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REVIEWS OF Harkins Theatres Metrocenter 12 IN Arizona

Yvette Beal

I always go to the later shows and have never had any problems, there is security there even after the very last showing is getting out! Very safe place with great customer service. Most importantly awesome movie ticket prices!!

Lowell Schwartz

Great movie place/Lets of chooses of movies/Friendly stuff/prices are good

Domingo Gonzales

Great pricing with 7$ any movie. Friendly staff. Reasonably clean

Robert Lytle

It is great to have a local Harkins. Great price and friendly staff. Always clean

Blaine Harriman

Cheap compared to others. Service is good and the seating is better than you would think for the price. Feels like the way a movie theater should without luxury or frills.

Uvo Potatoe

Lobby is huge and they have a ton of theaters but the chairs suck and imo I hate watching movies around other people.

Sara Purser

Clean. Staff is super nice. $7 movies is a great deal too!


This place is definitely a good place, but i believe their seats are clean cause ive went in one of the theatres and it was horrible the seat was wet but other than that this would be a go to place for cheap and enjoyable movies to watch

spoken truth 602

Aladdin 3:30 and a bite from a bed bug is what i get...damn i knew i shouldnt have came here...i want my damn money..i had heard bout bed bugs but i thought nah thats b.s but guess what its a real damn issue..ughhhhhh

Michael Ingram

Seven dollar movies. You can't beat the price, and the theater is nice clean and the sound is perfect.

Clinton Jensen

My son enjoyed the movie quality very much.

michele douma

Price was right. Not crowded. Price of popcorn and soda over the top just like all theaters. Eat before you go. 7 bucks any movie any time!

April Tinhorn

$7 any movie, any time earns this spot a 4 star rating. Yes, $7 new releases.

Stardust Kitten

Love the $7 everything promo. Hope this never goes away

Paul Kitch

It's a convenient theatre with fair ticket prices. Staff has always been friendly and helpful.

Feckless Records

Nice place, it's got two floors and two concession stands, it's always been pretty clean when I go and well staffed; staff is friendly. Movie viewing area is a typical harkins size and I'll say comfortable seating. They got some good movies too when they come out but I would always check the website out first. Would recommend.

Maria Munoz

Love This Harkins! Great Customer Service And Great Movies And Food!

George Ybanez

Harkins metro center is an azing theatre. There management has proved to be better than what they were a year ago. I don't like that they pocket check you for yourovie stubs. However, I do appreciate the staff they have now. I left a pair of headsets in the theatre and called and told th where I was sitting and were able to locate it and return it to me three days after because of my busy schedule. The theatrestarting with theatre 1 then 2 then 9 are nice size theatres with amazing sound and picture quality. I would say if you have family bring them to Harkins metro center for a great experience. I am glad that I changed my first review on them because they have changed and things are great there. 7 dollars a ticket, come on in and enjoy some popcorn and some beverage and show the family a great time.

Rose Gonzales

Awesome staff.. My brother is in a wheelchair and theybwent above and beyond to make us feel comfortable.Especially when there were close to 200 ppl around us. Thanks Harkins staff you're AWESOME!!!!!

fakawat tonga

Clean theater and great service. Even when busy it's still well kept. Only thing that sucks is standing in line during the summer time.

jerred erwin

Everything went as expected movie screen and seating was fine. Sound and temperature in the theater was good.

Spike head Chamberlain

It's sound is great and customer service is excellent

James Cortez

Great service and great place to see a movie.

Hayde Peralta

Excelente, they have the movie tickets for just $7 affordable

loreana garcia

The mall maybe dead but the movie theaters were very nice reasonable price popcorn and pretty clean theater very comfortable seating I remember when this mall was Poppin!

Jennifer Halfar

$7 all day, everyday...including 3D movies! Can't beat the price! Staff is great and theater is clean. No complaints!

Svetla Novoselska

Loved it! Great new movies! Good prices! I paid $7 for a new movie. Clean, comfortable, not too cold, pleasant, friendly staff, convenient location!

Adam Smith

The first time I visited here they had a major audio issue in my screen which I didn't see addressed, however, I have been back over a dozen times and never encountered any issues. Great concessions, great screens and you can't beat $7 for any ticket, any showtime, including 3d. Highly recommended.

Deborah Secunda

Facility clean, staff was very polite, temperature in theater was perfect, GREAT price for tickets $7.00

Oliver Kent

Can't go wrong with 7 Dollars movie tickets anytime any day all ages. The best time to is on a weekday when there's less people and wanna enjoy the latest movies with a group of friends. Never forget to pick a loyalty cup and a large popcorn bag, also by the way save that bag for next visit to get a free refill don't forget about the 1.50 loyalty cup refills. The multi level floors adds to the experience along with a nice and friendly staff to make your experience better. I personally have been here a few times myself and never leave dissatisfied on every visit.

Toya Lewis

This location charges $7 for all movies, which is reasonable. The food court is expensive, but overall this is a nice theater. Very clean and the employees provided excellent customer service. Would visit this location again.

Heidi Hilkins

Nice, clean theater with good customer service. I will go back.

Sam Manna

You can't beat $7 tickets for newly released movies. We saw Advengers end game. Great movie.

Mr. Dolk

An overall pleasant experience. The prices for tickets stay at a steady seven per person at all times for all all ages. This Harkins Theatre is well kept and orderly. There are two floors, each accessible by stairs and escalators; it is unknown to me if there are elevators. It should be known there is little shade if one were to purchase the tickets at the booth during the day.

Christopher Potvin

I love this theater! Always clean, and never too crowded. The employees are always super friendly and the theaters are kept very nice. I go about every week


Since they have lowered their prices my husband and I love to go there and spend the weekends watching movies. They have a wide variety of snacks and the popcorn is fresh we have a good time when we go there and are greeted by the management personally. I think it's a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Daniel Punisher

They changed the hours of movie times close very early now

Chris Reinholz

Great price.. was really shocked only 7 bucks, anytime ,any movie. Everyday.. so it was great

JesUs Angulo

Not the most extravagant but can't beat $7 tickets

Raul Chavez

This okay is a great place to see a high quality movie for cheap. All movies are only $7. I suggested by the loyalty cup for your soft drinks and refills are only $1.50 all year long. Sign up for the Harkins app as you will get credit for concessions and for tickets.The only reason I did not give this a five stars because they don't have the reclining seats which really doesn't bother me but any major theater should have those now...But since metro center is not as active as used to be ..I understand

Charles Ligons

Wasn't crowded no long lines to get pop corn and it was at a fair price and parking was good.

Monique Kennie

Saw Joker! Overall experience was good. Had to wait for a salted pretzel from downstairs. Otherwise customer service was on point.

Andrea Sanchez

Has IMAX movies and good ticket prices.


Great place to hang out

Lorraine A Garcia

I always love Harkins they are sweet people working here

Stephanie Rendon

Came to watch avengers for the second time. It was awesome!! Loved the movie. Popcorn was fresh and full of butter lol.. lines moved quickly and the theater itself was very clean.

Tamara Stafford

For the love of God please Clorox wipes the seat handles

alex jackson

This 1 star rating is due to rudeness and talking among patrons. Every time we come here there is constant chatter. Good thing the theater management are always kind enough to return the money. This is the only theater in the area where I have experienced this problem. I would much rather pay a few extra dollars for a quiet and respectful audience.

Carisma Wade

Nice theater just make sure u bring your own snacks and food lol

Gaberyl Osborne

Metro Center Harkins is great! The customer service is phenomenal and you can't beat the $7 tickets. It's a relic but it's beautiful AND it's the last Harkins that is multi-story.

Victor Rabago

This place has surround sound , comfortable seats , affordable everything , popcorn has no seeds , and top of the line service loved it

Ivan Castaneda

Amazing experience, Great service,and very positive attitude from employees.

tim gabbert

I have to admit it's been a long minute since I've been to a movie theater so we went to the Harkins theater at metrocenter $7 matinee no problem $14 for the two of us once inside of course the place is always clean from what I can tell two large drinks one extra large popcorn $22 okay I'm just going to go ahead and say this that's a rip-off I don't care who you are or what you are $22 for two drinks and a popcorn is a rip-off now having said that they're only about 40 people in this theater so it wasn't crowded however their seats suck but all in all it was a pretty good experience like I said been a few years since I've been to this theater so it was all right

Maria Rojo

Was grate love the movie a little noisy but what do u expect it was kid move loved it

Frank Sanders

This has become the favorite place for movies for our family and most of our friends. This multi level movie theater is clean and comfortable. The theater has the standard movie seats which are comfortable and easy to access. It is also the cheapest priced movie theater that includes 3D movies at the same price of general seating. Parking is good and easy. It is really the best value in town hands down. Try it! You will like it!

Ismet Zerina

We’ve been there a bunch of times and we’ve have no problems

Justin Graffam

$7 movies, friendly, an overall nice harkins if you are close, can get pretty busy on the weekends

Raymond Lawson

Great Prices to see a movie! I always received excellent service.

Fred Beyer 2

Was a lot of fun. Nice that the movies are just $7. Theater was comfortable as well.

J Dog

My problem is they do not clean the seats. We went to see IT Chapter 2 & when we were sitting in them in theater 1 they smelled SO bad & to make matters worse we brought the smell home with us our vehicle smelled as well. Kinda gross...

Sherry Redman

Wonderful price at $7.00 for any show time. Clean, comfortable seating, specials creating discounts for drinks and shows. Very helpful staff as my Dad is on oxygen and walking with a cane.

David Windman

Great, can't beat $7.00 for a movie and it's only a mile and a half from my house!


Went to see Endgame... Ultra familiar with this theater. Soda fountains taste "off". Prices are a little crazy but hey that's theaters right?

Chantelle Rivera

I know a lot of people hate Metrocenter, but I grew up in this mall. I love coming to this theater, because the price is ALWAYS 7 bucks for a ticket. Even after the matinee hours. It's convenient and cheap. Snack prices are too high, but that's every movie theater. One thing I wish this theater would offer....WiFi!!! I never have ANY service when I enter any theater to the bottom left. I know we aren't supposed to be ON the phone, but I get nervous I might miss an emergency one day. Other than that, love this theater.

Melissa Williams

Always at this place

Crystal Legarda

Love it! Movies only $7 anytime, anyday. Customer service is always 100% fast and friendly.

Cena the Gemini

I always enjoy my time here. Staff is always nice. Tickets are always $7. As with every theater the food is expensive.. but once you buy the souvenir cups it's a bit cheaper. Other patrons can be a bit annoying but it's not Harkins fault.

Jose Dueñas

Clean, friendly lots of choices in theater great services I'd recommend

Heather Lynn

Only reasons it doesn't get 5 stars is because they do not have a butter dispenser so I can put more butter on my popcorn. Seats were comfy, service was fast, and price is right - cheaper than the other Harkin's. I do like a reserved seat but I think this theater is not too busy, so it was not a problem to see a movie on an opening weekend here. Would definitely attend again!

huerta EH

My wife and I love going to this particular Harkins, because every movie is $7. Even the 3-D movies. It's every day, all day. Also if you're not a rewards member, you should be. It's free to join and I think we pay a small fee to get a bunch of free popcorn vouchers and it's worth every penny. We go about once a week and we love it.

Sarah Simper

Honestly I've never had a bad experience here. The ticket booth staff had always been friendly. The concession staff are eager to please. And the movies have been great. I choose this over AMC every time I get to pick

Kathryn McDowell

Theater and bathrooms are kept fairly clean, prices are great at this location. Most issues I encounter happen in concessions, but are usually resolved quickly.

Lakeisha Hullaby

I had an amazing time.

Candice McDonnell

Where else can you get $7 movies anytime?! Parking is nice as the rest of the mall is dead. Popcorn is always fresh and being a rewards member earns perks back.

Heather Tez

We love this harkins! $7 movies

April Grams

Was ok. Popcorn wasn't very good. The white castle burgers were awful! & my boyfriend threw up after eating a hot dog from there

Ellie DePastino

This isn't the most luxurious theatre in the valley, but at $7 a ticket for every show, the price can't be beat. While not always the fastest, the employees are friendly. All in all, this is the location I tend to go to and the experience is usually pleasant.

Denise Plum

I think they charge too much for the snacks. I had 2 free tickets and I still had to give the cashier money to see Lion King.. It was a great movie.

Richard Aguayo

7 dollar movies all day every day at metro center great staff cold theaters hot and fresh pop corn

Robert Nelson

Ive been comming here since i was a boy... Nice place decent area constant patrolling by phxpd

Jl Ferna

Good service, Clean place, good prices for movies.


Some of the movie theater rooms are big and some are small. Make sure you get the Loyalty cup($7.50) so you can get $1.50 on refills. I didn't buy one yet so I'm not sure about it so I would ask the employees or the manager about it. The employees there are respectful.

Rookie Blue

It’s clean have good service just prices are to high

Alex Howell

At first you wouldn't give it 5 stars. It was old fashioned seating, a little warm on a summer night, and even though it was only moderately crowded; it didnt have that peace and quiet room sensation that we get from most other modern day theaters. But then it hit me on why I was here in the first place, to save money. All tickets, everyday, all day, every age is $7.00 and all of a sudden as I sat in the theater I was reminded about all my real experiences at the movies really were! I forgot that there honestly was nothing wrong with this theater and that's how the movies used to be! Plenty of seats, great price tickets (so you can go all the time!), still the same food and still the same movie that you could see anywhere else! It made me begin spoiled for the way theaters have begun to treat us, and although it has been nice, it isnt needed to enjoy a fantastic piece of cinema or at least an evening out with the family! It's the only theater left in the valley without all the bells and whistles and I hope it stays this way! Because it doesnt matter if we have the nicest seats with reserved spots (the old way you can still spontaneously go to the movies and not have to plan ahead! It doesnt matter that theres more seating so it might be a tad louder do to the volume of people, the theater is still plenty loud enough to enjoy your movie! We have all just become accustomed to luxury movie experiences but if you want luxury and perfection then you should stay at home where no one or nothing can bother you and you can have everything you want. I encourage people to continue to go out to this theater and watch movies like good old times! Let's not lose another good thing due to modernization like the drive-ins (now that really is the best way) but let's try and keep the spirit of the movie theaters alive! A place where all of us, of all incomes can enjoy the new releases on the big screen! Luxury is nice and sometimes convenient but having a piece of the past and real experiences is better! I plan to return many times to this Harkins, thank you for reminding me of what a real movie experience is. Hope to never lose this treasure like drive-ins or even our beloved Blockbusters.

Kia Stewart

Love that I can even see movies in 3D at just $7 great move Harkins Metro

Chrystal Duncan

Great price and service. Chairs are getting worn down.

Richard Sears

We absolutely LOVE this theatre. $7.00 movies, does not matter what day or what time or what your age happens to be at the time! Clean and neat, good snacks (but remember theatres make their money on food). Their refillable popcorn and loyalty drink cups bring down the price on some of the stuff. All-on-all a great theatre.

Jovaney Toledo

Solid place, great prices but fills up quickly.

Susanne Amici

Heads up..if you are a reward member they do not ask at concession stand. I had to tell them or would not have gotten credit for my purchase..

Angelina Ovalle

Great cheep place to go see the movies, it was a little busy but no as much as the bigger theaters. Good customer service.

Monica Phares

I think it's awesome they have $5 movies now

Dawn Lindner

I love going to the movies. And at only $7. Its a great deal

Ray Chavez

It was great we will be going back

Marc Vincent

Love this theater always clean and organized

Stephanie Schroeder

Had a really good time. For 7$ a ticket which is cheap from what I remember movies costed a few years ago. But it's big and staff was friendly.

Chan Graves

Like this theater. Quick service refreshment area. Popcorn was fresh.

Eva Gonzalez

Great place to spend time with the grandkids

P Payne

metro center mall movies. latest movies 7 bux a movie and always a good cheap evening out.

Abisade Onasanwo

This place should get more activity just for the price alone, I'll probably stop by at least once at week. Huge theater and well maintained by proper staff. Hope to see all of metro center thrive!

Greg Tansy

Best place in town to see a movie.

Monica Brock

Just $7 which is amazing!!! Concessions are kind of pricey, but Walmart is next door so it is easy to sneak in snacks

Chris Duffell

Good place friendly staff cheap tickets $7 anytime which is a good deal but as all movie theatres $30.25 for two people popcorn drinks and they look in your bags so dont bring your own

Hope Gamble

Enjoyed my time at the movies! Great price!

y di

7$ movies! U cant go wrong

River Wolford

Can't beat the price. Staff is always friendly and the place is never dirtier than any other theater I've been too, which I always feel reflects more on the customers than the employees, people tend to trash theaters. Regardless, I have yet to have a bad time here.

Andy Taylor

Good solid entertainment at reasonable prices for any size groups. Easy to find, centrally located and the best popcorn. Comfortable seating with sound that pulls you into the experience. Best place to view action and drama. Engrossing.

Fidel Salazar

Great staff were friendly and very fast service, bathroom was great,nice, clean.

oscar C c

I like how the theaters are always clean

ckira Thorson

It was cool but crowded

Susy Jimenez

The only theater in the Valley that charges $7 a movie for adults!! Manager is so kind, professional and very helpful. We had a problem with our tickets using the app and he not only helped us find a solution but also gave us complementary tickets for the inconvenience!

Jackie Hanback

Great seats they recline and have a footrest very cozy

Ayeisha C

Very nice. Smelled like food. Seats comfortable. Not as roomy as I would like.

Joshua Tompkins

I love this theatre so much, yeah, it’s at Metro but once inside it doesn’t feel like it and if you stay far from the main bus station you’ll be fine. Metro also has $7 movies FOR ALL which was a great decision by management. It’s one main problem are the escalators which always seem to be broken, but since they just become stairs it’s not a big deal. (There is an elevator for the handicapped)

Colossal Claw

Very clean, comfortable atmosphere, & great staff because I would recomend this theater to everyone.

Nicole Mackey

Good for cuddling. The armrests flip back, seats are comfortable

Tekisha Scroggins

Always a nice experience... not sure about the Harkins membership but I love Harkins!!!

Nick Johnson

7 bucks for movie here its pretty damn great. Snacks are expensive but theres ways around that also ;)

Luna Moon

Its surprisingly good for only $7 and the food is good for such a low price I would recommend this movie theater to anyone

Mad Raven

Still very few better ways to spend a Saturday afternoon than enjoying a movie

Robert Dumdie

Great price all the time


Super affordable with great quality and excellent polite workers!

Mama Katt13

It would be nice if they wouldn't change the times so you get there for one time and it's now 2 hours later....

Longino Martinez

Went to see Rambo with my son at the 4pm showing Oct 6th .2019..lower level theater #4 higher seat's towards middle...came out of there with bug bites on both my legs.....I will never go back and I will discourage other to go...

Valerie Vela

Hello!!! I would like to say that an employee did not let my sister purchase the tickets to Annabelle comes home, even though my sister is over 21! Either way I love this theater!!and the employee even looked at my sister's ID!!!


They were kinda nice. Liked the movie.

Queen Dyse

Always love this movie theater especially since they started the $7 movie. I'm pretty sure they are the only ones who do that to so kudos to you guys

Joyce W

It wasn't too cold. I've carried a blanket but didn't need it. The temperature was perfect. I wish the popcorn cost was less but we know how that goes

Jesus Rojo

Reasonably priced and clean theater make for a fun time. The family and I make sure to see each new release that peaks our interest. Check it out.

Joseph Andreano

Great price on movie tickets. Comfortable chairs.

Alina Miles

Price is great 7 dollars all the time. Staff is friendly theatre is clean. Never have any problems with people.

Krista McLennan

Best harkins to go to! Cheaper than the rest (:

Betty Valdez

Love it!!! Customer service was excellent

Suhail Applecados

Great movie theater they really sell what they advertise $7 any movie any time. Super convenient and easy

Lilly Hernandez

Loved thia place. Never been here before but im definitely coming back. Place is clean and staff is super friendly and willing to belp.

Alfred Gable

Best price for any movie theatre. I'm willing to bet if all Harkins lowered their orices to $7 a ticket like this one more people would go to the movies. They'd probably also spend more money on the snack stand too.

Leonard Harris

It's close to my home. It's clean and nice to look at. The employees are friendly. Just really a nice place to go.


Small theater not crowded. Great theater, all movies are $7 including 3d

Tom Schofield

Great place to bring family and friends. Friendly staff members.

Just Another Cosmonaut

Good movie place. Cheap tickets. Its definitely a harkins.

gresia avalos

They don't allow anyone under 17 (even 16yr old) to watch rated R movies even if the parent allows them to or even if the parents purchase the tickets. This place is ridiculous.

Ashten Lopez

Had a wonderful time even though we seen a really late moviethe experience was much better than I expected it to be for the area!

Araceli lucky

Every time I have the prevlige to go. I really enjoy it. Even better with family. Who would like to attend, go and have fun. Be well


Great theater, clean, no bugs like some say ! Super low $7.00 movies, all day ,everyday ! No issues, no fear of Metro Center ! Staff was very welcoming as well. Got right on my concessions request. Greeted with a SMILE from employees ! Saw, movie Hell Boy, and it was superb. Also met past coworkers, twins, super pretty Ladies ! : )

Chris Fudge

I had a great time and you can't beat the price

Ashley Duncan

$7 movies all day. Excellent customer service from EVERYONE here and excellent popcorn. Really what more does one need?

Cynthia Perez

BAD EXPERIENCES EVER!!!!!!!!!! Me and my family is having a family movie night, we watch man in black. I have a cousin is a special kid, he dont speak but he make noise. It was the intro of the movie of man in black that this lady that work there ask my aunt to go outside because he is making a lot of noise

Brandon Keith

This place is always clean and shows great movies at a great price!!


My new favorite pace to go watch movies with my children!!

Rosie Palomino

$ all the time great place clean and great service.

Happy Royalty

Relatively clean theaters, clean restrooms & nice staff.

Clarissa Castillo

I was not impressed. A little disappointed compared to other Harkins theater's I've been too. Too many kids. I won't be visiting this theater again.

camih's world

It was not bad because the serivce where you get snack for the movie was was not the best but the movie screen and sound was terrific

Layla Acuna

Great theater and very inexpensive tickets, definitely recommend for large groups or family

Valerie Mills

This was my first time to the metro center and I will return. It had been a long time since I had seen a movie. Everyone was so kind and helpful and to top it off I loved the Lion King!

Payal Patel

It's a Harkins, you can't go wrong. However, Harkins went wrong with many of their employees at this location. The concession employees were terrible. Our 1st one helped the family in front of us and then just walked off to go on break without saying anything (while we stood there wondering where she went). Got in another line and the girl was just so MISERABLE. Anyway, I'll go back because the tickets are $7 and it's a Harkins.

Victoria Smith

If u buy a refillable drink cup be careful. No free same day/movie refills.

Linda Haddox

We need to keep this theater open for our neighborhood. Keep going, let's help bring was site to a brighter light. The staff is trying they need our support!


Had fun watching lion king with the fam


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