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REVIEWS OF Harkins Theatres Scottsdale 101 14 IN Arizona

R Myers

Theater was great. Seating was perfect. Some people need to learn how to behave in public.

AwesomeGamer 1260

Best place to watch Avengers Endgame


Love this theater with reclining assigned seats. Never have to get there early and worry about getting a good seat. Not too crowded. Adult beverage bar in the lobby too.

Studio One Graphics

When did they put a bar in the lobby? That's a pretty cool feature, especially when you can bring your Rum & Coke inside the theatre with you!

John Wantland

Nice theatres. Good selections

Daniel Nies

Best theatre experience I've had

Kien Wu

Matinee is the best way to enjoy the movie, least crowded.

Anthony Henderson

Excellent theater, helpful staff and Harkins popcorn is always the best. Loyalty cups are a great deal and Cine Capri screen is awesome.

Michel Brown

The Cine Capri is always a great place to watch a movie.

Burton van kirk

Best reclining seats in town, friendly staff and a large movie selection.

Nina Ciotola

It was extremely clean and had great service! Went on a Monday and enjoyed a scary movie in their comfortable reclining seats. The seats do allow you to move the arm rest if you want to cuddle up during a movie with your partner, children, or any loved ones you might be seeing a movie with. Wide Variety of drinks and snacks. Water cups are available Go here over AMC any day of the week!

Bob Ives

We saw the new Aladdin movie at the cine Capri it was excellent

Yvonne Arnold

Great price...wonderful movie selections

Stephen Wickman

Saw Anengers end game at cine Capri. Nice big screen, comfortable recliners!

Leslie Orr

Like many of the Harkins theaters, it's spacious with many current movies playing. The seats are generously sized, electronic lounge chairs, and the seats are reserved when buying a ticket. Discounts for children and seniors are available. Matinee times are not too crowded. Popcorn aficionados claim Harkin's popcorn is the best movie popcorn.

Kathy Hall

Best service best location good parking excellent movies excellent customer service

Wayne Jones

I was charged $6.75 for a refillable soda. Went to get it and the counter person charged me $1.50...I told him I already paid and he said I had the wrong cup. I had no control over the cup I was given. Very unhappy..

Jose De la Cruz

Love this place is always clean and great service

Tyler Crouch

Pretty damn decent theater. Comfy seats. Drinks are expensive, unfortunately.

Renni Panicker

It's fine. Tickets are cheaper, but the sound quality is really poor. Seats are great. Comfortable and it's reclining.

Michael Herman

Comfortable seating and very helpful staff.

Matt Sennet

Great location near restaurants. Reclining chairs in each showing room boasts a great time. Their lobby bar is a great addition.

CAROl Barrow

I love the stadium sitting. It's so comfortable & certainly makes the movie so much more inviting, like being home watching the movie in Dolby sound. Its great & clean and once again comfortable!!!! Carol A Barrow

Dina R

Huge, clean and tons of theaters and show times. Lots of food and drink options but -1 star because of course it's on the pricey side. The food was good though.

Chris Chester

Big comfortable seating, very clean and you can add as much butter on your popcorn as you want!

Max Dolin

Very nice place expensive though like most movie theaters

Lucero K

One of the few Harkins locations that was extremely clean!! The only Harkins Theatre I’ll recommend.

Jeffrey Peace

Those reclining seats make movie watching as comfortable as home. There's even a full service bar now.

Jason D

This is one of my favorite movie theaters. They have a ton of screens to pick from and their staff is friendly. The place always seems clean.

Michael Schnack

They have the audio description headset for my visually impaired friend, and I can get a locally brewed beer and popcorn at the bar and take it to my reserved recliner. Very friendly and helpful staff too.

Diane Martin

Went to see toy story and it was great

paul fausey

Really nice remodel since we last visited. Comfortable recliners, decent pricing for movies too.

Derek Correira

We had some free movie tickets and found the closest Harkins to us. Very welcoming and friendly atmosphere, incredibly cozy reclining seats with assigned seating. Great place to watch the next big flick

Ken Atkinson

Facilities are great (although kids attending and NO MANNERS-MY WIFE DIDN'T APPRECIATE THEIR ANTICS AT ALL, AND SAID SO). Movie was great, visuals terrific and audio was good. Parking was adequate.

cj snare

The C/C is great

Vicki Bobo

We actually dined in. Great service.

Ben Gabriel

The seats recline, they're very spacious, and there's a massive amount of legroom. I live a stone's throw from another movie theater but I drive about 15 min to go to this one because it's better quality. It's nice. Did I mention the seats are recliners? Recliners. What more can I say?

Qiana Mayberry

Nice area and comfy reclining seats. No long wait I'm concession stand line. It's cool. Feels Modern and entertaining.

Vinny Vin

Movie time in well kept establishment that's in my opinion has the team on board, trained very well and delivered great results tonight. Thank You. A big shout out to the pastor of sharing time that flew by during the movie, and yes conversations had during the movie are precious and never forgotten! ****Ok do not read any further unless you want a brief synopsis of the movie*** Godzilla May 2019 is full of action from the start, Titans are being used for destruction of the human crisis as seen from a divorced woman who has recreated a device that has the ability to communicate and control (somewhat) the titans. Lots of the old school monsters make the cut into this movie and some ones that are new, I think. I'll just say Godzilla is first followed by monster O= Ghidorah is second and Rodan third & lets not forget mothra. Smooth special effects with many different locations, and I'll need to see the movie again to really study and see what was live or digitally created. Next we get a glimpse of Godzilla's subterranean home (and I think I saw Kal-El sitting on one of the megalithic structures) that ties the prequel of many legends in the monster history. With all this being said I say do not, I say DO NOT leave until after the final credits cause you'll miss a good part. Have a good one.

Kristos Roshi

They renovated this theatre and it is awesome now. The is a bar, with good prices and the new recliners they added in the theatre are so comfortable. Harkins has won some major points with this remodel.

Gil Pascual

Wonderful theater. Great concessions.

Jennie Bush

Love this Harkins theater. We have been going for years. The Cine Capri is my favorite threater.

Steven & Patricia Lorenzo

Wow, lounge seating is the best! What a fun way to go to the theater, you can even order drinks. If you go to the matinee it is still around the price of regular theaters at night.

James Nayhouse

First run movies in a comfortable setting. The screen is bright and clear. The sound is good. Really like the electric adjustable seats. Nice bonus having multiple flavors of salt you can add to your popcorn.

Ashwin Ram Pammi

Cosy and cool theater

Sebastian C

Nice service. Saw endgame.

olivia jordan

I wish we had a theater this nice in NC. Great seats, clean, awesome bar, sound quality. Customer service great too. Really fun!

Jim Smith

If you're going to the movies, go in style and save some money. Harkins has an amazing member program which gives back to you...popcorn rewards are the deal of the day and the loyalty cup compliments it all. This theatre has reserved seating, alcohol available for those who qualify and luxury recliners. This place is the place to watch first run movies. Well done Dan and to the whole Harkins team!

Jim Peterson

Auditorium 1 was clean and spacious. Impressed on cocktail pricing. Tall Double Titos was only $9. They gave me a wristband to enjoy the drink at my assigned movie seat. The salami plate tasted fresh and was the perfect size to snack on yet not get a belly-ache. Seats are extra comfy and spacious. A couple times throughout the movie, my kiddo came over to my chair to sit on my lap. Overall great experience and fast service. Wreck it Ralp was a satisfying movie.

Mark LoGiurato

Great place to see a movie in comfortable theatre-style seating. All seats are reserved. The theatre is huge and well maintained. The organization of the individual theatres is quite good.

Chuck Salvato

Nice reclining chairs great sound system assigned seats. Good value in today's world

Steph S.

Fab sound system reclining seats

Brian Roberts

Really nice updated theatres

Bob Giacolone

Just saw lion king....awesome movie

Diana Reed

Always clean, friendly service and good food.

Stella Cravens

Easy parking, friendly people and does not have those stupid trays for the dine in theaters that cramp a body.

Lamonte Lamonte

Really clean and friendly people everybody had gloves on handling the food

Jack Hamlett

Great place for movies and terrific popcorn

Pamela Zager-Maya

Love the seats in this theatre, very comfy and makes for an enjoyable movie experience. Good sound, screens, cool but not too cold. Lots of people were rewards members , I dont know much about but look into it - deals on snacks!

Mike Fannin

Great theater since remodel. Really comfortable chairs and a lot of leg room. Nice

Friendly_Neighborhood_ Pansexual

So beautiful, amazing and kind staff and good quality movies!!

Lisa Beckwith

Very nice theater. Easy to get to!

Abegail Ople

My favorite cinema theater ever since I lived here in Arizona. They have comfy reclining leather seats. Aisle E and D have the best view. When you avail of their Harkins cup, you can bring it whenever you want to watch movie and just ask for a refill for 1.00 USD. Foods are kind of pricey though but my favorite is their nachos!

Raven Carreon

Love all the people who work there. Great customer service

Scott Omelianowich

One of the nicest movie theaters I've been to.

Terry S. Smith

THE BEST popcorn of any movie theatre in Arizona. I also LOVE their Tuesday's classics. Off to see one of my Favorite Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

Bruce Goetze

"The Favorite" is a terrible move and shouldn't be in the theater much less nominated for an academy award. Harkins is a good theater chain though.


Great movie and wonderful lounge seating.

divyansh mishra

Not a good place to go with kids. Floor Managers and staff are not polite. Screen is very small, Sound quality is pretty average, Why to waste your hard earned dollars on a smaller screen when AMC have bigger screen and tickets price are same. Even it is in scottsdale dont expect a good crowd out there

David Venemon

Great Theater. Harkins is the best chain in my opinion. This one has a bar with bartenders!

Gerardo Sosa

The 101 in Scottsdale have the really nice recliner seats I love going there

Samantha Miller

We love the lounge. I can't go back to a normal movie theater now! Very clean too. I'd complain about the snack prices, but :x

Travis Thorup

Super comfy seats that recline, very spacious rows. High quality movie and sound. The popcorn is delicious too. All in all, this is a great place to go catch the next blockbuster!

Caleigh Cristine

Nice facility however the service was off. They seem to move very slow here. Super expensive. I paid $30 for two tickets to see the nun. And that does not include the money I spent on two sodas and a large popcorn. It was a rated R movie and they never checked id’s or tickets at the door. I think some young kids snuck in to see the movie and they kept running in and out. Very dissatisfied. If I’m paying $15 a ticket I’d like to watch my movie in some peace. Smh.

Mikayla Johnson

They have grown so much over the years, chairs are super comfy and they are accommodating.

Leo Jameson

It is really great movie theater.

Educated Beats

It's the only place we go and see movies. What more can I say.

Bill Wittmann

Good men's and boys barbershop. Predominately Russian heritage barbers. Walk ins okay but usually busy. Open Saturdays and Sundays. Closed Mondays. Full range of hair cuts, shave, Facial hair trims, face packs, hot towel, mini shoulder mesage, etc.

Jacob Thurston

Been seeing movies here since they opened. Great theater. This Harkins location has been completely remodeled and updated. Choose and buy your seats ahead of time or right when you arrive. The Harkins app works great and is easy to use. (Recommend buying ahead of time) State of the art screen projection and sound quality. Harkins knows how to do it. Clean Bathrooms and friendly staff make Harkins Scottsdale 101 an awesome place to see a movie. Harkins new rewards program is great as well.


One of the best places in Arizona to see a movie. Plenty of parking, good service, several screens including the large cinecapri screen and very spacious up to date recliner seating.

Chareef Williams

Great service and I love the new seating and bar option!

Scott Acridge

Good place to see a movie and the best popcorn in town.

Shane Calhoun

Home of the Cini Capri which is also home of a knock your socks off Dolby Atmos surround sound system.

John Schmitt

Love this theater. Their food is much cheaper than AMC. Two senior tickets, hot dog, salad, popcorn and bag of candy at AMC Desert Ridge was nearly $75! Harkins 101 is 1/2 that price.

Rubie Czerwinski

Great theatre. Always kept very clean any I love the recliner seats!!

Jean Ransdell Scottsdale, AZ

Great theater remodeled with reclining chairs, reserved seating and even a bar to have cocktails.

Larry Harlan

Well run. Good sound!

William Smith

Cine Capri, great Theater

Mike Alexander

Reclining seats!!! Any need to say more?

James Martin

My favorite theatre. I go way out of my way to come here. Great recliner seats that are leather so they can't hold bugs. Staff friendly and go out of their way to make things right. Great customer service management team!


I love this theatre and the cleanliness and friendly staff and comfortable seats!

Amanda A

Always clean. Salty corn. Good movies (usually).

DJ Starkey

Always a great experience at this and other Harkins. Staff is first rate. Theatres are always clean and in great condition. Sound and picture quality are excellent just about everywhere you sit.

Leann Dixon

Great movie going experience.

Joseph Nesbitt

My favorite theater in town! The CineCapri rules, and you can get your own butter for your popcorn. The theaters are clean and state of the art!

Ashmere Diandra

Awesome comfortable seats they reclined and place is very very clean

Salvador Manzanares

It was one of the nicer Harkins Theatre that i have been to. I will say if you aren't familiar with the area is kind of hard to find. Parking sucks because the amount of buisness that also park there so be careful coming through and backing out.

Aleesa Sells

Pretty theater. Big theater. Fits the Scottsdale asthetic.

Scott Monson

So, since attending a movie at this location, I don't think I could enjoy a movie any other way. I mean reclining chairs, and adult beverages, that's almost better than home.

Jeremy Cullen

Amazing movie going experience! Clean, great popcorn and food options! Even a bar! All picture format choices and full reclining leather seats. Best time to go Mon-Fri 10a-3p! Great prices and lots of seat options. One of my favorites in the Valley. And if you get the chance do the Cini Capri, well worth it. Keep up the great work Harkins! (By the way I'm and ex AMC stubs holder)

Demo De La Rosa

Slow at the concession stands and their matinee prices....wth!!

Erin LaFevre

Great theater. Service is friendly, theaters are clean, seats are comfy. The Cine Capri is impressive.

Paul Hejja MD

This is our go to Harkins Theater going back to the original Cine Capri at 24th St and Camelback. Not our parents' movie house. Upscale seating, large sele tion of snacks, even burgers as well as a bar area for those inclined. Seats are barka lounger style with plenty of room for each patron. Leg rests too. A must movie theater experience. Check out the new home of the Cine Capri.

steve bonnell

Very clean with reclining leather seats

James Whitaker

One of thee if not thee best theater to watch a movie,affordable very clean staff is always smiling and helpful definitely worth the drive

elizabeth Allen

Free special event was full but the theater goers were still given passes to watch a movie that evening or return another night. Positive crowd control as people stated, “I feel like I’m at Disneyland waiting for space mountain.”

Alexis Ewart

Cute little theater. Theater is small so if you're looking for a big picture, I'd go to one of the bigger Harkins. They don't serve alcohol either if that's what you're in the mood for.

Charles Dickerson

I'm 69 and an avid moviegoer. This is one of the best theaters I've ever been to. It has the automatic recliner seats and a complete cocktail bar and the people are super friendly and the theater is absolutely spotless and wonderful looking.

Ka Mojo

Loved it! First time there. Seats we awesome. Reclined, comfortable, lots of space. Saw Toy Story 4 with my 3yo and it was perfect. They serve beer at a bar.

Douglas Shrewsbury

Conveniently located at Scottsdale Rd. and Loop 101, clean theatres and facilities, and the staff has always been courteous and professional, always had a good experience here!

Taylor Bundy

This Harkins is so nice now, I was really surprised. There’s now a bar, and the comfortable seats reclined very far back. They finally have a free rewards program — you have to spend $200 before getting anything, but it’s better than nothing. I’m looking forward to coming back to this theatre.

Jon Kight

This is our favorite theater. There's a great bar inside where you can relax before the movie starts, the popcorn is always good, and every screen has recliner seats with ample legroom. We made the mistake of seeing a movie at another location and will never again go anywhere but here.

Seda Peacher

Super modern and comfortable! They show so many movies there too!

Chris Fendell

Super loyal harkins people - we go all the time - always a great experience - make sure you sign up for the loyalty thing they have going, helps with pricing


It was quality experience.. Big comfortable seats, clean, well decorated with friendly competent staff

Baller Boyz

I am an AMC stubs member and my experience today at Harkins reminded me how thankful I am. The new movie was in the tiny theater...which makes no since a kids movie new this weekend in a theater with only 20 seats. It took forever to get our food which the girl put in wrong and when I went back they acted like I was just trying to get free food. If you order hot food be prepared to wait for 20 minutes. And I think this is the biggest deal there’s no refills on drinks unless you have their loyalty cup with I do love but I never have it with me when I need it. This years cup is not cute as in years past though. All in all the 1 additional exit on the 101 is so worth it to get to AMC Desert Ridge. 40 minutes standing to get 1 order correct while having to worry about the kids in the seats is not good! We won’t be back to the horrible Harkins And no I do not work for AMC but I do love an amazing movie experience! I wish we would have had that today

Linda Broseghini

Great theater great deala

ghadir ayoub

Comfortable seats good prices

Sabrina Dhalla

Super comfortable and clean theater! Reclining seats and great service!

Kat Flannery

Love this place. My son just took me to see Scarcio ...amazing, definitely 5 star film. Popcorn is always fresh. I really like the fact you can purchase online in advance, even choose your seats. Great place to spend an afternoon to get out of the heat.

Madelon Lawrence

Seating though more expensive then time gone by is AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE since the remodel. Noone climbing on your feet or holding seats for friends. It's really great and we recommend it to everyone

rich gasper

What can I say. It's a movie theater. It's clean and nice but nothing special.

Kayla Brawley

I absolutely love Harkins. The seats are very comfortable. The popcorn deal is great! My favorite movie experience is definitely at Harkins!

Troy Walls

It’s always clean and the employees are helpful and nice.

Micheal Weinfurtner

Was very impressed with the Capri theater. Nice seats, they had vibration mods in them. Big screen and the sound was spot on. It was a little chilly, but on the good side of it. Easy location to get too with plenty of parking. Also great location for before or after movie activities. Will be visiting again soon.

Lili Spurlock

Th surrounded sound, very large screen and recliners seats is a great experience!

Steve Winkelman

Enjoyed the new seating, though I'm a bit puzzled why we weren't allowed to choose seats in the back section, despite being empty throughout the movie. I don't enjoy being too close to the screen. Otherwise, very comfortable!

Jeremy Bridges

Great service! The bartenders were on top of their game and some good choices on tap. Seat was comfortable. Best Harkins I have been to.

Nora Walker

Harkins is the top local film chain and there isn't a bad theater in the bunch. The 101 is more than special as the home of the Phoenix Film Festival, a 10 day event in April with categories you never knew existed -- and activities for everyone from kids to glamour seekers. Check it out.

M Furughi

Great theater with recliner chair. Comfortable and great movie experience. The only minor criticism was the LED lights along the steps was distracting

Robin Games

I personally live in California and let me tell you that this Harkins theater and most of the others from what I know blow California's theaters out of the water. The atmosphere and friendlyness of the employees is top notch and the theaters are like sitting in chairs ment for Kings and queens. Nothing special going on in the sound department or screen department but still Dolby surround sound 7.1 and 4K screenings.

Jim Robbins

Always focused on the customer. Excellent seats, sound, screens and make sure to register for the lpyalty program and loyalty drink cups - you can save a bundle!

John Xuereb

Exceptional theater.. Amenities are great. I highly recommend..


Clean n reclining seats are great

Danny Wright

Harkins is the highest quality and value movie going experience in the valley. The Awards program is truly for the customer.

Scott Curtis

Beautiful theater, reclining chairs.

Andrew Jenkins

Great theater, seats, and staff

Elizabeth Monroe

Saw two movies in one weekend! Great theater,.good food, and friendly staff.

teri Hargrove

Aladdin was awesome. Will Smith was excellent as the Genie . They could not have found anyone better to play the part.

Melanie Baxter

Always a great experience. Not sure if it is really worth the cine Capri experience since most theaters are huge and comfortable now, but it is always a great time

John Link

Typical HIGH PRICES but theater was clean and comfortable

Arc Arc

Love picking my seat... It's luxury at it finest.

Nicola Morton

Great spacious lazyboy chairs and very friendly workers

Chad K.

This is the best, most comfortable theater in town. This is the only one that I will go to!

Hillary Walker

Clean, comfy and amazing seating. Really all you could ask for.

Tanner Gwinn

Beautiful theater. Comfy seat and snacks were good. Nothing to make this location stand out over other but still a good experience

Julie Lafaye

My company rents a theatre for continuing education every quarter. It is nice, however I prefer the Cine Capri at 101 & Scottsdale. Its closer for me.

Daryl McClain

Huge screen, great sound and very comfortable seating. The concession stand has good deals on popcorn and pop, for a theater that is.

Kevin Meskimen

Love the new seats and the entire remodel looks great

Julie Endlich

Comfortable seating and special viewings!

Tina Le

i come here cause they have the Cine Capri showing.

Louie Bischoff

Love Harkins! Easy to get Tix & fabulous concession stand service!!

Loric Harding

Love this theater and the upgraded seating is wonderful.

Alicia Orfan

Nice reclining, comfortable seats!

Ryan Marshall

Home of the Cine Capri and the new stadium electric reclining chairs. Best deals, best popcorn

Marcus Gray

This is not only my favorite Harkins location but my favorite and go to movie theater in Scottsdale and Phoenix! I’m always treated nicely here and the staff is always respectful! As a student I always forget my ID but they still grant me the discount which is nice. They recently renovated and added a bar. All I can say is that the seats are amazing, so comfy and relaxing pair it with a drink is always a plus! Keep up the good work and I’ll keep coming back :)

Ho Lee Phook

Oyr go to movie theatre. Always clean and never super busy. Awesome seats.

Richard Brown

Reclining seats, a bar, can reserve seats ahead of time.


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