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2000 E Rio Salado Pkwy #1160, Tempe, AZ 85281 Located in: Tempe Marketplace

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Here you have the reviews of people like you who are buying the services and products of Harkins Theatres Tempe Marketplace 16 (Movie Theater) in the state of Arizona.

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Where is Harkins Theatres Tempe Marketplace 16?

REVIEWS OF Harkins Theatres Tempe Marketplace 16 IN Arizona

Amanda Richardson

Decently priced. Huge theater. Needs to work on cleaning. Staff at courtesy desk super friendly and understanding.

Vee Y

Cinema Capri!! Best place to watch a movie! Loved that we were able to select where we wanted to sit in the theater. The sound quality is amazing and the screen is gigantic!

Lachele Mangum

We have gotten so spoiled with the theaters that have the reclining seats which this location does not have even though they offer assigned seating. Time for an upgrade in the seating of at least a few of the theaters at Tempe Marketplace.

Andrew Smith

They have 3 people behind the snack bar. 1 who is actually working and 2 that are their cell phone. The ticket kiosks only work half the time.

Princess B

What's not to like? Lot's of options for everyone. Great place for families or a date night.

Sharon Smith

Loved seeing the Broadway production of Kinky Boots at Harkins. It is an amazing show whrn performed live and I was happy to see that the cameras were able to bring across the same feelings.

dawn decker-fuller

Been a long time had a great time with my Good daughter we saw an awesome movie then shopped. Then sat by the fire. Beautiful! Other than the cost (WOW) I. guess you have to expect that, and not get carried away. It was great!


The 7 1 surround was nice. Saw the 'Zilla film. LOVED the noise! Even on a small screen. The movie's mostly dark, but for some reason, looked great on the screen. I almost thought it was projected in 35mm, it looked so good! If they ever get something in 70mm again, I may come back. 6 bucks for a Coke's a little out there, but at least they let me have a refill.

Stone Care of Arizona

Harkins theaters are a great example of ever evolving and being adaptive to customers trending. The theatre in Tempe is one example of creating a wonderful customer feeling where the client is centerpiece to their evolution. Blake is a great ambassador who works diligently at catering to their valued customer. We love taking our team for team building events and Harkin theater never misses the mark! Thanks Harkins for creating a homey feel away from home. Thanks Blake you rock!!!!

Cheke Leno

I love this place, employees are friendly and helpful...

Marc Moreno

Always clean always friendly. I few months ago we experienced an outage during the movie. Do to weather, for the inconvenience the supervisor went around and handed out movie tickets and allowed everyone to stay and wait it out and watch the movie or return later. But both parties received complimentary movie tickets. I applaud you Harkins for the acknowledgment and taking action even though this outage was not your fault. Thank you!

Anthony Stackhouse

The bartender Alex E. Is the most respectful employee here. He was very professional and friendly. We had a great time at the bar and he was very knowledgeable about the menu.

Shantay Overstreet

Clean, decent service, but I hate the reserved seating. My group always gets split up because people arrive at different times.

omar casill

The theater is clean and the staff is friendly and helpful , I love coming to this theater when I'm in Tempe

Mikki Manning

Great experience here. I was offered a lot of options at the concession stand by employees.


We went to watch IT it was good. The workers were friendly. I enjoyed myself!

In A Minute

Great theater and staff! Always a pleasant experience.

Dana Bright

Nice shops, great resturants and wonderful theater.

Zachariah Houston

The capri End Game showing was fun. The sound was rich. Assigned seating was convenient. The snack bar lines were too long for me. I didn't partake but they have a bar inside, too. I'll be back.

Dacey Marji

The movie stopped in the middle of the best part! We were watching The Joker and we had to wait for them to fix it. Then they was that lie to announce that the movie was not playing so we didn't get to finish the movie when it was in the middle of the best part.

Oblivious dolfin

My go-to place for movies. Prices are great! Bar is wonderful and best place to watch premiere!

Thomas Moore

Really enjoyed the new Lion King movie.

Shawn Mcmanus

The burger is amazing! Plus super friendly staff! Alex at the bar was super knowledgeable on what was offered as delicious beverages. Would highly recommend and happily return

bre daniels

Great location, always clean theater & Huge screens! Manager Emiliano was gracious with customer service!

Charlotte McKimson

Went for SoundFi movie. Drove slightly over 100 miles to go. Great staff. Place was clean, though crowded too.

Jack Juarez

Well kept theatre, and amazing location to explore before or after your film.

Debbie Hernandez

Harkins is serious about showing movies! Keep up the great work. Love going there. However I would have been just fine leaving the bar out of it all, But its whatever at this point. I understand why though.

Khoi Phan

Great because when I went they showed a limited time foreign movie which I would not expect to show up in the states. Had both Subtitle and Dubbed version.

Cory Morrell

I thought there would be recliners, and the theater was kinda warm considering we are in Arizona.

Shiva Allen

Didn't have the upgraded seats like the other Harkins Experience but the Capri was nice

Wendy Anderson

I love it that you can enjoy an ice cold beer and a movie!! Love the bar to relax at before the movie!

Jai Aldrich

Everytime I come to Hawkins I always have a great time no matter what movie I'm coming to see. Thank you for the great service


Good meeting spot for all types of entertainment.

Trisha O

Always a pleasure to come to this theater and relax into a new movie. The popcorn tastes yummy. Very comfortable environment with friendly staff. I am a movie-addict so the membership and cup rewards work out real well for me.

Mz Livvy

It's really nice and now they let you pick your seats

Roni Moody

Harkins is the best! Definitely get a loyalty cup because it saves tons of money.

Some Guy

Always a decent time. Pretty typical big box movie theater.

Tucker Gregory

Fantastic theatre with ample seating and helpful staff. I saw Detective Pikachu at this theatre and I'd recommend both the theatre and the movie. The bathrooms are also well maintained, and they have lots of snack options. Plus, this theatre is in a great location with plenty of other establishments nearby.

beth nicol

I love Harkins theaters. They have the absolute best popcorn, and the nicest people working there. It may not be much but I appreciate Ashley and Solomon, for how nice they were to me today. I want them to know sometimes the smallest gestures are the most appreciated, thank you!

michael marshall

As far as theaters go, this one is pretty good. I like the relatively new addition of the bar with a pretty decent selection of draft beers.

Pat Moffitt

Theaters are always clean and comfortable. I like that we can reserve our preferred seats. Harkins does a good job.

Cynthia Shobe

Prefer the fully remodeled auditoriums.. nice to have more space between you and your neighbor. Staff was kind and enjoyed the movie!!

Jen Summers

This Harkins has assigned seating in all the theaters. I wish they would do this with every Harkins in the valley. Do you know how much nicer it is to know your seat is guaranteed? To not feel rushed at the concession stand. To not need to stand in a freaking line and hope to get a seat where you would like. Please Harkins if you read this hear me loud and clear, make assigned seating a thing at all of your theater's not just the specialty theater's.

Monica kennedy

Great saw Aladdin very good film. This is my favorite Harkins theatre in the valley. Saw Godzilla last weekend.

Phil Dornan

Great sound, good lighting, great screen. In a regular theater, seating was pretty comfortable. Really enjoyed Overcomer.

Virginia Herd

This is a good theater. The employees are really great! It's funny to go back to the "traditional" seats after getting used to the recliner type! Still very comfortable and enjoyable!

Mandi Erickson

Seats uncomfortable but popcorn was yummy and friendly staff.

Chris Harper

A great spot to have a movie theater. You have the atmosphere of the marketplace, along with all the shops and eateries at your disposal. The movie theater itself is always very clean, with very friendly staff. It's a good experience watching a movie here.

Ibrahim D. Bahati

Lovely place to come with your family or friends and watch your favourite movies. Check it out if you are around Tempe market place

somewhere out there

Nice theater comfortable seating. Snack bar employees and people who are cleaning up the rugs excellent customer service very nice

Jacque Rose

I try to avoid ordering hot food because it always takes too long but the theater is always clean and getting tickets is easy.

Joy Bowley

We went here specifically to see costumes they had on display from Fantastic Beasts 2. They were amazing and you could get fairly close to the costumes. We were not disappointed.

Vinny Vin

It's been a long time since I have seen a movie here. Not much has changed, very nice theater and depending on when you go it's just great. I had a special screening of bumblebee all to myself for my return to Harkins. Thanks.

Rissa Veloso

Great theater. Comfy reserved seats. Butter fountain and popcorn powders. Ohhhh, yeeeah!

Nitin Mohan

Great theater. I watched in the Cine Capri hall which had Dolby Atmos and it was just perfect. Seats weren't recliner but still comfortable.

Dani Christian

The seats sucks..they dont recline..if u wanna be stiff n uncomfortable that's your theater

Alycia Hand

Superstion management informs me the Google website is inaccurate, what you look up and what you show up for can be two different things

Jim Smith

This theater chain is one of the best in the world. As busy as it was today they have ample staff to handle the load. Everyone is smiling and helpful and the place remains clean. It's nice that you can get beer, delicious popcorn, lots of different drinks and hot food. I would highly recommend this Harkins or any other other.

Willie Kalstet

Clean comfortable, plenty of places to eat short distance away

Chance Nehoitewa

It's always a great place to watch the movies on the big picture

Accurate Contracting

One of the coolest exterior features of any harkins, mostly due to location. Good service and staff. Clean and efficient operations. They see alot of patrons sometime full, but worth going.

manuel moreno

First of all had to wait in line for my food around 25m when to the #5 room the chairs are so uncomfortable they coming and walk around felt uncomfortable, the light stay on through the entire movie the screen was dim and the sound wasn't very good either.

Senorita G

Had an amazing night watching la llorona great movie wish you guys had seats like Chandler fashion but still appreciate reserving seats

OreHimeSamaChan desu

A little while ago I had gone to see Shazam here. There was a large group of boys and a mom behind my group, and they would not stop talking loudly and laughing and being rude. I gave them lots of chances, but they really would not stop. I went outside to get a manager and he came in a couple minutes later. I honestly just expected him to just stand there and do nothing before leaving the theater, but he kicked ALL of them out. THANK YOU, manager. I wish I knew your name. It made the entire movie-experience so much better. I usually go to the Alamo or Flix if I really don't want people to talk, but it's nice to know that a no-talking rule is enforced here too. I really appreciate it, and I'm sure many others do, too.

Stella Roman-Santos

Terrible experience. The ticket host provided good service and convinced us to watch one movie. Later during the movie with only 5 people in it, we were requested to laugh at a lower volume at a funny movie. But not only that, we were requested to not speak or comment about what we found funny. Was it because of that or was it because we were speaking on our native language? Intolerance at its’ worst. Thank you Harkins theater for ruining Date Night on a Tuesday and Tempe Marketplace. Comment, if you want complete silence while watching a funny movie, just stay at home, alone, in silence. Thanks to the manager for the reimbursement of the tickets. This is why the review has 1 Star.

Mecca Hugh

Plenty of parking and lots of staff on hand when the good movies are showing to keep lines moving

Michael Coxon

Great spot for new releases. Come here because Tempe Marketplace is an awesome place to hang.

Edward Traum

Easy to enjoy a good flick here. Nice to have it so close to me.

Anthony Jordan

The staff is always nice and respectful. The theater is always clean and the Cine Capri has one of the biggest screen for great viewing.

Kelly Zimmerman

Friendly staff, delicious popcorn!!! Clean theaters and restrooms

felita Holloman

Ok place to go last minute, No reclining chairs, a little tight shoulder to shoulder. Clean bathrooms. At the concession stand the customer service was good. I love smiles and friendly people this was a plus in my book. Speakers was not overwhelming another plus. Food expensive though, sneak it in if you can I see nothing wrong with a pocket of gummies from the dollar store verses paying $6 for the same pack.

Renee Gill

Seats were ok. Movie was a little to over the top.

mrarchictect 04

Love the threatre and all the stores around it. Hungry go eat at a nearby restaurant and dessert cold stone is right next door. If you come you can have a fun time here.

Yami Acevedo

Movie was good. Good scenery really nice bar would recommend just for that. The seats are not a luxury they really suck

Gerardo Sosa

I bought the popcorn loyalty and I thought that the rules were the same from last year but for some reason the rules have changed I think for next year I think I'm going to go with another theater to watch my movies.

Mechelle Lanier

Love taking the kids or having a date night here. Happy they have a bar and food always great service. Just wish the seats were reclining comfy seats.

Kayak Joe

Nothing to complaint, except overpriced drink and food

javier ruiz

Love the new style of seats and alcohol beverage experience ...

Diane Salas

Best Place. Great people n service

Mark Faraday

Welcoming ambience with a nice bar area and very professional staff.

Colton Walker

Great Theater, great location in Tempe Marketplace. Staff there is friendly.

Mr. 480

I generally like the theater, however I went to see scary stories to tell in the dark and had to leave early do to being bitten multiple times all over my arm in the theater. We spoke to management and they told my fiance and I that corporate would be getting ahold of us. 2 days later I got a call from the General Manager apologizing saying they were having the seat inspected, and saying she spoke to corporate and that she would be sending us free movie passes for any harkins theater due to the incident happening at Tempe market place location. It's been a few weeks and we recieved nothing so my fiance calls the corporate office and they say they have no record of any incident. She said she has no problem sending the tickets but that she has to call Tempes location and see what happens. Only thing is if they didn't really speak to corporate or have anything documented how am I supposed to believe they inspected the area and that everything is taken care of. Not a happy customer. I have pics of the bites as well that stayed there for almost 2 weeks.

Catherine Seifert

Very nice theater, very clean, and friendly staff.

Rose Arvizu

Love seeing movies at Harkin's theatres

Leah Hall

I had a great experience. You can't go wrong here.

Bryant Botone

Great place to see a movie. Loved the comfy seats. Really good Popcorn.

LaDawn Park

Had the chance to experience the Capri theater for a pre-screening. It was an awesome experience! The staff was well-organized and considerate amidst the number of people.

Della Walberg

This theater never gets old... Good service & good food, even though it's a little expensive... This is my Favorite place to go for the movies...!!!

Ada Puente

Surprised! It was not crowded for a Holiday. Labor day weekend prices for Rewards members $5 a movie awesome can't beat that

Q Garcia

Great movie theater. Now they have a bar! Def. go visit

Cosmo Martin

Always a good theatre for taking a date, close by restaurants, comfortable public meeting place with chairs to chat in front of the venue, I suggest this for first dates

Robert Melton

While some of the movies aren't five stars, this theater is!

Zachary Neeley

Clam and Fair Priced! They've got a small bar, which is a nice addition, as well as an ever expanding menu.

Leanna Partin

I usually have no problem with this theatre. But I have to leave a negative review because my last visit (a couple weeks ago) was pretty bad. A friend of mine started feeling really nauseous in the middle of our movie, so I ran to the concession stand to get a bag so she wouldn't throw up on the floor/seats. I waited for the cashier to finish up with her customer, and I asked her for a bag. Now granted, Avengers Endgame had the entire lobby packed with customers and employees were stressed out, so I get that she was probably a bit stressed. I asked her for a bag, any bag, popcorn bag/grocery bag/ trash bag you name it. She offered me a flimsy box which obviously wouldn't hold vomit. I was annoyed that she didn't have a single bag to give me when I just told her my friend was going to throw up any second. She said to just get someone else to help me. There was obviously no one available to help because of the hectic Endgame crowd. Now I've heard that Harkins has a strict policy on their popcorn bags which is whatever, I understand. But this could've been handled a lot better, and lucky for you guys my friend was able to make it out of the theatre room without throwing up. Side note: I love the assigned seating, but I think it needs to be more obvious on the ordering screen which way the front screen is, or where the seats are actually located. I noticed that a few people were confused as to where they were supposed to sit and ended up sitting in someone elses seats.

Jimmy Durden

Really enjoy seeing movies at this location, and there are tons of places nearby to enjoy before or after the movie.

Isabel Ramírez

Nice place very comfortable seats

Ninad Maneghatta

This theatre is in the Tempe market place, the market place itself is like a small town. You can get everything there. The theatre is so good. You can book the ticket online and collect it easily through self check-in. No need to wait in the queue. The theatre has many screens so you can expect all most every English movies there. There are multiple food options available inside, I have attached the photos of the menu and the price. Parking spaces are available nearby, even for the bicycles. The inside of the theatre is good too, seats are so comfortable and the screen is very big. The sound system is Dolby 360 and it's amazing.

Virginia Mireles

The seats are not conducive to settling in, comfortably, for a movie!

Avesta Dayeny

Clean, wonderful staff, and beer. Lol what more can you possibly ask for? These guys go the extra mile and it really shows.

Kyle Willey

I used to work here, so let's get that disclosure out first. This is possibly my favorite theater anywhere. Harkins may not be quite as fancy as some other theaters in terms of not having dining or some of the more extravagant concessions offerings, but the staff are fantastic (and it's been long enough since I worked there that I doubt anyone recognizes me and I rarely recognize anyone) and the actual moviegoer experience is a high priority and it shows. Clean theaters, comfy seats, and nice big screens. The Cine Capri costs a pittance more than regular tickets, but it is a spectacle. Catch any big action flick in there and it's a great time, even if the movie itself is lacking.

Nicolle Bryant

We have seriously been spoiled by AMC's recent-ish upgrades and so it's been awhile since we've been to a Harkins. We were sadly surprised that they still have the old-style know, the cramped close together seating...not the nice leather recliners with ample space between others like we are used to now in the AMC theaters. Also, with the food ordering, there are no kiosks, no drink stations to refill your own soda or icees. And you can't just order a kids size icee separate from the kids combo.

jerry alexander

Saw lion King great job doing it

William Cervantez

Yes best popcorn I've ever had told them to put cheese and bacon on it and they fired my pops up then processed to tell me my new boots that I was feeling self conscious about were the were some real mud rudders to cool 10 out of 10!

Jason Black

My wife and I only ever go to this theater, ever since it opened. We are big Harkins fans, although we haven't ventured into the rewards program yet. We like the atmosphere around the theatre, the restaurants and shops in the district are great. Plenty of parking, if you aren't the type of person that can only park in the first 3 spots. Good spot all around.

Jay M

Tends to be crowed given its proximity to ASU. Showtimes in the evening on week days aren't too bad.

Tyler P

Decent theater but it’s time to upgrade your seats guys! Amc is way better

B. N.

Temperature was good about 77 degrees, bot too cold or hot.staff are always very friendly there. Food was good, nacho cheese was cold now and then so just make sure its warm. Small issue. But good location. Kept clean.

kf cuddelbugz

My go to theater..I like Harkins theaters and this is a nice one. Staff is friendly. Location is convenient.

Victor Cruz

Great experience at this theater at Tempe MarketPlace. The General Manager is very friendly and very pleasant as well as the employees. Clean theatre, no long wait to purchase tickets and purchase food.

Ron G

I can't stand theaters with regular seating anymore. It's just that simple one star for bad seating. I can't go backwards

Christine Tripp

Last night 8/27/19 I tried to go to this theater to a free preview of Brittney runs a marathon. I drove 20 miles to the theater and met a friend there but when I arrived at the counter I was told that the theater was overbooked. The clerk was non apologetic and not at all accommodating . For this Harkins gets a 0 star. I spend a lot of money at Harkins and am a member but now I am reconsidering going to Cinemark from now on. Time and gas wasted - what a shame. Harkins - quit promoting things that you cannot give to your customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Thompson

The theater was Clean and very cool inside. The employees were helpful and surprisingly it was not very busy.

Andrew Saspe

i can't tell you how much i love this location. They are always so clean. i always seem to have great customer service. like always i was stuffing my face with popcorn. while i was waiting for my flat bread pizza, one of the employees notice i was already down on my popcorn and asked if i wanted to be topped off. It was great!

Crystal Weaver

I like this theater but the concession stand needs to be better. Sometimes when it's slow they are not quick enough to help or greet. I get the lines when it's busy but the usually fail when it's not busy. I always find it clean and I love the popcorn.

Mary Jane Bricka

The theater is fine. Service at the concession stand is slow. If you have a difficult time walking, this is not the theater for you. It sits at the far end of a food area and there is absolutely no close parking.

Belinda Johnston

The new seating is great! No need to stress about seating anymore with reserved seating. Was especially happy to see they had keto friendly snacks. Moon cheese!

J. Ford

My only place to see movies. Great selection of food and shops. The movie theater menu is unreal and the have a bar!

Chuck Mayper

Good seats, nice place to go for a date.

Kitty Kat

No more Harkins for me since the new dumb rewards program. I prefer instant gratification, especially for places that are already over priced for the lack of value. Harkins is too greedy and has become the Walmart of the movie going experience. In the past, I could buy a gift card and get free popcorn. It's fine if a company wants to implement new ideas but at least keep the original ideas until you can determine that it is not of value to the customer. I recommend any other theater if Harkins doesn't value their customers.

Frank Celaya

Great customer service! Popcorn was fresh. The humus plate really good with fresh veggies and

Barry Allen

Always great to be here, lots of good places to eat, there's a Harkins here as well

Ko_Ru Ta_Ku

Got my smoothie quick n fast.....nice service....thx

Teresa Skipper

Always have loved Harkins Theatres. Movie line-up, concessions, and of.course staff. Always offering great deals. Whether annually or seasonally. Nice chain.

Nol P

What a great movie house! Great sound experience and a massive screen. Good matinee specials and even beer offered 2 dollars off during happy hr time. Staff friendly enough but concession prices very very high! But so is everywhere you go so cannot hold them to that. I really enjoyed watching Halloween yesterday afternoon and may return for another, weather depending and if I cannot golf.

Jiri George Smerda

Wonderful setting, very pretty, especially at night. I would visit again and again, I can't say anything bad about them. My reason for witholding a star is that some idiot hit a car in the parking lot, I brought it up to the staff, and they did nothing. When my show was over, went back out to notice the car and the idiot gone, and the other poor driver complaining aloud someone hit his car. How very awful to find out your car got smashed and the 'staff' didn't bother!

Steve Golder

Saw "Avengers End Game" in 3D. Great theater, staff was terrific and friendly. My new #1 theater.

Pixie Pop

Always clean and a good movie experience

Ashley Abernathy

Love taking my family here amazing place


Today our company set up our annual meeting at this Harkins theater in tempe market place. After the meeting we watched a movie. I didn’t watch it to the end. The atmosphere was very great, Sound system was one of the best. Neat and clean restrooms. You have the option of snacks. But the beat deal is get a loyalty cup. And a refillable pop corn pack. 1.50 for soft drinks refills.

Sandra K. Cue

Please upgrade to the reclining seats :) otherwise still love this classic Harkins Theatre

Michael Owen

Great place for movies. They have a bar now.

Bernadette Chavez

Easy and quick to get in, get food and watch movie. Always seems well staffed. Bathrooms and each movie theater is clean.

Roz Scoggins

It's summertime Mary and I see a movie at least once a week during the summer a great getaway


the staff were all friendly, from guest services to concessions! when there was a mix up with our tickets (my own mistake) a member of the staff was more than willing to help and was very understanding. great experience!

Bryan Woerner

Went to see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in the Cine Capri. Enjoyed my time except for the fact that the seats were not recliners. Please Harkins, install this type of seating in all your Theaters. I would go to your chain more if you did.

Elaina Osife

Love Tempe Market Place and all its stores to shop, dine and entertainment facilities.


Navigating here by GPS in the Tempe Marketplace can be a bit confusing with all the twists and turns and the traffic. A tip is to put in Dave and Buster's in your GPS and then continue driving straight which should then take you to the back of the theater. The good thing about this theater is yes, it does show all of the newest and greatest movies, and yes it is next to tons of amazing yummy restaurants! The best seating is the one row behind the handicap row which is where you can prop your feet on the railing or stretch your legs out. There is a walkway in front of you. If you wind up on the other seats, you might feel like you are on an economy seat on an airplane. It is a bit tiny and uncomfortable and you can't stretch out your legs. As such, I would recommend booking ahead on Fandango or an online movie ticket booking app, so you can snag your preferred seats. What about snacks? Like any other theater, they are expensive. I was charged about $3 for a bottle of water, so make sure to hydrate yourself before going. :) Overall, however, it is a decent theater to go to while you're at the Tempe Marketplace and you can have a good time there watching movies!

salvan gang

amazing place to stay & explore at! I could never get bored here

Chase Manwaring

Always have a good experience here. Clean, assigned seating plenty of parking especially if you go to the north side. This specific location has always had friendly staff too!

Allan Hutchen

Better than most Harkins theaters. Seats aren't 70's style like the one at Mills.

Joe Erickson

Went here to see Avengers Endgame opening day after attending a tech seminar where they rented the theater for the pre-show meeting. This theater/lobby was packed but the concession line moved along at good speed. I could probably complain about the high cost of the popcorn and soda but the tech group sponsoring the event paid for everything. Overall this is a nice theater. Like most other modern theaters, the lobby has a bar, and they have a good selection of food. I've been there a few times and will go again.

Tara Halfbubbleoff

Really nice Harkins location. Staff is really friendly and helpful. Not used to having to pick your seats ahead of time. Other Harkins locations don't do this but it was nice being able to pick really great seats.

Debbie Ward

Saw Aladdin it was a fun movie, we had a good time.

Chris Neal

I've seen several movies here and it's always been good. The theater never seems to be full. Even when the seating chart says it's almost sold out, hardly anyone in the seats. Not complaining, just seems odd.

Shawna C.

Floor was so sticky I was genuinely afraid for my flip flops.

H Gray

Are the movie theaters the new place for under age drinking? It's the barfing during the movie I really don't like. I sure hope the girl last night learns from her experience and recognizes when enough is enough for her. This is the second time in a row this has happened so I think we are done with theatres for a good long while.

Madrid Reed

Concession staff is too slow and you have to wait in line twice if you're ordering hot food. Took 35 min for a cinnamon pretzel and a coke. Missed the 1st 5 min of the movie.

Mallory Monroe

Favorite theater ever! I love catching movies in their Cine Capri theater and the fries are SO GOOD. The staff is always friendly as well. I would give more stars if I could. Love this place.


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