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REVIEWS OF Harkins Theatres Christown 14 IN Arizona

Chris Mok

Watched Avengers Endgame here, everyone was great! No noises or cellphones that went off.. great atmosphere to watch movies! I would definitely come here again, it's also close to home

Gemini Lion

It's nice place to hang out

boomer gatica

Good place. With no. Problem with nothing. Not like amc. Worst place I've been at

Richard Miller

Very nice place. Great A/C and the food was awesome. The movie had great sound.

Russell Morua

Great, you get to choose the seating!

Juanita Ramirez

They dont have a family restroom,, other than that it was good

Myron Lyons

Enjoy the movie at that area is very Hood!

Ian Jackson

Love going to Harkins to watch movies, it's always nice and clean. Their popcorn is so much better than AMCs.

B See

I hope to be able to get a second mortgage next time I need a refreshment.

Andrea Solorzano

Very disappointed, just came in tonight to watch IT with my fiancé and son. I have always come here to watch any movie and have never had a problem with my son having the phone out during the movie, since I’ve always made sure brightness and volume are low including getting my seats all the way up so it does not bother anyone. Until tonight one of the workers (claiming to be the manager) there who check to make sure that everyone is seated in their correct seats made a big deal about my son having the phone out, saying people are not able to see the movie and that phones are not allowed, which in my case no one was even seating behind us and no one complained about it but yet she decided to make a big deal and asked if I could step outside with my son, which in my case is unfair since I paid for my seat and I have never had any worker or manager before in the past come to me and complain about my son having the phone. WILL NEVER COME TO THIS HARKINS LOCATION AGAIN!

Barbara Crawford

Most important, it's very clean, no bed bugs. Good customer service polite staff.

Chaya Anderson

Good screens and sound systems. Staff is super friendly and helpful. One of the better theaters in the greater Phoenix area.


Nice, clean and cool. Sound really good too.

Pam Jack

We went as a family to the theater. We saw movies of our choice. 8 of us saw 3 different movies. It was so fun to talk about them afterward.

Jordan Bush

Took my 3 kids; 4, 2, and 11 months. Had no problems. Staff was nice. The baby was starting to get fussy. So my wife sat outside for half the movie, and a staff member said if she wanted she could get a free ticket since she didn't see much of the movie, which was really nice.

Brian Yazzie

I really like this harkins usually not super busy. Employees are always nice also a plus right next to walmart

Heather Reyes

Great atmosphere an customer service

Jax Johnson

Harkins has the best movie theatres! I've been a loyal Harkins movie goer for more than 40 years. When traveling and there are no Harkins we have to settle for less than the best. Christown is good but the two best are Camelview and Shea, but that's because I like foreign films.

Mike Dobie

Good theater. Pretty slow concession service. Clean and neat theater.

Jeremy Fath

Nice theater just wish the arms folded up

April Tinhorn

Convenient amenities, ample parking, and shows rarely sell out

Lesley Bradley

It is so hot in Arizona so when you dont have air conditioning in your car you are always looking for a cool place to cool off. Watching movies at harkins is my favorite pass time. I also love my harkins rewards program

James Chastain

A little ridiculous. I spent $18 on two tickets to see any game with my boy. Unfortunately I spent $26 at the concession stand. 2 sodas a pack of red Vines and a box of Cookie dough bites came out to more than the entire movie cost. I could see maybe if it was half the price that I paid for the movie but that place is getting seriously whacked with their pricing on their food. five bucks for a pack of red Vines give me a freaking break man. The movie was awesome though.

Lus Maria Rodriguez

The prices for food are ridiculous as usual. I spent $20 on a pretzel, nachos and a drink. I was with my little brother so I wasn’t too bothered because he was having fun. At least this Harkins isn’t assigned seating like AMC 24 downtown. So that’s a pro of this place too. You chose your own seat.

Leticia Pineda

I looked up showtimes for movies today and one movie I wanted to see was supposed to start at 2:30 PM. So, my family and I arrived at the theater at 2:00 PM just to discover the showtime had been moved to 6:00 PM. Why bother putting up showtimes when they’re going to change them last minute. This was a huge inconvenience as other showtimes for this movie at other theatres were also later in the day.

Moncerrat Olvera

This is one of my favorite theatres it's always clean and the people that work there are Amazing, Pretty Polite GOOD customer service.

Lashona Williams

No one was really there i loved it nice and friendly staff wonderful theater could make arcade area more spacious its small only like 5 games or maybe six

MaryAnn Harris

Went to see Downton Abbey for my birthday, Loved it

Scott Freeman

Saw spider man far from home! it was an amazing experience and the theaters were clean. The sound and audio were perfect I have no complaints..

Joel Perry

One of my favorite harkins. Short lines, plenty of seats. Helpful staff

Carrie Baney

Very nice theater. Even on busy nights they process ticketing quickly. Nice concession selection. Comfortable seats!

Cruz V

I usually go here just because it’s down the street from my house. It’s clean and usually pretty fast service. They have snacks inside and food that is a bit pricey. It’s easy to find the room the movie is in. Parking is sometimes full and you might have to part far but not all the time.

Judy Abel

The picture was very dark and it didn't seem like it had any sharpness to it. Overkill prices at the concession stand. Good Lord you have to be rich to go to the movies nowadays. I'd much rather be in the back seat of the drive-in theater

Ricky Blake

Went here for a vendor sponsored work event nice theater friendly staff thanks Dr Pepper and Harkins.

Jonathan Roeder

Love this Harkins location. Nothing particularly fancy but it is never super crowded on opening nights of big movies. Staff are always friendly and we are always greeted with a smile. They do a great job of keeping the entire place remarkably clean as well. Definitely are go to movie theatre.

Flomo Gibson

I love this theater the place is always clean. The staffs are friendly

Melvin Thompson

It's quiet


This place rocks...always when a big movie is about to it when a manager comes in and lays down the that...also love the have actual Law Enforcement keeping the peace....what I don't like are the security not doing their job outside. They should be allowing drop offs and pick ups where people are trying to walk to and from. Too many kids around and card doing drop offs or pics ups causes blind spots

Karolyn Benger

Love this place. Not a fan of the new "pick your seat in advance" but still good.

James Wright

Sound and picture was perfect as usual. I will only go to Harkins because I'm a large man and the seats are very comfortable and the arm rest in between the seats go up out of the way so I can get closer to my Wife.

Eeryt Kringer

Theater is a lot nicer than the mall but nothing to write home about. Surround sound was vibrating/rattling. If everybody would quit bootlegging the movies they'd maybe be able to put some of that $8.50 a ticket to upgrading the cinema experience! Loved the movie though! #bumblebee

sandra cruse

I love this theater. It was I got thru the refreshment stand quickly.

Comic Book bros 602

I'm always here,Best theater Ever! The staff is great always helping you with what ever it is.

Topher Campbell

Thank you to another level of community service for the opportunity to enjoy a good movie.

Daniel Weinstein

Pretty average Harkins experience. Nothing horrible or outstanding to say. Very average.

Mr. Squiggles

Harkins always has the best movies and at a great price not to mention the surrounding restaurants and fast food places to grub before or after a movie!

,Bill Roberts

New assigned seating is great but, seat numbers are not visible when looking for the number, plus isle lettering even though lit could have been larger

John Friedman

Typical nice Harkins Theater. They are mostly all the same.

Julie Rys

Movie prices are so expensive now as is the concession stand where they only had 2 people working a register with too many staff just walking around talking to each other. One guy was carrying 2 items at a time from one cooler to another trying to look busy but failing miserably. You'd think for the prices they charge they'd have adequate staff working quickly to get their customers into the theater. The place and bathrooms we're very clean.

Frank Samaniego

It was just to dam hot .but over all it was good

horacio acosta

Never going back!!! Last time I went I found out that night that I had brought back BED BUGS!! what a horrible experience. Be aware if you do decide to enjoy this location, just remember that you're not enjoying the experience alone.

Ira Schwartz

The popcorn was fresh and very tasty.

Daenah Henderson

Get some reclining chairs bruh.

frank timoney

A large cup should not cost as much as a ticket

Anayeli Vianney

I love bringing my daughter here for our mommy daughter dates, she loves the movie theatre popcorn as do I :) we love the butter dispenser and the fact that we can add the ranch seasoning to our liking at no extra charge. It’s always clean when we go and employees are super friendly

Dead End

Rude staff, stale popcorn, sticky floors, disgusting bathroom. A terrible experience overall, warned my friends and family. Will not be back.

Teresa Sanchez

Love coming here. Near my work and staff is friendly

Brennan Fulkerson

I was in within 5 minutes and the place was clean! Getting food took a minute, but it serves a wide menu. The food was great!


My personal favorite movie theatre I like the seats now that are numbered so you dont have to worry about getting up and someone taking seat when you need to get food or use restroom.

Janet Ibarra

Only wish they had handicap accessible doors to the restrooms. I have two toddlers and struggled to push the stroller. Everything else was great.

Dave Nardi

Went to see ROCKETMAN

Augustin Ruelas jr

Love Harkins just wish I could use my popcorn vouchers on nachos instead.

kane DOG

Workers very helpful and the soda machines worked as opposed to other theaters I've visited.

Edmundo Rodriguez

Good customer service. Lots of homes asking for money out side

Mike Hatten

Had a good time here nice location in and out and good parking can’t ask for more!

elgis berkman

Snacks are good, service is good, place is clean. Best popcorn in town.

Raymond Brady

Great movies discount prices, best popcorn in town.

Linda Beam

Great movies nice clean theater.

Asa Trujillo

The area's getting better and better with time. This isn't a reserved seating location but it has been cleaned up and restyled in the last few years. Good sound and picture. Arcade for the kids if that's your thing.

Joyce King

Great place to see a movie food is pricie Tuesday is 5.00 dollars old movies an the switch off old movie every Tuesday .I guess u can stay an enjoy again if u like the movie

kellin dawes

Good place a little pricey but what theater isnt

Tata Ray

For a family movie night we enjoyed the movies

Francisco Laguna

If it's your first time coming to this location dont let the sign at the front of the strip mall fool you lol the theater is around the back area of the plaza.. but all in all good Harkins location inside and out..

Gerardo Sosa

I learn something new that if you pay for the popcorn rewards it doesn't necessarily mean that you can use them you have to pay individually for your party because if you don't you don't get the rewards now I paid for the for the rewards of the popcorn so I can have extra when I take more than one person but it turns out I couldn't use it and I paid extra for it I think that's kind of shady last. year when I had the popcorn rewards I could use some it anytime that I wanted to but this year things changed and I don't think I like that.

Audriana Chavez

Bro this place is like so flippin' clean and the best popcorn.... I think that it is good for children.

MC Wilfong

Nice theater. Chairs need to be a bit higher. Had a hard time getting out of them.

David Brodie

My favorite theater. Always clean and quite. Not to much people which is what I like

Dianna Alvarez

Delicious popcorn and good movie. I really like the customer service at this place. Some of the customers who go here though are ignorant and don't understand movie watching etiquette. I had a grown man hit my chair throughout the movie. And on a different occasion I had a teenage girl refuse to move her feet off of my seat. I can see a public freakout being recorded at this location. But it's clean I would recommend to avoid the customers.

Joey Morales

I always enjoyed coming to this theater. This one of my favorite locations. They are faster at the concession stand and the theaters are kept well than other Harkins I have experienced. Last night's pretzels tasted as if they were taken out too early and took longer than normal for my orser. So that is the reason for the 4 stars. The manager I blame for that since she was scolding one of the employees who was preparing my order for 5 minutes. Other than that we enjoyed our movie "The Grinch" and had a good time.

Ozzie Olivo

It is an awesome place to enjoy with your family

Jeremy Veneman

It was by far the worst exsperince me and my family have been through to watch a movie , half way through we had to leave because the volume on the movie was turned uo so loud that we developed severe migraines, and upon leaving we notified the manager Amy B. Of the problem and she told us that she cant and wont do anything about it and basically dismissed us so if your planning a movie night @ christown harkuns bring earplugs

Christian Reed

Great theater and isn't horribly busy or anything like that. The staff is very professional and helpful and the theater is very nice clean and huge!!! Highly recommend this theater to any and all movie watchers and lovers alike. You won't be sorry!!! 4 stars!!!

April Riddle

Over 1 1/2 hours of commercials. Asked for a refund and left before the movie ever began.

chris reece

Watched shazam and it was really really good ill be going back for the remaining super hero movies that are coming out in theatres

Tamara McDaniel

I'd like to just say now that this is a fabulous theater and the staff here is outstanding! We just had the screening of our feature film GIRL,WIRED! and everyone at Harkins was so kind and helpful and just absolutely wonderful! They definitely take care of their local film makers!!! A great big thank you from the Hungry Coyote Entertainment folks!

Daniel Fieldstone

This is a cool movie theater will some great people working here.

Barbara Bochelli

Friendly, helpful staff. Clean theater. Fresh popcorn. It's a good experience.

Shady Bear

Great theatre, Wonderful Staff and beautiful location. Make sure to be early to get a seat!! Especially during peak hours and days!!

Kris Newton

Great place to watch a movie. Clean theaters and polite staff.

Qaadir Sabree

It wasn't too busy. That's okay with me.

Michele Day

Nice but they need new chairs

Ryan Bastman

Great parking and helpful employees

Annie Rice

So I just waited 27 minutes for 2 slurpies and popcorn for my grandkids at a 5pm show. This is not a busy day...I've been a Harkins lover forever but I'm really losing patients with the terrible service. I spoke to the manager Enrique and he basically shrugged.

Paul Nicolaides

Your average movie theater, mostly a clean family safe place.

Dylan Anderson

They have great staffing and it's always pretty clean. I have yet to have a problem of any kind going to this theater.

Ahtionah Ditzer

Pretty good theater. We came 3 minutes before the movie started but we still got awesome seats (we came on a Sunday at a 2:20pm showing). My boyfriend and I saw the Joker. We shared a XL popcorn and XL soda (at the end of the movie we got one free refill for each). They used a black sharpie and marked our popcorn bag & soda with a 'R' which I think stands for refill and helps prevent people from refilling more than once (I think).

My LIFES daily Journeys

Good place to see a movie

Josephine Winap

Live this movie theater,always clean cool and popcorn is fresh

Biih Bitoh'nii Asd'zaa

Comfortable seating, good temp, popcorn is always fresh.

Andrea Martinez

Rock solid place, always so clean ! I love taking me kids out here.

Nick Maydanis

Hey get 2.50 off any admissions if you show your college I.D. Most us dont have it anyway but ...." I STILL DO!" IT WORKS ALL THE TIME!

Sue Mattison

Theater is very clean,friendly staff,popcorn is always fresh and usually isn't to busy. The seats are comfortable and the movies are up to date. You can actually enjoy the movie without the noisy crowd. This is the theater I go to any time I decide to go to a movie. Give it a try, I think you'll enjoy it.

Parker Horejs

It's a great theatre. Prices are even fair if you get the loyalty cups and popcorns. Well maintained and clean. The chairs don't recline unfortunately.

prince hayato

It was clean and the movie was good quality

M Fisher

Very good. It seems their menu is expanding with tasty foods. I was surprised and saddened to see they will be converting to assigned seating. Not good, I like the idea of walking up getting a ticket and seeing a movie.

Ghost Godzilla

I've been coming here for years and I always love the atmosphere the place.

Peggy Dulaney

Close to where I live, clean, and friendly staff, great popcorn!

Linda Blake

I so love Harkins Theaters Christown Mall!! :)

alaric singer

Went to see a movie here recently picking your own seat was a bit of a hassle hoping that's not a trend with them all think I'd stop going if that did happen to them all

Jonny Angel

This location is one of the best and cleanest theatres in Arizona I've been.

Deanna Hearon

I like being able to park and walk right into the theater.

Edward Conteras

Always a good place friendly faces

Teresa Roy

Have so much fun every time I go there! Clean inside always, never a messy bathroom

Rocio Martinez

Very nice and clean . Employees were very nice

Lexi Electric

Managers aren't very attentive when it comes to disruptions during the movies, and this location in particular seems to have children in inappropriate movies and they're just.... loud. Like....loud little animals..... I'd say out of the 7 times I've been here, it's always clean and friendly and efficient staff, but those damn kids.. *shakes first in air like crotchety codger*

Tricia Crawford

Bought a ticket online flaked my phone and in we go. No lines no wait Gotta love Harkins

wild foxyswag

It was great everyone is so nice and really good movies I saw the Pokemon detective pikachu, and I loved it also inside the room it's clean.

Lu Tanori

Great place to see movies. The staff is helpful and courteous.

Donald Wooters

It's always nice to get out to see a movie employees were helpful

Alejandro Ruiz

Really bad customer service when i walked in the guy that takes tickets was nice as we walked to order there was two ladies taking orders they didn't greet us when walking up to order they didn't upsell they just basically gave us what they wanted.. Then to top it off while i was enjoying my movie one of the "managers" decided to come and ask me to see my tickets to make sure we payed.. and she didn't ask no one but my group i feel ashamed everyone was staring at us and made me feel really uncomfortable and she walked off..

Larry James

My Favorite Harkins..Great people working there..

Alexis Portillo

The lion King was amazing and funny

Victor M. Cota

I've been coming here for years and I have yet to have a bad experience, the people are super friendly and helpful the food is always pretty good the parking is never a problem and they have on site either Police Officers or Maricopa Sheriffs 100% of the time

colton simmons

Great movie theater, excellent costumers service, have been going with my girlfriend for over a year now, and have never been disappointed (/~▪~)/♡

David Mota

Cheap and awsome cant get better then that lol

Seth Rosenberg

Best theatre chain in Az

Spon Rilker

Clean and comfortable. I cheated and caught a matinee though. Some parking and an entrance directly into the theater without dealing with the rest of the mall.

Yesenia Jimenez

Me and my husband took our children (4) to watch Aladdin, when we were at the stand we ordered 5 hotdogs because its the entire family. One of the employees rolled her eyes at us, she walked awash from the register 3 times not saying excuse me can you give me a minute. She had the worst attitude I have ever felt with.

Arcelious Stephens

Just saw "Avengers, End Game." Tickeyong and getting my popcorn went smoothly. Clean theatre and restrooms. Friendly staff of young people. Watching the movie was great as there were no out of control patrons in the theatre.

Julie Bethel

I took my grandson to a movie and we had a wonderful time. Harkins Theaters are always quality.

Margo Castillo

Great staff and movies are excellent quality!


Couldn't watch IT Chapter 2 cause i needed to be 17 and im only 13

Leland Wayne

It’s never pack at this Harkins. Clean and quite which I like!

Jill K

I like the changes they've made and the fact that someone came in to talk to a crowd of people about being quiet during the movie.

Alina Miles

Awesone saw Aladdin. It was a great movie all the staff was friendly and courteous.

melysmiley 1021

Always come here or metro cheap movies better than to watch at home n better than spending a lot in other theatres

Hexane Smith

Oh, Christown. aka Spectrum. Not a mall for the faint of heart. But a very decent theater.

Lorne williams gaming

It's good place to go to watch a movie but it's kinda ghetto

Mikey Mike

I saw that movie Ma and it was a better sitting then the one at metro

Archer MUA

3D glasses messed up, low quality small screen , sound soft with staff walking around throughout the movie

Melissa Sanchez

Love this location! Close to home and decent service, what more can I ask for?

Arlene Cleet

Got my ticket quick. The movie Rocket man was excellent. Theater was clean and seats very comfortable

Ken Jackson

Harkin's Theater has always been a great experience with a wonderful atmosphere

shane grafton

Great place to watch movies!

Cheri Savage

We love movie morning on the weekend. And this is always our first choice of locations. The staff is super friendly.

Catalina Carrasco

Perfect popcorn and roomy chairs. Movie experience awsome

VictoriaWomer SwingToDivine

Had fun seeing Aladdin with my mom. Lines went by fast for tickets and concessions, seats were comfortable, and Bathroom was clean and fully stocked. Wonderful!

Samuel Ortiz

Nice place haven't been at this location since I was a kid. When this movie first came out I was 12 and my wife Christina was 9 and today we get to bring our kids to enjoy this remake Tony @age 12 and Robyn @ age 9.♥️

Jonathan Cole

Still no reserved recliners. Clean, good service. Certainly far better than Metro.

Bruce Laverman

Prompt, courteous, service...need more expanded showings: especially for seniors

Isabel Serna

Always clean..shorter lines..closest to home

Albina Hunt

Very nice and clean! Matinee's are the way to go! Not a crowded theater and temperature kept very comfortable, not freezing or too hot.

Samantha Miller

The theater is fine, staff is nice. But make sure you speak up when speaking to the staff; might sell you the wrong movie

Kathy O

Nice theater with older style seats which I like.

Hong Tio

Nice theatre.went to see fast and furious ..the rock.and Jason statham

Julie Holmes

We saw Overcomer, which was great. You now have to pick your seats and have assigned places, which I don't like. The cost is too high. I wanted to support this movie, but I wouldn't go there regularly with prices so high. I like Harkins, but the cost of movies is too high and most of what Hollywood is putting out these days isn't worth it. Not Harkins fault, but just a reality of today.

Newell Rodriguez

this is a nice place to go with family and friends the people who work here are nice and very friendly

Anonymous User

Amazing movies and popcorn I loved Avengers:Endgame and I recommend watching it


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