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REVIEWS OF Harkins Chandler Fashion 20 IN Arizona

Dawn Davis

Reclining chairs!!

Maria Chavez

Very good place to see a movie. Recently renovated with reclining seats. You get to pick your seats so you know exactly where you'll be sitting. No need to run in trying to find a good seat, no saying "This seat is saved ." Good hot dogs & popcorn. Very Welcoming & informative ticket taker.

Terri Smith

Saw Toy Story 4...YAY! Love the recliner seats so comphy :))

brandon Eckerson

Terrible. We showed up 30 minutes before the movie to buy tickets to a movie that had been out for weeks. Only seats available were front row theater 8 seats 11-13. The screen was distorted from being curved. Gave myself and my kids a headache from trying to watch after spending a small fortune to take my kids out to a movie. When I brought it to the managers attention I was basically dismissed and scoffed at. Overall just a bad experience. Popcorn was good though

rukmi saha

Big clean theatres...nice sound system...only too much advertisements....shows starts late

Jesus Zamora

No reclining seats and your too close to other people. The place is good just wish more room to enjoy the movie!

Cathy Birdsong

I did not realize you could purchase your tickets with a specific seat until we got there. Therefore our seats were in the front row which made movie viewing extremely difficult. I was there for an action film and did not enjoy the experience due to purchasing the last few seats available. These front row seats should be less expensive or not offered at all; they were terrible. The concession lines are always long and slow no matter which Harkins I go to.

Katie Lyn

Kinda rude at the ticket line butthe venue is really nice. I like the new reclining chairs

George Williams

Prices are up, $9 & $12, hard to believe...seating is nice, you pick your seat where you buy your ticket now, seats are spacious and recline, a lot of leg room.

Aanakhtat Ka'a

I love how you pick your seating, so you are always guaranteed a seat. Nothing like the older days, where it's first come first serve and good luck on finding a seat!

Joline Harris

Love the reclining seats, and how the arm comes up between two seats so you can hold hands easier.

Brittany Dana

I love this theater! I feel like the seats are nice, and there are plenty of theaters so it's never over crowded! I haven't had any issues with the workers and the guy who helped us with our tickets last time asked if we were students. I had totally forgot to ask and I was glad for the reminder!

Electric Spiders

This theater has recently remodeled their inside and outside entirely. This Harkins is the only Harkins I know of that has recliner seating. The addition of the Cine 1 theatre looks really nice and grand. The other theaters also look really nice, just like the new ones I've been to. If you're in the area, this is the Harkins to go to.

Tyler Pedersen

This location has recently upgraded their theaters and included bar in the lobby. Harkins maintains the status quo as my go to theaters.

Kay Perz

Nice theater. Clean. Friendly. Comfortable seating. Good sound. Good seating space.

Jon Pena

This has been my go to movie spot for 10 years. It's always busy. Seats are super soft and recline. They always have good service at the concession counter. Cant beat the loyalty cup $1.50 refill.

Patrick McLaughlin

This location has recently been set up with the new reclining seats. This also allows you to pick your seat without having to hope you'll get a good one. I've been to the majority of Harkins in the valley and this is one of my favorites. I highly recommend this location for seeing a movie.

Frank Kowalski

Good and clean. Nice atmosphere.

Tandy Elisala

I love the newish look and feel of these theaters. The reclining chairs are awesome and their expanded menu is good (but still very expensive as is typical for movie theaters). They even have a day care so you can watch movies without little ones and they have a bar with basic alcohol items.

Dave Schle

They have the new reclining seats, up to date sound and digital projection, and decent snacks as well as a small bar.

apachemix love

The chairs are much better and my kids and I really enjoyed our time.

Ann Johnson

Went to see Downton Abbey. Haven't been to this Harkins since they remodeled the theater seating. Very comfy and adjustable seats with wider arm rests so 2 people can actually share an arm rest together. Very clean. Fast counter service. Would come see another movie here again.

Traci Perez

Holy upgrades! I haven't been to this theatre in awhile because I prefer the reclining my surprise - they now have them! They've done a massive overhaul on this theatre since my last visit (2017). Was a great experience. You also can pick your seats so you know exactly where you'll be seated. Shop early online and get the best seats!! Was very impressed and since this theatre is closest Harkins to me, I'll definitely be back!!

Glenda Nitz

Wonderful theater great staff friendly and helpful. Can't wait to see the fourth installment of John Wick. Wonderful seats and sound system.

Valerie Paxton

I've been going to AMC24 in Ahwatukee for so long now I had forgotten what a clean, well-built and well-managed theater felt like. I think Harkins will get our business from now on.

Chris McCormack

Very fancy place. Reserved seating is available; not sure how it works as friend bought tickets. Seats are huge power recliners that are pretty darn comfortable. Sound seemed ok. Concession stand is outrageous like they all are. Maybe even more so. Large Coke is $6! They also have a full bar for those who like to watch movies loaded. Can't imagine what prices are like. Very nice theater. Recommend for reserved seating theaters. Just bring your own snacks and make sure you have the $1.50 soda cup.

Maxx Bingham

Comfy as always, my seat was very clean and I've always picked this theater to see movies for about 6 years now

Chaitanya Reddy Mettu

I love stadium sending for better movie experience. Harkins has the best picture and sound quality on Chandler. The seating I amc might be a tad better but that's no match Harkins's overall movie experience.

Joe Gibson

The best movie theater I've been to, best movie theater chain I've seen across the country. Refill cup and popcorn deal keep going to the movies reasonable. The service fee for buying tickets online is stupid.

Kristen Moore

Love the reclining seats just wish all their theaters were like that not just 1 of them.

Margaret Reed

The best cinema by far.

David Harmison

I love this theater and Harkins in general. This one had the lazy boy chairs which I like. I enjoy that they have added a bar and I can take a drink with me to watch a show. My favorite thing is that they still have the theater fare I like, popcorn, candy, drinks...Harkins forever!!


Chairs are recliners and very comfortable. Popcorn was excellent. They had caffeine free diet Coke on the fountain. Very pleasant movie experience all around.


We went to the Harkins Theater and had a great time!

Aaron King

Watched Avengers: Endgame on the Cine1 and it was well worth it! Great quality and comfy.

Lyné Simmons

The seats recline they're so comfy they serve food they serve alcohol what more could you want?

Matthew Lee

The Harkins Theater is one of the nicest theaters I have ever been to. They have extremely comfortable reclining seats in the theaters. You also get to reserve your seats when you buy your tickets which is really nice so I can know that I can sit next to my friends or who ever I am with at the time. The staff is terrific and incredibly helpful. The food is great and they have a bar for the grownups and a play area for the little ones. The atmosphere is amazing you just feel good there. I would highly recommend going to the Harkins Theater.

Jordan Mathews

Why aren't all Harkins like this one? The quality of this theater should be the standard, not the exception. The employees work fast at the concessions lines so getting your food is fast and you won't wait around much before the movie starts. chairs were comfortable, and the location is really easy to access from the freeways.

Libby Castillo

Love Harkins, been a loyal fan since they opened. Now my children and grandchildren love Harkins too.

Deborah Kinnard

Great seats and bonus to be able to purchase tickets and reserve seats in advance. ALWAYS have DIRTY bathrooms and very inefficient snack area... plan an extra 30 minutes for snacks even without a line.

Anna Burris

Enjoy this clean theater, good eats and great movies.

KaSh4 Az

Saw the Annabelle movie. AWESOME theater. Comfy recliners that are large so you're not fighting your neighbor for the armrest. Assigned seating means you don't have to stand in line for hours to get good seats to the recently released movie. We saw Annabelle the night it came out. Was an 1130 showing. Theater was packed but it was still comfortable and your personal bubble was never invaded!

Mary D

Just saw Endgame with the kids. Was impressed with security and the whole experience. The theatre seats were super comfy and the venue was so clean. Really enjoyed our movie.

Quincy Richter

Comfortable chairs, chicken sandwich was surprisingly delicious. The movie was fantastic.

Khanh Tran

Amazing access to many movies, very clean and efficient staff.

Sandy Khneiger

We go to the movies often, we have popcorn perks and have our movie dates down top a science. Always clean, always comfortable. Love the recliners.

Kimberly Sanford

Great popcorn. I didn't see a movie

Dinesh K. Madaan

Courteous staff, clean facility, comfy reclining seats, and from what I can tell, an eclectic movie collection plays here. Standard issues with parking and concessions but nothing new to report there. I also like the assigned seating system. The auditorium (screen and sound) seem to be well designed.

Jeanette Summers

Very nice theater and friendly staff! Comfortable seating and no heads in my way in the theater we were in. Popcorn was just right. Love the rewards program. Join up folks!

Pat Hirt

Terrible. .bought 4 tickets on line and for 2 others driving g long way and they said I had it for Friday. Not Saturday. ..we had to take the next showing but it was quite an inconvenience for all of us. ..MO way to resolve this already done

Solange Figueroa

Excellent! Sound is awesome. Seats comfortable and so much space!

Hyder Ahmed

This is the best local theater in Chandler area, has the best seats the recliners. Super comfy always come here to catch a show.

edgar tellez

Buying tickets is super easy. Overpriced as is every movie theater but the seats are very comfortable and the food is good.

Haley Shaffer

Wonderful and love that you can reserve certain seat ahead of time. And is suggested to do or will end up in seats that are left. But love the movies... their upgrade is impressive and totally worth it..


Well kept. Nice and friendly staff.

Maureen Metodio

Love this theater. It even has a Bar!!

Brandon Johns

Love the atmosphere and the recliner seats!!!!

Victoria Diaries

Very clean and fully staffed to handle a large crown. Awesome time

Eric Mette

Always a good time. Clean and nice.

Chad H

Great popcorn. We moved away a few years ago and happened to visit family. Decided to go see Avengers Endgame and was pleasantly surprised to see they have upgraded everything since we were there last. Keep up the great work and service, especially the popcorn.

Cheryl Williamson

Movie theater is always nice & clean , but i can not figure out why that have to blare!! Those movies! There are so many seniors, veterans, sensory children at any given time, i just dont see why they have to be THAT loud. Love everything else in theater

Alexandra Johnson

I haven't been to this location in years but it was nice to go back. Their prices are slightly higher than other locations, probably because it's at Chandler Fashion Square. But it's a nice theater with reclining seats which we enjoyed.

Dennis Bradley

Nice seats in the Cine 1 theater

Shannon Dia

Super comfy seats ! Buy your tickets ahead of time and you dont haveto worry if you arent goi g to get a good view of the screen. Staff is friendly and good service.

Noodle Shenron

Has reserved seating and reclining chairs to sit in, which is always welcome. Employees are pretty decent at timing when it comes to getting snacks and popcorn in line.

Tracy T

The theater has improved so much since it has been renovated. The seats are very roomy and each person has room for their own drink. You can see the screen very clearly from the majority of seats so even if you sit in the main section second row up, you can see the screen clearly. The sound was very good also. You can buy your ticket online. I really enjoyed going to see Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse. Great experience and I will definitely be going there again.


Awesome theater...the Seats are super comfortable and recline all the way back so you can practically Lay down. Theres also a bar and with gourmet food and you can bring your drinks into the movie...also only place in arizona to Get White Castle Burgers

Kimberly White

Great theaters...Chandler happens to be my favorite! It was so well designed that you can be fully reclined and if someone needs to walk past there is no need for you to adjust your seat!!! This theater is always very clean and the workers are pleasant!!! I will give a shout out to my favorite weekend ticket taker..."Karate"!!! His personality is infectious and my experience doesn't seem complete unless I say hello to him! Great location, right near the Chandler Mall and quick highway access. If you plan on more than one visit purchase a value cup which is good for 1 year and each visit your drink is only $1.50 and if you buy a large or extra large popcorn it comes with 1 free refill! We save our empty bag for our next trip and then every other visit only costs $3.00 for our concessions!!! Matinee shows are from 10am-6pm (which is 2 hours longer than most theaters offer) and they offer student, military, and senior discounts with appropriate identification!!! If you found this review helpful I would appreciate it if you would "like it"!!!

Rain master

Comfy seating that seems to be kept pretty clean, but it can be hard to get good seats for a movie that's just been released

Perla Carrillo

Love the care center ❤️

Molly S

I recommend this place for people who work the whole week, they can go watch their favorite movie on a reclining chairs, relax and enjoy

David Garn

We go here a lot, they have the reclining seats now which is nice. The drinks and popcorn are reasonably priced, especially with the loyalty cup which is not that much to get either. We also buy gift cards here for presents.

Jeff Goldberg

It's really great now that you can pick your seats.

Ivan Botello

My go-to theatre and love their reservable seats.

Jennifer Garcia

Our favorite place! Always nice and clean!

Debra Wallace

Clean. Seats comfortable. Handicap designated area awesome! Reclining seats are great. Child care area available. Snack bar service ran smoothly even when very busy. Great place to bring family, meet friends or just go solo for a relaxing time. Remember to download app and join rewards program! Very well worth it. Get annual cup and benefit from future savings. Each popcorn bag has free one time refill.

Dan Erickson

Great place if you can parking in the same zip code as the theater.

Brandi Mcconnell

Super comfortable. I love this place

Delaina Oh

Great theatre comfy seats awesome sound

Trey Robledo

I love this theater and always have. I like that they have a soft bar now and I can enjoy a drink like I do at home when I'm watching a movie.

Lyndsey Lu

Nice recliners. A little bit too close to the seats in front and behind.

Labreesa Murphy

My favorite Harkins to go to. Very clean and the seats are so comfy. Staff is very friendly and helped me get passes to come back inside when my four year old son got a little too loud and I needed to take him outside for a bit. Manager was very understanding and not condescending like most managers I've had to deal with. Will definitely come back even though I live 40 mins away.

casey adamcik

Great theater, is in need of some updating. Almost every time I’ve been there the chairs have been broken. Other than that the popcorn is far above any other theater in town.

Michael Langsford

The theater itself is great. The staff at the box office are rude and careless. Found people sitting in our assigned seats. Too many people at this location feel the need to break the rules and common decency by talking and being on their phones during the movie.

Jim Brinson

Great seating and a good theater to go to - clean as well.

Annette R. Makil

The best ever! We were blessed with $5 movies and got to finally see "The Lion

Seth Watts

I never have any problems at this Harkins and that includes the guests that are attending, I've never experienced a crying baby or someone being outrageous during the film even. Service is about as fast as your expect at any movie theater but they have the comfy recliner seats and assigned seating. Overall great experience

vito chiarito

Nice place to see a movie. The lobby bar was perfect spot for a drink and. Good burger before the movie.

Kindra Gooch

Great theatre. Always clean. Concession staff is super slow.

Holly Brewer

It was so good and I love it

Kelly S

Love this theater. Employees are kind, helpful, bathrooms stocked & clean.

Holden Bigelow

Our theater was super clean. Chairs were comfy, felt like I was at home. Only thing was it was hot during the movie, like uncomfortably hot..

PuppyCat Moore

The chairs were so comfy I could sleep in them. The chairs really make sitting in the front of the theater pretty bearable. Trust and believe when I say that.

Susan Smith

They recently remodel and they did a great job! The seats fully recline and r very spacious and comfortable,wish I had one at home. Also I've noticed that they seem to have a better take on how not to freeze u out like they used to,you don't have to take a coat!

Reign simons

The Harkins Chandler Fashion Theatres has been my go to theatre since I moved to the East Valley 11 years ago. I love the theatre and Harkins continues to keep it contemporary, having conducted recent renovations. It's a thoroughly modern cinematic viewing experience.

Norma Ramirez

Very good service and clean

Rebeca Oberg

Went and saw movies. Very comfortable

Shane Farmer

I just want to give a hats off to all the staff and management. I was at the 22 Marvel Marathon. It was amazing how helpful, positive, and welcoming everyone was the entire time while keeping the place clean. Even in the overnight when the theater is typically closed. I really felt like the staff was really happy to be there. I have been to alot of movie marathons and movies in general and I will say I have seen some crazy stuff. Thank you also for the comfort package we got. The Free doughnuts, coffee, yogurt, and juice WOW completely unexpected. Thanks for everything and I hope to see more marathons in the future. Wish we could do the Star Wars movies in December. Hint hint!!

Carmen Wilson-Sailer

Nice theater Comfy. Popcorn and pop were to expensive ; $15.50. Had free movie tickets that would of cost $23. So would of been a expensive date to me.

Helen Brent

Great seating after picking seats online, the popcorn condiment bar is super!

John K

You cannot choose your seats... they are chosen for you but the pleasant surprise is that they are leather, extremely comfortable, lazy boy like, and automatically recline.

Linda Block

Don't go to the movies in Chandler often but this is a clean comfortable place good parking , outer entrance to Mall good popcorn and really nice reclining seats.

Our Family Tree Us 5

Movie was excellent. Good popcorn and great time with family.

Stephanie Valenzuela

I had an issue with the reclining chair that was addressed appropriately.

Dana Spaite

Temperature was Cool which us what I want at this time of year. Well staffed at concessions. Great seats in the theater.

Kara Lee

What can I say? This is the movies for crying out loud! Of course its wonderful!

Jessica Weaver

Friendly staff. Full bar in the lobby. Assigned recliner seating in the theaters. Overall, a very impressive movie theater experience.

Tina Gaines

Clean theater! I love the reclining seats and the calm atmosphere. It's almost like watching tv at home.

Julie Wolff

Big comfy recliner seats and a great time!

jerry quarles

Luv the new recliner seats

Eric G

Favorite harkins in the valley. Great theaters and seats. Great bar.

Rebecca Brickey

Visiting family in Chandler & took in a movie. They have the electric recliners which we have the same in Orlando where we live.

Chanah Mapes

This theater is spacious and clean. There is a relaxing atmosphere and the staff kept up with their work. Totally different and better feel than AMC. Also, the reclining seats were awesome.

Ariana Gallagher

Nice theater and nice seats.

Andre Mischel

I doubt know if I can find a better theater experience. Absolutely love the new reclining chairs with reservations. No more worrying if you can get a seat

Antonio D'Argenio

Good quality and high technology rooms. A bit pricey. Lowering the price of the tickets will increase a lot the audience especially during the weekdays.

Carol Gentille

Nice reclining seats that we reserved. We have the reward popcorn program and it is a bit confusing. Other than that it was nice.

Roy Salinas

Great venue terrific sound saw John Wick can't wait to see #4. Only draw back food was a little pricey. Seats were sooo comfortable almost fell asleep. Love this theater staff was very friendly and helpful.

Donald Wooters

Pretty cool place watch good movies at a fair price

Della Redaja

Friday night fun! Comfy reclining seats, real happy employees at the concession stands and clean lobby, restrooms and theatres... awesome!

Gwen McClellan

Attended a movie at Harkins theater. Seats stre electric recliners. Awesome seating. movie was great. Id go to this theater again

Krishna Kondapalli

Well maintained place, comfortable reclining seats and beautiful screen.

Nikki smith

Love the new reclining seats hate that you have to pre order your ticket

lunarbabe melting

The people who work here and deal with the massive disorganized parties deserve some sort of accolade. Also their bathrooms after surprisingly clean for a theater. Reclining seats are also so nice

Mike Bellah

There is no better brand of movie theaters in Arizona. Great prices, incentive/reward programs, discounts, seats and local support. When I go to see movies it has to be Harkins!

Amanda Chapman

Love the new seats! We had to sit I'm the front row due but it was not bad since you can lay the seats back.

Courtney Johnston

My favorite Harkins in the valley hands down! I actually grew up going to this theater. I now live out in Gilbert, just minutes from the San Tan Village location and I still drive to Chandler to go to the movies. It's nice to have assigned seating and the lounger seating gives you some personal space when you end up sitting next to people you don't know. I like my personal space! On another note, this theater is always well kept and the staff is pleasant. Even when they're busy, they keep the concession lines flowing well and never have to experience too long of a wait.

Linda Kyyitan

That's the best more room to walk through while watching a movie don't have to get up & they have the best seats there & it's clean.

Beverley Rowley

Totally remodeled with really comfortable seats.

Adam Barney

Great seats.. good movie Get home safe MA!


What an amazing place to take your kids for entertainment. Visit at least once in your life for a good experience. We went there to watch Ralph wreck it all(Ralph break the internet) If you are going there best advise is to get pop corn big bag that comes with free refill. Also buy the loyalty cup. The refills for that are 1.50. And this the best theater in Arizona.

Mike Taylor

Nice location. Loved the recliner chairs.

Desiree Rodriguez

Food is expensive however the comfortable seats and the amount of space between rows are better than before

Lara M

Always enjoy coming to this theater! People are friendly and helpful and keep the place clean.

E Marney

Best popcorn and theater recliner seats.

SandraS Music

Always fun to go out and watch new movies at this EXCELLENT theatre. They have child care if you don't want to deal with your kids lol and great seatings in each movie room and have a bar for the grown adults. Parking is packed for the most part but this place is worth it.

Robert Glass

Service great. Comfortable seating. Theater extremely dark once movie started and as I was just trying to find my seat I could barely see the stairs or the carpet letter for my row. A very small light on the stairs would be most appreciated.

Nick Emeric

VERY nice theater, definitely worth the extra cost. Maybe too nice and will encounter sleepers during the movie. Great seats (recliners) ,food service, bar, very clean.

James Kircher

Thanks Harkins for putting on awesome events like this Avengers 22 movie marathon.

Diane Bohuszewicz

Pretty nice with upgrades, but also pricey for seniors & kids.

Melody Wilkes

Always friendly and helpful.

Jose Moreno

Love this theater. I've been going here since I was a kid and loved to see it change throughout the years. It now has a bar, reclining seats, and an app where you can get points. Couldn't think of a better place to watch movies.

Travis Jay

The renovations made this place worth coming to agian. If you haven't been since the rework, give it another try.

Scuba Dog

Clean, cool, with friendly staff. Also, the food wasnt cheap but better priced then the AMCs I've been to.

Olivia Newton

They have a bar now. Awesome! And some great reclining seats but you can still cuddle up to hubs if you want

Amariell Ramsey

Pretty cool that this theatre has a kids club area for parents that want to watch a movies this kiddos can't see. But I would say if they had a dog club for the movies for those of us who don't have kids it would be even better! Hate leaving my puppy at home !

Mike Milrot

You have to be careful when you go to the movies you can easily fall asleep in those nice new recliners

Lauren Gardner

We love this Harkins! Our 6 year old prefers the kid center with a very professional staff. We feel very comfortable dropping him off there!

Laura Mijalski

Great theater! Just like fashion square in Scottsdale and like 101 and Scottsdale road very comfortable reserved seating. All harkins should be like this one. All need to have a cine theater!!! Especially because the new avengers is coming!!! Friendly staff Nd very clean lots of room for walkers between isles so you don't have to move

michael phillips

Perfect date night location. The kids can be checked in to daycare so we can see a grown up movie. Just make sure to call ahead and make the kid an appointment because daycare fills up fast.

Charlotte Allred

Reclining seats and large selection of food and beverages.

Jade Evansen

Everyone working was very attentive and full of smiles!

Bella Duryee

Loved this particular Harkins, it had all the newest movies. It had a little bar you could get all different types of tap beer before going in to watch your movie, along with a large snack bar. Once in the movies I realized that the seats not only reclined, but they also had a foot rest that would flip from under the chair, all while still having plenty of space not to bother or be bothered by anyone.

Tim Bruchez

We aren't locals and this was our first experience at a Hankins. What an awesome experience. Then seats were super comfy and the selection of food was impressive for a movie theater. The one thing moviegoers should be aware of, the line for concessions moves painfully slow. Plan to arrive early if you're going to be buying snacks. Thank you Hankins!

jason schultz

Amazing new place to chill and relax grab a drink before your movie!

vincent garcia

Love this place never busy or it's just so big it doesn't seem like it gets crowded

Christine Warren

I give my five star rating to this location because I have been visiting and seeing movies here in the last ten years. Yes I have noticed it may be messy but for the decade I have never experienced anything bad. I prefer the afternoons of course and avoid weekends.

jacob muniz

Nice clean good popcorn great seats


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