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REVIEWS OF Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Tempe IN Arizona

Brandy Singer

If you've never been here before, you're in for a treat! This place is fantastic, very retro, the seats are comfy (not amc comfy but still pretty comfy) the servers are absolutely polite and swift, drink menu , food menu, cool plus. Perfect for movie dates and family/friend time . Definitely coming back for their a m a z i n g set list

Ian Lambert-Brown

Alamo is pretty good overall. Seems like their staff might be stretched a little thin or something because it took forever to get a second beer out to our table. As a former waiter myself, it's painfully obvious when management is trying to stretch everything. Also all of the food came out at different times instead of all at once, even though I hadn't asked for it to come out at different times. The food is good. In my opinion, always be sure to order the fries extra crispy. Honestly though, these days, you're better off probably just going down to Flix in Chandler. Staff are warm and friendly. 5/5 Food is alright for the price. 3/5 The timing of everything though was pretty screwy. 2/5

Anthony Brokaw

Alamo was great! They had a special twinkie menu for Zombieland 2 which was awesome! I love their 1 warning noise policy to keep people considerate. Our server was good and everything really good. I like all the draft beer options. Highly recommend the Alamo Drafthouse!

Laura Dominguez

It has potential. Good service, great employees. The seats are not comfortable and the shake machine was down.

Genevieve Bennally

The staff was very courteous! I loved that they had a time limit of how late you could be to a show. It was excellent to be able to be comfortable and watch a movie. Definitely going back.

Jaina Mistry

One of the best cinema experiences. Though, the chair was a bit too upright for me

Shawn Strohman

Cool way to watch a movie! A bit pricey, but really cool. The service was great, food was decent. Beer was cold.


First time at the Alamo Drafthouse, and hell, first time in Phoenix! What a wonderful experience. Super clean, super good service, fantastic facilities. I don't think I'll ever enjoy a theatre as much as I enjoyed the Alamo. It's good there's nothing like it in the Pacific Northwest or I'd never leave!

michael Savarese

This place was great! the seats are incredibly comfortable and the food selection was better than I could have hoped. The fun pre-movie videos and atmosphere is just stellar and creates a great experience. I would highly recommend this place for any movie lovers who are looking for a good movie going time!


We had a great evening at the Grease sing-a-long! The only issue was my wife's meal and drink didn't come until after I questioned where it was. When it did come it was way after the rest of our party was done eating, our plates bussed and after the start of the movie, which made it rather difficult for her to sing-a-long. I still recommend going and we will return again, sometimes these things happen.

Sonia Luevano

Sitting here twenty minutes into a movie and the service has completely disappeared. Thanks for ruining the movie Alamo, I can see the guy playing on his cell phone ignoring us. Yet he had the nerve to come up to me to tell me to put my cell phone away as I was writing the review but at least he comped us the beers. Thanks Jonathan, you almost ruined the movie.

Daniel Griffith

Food's good, folks are pleasant and helpful. Wish the chairs reclined a bit more, and that the audio was a bit better, but over all a damn fine cinematic experience.

Carmon Thomas

My daughter and her boyfriend introduced us to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and we love it! Great date night spot. Dinner, drinks and a movie! We love finding new places and adding them to our favorites list. Great place for families as well. My grandson loved it for our family outing to watch The Lion King.

Yury Bencomo

Great place for a date! Food and drinks with your movie, what more can you ask for? Make sure you get row 3 as this row has the reclining chairs (I think it's the same for all rooms but might want to check in that); it's a decent distance from the screen so don't let that scare you.

Betty M

This is an awesome place to sit down, relax, order from their menu, and enjoy the movie! Never been to one of these places before. It beats the ones in California which I thought were the best places to watch movies at.

Kelly Howell

Great time sitting at bar before movie. Beer selection is awesome. Food was fresh, loved the toasted cheese sandwich.

Judy Horgash

Nice place. Good food. Careful though - they added $3+ for increase in minimum wage without telling us in advance. Hey, let me know in advance! I'll adjust my purchases accordingly. Don't sneak it in on us.

Paul Beakley

Kind of a weird place but my daughter and I like it sometimes. Literally nobody in the front to check you in, guess it's just the honor system. That might even be true since eating there is kind of spendy. Got a really nice pizza (the Omnivore) and some cookies, kiddo got a plain hot dog, $45 with tip. Might maybe just drink beer for that money next time.

Felicia Moreno

This place is amazing. They always have movie events. Staff is a hit or miss but dont let that stop u from going here! Great food. Generous drinks!!! ++

James Luna

Really like this place. Nicer seats/more room than the chandler location. Great food and drinks and movie experience!

Kimberly F

Just went for the first time. Enjoyed everything about the experience except the drinks were comically small... like I have never been so shocked by how small a drink was and especially for this price... We will definitely come back but not get drinks.

Rosie D

So much fun to watch The Three Amigos here! Cap guns, maracas, food, and drinks - what could be better? The whole experience of having most of the guests saying the lines and singing along was so much fun. I'm glad my friend brought me! The service was great, too! Friendly people and willingness to explain the process of how the theater works.


Just saw endgame, little late to party. Theatre clean. Bathrooms decent. Chairs comfy, oversized, don't recline. Temperature in the theatre was decent. Other theaters keep it cooler and offer blankets, this does not. Pens and paper to order more screening. Staff very respectful of movie. Sound in theaters Central towards middle, the top row wasn't great. Overall good time.

Jenn Chavez

We went to see Avengers End Game here with our kids. Ordered our tickets online. So freaking easy! It was the day rhe movie was released so, seating was limited to right up front. I thought it would be awful but it was not! Their theater set up ensures there is not a bad seat in the house. I'd never been to a theater like this! Reclining seat, tables with restaurant-style service! I loved their ordering process and the food was so delicious. My husband and I will be back to spend time in the bar prior to our next movie. So fun.

Jess Repanshek

Great place to eat and catch a flick. Seats are comfy and you have your food delivered right to your chair. The food was tasty and I especially liked the lemonade.

Audrey Cross

The theatre is very nice. We had the sour cream doughnuts with blueberry sauce while watching Downton Abbey and they were delicious. Highly recommend trying them out when you're looking for a little different movie going experience.

Steve Roeill

As a former employee who was told I gave a bad review but not sure where, I’m on here to leave a good one cause I really enjoyed my time there and miss this place a lot since leaving Arizona. I first enjoyed being a customer here taking my little brother to movies. He’s handicapped and in a wheelchair and their wheelchair row is perfect cause it has lots of room and it’s not too close to the screen. My brother said to me yesterday he was homesick and misses living across the street and going to the Alamo, I said “me too buddy”. I enjoyed working there a lot and miss my co-workers such as Doc, DJ, Kevin, Tommy and Christian. A bunch of hard working and fun people. I hate that I left off on bad terms cause I would love to work there again. It was the perfect part time job. I hope the Alamo Drafthouse continues to grow across the country cause it’s really a great place to see a movie. They’re not lying when they say their goal is to provide a great experience at the movies.


Really nice. Prices for the food were a bit steep for quality but, the rest was great. Will go back again.

Celeste Rosella

Amazing service! Loved Loved loved our server. Watching tarentino on 35 was perfect. It was also the only reason I stayed. Outside was nicer than inside the theatre. Miserably hot throughout whole movie. Disappointed they didn't do anything to try help the situation. Won't be returning till winter.

Sonia Hernandez

Fun, fun, Fun! Went to a nightmare on elm street movie event. The price included party favors. Plus, they had special event drinks. Comfortable seats and they serve you food and drinks right at your seat.

Bobby Darnell

Great picture and sound system. Very crisp and clear. Worth the atmosphere and experience.

Sharene Pride

Great retro movie theater. Not to forget pricing is spot on. Will definitely be back.

Janetth Infante

Love this movie theater! If you sit on rows 1-4 your seats will recline. the rest are still, but they are still really comfortable. They bring drinks and food to your seat and you can get refills while you seat in the theater. They have a full bar if you feel like drinking. Their appetizer are amazing; Me and my husband always go for the chips and queso.

Bryan Poole

My go-to movie theater these days. Comfortable seating (try for the first 3 rows, those are the recliner seats); decent food; great beer list. If you're going to order food, make sure you do it before the lights go down. I've had quite a few experiences where I've placed a food order after the lights go down and have not gotten it until half way through the movie. Or I've had to ask where the food is at. But I keep coming back because I love this place.

Lali Breen

Fun full-service movie theater! They bring you real popcorn in silver bowls with real butter and free refills. Drinks also have free refills. Only the front 3 rows recline but the back rows rock so still good! They show some old movies and first run movies as well!

Aaron Hendrickson

Alamo Drafthouse in Tempe is always a great time, this visit my wife and I had the theatre to ourselves! We were still attended to very well. Can't wait til the new one opens up in east Mesa!

Josh Stuart

Large, comfortable, electric reclining leather seats. Great service. Lively audience.

Mary B

This was my first visit to The Alamo and I was very impressed. The staff was friendly, the whole establishment was very clean, and I was overwhelmed with the food and drink options they had to offer. I love this place

David Pusateri

Excellent bar and great seats for a movie! We love the place! And the food and popcorn are very good!!!

Patrick Fjeld

This is my favorite movie spot. The food is good, they have a great selection of beers, the adult shakes make for an amazing treat sometimes, and the service is always excellent. But the best part is the noise policy. Two strikes and you are out, no refund. I have never had to deal with talkers at an Alamo movie. And if you want to make noise, check out their movie parties.

Keith Shamma

Service was amazing. Best movie theater in the area. Adults can take refuge here as cell phones or talking is not allowed. Act like a jerk and disrupt anyone else's movie and you are gone in 60 seconds. Great food and an absolutely amazing selection of beers. Very clean and comfy.

Bianca Rodriguez

We love this Cinema. The prices for soda and popcorn are honestly comparable to other theaters, except here they are brought to you and are unlimited. The rest of the food is pretty good too; it's a little overpriced but that's expected from a movie theatre. I love that there are no children allowed for nighttime showings, so you can enjoy even children's movies without all the noisy kids. I think at the end of the day, the highlight of watching movies at Alamo is that drinks are literally brought to you as you enjoy the film. What more could you want?

Nate Bockoven

This was my first time going to a dine-in theater, and I had a great experience. The server was friendly, the food wasn't bad, and the seats were comfy despite not being recliners. I would go back to enjoy the experience again.

Jodi Sadecki

We love it here. Food service while you watch a movie. And adult beverages. Now I can get my husband out to a movie!

Daniel Rivera

By far my favorite theater to watch movies. The food and service are always great. I really like the no cell phone or late admittance policies. They take this stuff seriously, and it makes for such a far superior movie watching experience. Only the lower level seats recline, which is the only downfall to the seating. Order your tickets on the app so you can get extras when they offer them - like commemorative glasses or pins.

Andrew Johnson

I'm giving 4 out of 5 only because I'm nit picking. The food is great, try the buffalo cauliflower, extra crispy, extra spicy! The service is pretty quick especially as they have to spot that order card in the dark. So why not 5 stars? The seats in the theater aren't recliners and they have fixed arms so couples are stranded from each other. This theater is amazing with fun events as well so I will be returning often!

James Swan

This place is so great. You can snack, you can drink, or you can get a whole meal, while you watch a great movie. What more could you want?

Mike Gaboury

A more refined way to enjoy the movies. The Alamo has perfected what I didn’t know I needed in a movie experience. Good food, good drinks, full service during the movie, strict no noise rules, and a chill atmosphere. If you want to turn your next movie into a full experience, I strongly encourage you to go to an Alamo Drafthouse. Did I mention there’s arcade games in the bar/hangout area?


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