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2379 Highway 62 412 # T, Highland, AR 72542, United States

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REVIEWS OF Highland Twin Cinema IN Arkansas

Jody Shackelford

Awesome place and great people! Always new movies

Susan Dillard

Enjoy having a movie theatre in our area, it does need some update and improvements. Especially sound Thanks we like going to the big screen!

AJ Moran


Austin Dunn

Horrible experience! While watching the highly anticipated Endgame, the movie froze mid action sequence for a unannounced 10 minute intermission. Took me out of the experience and ruined the movie! Do not watch Endgame at this theater!

Griffin Arnold

I love our little local Cinema. Good folks and Good Times and solid entertainment.

Sharon E

Kenneth Davis


Shannon Kendrick

Jason Griffin

Good show snacks are high

Dustin Bullard

Way below par but recent improvements are helping.

AdamApril Glass

Janet Landers

We Love this Theater !

Vitic Titan

Sabrina Lopez

Carlton Hill

A. Renée Crowl

Personable and professional service.

Blayd Stevens

I liked the service

Alta Carroll

Comfortable, friendly

Allen Sutcliffe


Laura Crouch Crouch

Good atmosphere

P Hub

Dylan Burch

Great theater, good atmosphere and friendly staff.

Jessica Allworth

Teri Yates

tammy johnson

Always Great! Fast friendly service

John Baxter

A wonderful place to spend time with loved ones and close friends.

Marty Norman

Peter Thompson

Margaret Steed

Great movie theater Just saw Jumanji, so funny.

Kathy crawford

My First Time To The Movies in many years! Family Owned and Operated was an Amazing Experience. Wonderful People, Excellent Customer Service and oh, by the way.. I Loved The Movie Too

Jacob Fore

Jennifer Jackson

It ways. All good. Exempt. For. The extremely. Hi. Prices. On their candy and. Stuff. OMG. Box of Jr mint's. Was 3 bucks what. A crock

Melody Griffis


Good place, expensive but good place. In good repair and clean mostly. Need to go down on the price of refreshments a lot!!! One coke 5 bucks. NOT GOOD!!!

Angela Nordstrom

Good place to go for a movie, a little bit expensive on snacks and drinks but I guess you don't have to buy anything.

Nick Cefalu

Clean shows nice

Cathi Severn

Quiet atmosphere, enjoyed the movie and everyone was very friendly.

Hana Smith

This is a wonderful theater! It is CLEAN and has great popcorn. The candy selection is very good too. Every movie is quality entertainment at a fair price. We take our students here each year as a reward, and they always enjoy the experience. It is also family owned. My friends and family will drive an extra 30 miles to visit because of all of the above fine qualities!

Rick Blunt

Family owned and operated supper great family

Lucinda Tyrolt

Cathie Billingsley

Great movie and friendly people

Sarah Estes

Great family environment !!!

Dianna Wilson

Family friendly, very clean! Great sound system!

Christina Collins

shell smoot

Love it, people r always nice

Sarah Schlesinger

It is always clean, affordable, and very comfortable.

Carole June Homolka

Janel Goodman

Prices for snacks were high but we did have the theatre all to ourselves so it was good.

Scott Vaughn

Very good.

Melissa Richey

Kasey Harbison

I loved the service and the seats... later went to batesville for deadpool was extremely dissapointed now I will wait and just go here for my movies.. so when deadpool comes I'll be coming here so I can actually enough the movie!! wonderful staff nice clean theatre

Brody Brogdon

Nath Williams

Small town cinema 2 theaters. Popcorn was good .

D. Mitchell

Nice little theater for a good price.

Andrew Hefley

Great atmosphere for friends, family or a night out alone! They've always been such a wonderful staff to be around and the movie experience here has always been wonderful!

Carson 88

Scottie Runsick

Susan Miller

Saw Unplanned and it was great


Sam Graves

Great service family friendly little pricy

Joseph Beasley

Aric Bokker

David Gibson

Josh Gooch

Comfortable seats. Ran by great people.

Tuck Davis

It is older, but is very clean, way more cleaner than the Cinema in Batesville. Friendly staff. I say average price for concessions, One thing I don't like is that they only show 2 movies a day. Another is that is a little (but for a small town, it is okay.)

Jeff Tatum

Clean, friendly and local

Dionne Dion

Great theater

Richard Larson

Teri O'Keefe

They fail to answer phones. They do not disclose pricing for senior citizens. Never been to this theater, but obtaining info is impossible unless you physically inquire at the door. Senior Citizen matter!

Philip Andrews

Lovely local cinema, nice people and good popcorn.

Michele Miller


nancy russell

Blake Worsham

willing to work with you as much as possible. Maybe a small theater but quality wise could compete with the best of them.

Tom A. Wright

When I first moved to the area, I hated this theater. The audio was horrible. I actually drove out of state to go to the movies rather than go here because the sound was so bad. After they updated to 3D, the audio also improved, so I'm happy to now give this theater my business. Currently, the audio on the center channel, the one where the vast bulk of the dialog is produced, is still too muddy to me. Depending on the specific actor's voice, it can still occasionally be hard to understand. If they ever fix that, I'll happily change my rating to 5 stars.

Shawn Scott

nathan y

This theater was great. Great managers!

Zac Kemper

Free Wifi

It was really nice had to send email we got good popcorn and drinks the movie was great to the place was nice and the people were nice too I would definitely recommend this place

DeAnna McGinnes

Brittany Holm

Kevin Day

Xi Jinping

Going to the theater when I'm in town is always a pleasant experience. The staff is friendly, the theater is clean and the prices are fair. A good theater for a town the size of Highland.

Allyson David

Update u movie theater that movie pass

Forschler Home Center

Brian Newman

Clean theater great conssens prices and nice seats

Metal Canary

First walking in with my 3 other friends to see the new avengers movie, we where served our tickets almost immediately even though there was a crowed. Everyone there was really nice to talk to and the theater itself was very clean, no popcorn or sticky floors from the previous airing. The whole atmosphere was genuine and it made the evening worth going out.

Kayla Sherrod

Laura Lee

Shane White

Amy Cooper

Clean and very friendly staff. This cinema has restored my faith in dark public places.

Mickey Spangler

Shannon Sullivan

Joshua Bitting

Great service and ticket and concession prices are low!

Jason Edwards

Very clean. Great facility!!!

Shelby Johnson

Joey Robison

Tracy Roberts

Brenda Lowe

Alexander O'Connor

honestly it is a small place. but it is great. i work at the local boys scout camp, whose population has almost nothing but 16 to 20 year olds yet the bear with us. we have had nothing but a good experience with the staff and i would recommend it to anyone

Michael Jonesnn way siausujaaiaaljs

Nice theater

Matthew Tanner

Great movie theater to watch upcoming flicks. Good popcorn and candy, seats are comfortable and everyone's nice 10/10 would recommend

Pamela Dykes

Convenient close to home..friendly

Sonay May

John Lawrence

Took the family to see Gaurdians of the Galaxy 2 and was very impressed by the service and quality of the 3D. I was also surprised by the newer seating and spacious cinemas. I would definitely recommend this theater to anyone looking for a great movie experience with friendly service.

Sharon Peterson

It's small but cozy on matinee days. They show the new releases of most blockbuster films and hold them over another week to give everyone a chance to see it. We saw "Avitar" here and it was just as awesome as if we would have gone to one of the bigger cities. Seating is limited so get there early or wait a few showings to thin the crowds. They show 2 different films each week unless one or both are major blockbusters and they hold it over. Typical movie theater munchies and special prices for combos and matinees.

C Florez

Bobby Miller

That Guy

Good people

chris johnson

Good family run business

David Lucy jr

Jarrod Marshall Cook

David Dix

Caleb Sappenfield

Michael Walker

Nina Whitlow

Chip O'Connor

Very nice small town theater, friendly employees, 1st run movies, clean, comfortable seats, and wide aisles.

Phillip Horrell

The movie was extremely excellent I would highly recommend it to anyone the title is the overcomer

Brandy North

Staff was very polite. And the theater is kept clean.

Micah Chapman

Terry Overturf

Everything good. Friendly staff. Comfortable seating. Prices good. Concession stand clean. Popcorn good and fresh.

michael vest

Robert Anthony

Couldn't see the movie

Brandon Cohn

Good place to go family friendly

Heather Odell

Great theatre.. Always clean. Great people.

Samantha Taylor

Maryann Wegenke


Michael Engles

Really enjoyed myself. The employee was very friendly despite having just dealt with rude customers ahead of me, he still treated our family good. Great atmosphere

RJ Clarke

Cozy, local place to see a movie.

David Russell

Very nice place


Not bad

Shawnna Wade

Carolyn Hanes

Doomsday Postcard

Patty Richardson

Very nice place, friendly employees. But expensive to me!

Serenity Dail

Seth Parnell

Low-key theatre with low popcorn prices.

Robert Vargason

Joby Beasley

Sara Patch

Clean, friendly , great place only complaint is the price of the drinks a little high for a movie theater

Kevin Pezzullo II

Barbara Delorge

Nice cozy country theater. Friendly people and the crowd is respectable while watching a movie.

Skyler Blunt

Lilly Snoke

Ron Evance

Very friendly staff excellent service I go regularly

Jennifer Gresch

Janet Bush

Movie stopped in the middle. Took a few minutes to get it going again, and part was skipped. Lockley

Love the place.

Nacole Waters

Matt Goad

DR Murphy

Excellent for a small town theater, we enjoy. Free popcorn Monday & Tuesdays bring your own container.

Mike McCullough


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