an added bonus.

Lauren Dixon

They have the fancy reclining chairs now. There's obviously some construction going on in there. The workers are a little lackluster but not bad.

Marlowe Brown

Love the new seats but it is limited now.

Caitlyn Rawls

The new seating and other upgrades are great.

Buddy McLaughlin

Recliners are great when watching a movie

Haley Stanfill

My husband and I went to see Avengers and two kids ran up and down the stairs, talked the entire time and were completely disrespectful. We told the staff, other patrons alerted the staff. They came once and told them to be quiet. They didn't stop. In fact got progressively worse. When we explained to the manager, Sarah, afterward our frustration and asked for a refund. She said we couldn't get a refund because we finished the movie and had we "alerted them to the problem they could have addressed it." Then in the next breath she stated "when I came in there they weren't talking." Multiple people got up to complain. An officer on duty also stated he saw the kids being disrespectful when he came in after a complaint. It makes little sense that we would have to leave the movie completely, not finish it in order to get a refund. As usual, this movie theater is a disappointment. If not for the fact there isn't another theater within 30 miles of Jonesboro i doubt ANYONE would go here to watch a movie.

Carol M

My Grandson and I loved picking out our seats, the reclining chairs, each aisle of seats separated by a wall. We enjoyed the cleanliness. The price of tickets was fare. The popcorn and such was a little pricey, but to have such an enjoyable time and a good setting well worth paying higher price for amenities. Plan on going more often now that they have made seeing a movie on the big screen more enjoyable than my livingroom. I don't have to lift a finger, just enjoy with my grandchildren.

Brandon Abbott

I was there last Tuesday night, other than renovation construction, it was very clean, the staff were very professional and the food was great... It's a huge change since the last time I was there (It's been years). P.S. LOVE THE RECLINERS.

Amy Coleman

Wish the lighting was bit better in the back row. I would had been able too see what I was going too catch from my date.

Ray J.

I was surprised that the theater was full of recliner chairs. The chairs are leather and the electric controls allows you to extend the foot rest. The concession stand is on the smaller side. The men's restroom is fairly large. I was told that the restrooms had been refurbished, and the recliners had replaced the standard chairs.

Lance Nettles

The new recliners were great. Unfortunately someone had already slightly broken my chair, but the new setup is cool. It's nice to finally enjoy a theatre almost as if you are watching in your own home. Nice, private, and comfortable.

Mable See Olson

The movie overcomes is a great movie bring more movies like that


It's been a while since I have been to the theater and they now have reclining seats which is something I have always wanted to experience in a movie theater. And you now have to pick your seating beforehand on the monitor when purchasing tickets.

Lamanda Puckett

Great place to watch movies! Will be better after the remodeling

Sara Hattenhauer

So comfortable now with the new seats!

Anita Ross

It wasn't the picture it was the service from the ticket desk to the popcorn stand. I truly hope that another movie theater come in and move them out.

Renia Tucker

I love some of there movie

Sonya Wiseman

Love the recliner seating.

Tracy Parker

Comfortable seats but please turn some AC on in the rooms. It is always hot.

Kristin Singleton

Always a good place to go but this one time I did not stop to enjoy their wonderful theaters. I will say this though if you need to change a headlight out it is a great place to do so on the side of the building, especially, if it is at night. I couldn’t find a place that was lit up enough until I passed by there and realized they had enough lights in their parking lot that they could be seen from space. Thank you Malco for the substantial lighting so I could change my headlight out in 5 min.

Patricia Porter

So happy they are upgrading, staff is always pleasant, facilities are kept clean.

Frankie Hildebrand

Awesome experience ! Great popcorn ! Great place for the whole family !

Shawna Martin

Nice people, very clean and good movies! Love that you can pre-order and pick up your movie ticket!

Bill Hallman

Good selection of movies. Tickets r a little overpriced.

Nobody Famous

Way overpriced on the snacks. Not their fault but inconsiderate trashy people always talk,scream and act like fools throughout the entire movie. Not really recommended if you actually want to see the film.

Richard Millsap

Always a good time cant wait for the new seats

Dustin Knuckles

I prefer fresh popcorn, not out of a bag that is shipped in (hints why its stale and you never have that popcorn smell in the theater). I prefer paragould. People are usually nice, but theater is rarely clean. They still sell tickets even after all seats are sold as well.

Marcus Hines

Nice fast friendly service

Corey Crum

Needs renovation. It's a movie theater, nothing special. In April, the seats are supposed to be upgraded. Itll will achieve another star on that day

Donna Heckler

Love the new seating!

Steffany Brown

It's a great place to sit and relax for the movie of your choice.

Lindsey Burgess

Popcorn hasnt been good the last few times I've been. The seats and the carpets were in serious need of replacement or shampooing. They were so disgusting I didn't want to sit down.

Warren Webster

Good seating and sound.

Deb Jackson

Beware - under renovation. Loved the service, and the recliner seats are so comfy!

Michael Bibler

Very good place. Very comfortable seating

debra allen

Didnt go here.

Lakasha Turner

I loved the movies. My family and I go every two weeks or so.

Jonathan Fox

Sound system in great, seats are comfortable, and the best part is you can put as much butter on the popcorn as you want because there is a button that dispenses the butter for however long you want it to.

Jennifer Gearen

Always up to date on the new movies coming out...

Lori Kisling

Love the new seats

Noc Nuz

Never crowded and comfortable seats.

Jerry Lane

First time I'd been in years. To any movie house

edmond dantes

Small but a decent venue for up to date Hollywood films.

Tabby Catt

Very clean and respectful to watch a movie in

Valerie Strong

Always have fun here

Anita Blute

They are updating with ne recliner seats it will be nice once the update is done

Sandra Lately

The odor in that place when you walk in the front door smells like a dirty bathroom. And the prices are ridiculous

Gordon McKaskle

Watch some movies and pay $60.00 for a small drink and popcorn, or just line your pockets with skittles.

Ron Thompson

Great theatre, with a wide selection of movies playing. Seats are very comfortable, if not just a little bit too much so. It's pretty much the only place that I go for movies.

Lisa Reynolds

The seats are so comfortable and the atmosphere is electrifying. Its the best movie cinema Ive ever been to...hands down!! I would suggest anybody go to see their favorite movie here!! Great for families, dates or just friends hangin out!!


The chairs are comfy and the screens always make the movies look good!!!!

Shameka Mashall

It stunk in there. Wet carpet smell!

DR Murphy

Damn Doby 7.1 sound system makes it feel like you are going through an earthquake. Needless bass, too loud, don't need the vibration every time a door slammed or gun is shot. Needless discomfort.


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