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Towne Center, 3033 Agua Fria Fwy, Phoenix, AZ 85027, United States Located in: Deer Valley Towne Center

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REVIEWS OF AMC Deer Valley 17 IN Arizona

Raven McQuiston

Great theater as always. Love the seats with the reclining. Saw Spiderman Far From Home and the screen and sound were superb. Plus tickets were cheap since it was earlier in the morning. A steal!


I can't stand assigned seating!!! Just want to walk in, analyze my choices based upon who is already sitting there and find an appropriate place and move if I have to or see fit. I will only take my business to theatres with no assigned seating.


The workers are polite and the place is clean. Only thing I don't like is how the "fast" lane works. There was 3 registers open. I was first in the fast lane. 2 groups got helped in the normal lane first before I was helped.... Not sure what the point of a fast line is if the slower line gets to go before me.

Sandra Mcmurdy

Nice place to watch a flick.

Stephanie Rotella

Such a nice theater just wish the food was better

Steven Jamison

Comfy recliners that you can pre purchase online. Nuf said.

Windy Foust

This location, by far, is my family's favorite! We have been to several and I feel this one is a bit more homey feeling. We drive from Laveen to this location for that reason.

bryan ramirez

Dirtiest theater I've been to. Inside movie theater it feels musty or humid. Weird smell. Take a look at their main carpets outside and you can see how filthy they are. I can't imagine how much more filthy the carpet is inside!


The leather reclining chairs are comfortable but you have to be careful to pick one of the rooms with them because there are a few rooms with the old ones

Aslan Sheffler

I was promised reclining seats in the IMAX! Just go to Arrowhead instead. No flavor shakers for popcorn either!

Mike Dobie

Offers reserved seating and reclining seats. Comfortable movie spot

E Bray

Pretty decent theater, kind of pricey, but you get free refills EVEN on Icees. It's WAY too cold in there!That's coming from my man AND myself, and he never gets cold. Bring your parkas and snow boots...

Nathan Boyle

The chairs are full comfortable recliners. The place is clean. And you can get dinner and booze with your movie. Just watch out for I max the seats are the old school seats hard and uncomfortable.

Noah Nez

After the upgrades and additions to the location, this is my favorite location to watch movies.

michelle fabela

I am a Stubs member. Best decision I ever made.It has amazingly perks and awesome advantages. I had gone to this location because I wanted to see the difference between Deer Valley, Arrowhead, Westridge, and Desert Ridge AMC theaters. Deer Valley is by far the worst location. For some reason the AMC app was not cooperating. I had spoken to the manager on duty and questioned him on what I should do. I made my reservation online and it slides me right in, off of the phone app. He said he had never heard of that happening. Although, it happens quite often. He said "I will let you in this time, but next time you will not enter." I explained to him that there must be something that could be done. He refused to make any suggestions, other than call the AMC help line. After talking with him for about 10 minutes, he started making snide remarks. Long story short, he should not be in customer service. Especially, with an attitude like that. I only come to this location when it's my last resort. Don't do it for any other reason. Go elsewhere!

David Serrano

Lovely theater, love all the icee flavors

Paul Kitch

Excellent IMAX experience. Friendly and helpful staff.

cds elick

Clean theater and great location.

Dhiraj Nimbalkar

Got all types of Movie formats - 2D, 3D, IMAX and IMAX 3D. Great place and it's clean.

Nita Barnes

Love this theater.the chairs are AWESOME. HOWEVER 36$ FOR POPCORN LARGE COKE SOURHEADS AND MILKDUDS is highway robbery

Andrew Bass

Always a friendly staff, amazing bartenders with well mixed and poured drinks to go with your movie night. 90% of the time the place is adequately clean. The chairs incredible comfort. Imax is available here as well as 3d but sadly Dolby not at this location, if it was would surely be the only theater I went to.

Josh Greenman

The line for snacks/drinks took a significant amount of time and didn’t seem to be managed well. Also, during the R-rated film that we paid to see, a child under 3 was allowed into the film to continuously disturb the entire audience, crying and making various noises. This greatly took away from the movie itself as it’s hard to get really into it.

jason R

Not bad but like them all over priced sneak in your snacks

TonTon Crame

Haven't been in there since he started working but I am sure John Jarrell makes a great manager and or customer care representative I'm sure he makes everyone's experience so wonderful because he is a great man he is the best thing that's ever happened in my life rather if he feels the same or not I just hope you know that I will always care about you John

Jina Naude

Our movie didn't start on time. Normally this is because of previews, but in this case not even the previews started on time. And I don't mean 5 minutes late. I mean 30 MINUTES past start time! THEN the previews started! I let them know this at about 10 minutes after. Someone went into the booth, then disappeared. And did nothing. 30 minutes. Wow. Just wow. Way to drop the ball and do nothing when it's brought to your attention....


This has been my go-to movie theater for more than 18 years. The seats are comfy, the food is good, and the prices are...what you would expect from a movie theater these days.

Jeremiah Garcia

Nice recliners on most theaters. Always nice to go to and not worry about seats. The employees have always been helpful to me.

Mario coloh

Popcorn was great but the soda tasted like it had cleaning solution in it

Andrew Monaghan

Went to the theatrr today for fathers day, upgraded to imax and was looking forward to reclining seats and the bar for a drink. The bartender didnt show so the bar was closed and the theater was old and not even a rocker chair, not worth it

Country Mama

Loved the recliner seats! Worth paying the extra money. Definitely will be returning this theater in the near future!

Melody Bruun

I love the comfortable recliner seats here! I had a hip replacement 3 weeks ago and was able to enjoy an extra long movie today. I also like the stubbs club that allows me to buy tickets online without fees and gives me reserved seats.

Jim Shofner

My wife and I enjoyed the venue very much, even though it was a bit difficult to find. No marquee that stood our. It was hidden. That's the only issue we had.

Sandra Young

Went to see The Lion King tonight, we had a great time!!

Mari Zona

Great remodel. My husband loved the recliners!

norma rojas

Love the seats but today the whole theater smelled like pee

Victoria Sahani

Very comfortable seats. Great food options in the shopping center. Free and ample parking. Has IMAX also.

Mckay Cloward

Movie was great, the seats are always nice. Was told when I purchased my large popcorn that it was unlimited refills. But after only one refill I was informed that only one refill was allowed. That was fine, but it was odd that someone else had told me differently. I think $9 for only one refill of a large popcorn is way too expensive. I won't be getting it again.

john florez

My favorite thing about this place? The seats! Very comfortable reclining chairs in all the theatres (I think they are in all of them anyway). Love that the first show of every day is cheaper. Also appreciate that they waive the service fees on their tickets if you buy 4 or more tickets. Theatres are always clean as well. Overall a very good movie going experience!

Matt Jefferies

I really like this location. We are stub hub members and buying $5 tickets Saturday morning and Tuesdays saves us enough to pay for the membership. I pick up the annual popcorn bucket for $5 fill-up and free refill. The theaters have reclining seats so you buy your specific location ahead of time in the app. The theater was redone in the last 5 years and provides more food options. We are very happy with this location (and it's close to home, boom!)

Kate Coolidge

If you live in AZ why would you ever go to an AMC over a Harkins? Not only do Harkins have a better value for all there snaks and drinks, but they offer more different movies and support independent movies. I only went cause someone gave me a giftcard for my birthday. I should have just regifted it but I don't have anyone I hate enough to give a terrible gift like that. Support local businesses and go to a Harkins! I promise you won't regret it.

Sam Hardy

Very comfortable seats that recline. Bar inside for adults. Food is of course, extremely overpriced as with all theater chains.

Rock City

Very clean environment with a great staff that is always willing and able to help

Robert Collier

Very cool reclining seats. Theatre was clean and well maintained

Carrie Thompson

Why is this place always so dirty? I’ll pass on the good seats just to sit in a clean theater!

Michael Delgado

Comfy seats, good movie experience. The bartender knows his drinks. Can sometimes feel short staffed at times, but not bad once the movie starts.

Ronald McGlade

Comfortable reclining seats with plenty of leg room.

G Null

They’ve done a lot of remodeling since I was here last. Very comfortable. Some theaters have reclining seats, some don’t. It’s clean, and so are the restrooms.

Chet Jenkins

Dirty theaters, gross coke freestyle machines, stale popcorn. Recliners are okay but still a far cru from modern theaters like Alamo. Hope this theater gets a huge overhaul soon.

T. D.

We enjoy the seating and the recliners. The staff is always helpful and nice.

Gloria Reyes

Recyclers and beer!!!great place. Nice bar, extremely nice theater!!!

Jessica Damper

I love this theater. This rating is based on this visit ONLY. Myself and 2 other adults took 3 children to see Toy Story 4. The rude service started at the concession stand. The young lady rolled her eyes as we walked up, clearly annoyed she has to do what she's there to do. She mumbled everything she said. When asked to speak up she rolled her eyes again and exhaled. I got someone else to help. We get in the theater, it was completely filled , extremely hot and humid. I started sweating. I looked around and others were fanning w/napkins and papers. I went up front to advise the staff. The girl I spoke with offered no empathy. It was nice and cool up front and uncomfortable in the theater. She said she would let someone know to e-mail maintenance and once they reply it will take 30 min to come on. Wow! I go back in the theater wondering why on earth the ac isn't on in a theater in the summer in AZ for a sold out show. I sat back down. 30 min pass by, I started getting pit sweat and more aggravated. I went back up front to another girl and ask for a manager. I tell her what's going on. Again no empathy at all. She calls her manager over and it's the girl I spoke to first. She comes up with her hands on her hips STILL NO EMPATHY and says I already told you what we were doing. Well it had already been 30 min. I let her know I had no clue she was a manager based on how she handled my issue the 1st time and now standing with hands on hips and no resolution. I then had to go off and let her know she was in ac while we burn up and have paid our money so her attitude was not warranted but the one I was about to give was. She quickly straightened her posture up and the manager lightbulb seemed to finally turn on. She apologized and her little buddy gave me re-entry passes for all 7 of us. When I walked back in that theater strangely, I heard the ac click on. I will be going back as I love this theater and hopefully this doesn't happen again. Thanks for reading!

Jennifer Johnson

I love this theater! I go to Starbucks and get a coffee before my movie, there are lots of local restaurants. The staff seems friendlier here than at desert ridge

Tamara Stafford

So 2nd trip here. The place is huge. Theater seemed clean, popcorn was standard. Didn't really taste new though. Fancy Coke machine was a nice touch. The counter guy said he hooked me up with there rewards program, but didn't get any confirmation and didn't really explain it well to even understand what I needed to do to get my credit for my two tickets

Brandon Taylor

Huge theatre with plenty of restaurants around for getting a bite to eat before or after the movie. The theatre seems new and modern and was perfect for a few out-of-towners to watch a movie. The seats at this location do recline so that is a nice plus!

John Waycaster

Recliner seats plus a bar...thats how i wana watch all my movies. Good job AMC ;)

Lidia Martinez

So a nice movie called pom poms nice movie nice place great seats

Abi Grace

I mean it's an AMC nothing bad or good it's an average theater. Tickets on a Fri night are 10 bucks. But this AMC has the recliner seats.

Vanessa Reyes

So we just got told to leave after we bought our tickets and food and weren't even half way through the movie when we were told to move seats, well our assigned seats were taken too. The manager who was rude decided to tell us that we have to contact corporate to get our money back. There are only so many assigned seat and we got our and some people showed up late to the movie. AMC shouldn't have a limited amount of seats in there theater and keep giving out tickets. We will be getting our money back for 4 tickets and the money spent wlat the concession stand. The manger was rude

Holly Acosta

7/18/19 7pm Love the reclining chairs...the bathrooms were so disgusting. 4 or 5 stalls with no toilet paper or clogged and paper towels everywhere. My Metrocenter Harkins is way cleaner and less expensive. I told employees and 1 hr later the bathrooms were still nasty.

Jenn White

My 1st experience was excellent. We ordered our tickets & reserved our seats ahead of time! The seats were auto. recliners & so very comfortable too. There is beer & wine so we'll be going back. We highly recommend.

Dejah VUuu

Very queen theater sound was amazing picture quality amazing! I thought the concession prices we're a little on the expensive side so that's why I only gave a four-star


Very well organized theater. I like that I can use to scan purchase on my phone to get in... No ticket required. There is a bar onsite (although I don't come to the movies to drinkl, but it's a great option for those who would like to have a cocktail at the movie theater. Bathrooms are always very clean

Lisa Ayo

This theater has comfortable seats, is clean and inviting. Great for a date night

Ken St. Andre

This might be the finest theater complex in Phoenix. (I haven't visited devery single one.) Many theatres. very comfortable seating. Great lobby displays. An internal bar for those who would appreciate a special drink. Located in a large shopping mall with several fine restaurants nearby. I like this theater a lot.

Andrew Warren

Comfy seats and the place is huge. Plus they have a bar.

Henry Dean

My daughter and i love the reclining leather seats!

yellow moon

I rarely go to the movies but with the ability to order tickets online, reserve seating and the upgrades to the actual theater this is a huge improvement to the AMC. I still think the snacks are way over priced and tickets in general are costly so we wait for the cheap day. Parking can be tricky at this location. Overall the renovations are great and if you are looking to kill a couple hours on the cheap ticket day its good.

Lisa Ford

Saw It 2 good fun with family

Gail Stone

I don't like the fact that there are assigned seats we sad and different seats then what were assigned to us had to end up moving which I understand but then somebody was sitting in our seats so we just moved to two more seats and then had to move again finally got settled I'd rather have an assigned seats first come first serve

Alexis Post

This location is very busy, so if you're the type to crave personal space in the theater, it may be best to either wait to buy your tickets till your show is about to start (so you can pick a seat with personal space - which means you won't get a seat in your preferred viewing area since its taken) or to find another AMC. Otherwise, this location is very clean and the staff is friendly. The only other critique I have about this location is the seats should probably be replaced as they are very narrow and do not go back. This isnt a location that has recliners, which is fine, but you've at least gotta have enough room to not feel like you're becoming one person with the people next to you.

Ann Camara

One of the worst experiences in the theater, this couple talked through the whole movie we couldn't enjoy our movie and we were frustrated. When we walked out to let somebody know there was nobody there 2 express our frustration 2

mary fry

Very clean, people are always helpful and the theaters have great reclining seats


Nice place with more amenities and luxuries than most theaters. Makes going to the theatre much more of an experience than just watching a movie!

Franz Lani

The recliner seats are the bomb! Great staff. Always smiles and the atmosphere is lively without being totally packed like a mall theater.

Linda Beam

Very nice theater..has IMaX.

Leslie Taylor

Really close to our house with IMAX. Parking decent

Christian Garba

There isn't really anything to complain about AMC - their building is pretty tidy - the bathrooms, lobby and theater rooms are always clean. The picture is always clear and I usually don't have issues with people distracting from the movie here. And the recliners are comfortable! I do have a preference for Harkins' sound stage, however, as AMC's speakers are all mounted on the ceiling. I definitely feel that takes away from the sound experience. That said, this is not enough to make me give them anything less than 5 stars. It's a good theater and nothing short of what you'd expect.

prudhvi s

Has over 13screens and it's mostly packed only during the weekends. This location has a bar counter as well. With AMC pass, I visit this location wise every week. Staff is very friendly, snacks are expensive. Enjoy your movie

Jennifer Nunez

This place has been remodeled so many times I never know what to expect. I like the new seating, recliner chairs. Prices for food and drinks are out of control expensive though.

Nathan A .Newton

The room is super Hot during a IMAX film due to everyone picking the best seats in the middle. Fans would be nice since I felt the AC come on once during the whole movie.

Orlando Marrufo

Love this place Heather is the greatest. Definitely reccomend it.

Alisha Vance

Love the assigned seating, so if I am running behind I don't have to look for available seating in the dark. The staff is always polite and the lines move quickly.

Austin Gonzalez

This is one of my favorite places to see a movie. Great seating and great prices with the stubs rewards membership. If they every get the Dolby digital viewing I may never leave.

Vernon Nez

Haven't been here in quite awhile and the experience was very good. Service was fast and theatre was very clean as well..

Dorian Rompec

Great big theaters, food is priced crazy. Pretzel and a drink $22.

Melissa Hardy

The theater seats are great, you can sit back and put your feet up, literally. The screens are good, sound is good. Only downfall is you can hear everyone walking up and down the stairs. Also, the popcorn is gross. The butter isn't butter it's a butter flavored grease.

Andrew Scandin

Wow this place is different. It was AMC 30 the last time I went here. They finally upgraded the seats in theaters, FINALLY! Less chairs, bigger chairs, more room, and reclining! They got smart and added the bars now this could go to a 4 if they could add some decent food to the menu to give you the full dinner and movie and dessert experience. I never go to the movies anymore I wait a year and watch on HBO and that has been the method for probably 10+ years and this time because I went on a free event for work but if they jumped on board the restaurant/food like other competitors have I could see me making the movies a regular thing again

Quiet Generation

Overall this is a really nice theater. I've been here before and after the renovations and enjoyed both aspects of it. I really should be giving this theater a four or five stars. This might sound petty of me but on 4/14/2019 my significant other and I went to the 8:15 pm showing of Us. When we arrived to our reserved seats we found that they were covered in trash from the last movie that had played. We moved the trash and took our seats and enjoyed the movie. Like I said, I might be sounding petty but when I am paying over $20 to see a movie with my significant other, I prefer my seats to not be covered in trash.

Keauna Olugu

This location is is very clean for the most part. The trash was a bit full, but everything else looked as if they did clean it throughout the day. The only thing that I saw that stood out to me were the filthy carpets near the restroom. I know it would be nearly impossible to have spotless carpet but a cleaning would help.

B. Taylor

Came here from across town to get bike worked on and killed time watching movie here. Still great from when I last visited and has a great selection. Seating is easy and spacious and always greeted so kindly. They have a large selections of items and combos that it's easy to get the right things to snack on. The screen is perfect size and sound is amazing. I always enjoy coming to AMC and getting points and rewards makes it that much more easy to come back again.

Renee Estrada

The best place to come with family n friends

andreina tapia

I now remember why I don’t come to this theater. No ice in the ice machine. Floors are filthy with popcorn. After the 6 stall I finally found a clean toilet with toilet paper, Hmmmm... only good thing about this place is there seats in the theatre. A little over priced on tickets

Greg Parks

This location doesn’t sell loyalty cups. Not that they ran out, they just don’t carry them. Then, when I asked questions and was disappointed about the situation, your team member was rude and unaccommodating. I got my money back for my tickets and the 5 other people I brought with me. AMC has officially lost a customer that comes with two or three people every weekend. It’s a shame, I’ve been using the company exclusively for 6+ years. I live in Cottonwood, and even come all the way down to go to you guys over going to a Harkins or other company that is much closer. LONG LIVE HARKINS!!!!!

Otniel Dihel

This is an excellent theater. The rewards program and ability to reserve your recliner seats ahead of time make all the difference. Great location with lots of good stuff nearby too.


So close to my apartment! Super convenient

Kaitlin Martin

I usually am a huge fan of AMC and the whole experience. I’m disappointed because me and a friend went to see the new It movie tonight, the theater was packed, and it was blazing hot in the theater. That is gross. Sitting there for 2.5 hours, sweating, in a packed theater. Y’all need to be mindful when you pack those rooms full of people.

Nolan Holtgreve

Favorite movie spot always clean and has a great ambiance

Isabel Flores

Sunday's morning movies are affordable to take grandchildren.

davon russell

Had a great time with my lady. We saw "US". I've never had assigned seats though, and it was a little warm. They finally decided to turn on the AC at the end of the movie, but overall, a good Theatre to go to.

Stefan Brnilovich

Prices are what you expect but the place is usually clean and service is mediocre but that's expected from high school kids.

Rochelle Hsrper

The best kept restrooms and concessions area I have seen out of all the AMC's in the area.

Jeffrey Fabrie

Excellent theater Excellence surround sound nice reclining chairs very comfortable I would recommend the theater to anybody that wants to have a good time.

Jared La Grey

Friendly staff, but not always clean and they still have some old, uncomfortable seats. They have some new amenities like a bar that are pretty neat though.

Rick Gruber

Prices keep going up and the level of cleanliness keeps going down. The restrooms look and smell like they have been neglected for weeks. Has anyone in this company ever heard of BLEACH??? Works wonders for disinfecting a bathroom and killing germs that make it smell like a prison cell would.

Timothy Schlak

It's a movie theater. What's to say? I saw a movie there.

Danielle Blevins

I personally prefer harkins over amc because we have the refill cup and the popcorn rewards at harkins so we end up saving a ton of money when we go to the movies. AMC does have the reclining seats in more of their theaters but harkins is definitely adding those as well. It is a nice place but definitely pricey!

Paul Grant

Great theater and staff with all the best film options.

M Fisher

Love the chairs very relaxing. The bar items are way too expensive. Otherwise nice theater.

Keith Mezger

Saw Avengers : End Game. Great movie... Good popcorn!

Steven Pociengel

It's an AMC movie theatre with lots of quick places to eat nearby. You know what to expect.

Naveen Chandu

I wanted to give 0 Stars for their customer service. I'm an AMC Stubs member & watched so many movies in this location. I always buy large pop-corn as I get one refill(stubs reward). In my recent visit, I bought large pop-corn & my kid spilled it. I cleaned the place & went for refill, just 8 mins after I bought the initial one. They said, the popcorn tub is marked as refilled. I tried to explain that I bought just now & pointed at the lady who sold it to me. They didn't care about it. To not upset my kid, I had to buy another L popcorn tub. If you are stubs member & buying large popcorn, check the tub & don't get cheated. I don't know where else they can cheat. I will prefer to go somewhere else from now on!!

Jayahar K

Lovely place .. Got to give it to ambience .. Very nice and helpful staff.. Good quality audio , nice and crisp video ...i watched movie in IMAX and was good ... Way to go guys .. Keep it up ..

Trilby Wilby

Terrible popcorn - hard and chewy and cold. How that was possible when it was made fresh, I don't know. Cavernous lobby with massive long line for concessions & only three staff members serving behind the counter (felt so sorry for them). The whole place seemed lacking staff, no one sweeping the popcorn off the floor, no one at the theater doors at the end of the movie, trash bins near theater doors overflowing with popcorn tubs & drink cups, drink machines with sticky spills all over. So sad... The human factor is missing at this place. Corporate policy to downsize staff?

Fernando Cardona

Awesome movie theater. U cant beat having recliners.

Phillip Hardt

Reclining seats are so comfortable! Love drink machines with unlimited drink choices. More options for food is great.


Great theater assigned seats, updated recliners make it easy to relax and enough the movie

Mikayla Karpov

Because I love movies and I love relaxing and enjoying the movie at the same time. I don't like scary movies though its not my favorite genre but there some movie genres that I love better like Marvel movies.

Pj Mallery

It was like most AMC theaters but they don't have flavorings for the popcorn that is a big negative imo

Robert Spencer

Nice theater. Refreshment area (self serve soda machines) needed a little tending to. Soda machines were out of ice but the concession stand put ice in the cups as they handed them out. Wouldnt be a big issue but the soda machines need to have ice in them to keep the soda cool so they dont go flat. Seats reclined and theater room was nice.

Tiffani Schrader

Great seats and drinks. Can't wait to go again.

Tyler Jackson

Depending on what theatre you get, you might be frosty or toasty. Doesn't seem to be an in between. That does cause a lot of issues so that's why we knock two stars off. That and they give you cups pre-iced, which is just wasteful.

River Wolford

Great theater, but no popcorn seasoning, which saddens me deeply. I don't know if AMC carries popcorn seasoning anywhere, but this one did not. Cool theater otherwise.

Jeffrey N

Love this theater; seats are reserved, popcorn is fresh, self serve soda machines, friendly service from all employees.

Nicole Duncan

Being an AMC rewards member is worth every penny. Always enjoy this movie theater!

Roy Cook

Nice movie theater, clean and the people are nice.

Kevin de Szendeffy

Not terribly impressed. The food and drinks are expensive for what they are (compared to other movie theaters) and there is no seat side service. The seats themselves are also uncomfortable; they're not particularly wide and you can't lift the arm rest between paired seats to alleviate that. Comparing this to Roadhouse Cinemas, it's no contest. There's nothing egregious: the theater is clean, the staff is friendly, and the tickets are standard prices. But it doesn't do anything particularly well, so it is simply a satisfactory movie-going experience.

Kaihley Reiner

A very nice theatre w/assigned seating which is easy to locate, even in the dark. They have very comfortable reclining seats. They offer a large variety of food items and drinks at the concession counter. They also have a nice bar where you may order alcoholic beverages from as long as you're 21 or older. We had a very good experience here

nate lambert

Theater is nice but the individual theaters can be iffy at best if your not in a leather recliner you are stuck in a seat that looks like it was from the 90s before a movie seat would even lean back. I have sat on more comfortable bus benches. But if you get the recliners its a 5 star experience all day

Paul Samuel

AMC 17 is very awesome clean fast services very nice employee's...

Jackie Hanback

Fast and friendly service. Seats are very comfortable. They recline and you can put your feet up. If you go there and you are tired you will probably fall asleep that's how comfortable the seats are.

Laura Brown

Excellent theatre with 17 movie screens. You choose which seats you're buying and my favorite thing is I can get there at the last minute if I have to and those seats are mine! Recently remodeled and has reclining seats. You can order food inside to be delivered directly to your seat and what I've eaten is very good. Big screens, good snacks, a bar if you're so inclined. We're definitely fans!

Adam Barney

Place was dirty .. Came to see Spider man.. carpet must had no attention. These kids are not motivated nor has the movies mgr staff gave them the protocols. lately; 2019 the jobs of work, and earn the respect are a far cry, for others to meet!! the standards are low. Really low, it's not just this establishment but I've seen others location with different services. Spider man was good.


OMG--I was in heaven, reclining seats & cocktail, ALL while watching "The Mustang!" EXCELLENT horse movie, seen it twice now!!!


It was good. Saw a good movie had a good time. Well worth it

Saurabh Jindal

We got nice incliner seats for very reasonable price before matinee show. Nice and clean place. Movie sound and quality was good too

Monica Owen

Great overall experience for movies and dining. Chicken tenders were very tasty and the popcorn was fresh. There are several different selections for the drinks from flavored water to diet and regular colas. The seats are very comfortable and even if somebody is tall in front of you, it does not block your view of the screen. I love the flexibility of being able to pick your seat before you get to the theater.

Jill K

I love seeing movies here, it's so comfortable and nice for my disabled significant other as he could recline comfortably and lay in a position that made it easy for him to sit through a 2 hour movie

steve taylor

Comfy chairs and great matinee prices

Ramah Barlow

Love this location, great customer service and the seat are so comfortable.

David Hayes

This place is getting better. It was going down hill for awhile, shutting down concession areas and such, but they are doing a good job revamping it and have nice new seats and better food.

Steve Spivey

Staff was friendly, concession line moved fairly quickly, and theater seemed clean and well appointed. Only two soda machines... one was out of ice, the other out of anything diet for my husband. Restrooms were not super clean over the 2.5 hours we were there. Overall, not bad, and opportunities for improvement well within their control.

Vanessa Vasquez

The theater was very spacious and the seating was very comfortable to enjoy the movie I watched with my family.

Monty Hitchcox

Today was my first time being here since the renovation, very impressed. The theater seats are very comfortable, but my seat kept going back down unexpectedly.

Monica Tyler

Great theater. Comfy seats. Enjoyed our movie. The Best of Enemies.

Laurie Peterson

I've been coming to this theater for a long time and I love it. But I have a huge issue with how much they charge at the concessions. $40 for 2 small things of candy and 2 small sodas and 1 cocktail at the bar. I feel kinda ripped off. The remodel of the space is beautiful but they really charge way to much for small items. This is why people dont come to the movies. It's hard to enjoy when you have to break the bank.

Nicole Chavez

Great place. Only thing I didn't like was that the teenagers who sat next to my 4 year old daughter wouldn't stop kissing and being all over each other. I honestly feel at that point why even go to the movies...I paid for a seat that I didn't even want my daughter sitting in because of this. She sat with was awful.

Nick Grissom

I enjoy these seats. I enjoy the movie selection. Popcorn is great not sure what else to say.

Sean Ginivan

Attended a Fathom Event. 15 - 20 minutes delayed start without explanation. After it finally started there was no sound for 5 minutes followed by the lights not dimming till after the first sequence of the movie. After the film ended the lights never came back on. No apologies, no staff representative. Not a great experience by any means.

Danielle Lee

The theater was nice and clean, we had a moms night out in the middle of the week after work. We Saw the Hustle. It was cheeky and fun, and what we needed mid week. The cost of a pretzel and drink was roughly $25 not including the ticket. Which was a little alarming. The seats here are very narrow making the buttons on the side of the seat VERY touchy. Mid movie we had some giggles cause one of us would be randomly battleing the seat to just stay in one position. We will definitely do another MOMS ONLY night out but likely select a cheaper theater.

megan loves life

Place is nice and clean. Reserved tickets online and that was easy but even coming in to buy tickets you are able to pick your seat from a diagram of the theatre. So assigned seating is awesome. Staff was very friendly. Theater had nice roomy electric reclining seats. Even popcorn and drinks are cheaper than Harkins! And the seats are better! Only thing that could've made it better was to have an option for heat in the seats....awesome movie experience! Will be back soon!

Whitney Taylor

Nice, clean theater. Restrooms are very clean. Nice staff

Patricia Neil

Carriage theater with all the 1st run movies and I was most impressed by the fact that they have real Carmel corn made right there and completely coated and delicious

Phil Compton

Theater was clean and inviting. Recently renovated with reclining reserved seating. Also I found out that on Tuesdays all movies are $5 if you sign up for the free AMC movies club. It took me about 5 min and I did it in lobby while I waited for a friend to arrive. I'll be going to a lot more Tuesday movies in the future.

Kristina Abbey

Huge theater. Comfy seats and helpful friendly employees. I would definitely come here again.

Aaron B

Service was cool. They are high as heck for a IMAX movie. For (2) people it was $29 but gave teacher and student discounts so it came to $26. The theater was low key dirty as heck though popcorn was everywhere when you first walked in. I guess we didn't have to order it from the counter, just eat it off the floor. Only downside was the bar closed at 10 and our movie didn't start until 10:45p. My recommendation is keep the bar open until the last movie is over.

Tina Asher-Molina

The reclining seats are nice and there is no one kicking the back of your seat. BUT the whole having to choose your seat ahead of time and differences between online and in-person purchases in addition to the special lines for people who pay extra to be part of their club, makes it really confusing and causes some issues. Also, I don't know if every theater is this way, the sound system in theater number two was so obnoxiously loud it vibrated the seats and hurt our ears. And that was just during the previews and commercials, that had nothing to do with the action in the movie. The refill popcorn was almost half bottom scrapings (tiny pieces, kernels, and burned bits).

Moses Ulloa

I had a great time with my brother Aaron at the movies. He's such a blessing


Great place to see a movie. Wish it had Dolby theater, but Imax is good. Prefer these theaters that don't have dine in option as they don't have that annoying tray in front of you. If you enjoy movies I highly recommend joining The "A List". $20 to see 3 movies on any format per week.


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