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1200 S Waldron Rd, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States Located in: Central Mall

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REVIEWS OF Malco Fort Smith Cinema IN Arkansas

Mark Warriner

Wife had to see her movie, on her birthday. Had a great time. Wife's happy, I'm happy!

Blargen Flargen

Cool theater with an arcade, and nearly always playing 80s tunes. Always enjoy going to catch a movie here.

jereme richardson

After spending 50 dollars in tickets and concessions was told we were not allowed to take our 10 month old into a PG movie "Breakthrough." I dont understand why they are rated Parental guidance if they are joining to restrict when we choose to take our own child to a movie. There excuse was no children were allowed in PG or higher movies. What point in the rating of movies. Sad part is this ain't the first time we have had the same experience.

Christina Robinson

Fun for all ages and service is good too

Gina Swab

Nice movie theater

Ashley Teague

We saw Aquaman it was great loved the movie!

Kerrie Lou McLeod

go on Tuesday if you're a Senior! good discount and always something good showing

Chris Grier

Great movie-going experience, rarely have an issue with cleanliness. Only complaint is the price of snacks, but that's all theaters. Often with blockbuster movies they will have characters in full realistic costume in the lobby which is fun.

Sharon Stone

It wasn't crowded. We all had a very good time.

Junitta Shockley

Great manager. Had a super nice time with my grandson! Concession workers nice and helpful! A+++

Dennis Kuykendall

Always clean and plenty of room

Dawn Austin-Richmon

Clean, fresh snacks and good service

Sondra Stewart

I love going to the movies here. It's just comfortable!!

Michael Trampp

Good selection of snacks aways good movies employee a friendly

Scott M

Nice and modern, no major issues

Caleb Adair

Nice theater but sneak your own candy in its ridiculous how much they charge for all food items. But it is very nice place to see a movie


Saw John Wick3 awesome movie well worth it.

Brandon Rehak

Theater is very dated. Seats are old and uncomfortable. The drive up to Fayetteville is worth it for the movie experience. Charging what others do doesn't help the case considering the experience is okay at best

April Shelton

The prices are a bit high but everything else was great

Cynthia Culpepper

Great Theater....Courtious Employees....

Crystal Farmer

Ticket prices are pretty good, concessions are a little high but considering most of a theatre's money is made off concessions it isn't too bad compared to other theaters I've been to. The seats are pretty comfortable, armrests lift up for those of us with bigger bums or couples to cuddle a little. The VIP rooms are even better with footrests and more personal space, but tickets do cost a few dollars more, and I think there are only two of those rooms so you're limited on movies for them.

Brian Hayes

The general manager, Derek Flynn, was unable to validate my valid Fandango coupon due what he suggested was an error on fandango's part, and then was a jerk to myself and my companion. No customer service skills whatsoever. Also failed to give me back my $10 change until i had to point it out to him that he still owed me $10. From now on, when i want to see a movie in Fort Smith i will go to AMC 14 on Towson and i suggest others do likewise.


Had a big movie to see but it was on a small screen. Guess I need to choose a better time to see them. Seats are starting to get a little worn. I'll still go back.

Jesse Harness

It's a little pricier than the AMC, but the location is better, it's cleaner, and the general atmosphere is more professional.

Melissa Combrink

Love they have so many movies to choose from.

Leviathan Dusk

The last time I went there it was to see a R rated horror movie . It was 1PM and they had let a couple of 11 year old girls in there. They were screaming and throwing popcorn the whole time. It was just me, them and my two friends in the theater. My friend proceeded to ask a staffmember why they were in the theatre and they wouldn't reply. I then went and asked a different employee to at least ask them to keep the noise down, as I had already tried asking the girls who then shouted obscenities at me, and the employee walked away...I won't go back there.

Whitney Adams

Who doesn't love a great movie with your friends and loved ones (or a quiet day by yourself). This is the place to go.

Ira Thomas

Enjoyed the movie. Clean theatre and comfortable seats

Klean Ridez

Always love coming to this theater, the seats are clean as is the rest of the facility. The staff are friendly and the snack selection is great.

RAW0g420 17

Great sound great big TV and amazing popcorn

The Cousins

They employes are super nice and i love going to the malco theater i would recomend going there

Stephen Davis

Nice and clean. No reserved seats.

Michael Janway

It's a decent theater with decent prices. Just like some have said before it's in need of major renovation. The smaller auditoriums smell and feel like you're walking into an old motel room. The seats feel as if they are wet. It makes me feel dirty just sitting in it. Cracked armrests that poke into you and torn seats that look like a dog got ahold of them. We were in auditorium 12.

Joe Rhodes

Ticket prices are affordable. It's the best option to watch a movie in Fort Smith. It's in desperate need of renovation though, the theater is starting to show it's age. Expect cracked armrests, possible seats covered with trash bags until they get repaired, and sub-par audio and video quality. If you're wanting to see a major release I'd suggest making a trip out of town.

Zoid Catman

Clean & comfortable seating. Multiple show times means less wait time for us out of towners. I drive here 70 miles to see movies.

Sandy Ashlee

Typical movie theater. It would be great if they made a modernized paid seating area. Never have a bad experience here.


Awesome. The chairs are comfy and the sound is great. Also they have a deal on Tuesdays where the tickets are only $5.50 for adults.

Christina Rogers

Very very aggravated with this establishment . Called ahead of time because my husband and I live an hour away to make sure we could take our three month old into a movie . They assured me on the phone that it was more then alright as long as it wasn’t a rated R movie . Only to drive All the way up there to be told we weren’t going to be able to watch the movie we call way ahead of time about . That we can’t bring a baby in after six . When the gentleman who stated this policy was also the one who talked to me earlier on the phone and never mentioned a thing about it and told me it was ok to bring my child in . Completely ruined my husband and I date night and changed my opinion on this place . You need to educate your staff about policies so this doesn’t happen again in the future . You lost a customer in us .

Carol Martin

Movie prices were reasonable.. Popcorn and candy prices were outrageous!! Make sure you eat before the show..

Ashley Davis

The only place I go to to watch movies.

Joshua McGuire

The seats are very comfortable.

Rick Parnell

A fun place to hang out

Bob Charles

Great place to go and take the family!

Sherry Slaten

Do not go to Malco in Ft Smith and expect to see what you're looking for. Drove all the way up there with grandkids to see a movie and when we got there they had taken all the good movies down and was showing all scary movies and several showings of the same movie, NOT FOR KIDS!! Wont go back there. And their website is false.

Jennifer Friberg

Price was good. Theater was clean. Movie looked and sounded good.

Robert Renner

It was great but the prices are just to high to really enjoy talking about the food stand way to high.

Pamela Boldway

Love the surround sound!

Tanner Slusher

Good place to watch the newest movies

Richey Allen

Great place for a movie. Wheel chair accessible even in the movie there are places specially made for wheel chairs. Great snack bar with great service. Two thumbs up.

Austin Gilmore

Love going to the movies. The employees and manager are very nice and cool

Leslie McBride

Used to be dollar movies and we went two or three times a month, last time was 3.50 per person. These movies may already be at retail outlets... But some movies are better on the big screen. We go about once a month since the price hit 3.00.

Vicky Dyke

Best theater's in the area

James Gowin

Always clean just work on them concession prices

Angela Shaw

Good place to watch new releases but a little expensive. I would personally check with the AMC theater to see if they have your movie you want to see because their tickets are $5 a piece.

Owen Fain

They gave us the wrong tickets the first time but they replaced them. The chairs are comfy and the popcorn is good. Really a great place to spend time with family or freinds.

Edward Haney

Watched a great move. Hustle move

Rick Fowler

We always have a good time watching movies at Malco Cinema. The lobby and theaters are always clean, and there are so many snacks and drinks to choose from.

Sue Ellen Curtis

Comfortable seats. Great movie.

Joseph Vasquez

Outstanding service and very friendly

Terris Ember

Everything is fantastic. It is pricey, but I say well worth it :)

Hoyt Meyer

Good place to go

Gary Hoffman

I've been to a half dozen Malco Cinemas locations and generally have a positive experience. However the Fort Smith location despite a good mix of films, decent popcorn, good projection and sound, and pleasant staff really is only just okay. The entire place needs a deep cleaning. The seats are stained, carpets are worn, bathrooms are in fair cindition. The sidewalks outside need a power wash. If the movie is good you tend to forget these things but if it's not...

Brandy Hughes

Not only paid $30 for me, my hubby, and 8 yr old to see Lion King because we came up here for the weekend to see him before school starts since he is working close to here but to find out there is no changing stations in the restrooms. Not even in the family/handicapped restroom. Kind of disappointed. So getting to change my 4 month old inside theater because I’m not walking all the way to the car. Ideally wouldn’t even bring her but we are out of town seeing Daddy and he hasn’t seen Lion King.

Adam Watson

Loved this place. The customer service is awesome. Definitely recommend coming here for a great family outing. My new favorite movie place.

Kaylah Brown

My favorite place to watch movies. Bit pricey, but worth it. Kids get discounted tickets.

Steph Eastwood

Clean, friendly. Affordable. Pleasant staff. Theater gets a bit crowded, arrive early to get good seats.

Justin Nave

Great theater. Other places have cheaper tickets but malco has better quality pictures and cheaper concession. So it's about the same price as AMC once you factor in popcorn and a drink. The picture is alot better though and the sound is near perfect.

Martin Harris

Very clean employees was very polite and very informative

Rob Nugent

Good viewing experience. Concession prices are astronomical, though.

Susie Sarkozy

Watched Avengers End Game. Had a wonderful experience.

Jacob Morgan

One of the most beautiful theaters in the country. I love the tunnels that lead down to the showrooms. They are beautiful and help keep it cool. Staff is very pleasant aswell.

Eric Neel

Lots of great memories Well worth the trip

Seth Akins

Great service excellent staff

melanie gordon

Very nice employees and love the seats and consessions

Tommis Leedom

Old school seating and small screen size is the downside to this theatre, but I watched endgame there and didn't wanna die. So it's not the worst.

Bentlie Seven

Exspensive. Went with $20 almost couldnt afford one ticket and popcorn and a drink. I got the kid box so i wouldnt be broke.

Catherine Hazel

This theater is always clean and well kept. The popcorn is always fresh and we have an overall great experience!!

Carrie Harper

Was easy for my son to transfer into the seats from his wheelchair. Major plus...

Official Ejarrett

Took my daughter there with her friend

Jennifer English

Lion King was fantastic

Daryl Johnston

This place is always super clean, and the staff is very friendly.

Sloan Shock

I really like the seating at this theater, I also like the number of theatres they show new releases on so you are not jammed in like sardines trying to watch a new hot movie. The atmosphere is nice but bring a sweater just in case it can get a little cool in the theatre. They are a little bit pricey but most movie theaters are especially when it comes to the food and drinks.

Cassie Massey

Always a great time. Making memories

Tonya Rowland

Pretty good place to watch a movie. The popcorn is good and the seats are comfortable.

Paul Miller

Not bad. Mostly friendly employees. Wish it had better screens.

Lucille Pettit

Clean theaters and great sound! Plus they have a discount theater in Central Mall.

Amy Ramey

Nice cold theater to escape the heat in. The concession workers were very friendly and patient with the kids.

Tony G

Clean theater, nearly empty when we visited, which gave us plenty of space.

Karla Freeman

This movie by Stan Lee was a great continuation of the first part. I thought it was as good as the first one. Maybe even better. I really enjoyed it. Plus I really needed a night out, just to relax and kick back. The movie for me, was well received.

Sharon Mckinney

We usually have to go there to see any Faith Based movie. Thank God they always show them!!!

Brian G. Bankston Sr.

Great movies, great theaters, great staff, and prices thru the roof!

Paul Froehle

It smelled moldy. They were putting something in the air system that gave my wife a headache. Won't be going back.

Todd Barnes

Awful!!! My wife and I won't be going back . There were other customers there being rude and disrespectful. I got a manager and was basically just offered a refund or be chaperoned . Treated like I was the one in the wrong .

Susan Smith

Just alright. Nothing new to report except that they have done away with Senior tickets and made it hard for me to continue to take my Great grandson to the movies. With all the tickets being the same price.I just can't afford it anymore..

Charlotte Shannon

Malco has always been a good place to go and take my grandchildren I've never had any problem there their service was good


Nice movie

Antonia Fredrickson

Great experiences and friendly staff

David Huggins

Great movies, comfortable seats, pricing is high at the concession though.

David Felton

Malco is very nice and has a good selection of movies.

Aimee Sharp

Seen two movies here. Good seating, clean theatres, and clean restrooms. Also popcorn is delicious and customer service is good!

Walter Fischer

Its your basic theater

michael farrell

Very clean movie theater. The popcorn is a little overpriced as usual(why i am giving 4 stars) they offer 3D or non 3D movies. The speakers are not blown or any bad things about them. The projectors are very bright. Exclent service even in the busyest of times and overall a great experince. If you are in the area amd want to aee a movie defanitly come here.


Not crowded at all

Kimberly Rhoads

It was great I went and watched IT2

Bill Cariker

Purchased two $8.00 buckets of popcorn and both had alot of burnt popcorn that tasted stell. Dumped the buckets, hoping to get better popcorn no luck. Also, very agrivading to spent $30 on refreshments, but you have to wait five minutes to get a refill.

Jenny Jones

On Tuesday you get a cheaper ticket rate. And popcorn is $2.50 lot of theaters to watch different movies.

Bonnie Long

Good place..rarely watch movies out...staff is friendly.

Nick Chin

Overall a great movie theatre. It is never too crowded and the seats are the most comfortable in town. This theatre also has slightly cheaper concessions than the AMC in town.


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