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REVIEWS OF Malco Bartlett Cinema IN Arkansas

William Holland

Loved the quaintness and quiet atmosphere. $3.50 for 2nd run movies. $10 for large drink and large popcorn which is reasonable for theaters...that's where they make their money. Very polite and attentive staff. Wish it wasn't so far from home.

Alejandro Gil Torres

Love this movie theater! Always have great hits, but don't come here expecting to watch the latest movies, but 2 month old ones, instead of paying $12 you will pay $3.5 and have a more pleasant experience! I love this cozy place in barlett! Perfect for a date or for some fun with friends!

Taji Williams

The movie was great, John Wick 3, but it smelled due to the old carpeting and seats.

Star Jones

Great price and location close to everything and feels safe

Linda Diane

Love this Theater. Always Clean, Great Prices, Friendly/Efficient Staff, Great Movies. Absolutely a "5+".

tonya cannady

I was not happy, because I had my special need son who is also visual impaired with me. I ask for a tray to carry our snacks because it was difficult to guide him and carry snacks. They didn't have one. When we got to the theater I drop his nachos. $8.00 wasted.

Paul Wolf

Awesome theater.

m a r i s k a ' s w o r l d

This is a pretty good cinema. I would give it a 4 out of 5 because the snacks and stuff are a little expensive.

Jose L. Gonzales

We had a awesome time we got home like at 1 in the morning

Crystal Ayala

Comfortable seating, prices were great

Theo Smith

I like the theater the ticket prices nice young people working there. Very clean and nice a little cold in the theater doing the movie, that's why 4 stars not 5 a place to go 4 a movie.

Pamela Griffin

We love going here, but it was positively freezing in there tonight! Does the heat not work?

Bryan Jones

You get what you pay for, it's recycled movies that sometimes skips, and has splices. Overall a decent experience, I like it because it's less than $4 to see a movie. Haven't tried the food or drinks to comment on them, maybe next time I'll give it a whirl.

Tina Vann

Can't wait till they change out the seats!! (Supposed to be putting in the recliner style seats soon) Of course like every theater the "treats" (popcorn, drinks ect.) Are over priced! But the movie selection for the cheaper price is still great!

Cynthia Green

It was clean, service was very good.

Jeffery Robertson

It s a discount and I've always liked the spot

Sharolyn Guy

Great price and nice atmosphere

Alberta House

No line no waiting

J. Leonardo

Clean and comfy seats!

Krista Whitmore

I absolutely love this theater! It cost twenty dollars for myself, my husband, and my oldest son for admission, popcorn, and drinks! On a Saturday night! We watched Deadpool (the newest one), and had such a fantastic time! There were a lot of people there, but it wasn't just overcrowded or anything. We were More than satisfied, and we highly recommend this theater for the entire family!

Liota Rose

cool cheap movie theater always clean friendly staff

Lisa Harris Gladney

The line was short and sweet. Concessions price crazy high (how they make profit). Lobby and Restroom we clean

Lowkey Tha Shoota

Love it


Low prices and great movies!


Support the movie and Q sweet next door

Dildra Williams

I saw upside it was really good and funny.

Debbie Cook

I enjoyed the movie and clean.

Jessica Patterson

I go to this theater when I want to check out a movie I wasn't so sure about when it hit the regular theaters and to avoid the movie premiere crowds. I usually have a great experience everytime I go. I'm not sure why they keep going up on the ticket prices tho.

Roctail Bruce

What a great place to bring the kids to enjoy a wonderful movie and also the staff was wonderful an Greek you right at the door

Steven Nichols

This is a 2nd run theater. So you can catch those movies you missed last month. The prices are less than 1/2 the normal price. The theater is not a stadium set up but it is clean and the sound is great.

Tenica Williams

Love this place!

godspel Williams

Nice and clean, and friendly staff had a great time

Gator Brown

WOW. My stomach hurts. I tried to eat VERY THING. What a great place

Steve Williams

Great second run movie theater

Rochelle Kelly

Close really early but cool

Ebony Wilkes

I love this place. I took my children and it was nice and clean and the tickets were cheaper than where I came from. We had a nice time.

Kent Estes

The Best Priced Movie Theater in Memphis!

Ric Keplinger, CPO USN Ret

This was a pleasant Friday night. Reminded me of a small town theater. Clean, quiet, not crowded and the young folks were all polite and well mannered. Truly enjoyed the evening. The venue may be a bit dated and some of the auditoriums were cozy but the picture was bright and the sound was clear and clean. Sometimes a little less is so much more.

classic crawfords

It was nice and quiet and the employees was nice but the the food was rather expensive

mieu mieu

Great price and okay selection of movies. Great location and nice staff. Perfect place to take the kids. Popcorn combo was $9 with unlimited refills and it was really good. Bathrooms have always been clean.


It's nothing bad I can say

Jameca Perkins

Good movie theatre. Great for checking out older movies that you may have missed in the regular theaters. Very affordable as well. Because they play the older movies, the tickets are cheaper.

Larry Crawford

Took my grandsons there and had a big time. Tyrone was far behind us with his recording equipment making bootlegs of the movie. Hey, it's Memphis, you can't expect much.

Dexter Armour

Good price for movie. Refreshments were reasonably priced also

George Scrivener

Clean, nice, movie theatre. Large screens, good price 2nd run movies. Not crowded during week day. Good value.

James Woepse

All good. Staff awesome!

Kelly Saiz

My family and I love this theatre.. it's clean and the staff is very friendly... And u can't beat the prices....

Brenda Bass

Had a great time.

Michael Johnson

I used to work armed security detail at this theater. It was clean & the ticket attendant was very professional & nice. The theater was clean upon entering& an i really enjoyed my time watching the movie.....

Tenn TIM

Had a great time at the movies! The sound system was great!

martha levy

Great movie. Especially early.

Mary ReedMartinez

It was so hot in there, no a/c???

arnell benton

2 many kids comes there and they talk the whole movie. It's stinks in the theater

Joe Barnard

Mostly second run movie theater. Seats are a little worn out with little padding.

Nicole Powell

When i want to do a cheap date night by my self i usually come here and have a blast. My job sometimes does field trips here with our school age children. You can’t beat this price. I remember a time when it was the $2 movies but it’s worth the increase.


Love it for family movie days

Michelle Boatman

Very clean friendly atmosphere

Debra Wright

Cheap prices. Good for families on a budget if they want to wait to see first run movies at a more reasonable price. The theater runs cold so bring a jacket.

Chuckie Norris

You cannot beat being able to see a movie in theatres for $3.50 unless you have a MoviePass and even then it’s still awesome because you can see something you may have forgotten to see before it left the main theatres. Highly recommend!

Blake McVey

This is a no frills, clean, well run second run theater. Add in free popcorn refills and this place is perfect for an affordable movie night.

Angel Marie

Doing the later shows there were alot of employees walking in and out of the theater.

Kimberlee Green

Friday night@7:00

Trey Bizzle rowdy crowds,all quiet.

Monica Bowman

Great movies that were released three or so months ago for a cheap price. If you're like me you don't rush out to the theaters time a movie come out because of the price. Well this is a great alternative.

Ebony Coburn

The is a great place to go when you are on a budget, especially for good family outing. I love the atmosphere and the seating!

Mike Kincaid

Nothing special here. Theater has really gone down hill. Popcorn is stale, didn't eat much of it at all. Waste of money in my opinion.

Shayna Spivey

My family and I enjoyed this theater... especially the price.... awesome place

L. McGhee

Cheap and within walking distance of like 4 good places to get food. Great date location if you're broke.

Matt Brown

Great movie at a great price.

david rodriguez

Good price and good place

Kyle Thornton

Stadium seating with recliners!!!!! Uummm yes please and thank you, I almost feel asleep it's to comfortable...

Marshall L. Monti

I've been coming here since I was a kid. The employees are always professional and the building always clean and presentable, and the fact that they're so much cheaper than the other theaters is a big plus. The problem comes with the fellow movie goers. There always seems to be more vocal people here compared to other theaters around town. But this isn't always the case depending on when your movie is. Overall, this is a great movie theater if you're on a budget.

Adrian Porterfield

Can't beat the price..and the popcorn is always hot & fresh! The movies are a couple of months old..but I missed them earlier and their still good. It's one of my FAVORITE places to go and show my wife a real good time!

{Luis Plascencia Vlogs}

A Great Experience Back In 2014. It Was Our First Time Here. Very Nice Malco Theater. Would Like To Come Back Some Other Time.

Selcha Chism

Inexpensive, clean and still see the movie on the big screen after it left the other

Dederic Crisp

Love this place

Larone Woodard

My wife and I enjoyed our visit this evening. Clean facility. I personally only had an issue with the long wait at the concession stand, but other than that, we had a great time. We will be back.

Robert McCain

Good place to see movies at a l Cost for less than $3 person.also the theater offer s half price concessions. Great place to bring families. Convenient to many restaurants and easy to find.

Gacha Alicorn

Very good place perfect for a family night, date night,girls/guys night,it's perfect for any occasion.Has comfortable seats,seat height is perfection especially if ur behind a tall person.Has amazing prices great popcorn.Its not far from many people.This deserves five stars

Andrew Brown

Great for taking the kids to the theater and enjoying a movie as a family. Since the ticket prices are reasonable we can also afford some popcorn!

Michelle Kamerzink

Great for catching find you may have missed for a much lower price!!!

Buffy M Bryant

I went to see "What Men Want" and found the movie formulaic, but a good light hearted comedy none the same. The theater did not have any unmentionable odors this time either.

Christopher McDonald

Decent place. Glad we have a second-run theater in town.

reggie franklin

Great place to take the family

Dominique Williams

Always nice. Love the prices. Service is good. Food is good.

Gumdrop Davis

Love the happy hour or hours. 3 dollars cannot beat that.

Theresa Parker

clean, well staffed and fantastic price

Mike Hatfield

best theatre around to take the kids


$3.50 all shows at all times. A real bargain. Clean and well kept premises. Take your family.

LaJuana Hubbard being on the atmosphere and the seat. Lines were too long to purchase a snack.

Tamika McKinney

Nice price but it's soooo cold in the theater. It makes it hard to watch and enjoy the movie

Russell House

$3.50 movies on Saturday night awesome!!

Queshawn Phillips

I take my kids here all the time to see movies it's great only $3 you can't beat that

Brian Howland

Great place. Cheap ticket prices. Snacks are high though. Bring a twenty for coke and popcorn.

Oleduddydawg 5

If you miss it initially, this is a great choice the price of the tickets and snacks are greatly reduced.

Ravenmoon Glimmer

Good place to see a cheap movie

Mary Outcalt

Great place! Always clean.

Felicia White

Fabulous value. The theatres are clean and the seats are comfortable. The only thing I dislike about Bartlett Cinema is that the ticket purchase window is outside. When it's rainy or cold, I tend to avoid the theatre if there's a line to purchase tickets. Can't beat seeing a movie on the big screen for $3.50!

Vanessa Nicholson Hess

Best Movie prices anywhere if you're willing to wait a few months after the Movie hits the theaters.

Anne Higdon

This isn’t a fancy place to see a movie, but for $3.50 who is complaining? You need to check google frequently when you’re waiting for a movie to come out here as they keep prices low by offering cinema movies a good bit after their debut date. Lower price concessions, adequate facility and good movies.

Kenny Finzer

Loud people. Popcorn too salty. Dippin dots good.

Carolyn Hare

Inexpensive movie. I had a great experience.

Kendell Riley

Great quiet family theater.

beautiful mom love

Yessss a cheap outting for the kids 3dollars movies some times we do 2movies

A. Garey Adkins

Great prices for movie!

Alejo Salvatore

The movies are discounted and also the food. White Castle burgers are addicting so i go on my CHEAT DAY for my diet and eat like 4 :)

Michael Morris

Was good place of easy money

Adam Lindsey

Great movies, low prices. We Love this Malco Theater.

Javon Williams

Reasonable pricing, fresh popcorn, spacious seating.

david weir

Good discount movie theater

Cheyenne Hunt

Loved this theater clean...and comfortable

Lynn Jones

Enjoyed the movie Rampage, it was good and they have good things to eat and the price is right.

Fred Bray

For the price of $3.50 a ticket it's a good for a second run movie. I would recommend "Kitchen" if you have not seen it.

James Porter

The only reason I gave 4 stars is because the seats squeak!!! Other than that they can get the 5th star. I saw the movie intruder!!! I love Bartlett Cinema!, and so did my family. Great atmosphere, clean, and enjoyed the food and staffing. I definitely will make this a place for date night with my wife and family time with my family.

Rick Sieger

Discounted 2nd run theater. Clean and friendly. Seats scheduled for upgrade.

Chris Webb

Shelby farms is a great place to hang out with family and friends

Eric Kingery

Great place to watch a movie and have buttered popcorn.


We saw incredibles 2 and we had great service and everything was great


I was pleased. Popcorn was fresh

Calvin Mayo

It was very nice

Donald Petrowski

Clean, nice theater for a cheap afternoons entertainment.

Amanda Hughes

This is another good place to come on a budget the movies are a little older but that's to be expected at a $3 movie. And got all the concessions you love though and the Cherry Coke. The staff is usually just high school students they're nice enough. Cleanliness is iffy. But what could you expect for $3 movie.

T. L G

Good place to watch movies that's been out for awhile that you missed at the high dollar price theaters. It's cheaper and usually not crowded at all... sometimes if you go right after lunch you can have the place all to yourself.

Victor Perry

Didn't have the cinema feel. Uninviting on so many levels

Chris Jackson

This is a 2nd run theater. You can't beat it at $3.50 for a movie. And this is probably the nicest 2nd run theater I've been to.

Brett Logan

Great Deal!

Bee D.

We love it here. Clean, polite staff and patrons, 3.50 for second run movies. Dippin dots machine, better and cheaper concessions. If you don't feel like the drive-in, this is another affordable option, & make movie outings with our kids a more affordable option.

Kristina Grubbs

I like that there is still a discounted theater around considering how expensive it is just to go see a movie anymore not even including defective if you get concessions or even just a drink while watching your movie. It is ridiculous I mean I know there is convenience and name brand like Malco has to make their money but still does everyone have to price gouge? I hadn't thought about this Cinema in a long time I guess I was close to it around the holidays and it popped up on my Google local guide but it is nice to know that this place is still around because I was wondering that the other day when I was thinking of movies that will be coming out around her on Christmas which is not exactly having the money after buying Christmas gifts and everyday life bills to necessarily go see it because it's always two or more of us going to see a movie when we do go out we need more places like this that give people a break why does everything have to be so expensive that's why people don't spend as much money or go out as much anymore lower the prices you might make more money

Mercedes Sanders

Movies are cheap is the best reason to go here. Other than that the facility leaves much to be desired. In some of the places feels like no air is running. It gets hot and stuffy. There was a leak from the ceiling where they had a garbage can underneath it. No orange cones around no slippery floor sign even though water was on the ground. Some seats in the different rooms are strangely covered with garbage bags. If your seeing a scary movie that might be a perk....

Tonya Eubanks

Great price for a family of 4! Bathrooms need a good cleaning.

Cuwanda Granger

Great place for date


Great place. Kind staff and the place was clean

Sonia Wilson

We I left the movie, I took my cup of Sprite with me and when I went to drink it I thought it was ice,but when I looked in it it was some kind of black attachment that looks like it came off of the fountain.

Renea Starr

Great prices, although I spent more on 2 drinks than I did the tickets! Lol, clean quite theater. Seats are outdated and uncomfortable or squeaky.

michael hines

My favorite place to relax, I love it

Babe Travel Honey

Very nice movie theater ! Everything is affordable and i love it! I came here as I child and now I bring my children! Very safe and not very crowded plus it's near many restaurants you can enjoy a bite to eat before or after if you don't want movie theater food.

Terese Turner

Need to upgrade on their seats sit too low. Their customer service is excellent

Kesha Rena Pearine

I was happy to find a budget theatre!


I am really loving the changes. The seating is comfy, arm room, leg room and the folks are always positive and hard working. I just love it.

Jim Boyd

Great value!

Kimberly King

Great place for a movie date with my (4yo) granddaughter. Restroom was clean. Theatre was clean. Workers were professional and friendly. Decent concessions (I only ever get the popcorn/soda combo). No complaints. We'll be back.

Jasmine m

For the price it is great. Theaters are not up to date but comfortable. Great for taking a group. Snack prices are not discounted

Anita Harris

They need to clean up the place and up date the seating. I know it's $3 but it still can look presentable.

em k

Love it! Great prices and simple seating. Not this complicated 'find your seat on a computer in advance' nonsense. Whatever happened to spontaneous 'let's go to the movie' seating?.. this place has it.. well done!


This is a great place to see a discounted movie

Shirley Forrester

Seats comfortable quiet, good prices.

Duphus Ruphus

Ole Duphus and Mrs Duphus went and saw a movie here Was presently surprised that the place was clean and kept up. Previous visits in the past were not as favorable. Seems some updates have been done to improve the venue. It’s a second run movie theater and for the money, it’s worth going.

Charlotte Anthony

Great, price of move. Nice building

Ms Hunt Johnson-Keys

Crowed but good movie "Widows "

Precious P

Nice clean place....grrrrreat people skills

Alex Green

Great price, but you get what you pay for. Projectors are old and low quality, but for $3.50, it’s hard to beat

David Lindsey

Would love it if the seating was more centered. Seats are on the left & right side. Also, volume needs to be controlled better by the projectionist. Really loud for such a small room.

Audrey Hill

This theatre is clean, quiet and comfortable.

Wayne Walpole

Clean theatre with last months movies. Good service.

Jennifer Parker

Theater was Clean, Cashier was very nice, We watched a good movie for $3.50 a ticket. Only thing the Concession are Really expensive $5.25 for a Large Coke. But Hey all movie concessions are expensive. My Daughter and I enjoyed it.

C Pearson

. Not to mention very affordable. Great safe and comfortable theatre

Tashundra Brown

Glad to catch movies I missed in main theaters. Once seating upgrades happen (and hopefully flooring upgrades), this will be awesome.

Lisa Morrison

Been taking my daughter there since she was very small. Great prices, clean restrooms, theater is going to have recliner seating soon.


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