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Where is Cinemark Tinseltown USA?

REVIEWS OF Cinemark Tinseltown USA IN Arkansas

Ryan Swalls

Not the nicest theater out there, but reasonable and comfortable. Glad to see armed security.

John Mc

Interesting layout, helpful and courteous staff, clean facilities. Everything you want in a movie-going experience.

Lenny M

The theater is pretty standard but it has good snacks and great films. I have just seen Joker and it was amazing!

ashley McDaniel

It's a nice theater. Could have a better selection of new movies but the sound is good and concessions are reasonable. Daytime movies are cheap.

Heath Harris

Kinda 'spensive but awesome place to see a movie

Alyssa Alquist

The movies they show are great, even the 3D movies. I love the staff, they're like family to me. And if I've ever wanted to watch a movie in a theatre I go to them first.

Nikki D

Best cinema! Great prices and their popcorn is the best!

Chance White

Great theater, quality seating, and matinee pricing is a great value!

Thekla Gillespie

Great staple of the community. Great staff. Met my husband here. He still works here part time even though he has a full time job.

David Hobby

Had my sons birthday party and watched the Avengers movie all 9 boys had a great time thank you tinsel town for all of your help

Autumn Child

The best movie theatre around! I love this place. It's always very clean.

Zoe' Stokes

Service was fast and friendly. Theater is usually clean and seating comfortable.

Amy Lightfoot

I would give it 10 stars if I cld (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐), there I went ahead and did. I have always loved the Rave, but now that they have added the reclining seats, it is absolutely wonderful, like watching it in your living room. In fact, I bring a pillow & blanket when I come (sometimes my 5yr old & I go in our PJs, if it's late movie, makes it even more comfy for me and super fun for him). We usually try to see most of our movies in the XD theater because it has the best reclining seats, they do a little more & are a little more comfortable. They have really good popcorn and I love the Cinemark Movie Club, which makes it very affordable to go as often as we do. The only constructive criticism I can give is this, I have not been impressed with their other food, that is one thing they really need to improve on. One idea is to even partner up with a local restaurant to provide food to sell at the movie theater.

Paige Duke

Took my girls to see one movie and me another. I feel like it's a safe place to be able to do that.

Marnie layok

We go several times a year and always have a nice time!

Radiant Jenn

The staff are too busy talking to each other, friends, and hookups and don't pay attention to the customer!!! Theater was dirty, and other customers were so loud & rude you couldn't hardly hear the movie!

Justin Jenkins

It's a movie theater.

paula morgan

My favorite movie theater. Great screens great sound, stadium seating with rocking or tilt back seats and you are able to move the armrests

Tracy Stearns

Convenient, and comfortable seating. Offer alot of movie selections.

Pamela Duncan

I went last week to one of the movies. It is only my opinion that instead of installing nice comfy seats they should have invested in decent popcorn. I took mine back and asked if I could have HOT popcorn. The stuff was NASTY. I will continue to see movies there but will NOT BUY POPCORN!

Teresa Cauble

Good movies. Didn't like having someone talking and laughing through the whole movie.

Ryan Kissee

Good theater, excellent service, never a nasty experience. My go to movie theater locally.

Mike Owen

Reclining seats,surround sound etc

Crystal York

The people who work on Sunday mornings, not the fastest of the bunch. Took literally five minutes for a large Coke. This is just me at the counter and three employees, and not the nicest either. Other than that, the people not behind the concession stand, were great! Very clean and orderly!!! Still want to say $6.08 for a large Coke is scandalous lol but they have to make money some how

Rena Cilluffo

A terrific cinema, up to date place, various options at the concessions, many theaters, great staff. Love love the Cinemark rewards!!!

Dustin Spann

First and last time visiting here. Very sub-par. On the website it advertised big leather seats, but in person they were there old traditional ones that barely fit an adult. Bathrooms were slippery, service took FOREVER, and theater was musty at best. The sound system was so week that you could barely hear the movie. Very dissatisfied! Pictures of seating included.

John Riggin

Every time I go there I can't believe how clean and friendly it is

John McCutcheon

A very clean and handicap accessible theater! Great place to watch the latest movies!

Alexandra Tuck

Great little theater. Gets packed on the big nights but they do a good job of making sure they kick out any obnoxious people and giving them warnings even if you go on a Friday night and teenagers ruin the movies trying to look cool for each other. We love to go on the off times. Good sound and movies are always starting on time.

Bud Keegan

This theater has been updated and makes for an enjoyable movie going experience locally. Friendly staff, kid friendly, large concession area. No alcohol served at this location

Abigail Jones

I really liked this movie theater. It's a little dated but that's what appealed to me. They have a summer movie club for kids that I want to join. The movies are once a week and really cheap like 10 Movies for $5. How awesome is that!

Jake Yancey

Very nice movie theater that has been in our community for a couple of decades now! Everything is always clean and not to crowded. The popcorn is good. The game room has about a dozen games in it and they all work most of the time. The other movie goers behave themselves and there's a zero tolerance for loitering that is imposed by the local police department. They also have a great selection of all of the newest movies and even have 3D movies!

Ken Evans

Need adults working there way to slow and not organized

Jeremy Duncan

Been going there since it was built. Favorite theater. Not an i-max. Plenty of parking.

James Lesley

Have not been there in about 10 years don't know

Toney Green

It's.. okay. The seats need updating. There's no reserved seating. And of course the prices are extremely high for the snacks. The theater was dirty as well.

David Pruett

Friendly faces, but prices on food are way too high. They restrict on my 2nd amendment rights, so I cannot enter knowing I cannot protect my family. If they remove that sign, perhaps I may start going again.

Kevin Landaverde

Love this place those who write reviews lower than 4 stars just had a bad day or are just hating

Christopher Ramsey

Went to watch latest Angelina Jolie movie which was fabulous !

Brandy Allman

Great place to watch a movie, expensive tho especially later in the afternoon & night time

Gloria Eller

I have been going to this theater for over 20 years. Everyone has always been very nice to me. What I hate the most is they went up on the prices for tickets & concessions and the coupons they send out by email & or the cinemark club, they never have coupons for drinks or popcorn that helps offset the price on a regular basis. Most people who go to the theatre wants popcorn & a drink.

Felix Freely

Very nice theater

Dawnyell Jones

During consecutive visits, I was not able to get an Angus Dog. The lack of the Angus Dog ruined my experience.

Eder Santos

Great. Bigger than the one in Lexington.

Jonathan Furnas

Nice theater, usually clean and we'll presented

Randi Miller

I always love my movie experiences here! Great staff, clean theaters, and nice place!

Stella Desiato

I would like to see better seats.otherwise It would be a five.

Patrick Taylor

Not the newest or best but very clean and good service.

Beth Kesler

Had a great time. New improvements at the snack center, very nice.


I love this theater! I'm a theater rat, and the staff is very kind and personable. Also in my honest opinion the popcorn is great :)

Yasmin Wilson

The new Jurassic world was awesome

Peanut Butter & Jellies

Movie Night

joy frazier

Great place sundays they have gteat prices so worth it

Janice Dahlin

It is the COLDEST Theater I’ve ever been in my life. People literally bring blankets. The seats are very comfortable but not for women with hips. That speaks to every Theater though. The bathroom is uncomfortable. The toilet tissue is next to your body (as opposed to in front of you and up). When will men learn where to place items in a Women’s restroom? Frustrating. The movie experience was good. GREAT price if you go to the first movie.

Jessica Maher

Went to see the new It Chapter 2 and brought my 2018 refillable cup and popcorn bucket instead of the 2019 but they were nice enough to still give me the discount! Very nice staff and clean theater!

Jeremy Skaggs

It's like we had the theater to ourselves!

Mary Githens

Ticket prices are fair but dang pay arm and leg for popcorn and drinks. It popped corn! Really! Think it’s too much

madman&mawmaw&ryry&kk&mommy&zach !!

Facility is nice enough but the concession prices are way too expensive!

Aylin Resendiz

I’ve been coming here since I was a kid. The service is always great, I have no complaints.

James Osborne

Good place to go

Michael Steves

Lots of fun.

Mark Leonard

Benton's best theatre

Leon Robins

Like this place, always upgrading, people that work there are always nice.

Gloria Klomsten

The movie was great, service was good but the theater we were in smelled HORRIBLE! Very musty and nasty smell.

Paul Keller

Tinseltown is great! I have been to movie theater's all over USA...this one has the BEST, freshest popcorn (it is consistently good) there soft drinks have the right brix(proper mix of syrup and carbonated water) and friendly staff. You come closer to getting your monies worth here than anywhere else...the staff aims to please!

Chris Winona

Had a great time,family loved it

Leigh Staton

Large movie selection available. Theater is laid out great for comfort and viewing.

Michael Peoples

Very good local theater! Can’t compare to newer theaters but overall nice, clean, and fairly priced.

Matthew Denis

Nice theater clean and great ac . Just wish the seats were more comfortable

Cathy Boggs

My husband and I enjoy having a date night and seeing movies at Tinseltown

Natasha 4Now

The place needs a makeover BAD!

Monica Adams

We enjoy coming to this theater!!

Kenny Woodmansee

Awesome place to go for matinee

Jake Scott

Good theatre. Not the best prices for snacks

John Blackwell

It appears they've improved, good. Parking is very good, staff helpful, of course food is good very over priced, aha shuuuh this is where they make money! Njoy the movies!

Aubrey&John 26

My mom.had me call her bc she was in the hospital and i was walking in the hall and the manger came and yelled at me for walking so i said i am on a call and i went in the halls so i was rude to the people watching the movie but the manger is not nice and yelled at a 25 year old

Nancy Vick

Knowledgeable staff. Great luxury seating. Up to date and good variety of shows and times. Movies shown in the far ends of the building can be really cold so be sure to bring a blanket. Note: Monday nite is senior discount and Tuesday nite is general admission discount.

Kara Bostian

Comfy seats, not too crowded. No better or worse than other cinemas in surrounding areas.

Drew B

I've been going to Tinseltown my whole life. The food is expensive, and for some reason they have taken down the movies and their show times. So I have to go up to the booth to see movie times or go online. But overall not bad. But it could be better.

Rich McCafferty

Took my family of 9 this weekend to Tinseltown. Overall I have to say the theater was nice compared to Hot Springs. Seats were comfy and image/sound quality was good. Plenty of snacks and drinks were spot on with flavor. I had two complaints: 1. The men’s restroom was extremely slippery from urine. 2. A group of teenagers were seated several rows behind us during the movie. While my wife was holding our infant she was struck by change which was thrown from behind us. Understandably a theater cannot predict a customer doing something like this. It just goes to show how a clientele can affect your business. My wife was livid and left the theater midway through the movie not to return again. I reported it to a Benton police officer whom was just outside the theater room. He was great and immediately went up to the offenders. He rattled the kids cages but the harm was already done. I won’t put my kids in harms way. Never had this happen before and hope to never have again. I also won’t waste another $100 to be assaulted by disrespectful youth.

Autism Mom

Brought my Autistic child there for a sensory friendly viewing of Spiderman. He loved it. It was his first movie that he has ever been able to set through!

Steven Hoover

Not bad for a local theater. It's better days are behind it, but handy for Benton area.

Michael Edward

I rarely go to the Cinemark Movie Theatre here in Salisbury, North Carolina. This Location Is Receiving 5 Stars My Previous Customer Service Experiences & This Location Gets 5 Stars From With No Hesitation. The Customer Service Was Excellent For 2 Reasons: Every Ticket Booth Cashier have Professionally Demonstrated Their Job Title Each Visit By Verifying My Age & The Ages Of Customers via Photo ID (License , State ID) Before Purchasing An “R” Rated Movie Ticket.(Authors Note: So Long G & PG I’m 21 in August!) 2.) Politeness And Promptness By All The Employees Was Shown Through Smiling, Creating A Positive Atmosphere, And Staying Calm, Cool, And Collected.

Steve Burleson

It's always been a family fun adventure coming here, nice staff neat and clean theaters food isn't bad. My kids love it.

Cathy Rice

Great movie friendly service

Tena Shore

Great popcorn, love going with the family.

Cindy Gore

Very comfortable and clean. I enjoy my selected movie.

Larry Morris

Love the movies

Ursula BYRD


Devin Beaver

Expensive 2 see movies these days

t shirt thee

Great spot on Tuesdays half off movie's

John Hill

Decent theater saw Infinity Wars (2D). Stadium seating was nice with chairs that lean back, not recline. Wait at concessions was terrible three lines each four customer groups deep gave up on my large soda after 10 minutes. The two lines I was paying attention too only served two customer groups. I mean come on it's soda, popcorn and prepacked candy.

David Love

Good early deals and comfortable seats!

D Sanchez

We had our 6 year olds birthday party and watched Wonder Park! The staff was very helpful and friendly and the really worked with us to ensure we were happy. The party room was setup perfectly with all cups, napkins, plates, silverware etc. they roped off the area for us in the theatre and delivered all the kid packs (drink, popcorn, candy) to our kids in the theatre. It was a great inexpensive way to enjoy our daughter birthday. It was stress free! If you are looking for somewhere to have a great party you just found it! It was a great 3 hours for less than $8 per person including refreshments! Thanks to all at Tinseltown!

Alex Schelowski

I'm 29 years old yet I can't bring my 2 brothers in to see an R rated movie when I'm accompanying them to go and see it? Enjoy losing money with policies like that

Joseph Geer

Awesome theater!!! Great staff made me feel welcomed and warm, and it made seeing "Gone With The Wind" for my first time a memorable experience!!!

Matthew Rollans

Nice hometown feel. Good sound system.


Your common movie theater experience. Self-serve kiosk located inside if the line at the outside box office is backed up. Concession prices are what you would expect. Theaters are always clean, staff is very courteous.

Nita Wallace

My family and i really enjoyed our movie and concessions. Sure wish the concessions weren't so expensive.

Stacy Davis

The prices were pretty good. The theater was clean. Only downfall was theater was really cold.

Byron Martin

We always love taking Our Family of five to Tinseltown. We have never had a bad visit over the many years we have been going. Our only and sad disappointed visit was a few weeks ago. It had nothing to do with the staff and the great facilities. But I take full responsibility for leaving a $200.00 air compressor that was still in the box where I had just purchased it from just up the street. We thought it was safe parked right out front of the the theater? But after we realized what bad happened, we then spoke to a manager on duty,who was polite and respectful as she took our information and called the police for Us to report. We were disappointing to find out there was no camera's for the parking lot? Again not the fought of Tinseltown. But we would love to see you seriously think about it for the future. In this day and age camera's are a must to defend from such problems. I would assume a national brand such as Cinemark would be able to do so quite easily. We hope you do, so one else we'll have a great evening at the movies with there family ruined by a few bad guy's in the parking lot with sticky fingers. Thanks for the great times we have had over the years. ,The Martin Family

Silly Lilly

Unlike the rave this movie theater still lets you pick where you sit after you’ve gotten inside. Comfortable chairs. Tuesday’s tickets are cheaper of course. Overall I like this place even if service at the counter is lacking some. Oh also when I went to see Incredibles 2 I noted that they have a sign out front restricting the size of purses and or bags, so if it’s to big it won’t be allowed inside cause their trying to make profits off of drinks and snacks like most theaters. So leave your oversized bags at home when you visit here.

Edward Mcgrath

Old run down needs a makeover .. ticket prices dont reflect its age n drabness

Sheliah Altendorf

Great place for a movie

Buster Keegan

The theater has been remodeled and is clean and well maintained. The concession stand is clean and well staffed. Courteous staff, much improved atmosphere.

Neil Buie

Enjoyed our visit. Good concessions, comfortable seats.

Nita Morgan

Great theatre , nice seats,friendly staff Zoey is my favorite employee . Concessions way to high so we got the cup you can take back and use over and over for cheaper price.

Sara Resner

Very friendly and movie theaters are awesome

Brittany West

Nice people, good service. Food is good and the movies are great.

Kristina Shea

Nice theater! A little chilly, but that's typical.

Rebecca Nichols

We love going to this theater. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Angie Harbinson

It was a good movie of a great legend! I really am glad I got to go see it. I also enjoyed going with my daughter in law.

Favored First

Great staff, friendly, smiling faces.

Harvey Hargrove

Always seem to have a good time when I come here.

Tommy Harden

Great seats. Top line movies. Shorter lines. Love this place.

Gavin Henthorn

As it is the only theater in town it serves it's purpose. It is also nice to go see the top movie of the year and not have to worry about lines.

Holly Room

I am changing my review after purchasing their value popcorn bucket. It is a total ripoff. Normally the value bucket implies a value but not here. If you buy a large popcorn you get free refills. When you buy a value bucket you are charged $5 for each refill. Spend $15 on the bucket and then $5 for each refill. Save yourself the money and just buy a large popcorn each time you visit. Don't let the theater steal from you more than they already do.

Joseph Tallent

Comfortable seats which provide a great view of the screen; good sound system. Great popcorn but not cheap though they do offer free refills on the large size popcorn and drink.

heidie taylor

Love this place great movies

Heather Vail

Hint: there is an automated ticket purchasing machine inside so you don't have to wait outside at the ticket booth. The seats are comfy. There is only one large restroom in the building so if you have to go you might have to walk a ways if you're at the very last theatre. Concessions are decent. Good popcorn... but employees never smile!

Bryan Rindal

Sit back and Relax. This place is always clean. Not so much people for Opening Day for Movies. Just right down the street. Happy People here all the time.

Nathan Gilbert

$8 for a large popcorn

Redd Laster

Low cost classic films on weekends. $5 to see The Wizard of OZ

Kevin Baker

My wife and I go see movies here a couple of times a month or so, and love it! The staff is friendly and attentive, they move the ticket and concessions lines along efficiently, and the theaters and restrooms are clean. Excellent place to see movies! Highly recommended.

Michelle Broome

Concession prices are way high. But good movie theater. Kept well clean, seats comfortable, sound is good.

Robin Shepard

Sound quality of the movies here is usually poor. Often we can hear the dialogue well but music and sound effects are way too low. Really ruins the moviegoing experience, especially when you're seeing an action, adventure or superhero movie. Seats squeak and are not particularly comfortable. Prices are ok but really not a fair reflection of the quality overall. We don't go here if we have other options, but there's not much else around Salisbury.

Eric Perez

Clean and comfortable environment for a movie

Allen Coleman

The theater is always clean and the chairs are comfortable.

Andres Rodriguez

It's a tacky looking place, but it's charming in that way. The acoustics in the theater weren't impressive, but the picture wasn't bad when I went to see UPGRADE. Had no issues with the staff, although they did seem a bit caught off guard by me coming in for a late night screening on a Sunday.


Definitely my favorite place to go! Seats are comfy. Tuesday's are $5.50 movies all day. I with the popcorn was always hot. But its movie theater popcorn so it's fantastic!

unicorn 000

This is a great place to go. Its very loving and a great place for an outing with family or friends


I went to see the Mule movie and was pleased with friendly staff and clean bathrooms. It was a nice experience with no issues. The parking is good. The pricing on concession items should be posted bold and simple to speed up selling process in my opinion. Its a little confusion to be frank trying to figure out all the size and pricing options offered.

Morgan Burris

Great movie theater, not outrageously priced, comfy seats and good picture quality and sound.

Landon Dickerson

Good experience, nice facility.

Brandon Roberts

This place is a wast of time for a family you try to take your kids to a rated move and they will not let them in.. not recommend for family nights.

Damon peterson

Clean theater, comfortable seats

Tony Kleineick

Extremely comfortable theater and very clean. There are plenty of screens and the seating is nicely done. My one complaint was the loudness of the movie. Even the previews were so loud that it was uncomfortable. Other than that I highly recommend this theater.

Kenneth Barton

Very good movie location. Very good for the wheelchair bound people.

Mary Peterson

Good enough place to watch a movie

Kimberly Brewer

Theater was clean. Staff running the concession were friendly and helpful. Bathrooms could use a little extra cleaning when we went. Seats were comfortable and we were able to enjoy the movie!! Would highly recommend!! Great family time or date night moment!!

You Dont need to know

Literally hate this me and my friend who’s 20 came here and there was this rude woman who yelled at us like she was our mother I would not recommend this to my friends one single bit but hey you do you I would give this place a 0 star if I could

Bill Cody

My wife and I go there often she loves the superhero movies it's relaxing chairs a good Coke and a box of popcorn and it makes for a good date.

Carissa Lovas

Clean and not freezing

Olivia Kiersey

Always fun to watch a movie here! Nothing to complain about

D Manning

It’s an average size movie theater that gets the job done. It’s a great location. I like it

Wayne Kuhn

Comfortable seating and a good movie.

Stevie Richardson

I've been going here since I was a child. I always love it. The food and drink prices are kinda high. The bathrooms are always clean, and the employees very friendly. I will continue to come here!

Donovan Sepulvado

Okay okay one time me and my brothers and went to the movies with like two or three friends and we all went to the counter to get our ticket. Nobody could really decide what we wanted to watch so finally you came up with the idea to watch Deadpool right. Who is the best decision to make I don't really like to go to the movies cuz I feel like it's a waste of money and they overcharged on the concessions. But this movie was totally worth it and then it was at Cinemark Tinseltown A1 the bomb totally Diggity. Man when we went in there the Lights Went Down in the screen came on we knew is West Time for Action

Joe Dyer

Really good place to go with family and friends, and a good variety of movies.

Valerie Allman

Average movie theater. None of the bells and whistles of the newer theaters like reclining seats. But it's a nice little old fashioned theater

Mia Kluttz

It was amazing

Amanda Smith

Went to see the grinch for my daughter's birthday and the lady with the bright ideas daycare was her phone most of the movie. I spoke to management about it. I finally asked the lady to put her phone away. I like this place some people dont know how to act in public.

Steve Cooper

Cheap prices. Nice facilities


Love their summer movies

Kenneth C

I can understand closing early on an icy night, but I can't understand no sign on the building that said as much. And leaving all the show times up for that night online and on the ticket booths, even though they were closing early. It takes literally a few seconds to tape a sign on a door, it's not rocket science. It's stupid to have people driving up and there isn't even a proper closed sign in plain sight.

Jessica Treadwell

Over priced but nice seating and movie screens. We prefer this movie theater.


Very slow - no crowds mid week. Still so expensive!

Doug Wadley

Always a great experience here, the people are great the place is clean and never had an issue with anything. We stay in Hot Springs but always drive here when we want to see a movie.

Terry Mcclennahan

Overcomer great movie. Go see it if you can.

Greg Phillips

Good local theater. Stadium seating, 3D, clean, decent sound and reasonable ticket prices. What else do you need.

Linda chambers Brown

Lovely place plenty of seating and great prices.

Barbara Johnson

Great place to watch a movie.

Allie Winn

Very clean and enjoyable. Occasionally the popcorn isn't as fresh as I want, but that's an issue most theaters battle. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Andy Young

Good movie experience .No complaints

Danielle Mogg

Tinseltown is always fun, for all ages. Its a movie theater so it's your typical prices(10.95 for two large cokes). Seating is good. Only complaint is how slow customer service is and their accuracy with the butter to popcorn ratio. Other then that its pretty cool.

Walter Thrasher

Great picture, great sound, comfortable spacious seating. Great seating for 3D movies. You actually face the screen rather than set below it. Concession is a bit slow but over all a good visit. Well worth driving 30 miles for. And it had clean bathrooms. People were really friendly.

crystal pope

Very family-oriented

K-Lynn Boulware

Best date night and movie place to go

Lisa Robinson

The only place to see movies.

brian paille

A little dated but good theater.

Derek Gordon

Great seats ...very comfortable...i will go again. .

Raymond Manire

Great movie, the popc6 was the best .

Kathryn Goins

Clean theater, friendly staff. This theater doesn't have the newer recliner seats that some Cinemark theaters have, but it's still nice.

Alma Roque

Great movies

Sardonic Resonance

Family had a blast. It was great. Saw "Endgame"...Clean, plenty of seating.

Tate Johnson

Annabelle Comes Home was AMAZING!!

Jake Garner

Good theater. Not reserved seating, so take that how you want.

Elaine Pearson

It was clean and quite we watch the last race which was a great movie and was worth the money snacks was high but that is at all theaters

Amanda Buffington

I now understand why people travel to Benton to go see movies. This theater was so nice & clean.

Devyn Evans

The pricing of food is outrageous. $4 for a beef jerky and water. I like the theater. never had a bad experience.

Genre Master

"Simply, I think the Tinseltown theater is like Wal-Mart when it comes to new material. Yeah the space is limited and the seats are tiny. But, if ANYONE wants a new showing can come by and pick out there favorite movie IF IT'S PLAYING"

Buddy Holder

Best movie theater ever! Friendly staff, tasty Concessions, clean and comfortable facility!

Ashley January

Terrible had ants everywhere got to my car with ants on me

Tina Furge

Love this theater

Andrew Rodgers

Great young staff and popcorn is the best in the city

Thomas May, Sr.

No veteran should patronizes this business when they show a movie like “Book Club” with JANE FONDA. She is a true traitor to the US. I know the Vietnam war is fading in our memories, but we can never forget what she did. For those who don’t remember the war or are to young, GOOGLE Jane Fonda.

Nina Turner

Love early bird days!

Beef Sandwich

Seats are much more comfortable than the Cinema 8 in Lexington but not quite as nice as the Grand in Winston Salem. Mostly clean, good screens, nice staff and the arcade is small but fun!

YungSaw Da HoggKing

It was amazing nice set up

Erick Neely

I had family time! And it was peaceful

caleb shrewsbury

Been going there since I was a kid I still love the other

Babys Mom

I just love this cinema . The levels are nice.And the seats are so comfy. My Husband took me there in February to see the last 50 shades

Lisa Bostian

I went to see Quite Place at the 8 PM show! There was so many kids in the show that it was like being on a playground! When an employee showed up to monitor he was only in there for a few minutes then gone again! That was the worse movie experience that I have ever had! I will probably not use that theater ever again!!!

Edwin Daniel

The seats are comfortable and they have the best matinee prices. The popcorn is good too. If you purchase a large you very free refills

Jeff Bradshaw

Love the movies when I am in town

John Caldwell

Best pop corn

Kim Smith

Great place to watch movies. Always clean.


Best place in town to see a movie and grab some snacks. Friendly employees, great customer service.

Mitchell Osborn

Good food and drinks, and cheap early showing tickets. Seats could be better.

Titus King

Last time I was there I had good time I do think that the food is really high to high but the movie was really great that I when to see and when with some friends.


Good place for a night out.

Vicki Blues Music

Went to see Intruder with my bestie Beth had a great time loved the movie...

Brandy Isom

Love seeing movies with my family. Great seats, not too crowded. Sound awesome!

Tiffany Morris

Movie was great, price in food and drinks not so much.

Tracy Helms

This is a nice theater with comfortable seating. I love it when the arms lift on the seats. I was there to see Hobbs and Shaw. The movie was full of humor and was enjoyable. The sound in the theater was a little to loud. When one of the patrons pulled out her phone during the movie she very kindly put it away when I politely asked her to. I'll recommend this theater and will certainly return in the near future.

Jamie Kayali

Theatre was clean and staff is nice but prices are ridiculous!!!

Celia Mcrae

I will never go back to this theater again. I was rudely instructed to go to another line at the concession stand. After being instructed to another line, three people walked up to the line I was instructed away from. They received service. That really upset me. When I asked to speak to the manager, I found out the rude person who instructed me away was the manager on duty. She stated, with a smurk on her face, that she didn't know that the register was about to open back up (and you're the manager?). She did not offer an apology or anything. I requested her name and the General Manager's name, so I could inform him about the service I'd received. The only reason I did not request a refund for the movie ticket is because my son wanted to see a movie that day. I could not enjoy the movie at all.


It is a very nice theater. Popcorn and soda was good.

Beth Connors

Very friendly staff, clean facilities and great pruce!

Christine Jacobs

I hesitated on 3 stars. The prices are crazy high. There is no need to be that expensive on movie prices or snacks. Plus, no one monitors the noise level of movie watchers. The seats are comfortable but could stand cleaning. Staff is nice.

Aaron Henley

I like this location a lot. Friendly staff is nice thing at a movie theater. Always helpful. The concession stands have a pretty decent speed so that you are not standing there too long. My wife likes the Colonel Glenn location more, but this location is usually fine.

Sandy Bakerlis

Saw Downton Abbey. Great movie! Nice clean theater.

Audrey Denson

I think Tinsletown is the best movie theatre to go to. They have awesome popcorn. One thing I don't like about it is that the good is over priced.

Maria Canales

It was good just the restrooms very dirty

Jordan M

I wish I could give 0 stars. This place ruined my entire night. Blows on big sausage. Staff is horrific. I’m 25 and can’t bring my 17 year old brother into a movie because he doesn’t have a drivers listener yet. Makes sense.

Yvonne Lander

Very nice and clean. I great place for a little break.

Hank Trantham

Just got back from watching the Downton movie, which was great! My problem was service was terrible, with only one person working the counter selling tickets and then jumping over to get drinks and popcorn.....surly there’s more than one person in the building! Then we go in to the movie and volume for the commercials and upcoming movies was so loud we had to sit there with our fingers in our and my wife. Yes we are older but I’m still not deaf. The volume on the movie was ok, but I will not put my ears through something like that again. If I ever go back......I will take ear plugs, but I doubt I ever go back! . ..

Shaquan Robinson

I really like this place

Debra Bruner

Easy to go to easy to get into during the day is not bad only thing it needs is like rest


great place to watch movies with family and friends, except the food can be a bit pricey and the back consession stand is always closed. kind of an inconvenience whenever there are many people there.

Michael Edwards

Great place but I wish they had the recliner seats like everywhere else.


A decent theater. Never had any real problems. The concession staff is great about seeing that you need a refill on your drink or popcorn and are usually quick about helping you with that so you can get back to your movie. Staff has always been friendly in personal experiences. I just wish they would update the seating to compete with other theaters. Footrests would be appreciated. Although, the seats are fine in their current condition.


It's a nice theater for the price. I will go back just because of that alone. As far as concessions are concerned they are what you would consider typical of a movie theater. They got to make a living to! It's great fun for the family quality screen great seating good sound you can't go wrong!

Ron Grigsby

Overcomer was a great movie.

Kimberly Hicks

Always clean and high quality screens.

cheryl slaton

Nice seating. Comfortable for long Movie

Mary Gifford

This place is pretty great. It's much closer to me than the little rock locations. They have great prices and a really friendly staff. I will admit though that their bathrooms are not usually very clean but their popcorn is great and they put the butter on for you, which I prefer. A lot of places make you add your own now. Also, I'm a big fan of the extra snacks that they offer for kids. And the parking lot makes parking close easy and it's very well lit and safe.

Brayden Gray

i walked towards the back of the room because i got lost and saw slaves working and making the worst popcorn i have ever tasted like seriously i almost got 4 s.t.d's from one piece of popcorn also the hot dogs are basically chopped off slave wieners my last complaint is the dandruff in my candy ewwwww jk lol

Keisha Riggan

Love going to the movies here. Good prices are early tickets.

Priscilla Smith

"The Return of Mary Poppins" was great!

Tanya Tiernan

Great "old fashioned" theater. Buy your tickets from an actual person, no assigned seats, good concessions!

Jennifer Irwin

Friendly staff, clean theaters!

Jacinda Purtle

Comfortable seats, great popcorn, not too crowded on a Friday night.

Lance Jonio

Went to watch a "The Spy Who dumped Me" I never laughed so hard in my life. My boyfriend and I almost pissed ourselves it was so funny. The concession foods and drinks are way overpriced, but the tickets were decently priced, everyone I met was super friendly.! and the theater areas were spotless.!

John Mockabee

Plenty of snack choices & Big comfortable theater chairs!¡!

Jennifer Martin

Had a good time with my favorite daughter.

Stacy Lippard

This movie theater is located in Salisbury, NC. It’s convenient to shops and restaurants. The prices are pretty good. They have nice leather recliner seating. I believe there are 14 theaters shows. So that’s nice. It’s clean. They offer a lot of coupon deals on email for weekly deals. Our family loves going to this location. I try to go with my husband weekly if there is a movie , we haven’t seen out !

It’s Ebby K

Really retro theater but tolerable. Nice staff and clean facility. Kids didn't like the food and you could hear the other movies through the walls.

Michelle Miller

Love it

Grogg G

Great movie theater. Clean. Movie started on time. Picture & sound qualities were great. Good variety at the concession. Professional & courteous staff.

Veronica W Moore

Slow line for snacks. Other wise great

Tom Anderson

Great theater with comfortable seating. Always great movies with a super snack area

Jacob Chase

Good quality but the food is overpriced like Alot


Very fun

cyndi ball

We went to see the Breakthrough Movie...(a wonderful movie). Just wanted to say ; we love Tinseltown Theatre. The staff is friendly and it's nice and clean.

Natalie Smith

Ordering tickets on Fandango and showing up for movie, is so much better. Clean theater and seats are comfortable.

Ralph Lusher

Great place to see a movie! Sound turned up a little too high, but still a great place.


Very impressed! This was my first time out to the movies in a decade. I recently visited and I am glad I did. Rarely does one encounter a polite respectable staff when the staff is so young. The seating was very comfortable! The bathrooms clean and stocked full of necessities. There are plenty of screens and movie choices with flexible show times. I will visit again. Thank you for a wonderful relaxing experience.

Kelley Scott

Tinseltown in Salisbury, NC. I love my Theatre. The seats have all been replaced with comfy blue leather-like material. The concessions are good. Popcorn like I enjoy it hot and buttery. Icee Cola my favorite. Ticket prices are better than anywhere else and as long as I avoid opening day/weekend usually get to enjoy my movie with a seat empty to either side of my group. (I do prefer before 6pm movies so that probably helps too

Kristen Hamilton

The theater workers treated me like they respected me when I walked in the door, and like they were happy to have customers, not with a bad attitude. It is a noticeable difference when I can afford to go.

B.E. Funderburg

It's always fun to go to the movies. The staff have never been rude. The only downfall for me is the prices but that is going to be anywhere you go.

Jim Scarboro

Theater and facilities are nice but you will pay more for popcorn and a drink than two seats for the show. Example: Small drink that you might expect to give .75 cents to a 1.00 for, is 4.50.

Todd Tiffin

John wick was great. My only knock was the bathroom floors felt like they were waxed in butter.

Jimenez Rodríguez


Amy williams

Lately I've been going here due to them showing movie's in 3D or certain movie's my own theater won't show. Popcorn was good and so was the seating!

Glenn Porter

Theatre was built my senior year in high school 98 so it holds a special place in my heart.

Jackie M. Dutcher

Clean n friendly atmosphere

Kendra Roberts

Tickets and Concession Stand items ridiculous

Steven Nichol

Great place for a cheap date night, especially the early birds. Staff are usually friendly and service is fast. The cleanliness leaves a little to be desired.

Uvadelle Penn

Enjoyed movie, but not prices of items in concession stand. They are outrageous!

Jaretzy H

I went to the movies the other day and accidentally left my wallet there (my mistake). However, it was the last movie playing that night, and me and my boyfriend where the last to leave the theater. The next day I called to make sure it was there and when I got it back, money was missing, and a ring. I know there is a cleaning crew at night, so whoever turned in my wallet most likely took it. So disappointing because I’ve been going to this theater for years now and every time I call I keep getting told they will call my back and they don’t.

Meredith Steele

I love that they show old classic movies here! We saw "My Fair Lady" with Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison. I wish they had recliners like some other movie theaters, but overall a fun experience.

micheal prosser

Nice and clean movies.

josey gutierrez

It’s very inconvenient to have the babies changing table right in front of the door where people are walking in and out and everyone can see. It’s not kid friendly specially when the men bathroom is right in front of it.

charles rodgers

Great Theatre. I thoroughly enjoyed my movie experience.

patci parker

Comfortable seats, clean and the staff was very courteous and friendly

Daniel Fields

Nice comfortable


I watch movie. Movie funnny. Theater good. Yummy soda

Catherine Stutler

This theater seems more expensive than others with the same benefits. I don’t like the atmosphere much...very obnoxious.

Jaketa McClure

Great place for individuals or family.

Marilyn Rodriguez

So difficult to find. The name doesn't suggest this is a theater and we circled it before realizing it was our destination. Pricing and everything is what you would expect, clean, pleasant and helpful staff comfortable seats, screen was great condition

Jim Hutchins

Nice. Friendly. Clean. Bo worries about being on time. You get about half an hour of commercials before your feature film.

magen Stewart

Last night was one of the worst movie experiences of my life. It was no fault of the staff or the theater. My daughter and I were so excited for months to go see the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kindom. We made a huge day of it. I don't go to the theater much because I have an autoimmune disorder and having a compromised immune, so this was a big deal. We got there early, we're the 1st ones in the theater for the 3D version. Before the previews even started some parents show up with a young child (maybe 4). All I can assume is that he has some type of mental disability. I'm very understanding of these, however Jurassic World: Fallen Kindom might not be the best choice for such a young child even with out said disability. We paid good money for our experience just to have the entire thing ruined by a kid wailing and screaming the entire 3hrs. It was awful. I would like to say it was a good movie, but I don't know....I could here over this child's fit. These selfish parents ruined everyone in that theatres experience. Absolutely ridiculous. Please don't be 'those parents'. There are other people there trying to make special memories with their children too. You are just selfish jerks.

Clearly Undertale Trash

It was great! There is nothing about it that I would change unless i could change the prices of being to high haha only a little though.

Clayton Guy

Best movie theater in town great choice for kids, awsome service

Raven Night

Nice theater. They have a arcade for the kids in the front as well. Clean and the staff is friendly.

Joyce Swinson

So loud .. My ears hurt .. And so cold . my legs and feet hurt . But enjoyed the movie . .

Kathleen Bruce

The Theater itself was nice, but the way me and my children were treated by the staff that worked behind the concession stand and the guy that took our tickets, leaves ALOT to be desired. We walked up to purchase popcorn and drinks and the 3 employees working behind the counter just stared at us. Not one of them said a word to us, didn't ask us if we could be helped. it was VERY awkward and made my children and myself extremely uncomfortable. They only said something after I asked for popcorn and drinks, and even then, they were very short and very rude to me. The guy taking the tickets was also very rude, as I saw him being a literal jerk to another woman who asked what number theater the movie she was seeing was in. and again, he also said nothing to me. Will not be returning in the future based on horrible customer service.

Hosea Alvarado

Great place for a Friday night get away

Ashayla Shaw

One comment: WD-40 !! I never in my life been so irritated due to squeaky chairs. OIL YOUR ÇHAIRS!!

Jeff Thomas

seen rambo last blood loved the movie and always enjoy tinseltown and the concessions

Lorena Murray

Went to see TAG. It was hilarious. The seats are so comfortable that it makes my achy bones happy!.

Rhonda Covais

Went to pick up tickets for Star Trek Beyond, and everyone there was friendly and very nice. I've always enjoyed time spent at Tinseltown over the years.


Just watched a was hot inside the theater. I asked someone about turning the AC up some, but to no avail. Everything thing else about the experience was fine.

Jason HendriX

Best theater Ever! Expensive but at least you get what you pay for

Joe West

Didn't have anyWanted 54 inch 54 inch gater blades

Debbie Masi

Had a good time at Tinseltown in Salisbury. Went to see A House With A Clock In It's Wall

jason denley

A great place to watch a movie. The staff is always very helpful and friendly.

Russtina Green

Great theater. Very safe. Easy to get in and out of. Never a traffic jam. Snack bar is pretty good. They do not serve beer or wine . You can not reserve sitting.

sharon abbott

Love the employees ,very helpful and kind. Although i wish they could upgrade the seating. But I never have any problems here

Jesse Howard

Good movie

J.R. Tyler

Overpriced but clean and nice surrounding

Luna MD-RT Productions

Love this theatre! Always nice, friendly, and clean. We travel out of town to visit here.

Dronetastic M

Nice and clean. Standard seats.

Carlos Guerrero

Great place to enjoy a movie. Very retro looking

Dianna Kilburn

Always nice. Caught the first show of the day. The staff was excited to be there.

Shawn Flaherty

Nice place

Kelly Clewell

Great place for a Sunday afternoon movie, practically had the place to ourselves.

Lynn Milstead

I go on cheap Tuesday, great deal

janet ngum

Love this

Bay Murray

Stood in line at the concession stand for 35 minutes for popcorn and drinks. So you better go a little earlier than you normally would cause your going to have to wait.

moon landing fake

They have all the new movies that come out here. The seats aren't the best but they work.

Datarvia Parrish

Comfortable theatre - affordable prices - nice atmosphere - clean - friendly staff - pretty good concessions

Terry Hill

One of the best and cheapest movie theaters around. They also have some good food too

Linda Moore

Had a great time, nice and clean!!!

Michelle Hoekman

Very clean good service comfy

Kayla Wilder

Nice movie theater. $5 Tuesdays

Beth Manning

Best movie place in Arkansas

Chuck Saunders

Great theater, love the recliners.

Wayne Graham

Great place for movies especially on days or nights that are too cold or too hot to be outside. I agree with the other reviewer about no sign on the door and your website stating you were open when you weren't during our recent bad weather. Around the corner, Food Lion employees cared enough to get there and open up; Why couldn't you make it there and open up? What's it take...One snack seller that couples as a ticket seller and then one to run the films??? Salisbury Tinseltown needs to wake up and realize there's very little to do in this slow-to-develop town. Not being open, especially two days after the snowfall when the roads were passable is just like our local YMCA not being open as if it's a reasonable excuse for time off work..

denise burnell

Very comfortable and safe movie theater

Sparky Mike

Best popcorn I've had at a movie theater in a long time. Seats were very comfortable also.

Rachel Lum

Great prices kind staff

Johnny Dalton

They have Pretzels with Jalapeno cheese dip and it is awesome!

michael benson

I've read several bad things about this theater on google but didn't see it when my wife and I visited there tonight. We went to opening night of a popular movie and had no problems. We prepaid online and were able to go right in by scanning the code from my phone. Got a great seat, the concession lines moved really fast, the bathrooms were clean and the staff was very nice. In fact, the only problem we had was a lady who kept talking out loud and a guy who sat next to me who kept pulling out his phone to send texts. The staff immediately asked them both to stop. So...the only problem I saw came from other customers who are too rude to know how to act in a movie theater.

Melissa Tuttle

great theater. Clean and staff are always friendly


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