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Where is Harkins Theatres Norterra 14?

REVIEWS OF Harkins Theatres Norterra 14 IN Arizona

Danny Pearson

Always clean, and super nice employees!

Darcy Tucker

Movie was great! Seating in theater 11 is archaic

Lorenzo Aguilar

Good theater never full and always empty.

Jesse Parker

Staff is courteous and friendly.

Luis Cabrera

Good theater for the price. I really like coming here for the $1.50 refills when you purchase loyalty cup. If you think about it, all you really need is a small soda for the entire movie. Also it's very expensive for just a small soda. Here are some pricing for the concession stand here and inside the theater. They also have a play center here so you can drop off your kids while you watch a movie.

Sahmantha Reiner

As always the staff are great! I have not had a poor experience at this location like other locations. This location has better cleanliness than other locations I have been.

Marcus Kelley

This is my go-to theater. Love Harkins.

Christian Saavedra

Clean and good service. Would like to see midnight show availability on weekends.

Spencer R

Used to be great. They're assigned seated theaters now. I know I'm in the minority with this but I hate assigned seating. My objective is to always go see a movie with the least amount of people possible and be able to sit as far away from other people as possible. Now with assigned seating someone buys seats right next to me and I can't do anything about it except wait for the movie to start and hope that where I move to aren't seats for someone late. Assigned seating sucks. Can we please just keep some of the old school theaters without assigned seating for those of us that know how to be prompt to a movie?


I saw end game. Enough to make a grown man cry...

Nathan Lenguyen

Clean location and I like the feature to buy the seats with the tickets so it is easier than having to get to the theater way earlier to get the desired seats

Wade Horne

Clean, very nice facility. Lots of variety in movies. Locted in a good location for pre and post movie food and drinks.

Sonwy D!!

Its good it's just like a regular harkins so go check it out!

Sara Christensen

The staff here is very kind. I feel like they go above and beyond to take care of customers. The employees answering calls to guest services are helpful and respectful. The facilities are clean from the lobby to the theatre to the restrooms. I don't think there is anything I could complain about. The concession prices are high, but I can understand why.

Ashley Shemain

Old school theater straight out of the 80’s. No reserved seating, chairs are old school fabric. Only thing that is modern is their pricing! Go to AMC for a better theater experience.

Scott Feichtinger

What can you say. Clean theatres, friendly staff.

Paul Rodriguez

This is a really nice Harkins. Its newer, the place looks pretty clean. The staff is really nice. Overall good experience.

Ty Hsieh

The theater was not busy for a afternoon show and it was nice to be able to purchase the tickets online but more so that you can select your seats too. It was clean inside and had friendly service.

Janal Pauley

Great theater location, lots of food options. Friendly clean environment.

Jeffrey El Jefe

Reserve your seats for opening weekends or if you are going to be late.

Timothy Biddlecome

Love the popcorn flavor shakers! Now has assigned seating.

Don Shoemaker

Get the Harkins membership and the popcorn deal, clean and comfortable. Family friendly, they have a daycare play center for your little ones.

Dave Nelson

Great picture and sound. Go weekday afternoon no crowds!

Wandena Walker

Good times with my friend and clean theatre

david gould

Everything was unawesome at the Lego 2 movie! Just kidding it was pretty good. And matinee prices make it better!

Dave Schmidt

Went to a matinee and it was a bit pricey at $8.75 as were the concessions (I had a popcorn and a water for $13.75) place was very clean and seats were quite comfortable

Dwayne Norton

Nice friendly place

Turbo moreno

Amazing staff , clean theater rooms

Yvonne Holliday

This was a very comfortable Theater which made our experience even more enjoyable. Prices were competitive and we will definitely go back

Spencer Weston

Not much to complain about, with a great location and consistent service.

Devion May

It was late evening during the weekdays, perfect, quiet, clean, no one in the theater.

Phoenix Writer

The theater is fairly clean, but to find an open space for parking, can be difficult.

Coleman Anderson

I love this Harkins. They are ready for anything. I had no line getting my ticket, no line to get a soda. Logan who served me was awesome. He upsold me on a loyalty cup which I am so thankful for. The theatre was easy to find and good volume. Sometimes movie theaters are to loud.

Andy Henderson

Enjoy this theater, easy to get to and have been playing all the new release films. Chairs are comfortable, staff are professional and plentiful. Lines are usually not to long at the concession stand and the popcorn is very good. Wife and I have gone last 4 weeks in a row to see new releases. Plenty of parking and lots to do and eat in the area.

Kyle Kenyon

My wife and I love our local theater. Clean comfortable, good quality audio and video. Fair prices. Young kids work here and they always vibrant with a smile on their face. Enjoy coming here whenever we have the time. Looking forward to going tonight actually

Kris Ortega

Very comfortable chairs this place suprised me

Chet Jenkins

Would be a perfect theater if it had better seating. At least they dont have terrible Coke Freestyle machines.

MissTiny Stockton& CaseyJohn

This location is clean and well ran. My kids and I go here about 3 times a month and each time it's the best. Prices are expensive as go before 6 of you can and for the afternoon matinee, go before 3pm. Also, they have clean bathrooms. Don't know about you: But it's a deal breaker for us. Especially when there is food involved.

Christine Kilgore

A whole lot of fun

Kirsten Meikle

Our usual movie date night spot. Great location for catching a bite to eat before or after the movie. The rewards program is also easy to use.

Taylor Adair

Harkins Norterra has been a local family favorite for years. Tasty popcorn, clean theatres, and a nice environment.

Ben's desert adventures

Watched the new incredibles 2 with the kids. Buy your self a membership its $30 and you get free pop corn a year and if you buy the souvenir cup. Refills a year is $1.00. You can't beat that... Go have some fun and stay cool. With Harkins.

Dolores Damian

Great movie theater. Love their popcorn!

Marcy Kane

Bring a blanket and ear plugs...the theaters are very cold and unnecessarily loud.

Deb C

Harkins has the best popcorn! Free refill on the popcorn and $1.50 large drinks, best deal

Jill Thompson

They have very comfortable seating and everyone is very helpful and very courteous when you go to the concession stand. Would recommend Harkins to all my friends

CJ Mueller

We like to all summer movie

Susan Hopkins

Tickets sure got expensive 18.00$ for two and seats are not as nice as amc and that was in the morning not night time

Carlin Davidson

Never had a bad experience and the child care option is AMAZING! Kids love it too! So nice to have a fallback date night option

tom ridenour

Clean, but like any other theater concessions overpriced.

Vp Allender

Very clean, great facilities, worth every penny I spend

Shalee Crudo

Harkins Happy Valley is a nice theater. The service is fairly quick (no surprise, goodies are over-priced) and staff is primarily high school/ young college kids. The movie studios are clean, however, the spaces are not equipped with the newer style seating (still the old school flip down seats). Parking can be limited on weekends.

Alexis Post

Clean environment and friendly service. Also, an excellent location surrounded by boutiques and several food and restaurant options.

Robert Moffett

Little slow at snack bar for service but great place to see a movie

Leslie Rodriguez

I've always liked this harkins. They have friendly staff and always serve fresh popcorn. However, I prefer the harkins at arrowhead because they have recliners. Other than that this is a nice theater.


I went to see a Harkins Classic Movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Seeing it on the big screen was better than I imagined. The $5 ticket price and the $1.50 rewards cup refill made seeing the movie very affordable, I can't wait to see another Harkins Classic Movie

Maritza Chiappo

Love the pop corn and all the people that work there. Thanks.

jo calvin

Love this place, go here everytime a movie comes out, the prices are nice and low and the people are very nice, and the restroom is very clean, like they clean it every hour or something.

Nichole Black

Saw Toy Story 4. Was funny. Friendly Harkins staff, great popcorn, had loyalty cup for reduced drink costs.

Traci Denny

Our movie experience was okay. For whatever reason it was the noisiest theater I have ever been in. Not the theaters doing, just inconsiderate viewers. But since it was the long awaited last movie of a series at one point I was tempted to stand up and yell for everyone to shut up and stop making so much noise. We won't be back.

Ginger Dulcimer

This theater does NOT have reclining seats, but they now have you pick your seats. Not ok, if you have old stadium seating.

Haden Newhouse

Absolutely love this theatre! Especially love the misters outside and it's nice and spacious!

Barb John

I bought tickets on Harkins app. Which is a great way to buy tickets if you don’t mind paying a service fee. My one star is due to the fact that they wouldn’t reimburse me for the service fee when I went to cancel my tickets. I wouldn’t have bought them online if I had known their policy. We had a large group. I went to the box office and the manager was firm. Now I know not to buy online, and I want everyone else to be sure that they know of the ticket fee, and that their is no reimbursement. I would assume that a company as large as they are, would work with people. In the end, I feel it’s all about profit. It’s sad, that we live in an age when everything has a policy. If you don’t think to read their policy then you are out of luck. Up until today I loved our Arizona owned Harkins, but Ive learned that they are like every other company out their today. I hope that I’m not that way. I hope that I care more about people then about the bottom line.

Jeff Ewing

Good popcorn and It 2

Jill Triplett

Great staff at concessions.

Ricardo Coss

I love this place it's clean and they have a daycare for kids.

Michelle Diaz de Leon

Usually have a good experience here

Carla Ivey

Of the two theaters in Deer Valley ( this is actually in Happy Valley not to put too fine a point on it) this is the least expensive. Everything is cheaper; the tickets, popcorn, soda, etc. Plus the personnel I noticed were a touch more friendly. When you ask one of them if they have seen the movie they will tell you just enough to wet your appetite but no spoiler alerts. I really only go to the other one when this one isnt showing a movie I want to see. They both have very comfortable seating.

Sarah Astorga

Enjoyed a coffee at Elevate, then watched Creed 2. Great hangout spot.

Lip Gloss Queen

Average un-updated theater. Kind staff and a good experience. Nothing special, but it was pleasant.


Great place for watching a movie nice and clean

Katrina Sandy

Our favorite theater!! Cant wait for summer movie fun to start! Such a great deal....10 movies for $7. We go once a week. Kids love it and it's nice and cool on hot summer days

Tonya Flores

We love the summer movie program. It's an inexpensive way to get out of the house every week during the summer. We get the popcorn perks (though we really miss the t- shirt popcorn program!)

Vernon Nez

Love this harkins location!.. very convenient and clean all the time. Parking can depend on certain days of the week as it shares with a few other businesses around there. But the parking behind the theater is A plus++ most times.

Charles Ihle

Childcare area though unsure of price for it. Decent food for a non dine in theater,only complaint is reserve seats when they are still the older, smaller, nonreclining seats. Staff is friendly and service is fast. Loyalty program is good with $1 drink refills in loyalty cups.

David Breecher

Great seats & plenty of room. ..

Cynthia Canez

Great way to cool off


They've updated there seating and now check your ticket when you get into the theater

monica Brown

Suggestion have a sound proof section for children who cant stop talking/ or crying. So everyone can enjoy movies. Last movie was ruined and i had my grand daughter whose 5. I dont know who was louder the parents telling their kids to hush or the kids

jeff pollick

Angel has fallen was very good.

Annaliesa Shepherd

Great movies, showtimes for whenever. Wonderful with friends and family.

Scott McCabe

We went and caught two movies on Memorial day. Dead Pool 2, and Solo. Both were very good and very different from one another. We had the souvenir cups that you can get filled for $1.50 and we're Harkins Rewards members with the popcorn pass, so we get a free popcorn every time we go. This is a significant savings in a year. The Popcorn Pass is $30 per year, and the Harkins Rewards is free to join and gives you a point per dollar spent that you can trade in for food, movies and other things. All this makes Harkins Theaters the best bargain for us.

dillon brand

Decent theatre not as nice as others but not bad

Jeffrey Fabrie

Very nice movie theater very nice seats big crazy surround sound, and the people that work there we're very nice.

Patricia Baker

I really enjoy going here. Always clean, employees are great. Been enjoying Harkins Norterra for 12 years.

Pat Priest

Prices are outrageous. You need 2 jobs if you want popcorn and a drink. We got 2 small soda drinks and 2 small popcorn $32.00. I almost had a heart attack. Buying the moving is cheaper. I won't go there again.

Steven M

If they woulda turned the AC on maybe id give them 5 stars lol.. Other than it being warm, our small family had a good night!

Rick Casto

By far my favorite place to go see a movie. Watched Star wars at Cinema Capri in 1977 and have been a regular patron ever since

Barbara Bardsley

I love that they still have the kids babysitting!

Bryan Mulvaney

Nice safe theater with no terrorists

Tim Schuler

Loved it go see IT

Loolu Bell

Floor was sticky. And not a fan of picking seats before going in.

Chris Nycum

Nice theater. Reasonable ticket price and clean. Staff were pleasant and seating was comfortable.

Paige Mock

I really love this theater because of the daycare and allows me to see movies that I wouldn't be able to see when I can't get a sitter. The loyalty cups are amazing I wish they still had the T-shirt popcorn deal. They do have outdated seats which is not a big deal to me but to some it might be!

Corey Scott

a nice place to watch a movie. its clean and service is good.

Heather Atherton

Theater was a little cramped. The assigned seating is nice just need a little more room.

Dawn Zecman

I used to love this theater, but then they switched to assigned seating. I really, really hate assigned seating. It takes longer to buy your tickets at the front because now everybody has to pick a seat. If you want to purchase your assigned seat tickets on line to avoid the wait they charge a "Service Fee". What a shame!

Dirk N'It

Awesome theater!

Chad Hodson

Decent theatre. Clean, friendly staff. Not much else to say.

christian shook

Great clean theater

Gail Clanton

I love this theater and their popcorn and their people!!

Bec -_-

Love Harkins. Great summer prices. I bought the refillable cups save money every time.


Harkins is my favorite movie theater. Always clean, polite friendly staff. Always busy though.

Parker Horejs

Very nice Harkins. Don't forget to reserve seats!


Nice. Just simple, plain nice.

Erik Anderson

This is a nice theater with polite staff and cheaper options than most other theatres. Getting the loyalty cup is worth it if you frequent the the theaters as much as I do (about 2-3 times a month). Because it's only 1.50 to get a drink instead of paying 6-7 dollars for a large drink every time. Harkins also has the best tasting popcorn out of everyone else. Plenty nice restaurants in the immediate area to grab some grub afterwards. My only gripe with this theater is that it doesn't have reserved seating.

David Pavlovic

Our favorite theater! Especially now that you can choose your seats during the purchase.

Cyndi Trogden

Too expensive but love to go to this theater

Omar EA

Always enjoy coming to this Theatre with my girlfriend. :)


Nice theater updated seats 3D movie set up is nice!

Annex M

Haven't gone to a Harkins in a long time, usually gone to AMC since it's closer. Anyway, seats are good, clean and sound was perfect. As soon as we walked into the lobby, the smell of yummy buttery popcorn filled the air...

Michelle Estrada

I go here at least twice a month and they have a daycare for your children if you want to see something that is not kid-friendly... Just make sure you call ahead and make an appointment! They also have a program where you can buy a cup and the sodas are a dollar fifty all year if you buy this cup plus you get some popcorn vouchers they have some cool programs dot-dot-dot which if you go to the movies as much as we do all sets the cost it's nice to go in and only pay $3 for some popcorn and two large sodas so check out the programs. Of course the earlier you go to a movie the better I've never gone to one after 5:30 because then it'll be hard to get a seat this place is poppin

Demo De La Rosa

Clean place and love going here to see a movie.


n0 l didn't go to Harkins hmmm

Charles Dickerson

clean. Modern-looking. Great popcorn. Fantastic sound systems in every theater. The only thing that they lack are the reclining automatic seats that you have to go to Scottsdale for.

Carolyn Moodyyr nvm

Clean theater, friendly staff. I love that they have a fun childcare area.

Roger Kessler

Norterra Harkins has kind admission pricing for Seniors and with their no fee rewards card they give you $5 to spend in no time at all, on anything in the theater!

Matty Barz

There's a reason Harkins is my go to movie theater and this place is a good example. Very good employees well-kept uniforms very clean bathrooms and lobby and great tasting popcorn.

Sheccid Robles

Recently went after many years and they upgraded on their seats.

Chris Fendell

Love the loyalty program... Feels like it's Fading tho?

Z M.

WORST, MOST UNCOMFORTABLE MOVIE SEATS EVER. Not sure why this theater picked the worst chairs ever since it is newer than most. We did not have the 'ultimate rocker seating' chairs but the standard ones, which were crampy and not made for movie-length seating. If you prefer a comfy chair to watch a movie in, I would visit a different Harkins. Other than that, the service was good, and the theater and restrooms were clean.

Joanne Cummings

Employees were ready to help with a smile. Add pound in the theater was good. It was a very hot day, air could have been cooler

Robin Dorris Dorris

I would rather spend the money going to do Harkins movie theater than any where else. At Harkins it like they understand family. No assigned seating. You don't have to worry about drunk people they still don't serve alcohol. They offer a child care at quite a few location witch is nice. Because Mom and Dad should not always have to see a kids movie when going out. The concessions are fresh. Popcorn is fresh not the night befores. There Hot foods list is not bad for a movie theater. Spend your money to see good movies here you will have a great time with your friends and family.

Michael Jessop

My favorite theater in North Phoenix! It is pretty clean, simple layout, decent screens, always a fair amount of people working at snack bar.

lonnie z

I love this theater. I wish it had the comfy recliners though

Bruce Farmer

The best thing about this Harkins is they offer child care and the staff has always been friendly and helpful.

Alex A

Seats are terrible. Extremely uncomfortable

Paul Plamondon

We got front row seats. Why? Because we went to a matinee!

Madelon Lawrence

Yesterday I took my 3 grandchildren to see a movie that I had pre purchased tickets as their site suggested that the North Terre Harkins had replaced their regular theater seating to be requires that all harken seem to be doing. I paid extra for the tickets because buying the theater seats that are nice and sitting where you want to said is worth the price. Upon arrival I was told they were having computer system problems and it's open seating. I then and lightened them that my seats better be open because I had paid extra and expected his set where the children wanted. I then went to purchase popcorn and sodas. Was told that they couldn't give me my free popcorn because they had no proof that I was one of their frequent guests with the pre purchased card I by perseis and. After a length of disagreeable conversation they so kindly agreed to give me my popcorn and I said I wanted to up size it because there were 4 of us that was doable if I would pay cash which was not my intent common typically I use a credit card but I also had points would should have more than paid for my upgrade. I then ended up having to pay for my popcorn pay for my drinks and purchasing to churros and 1 pretzel ended up being charged $24. I have to say no matter how close that theater is I will never take my chill grandchildren there again. By the way they did not replace their seating to the nice recliners and so I was screwed on the price of my tickets. Take my advice go elsewhere

Gail DeLano

Great place to spend time with my granddaughter. We had a blast.

Joseph Bean

Good seats, easy handicap access okay concession stand

Kevin Johnson

This theater is great! Picture is always least I've never had an issue. Sound is fantastic and the best part is this theater has a child care center that will watch your kids while you go watch a movie if you dont or can't find a sitter. Normal week days are usually not an issue but if you go to a movie on Friday or weekend you will need to call and schedule an appointment for the child center because it fills up fast and they only have so many spots at one time. Only down fall is this theater hasn't upgraded seating to the new recliners yet but that doesn't take down the experience for me.

Kaihley Reiner

It's always clean and staffed with friendly people. The seats are very comfortable and the sound wekk balanced. A great movie going experience everytime we go❣️

Patrick Byrd

I love that you can choose your seat when purchasing tickets at this location! Friendly staff at the snack counter. Kayla kindly filled our hyrda flask while we purchased popcorn and blue raspberry slurpy!

Ashley Heaton

Always clean and efficient, prices are reasonable compared to the competition.

Al Bee

Midday...Quite and quick service.

Yvonne K

I always enjoy watching movies here, with the reclining seats. I love, love, love their buttery popcorn

Douglas Esdon

Easy to get to. Good seating, sound, and picture. Restrooms nice and clean.

Kory Johnson

Nice location and big theatre with tons of options.

Ross Maltman

Clean and comfortable. Very enjoyable.

Vanessa Cruz

Well maintained theater. The customer service was excellent. I didn't have a problem while viewing the film I set out to watch with my family.

Monte Tucker

Decent seats. I really like their pop corn.

Deon Johnson

Love this theater so close and convenient


Theater is always clean and staff is always a pleasure to deal with. Only a time or 2 the movie we were watching had issues. Overall a great experience.

Steve Stone

Behind in remodeling and installing the new theater experience better seats

audra wilson-smith

Always polite and professional employees..enjoyed the movie. Pretzel was not good, replaced with a popcorn no questions asked...

Anaili Zealznog

It’s a great movie theater,however I think they should upgrade to the recliner seats..

Jennifer Hintz

Movie=good. Service=good. Prices=GOUGE!!


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