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REVIEWS OF Harkins Theatres Superstition Springs IN Arizona

Steve Harney

Good movie nice fresh popcorn but inside the theater was a bit warm was actually sweating most of the movie.

Meghan Rose Kenyon

Better off going to the picture show honestly

Jo Jackson

They do assigned seating now. That was interesting. Overall a good experience. We saw Toy Story 4 at a matinee. My son loved it.

Frankie Largo

great, went to a pre-screening and shook the director hand...

Myron Lyons

It's set back id the street, so keep your eyes open for the sign MOUNTAINOUS speed bumps!!! If it's a opening of a good movie, parking lot is PACKED!!

Charles Salliby

Family day out, caught the Lion King which was a pretty cool movie / story. Didn't realize that they had a bar there now, so a Blue Moon on tap made it an even better experience. Harkins has come along way, great time and a fun couple hours away from the Arizona sun!!!!

Don Douglass

Love this location. Easy parking. Clean and we'll kept inside. Staff was excellent and took care of us like we were VIPs. Can't wait to go again.

Jonathan Greene

The staff is trained well and always exceeding expectations. There is a reason that 99% of the time, I go to a Harkins theater. I hope the continue to provide excellent customer service.

Jeff Joy

Good burger, happy they had a bar cause who doesn't like a beer and a movie. Only complaint is the seats were really close together and the lady in front of me took a bath in her perfume and I think her husband was incontinent so between their smells it made me want to gag. Other than. That it was a great movie.

Aaron Giles

Great place, good food (though a little expensice like all theathers)

Maureen Sheppard

We saw "Judy" in Theater 24- a very small theater ( 80 seats). The seats are nice enough, but not recliners, so a little disappointing, and I don't know if it was because this was a Monday afternoon or the movie itself, but it was packed with seniors who I was somewhat surprised were noisy, almost to the point of disrespectful. I don't understand why people have to dig in their popcorn bags during quiet scenes. I realize the clientele can not be controlled by the theater, so I am not holding that against Harkins! Just the smallness of #24 and the seats not being recluners!

Fizz Water

Great venue! Plenty of cashiers for snacks and theaters were clean. Restrooms tidy & friendly staff.

Tamara Rushton

Saw "Judy" with daughter. Great service ticketing, food service.

Guy Ramsey

Employees were nice and helpful but the theater rooms are very small and fill up fast seats are not very comfortable . Dollar refills on soda if you get a current year Harkins cup so that's a plus .

Jeffery Grimes

Great theater not crowded service was good a really enjoyable time.

Randall Dodson

Picture was great. Lion king, prices for soda and popcorn is way to much. But i am very very disappointed in learning that they sell liquor there. Don't go to the movies much. If I do go again it won't be at Harkins.

Verdell Gutierrez

Want to have a great time just come here with your family when you have a really great time with family and friends


Cassie in the front desk was so sweet!!! She talked and nerded out about detective Pikachu with me and my pal and we had a super pleasant experience speaking with her before and after the movie!!

Andrell Laniewicz

Big place, interesting walk through to get to if you park on the other side of the building. Nice staff. Well organized for large crowds.

Meg Taylor

Ticket process was fast, popcorn was fresh, movie was good. Need more close handicapped parking.

Armando Martinez Your Home Sold Guaranteed

Great as always! Very clean and friendly employees.

Debbie Hernandez

I love it here it! There is 1 girl who reconized me and started a batch of half salt poocorn for me. Which was awsome so I didnt miss the movie. The other person is a young man and he was very helpful to my husband answering his questions about movie. I would name them but I cant remember there names. Great staff, good movies = an awsome time!,

Paul Slater

Need to update theater with large comfortable chairs and assigned seats.


Great theater. Super friendly staff. Only complaint is that the food was incredibly expensive, but that's to be expected I suppose. Still an A+

Sean Muirhead

Nice place to meet people, cool place to relax. ☺

Juan ruiz

I was on aud 13, I can tell if it was the people sitting around us or the place had a very strong smell of urine.

Samantha Davila

The friendliest staff, the cleanest facilities and the yummiest food and popcorn. Love love love it!

Connie Tarasiewicz

Watched "It Chapter 2" and really enjoyed it! Place was nice, as well as clean. Any Harkins' employee that we encountered, were all very nice.

Dallin Bowers

I've been coming to this theater for years. Honestly not much has changed beisdes the bar inside which I could care less for. Still has the original outdated seats. Hopefully this theater will get a nice makeover soon with the nice recliner seats.

Robin Michaelis

I like their popcorn perks. I like that I can put on my own butter and seasoning.

Bruce Haines

Clean quite, pleasant, and they now have a beer and wine bar, but no tipping is allowed ( boo hiss, Snidely Whipplash) Movie itself is wonderful Downton Abby, a great reminder of etiquette politeness loyalty and dedication, many laughs at obvious tomfoolery and chilled disagreements

Sally Harland

Always a great time! We got in quickly and service at the concession counter was great!

Roni Moody

Love Harkins Theater definitely my favorite theater to go to. Prices are reasonable and loyalty cup do save a ton of money for you.

Aaron Aguilar

5 stars for the beer and popcorn! Oh...I guess the movie that I'm watching too

Briana Tafoya

Was great! Had a lot of fun but pricey as you would guess. Watched Dark Phoenix. Amazing movie! Recommend extra butter on the

joc boii

Movie was great. Customer service was umm 3/10. I order a pretzel and movie movie starts in five minutes. I usually don't go to this theater but I tried it out. Bang they give me a printed out paper and say go to the food like I was like what you talking about? That line over there. I was lost cause they just pointed in the air like your aiming for a home run in baseball. I waited and got my pretzel. It was pretzel by it self. I asked does it come with cheese? No it don't come with cheese. You have to get back in line for cheese. Movie was about to start but I just walk straight to my movie. Made it just in time thank to the ticket booth guy! He awesome!! Concession stand was no help!

Kathy Gonzalez

Very nice theater. Helpful staff. Clean!

James Christensen

Our go to theater, always clean, comfortable, friendly staff

88mm gamertank

This is a nice movie theater always clean Popcorn's always fresh I've yet to get a flat soda from them and the food they sell is also very good very fresh an hot as for service a bunch of kids work there so don't expect a hundred percent

Ron Watkins

We always enjoy going there, getting the drink and popcorn special and enjoying a movie.

Paula Koszarek

In the summer we tend to go to more movies as something to do with the family to avoid the heat! The staff is usually very friendly and they do keep the theaters cleaned after every showing. I also like the fact that they have a bar where you can get a glass of beer or wine and drink while in the movies, as I am not a fan of slushes or sodas! The air conditioning is always chili that I usually have to wear a sweater, even if it's over 100 degrees outside!

Happy Griff

The theater area and its seats + the bathrooms are super clean here. The staff is always kind and very helpful! I enjoy my visit here compared to other theatres in the area on my movie nights!

Betsy Basham

Just saw the Sound of Music for this week's Musical Monday. It was so much fun and so great to see the movie again on the big screen! Thank you Harkins!!

Corey Smith

Service was good. But they really need to update their chair to recliners. I will not go back until then. Once you've sat in recliners you won't want to sit in the old seats.

Jeanette Summers

Great theater staff! Nice seating arrangements. Love that I didn't freeze inside while watching the movie! Concession prices are decent compared to where I use to live. Senior and matinee prices are high though!

Frank Luckett

Great place to go catch a flick. Amazing staff and service. Always a great time! Fantastic job keeping everything running tip top and all the customers very happy.

Matthew Kaminski

I love that bags of popcorn are refillable on your next visit. I also think the employees go above and beyond to make everyone's trip to the movies special. The theatre seating could use an upgrade; otherwise it's a great place.

Mrs. Rice

Theater was clean. Good sound. Seating seems cramped, but I have become accustomed to reclining seats. Concessions are ridiculously expensive.

Julie Whyman

My favorite go-to theater. Always clean, love the on site bar, new paint job outside looks good too.

Larry Wheeler

This is a beautiful theater and it is well maintained. All of the carpets are clean. All of the employees were professional but friendly. The theater we were in had great sound. Each row of chairs is a step higher than the row in front--unobstructed viewing. I recommend this facility to others. I will definitely return for future movies.

Don Bowles

I like this theater because there are so many screens that you have many movie options! I just wish the seating was recliners, then it would be 5 stars!

Loren Roetman

All good, BUT, @Dan Harkins, spend a little money and get those greasy nasty seat cushions redone or at least cleaned... news flash, that's why your theaters STINK!

Kim Lynch

Amazing staff and service. Love Harkins!

Alycia Hand

I have been informed by the manager here that this Google website has inaccurate information do not use it for movie titles or times

Amy Asbill

Nice theater and within walking distance of several good restaurants.

Joe Vaughn

The food took quite a while, but the burger was pretty good. The seats are to close together and are uncomfortable by far in comparison to AMC.

David den Boer

A lot of selection of movies here and the seats are very comfy.

Roger Gulledge

Clean, maintained. Easy in and out. Good parking

Paulette Rakstad

Favorite theater I also enjoyed buying their shirts and getting the free popcorn and buying the glass for the soda.

Grace Callan

I go here to watch all the new movies. They have comfortable seats, delicious popcorn, and great movies. My family loves Harkins!! ❤️❤️

Eddie Franco

Great theater. Good deals

Joe Dennis

Pretty clean, attentive staff, surprisingly quick service; concessions are way over priced.... You know what to do....

Lisa Newill

Harkins has the very BEST POPCORN in the country...I don't know what it is but it's true...and the price of the popcorn, and drinks is phoenominal when compared to other is the year long purchase agreement and Drink cup that is great price (1.50 with cup which you buy) and t shirt which buys popcorn voucher thanks for the enjoyment!!!

Jeffrey Ratajczyk

Clean, reclining seats, great surround sound

Lee Olson

Went to see new Aladdin movie! Super good! We ended up buying tickets online for the 3:30 but ended up getting caught up with something and had to change the tickets to the next showing. Luckily the customer service lady was sweet and helpful! We got our tickets and got to see the movie, Thanks Harkins!

ilona crouch

I like it because it still has regular seats that are comfortable.

Linda Ross

Great to just walk in, bought tickets online.Spent way too much money on food. But all good.


Always fun to go there!

Eva Hernandez

This a nice theatre but no recliner seating, just regular stadium seating. I like the conssession soda n popcorn. Be sure to sign up for their Hawkins Perks - soda refills are $1.50 (souvenir cup) n medium popcorn bags are free n only $1 to upgrade to a large.

Big Psych CB2

Great location ive always loved it and have great movies


This is go to movie theater. Always busy , sometimes too many annoying teenagers that gather but for most part always enjoyable experience. Theater always kept clean, friendly staff. LOVE the reclining chairs they added, super comfortable.

May May Crafts wenk

Fast lines today. Enjoyed the movie, The Overcomer. Bathrooms are clean


Great maintenance, great service and employees, just wish the seats were "upgraded" compared to other theaters.

Taryn Rogers

Decent theater. Very high prices though they have a lot of concession items to choose from. Comfortable seating and not too crouded, even on a Friday night premiere. Friendly staff.


Great movie theater. The lobby and the theaters were clean and in good order. Screen quality was good as well as the service. It was cool enough thankfully, but it was nice to see in those hotter days in Phoenix they had some misters to keep you cool in the heat waiting to buy your tickets.

Peter Chad Adamovich

No ticket reservations, in 2018? All the stressful parts of movie going including having to arrive early, hunt for seats, save seats if you can, get concessions and hope your seats stay yours. The experience would be much better if they made that one change and caught up to the modern day world. Other than that, it was a typical movie theater experience. Popcorn was good, and the popcorn benefit is a great deal if you go to movies at least once every 2 months. You can get containers to split your popcorn, which is nice. Would not go back until the ticket situation improves.

Mark Brooks

Nothing like a a killer movie in front of their big screens and great quality sound with multiple theaters your sure to find a movie you like

Zeerayh Moore

ALWAYS Nice to go and enjoy a movie. The staff is nice and they keep it so MUCH CLEANER THAN AMC STAPLEY PLEASE KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

Kaleb Mioni

What can you say, love going out to the movies, wheelchair accessible, employees are super nice, and I love their popcorn! Thanks Harkins

Douglas McGehee

Went with the family to see a Disney movie. The movie was good. The theatre had a decent crowd, but wasn't particularly busy at the time that we went. Which seemed good. Harkins was what I expected as for service. Which was also good. My only complaint is that the audio on the movie was a little bit too loud. My ears were ringing when I left the theatre and were still ringing when I got home.

randy bell

This is my local theater I am here at least twice a month and they are always clean and friendly.

Brittany Renee

Went to see Avengers and we had someone speak in front of all of us prior to the movie starting. It was a different experience and the hospitality amazed me. You all went above and beyond. Good job!

Lucas Ybarra

Angel has fallen good movies

seth sutherland

Great place to see a movie many theaters hence the 25 some large some tiny, but prices are crazy if you can go before 6pm prices are cheaper but dont get snacks or popcorn you'll spend more for a small snack then going to a decent restaurant, decent restrooms but some guys need to learn to step up closer to the plate

Frank Vassalli

Great theater, been going here for years. Staff is very friendly. Snack bar food is mediocre though. Don't bother getting the soft pretzel; although they heat it up, the extremely dry dough means it was most likely warmed up from frozen. The popcorn is always good.


It was a super nice seemed very large until we got inside the theater...we had to sit on the front 2 rows...kinda sucked but overall a good experience

sue rivera

this harkins is the one that time forgot. very chaotic,even the manager was rude. we only went because it was close to where we were staying.there was popcorn all over the place, and they were scraping the bottom to serve you. the employees were rude, they acted like we were lucky they came to work. we will drive down alittle farther and go to fhe amc.

Carole Bailey

If you take your stub to B. F. Chang's you get a free appetizer. The barbecued ribs are luscious. The movie was so loud I had to take my heating aids out but the movie was good otherwise. "Where did you go Bernadette?"Was the movie.

Mark Manfre

Comfortable theatre, they kept the snack bar lines moving and they sell beer

Barbara Mowery

Pleasant service at the ticket counter, clean lobby and womans restroom. Seating felt somewhat cramped, although once seated and the movie started, that sensation disappeared from my mind. Overall, a pleasant experience.

Becky Granneman

Really enjoy this movie theater. Comfortable seats, clean restrooms, nice friendly staff.

Mark Ellington

Great place for a movie but service is unfriendly and unappreciative. Their movie club sucks and needs more "club members deals."

Corrine Stewart

They added a full-service bar in the lobby. I believe this theater has been around since before I was born in '93, either way I remember going here as a child and over the past 20 years the service has never faltered or cheapened. They have a way of doing things at this Harkins and they always have. They are professional to the utmost degree and I've never seen any ecceptions. Their staff is always friendly and helpful and everyone wears a genuine smile. The customer service is very fast, precise, and staff members always know what theyre doing. Like I said" I've been going here all my life and I can't think of one negative experience I've ever had with the staff.

Joel E

Great movie night out with my son. Theater was full and late comers had hard time finding a seat. Little heavy on the popcorn salt. Gave my son free cup of water which was surprising. Nice seats.

aklew aba

Dollar theater quality movies at highest prices. Seats move a bit and arm rests lift but over all barely comfortable enough to get through the movie. Generally pretty clean floors and furniture.

Ronald Koelemeijer

Did a Video game rental.... Amazeballs!!! Can't wait to setup the next event. Thank you Harkins for having this.

David Hawkes

Great staff, great screens. No recliners yet, otherwise this would be a 5 star theater. The bar has good drinks at reasonable prices and you.can bring them into the theaters. The bar doesn't have mixed drinks however, everything they have uses either wine or beer. They have a decent beer selection on tap (try the lost viking, good porter), plus more in bottles. The pino colada is good also (wine + juice). They have stepped up their food lately.. decent burgers & big hot dogs. The best part about this theater is they are well staffed and help you promptly. They also have tursday night classics at this location.

Guy Campo

Harkins movie theater always makes you feel comfortable

Robert Teague

Seats are too small and uncomfortable. Man brought a baby to a loud action film. Baby cried several times of course. No theater staff intervened and allowed him to disturb other patrons.

Nancy Ohlund

Great place to see a movie. Nice and cool in the summer. Love the popcorn perks, loyalty cups for soda, and the senior discount.

Ann Kirk

Love this theater. Always clean, fast friendly employees.

brittany erb

The popcorn here is awesome. The popcorn maker was a little bit of a jerk, but I don’t mind that much. The theaters are always pretty clean. Same with the bathrooms. The matinee price is awesome, and the refillable cups are a nice way to save on drinks if you’re going to see a movie a couple times a year. Overall a pretty standard movie theater.

hal turman

Caught a movie with the wife. An older theater but still nice. Like the lay out with snack bars on each side as well as the main lobby. Makes it easier for refills on sodas and popcorn

Ame Colette

Super clean, well staffed, and a bar! Woot!

Samuel White

I got bug bites in theater 15 on Saturday September 28 I was contacted by Harkins management shortly after I posted my review. They explained how they clean and sanitize each theater regularly. They asked where I was seated and would have a follow up cleaning of that theater that evening Didn’t expect a request for a follow up but was thankful that they did and their positive approach to elevate my concerns Thank you Harkins and we will come back


Go here for pretty much every movie that I see. Nice theater, kept up well, pretty nice seats. A generic movie theater.

Trevor Woodford

Great place to see a movie. No reserve seats, and no recliners, but much cheaper than the deluxe theaters that feature those amenities.

Jeff Solomon

Sunday afternoon at the movies. We were able to walk in and go to the concession stand with no line and buy our drinks and get our seats right as the previews started....Awesome....

Lyndsey Meyer

Loved the experience even though the service wasn't that great

Dale Owens

Staff was very courteous and the popcorn was great.

Donna Carroll

The staff was nice and friendly. The seats were uncomfortable. I think it's time for Harkins to update their seats.

Vince A

Had an issue and harkins was quick to get me in touch with a local manager to resolve it.

Brian Billings

I like the theater and would give it 4 stars if the concessions weren't so disgustingly overpriced. I prefer to rent dvds except for maybe one movie a year.

Matt Olmstead

Would have rated 5 stars if they would just update the seats.

erwin benally

Fresh popcorn, courteous help and a great movie with excellent seating.

T8 Porter

I liked the service and selection of movies but the seats are not recliners

Jay Moore

Always love going to Harkins Theatres. Locally owned, clean restrooms, excellent seating and Coke products.

Dottie Townsend

I love this theatre and the staff is very customer oriented. Now they are serving healthier snacks. Way to go, Harkins!

Nicole Renee Estrella

Loyalty cups, 10 dollar to go popcorn party bags, Great prices for movies with lots of selections on showings.

mike&leahanne brimhall

Great Cinema Theater! Staff was energetic and friendly. Butter/ napkin, condiment area was clean and tidy with staff straightening it up regularly. The floors were very clean as well.

Bobert Jones

Went to see a free movie but was full so got free movie passes instead. Looks really nice though.

Dee Bee

Would be 5 stars until the bar went in. Bad training for children. Don't have kids any more. But if I did I wouldn't take them to any theater with liquor.

simon cordeiro

good place to take in a flix there are a variety of nice resturants near by if you want to turn it in to dinner and a movie.

Logan Arrasmith

Awesome experience. Friendly service and a great place to watch a movie

Ruben Hernandez

Giving four stars only cause they haven't changed their chair to recliners, but other than that it was a great experience.

Mike Powell

The Fighting Preacher. Great movie

Ivy Daley

I went to Harkins twice in the last month. Both times I got inflammation after eating their popcorn. It's good but no telling what's in that stuff that made me so sick. Don't eat the popcorn, I'm not anymore!!!!!!!


Nice, and clean. I love having the option to put my feet up in the recliners. Well worth the price.

Scott Kooiman

We do special events there. Their AV tech is amazing, and the service level is top notch each time

Tammy Vander Hoek

Hobbs and Shaw could have had more action but it was still good.

Melody Morse

Peanut Butter Falcon was a great movie. I prefer the theatres with reclining chairs.

Diadralia Cisneros

Great place to go catch a flick. I try to go once a weekthe people are very nice and Mr. Forbes does a fantastic job keeping everything running tip top and all the customers very happy.

Judith Wait

Comfortable seats. Staff is always friendly.

Ervin Anderson

Feb 21...Rainy day. The place was packed, yet all very orderly and friendly. Lots of choices for viewing. If your hearing is sensitive, you may want to have some audio protection. Solely my opinion...while the sound quality is great, most theaters have the impression that most of their patrons are hearing impaired.

Richard Espinoza

Always a pleasant experience. Loyalty Cup is outstanding too.

leslie johnson

Movie theatre clean and staff very polite.

Janice Cotts

It was a very pleasant experience. Clean, courteous employees, hot popcorn and a great movie overall experience.

Deserted Daimon

I've been going here for a longgg 19 years I love this place and the new renovation in sickkkkkkk

Crystal Miller

I used to work here 11 years ago. Loved all the friends that I made here and of course loved the free movies. You would think after this long my unriherable stauts would be gone. I had to leave because of a sudden passing of a family member. And I am missing working in Harkins Theaters.

Randy Lebreche

I always enjoy myself when I visit one of their locations. Its always clean and the staff is friendly and helpful. I've never experienced a problem at any location.

John Thompson

I liked the place had a great bartender. Kind of made me mad you cant tip because I only had a card. Never less came back during the movie and wanted another. I end up being rudely told that the bar was closed around 1030pm. I can see now why we was the only two people in a movie theatre by the way management treated me.

Carlene Palmer

Very curtious and friendly staff. Extreamly clean establishment. Parking was a breeze as well. I would very highly recommend taking even your children to this theater.

Callie Gaytan

Wonderful, helpful staff. Good movie, good sound. Free refill on Large and Extra Large Popcorn. Great experience.

Kathy Miller

Another wonderful Harkins. But a LONG way away. We wanted one movie and this was the ONLY place It was worth the 40 minute drive each way. Usual good popcorn. Could use more handicap parking!

Jenny Rayna

Super expensive but arent they all? Ok seats. Ok popcorn. Nothing bad nothing great. Nice staff and clean bathrooms

Chuck Chapman

One of a chain local movie theaters that offers a very good mainstream movie going experience. Staff is always friendly, theaters are always clean, they always have the new releases and in plenty of theaters to choose from to avoid overcrowding.

Tanya Burton

Theater is nice, close and convenient. They don't have the awesome leather recliners like AMC, but because of that, the price is much lower and still reasonable. I gave only two stars because I purchase my tickets online, and more often than not their scanner is not functioning properly which means I have to wait in the guest services line (which is never fun or fast). If it wasn't for the scanner I would have given 4 stars!

Chad Ross

Great place, clean and no "hood" element lurking around to Jack up your movie.


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