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5755 W Arizona Pavilions Dr, Tucson, AZ 85743 Located in: Arizona Pavilions Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Harkins Theatres Arizona Pavilions 12 IN Arizona

Enaya Romero

I loved it was fun

Marlene Lizarraga

Movie prices are amazing!

Chuck Mitchell

I gave only 1 star for this visit. Normally it would be 5 but the theater staff failed us. We went to see a movie on opening weekend and immerse ourselves in it. Instead, we were taken aback by the periodic sounds emanating from a small group of people who were allowed to bring in 2 babies and a toddler. I had assumed it was one baby but once the lights went up I saw there was a double stroller parked against the opposite wall and, once outside, saw the truth. Shame on you Harkins for allowing the few to ruin it for the many. The next time I will go to the manager and demand refunds for the tix and food purchases and my time!

Barbara Barwig

Watched A Dog's Journey, loved it

Lori Shortz

Love this theater! Employee's are super friendly, theaters are very clean and have comfortable seating.

Cody McDowell

Always a great experience. Theater is fairly priced, always clean, friendly staff. Good all around theater!

Bret Summers

$6 tickets, popcorn perks, and $1.50 refills!!! What is not great about this place? Clean with good sound and screen sizes. A great place for family movie or date night.

Charlie Will

I like the fact that they have $6 movies the rooms in the theater are pretty clean the restrooms could use a little more attention the staff is friendly


The most e

Raymond Grymko

Wonderful theater. Great food selections.


Watched Angel has Fallen...good movie

Eathan Vandriel

My experience at this place never disappoints there services are great, there coworkers are very nice and greeting when you show up.

Josh Larsen

Perfect theatre at the best prices around!!

Franco Carroll

My favorite theater to go too!!

Les Sharff

I love this place.


Love the price of admission! Facility is clean, personnel are friendly, the cheese for the nachos is very good not some shoe smelling nasty tasting resemblance of a knock off of a cheap brand of nacho cheese.

Nicole B

Nice movie theater to watch a movie

Shai Jariwala

Nice theaters. They don't offer reclining seats. Always have a clean facility.

Gloria Diggs

Great $6 prices on movies. The staff is polite, the lobby and theaters are clean and they have a Harkins loyalty special you can get there, or online.

Gary Mullen

Staff are pleasant and establishment is clean. Thank you Harkins.

Alfred Newman

My family and I love this theatre. I have yet to have an issue here. The staff here is friendly and efficient. I love that they will hold tickets for late running guests with the box office. The summer time is fun too with the cheap previously viewed movie pass. Fun if you don't mind children playing in the rows or stairwells. Please be responsible parents,some of the kids may have not seen the movie,thank you.

Adam Morse

Awesome, great prices lots of available seating, friendly employees and not many punk kids.

Joanna Reyes

Good theater

Your Mom

Love the seats here.

Dan Thornton

My wife and I just moved here. We were initially pleased with all aspects of this theater. Until Christmas Day. We came in to enjoy a movie because our house still wasn’t put together from the move and we have no family out here. Instead, we ended up getting bullied by an entire family of entitled jerks who thought they owned the row in front of them. It was a crowded theater and there were no other seats than those in front of them. They kept making rude comments about us out loud and kicking our seats and putting their feet on the backs of them. We tried to get a theater employee to help, but they were rude kids who didn’t take us seriously. The manager we finally got to help was too scared to tell them to be respectful. It was the worst movie experience we’ve ever had. It was very frustrating that the theater we had already given so much business to didn’t care to ensure our experience was pleasant and ensure we as paying customers were treated with respect. We will not be frequenting this theater anymore. Ruined our already tough Christmas!

Charissa Merchen

Good theater with decent seating structure. No really bad seats.

Willie Faulkner

Great place to watch a movie. Only problem is the popcorn is too salty. Went back to the theater for a second time, someone is in love with making the popcorn super salty. Why such much salt? Let the customers add additional salt if they want it. Again great place to see a movie but please go easy on the salty popcorn. Someone wrote a review stating that it was too many black movies showing at one time at Harkers. Black people have been watching white actors for decades because there were few black if any black actors. The beauty of America is you don't have to watch a movie if you don't like certain movies. Stay away from the movies or go to movies that only show white actors. Make sense?

ArtistRK Jensen

Nice clean theatre. Great movie selection at fair prices.

Beverly Pantages

Love the theater ..cleaned, have good discounts with soda drinks and great popcorn too

Adrian Ramirez

Great theater, always my first choice of theater to watch any new movie. Also great to watch on Tuesdays for Tuesday night classics

Tina Grijalva

I love this place. Everyone is always so kind. Great popcorn!! My go to place!

Jay McKinlay

Our favorite local affordable theater!

Kayla Sparks

Got all the good movies in great quality for great prices

xan w

Fast and no wait times

Leah Johnson

It was good for the little one to see it. She loved both the movie and the arcade.

evelyn campa

This is my favorite movie theater. Has the best popcorn. Bathrooms always clean.

Yiqing Wang

This is a very good place for see movies!

Demetria Schulmeyer

Clean and comfortable. Good prices for matinee and quality theatre.

__ Tamar __

$6 tickets all the time (they used to be $5 a couple years ago, but still cheaper than AMC)! They also have shakers of popcorn flavors, which is cool. The seats rock (as in back and forth), and the arm rests go up. Pretty nice handicap seating, I think. Roomy and good view. Bathrooms are always clean. They're probably my favorite theater in town.

Nikki Kemmethkeil

Good movie theater. Family friendly movies. Pretty good ticket prices. Popcorn was kinda cheap though.

Ashley Camacho

Nice theater. Friendly staff

Dave Lawrence

Nice place for the kids. Clean but the drinks are extremely expensive. Comfortable seats and clear (but loud) sound system. All the employees were courteous and helpful.

Bill Rayl

Crowded but pleasant. Good scent of popcorn wafting thru


Great price for new or blockbuster movies, love the price.

Jack Kucienski

Cannot beat the price. It makes it worth it for the family and I to go. We get our loyalty cups at the beginning of the year and at only $6 per person I can actually afford to take raw whole family! Staff is very friendly and amenable. Theaters are clean and comfortable climate. It's not too cold like some theaters are. Always play the most recent movies that out!

Evelyn Bautista

$6 dollar movies, it can be beat. Love it here, my theater of choice in Tucson!

Jason Thatcher

So nice to enter a clean theater with friendly staff. Love the movies, and especially enjoy seeing my favorites at this location.

Brittany Whitaker

Great date night spot


The theater is okay, but for being a big person the chairs are to narrow.

Jacqueline Montanez

The Move was awesome but the cashier at the concession may me miss the beginning of the movie she was to busy talking to the other staff instead of taking care of me first

Michael Hamilton

Love this theatre. Always clean, staff super friendly, never had a bad experience since they opened.

Garrett Hawes

Service is good, seats are comfortable, movies are $6! Nuff said.

Marie Florvil

I will love to go back there again

Austin Wheeler

This place has the best people working here. The staff are always super nice and courteous. Their ticket prices are amazing. Snacks and candy are expensive but that is expected at a movie theater. Their drink deal is amazing just keep your cup in good condition. I recommend this place all the time.


Staff super nice, and the theaters are always very clean.

Gay Menditto

I love this theatre. Always reasonable prices, great popcorn perks, discount cups, always well staffed, clean, and friendly.


Harkins really has their act together here! First of all, their prices for tickets are extremely affordable. For example, I bought three 3D tickets to see a 4:30 showing of Solo on the opening weekend and it was only $18!!! The theatre is consistently clean. The employees are helpful, polite and always greet you with a smile. I've never left this theatre feeling disappointed for any reason.

Cierra Hauck

Great price for a blissful movie experience! I will definitely recommend and go again.

Deborah Donchess

Need to include independent films

Debbie Green

Great movie location! This is a wonderful place to see a new movie! Professionally run and very clean

Robin Williams

Great Staff Incredible Prices Very Clean! Fantastic Coke and Popcorn deals

Antonio Comaduran

Best thing about this theater is price of admission & honestly how nice the staff is.

Suzanne Kaldenberger

Ticket prices are a good price but the theatres smell like dirty feet and pee. Pretty gross.

Edward Aplas

Great summer program for kids. Staff was friendly and receptive to the little ones. Rare to find at a business these days.

Linda Bella

Love this place. $6 movies day or night and with the popcorn perks program and $1.50 refill cup we can afford a weekly date night. Short lines, and most of the time well temperatured theaters. Once and while a bit chilly. Highly recommend.

Brandon Cormier

Incredibly priced tickets and delicious popcorn. Doesn't have the bells and whistles of automatic seats, but I'm okay with that. It's clean, lines are rarely a hassle.

Judy Richards Cappello

These theaters are older but clean and everyone is friendly. Great value!

Sherrie Shepard

They are starting to show all new movies again. For a while if it was a movie with too many black actors, you'd have to go to foothills mall. The Harkins on the Southside always shows everything! This one is getting back on track! Thank you, I live closer to this one!

Ksenia A

Great movie watching experience, and just for $5 any time!

Rebecca Koss

Clean big great fav movie theater

Joseph Thorn

Awesome place. Definitely go there more

spider tube

Great spot for movies and popcorn

Adam Gilbert

Good prices, that give the working man a chance to see a new release movie

Rey Mora

Enjoyed the facilities as we were nearly the only ones in the theater this Monday night. Going on matinee is where it's at!

Zachary Manchester

Big theater, comfortable, not crowded, and nice staff.

Terry G.

Love this place. Managers are great and always make sure people stay off their stupid phones during the movie. Popcorn is way better than AMC.

Christina Rodriguez

$6 movies?? How can you beat that price these days! Clean environment, friendly staff. I will definitely go back to theater even though it's not the closest to my home

Todd Edwards II

I love that when my daughter gets tired of sitting quietly and I have to walk out they give us a voucher to come back!

Jerry Buethe

Great theater, comfortable seats. Nice screen, crisp sound system.

Eric Cody

Clean comfortable cool!! Perfect for 100 weather!

Maxine Sparks

Thank you Meagan and Ashley for taking care of me. My bad experience turned around because of you two!!

Kellie O

Love this as a cheap movie option

Diego Mata

Was fun pop corn was good ... Place is small but good service

Dayton Brown

Love watching $6 movies here. Popcorn is delicious.

Ken Bratland

Love this theater. Can't beat the $6 price.

Michael Alegria

Still a great theater. Always friendly staff. Harkins always has the best concessions prices and selection. Once they move to recliner seating I'll give them their fifth star.

mellisa horton

Price is right and love the kids pack of popcorn, drink and fruit snack. It was perfect for my son.

Tamara woodruff

Very affordable, comfortable seats, stadium seating, clean

Bat Man

Great popcorn but nice and cool theater

Robert Turner

Amazing, great staff, concessions, prices, plus movies to choose from. I enjoy visiting my local Harkins Theatre

K Celeya

I love watching the movie toy story 4and love the butter popcorn

Michael Davis

Polite employees, clean theater, an enjoyable experience every time

Crystal Rakoci

Harkins was exceptionally great tonight. From buying to tickets to when the movie ended. Thank you Harkins for a great night with my bestie.

Jean Brecke

Favorite theatre in the Tucson area. Great prices on movies and concessions. Staff is always pleasant. No reclining seats, but that's ok because that means I don't have to keep my huge purse on my lap.

Clint Scott

Good selection of snacks Clean theaters and courteous employees. Always an enjoyable experience with my son.

Rita Y.

Tonight was a okay experience. The sound system was too loud and it seems that every theater in there has sticky dirty rails. Hate touching them. They need a good scrub and fresh paint. Otherwise love seeing a movie for $6 and some popcorn. You can't beat that.

Blackhorse Investigations

We love this theater! Friendly staff and always clean.

Erica Salas

Good movie slow lines

Daniel Rivera

Comfy seats, plenty of leg room.

Tinaagp, Velasco

Prices are very good and the theater is comfortable. Not a lot of drink selections available. Popcorn was very salty.

Melanie Brewer

Typical theater prices, but the popcorn was really good. Theater was pretty chilly for me. Otherwise great place!

Tina Celaya

Great prices & great seats

Leah Cox

Best theater in town! Why is this the best theater in town? It's all about the popcorn. Yes they have really cheap movies here, $6 at the moment, but their concession stand is great. You buy "popcorn perks" which grants you something like 30 free medium popcorns throughout the year. They also have loyalty cups that, once purchased, gets you refills for $1.50. I have kids, and getting free popcorn and 3 drinks for $4.50 is totally awesome! Plus, their popcorn is delicious, literally the best theater popcorn in town. The theater seats aren't the best, but they do sit comfortably. Staff are always nice and they have a good sized parking lot for those opening nights.

Rachel Veeneman

Theatre was great! Really affordable, cozy seats. Huge theatre room. Clean bathrooms. Overall great spot. Customer service was friendly. Definitely coming back here. Seats even rocked back and forth and were cooshy. Oh and the carpets had cool designs on them! Highly recommended.

Ana & Mark Dunbar

Great value. Our most frequently visited movie theater. Viewers aren't rude and noisy as they are at the Irvington/Santa Cruz theater.

Crystal Henderson

Love this theater. Very clean and kept up. The seats are so comfortable to sit in. Came here with my son to see The Meg, was very pleased with everything. Great movie too

Chris Mounce

6 buck to get in it nice and clean

Jane Hobson

Nice and clean theater and restrooms. The movie was good too

Brooke Galarza

Great place to watch a movie for 6 bucks with new movies

Lorraine Grossi

It's okay, it's a movie theatre but I dislike the fact that everytime I take my 3 yr old grandson to a kids movie here it seems like they are stalking us to make sure he behaves. Really dislike that! Each time he sits thru over an hour and then we leave, don't like them popping in theatre to make sure we are not disturbing others, which we aren't. Won't be going back here.

Edwina Godwin

Good theatre. Decent price of $6.00 for everyday price. Holiday and weekend included. I go to this theatre, when I'm in this part of town

Nand San

Movie theater wasn't packed. Place was nice. $6 per person, that's worth the drive up there.

AL-B Martinez

Good deal. $6 tickets. After buying cup you pay $1.50 refills for rest of year. Bigger popcorn has a free refill.

Bala Nce

Great customer service! It's increasingly rare to find truly great, old school, customer service, but, in this arena, Harkins delivers. I also love that Harkins has "retro" movie screenings on Tuesday nights (we've watched "Love Actually" every December). It's clear that the folks who own/operate Harkins Theaters do so out of a love for movies and with a core set of customer service values. I hope they continue to invest in their customer service training, because it is the reason that I'm a huge fan of Harkins.

Econ Elliott

They have $6 movies ALL the time!! Great value!! The service at the ticket counter and popcorn stand is exemplary! And you get 1 free refill!! The theaters are different sizes, so you don't really know what kind of screen/set up it's going to be. The seats are pretty comfortable. They rock, recline a little. I'm a big gal, and I fit! I do wish the arm rests went up for date night though! Full ADA. Nice theater with good handicap parking too.

Eileen Condra

This is my favorite theater with the best prices in town. I also love the 5 dollar Tuesday Night Classics. Beautiful theater with all movies being 6 bucks. Great deals at the snack bar too. Can't beat it.


Awesome movie theatre! Clean and great customer service.

Marimar Cervantes

This is the best location in town in my opinion so I recommend it ti anyone

jerri taylor

Nice theater. Seats do not recline but they are still big and comfy!!

Michael M

Nice theater. Cheap tickets! Love the harkins rewards!

Tim S

Local theatre pled. Friendly employees

anna ballesteros

Always a good experience.

Salvador Magallanes

Place was very clean staff was very friendly cool and comfortabld

Ron Larson

Very pleasant. Friendly, polite and helpful employees. Clean facilities, great movie prices, although not sure how long that will last.

Annie Chen

I love how cheap the movie tickets are

Scott Pralinsky

This is the only theater I've experienced in AZ, so I don't know how it compares with others. I thought the food prices were high. The entrance fee was reasonable, however, and the theater itself was comfortable.

Sean Callahan

Got to love Harkins - popcorn rewards and refillable soda for a $1. That's how to see a movie.

Yuridiana Villagomez

Clean, welcoming, and also love that the price only $6 for new movies

A.J. Al-Obaidi

This is my first time visiting this in my new neighborhood. I like it.

Hancel Milbourn

Friendly staff, clean, good prices

Robert Velasco

Bumblebee was a great movie and my four grandsons are satisfied for a busy day with me. Whew! I am exhausted and want to thank Anthony from Harkins Theatre for being so gracious.

Alden Sepmoree

This is an amazingly cheap movie theater. In the summer they have 10 movies for kids 1 each week and the tickets are around 5 bucks for any movie all year round. It also has a lot of choices for snacks during the movie.

Mindy Gonzales

Nice theater, friendly staff, good prices. Tickets only six dollars if you sign up on line for their rewards program.

Nick Brandman

Good place, cheap movies and 3d, anual refill cups are a money saver for sure.

Phil C

Very clean and modern with comfy seats.

Diane Bohuszewicz

Great place, reasonably priced & the staff were very friendly.

Collin Kappel

Harkins is my movie theater of choice. Even though there are theaters closer to where I live, I prefer the service and experience that I consistently receive at Harkins. I've never had anything even remotely resembling a bad experience and would recommend this theater to everyone.

Elis Castillo

My fav movie theater. 6 dll tickets all around any day everyday. Clean and concessions are fast. Bathrooms are clean.

CJ Lemons

Staff was friendly. Young man at the counter, EVAN was helpful and nice. Theater not to cold.

kristina orduno

Love it!! The movies everything!!


Movies are 6 bucks. Otherwise normal harkins theater.

Jeffery Franks

Nice theater good seating, a little slow in the food

Cindy Tolleson

Local theater in Marana. You can almost always find good seats. All seats are comfortable rockers. I've always found the staff to be friendly and helpful. They keep everything very clean. Nice concession with lots to select from.

Jeffrey L.

This is hands down the cheapest place to see movies in all of Tucson at ANY time of the day. I've been here DOZENS of times and will likely keep on coming back unless their service suddenly goes straight to hell and their prices jump astronomically. The staff have always been friendly and helpful and not really all that pushy in trying to sell me some of the candy, food goods (pretzels, hot dogs, etc). With the Souvenir Cups I get $1.50 refills all year long (calender year that is) & though the Popcoen Perks may seem a bit pricey at $30.00 per perk, just a few visits pays for it right off. It is Medium Popcorn, but it's not much extra to upgrade to a large or extra large. The seats are your standard movie theater seats and not too bad, but not great either. The theater is very clean & everything is easy to find. Would definitely recommend coming here for a cheap (price-wise) movie or two. Tickets at Harkins Arizona Pavillions are just $6.00 each all day, every day.

Rev. Dale Hallen

Love Watching Movies On The Big Screen!!! Right Here. Blessings Dale

spirit dude

Clean friendly and good staff that care about the theater. Love the admission price and sound/film quality.

Ralph Ormsby

Great family night get together.

Amgela Richards

Great thank you

Shaun Dalton

I love you can still buy a ticket at this movie theater last minute.

Donald J Taylor

The Best Stake I've gotten compared to K.C.K & Houston T.X.

Liberty Bate

You should watch different type of movies

Dave Oman

Best theater in town. Super clean, friendly staff, and comfortable reclining seats.

(Student) Yasmeen Obeid

Young man at the window had an extremely bad attitude, it was clear to see that he didn’t want to be working tonight. It was very insulting to be asked for ID when I was well over the age to see a rated R movie. Not having my ID on hand, I showed a mobile version of my ID but he did not accept it. Thanks for ruining my night and no I don’t want to talk to the manager. Spend your money at Harkins Estrella Falls.

Margaret Davis

I love this theater. Tickets always $6.00. The membership makes concessions affordable, able to bring family. They maintain the cleanliness.

Anthony Dankwardt

Went in to see a movie there was many people who were texting playing on phones and talking threw out the entire movie. Didnt want to miss the movie so complained after it's over just a sorry not a let's refund ya or next movie on us very disappointed

Angie Brown

It was fun

Cate Suarz

First of all, $5 tickets ALL THE TIME! They aren't upgrading to fancy seats, but that's keeping ticket prices super low. And the Marana Harkins is awesome! They employ the typical fresh to the workforce crew, but the customer service is amazing. It seems like the employees actually like working there. We already loved this theater, but the experience we had with management regarding a ticket mix-up definitely ensured that this is our first choice for movies. $5 ticket, amazing customer service, and non-stick non-sticky floors! Plus, their popcorn is way better than any other theater in Tucson.

Jacob Geary

Not as updated as some of the other theaters in town but it's a "classic" as I've been coming here since before Harkins bought them. The price for a movie is great and it's in a very convenient place.


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