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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Batesville 7 IN Arkansas

Ronald Lenex

Customer service was great employees are very helpful will gladly return

Michael Wheeler

Clean accessible. Nice sound and screens.

tresa Syrock

Nice theater but when u pay more for a drink and regular popcorn than the tickets theres something wrong there

Morgan Sensabaugh

The people who work there are very nice, but the theater desperately needs updating/renovation.

Shane Hawkins

AMC has already been making new installments. Love the new drink station

Daniel Parrish

Ok the staff good clean movie rooms

Eleanor B

This is a pretty good movie theater. It wasn't busy. The ticket price was much less than I expected. Restrooms were clean. All of the staff was polite and our counter service was quick.

Ruby Tolar

Went to see Annabelle movie, in the quiet scary parts it was a little distracting. You can hear the movie in the next room playing. Been here before and haven't noticed this. Staff was friendly. Restrooms were clean.

Danny Kuhlmann

Great place,reasonable priced

Robert Jobes

A awesome place to watch movies great staff great food as well

Ellie Harmon

K went here with my friends and we had a lot of fun.

Daniel Llanas

Best place in the world so comfy and good staff

Stephen Tanner

Lots of choices. I wish they would update their seats though.

Gabe Gillman

Super high prices small cramped theater small uncomfortable seats old everything.the theater stunk and the arm rests were sticky. It shouldint cost almost 40 bucks for two people to watch a movie have popcorn and a drink. Will never go back.


Expensive and dirty. Poor service at concessions.

Lisa Kent

Definitely in need of a refurbishing. Walls are thin and you can hear the movies playing on the other side.

Stephanie Plotz

Too pricey

Elliot Bernard

I only recommend this theater as a place to commit suicide. It's clean and the service is good, but it's just not a great place to watch movies. There seemed to be an issue with the lights because they were using the maintenance lights instead of the dimming ones and you can just see gross stains from decades of asses very clearly on the seats. The sound from the next auditorium was coming in through the walls of mine. I poked my head in next door and the movie wasn't all that loud so I guess the walls aren't soundproofed? And there's wallpaper tearing off all over the place. The soda machines were pretty neat and The service was what you would expect, everyone was polite and helpful, but the building itself was a real downer.

Debjanee Protyasha Nandy

Not very clean. Needs Renovation.

Grant Collom

I loved this theater growing up, but has fallen in dire need of a renovation, a deep cleaning, and an update.

donna morris

The batesville oaks 7 has changed to amc. Prices have raised for tickets. Went from 5 for the 4 to 5 showings up to over 8 dollars. Then 10.45 for the after 6 showings plus a dollars tax. U stand in line to get your tickets and any snacks, only to be directed to a single one line machine that has push buttons to select flavors and when u stop to let the fizz settle so u r not walking away with half a soda (larges now over 6 dollars!!!!) The machine goes back and u have to reset your choice. Not only do u have to do this but everyone ahead of u does too. So much for fast service. And then theres the bathrooms, one small bottle of dial hand soap. Thats it. And the paper towels left out on the counter. The get your own soda would be great if it was a normal machine, but they hand children the cups and let them try to figure it out. Put a normal soda maching back!!!!! Most people in the batesville area are not overly rich or even wealthy. They have upped prices and made self service a joke.

Draven VanBrook

This place gets 4stars only because of the people. The manager there is a great guy that's smiling face is always the first thing you love to see when you enter. He's welcoming and personable and very charming. He gets to know each and …

Tiffani E

Horrible seating and facility. People were nice but not good seating at all and it is small and stuffy. The price is outrageous for such an outdated and rundown facility. If someone taller than you sits in the seat in front of you, you are out of luck and just threw too much money away. Seats are filthy too. Seriously needs to be a major reconstruction, especially for what you pay when you go there. Food is extremely outrageously priced!

Michael Schoenbrun

Very nice theater.

Travis Foster

Great environment. My 3yo daughter loves it here.

Jeannie Pearson

I always enjoy going here.the staff is wonderful.

Matthew Brooks

Good comfortable seats great sound and kind staff

chelsi ausborn

The one start I gave was for the move only! Our family went to watch Toy Story 4. The snack bar prices are outrages. It cost more for the popcorn and drink then it did for our tickets. If this was a top notch establishment I wouldn't complain. The filthy theater and awful mold smell, left my youngest with hives. My other daughter and I both had bug bites all over us and I had to take breathing meds just to finish the movie. The lights didn't even dim till I went and told them the movie had started and the lights were still on. I guess that's what you get for $75.+. Our family will not go back! It sucks for AMC because I have a big mouth and I will definitely spread the word. Horrible. Just plain Horrible. With every family spending that kind of money you would think it could get an upgraded. ...

Jeffery Allen

we went to watch The Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw really good movie I'll give that one to five star

Flubber Nub

Theater had a buzzy speaker, and floors didnt look clean... seats are okay and movie was fine, customer service was great, just bad movie watching environment

lol kid

Had a good time watching a movie but we didnt get to watch the one we wanted because they didnt have it even though it was on the website

Susie Sapp

The prices are horrible the facility is ok, although the seats could be A LOT more comfy. If you are going to charge and arm and leg to watch a movie make it worth the customer's while and give us what we are paying for. The entire …

nancy butler

To expencive

Dave Castling

Concession is way over priced. Only theater besides melba around batesville, so i guess they have the market cornered there.

Samuel Donellan

Best theater in the area.

Buddy Hess

Good food quick service

Scottie Yarmon

Decent theater. Needs renovating and updating but adequate.

Sarah Schlesinger

Very small cinemas and it is very expensive

Kirstin Rouse

Desperately needs renovations and basic maintenance issues need to be solved. The sound quality is poor, the soda machines don't work half the time, the movies are dysfuntional most of the time, the seats are ripped up and disgusting, etc. I would not recommend this place unless you have no other options.

eric b

did not like this place to much. not sure when the theater I was in was last used but there was popcorn all over the place. seats are not very comfortable. movie was great which was the only thing I liked about it

John Corbett

Plays new movies. Facilities are clean bit a bit dated. New soda machines. Sounds could be a bit better. Prices seem a little high for what it is.


They don’t even deserve one....they where on there phones in the actual theater and they where on the phones at the registers. They walked in and out of the theater 15 times.

Angela Goodwin

Great service! Prices are expensive, but what's not these days?

Deborah Allen

Great place price right

Kasey Harbison

where do I start.. staff was great.. the room we seen our movie in was about the size of my living room of course we went to see a new popular movie the screen was nice ad huge but I had t sit in the front row scrunched down looking up feeling motion sick... this was the most awful experience I have ever had at the movies... and the prices are INSANE nachos are 7.00 ok their nacho cheese sauce u can get at walmart in a pack of 6 for 3.00 popcorn 10.00 and a large drink 7.00 your getting robbed of the movie experience to go sit in a room scrunched down looking up the whole time extremely uncomfortable and feeling sick afterwards.... they get one star for staff the theatre rooms are ridiculous...

Darlene Whatley

Cheap to see a movie

Traci Tate

The theater itself is ok, but the concessions are outrageous, even by movie theater standards. They do offer a discount on Tuesday.

Kaitlin A. Johnson

I enjoy AMC. This is the only movie theater I go to. It has kind workers and wonderful films.

Brandon Bates

Went to the 10 PM showing of Endgame. After technical difficulties it finally played around 11:15. Not much to say after that.

Danielle Walters

Great customer service but definitely needs a upgrade

Denyse Murff

We went there 2 days in a row to see 3 different movies. They were out of hotdogs & was told that they were not allowed to even go buy some at the grocery store. They order stuff that doesn't get delivered or they run out & don't get replacements in a timely manner. The theater seats are woefully outdated. And they only had one register open doing tickets AND concessions for the most anticipated movie of the year: Endgame. They needed more people working. But all employees were extremely courteous & friendly.

Mandi Curtwright

AMC is the only first run in Batesville. There is also the historic Melba theater downtown that shows movies that have been out for 4 weeks or so. But AMC needs a few repairs and updates. However, customer service is good. Tickets are $11 or so.

Nathan Marlin

5/26/19 -9:35PM- In theater #2 to see Avengers Endgame; and it literally smells like a stockyard/sale-barn... it’s awful... and you can see the sides of the screen (spring that hold the screen tight)... One of the speakers behind the screen is blown, and sound is cracking...

F Middleton

Cool comfortable seating. Good sound and video quality.

Ray McMinn

Needs new seats.

Nathan Miller

Good local theater, but they need new seats.

Tammy Hoyt

The theaters are small. The prices are a high. The staff is friendly.

Matthew Adam

The staff was extremely helpful. Clean and comfortable.

Maranda Townsend

The employees were obviously just having a good time, because I went on a Wednesday and they didn't expect anyone to be there. That's fine, but the bathrooms were kinda super messy.

David Gonzalez

Very basic movie theater! Went to see wonder woman it was great but the quality of the theater is lacking. Our showing time was 6pm and the beginning trailers did not start playing until almost 6:30pm! I can see why this place gets such bad reviews! Also the Auditorium we were in was filthy did not look like it had been cleaned from the showing before ours. The only upside to it was the freestyle drink free refills. I would not return to this place but I was just traveling on business.


Not the worst place to watch a movie, but not the best either. Try the Melba on Main Street

David Jones

Needs a little maintenance and some theater automation. You have to get someone to turn the lights off occasionally when the show is starting.

Jeff Litaker

Went to see Godzilla, very loud movie with too much monster screeching, got a headache, went to the lobby, can't recommend Gozilla. Facility was ok.

Miles Robin

N8ce little theater. Friendly staff . Snacks are expensive but that's at all movies. Will be back.

Tuck Davis

Well, I went with my Uncle, Aunt, and my cousins to see The TMMT movie that was released in 2016. The Tickets was average price and popcorn and stuff was good. Good staff. hat is why I gave them 2 stars. But, if they can clean up decent for once the Cinema it would be 100% better (but it is old as well).

Michel Guerreiro

Travelling on business to many small towns, expectations were not too high. However, piling onto the general lack of maintenance, cleanileness, odors, and more modern amenities/technology, hearing the movie playing in the adjacent auditorium made me get up and ask for a refund.Will stay bored in the hotel room. Unfortunately for the locals the lack of competition provides very little incentive to invest, which is surprising given that Batesville seems to be a tourist funded town. There was a good amount of people as well, adding to the desincentive to upgrade. Pricing was the same as a high end theater in Little Rock.

Eric Harris

Good. Popcorn was good too

Leo House

Not the best theater I've been too. Staff is ok depending on when you go. Consession prices are typical. Tickets are priced low to compete with the Melba which is by far a MUCH better facility, but they don't show first runs. My major complaint is the quality of the movie experiance itself. Sound is just so so. The screens arn't real big, and very very dim. Watching Captian Marvel last week and there where scenes that I could bearly see because it was so dark. There was also a bad screen glitch ever so often through out the movie. This AMC is in BAD need of an upgraded projection system!

Shayne Coffey

Overall, good movie theater. Food and drinks are a bit pricey. Fairly good service.

Lisa Schreiner

Friendly staff, first run movies, good website.

melissa morris

Got great deals on ticket prices this summer but would like some stadium seating, lower concessions, cleaner bathrooms.

Scott Gates

Good view

bryan lopez

Best movies and also need a arcade

maryann Hopper

Didn't like the movies that were playing.Staff very friendly and helpful.

B Wright

This place needs to be seriously updated. The seats are stone hard. And it really sucks not being able to hear the movie you paid for because the movie next to it is extra loud. The facility itself is horrible but the service is cool.

Bailey Porter

over priced items and theaters are disgusting. WOULDN’T recommend this theater!

Jennifer Cox

This theater really needs to update the prices they charge is crazy and you cannot afford it also they don't even show the newest movies because of racism I guess but ad for me and my white family we would have liked to watch the new Madea Movie (Boo) very sad and disappointed with that. Guess extra time we will take our money and go to The next Nearest Movie Theater :(

Arjuna Larson

New staff with great attitudes.

Allyson David

Small theater with really crappy old seats the dirtiest most run down theater I have been in soap and water are cheap clean that place use a broom management really needs to do something in this place most of the toilets had poop in them bathroom was gross so much little stuff could be cheaply fix if someone would just do some work around there

Jill Tumey

Nasty nasty NASTY place is dirty seats are broken down roof leaks just awful... THE STAFF is REALLY NICE THANKFULLY... But this place is stuck in 1985. Seriously needs renovation...

Adam Hensley

The guy running the counter was taking ages to find my candy in the pile and even stated (after i requested a different candy for my 3 children who were waiting paitiently) that he was and i quote "sorry for being lazy about it". What in the all encompasing truck is this AMC?

Home Computer

It's pretty bad when every time I go I can hear the movie next door playing perfectly. As in make out every word spoken. Does this theater not have standards? The employees are the only good part.

Black Ark Studios

Below average. For $25 for two people i expected the facility to be cleaner and smell better. The whole theatre smelled like a locker room. Who cares if there is a new drink station. A soda station is not going to pull cutomers into a dirty business. the floors were not clean. I find it sad when the only theatre in Batesville is trashy. We have no choice but to either deal with it or drive out of town. No wonder these places are going out of business. I must say the employees where kind and courteous, and very helpful.

Edith Rone

Go before 4:pm n tickets are $4.99

Alida Kells Brumley

Best thing about this place is that I got to see a movie. Ticketing is slow, the theatre is damp and cold. The,seats were so damp clothes got wet, very musty smell.

The Main Idiot

It's awesome for a theatre

Randall Nichols

Seating needs redone. But still good place to go

Jon Pool

I thought since the theater was under new ownership that a well overdue remodel would take place, but that didn't happen. The seats are still torn and uncomfortable, ceiling tiles are either missing and/or water stained, and the sheetrock on the walls is literally falling apart. Since the new ownership, popcorn, beverage, and candy prices have increased. The sound and picture quality in the theater is still pretty good.

Seth Brickey

A nice town theater. Big screens and great sound quality. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone wanting to watch a movie in the area.

Liz Barnes

Horrible prices. Needs updated but friendly staff. Also forgot about the 30 minutes of previews which make the movie start 30 minutes late. Just horrible!!!!

Tamra Collins

The place was clean and no issues with the movie.

Hassie Shelton

Very expensive. Cheap thin walls. You can clearly hear movie in next theatre

Tom Thumb

Great place to enjoy a movie And a Coke

Alisha Stewart

This theater is very old and run down. We are new to this area and last night watching Avengers End Game was the 1st and the last we will go to see there. Everything from the seats being nasty to the bathrooms being gross and totally needing updating we won't be back!! No wonder everyone around here is always going to Searcy or Little Rock to see movies..

LaShonda Fricks

We watched Toy Story

Charles Newcomb

Has good movies,and safe for families.

Dane Roach

The theater has all of the new movies when they come out but it can't make up for the old seating, small theaters and out dated feel. The theaters don't let you pick out your seats which is a give or take for some people but overall it could use some renovations like the Melba.

Brandon Quattlebaum

It was alright,, prices are way to high,, seats are uncomfortable, movie quality was awesome

Jarrod Marshall Cook

Was a very nice place

Angela Sanders Carter

My fiance and I enjoyed our date night watching "IT" at this theater. We had a good time and plan to return.

Heather Beal

Seats and theatre need a huge cleaning!! Smells of mold and if you get there when the lights are on, you won’t want to sit down when you see how disgusting the seats are! It’s a shame because the prices are decent and the staff is nice. We have began driving out of town to see a movie or wait for the Melba downtown to show it.


The movie is fine but the prices are crazy high and we got held back from our movie because of their terrible service. Since we where late got terrible seats.

Tabi Liegel

When I went to see rampage the movie was so dark I couldn't see it. When complain nothing was done about it I was blown off and noticed other people complain also and got same treatment

Amanda Bishop

Overcharged us $30 and when we asked for our money back, they said all they could do is give us 2 free candies. That place is nothing but a rip off.

Rebecca White

It has a bad odors,it needs a lot of up dating, rooms where movies are showing or wAy way to loud . Prices are just to high an food is to expenses .an areas where is at really needs cleaned

Meghan Murray

Friendly staff, but the theater could really use a facelift. Chairs are small. The paint is coming up off the walls. Screens are small compared to most theaters these days.

Andrea Dowell

Thia place needs major updating n repair..horrible for an AMC theater..needs to upgrade to a luxury or least better seats n concessions..never any hotdogs or water..this place needs to get a serious overhaul and the employees seem miserable..and the smell of mold n mildew n bugs are disgusting...AMC surely has the money to make this a nice updated luxery theater


Helpful staff, just cold in the actual theater.

Emma Massey

Great selection of movies


Does the job but not very comfortable

Brandy Skinner

Nice, cozy and overall just a good place

Justin Scoggin

Over sold tickets and the screen had spots all over it. Oh, don't forget the over powering smell of mold. Yea! Can't wait to go back.


Very courteous, fast service, good seating, but sometimes can hear the movie Next Door

Teresa Parr

Enjoyed it very much

Daniel Bentley

The condition of the theater and prices are simply "theater prices". They staff are awesome, very friendly and helpful. People have no right to complain. Put on your big kid pants and go see a movie.

jerry nail

Hadn't been in a while. 36$ 3 people now I remember.

Candace Farris

Best place in Batesville to go watch new movies that just came out.

James Johnson

Good place to watch a movie

Cindy Amezian

The last few times I went there it's smelled like cat pee....and wet carpet..

Kenneth Carson

Good selection of movies even though it's a small theatre.

Nathan Tate

Clean theater, friendly staff. Only bad part is by the time you buy tickets and drinks with popcorn you spend 50 with a family of 3. I wish cost would go down a little.

Shirley Jones

Very nice place to go watch a movie

Jamie Morse

Kinda expensive for night time showings. The 4 pm shows are the best priced and tha staff is very friendly. They do have some promos and rewards on AMC website. Free large popcorn for your birthday month

Nicole LMN

This location needs a serious rehab. I think this is the only location I've been to all over America that is 100% outdated. Other than that, the customer service is great, and the bathrooms are clean!

Jacqulyn Mullins

My wallet slid out of my purse tonight while we were at the movies. I noticed it was missing within an hour, so I returned to the location. I went in, and the young men behind the counter were very nice about it. The next movie was playing, but since there were only 2 people in the movie, they allowed me to go in and look where I had sat. I didn't see it on the floor, and I didn't want to disturb the people watching the movie, so I left. However, one of the young men (Dawson), said if I didn't mind to leave my number, that he would go in after the movie finished and turn the lights on and look for me. Sure enough, that sweet little guy found my wallet, and gave me a call. Bless his heart!!! When I went to retrieve my wallet, I offered him all the cash that was in it. He refuse. I insisted! He then said he could not accept it, but that it really was ok. Such a sweet young man. I asked if I could run him some dinner back to him. Again, he refused, and said he was just glad I got everything back. This young man needs to be commended for having such good values in this crazy day in which we live. I did explain to him that if anyone else had found it, most likely that cash would have been taken, and I wouldn't have it anyway. I simply could not talk him into accepting a monetary gratitude. If you know this young man, please take a minute to either hug him for me, or at least tell him what a good example he is! (I don't know him, and didn't ask for his last name.) I had already canceled all my credit cards, but the paperwork and business cards in there is what mattered the most. What a relief to have my wallet back! THANK YOU, Dawson!!!

Sinsu Kayme

Older building and rather uncomfortable seating. They keep it as clean as they can but it's not all that great unfortunately.

Donna Lutner

Needs a good cleaning. It stinks.

Jennifer Oliver

Cramped space, dirty bathrooms, no toilet paper, arms on seats in theatre were sticky, could hear other movies over the movie we were watching.


Very friendly staff. Seating is not very comfortable. Rooms are small. Walls by trashcans in hallway are filthy. But it's the only theater in town.

Pat L

For a small town theater this is great. Service is great.

Jamie Collins

Possibly the worst theatre I have had the misfortune to go to. The building is horrible, the seats are broken and the sound quality and screens are awful. The prices are complete insanity and to have a theatre in a town this size that gives a weekday schedule of "whenever they feel like it" is garbage. I would have rated zero stars but the one plus is that the staff are great and work their asses off to provide good service. Too bad the owners don't care enough to fix this place.

Bobby Stegall

Rude employees, inferior sound equipment, poor menu board, won't be back

Kevin Pezzullo II

Great local theatre for the region, pricey confessions(expected in all theaters), but great selection of film's. Staff interaction was okay, but overall great. Would definitely recommend.

Sweet Leaf News

Had a great time little pricy...

Loretta Lyon

Tickets are over priced for what you get. Extremely disappointed with the state of this theater. This theater looks almost exactly the same as before AMC bought it. I haven't seen a single improvement to the showrooms, and my group was shocked that AMC is okay with the condition of these rooms. Same ancient, tiny, gross, and uncomfortable seats, rows are still too close together, the floor is nasty, and it's pretty cold.

Tyler Woodall

The seats are gross, prices are higher now. Not clean

Catalina Harbour

Great service. Always someone to help you with buying the popcorn and other snacks

MJR Justin

Seats suck

Jimmy Frazier

Great place

Brandy Wells

Needs some updating but has a very friendly staff.

Jimelle Stoves

Enjoyed the movie. Friendly staff

John Barnett

Keeps up with the new releases, but desperate need of renovation.

Kat Simpson

Nice theatre. Decent seats. Good snacks but pricey as expected. Good deals on popcorn buckets. And Tuesday deals are awesome.

Matthew Martin

This theater is a mess. Horribly uncomfortable chairs, sticky floors, smelly rooms. Only a handful of screens and only a few showtimes per day. The place looks like it was last updated in 1988. Everything is so cheap. This great city deserves better.

Tracy Phillips

Needs updating

Andy Anderson

Dirty theater. Needs a lot of work.

Gunnar Holden

WORST MOVIE THEATER EVER!!!! So uncomfortable and so gross way over priced and it was freezing.


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