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REVIEWS OF Harkins Theatres Arizona Mills 25 w/IMAX IN Arizona

fatima thompson

I love Harkins. Took my son here on his birthday and he loved it

Logan Deacon

We drove 23 miles to see Spiderman on the HUGE IMAX. I even think it was the only 3D IMAX for that movie in the valley.

Jermaine Moody

Best place to experience a Real IMAX experience in Arizona! Always enjoy coming here to watch IMAX movies!

Luis Gonzalez

There was a little confusion I movie theaters but the manager nice young lady she knows who she is stepped up and went above and beyond she deserves a five-star thank you

Diana Padron

Other than choosing not to go on opening night, I love going to the movies. It's one of the things my family loves to do together. Food service counters do take pretty long most of the time. Even if it's not opening night.

Ankit Rajshree

Watched the movie Avengers Infinity War in IMAX ... It is great

Michael Hendrickson

Love this theater has IMAX and I have been here many times since I was a child.

DeAnn Seneff

Not bad theater, can't pre-pick seats so that's a bummer.

Scripler Gaming HD Brilliantick99

This is the best theater I've been to customer service is amazing

Lydia Taddei

Should be able to type in rewards phone number at kiosk when buying movie tickets

Mac Haddow

Took my son to his very first movie here. We had a blast watching Dumbo on the huge screen.

Phing Chov

The largest IMAX screen in the Phoenix area. The screen is massive! There isn't a bad seat in the house. The sound is loud and amazing! The whole theater was nice and clean. Went there early in the day so it wasn't too busy at all.

Chris St

There food is good. They make their popcorn fresh and provide other snacks to. They also have food there like pizza and hot dogs.

Princess Peace Maker

The concession stand sucks. The service is very slow...get there with plenty of time to spare before your movie. You may just miss the first 10 min or so.... I waited 30+ in line I finally had my son wait in another line to see which one moved faster just to get going to our show.

khm khm

Sometimes I come here for the convenience of being close to my apartment. But I can get tickets thru amc stubs for cheaper like 5 dollars vs the 10 dollars harkins charges. I do love the popcorn seasoning stand at harkins that's why I gave it four stars

Porfirio cecena

Just finished watching a movie IMAX I highly recommend so does the rest of my family we always come here for all our 3d IMAX experience it a drive from were we live but it worth it every movie I have seen through the years has been much better in IMAX 3d recently I saw lion king it amazing

Bryce Roberts

Love this AMC. Fully reclining heated seats. Every seat is a great seat.

El Chayin

Me and my acquaintances arrived at the theater expecting to watch the film IT Chapter 2. After we acquired the tickets we proceeded to buy nourishments from the convenience store located inside the facility. When we tried to enter the theater a staff member asked us for identification to confirm that we in fact are 17 years of age. The thing is my wallet where I store my currency had been taken by a thief a week prior to this encounter. I am 21 years old and was not let into the auditorium and didn’t view the film. This is totally unacceptable and unprofessional. My acquaintances were very upset and entered a state of depression which I don’t blame them for because we were very enthusiastic to view this film.

Eric Miller

I do not often go to the moves but this is the theater of choice for me. Modern, nice staff, never had any issues and love the technology employed here that gives you several experience options to choose from. At least once a year I like to catch something in the IMAX as that is always an experience.

Linda Martin

Great afternoon theater had plenty of seats saw Overcomer.

Velia Bribiescas

Me and my boyfriend always come here to watch movies. Can't make up our minds. But we both enjoy the atmosphere and the movies are always great. Keep up the good work.

Tina B

Good selection of top movies. Always clean and its inside a mall..What else do we need..

Damond Muhammad

Terrible, people talking through the whole freaking movie, the voice over work was bad...this one does not come close the the first one... Good note, the manager did compensate me so maybe have a better time next go round...

Luis Palacios

The staff is pretty friendly the theater needs a little face lift. But all in all not a bad place to catch a movie. The assigned seats are a plus.

s monteverde

I would have rated them 5 stars but the cashier's at the concession stand are so slow I mean everyone I go it's like the job is so boring that they walk to get the popcorn then walk back for the nacho then walk back for the jalapenos then walk back for more cheese like literally everything you adk for gets to the counter one by one this is why the lines never move so and they should also always ask if your a member I noticed that the employee at the concession stand don't always ask and then you have to go to the customer service desk to get your points which they quickly get done but don't want to always have to do that other than that clean theater andr and the kids love taking pictures with the props that are put up!

Steve M.

Nice clean theater. Everyone was courteous. Couldn't give 5 stars due to having to pay $5 for a cheap bottle of water. Gouging.. not cool.

Jared Kaeb

Tons to see and do here! Fun for both kids and adults. Also lots of awesome foods!

Travis Stephens

4 stars because the floor and armrests were sticky in John wick 3. Clean your theaters better.

Jodie Begaye

Awesome place to come for family fun at the movies. Shopping around the mall. Or to eat at the delicious food court.

Michele Gamez

The theatre was not cold like usual. This is why you go to movie in summer to stay cool. Disappointed. However, the movie itself was great. Brian Banks Story

Ann Maria Thomas

Great place to watch movies. Very neat and clean. Friendly staff and good service

Nick Austin

There is nothing "luxury" about this movie theater. Very overpriced for stadium seating from 1999. The concession stand is very overpriced. $5.00 for a bottled water. This place has lots of potential but not until they update the place. I've been to theaters in Detroit that make this place seem like Buckingham Palace. You're better off going to AMC. Godzilla was great but that was NOT true IMax. The patrolling staff made it very uncomfortable as well.

Dr. Joe

Quite literally a hugely impressive theater complex- bigger n badder than anything in the Minneapolis St. Paul Area. IMAX was high grade, but felt sorry for the front row seats. They are too close for the surround experience. :(

Ashley Reza

Went to IMAX service was good but food and drink terrible had no flavor, was bland. The soda tasted like nasty water. Ordered popcorn and Nachos.

Robert Wood

Imax. Brilliant. Absolutely stunning. I only wish the screen was a bit further back as the front rows are extremely close. Yet & still, well worth the price of admission. In fact, these days the price is almost the same as a regular theater's ticket. We always see the big ones here. Recently, Avengers Endgame. Marvelous!

Gerald Nork

Very comfortable seats. Good price for matinee. Friendly staff.

Tina Hardeman

Customer service was great best popcorn ever. Thank you for being so polite and helping us

Laura Payne

This is one of my favorite Harkins to go to. I just wish they would put in a family restroom. Other than that, helpful staff and kept pretty clean.

Shelly Baldenegro

Imax was amazing! It a beautiful place to see moves. We saw Apollo 11 there, makes appreciate scientists. It was the best place ro see this movie. Did i mention the popcorn is the best!

Dolores Salazar

A little cold other than tht it was kool

RuthAnn Hogue

I enjoyed seeing "The Other Side of Heaven 2, Fire of Faith" here.

Sirenna Meza

Clean, affordable, entertaining. Always have a good time at this theater. The lines at the concession stand are not that bad and they always have enough people to get the lines moving especially when you're trying to get seats for the whole family and snacks simultaneously.

Samhith Padala

Good Theater With Decent Seating

Josh Graef

Harkins is great, concessions at this location is slow and lazy. No management in sight.

chief whitefoot

Seen Endgame there, first 3D IMAX movie. I Made a good choice, highly recommend watching movies in IMAX 3D.

Ariana Capilla

Our favorite spot to go. Restrooms are clean. Staff is friendly. Movies are awesome. Theatre isn't super packed. Popcorn yum and best thing no bugs ever. We love it here. We also think it's so convenient that it's by the mall.

Trish Leon

Big huge movie theatre with plenty of movie options.

Alex Lujan

I love this place came in with three generations of Lujans to watch Godzilla.

Anayz Rojo

Pretty full for a Monday night. Quick service and nice staff.

adam mickiewicz

Saw it chapter 2 in the imax theater. Theater was definitely huge. But only complaint was that is was very very loud. And I'm 28 yrs old. Deafening. Kinda gets nauseating after over 2 hours...3 stars because the staff are a bunch of teenagers with no personality.

Mike E

Would be cool if you could reserve specific seats online.

susan esquer

Not bad the seating was somewhat comfortable the food little pricey but that's to be expected the movie clear sound clear

Sharon Bates

Went the 1 pm movie, tried to get popcorn and a drink, but there were only 2 registers open with 15 or more people in line and the movie start time was upon us. Very unsatisfied as I went into the cold theater without my treats.

Alyssa Kiefer

Good theatre, good movie selections and times, typical theatre snacks, no alcohol

H. Childs

Love this location. They're never stingy on the air conditioning. Never break a sweat while watching a movie here.

Jan Parker

I love Harkins. Get their refillable soda cup. It’s a great deal if you husband doesn’t mistakenly through it out when you leave the theater.

J Pelon Ramirez

Enjoyed my overall experience watching IT

Kevin Freeman

The service is impeccable and the theaters are perfect. Come to the movies stay for all the mall activities and the best food court in town!

Ocean Girl

Always clean. Love the IMAX

Frank Gutierrez

What is it with employee's today? Do they not understand if customers are not happy they'll go elsewhere? I upset the young lady at the IMAX theater when I interrupted a conversation with another employee, so when I asked her about a particular movie she said they only showed the avengers movie-followed by a quick backward pointing motion to the poster-and made no reference to the fact that the movie I wanted to see was at the main theater. She then continued her conversation with her fellow employee as I walked away. I asked to speak with with the manager and she too was aloof, as if I was bothering her. I left and spent my money at another theater.

Eric Bloxsom

My favorite theater and the only real IMAX you'll find in Phoenix. The mall is a little old and it shows but the theater is still going strong. This is my go to theater for new releases. Go to your show early and grab a fresh Cinnabon.

Leia Huck

Loved the 3D effects we saw the new spiderman!!!

Steph S.

Favorite theater great sound comfy seats

philip robbins

I loved it here and loved my time in Tempe. I want to move there now. This mall is enormous and has everything you need

Alisa Collins

Can go and be relaxed instead of having to pre buy seats

yvette daniel

Hopefully all the Harkins movie theaters will get the comfortable seats

Ernesto Ramirez

Overall just an amazing people. The employees and managers are great. If you need anything from them they are glad to help and very understanding

Jason Konell

Clean and friendly staff. I used the Harkins app to purchase my tickets. They scanned my phone upon arrival. You can even use the app to scan your reward card. Can't wait till Spiderman far from home! See you all again soon!

Marcus B

Dont change a thing!!! loyal patron for 6 years now :)

tim tim

The theater is nice and big and clean. They have great big screens and speakers for awesome sound. The only downside is the chairs are not the most comfortable.

Jay Rader

Great seating love the big screen will be back soon and they have whitecastle hamburgers there double plus

Terra Spence

gr8 theater but went to see a movie that advertised its showing for the IMAX screen but this theater was showing a different movie in the I max screen so we drove the distance to see our movie of choice on 7 story screen just to settle on our movie on a regular screen but we had a terrific time being as my sister and I hadn't been to a theater in 15+ yrs. btw...these theaters are very clean from what we noticed

Tiffany Oliver

Nasty sticky floor. And seats don't recline.

Chris ruiz Browne

Endgame killed it great prices get that popcorn refill

AJ Montoya

I don't go out to see a movie unless it's one of those you should really see on the big screen, and they don't get much bigger than the IMAX at this location! Great staff, service and assigned seats allow you to get there whenever you want without having to worry about having all the good seats taken!


EHhh... no leg room! Other than that clean and nice screens and rooms.

michael pantoja

So comfortable, I fall asleep every time.

Laurita Carr

We really enjoyed watching the Joker there very much and we look forward to going back there again

Luke Villarreal

Good customer service at the snack stand. Usually don’t have a problem with handling long lines.

Akanksha Singh

IMAX 3d is so cool and amazing.I would never miss a chance to see a 3d movie here.It couldn't be better.


Cine Capri is so much fun (depending on the movie). Seats and comfortable and people are friendly.


Ticket person good service. Concession stand a living nightmare. If you want to get refreshments for the movie get there two hours early. Think of it as checking into the airport.

Anna Hernandez

Came all the way from Tucson to see a movie in IMAX with my kids and we were NOT disappointed. We plan on coming back very soon!

Shikil Unnikrishnan

Great theater. Only theater with IMAX in Arizona, I think. They have a 6 floor tall imax screen with great sound systems

William Pasco

Convenient and Friendly. Movie prices are ridiculous but everyone charges the same. I prefer the free game seats!

Glenda Kiley

Harkins Theaters in AZ Mills Was very clean. The concession stand moved along pretty quickly which was nice. We got to our seats and was settled before the movie started. We saw Lion King, which was a very interesting movie. Even though it was made for children, it entertained adults also.We enjoyed the show!


Love this theater although they cannot have recliners like AMC but their value with their loyalty cups and Harkins reward card with free medium popcorn is a much better value overall

Kevin Macken

I love IMAX versions of movies. Seen every Avengers film there. I think it's worth the extra cash.

Nannett Mortenson

Nice movie qith my son but the chairs are worn and uncomfortable


Fun place to hang out at huge mall.

Ruben ibarra

When to the early showing of Captain Marvel. No lines so it was wasy in and easy out. Of course the price of snacks could be better. The staff is extremely polite, they appear to mean it, which is all I need.

Shannon Fetterhoff

Great seating love the recliner chairs service wad awesome popcorn fresh

Robin Richardson

The seats could use some upgrades but otherswise a good place

Alex Kade

Older harkins. Definitely needs a renovation. No recliner seats, no secondary butter station for popcorn. Didn't seem the cleanest either.

Daniel Lopezz

Great customer service, but screen was not focused before movie.

Daniel H

Love the bigger, Reclining Seats!!! I was surprised with these since I havent gone to the movies in years. This is a good reason to start going back again

Paula McKinley

Had a great time with my Brother Ken Culler. Seen John Wick 3. Great movie. They have lots of new movies coming out that I want to see.

Cynthia Tena

Saw Aladdin here. It was amazing on the big IMAX screen

Angela Hall

Went and saw John Wick. Popcorn was yummy. Movie was good a bit long. The theater was good. Thanks for a great movie experience.

Dylan Anderson

It's a good theater always busy because it's at the mall. They also do not have a butter dispenser to apply the amount you like, you only get what the employee gives you.

Rose Lopez Jordan

Came here from the verde valley to watch Toy Story 4. This place is super huge! Friendly employees. Huge rooms. Didn't like that we couldn't hear half the movie becuz the people behind us were talking majority of the time.. Didn't like how the restrooms were only at the beginning of hallway and ur theater was at the end of the hall. Otherwise we had a great time!!

sharnette newson

I live Harkins. The app makes it so much easier to buy tickets. I just wish the IMAX theater they have at the Mills Mall was upgraded like the others.

Dean Bahe

Great place to watch movies.. plural.. and I didn't have to worry about my truck outside for 3movies.. I'll be goin back when the new movies start showing.. Go and watch a movie there if you haven't already..

james talamantez

Because it's a greatful place for me too watch goodtime movies

Eric G

Theater is great, but could use some money being put into it.

M Fisher

The movie was great one of the best Spiderman movies I've seen. The restrooms were clean and stocked.

Nadene Garcia

The thing here is You have to be careful and it's kind of a catch-22 because you never know where you're sitting and you can't examine the seat lol and myself in my grandson on 2 different patients got bitten up in the chairs and on one occasion when I told 1 of the managers they did nothing about it except tell me that they were going to have a look That's like telling anybody anything they were not courteous about it and they did not extend any special courtesies so what would make us want to really go there

Seth Kopp

Great theater, Harkins is locally owned and operated out of AZ, they just added rewards card, just wish it was like AMC A LIST,. (hopefully it's in the works and I would go here More)

Stefon Stoner

It was so loud me and my dad had to leave the theater. The tickets were 30 bucks and they could only give us a free pass for a movie. It was loud enough to give you permanent ear damage. I'm not even exaggerating.


"US" was really good & I snuck my snacks up in there, ya'll understand though. Good movie

ryan allen

Always a pleasant experience we received our snacks promptly and with a smile everything was clean and in order I highly recommend this theater the staff is friendly there are hardly any long lines and the bathrooms and theaters are always fresh and tidy

Alyssa Howell

This theater is always insanely busy, and they still sport the old seats. The rows are so close that the person behind you can kick your seat through the whole movie. Go to a different location, if you can.

B. Smith

Staff at the Harkins at AZ mills were pleasant and accommodating. Hospitality is not dead. Loved my experience there as opposed to other Harkins I've visited.

Cicely Lawson

Clean and big. Not arranged seating so easy to go as a group last minute.

Tanner Rank

They sell tickets to people with infants. 2 stars. Thankfully they have cheddar cheese flavor for my popcorn, bringing the score back up.

Tom Pineapple

So i watched dumbo but i didnt get a refind

carol Larson

Always great but only for special occasions cause the food is more than the tickets to get in

Travis Goff

They ain't very productive when it comes down to children. They didn't have any holders for kid except just 1 tray and I need 3 of them also if I need some other way to divide the popcorn I had to buy an empty bag at $8.65 with NO POPCORN IN IT just to use the bag. I would say BS about that so after all of that the night cost me $30.00 for the food and soda and candy and the movie cost me $54.00. So just be Prepare when you come to this theater but the movie was awesome the new adventures movie

Rodney Martin

THE Theater... Love Harkins.

Richard Mercado

Great customer service, very clean and not over priced

Meranda Innis

Love it. Great service. Short lines!

Kendra Perry

Service for for was terrible. Made us wait for a hot dog, forgot about us, missed beginning of the movie. IMAX was supposed to have our show, had to watch at regular theater. False advertising.

Chelsea Cascketta

Great service, opened up side concessions when busy.

chrmd 03

Usually quick service and speedy lines. Love my rewards and popcorn perks.

Darshan Dagly

Amazing theater if you're going for the Imax experience. Seats are small and cramped though. Also, the floor was in a really bad state (My shoes were sticking to it like somebody had spilled some drink earlier and it wasn't cleaned up properly.)

Lindsey De Pew

Overall great experience. The lines st the concession stand were really slow though. We were almost late top our movie

Maureen Baum

My husband and I have been there a couple of times in the last few weeks too see the new movies

Neha Bhartia

One of the largest imax screens experience , enjoyed it !

John B Bacovcin

Place is not too bad for movies. When it comes to advanced screenings or special event's it's not too bad. However the staff are generally very nervous to speak most of the time to guests. The food is ok compared to other harkins locations. And the seats aren't as comfortable as say newer or remodeled locations. Also every time I've been here It's sticky on the floor no matter where I walk even when im not in the theatre yet. Otherwise it's ok. If I had to pick a Harkins I like it would be the superstition springs or chandler locations. Tempe marketplace is a lot nicer as well too. Sorry guys :(

Jean Zephyr

I've seen plenty of films here and really enjoy having a Harkins Rewards card. The people behind the counters at the concession are some of the nicest I've ever met. Popcorn is delicious and this is one of those chains that gives you the multiple powdered options to go on top of your popcorn, like White Cheddar, Nacho Cheese, even a Caramel one. The IMAX screen is large and tall, but not large and wide, films are enjoyable, but I always feel as though they could be bigger, but beggars can't be choosers. Awesome chain.

jim bennin

Its a big place .they do a good job

Kevin Green

Great and clean setup for traditional cinema, IMAX, and IMAX 3D at competitive price per ticket and standard concession pricing. Still a great place to escape into a new world.

Robert Douglas

Tuesday evenings they are showing old classic movies! We saw Gone With The Wind. It was wonderful.

la shawnte bennett

Theater is comfy. Attendants can be annoying doing frequent checks for cell phone use and paid tickets once the move starts. Other than that, nice theater.

pramod gaddam

Very disappointed!!! One of the worst theaters it smells really bad in screen 22 and I strongly believe there are bugs on the seats.

Yvonne Soza

Smells like feet and urine, some serious deep cleaning is needed

Christian H

Wish they would upgrade thier seats to more comfy ones. Other than that they are great!

Big Bizo

Great service. Fresh popcorn.

Jessica Vargas

good popcorn wonderful service

Nora Mercado

Enjoyed the movie with my fam

Reshma Modi

No reserved seating, very busy, not well air-conditioned. Just not my favorite theater in the Valley

Fred Schultz

We usually go to the I-Max which is in the same area. Nice big screen and the best surround.


I went to see End games and they have great organization the only thing was the cleaning area it was the worst and I seat on a wet (pee) seat it was horrible. They need to take care more the cleaning organization.

Elizabeth Wilcox

A nice, clean theater. The seats aren't the fancy reclining variety, but the aren't uncomfortable either. No reserved seating.

Jenni Hammoudi

The theater is great but the movie doesn't always start on time.

Aether Aeon

Workers were nice and the theater is clean and welcoming. Overall average, from my experience. Sucks they don't accept Discovercard though. :(

Nicholas Wilkerson

If you see a movie here, do not consider buying concessions. You will likely miss half the movie, since no matter what time you arrive at the concessions, there will never be enough people behind the counter, nor will they be quick in accomplishing the tasks at hand. Or maybe mgmt staffs this way purposely to save a few pennies?

Erik Hovland

Good, clean theater. Plenty of parking. Good price per ticket. Great place to catch a flick.

Billy B.

Seats are too narrow. Box of Reese's Pieces is Over $4.00 when you can buy the same box at a local grocery store for $1.00. I understand they need to make a profit but a 300% mark up???

Kamaki Muller

Lots of movie selections, great place to see horror movies that don't stay out very long in other theaters.

Jose Carrasco

Was super dirty and ridiculously hot and muggy in the theater. Probably the most uncomfortable I've ever been.

Shawn David Meister

Very clean, very fast concessions. Loved it.

Melissa Clarkson

Went here on a date to see Joker this evening. I wish we would have drove an extra 5 miles to Awatukkee. This theater had a group of police standing at the entrance. Staff was searching purses and bags. We go and get drinks and popcorn. Most of the popcorn was broke into tiny pieces and it was cold. We made our way to the theater and with our hands full we're asked to show our ticket stubs to enter. So my date sits his drink on the ground to retrieve our ticket stubs. We get past that and go to find our seats, they don't recline and the theater was warm. I wouldn't recommend this theater to anyone. Very disappointed with the experience at this location.

Mercedes Burley

Favorite place to be. I even go solo and still enjoy myself. Great fast service and helpful staff

Rossana Rubio

Great place great people. Will be back!

stephanie mares

I love there seats.. So comfortable

Guillermo Tovar

THE best place to catch a new release is at this theater on Sunday mornings during their matinee!! We're gonna watch Avengers: Endgame here!

Juan Varela

Great location! All of the latest movies, nice snack bar and fun atmosphere... always have a good time at this theater.


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