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1109 N 3rd St, Grove, OK 74344, United States

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REVIEWS OF Cinema 6 of Grove IN Arkansas

Danny Smith

Small town theater with a new theater room and good popcorn. Adequate prices. Need to update the bathrooms. Staff was very friendly.

Sebastian Smith

Padding on most of the armrests is ripped off. Lights never dim, so there are glares over half of the screen. The lens on the projector is very dirty, as well as the screen. When brought up the staff says they won't do anything about it. We had a group of young girls behind us, alone, in an R rated movie, that would not be quiet. After asking the staff to fix it twice they never even attempted to quiet them down. This has happened multiple times. The staff is pretty friendly, and it's fairly clean. Just not very attentive to the issues.

David Kirk

Bad snacks out dated. Very run down needs alot of work inside bad sound system sucks bad they have bed bugs

Marcus Hansen

Really good service. Price isnt to bad. The theater rooms are kinda small an some are either hot or really cold. Usually pretty clean. A little out dated an gets kinda over crowded trying to buy tickets.

Carol Andrejak

Wonderful staff. Reasonable prices. Only thing I hate is the airline seats. My husband and I have to sit with an empty seat between us just to have some shoulder room.

Rick Kley

Dirty, seat are small and uncomfortable. They don't inforce no cell phone use, so many distractions dury the movie. It's better to drive to Joplin.

Mayte Fernanda Lule

It is good food and movies

Sam Reeves

It's Cinema 7 now, not 6.

Barb drummbrower

Nice theatre, good popcorn.

Cody Bynum

Great current movies at a good price.

Heather Bible

I love this place staff is always polite. It's simply the place to go!!


Very gud

Alicia Ward

Great seating and great concessions verity

Elektra Stanley

They won't give you refunds of food they damaged

Trish Roderique

Great theatre and good seating and clean and great sound system

Latishia Buck

Nice peaceful little theater great customer service

Leah Sullivan

Friendly staff, clean theatre, great movies, excellent popcorn, and conveniently close to home!! Really enjoy this theatre.

Tyler Hewitt

Some more improvements could be made but overall a nice little theatre

Heather Cantrell

Clayton Braun

Really nice since the remodel.

Thomas Thompson

Great little hometown movie theater

Gail Beal

Rita S

Well we have set here for 30 minutes and watched the same commercial over and over. This sucks

Aaron Bartholomew

Clean, low price small town cinema. Shows start on time with no or few trailers.

Marty Angelo

The 3 person staff took admissions through the concessions, so i had to wait 10 minutes to get a ticket, while the people in front of me couldnt decide which soda to purchase, hopefully by now they will keep one person for admissions only

Courtney Hamilton

When you walk in the tickets and concession are now all together, which is very confusing since the original ticket window just sits there. The theatre itself is usually in need of a deep clean. Staff is normally friendly, but not exactly number one in customer service. Overall movie experience is pleasant, temp inside can get chilly for some, and volume inside of the theater is always a good loud.

Jaslyn Dalrymple

everything is pretty good except for the fact that there aren't too seats and the movie is quiet.

Kathy Reed

Great theater, good popcorn. Nice staff.

Darryl Descourouez

Best theatre in Grove.

Allen Villarreal

Awesome theatre in a small town. Grove should be very proud to have this place in there town.

Matthew Coleman

Quick and usually not that busy. I prefer it over larger theaters.

Amy Doublehead-Jarvis

The new seats in the theater are amazing!!! But its ridiculous that it costs $35 for and adult and child to see a movie in the theater that includes a shared popcorn and two drinks.

Jessica Williams

Aquaman was amazing

Dora Brantley

It was awesome

Ricardo Padilla

Good place

Dale Good

Always friendly staff. Prices are very good compared to other theaters. Only reason not 5 stars is due to some theater seats in disrepair.

Bonnie Wyatt

We have been 3 times now & had 3 good experiences.

Kris De Sha

Edit 3: Okay, Walked in this location for the last time. My wife forced me here to get gift cards for her friend for Christmas. I waited in line and a super helpful young kid (blonde hair) was helping me, it wasn't working, so he went to the other register and I followed him, again it wouldn't work. He said let me get my manager, and he walks around to the game room where I see the "Manager" with her shoes of and her socks up on the Air Hockey Table eating and drinking. The kid asked his Manager if she could help him, and she said, "NAH, there's nothing we can do" I felt bad for the kid because he did try and His "Manager" wouldn't get up to help. This place has become filthy and rundown. I wish the owners would step in and clean this place up. Everyone I know goes out of town to watch movies, the current condition is hurting business. When people go out of town to watch movies, they also eat and shop out of town. The story is sort of unbelievable, and I don't have harsh reviews much, and have over 150 reviews, this is by far the worst. I am including a photo with the face of the Manager blurred. DO NOT COME HERE. Edit 2: changing from 2 to 1 stars. They also have issues starting movie on time, secons time we have been let into a movie after our scheduled start time, no order to have people wait to be seated. Got $5 worth of quarters from the consession, there is no change machine. EVERY single machine took our money. Nothing worked. We have started driving to other towns for movies. Edit 1 : Changing from 4 to 2 stars. I don't know what happened, but They moved the Ticket Line to the Consession line, I showed up 30 minutes early, and Everyone in front of me has 6-8 kids and buying popcorn, 30 minutes early, and Didn't get into the theater until after 15 minutes into the film, I asked them what was going on, they said it was policy now. Old Review: Great local place to watch movies, get tickets early to avoid the awkward line placement right when you enter the building. Theater remains friendly and clean.

Charlene Allensworth

We normally go to Tulsa and thought we would try this one out. It is very expensive and uncomfortable.

Richard Matthews

Always nice and always a good show on

B Curnutte

Great theatre

Tami Wallace

Great movie but the seats are broke down & VERY uncomfortable in the theater I was in.


Little pricey. But overall a good experience.

Bobbie Folk

Staff is friendly and helpful, and it's close to home!

Pamela Clement

Enjoyed movies and snack bar employes are very nice. May need re-do restrooms

Susan Cowart

Definitely needs an update, & the MOST uncomfortable movie theater seats ever! Quit trying to pack more in & make it comfortable for those that are there!

Mike Marshall

Always keeps the most current up to date movies and the snacks are always fresh. Unfortunately its a little pricy. The theater is always clean when we go.

riddled kitten

The air conditioner in the movie we went to see was broken but we chose another. Great movie and very friendly staff.

Brian Schroer

The seats look really comfortable but they're not.

Zane McCombs

Pretty good place

Christina Gonzalez

Jennifer Ware

Love this place...friendly and the 7th Cinema is great!!!

Frank Phipps

Most of the seats in this theater have been vandalized with the arm pads removed by vandals leaving bare metal to rest your arms. For what this theater charges, they should be able to maintain their equipment better. Did I mention what they charge? It appears this owner is trying to catch up to Bill Gates fortune, but without providing the quality product or service of Microsoft. I don't understand the reviews I read of prices being reasonable. They must have seven figure incomes and not care about quality of seating.

Mavaneen Pierce

Nice employees very comfortable. An all Ard great experience.

robert nutt

Nice enough theater

Ebben Feagan

Great theater for such a small town. Didn't try the popcorn but it smelled really good. Seats were comfortable and picture was perfect.

Lori Richardson

They are adding a new screen and remodeling the rest of the theatre. It's going to be very nice when completed.

Ruth Robinson

Always clean, great movies, plenty of people to serve you.

Concha Trippensee

HAPPY,,went to the movie and saw 12 Strong. Wow go see it. True story

Rose Henderson-Davis

arcarde games mess up a lot but the employees are nice , the bathrooms are clean and snacks are fresh


Katrina Lane

Love this Cinema will be going there again!

Cody Sams

It's the only theatre in town. If you can wait, go to Joplin otherwise, it'll do.

Billie Barton

good clean theaters. friendly attendants

Roy Green

Awesome theater great prices and seating.


Nice and cool

Nancy Bro

Some of their Chairs are broken. But they layer their butter just right on their popcorn.

Bryce Briant

Since its the only movie theater around it's rather pricey, but still has fair movie theater seats and food. Nothing special but still a place to watch movies.

Stacy Eads

Tickets $2 cheaper than where I live. Snacks expensive but that's expected at any movie theater.

Tristen Kirkwood

Stood by the counter for a few minutes hust to get a soda refill but no one showed up

Debra Sikes

Trisha Miller

Movie theater is clean, but woman manager is very RUDE! I saw her talking to several different people and employees and she has a terrible DEMEANOR! She shouldn't be running the theater or be in charge of Anyone! Wouldn't Recommend until Management is changed! Watch a movie at home where it's cheaper and you aren't subjected to RUDE MANAGEMENT!

brandon coleman

The screen was small for the 40 dollars we spent for my wife and son and I

Bret murphy

Popcorn was cold but other than that it was good

Denna Martin

Clean place very kind helpful people.

Brenda Perez

super friendly staff clean theater

Timothy Taylor

Always a good time!

Rod Bouwman

Clean, easy in and out.

Heather Krone

Be sure to read the website of their place before you go

Katrina Jarman

Great place....just needs a better selection of snacks, especially for the kid packs.

JoAnn Osburn


Monica Whinery

If it were closer to me I would go more often

Ellsworth Ozzy Amos III

Had a good time with family

Robin Hunt

$10 cheaper for movie and drinks than most places around me, but the seats are terrible. The cushion on the armrest had been pulled off several of the seats.

Laketa Langley

We frequent this movie theater often. Enjoy that it is not too busy. Staff is friendly, but...I have to mention the ladies restroom has broken locks on the restroom, same ones for the past 2 years....really! No, hook to put your purse....come on, it might take 30min max to fix this! Other than this we enjoy it.

Marly Carpenter

Can't go there again. Pretty sure the seats are for tiny people only. I almost got up to leave a few times due to my back hurting so bad. Very uncomfortable for what they charge to see a movie.

Customer Satisfaction

If I could give no stars I would!! A while back they took out ticket line so you have to stand in concession line to buy tickets!

Jasmine Jackson

I love this theater. I've been going since i was a young girl

Sear Grove

Love this theater! Very friendly staff! We go about once a week!

John Cellner

All expectations were met the theater seats were comfortable we had good pop corn and enjoyed the movie

David Dotson

It’s near my location so you have to enjoy the convenience

chelsea bell

I couldn't hear the movie because of others. Now I have to come back/or elsewhere, tomorrow and pay yet again.

Deborah Torgler

A clean facility with comfortable seats. Expensive, as I suppose all movies are these days. But really, $4 for a small bag of popcorn?

Rechele Fields

A clean movie theater. Good seating. Not bad for a small town.

Tami Rice

Nice theatre clean. Plan on going back

Ntxhee Her

It's ok not very organized but on Sundays there are not a lot of ppl at the late showing so that's a plus.

Dollie Barrington

Great local place

Mailee Yang

Nice but small

Sheila Steward

The seats were so comfortable . The theater what is very clean. And the movie I saw Bohemian Rhapsody was excellent.

ashley epperson

Love that our small town has this! Always a fun time at the movies!

Lydia S

It kinda pricey

Brentley Rouse

Small theater but serves the purpose

Dani Stine

this movie theater is run by high schoolers

Nathaniel j.s.carter

It's a great place to go and they are 420 friendly

Austin Martin

Good Theater! Stadium seating and clean!

Kristie Freeman

Friendly staff and great popcorn. Love the fact that they have a 4 pm showing so you do not have to be out late.

Luis Arrieta

Good image and sound, musky smelling and really uncomfortable seating!

ferra alvira

Wasnt the best but not horrible

Beckey Molina

Good theater it's a box expensive, though.

Mark Allen Nickles

Clean facility, friendly staff. However, they don't offer the chance to apply your own butter to your popcorn, which I like. Instead, they offer flavored powders. I need butter!

Mary Risman

It is a great place to go. Good movies also. Clean restrooms and clean theater.

Marta Doughty

Please heat up the theaters. It is unbearably cold in there and impossible to comfortably enjoy the movie.

Lillian Laymon

Tried and true, this is the place to go in Grove, OK. They always have a great selection of the most current new releases! Friendly staff, clean environment, and fresh popcorn!

Linda Phinney

excellent movie "Hostiles"

phillip drake

Very nice and the people there are helpfull

Ryan Frost

This place sucks 1 the seats are to Damn small and to Damn uncomfortable 2 I paid 25$ to see a movie at 7 and 2 bags of candy. The owner is over charging for movies and food.

Earl Trout


Jessica Hatfield

So awesome. Family night was a blast. Very friendly folks and great movies. Concessions were awesome as well. Very clean and great experience.

Carlos Garcia

I like you you going to have fun in there

Shari Albright

It was great except for the boneheads behind us that couldnt respect other customers that were there to enjoy the show. Talking, playing on thier phones and kicking the back of my chair at least 12 times. I finally had to tell them to chill out. I feel bad for leaving this rating as the manager is a nice young respectful man. The popcorn was awesome.

Adam Wharton

Terrible theater but I guess that's all this area has to offer. Arcade doesn't work,no seating in lounge area , and customer service was piss poor

Don Smith

The people working there very friendly and quick service great movies, plenty of parking.

Cheryl Beavers

Alittle pricey seating starts out being comfortable but goes to uncomfortable pretty quick. Good service and great employees

katie moore

It is truly an unforgettable experience for me. I always love it when I go there. The staff is very friendly.

Ashly Blomquist

Its good for Grove

Wayne Short

Like the new seats. You need to do something about the really poor quality if the local ads. Not worth what ever you are charging... Every thing else OK

Rodrigo Ramos

Thus place is awesome and if you really want to see a movie in Grove that's clean go to this place and have a great time. You will not find any place near that is like this place. Great people and friendly environment

squishy boi youtube

Don't watch pacific rim 2 it sucked

Gwen Mefford

It was friendly and clean. The theater was a comfortable temperature, and the movie was not too loud, all of this made it enjoyable to be there!

Richard Manicom

Best in town

Danny Kocher

good place

Anna Swartz

craig kasjaka

Good place

Mychelle Teed

Prices seem outrageous to me!!

Christy Budden

Barbara Trujillo

Friendly people, very nice. Like it.

Chris Wagnon


Nice atmosphere...

Byron Lopez

Is good for the whole family

Pat Feathers

Great place

Chris Dotson

Very nice Staff

Perri Johnson

Great Atmosphere

Corgi Corner

Amazing service, good food and good seating.

Cheylyn Arshad

New movie room. Will leave you needing a chiropractor and a bottle of pain meds whoever thought that u should be less than 5 feet away from the screen was on major druga

Lacie Griffin

Love the updates!

Keli Steen

Nice small town theater. Six screens, no IMAX, one theater seating.

Fred Downing

Very entertaining

Tonda Daniels

Good movie

David Ballard


Laura Lewis

Aquaman was fantastic


It looks like one of those porn theaters on the side of the road.

preston Hendrix my life

Watched dora the lost city of gold it was AMAZING!!!

sheryl beck

Nice new seating , no declining seats but comfy

Wayne Smith

Has good picture shows on a regular basis. Dark inside the theater making it hard to navigate in and out.

Joshua webber

Nice quiet Little Theater awesome customer service just wish it wasn't so cold in there all the time but can't complain too much!

Karen Downs

Restroom was nasty, movie was good. Popcorn was cold.

Janette Taber

Love this movie theater.

Hannah Hart-Brown

The staff is young but so friendly. Very clean theater. Restrooms are clean and popcorn is always kept fresh!


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