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4740 Gretna Rd, Branson, MO 65616, United States Located in: The Shoppes at Branson Meadows

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Where is Branson Meadows Cinemas 11?

REVIEWS OF Branson Meadows Cinemas 11 IN Arkansas


Theaters are small but have large screens and awesome sound system. Seats are comfortable and theater is clean. We went for a matinee and prices were very reasonable!

Megan Allen

Little theater but has great movies and cheap prices can't beat that!

Deana Wolfe

Great theater with comfortable seating & snack bar

Natalie Davenport

Clean...freezing bring a jacket!

Eleanor B

This is actually a pretty good little theater. The speakers worked well no distortion or anything. My kids were amused playing the arcade games in the front. Popcorn was fresh and decent price.

Gabriel Franklin

Clean but one of the speakers sounded like it was blown.


Its the only place my boyfriend and I go to the movies. Love it!

Roy Parsons

Good movie. It was First Man, about Neil Armstrong.

E Reese

Had the theater to ourselves. Go early to see your show. Friendly staff, very helpful.

Charles Wagner

Best theater around! Prices are reasonable, staff is super friendly and always has suggestions on movies me and my wife may enjoy and helps us find the good deals on concessions. Always clean! Will always pick this theater over others.

Gage Rice

Very clean theatre. Friendly staff and the prices are reasonable.

Mary Fey

Movie was good....but admission price..I consider it high....Salina Kansas is $4 for afternoon times....and $4 for senior citizens...all the time...just saying.

Mike Coate

We came here to see Overcome. I highly suggest this movie!

Gary M

John wick II. Great show. Theater staff was nice. Property is a little ran down. Not bad. But you get the feeling the theater was once a show piece & now it's getting less care. Seats comfy. Intimate sized room. Great sound. All great.

D Upchurch

Fast and friendly. Owners should look into updating the seating though. I sat down in the theatre and the seats were lumpy and worn out. With as much money as these types of businesses charge to watch a movie, you'd think they'd at least make it more comfortable to sit for 2 hours!

Rex Hicks

Good Theater.

Debbie Cox-Ball

Grateful that this theatre is showing Christian-type movies. Thank you!

Christine Albrecht

All was great except it was freezing in the movie room. I thought maybe it was just me...but as I was leaving, there was only 8 other people in there, they were saying how cold they were and couldn't wait to get outside to warm up.

Michele Hammock

Love this little theatre!

Michael Barker

It's a good place to go never super packed quiet and they clean up good anyone who is in Branson and is going to watch a movie should go to Branson meadows cinema

Wayne Werner

Good movie theatre, nothing great. The auditoriums are small and intimate, but the screens are large enough that you still enjoy it.

Mike Altepeter

Nice people in lobby. Odor in theater. Noisy bunch of young folks during jabbering during "Endgame", but no help from usher. 3D irritating.

Nina Daniels

I was surprised how nice this place is. Not overcrowded, which is perfect for me and my anxiety.

Deborah Swank

I arrived a little late but still pretty dark hallway to where I needed to be. Upside...friend accidentally left her phone and staff had it. That was great how they handled it.

Linda Hardcastle

Great food great prices.

Mercedes Rich

Good discount for CofO students and great atmosphere!

Jon Oesterreicher

Great place to send a few hours with a friend

Phillip Nelson

We go to Branson often, and always try to make time to go here. Many shops and selection. We enjoy just shopping many shops in one location.

Anthony Castellano

Quite a nice place, staff were nice and popcorn was amazing.

Misti Sweeney

They're getting pricey too

Sibelle S

Great place

Blake Travels

Great movies and it is clean with nice employees!

CRX delsol

We had a blast here. No complaints

Stuart Carlson

What an amazing cinematic experience!!

Debra Reddy

Decent place to catch a movie.

Amy Hunter

Best little cinema

Brenda Markham

Theatre needs a facelift! Very uncomfortable seating.

Brandi Potts

Restrooms we're extremely dirty but loved the movie!

Rachael Foster

Ticket prices are great and it was very clean when I was in. Snacks/drinks were kind of expensive but I think that’s every movie theater. The staff was very nice.


Smelled like mold and chairs felt damp.

Fra Patten

Awesome people. Reasonable prices. 10/10 would come here again. Food was amazing. Offers student discounts as well. Fantastic expierence

Cameron Marshall

Not many options for a movie theater in Branson, but this one is a good one. The pricing is reasonable, the staff is friendly, and it is clean.

Jason Brandau

It's a decent Cinema. Nothing really special just a regular good place to go watch a movie...Cheers

Fallen Angel206


Mackenzie's Winzenried

Good movie. Friendly staff. It sure was chilly in the theater. Be sure to take a sweater or light jacket.

anakin durron

Many of the seats are broken and those that aren't are uncomfortable as hell. Everything is dirty and falling apart. The concessions offered are sub par.

Beverly Fraizer

I enjoyed Branson Missouri! Such a calm and relaxing place. It is full of fun and never a dull moment. Everyone is so friendly.

Dianna Carter

Friendly, clean, all in all a good experience, fair prices...we go back again and again !

zane Petersen

Our favorite family day place.

Vicky Putman

Nice theater, first time visit. Worst seats I've ever sat in. Was aching all over by the time Rocketman was over. Good sound, building was cold. Good snacks. Will go again.

Stan Horning

They do a real nice job here keeping the theatre clean and attractive. However, the Tuesday/Thursday Popcorn Special has become more of a gimmick than a bargain. Now they have raised the yearly bucket price to $12. We are to believe that the next time is free. It is not. You might not pay anything for that bucket next time, but your real cost is now $6.00. After six times, your cost is $2.00. One must use it 12 times for a free bucket! Last year, because of the poor movie offering, at least to my taste, I used it only three times ($12.00 divided by 3= $4.00 per bucket. That said, the popcorn comes with self serving butter, so it is tasty! figure.

Josh Smith

Terrible power went out during the movie. This is not the first time this has happened during our visit..i do not recommend this theater at all. Imax is much more pleasurable experience.

wayne porter

Always an enjoyable time at the movies...popcorn delicious too

Jason Shipley

Simple movie theater. Not crowded at all and reasonably priced. Good quality sound and picture.

Nathalie Lazart

Awesome theater and awesome staff.

Jessica Hashman

Popcorn could be better. But the theatre is clean and they have other movie food besides popcorn

Malissa Mello

We love love love our movie theater! Our only sadness is that there is no military discount. They offer a student discount, no veterans discount. Very sad because there are alot of us who watch movies. This theater has amazing sound quality and wonderful seats.

Cindy Love

The popcorn was yummy

GangstaRob 100

We came here on spring break and We had to see captain marvel... 2

Rick Engelking

Good prices good seats good sound. All around good deal

James Nevins

Rarely crowded and I have not wanted to see a movie that they did not have a convient time option for me. The last show we watch the chairs seemed damp like someone had sprayed a mister over them though. A little awkward to sit for 2 hours and not feel comfortable putting your elbows on the rest.

Kathleen Lewallen

Great place! Employees are helpful and kind.

Ray Wilkins

First run movies at a fair price. Nice audio, video and seats. Refreshments are high and limited.

Debra C

We saw Shazam. The movie was excellent. The staff were all friendly. Nice time! Really nice employees.

John Sanders

Decent theater. Clean. Friendly staff. Prices comparable to other. Nice movie selection. Over all good experience. No complaints.

Patricia Orsburn

Enjoyed the theater seating, clean and nice staff

Marcie Brown

Hadn't been to this theatre in years. Went to see Ready Player 1 and it was in 3D. We were specific in what movie and time we wanted, had gotten there early to get good seats, so hung out and the kids played their arcade games while waiting. Right before we went in to the theatre we went to concession stand to get snacks, while standing there I was looking at our tickets and realized they were for the wrong time. So we questioned this with staff and we informed that the tickets we had originally received were for the later 2D showing and the ones we actually wanted were more expensive, our son wanted to see the 3D version for his birthday. So we paid the difference and we didn't miss out on the 3D experience. The reason for the low rating is the attitude of the person who was assisting us with correcting the problem. He jumped on the defensive as soon as we questioned the issue. I understand that there are probably tons of people who try to take advantage and get ticket upgrades or whatever, but to assume that everyone is guilty of that and to treat them like they are is not acceptable.

catharen gutierrez

Nice and clean place.

Paul Cate

If you want to see movies in Branson Missouri, then this is the place to be at , always have senior discount and matinee movies.

Catrina Richards

It is cute and affordable and usually i really enjoy the place but there was a power outage which stopped our film shortly before the end at the climax and they didn't do anything to compensate for the frustrations of having to wait for the power to come back on. When it did the film started playing at the wrong time and it was interrupted again by the staff. I will go back because this isn't a regular occurrence. I will reevaluate my review when i do.

cynthia crow

Very good. Clean and friendly staff.

ashley pickrell

Employees were lazy and rude. They like to stand around while there is a single person helping a long line of customers (trying to get into the movie before it starts), the seats in the theater were extremely run down and would squeak any time you would move which in return made the movie hard to listen to. Just an over all bad experience. I won’t be returning to this theater.

Misty Franklin

Great small theater....staff was nice but wasn't very interactive

Jerry Hicks

Good movie very clean

Kill Switch1

I always go there and get seated and there’s no problem with the movie nor the food. Their food is absolutely delicious.

Angel Zamorano

Great pricing

Terri Conner

It is a pretty nice place to watch a movie. Comfortable and friendly.

Nick Davis

Nice place, but our theater wasn't opened until 5 minutes before the movie started. They either need more staff to help with cleanup or they need to spread movies further apart.

Michael Skelton

Good comfortable movie theater- 2nd time there - highly recommend.

Ophelia Morgan

Love this movie theater...

Marcus Harris

Great place to watch a movie at an affordable price!

Tom Miller

Roomy seating , many choices of movies, delish popcorn, nice staff. Well worth the money.

James Swanson

Needs new carpet to get rid of the moldy and musty smell. The mold smell was very strong. And management shouldn't complain to their employees in front of customers. That's something that should be done in a office or private setting. The movie screen quality was great and so was the sound quality.☺

Eldon Pfaffly

They have lots of movies to choose from and even have handicap access. Of course they have some great variety of snacks usually get the combo; Popcorn and drink, as well as some old favorites of boxed candy. If you go to the afternoon matinee you can save money on the tickets.

Bob Gard

They play the latest movies, friendly staff and great popcorn!

Debbie Wallace

Always a great experience!

Ethel Schiller

This is a really really nice theater to go to in Branson when u just want to see a regular movie and not a big live show! The service is nice and helpful also!

Johnny Mczeal

Great cinema

Kadie Sei

staff workers were rude. gave attitude for no reason. if i’m a paying customer i expect more than that. they acted like i was a problem and rolled their eyes way to many times. figure out who was working the concessions december 31 around 3:30 and tell them to find a job where they don’t feel obligated to be rude to customers.

bethany brown

Great place to go

John Grider

Nice big theater, would be better with reclining seats

Bernadette Reyes

The seats were comfortable and the room was kept cool what more could you want from a movie theater

April Griner

Nice theater. Friendly staff. Good location.

Mike McKelvey

Good service. Could use some updates.

Amy Gibbs

Smelled like mold in the lobby and even worse in the actual theater. We had to leave 15 minutes after we arrived. I hope this was an isolated incident, other reviews looked good.

Jo Anne Erickson

I've noticed the movie choices are lacking compared to other theaters . Many new releases never come to Branson at all. I am a local senor who would go to the movies once a week. Very disappointed.

Grace Ross

This theater is ok. Doesn't feel new, or bright and shiny; but works well to watch a movie! Auditoriums are small. Price is great.

mobigg dude

Great place to watch a movie. Good popcorn and staff is great too.

Dave Howell

Very enjoyable

Larry Brendle

Pretty decent theater here in Branson.

twisted theories26

Great theatre friendly staff and affordable compared to other theatres..

Lynda Vanderwood

Seat too narrow and tight need reclining seats

John Edgar

Went to see "Godzilla: King of the Monsters", with it's lame plot, rotten acting and painfully contrived dialogue, but I must give kudos to the usher...a polite older gent who was courteous and made sure we didn't miss the "Easter egg" scene before my friends and I left the theater. Seats here are a little tight and uncomfortable, BTW.

David Jones

Horrible went to see the movie "US" and a women 3 kids younger then 14 and some small toddlers decides it's a good family movie so we had small children running around the whole theater screaming and pulling people's hair

Jackson Miller

Awesome staff good prices

Nathan Richardson

Decent prices for theaters today. Clean, digital video and audio, much more convenient than the IMAX in Branson.

Ken Taylor

Old movie house but show and seating was OK.

Michelle Scherer

Nice movie theater in Branson. Popcorn

Stacey Sherell

Very good experience

Payton Taylor

This place is always fantastic on there Combos for couples. Especially around valentines day my wife and I watched the green book in a nearly empty theatre is was truley a night to remember. Wonderful little theatre guys. My wife and I will be back a 7th time for sure

Alexander Wilson

I go here Everytime for a new movie. I love the layout of the screens and the seating better than any other place Ive ever been to in my opinion. I have to say Branson Meadows is my most visited Theater. 5/5 any day!

Brad Hopkins

Really enjoy going to this place! Has that nostalgic feeling and always gets all the hot movies!

Tena Rico

This is my go-to theater. It's clean and the seats are comfy. The popcorn is always fresh and the staff is fantastic.

Brent Kern

Theater 6 is extremely small, which makes it far too light when you combine the screen with the aisle lights. There was also an odd smell. Not really a mold smell, but maybe more so a dirty smell. The sound and picture quality is definitely up to par though. The seats were also fine with enough foot room. I didnt buy any concessions, but prices seem to be your typical overpriced theater food with a popcorn/drink combo costing $13.50, nearly twice the price of my matinee ticket. Overall, I was torn between a 3 and a 4. Maybe if my movie was shown in one of the larger, more clean theaters, the rating would have been higher. I might go back if Elite Cinema III isn't showing the movie I want to see.


Only theatre we go to! Always clean. Great prices. Friendly staff.

Debbe Massimiano

Went to see the movie Rocketman.. really good movie

Alley Vanmanen

Small and good find. Pretty quiet.

Old Town Marketplace

My family and I moved here 3 years ago and frequent the cinema. We love the small town feel of this place, the cleanliness and how it's NOT overcrowded at any given time. Keep doing what you're doing guys. We are here for keeps!

Barry King

Saw Run the Race, produced by Tim Tebow and his brother. Very good movie

Ali StarDusts

My family and I enjoy this theater.

Tiffany Tibbets

I Love this movie theater. They actually clean after a showing so u aren't stepping in popcorn. Alot of the people who work there are the same people who worked there for 5 years. They are all super nice and dont ignore u, when u walk up 2 the desk they stop talking and answer ur question or what ever u want and continue talking after u leave.

Jason Duncan

Needs updated seating, old seats suck. Otherwise great place friendly atmosphere

Jeanne Baker

A good place to go and relax. Watch a new movie.

josh leggett

Best theater in the area!!

Idania Canales

Small theater clean bathrooms ok prices comfortable seating

Candy Loehr

Nice little place but some of the seats are wearing down. Good screens and friendly staff

Angela Gaines

Great need new seats

Michael Byrd

Rough seats, crowded arm rests, and barely warm pop corn. Great screens though!

Brandi Thomley

Kids love it here

Kadee Jaramillo

Good prices and nice people

Wally Baur

Nice theater! Good sound, picture, and not to crowded!


Clean, nice staff, fare ticket prices. But normal gouging on the drink and snack

Ruby Molina

They have really nice employees! Thank you for being nice to us!

Candace Bradley

Very comfortable seats, friendly personnel

Terry Collins

Very nice

Kayla Cornett

A great theater to bring family to

steven s. smith

Nice theater. Comfortable seating.The mall that it is in is kinda vacant.but easy parking.

james G

Love this place we xome every time we come to Branson great service

Jonathan Wade

Theater 8 smelled strongly of mildew. My wife and myself could still smell the mildew hours after we left the Cinema 11. Really hoping there is no black mold problem in that theater but regardless it should properly be cleaned after a water leak or said water problem should be repaired. We have been coming here 20 years and not sure we'll return.


Expensive. Movie "Yestetday" was great!

paulette Davis

You wod think the money you make off the people you would update your seats. Someone from this Cinema needs to make a trip to the st. Charles 18 cinema. Nice lounge seats great food an they have 5.00 dollar wensday movies. The movie theater is full every day. Oh an in a 15 mile radius all their theater's are up dated. You pay for wat you get. But rumors wod spread an people wod come all over. The I Max only has a few in the big screen theater. Come on serve your people that serve you. Stop being soo money greedy. You give to the people an they will give to you.

Etta Weeks

Comfortable seats.

Kevin Witt

Enjoyed a movie

MrsMary Mac

All the best movies are played here as soon as they become available. Clean, friendly staff, perfect popcorn... what more could you ask for?!

Natalie Jans

This place has always felt very homey and comfortable. I really like the low key vibe and it has always been my go-to for movie visits. The reason for the 4 star vs 5 is just because in more recent visits I have noticed the place could start using some updates. So happy to have this as an option in Branson!

J Wee

The young man that takes the tickets to go into the theater was very rude almost obnoxious. We went to the theater on Tuesday night at 5 o'clock.

Max Bledsoe

Went to see" I can only imagine," then played in the cinema arcade for 30 minutes. I must say they had decent facilities. And a pretty nice staff. The prices seemed incredibly cheap compared to cinemark. I overall enjoyed the experience and must give it a 5 out of 5 review.

Keith Nelson

Enjoy watching movies here


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