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Where is Harkins Camelview at Fashion Square 14?

REVIEWS OF Harkins Camelview at Fashion Square 14 IN Arizona

Lachele Mangum

We travel 30 mins pass other theaters to come here for the reclining seats and atmosphere. Sit out on the patio and enjoy a drink, or have a cup of coffee before, or after your movie. We really like this theater and you will too.

Christopher Newman

Good evening. Great attitudes from the concierge ticket booth! Midsomer was a great movie with a intellectual crowd. Packed it out, thank you so much!

luke musfeldt

Easily the best theater in the valley. Don't come see for yourself though because it keeps getting harder to get tickets to my neighborhood theater. Lol!

Horace Williams

The most comfortable reclining seats, excellent sound system in most of the theatres, spaces allocated for wheelchairs, earphones avail. for hard-of hearing. A premiere film-goer's theatre!

rebecca brown

Popcorn, sound system and seating is second to none! Always a great time and the employees are friendly, helpful and keep the theatre clean. In particular the Camelview Fashion Square Harkins location should be enjoyed at least once. The technical aspects and the ambience is incredible. Dan Harkin has done an amazing job with all of his theaters. Along with the Tuesday, 7pm retro-movie showings I hear he is bringing back the occasional double feature. Harkin's is the only theater myself, family and friends attend. Even if we have to drive the extra mile. See you at the movies!

Lily Cabural

Awesome as usual... Love it there.

Matthew Wong

Seating is very comfortable. Very clean theatre and spacious. I dont feel like I am bothering people when going in and out of my seat.

La Tanya Arrington

I absolutely love this theater. The seats are very comfortable and customer service at the concession stands are phenomenal. It's a very clean and friendly atmosphere

Dianna Calandra

9/10... Best Theater in Az. But I do not recommend going there on a Sunday in the afternoon. Theres a family group (100 people at least) that goes in the late afternoon and they literally tear the theater a part. It looks like a popcorn machine exploded and the families could give 2 F*s. Plus kids talk through out the whole film. It's not pleasant experience on a Sunday. Avoid at all costs. The rest of the time...Amazing

Patrick McLaughlin

If you're looking for a premium theater experience, look no further. The food and drinks from the bar are on point. I'm a fan of the Kentucky Breeze drink and the Kettle Nachos. I've always been a loyal Harkins theater patron so I've got my popcorn perk to use and my cup for discount soda. I suggest getting a cup because with out it drinks are pretty expensive. When you get the alcoholic drinks from the bar they come in these plastic cups, keep them, they're great for taking margaritas or winr poolside. The seats are fantastic and recline considerably. I've not been to a theater with better seats. I highly recommend all Harkins Theater locations but this one above all others.

Kayla Arredondo

We enjoy the comfortable seating, premium sound and service throughout the theatre.

Angel Chiago

We love coming here due to the reclining seats. It's close to home and doesn't seem that crowded during mid week matinee hours. Just wish they didn't take away the original Camelview Theater, that showed independent films, in order to "improve" the area. Now we have to go to Tempe.

Donna Baron

Nice theatre with comfortable reclining seats.

Kathy Landis

Excellent experience. Friendly and helpful staff.

Les Bowman

There's NOTHING BETTER than showing up to the movies with your seats will be waiting for you

Bernard Villegas

Nice theater, but I prefer not to have reclining chairs, reserved seats ect. Expensive.

Charles Petrosky

Crazy overpriced albeit nice theater. Doesn't honor some of Harkins' own movie passes.

JAked Again

Amazing 14 dollars a ticket but the seats and space you get are the best

Robin Hernandez

We love this theater!!! You can relax have a drink and watch a great movie in comfort!!!

Amy zzz

Upgrade of Fashion Square Mall's movie theatre with a bar, swanky food, lattes, ice cream and assigned seating in cushy recliners. No matinee pricing however. It's always $14 (currently) for regular adult admission. I love this place.

carole obrien

My favorite movie theater to enjoy a movie. Beautifully designed and the most comfortable lounge chairs to relax and enjoy a glass of wine while watching the movie.

Mike Smith

Nice place. Love reserved seats and reclining chairs. Price a little steep.

Michael B

Great location with free parking. A luxury theatre with a reasonable price-point. Also locally owned, unlike competitors.

Terry Ballentine

Good place to see a movie

Nancy Hirsch

Took my family for the first time to see a movie at the new Harkins. It exceeded my expectations. The theater was beautiful, had underground parking, food that you could purchase and even a bar.

Caleb Lowery

Great fully reclining chairs with ample leg room. Clean and well maintained.

Penelope Paz

I appreciate my popcorn with out salt. The best customer service.

Sally-Jo Walters

I loved this well established theater! Lots of convenient parking, an upward winding entrance into a wide, easy to negotiate lobby. Seating was very comfortable and I enjoyed the typical foods.They played arty and foreign movies that were virtually unavailable in most of the valley. I haven't been in that area for quite a while and I heard they renovated it, but I've not seen it. Look it up!

Cindy Johnson

Favorite movie theater to go to! Seats are comfortable and roomy. Staff is amazing.

Sonyia Hartwell

Great theater and snacks. Reclining seats, good sound, huge lobby with full bar and fancy banquette seating. Even has a little patio.

David Cortez

Got to see blinded by the light! Excellent place.

Kelly Jo

Love the recliners and assigned seating. I am short, so it's great to not worry about a tall person in front of me. The soda refills are a great price. And with independent and foreign movies being shown, too, rarely have a reason to go to any other theater

David Harmison

Such a great theater! I like that they have traditional movie treats that I like, popcorn, did, candy, but also the foods like pizza, ice cream, meat and cheeses plates, etc. They also have a bar that you can sit at or take your drink in with you which is good for my gf. Overall I am very happy every time I go here

Desert Rat

An upscale theatre in an upscale mall with cozy reclining seats, a nice bar and a variety of food. This Harkins is also the place to go to see independent and foreign films. They also offer a yearly membership that gives you free popcorn all year and you can purchase a souvenir cup with refills all year for $1.50 each. Those perks make movie going affordable.

becca itkowitz

Lovely new theater. Comfy reclining seats. We enjoyed our movie and we weren't interrupted by the sounds of the film next door which seems to happen often in other theaters.

Sriram Sridharan

What a beautiful theater. Plush seats, great space and a wide screen. The entire experience was mind-blowing. I would love to see some Indian movies played here. Fantastic experience overall.

Marisa Navarro

Luxurious experience. Caitlyn at the bar gives excellent service.

Maureen Santry

My absolute favorite place to see a movie

Vinny Vin

So this is indeed one of my go to places for a snack and drink to date. Solo so far, jar from the ordinary run of the mill location cause it's located in an existing mall, yes. Know it, walk it out, I say now walk that out... Great musical in theaters if that's your sort of thang. The entire case was a wonderful delightful experience that boasted great locations and visuals for the eyes and ears. Go see Alladan, Aladdin (who knows pick one?) in theaters and is a great remake to add to the legend of the franchise. FYI: Not a cartoon... Enjoy.. 6/14/2019 When to see Last Black Man in San Francisco and couldn't even get to the beginning. Spent all my money on food that was not enjoyable cause It was not prepared well at all. Nothing butt hassled today, sorry for the bad vibes I brought into your theater. I thought I was a welcomed guest and I am not! What a loss today. My apologies. Have a good time. It's still a good place.

Will Isherwood

Nice luxury theater. Good deals for concessions if you join the rewards program and buy a cup. No matinee pricing whatsoever. So a bit pricey mid day. But not crowded because of it.

richard garcia

The best luxury harkins theater in town.

Monica Porter

Great movie theater. Always clean always nice. People are friendly and the popcorn is good

Debra Hurlburt

Best theater I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying a movie in recliners, great foods to choose from and restaurant style desserts and liquor and the normal food fair as well. Senior citizen discounts at age 60 and over! :-)

Sanetria Jackson

I loved the free garage parking (although it took about 20 minutes to find parking) and the leather reclining seats. The customer service was not memorable neither At the ticket counter nor the food service counter. There is room for improvement

Jim Smith

A great evening watching a Tuesday Night Classic "Airplane". 2 tickets, 2 popcorns, 2 drinks for $14. Use the loyalty cups and popcorn perks for an affordable night out.

Russel H

IMAX Show or Movie = t-7 minutes @ Glendale, Arizona. t + 2 hrs 9 min = Enjoying Awesome Previews and a Movie Called Spider-Man: Far From Home!

Solomon Anderson

This place is great. Most harkins I go to are kind of ghetto, but not this one. It had nice seats, nice decor, and nice screens. It does lose a star for having bad snack service (not any worse than every other harkins, though), but other than that, it is very good.

Cande Gonzalez Torres

The arm rest needs to be able to lift up. Otherwise, we loved the reclining seats and leg room.

Macayla Openshaw

Harkins at Camelview is probably the prettiest theater in the entire valley, and the best place for a movie date. I love that they have options as far as food/beverage: normal concessions (popcorn, candy, sodas), but also a coffee bar with cookies and other treats, as well as a full bar. You can take your snacks to a booth at the bar or sit outside on a comfy couch on the outdoor patio before seeing your movie. It's great! Once you get into the theater you have big leather recliners and a big beautiful screen to enjoy your movie. It is definitely the perfect place if you want a more special movie experience.

Tiffany Oliver

Very clean so many food choices. Saff were nice.

Susan Witt

There was popcorn all over the seats in the 3rd row, trash all over the condiment stand, and the bathrooms had water all over the counter.

Michael Trueblood

Gotta love electric recliners and a bar in a luxury movie theater.

Sarah Woolworth

Have only been here once before about two years ago and it's how I remember it to be,the seats were comfortable,the staff there was friendly and the theater overall was very elegant looking and aesthetically pleasing. The mall itself is beautiful as well.

John Nesbit

Good service from consierge. Looked up membership number and got $5 discount easily. Theaters are high quality with comfortable seats. Downside are high prices for non seniors.

Elizabeth Stephenson

Very nice theater. Clean. Recliners, excellent popcorn and huge screen.

Pamela Ehret

Great location. Love the recliners.

Laura Vaughn

This was my first experience in a movie theater since 1983! What a beautiful place. Clean. The chairs are so comfy. I really expect to go again sometime.

Jessica Denetsoie

My first time there. Got a bud light and watch a movie. This place was pretty.

Krista Gordon

If you want an 5 star theater going experience I would pick this theater. Customer service, seats, food, modern interior, independent films. I recently reviewed and visited another boutique theater chain who had same prices but the customer service and management was not reliable. This place is the place to go if you want a special movie going experience. Feels like a boutique independent even though it is part of a large chain.

Clint Ray

Very nice theater... They have a unique future called "The Freezer". Can rent a personal suite theater that holds up to 26 ppl for movie for about 3 hrs. Will try that in the future... FYI About $900 is the cost.

Barbara Fazio

Super great movie theater! Wonderful cheese platter for $ $6.50 small popcorn. Decent wine selection, tip included. Very comfortable seating. Very clean rest rooms!

Robert Coffey

Pretty nice theatre. Reclining seats.

Dee Runningbear

I enjoyed the way everyone was kind nice and helpful. Great customer service at the concession stand. The gentalman that help us was very good at upgrading his sales with the popcorn and other snacks we got. Spent over $121.00 their and made my family happy. A plus on the recliner chairs. Definitely returning to watch another movie when I am in Phoenix with my family again. Thank you!

Nancy Jurik

They keep temps so warm on hot days. It is 7:30 pm and still very unpleasant to sit in 2 hr film


great experience, everything was clean.

Ryan Sternke

I miss the original terribly (you too, Cine Capri). I've seen some milestone-in-life films here (I'm looking at you Dancer in the Dark ), but I will say that this is still my favorite place to see movies in AZ, it's clean, classy, and the comfort of the seating can't be overstated. I drive across town to see films here when I'm in town and I've never had reason to go elsewhere.

David Casaus

Man what a near perfect theater! Its a amazing upscale restaurant, a fantastic bar, a fantastic coffee house and a luxury movie theater all in one! Now there are many theaters where your going to pay $17 dollars + a ticket for a evening showing and you'll feel ripped off afterward. Not here! This place is worth every penny and then some.

Frank Fuentes

Best place to watch a flick! Food is better her e than other harkins . Seats are leather recliners and a full bar!

Steve Skojec

Cool theater at the top level of the Scottsdale Fashion Park Mall. Full bar on site and lots of food options. Seating at this new Harkins theater is comfortable with reclining seats but not as nice or as spacious as most of the AMC theaters in the valley. Overall a convenient, upscale spot for people wanting to catch a movie in Old Town Scottsdale, but tickets are overpriced compared to many other area movie venues and the nicest touches seem to be in the lobby and food areas and not the theaters themselves.

Shawn Griffin

Favorite place to watch a movie!

Nan Reid

Great Theater. Very nice employee's, and love the rewards program. Always love to go to this location

Bill Clarida

Tried to see two movies Big mistake They accused us of having too much wine We were disappointed, but we left without a scene My wife and I were invited to leave after two drinks each The theatre manager was indignant and rude toward us without provocation I am still not sure why that happened. We politely asked directions when leaving, the manager was rude, the ticket girl was decent and gave directions We made it home thanks to a polite and kind Uber driver Will choose better movie theatre for people my age (45) in the future Roadhouse is much more amenable This was a date night ruined for two grandparents that work 60+ hrs each week. Thank you Harkins, for a terrible night.

Sheryl Blakely

No senior rate at night. Every other theater has it. Why go there?

kali soto

Very Nivea place. Great food socal the flatbread pizza and humus platter. Comfortable seats.

Diana Clark

I guess all movie theaters are expensive now. It IS the most comfortable theater, though.

Maria Zagar

I went Saturday night 820 showing of Yesterday, in theater 4. I liked that I could select my seats in advance, so we could shop right up to the movie start time and not worry about getting good seats. I liked the reclining seats. I did not like there isn't heated seats like AMC. The theater got really cold during the movie. I did not like that the Cup holders were sticky, so my refillable cup was kind of stick e very time I went to take a sip of my drink. It was like they don't clean their theaters very much. I did not like that the popcorn had an old, stale taste to it and there was a lot of crumbs and unpopped kernels & loose kernel shells in it, gross. When the cashier got the popcorn for me, it was from the machine that had fresh popcorn dumped in it, so I thought it was going to be good. But the server must have dug the shovel straight down to the bottom for the old stuff. It was nasty and it felt like I wasted my money on it. I would go back If I had to, I would bring a blanket, and get lots of napkins, and make sure I request fresh popcorn.

Larry Quach

Asked if they wiped down seats and they said they do. Walked into the movie theater room completely filthy with crumbs and oil stains on almost every seat i could see in my vicinity. Spoke with managment, didnt even offer to clean my seat but told me he will make sure it didnt happen again even though they only have one job to clean the area for the next group food on the floor on the seats and in the holders.

Lacey Tipton

I am EXTREMELY happy with my interaction with Jeff Davis on 6/1/19. I had accidentally made a purchase for End Game at this location, when it was supposed to be for another. He refunded my processing fee, without any issues. I had called in the night before and spoke with Tyler who had agreed to refund my ticket purchase, but refused to do anything with the processing fee. Let's face it, paying 6 for that location then another 6 for a different location, adds up. I just wanted to brag a little about Jeff, he was very professional and went above and beyond to help me. Thank you- Lacey

Dan Sprowl

One of the best theaters around, yes the prices are high but worth it given how comfortable and nice the overall experience is.

Jen Beaty

This is the nicest theater I've been to. It's giant, clean, beautiful. They have pizza, burgers, ice cream (gelato maybe), and a bar! The chairs recline and are very comfy.

Joel E

$60 for me and 2 kids? I'll just get a home theater. Very nice seats however.

Michael Clack

Great venue. Good place to get there early and relax before the movie. Hot dog was tasty and popcorn is the best.

Danielle Blevins

Love bringing the kids to see movies at harkins! They love that they can use the machine to buy the tickets. We also have a refillable cup and the popcorn rewards so we are able to save a ton of money getting drinks and snacks which makes going to the movies way more enjoyable for the parents too!

Joseph Nesbitt

Awesome theater! Harkins is the best.


Good movie selections with lots of show times. Comfy reclining chairs. Impressive surround-sound. Very convenient to central Scottsdale. Plenty of free parking. Good concessions. Easy ticket purchasing. Awfully expensive, though.

Melissa Eisner

Harkins is the best!!!!! I love the feel of this theater, reminds me of the old Camelview across the street. Great stsff, and the theaters are the best! Love the reclining seats. Ooooo, and the special drinks that the bar comes up with. Top notch!

JT Vigil

Love this movie theater. Probably my favorite Harkins besides the Esplanade

Robert Bartholomew

First time at this movie theater great seats all electric recliners awsome, just dont get to relaxed or u will fall asleep lol

Leonard Lieberman

Great movie experience also enjoyed a cup of coffee on the patio.

Paul Hejja MD

Upscale movie venue sporting food and bar in addition to multiple theaters with reclining lounge seating. Slightly more expensive than other movie houses but they have convenient underground parking to keep your car cool esp in the summer heat. It's part of the fabulous Fashion Square in Scottsdale.

Daniel Anderson

Very comfortable reclining seats and a hell of a concessions menu. I had the angus burger and it was pretty tasty. 13 bucks for a burger fries and a drink which isn't too bad considering. The theater itself is gorgeous and comfortable. They also feature smaller releases that other theaters often do not have so I find myself here a lot! The seats are assigned before entering the theater which is nice and the staff is always on point. Go see movies here. You'll like the experience.

Jasbert Desmond

Wow really nice theater! Love it. There is a bar for cocktails and beer. Reclining seats and spacious.

Nancers #

The seats and interior are nice however, the staff needs to preform regular auditorium checks because during a Spider-Man screening I had a group of kids with laser pointers interrupting the movie as well as a mother with a crying baby who refused to leave and deal with her child. I was absolutely astonished that no one checked in.

Jeff Welch

Theater is nice. Reclining seats are comfy. The only thing I wish they had was free movie posters for kids. This theater in particular seems to not carry movie posters for kids.


I love the atmosphere and location! The service was quick and staff is friendly. The women's bathroom is a great spot for a photo op!

Matthew Mahkewa

Been here twice so far. Pretty cool harkins, only thing I don't like is the parking but other than that it's a pretty cool place.

jazz worrall

A nice theater but the ticket pricing is trash at this location

steve koebler

Took too long to prepare my order at the concession counter. There were very few customers. There was a large number of employees were behind the counter. Somehow this did not translate into better service. I watched as the employees preparing my order spent much more time socializing than they did working. The result was an long wait time that caused me to miss the beginning of my movie. The facility was clean. The staff was friendly. I enjoyed the movie.

Eddie Chavez

Great theater seating and concessions, the also have bar with outdoor patio.

Mikki Haight

Recliner seats are the best way to watch a movie. Hot food service is incredibly slow.

mike bresnahan

Super comfy chairs. Great food and adult bev selection.

Shelby Bryant

Beautiful theater. I do wish they did not tear down the Camelview, but they made the movie theater in the mall a much better experience compared to where it used to be.

Jess Stevens

State of the art experience. Very clean and roomy. The power recliners are amazing.

Steve Raml

Pricey, but all the amenities are top notch. Lovely balcony courtyard to enjoy a drink befour the movie. Very comfortable reclining seats. We go there for movies that Harkins doesn't bring to west side theaters.

Bob Boswell

Well maintained, good food and full bar

Diana Briguglio

I bought a ticket for a rated R movie and when i was entering one of the workers assumed i wasn't 17 and called me short. I am 17 and they just assumed my age and did not let me in the movie. I left the theater because of the extremely bad service. NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN!!!

Nathan Dallas

I wish all Hankins would update to lounge chairs

Steve Wilk

I was told that they don't have senior citizen rates after 6 p.m. when I went to the movies tonight. It's not that I can't afford it but that's absolutely absurd. Some of us do go out after 6.

Mitz Az

Love this theater so big and friendly, parking can be a pain in the **** .


Came to see Glass on 2/8 and while enjoying the movie left with a very welcomed "gift". 4 nasty bed bug bites! Better clean up your act, Harkins, before the City Health Department closes you down. Not allowed to give zero stars...would if I could. Buyer beware.

Richard Schloss

Fantastic movie going experience. The chairs are super comfortable and the movie was great. Very upscale, and great attention to a lot of little details! Very clean too. Made me happy.

Dillon Sailer

Coolest movie theater I've been to. The patio overlooking Scottsdale was nice to have a drink and relax on before the show.

Sandra Kristal

This place is gorgeous! Very big and great friendly staff!

Gabriel Bey

Came for a prescreening of a movie. Beautiful experience. Convenient parking. State of the art facility. Enjoyable experience.

Veronica Owens

Very nice but more expensive than other new Harkins. In Peoria my Moscato cost $8 and $11 here.

Randie Gonzales

Great, love the reclining seats and having my favorite latte while watching a good movie

Mario Riggi

They were relatively considerate, seeing as I have brain damage and after i had a couple strong beers they were trying to tell me i drank too much but in fact my balance is already off in general so after a couple good beers it gets substantially worse. The staff was understanding and I didn't end up getting kicked out during End Game.

Kevin Keller

The top of the line experience for Harkins. I wish all of their locations were like this.


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