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REVIEWS OF The Valley Cinema IN Alaska

jaime clement

Not a bad place. I was surprised at how small the theaters are. It seems a bit older. But it's movie theater. The line for snacks was super-long!

Jon Farmer

The ticket prices are cheaper than Anchorage. Which is nice. There is a restaurant inside the cinema. You are aloud to eat food while watching the movie. The cinema itself is clean. The staff is friendly.

Top Flip

If you're a Valley oldhead and you grew up going to the old theater, this place is a massive improvement. Best theater outside of Anchorage.

Zoe Raelian

Nice theatre. Comfortable and decently priced food items in the cinema world

Billy Miller

Extremely expensive but it's the only theater in the Valley.

Charley Neal

If you go here bring a credit card to avoid a painful long lines

Geni Decker

Usually we pick a good/great movie but we believe we waisted our money seeing "Joker". What a let down.

alaska adventure

Best place to watch a movie. With I'm a 50 mile radius!

Kyle Mulvihill

Always had a great time here. No matter what time it was. Good seating. Good concessions.

Teresa Johnson

Big theater with very comfortable seats and I like that there is a restaurant but I could get food and a glass of wine from before I watch my movie. Great customer service too! Good selection of different popcorn/drink added combos so that you save money. They also have a rewards card for frequent movie buffs. I will be recommending this theater to my friends!

nathan matthews

Ok place to watch a film

Laura Homan

Clean and fast to get in to the movie

Nana Connie

Clean theater and comfy seating. Grandkids loved it. Because it wasn't busy had to purchase tickets inside b ut no sign where inside. After buying goodies and going to gate, was told they had to be purchased at concession stand. Back in line we went. Had a cute little arcade. Was going to purchase one arcade game for both grandkids but found you had to buy a swipe card of 10 games. We left.

Amy Macpherson

You will definitely want to have their rewards card. Rewards add up quickly and will get you free snacks and movies! And did you know you can get food delivered to your theatre from the cafe up front? The pizzas were surprisingly good and not too expensive.

Angela Grisham

Theater is clean, good concession options. Expensive and seats need updating but my experience was pleasant.

William Gonzalez

A modern full service theater. I love that they show old classic movies on the big screen

Erin Reese

Clean, friendly staff, great prices, overall very pleased.

Cindy Spellecacy

Didn't particularly like the movie, but staff was nice.

Melvin Steinberg

It's a nice spot for movies. A perfect size.

Ashton Nix

It's the best in the valley.

Michelle Kaitlyn

No security in parking lot, and customers have experienced car break-ins. Otherwise, clean theatre and clean bathrooms. Volume is good. Seating is comfortable.

flash 9o7

The cup holders were sticky so we're the bathroom floor

Ryan Tolosa

Great theater that offers military and senior discounts. Friendly staff and comfortable seats.

Angel A

Great date night every time

Sarah Tudor

Staff her is great!! They helped get points added to my reward card by looking up my phone number! So much nicer to not have to carry my card around. They were kind to my three kids. And you get free refills on large popcorn and pop. Which is helpful when sharing popcorn with 3 kids. Clean theaters, and helpful staff help make a great experience.

Rob Finke

There was problem with the audio and it took 15 to 20 minutes to fix it.

Jeff Ward

Affordable morning showings and a clean theater

James Siegrist

Theater was clean, popcorn was hot, and the Avengers: Endgame was a ride.

rachel sullivan

Nasty couple was making out and doing gross things in the back the whole time... other than that the movie was hilarious and the theater was clean and the food was good

Stephen Adams

I love this theater. The popcorn is great, especially if you ask for fresh popcorn and they offer Pepsi products instead of Coke... Which is a big deal to me. I wish they were on Fandango or had assigned seating, but the staff is great and they're very nice as well. Plus, they show classic movies every once in awhile, which I think is pretty cool.

Alaina Wright

Theu always play great movies there

Maddison Necas

They are ok. Concessions are over priced, go figure. Over all, clean and well kept.

Samuel Woolfenden

It's the only movie theater in the valley. So there isn't a lot of choice. But they have always given me great service and a comfortable place to watch movies. They even helped me out when there was a problem with a gift card I purchased. Their loyalty card allows you to earn free popcorn and free movies.

Bailey LaRousse

Hi theater 11 isnt working, can you send someone to fix it?

Beverly Mills

Good movies and it's near our house


Just took my oldest to a friends birthday party and he had a blast.

Ken Baynum

For being the only place to see a movie in the Valley it's pretty good. Now if they could figure out there concessions area life would be sweet when going to the movies.

Vickielee Fenster

Perfect...good job everyone..

Ben Kolendo

Good screens but the seats are a little uncomfortable

Slippery Sauce

Great theater, could use some seating upgrades

Glenn Thorson

It is a decent theater. Concessions are expensive, but aren't they in ALL theaters? I do love the self service butter dispensers for popcorn. I prefer to hit the 21 and over shows so I don't have to listen to kids and teenagers. The theaters are generally clean. The ticket "ATMs" are nice, little to no wait in line for tickets.

Dalton Vance

Clean and friendly bit pricey

Chik ka

Had a great time watching the movie. The staff was awesome in handling very large group. They've done this before I can tell. Good job

Cedric Conner

The best movie theater in the valley.

Deborah Harkins

Theater was nice and clean. The staff were very courteous and kind. The movie was outstanding. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon.

Olive Paradise

Need to clean garbage pails out more often and time to shampoo seats.

William Burton

Only one in town. But clean nice people. Easy parking. You can also have a beer if you arrive during beer hours. The arcade is for the younger crowd, no old fun stuff. The bathroom has been clean, and the theaters over the years have been mostly kept up and clean.

Darian Rastopsoff

The place looked good the surround sound was great And the seatwas vendor comfortable

Cody Fife

Only theater in town. Hotdogs are great, everything else is average.

Kym Rice

It's a pretty nice theater, the only problem I had was we went for one of the first showings of the day at 11:40 and the doors still weren't open by 11:10. There was a huge crowd and with most of the people probably wanting snacks, we decided to not even try and went back for a later time. Just wish it was planned better.

Caleb Weber

Best theater in the valley ;)

יוחנן בן-יעקב

Nice quiet and relaxing theatre atmosphere with decent seating. Saw Endgame and Spiderman here and had a pleasant experience both times. Popcorn butter tastes alittle off but you get used to it.

Harry Hank

Place was clean and workors was nice. Food and drinks are expensive. Theater was nice and clean and over all it was good experience.

Shannon O'Hara

This time my husband and I went to see TAG. It was a Sunday so, hoping to catch a matinee, we were shocked at how busy they were. (Incredibles II was playing) Considering how jam packed with children they were, the employees managed to keep smiles on their faces while prepping our concessions. We were relieved to find our theatre wasn't full. The seating is great. Both arm rests lift up. Nice slant so you aren't staring at the back of someone's head and wheel chair accessible seats which are, frankly, the best seats in the house. Smack in the center with seats for anyone accompanying them.

Abraham Allen

Watched The Lion King , Great animation mixed with real footage.

Susan Hafner

Super nice place we always go to the it's cheaper and there is no one ever there go early it is better.

Jen Burk

My 14yr old asked for a cup of water- they made her pay $4 for it. Who does that??

Brianna Eisenbacher

Great movie theater! Good service, good popcorn and theaters are clean. Sound and picture very good, no complaints!

Larry Hartley

I’ve enjoyed this Theatre many times but over the years basic maintenance is being ignored and it is a shame, from broke lights to visible light wires exposed everywhere it’s going to cost if some child gets hurt I’ve kindly mentioned it to staff and next time we came back same thing. Used to like getting a drink and something to eat from Bistro and that has not been in service since late 2018 and employees say it is because management can’t find a 21 year old to work at theatre

Betty Tunnell

Love the theater but I freeze everytime i am there so bring a sweater.

Jared Larson

Nice theatre. Pretty clean. Nice folks.

Sharon P

We went to see The Lion King and it was really an awesome movie. The animals are really cool. The seats are comfy and the snacks are great...

JJ Snow

Honestly, best service. Quick and neat. Movies are fantastic. Employees are always smiling and very bright. Love it.

Racheal Bates

Avengers was great.

Sean O'Sullivan

The only movie theater in town so why wouldnt i rate it 5 stars?

Kennedy Serr

Good location. Still has stadium type seating but comfortable. Clean and attractive.


I reviewed this already mr google

Spencer Erjavec

Nice clean movie theater

Tanya Larrabee-Boehm

Great place, I love the Metiva's, they took care of our displaced students from HMS un grand fashion.

Mom Wilson

Would like them better if they had coke products instead of pepsi

Justina Rodrigues

It's the only local Theater in town. Always busy and crowded. So get there early if you wanna get a good seat and get treats before the movie starts.

Judge Chapman

Love it

Jennifer Hemphill

Great concession staff! Pleasant and quick. Even had frozen Reese's Pieces. The theater itself was clean and well kept. Very modern. The sound in standard show was very low. I mean can hear people chewing around you but hey it was still good. I'd go again but I'd try the 3D and see if sound is better.

Dillion Edmonds

Clean, run of the mill theatre with friendly staff. Would be 5 stars by it's got nothing that makes it stand out.

Tonya Evans

I had a good time tonight it was not so packed and a tally pretty nice loved it

Fortuna Rosa

I love this place a good way to get out of the house and watch a movie , they have really good movies

JD Smith

Super comfy seats and reasonable prices

Tek Medik

Comfy seats, good viewing & great movies to choose from

Tracy Smith

Overall a good movie theatre. Purchase tickets at a kiosk or at the counter with your snacks. Staff are friendly. On occasion it seems they don’t have enough staff at the counter during peak times. Theatres are clean and we got to movies here regularly.

Liz Brumba

Cafe is Never open loved having food with movie

Kaylee Broadus

The seats were fairly uncomfortable but for the pricing and movies playing it's worth it

AK Gamer

"Great, fast, and clean theater. With great customer service and a nice management team to help with any problems that may occur."

Ethel Reed

Wonderful cinematic theatre with Friendly staff and clean environment, serving great food, snacks & beverages,if you choose to purchase. There's also a pubstyle restaurant inside the same building if you choose to dine before or after your movie experience.

Roland Tresham

Was not crowded when we went and a good place for the kids with a game room attached and adults can enjoy the bristol. Overall good service. Prices of food a bit spend but there are discounts on combinations. Comfortable tiered seating and clean establishment.

Tonya Storm

Seats are comfy. Popcorn and tickets are pricey, but it is Alaska. Overall, a nice movie theater.

Deeva Kratzer

Staff is always friendly and theaters are clean!


Seats are comfy. Picture is good. Sound is a bit loud, but clear.

Christina Garcia

Always cold in the theatre. Bring a jacket.

Jennifer Madsen

I like how you can purchase your snacks and tickets at the same spot. The seats were fairly comfortable, but not extremely so. I thought the sound was a little bit too loud. The size of the screen wasn't overwhelming. Overall it is a nice theater.

Jennifer Cave

Such expensive food prices! Clean atmosphere though

Patrick Weber

Love the theatre very comfortable and excellent staffing. Rather go there than anchorahe any day of the week.

Angie K

Actually was quite quick getting thru ticket & concession line (granted we were there at noon on a Thursday). There was a young man working the counter that just had "trainee" as his name badge and I have to say that he was great. Very courteous, polite, efficient and did a great job with my request of "lots of extra butter" on my popcorn. Theater was clean and movie was great, but I really have to commend the young man at the counter since I've heard other bad reviews of the service at the theater. We had great service today!

Yagami Light

Have great popcorn if any one wonders

Michael Cooley

The theatre was really spacious and modern, and the seating was comfortable. As usual the concessions are horribly priced but the popcorn wasn't bad and the staff were friendly.

juliuse odden

Very clean theaters, ticket prices aren't bad, but of course they get ya on the concessions. Just do like everyone else and get the large popcorn, maybe a drink, and pack the other snacks in your coat or wifes purse. And they keep the theaters clear of noisy patrons

Jake McDonald

Good prices. Clean restrooms and theater rooms. Friendly and helpful employees.

Jon Honea

Low wait time to see the new features, also has the ocassional throw-back film. Only flaw is that there have been a couple technical issues during my time there, one of them being that the audio did not work for about 15 minutes, causing them to have the film delayed whilst they fixed whatever caused the problem. Other than the rare tech error I've noticed everything is on par with what a quality Cinema center should consist of. Always rather clean seating and a great rewards point program, also there is an arcade center with old games.

Ellie H

Theater tickets are decent prices, food prices are absolutely ridiculous. Movie volume is too loud, hurts my ears throughout the film. The service is slow, but usually friendly.

Jeremiah Krug

Nice clean theater

Amanda Graves

Cant really go wrong at this theater!!! Great customer service. Very clean.


Nice theatre, food and candy prices are a bit outrageous.

Nick Hann

I enjoy the ability to purchase everything at one counter. Movies have always worked!

Terabytes Fps

It has great seats and good timings for movies

Joelle Sanchez

I brought 9 kiddos with me to celebrate a birthday. They all had a snack tray and the young guy helping us was friendly and very fast. Even the young gentlemen who took our tickets was just as patient and kind. Excellent experience.

Kinz McEntarffer

The staff were so helpful and friendly, the lady at the concession stand helped me carry the items I couldn't fit in my arms all the way to my seat. Comfortable seating, and fun games for the kids after the movie. :)

Reuben Sonnenberg

Great cinema! Never really had a bad experience there. The employees are always friendly and nice, putting up with me and my friend's antics. They have reasonable rules, but they're not complete sticklers. Overall great experience!

Carsten Christiansen

Nathan Bourasaw

Best place to see a movie in the valley, (also the only place to see a movie in the valley) nice and clean with friendly staff however refreshments are overpriced.

Phillip Flippo

Always clean and the staff are so friendly!

J lites

Pretty good could use an update on chairs n floors

Rick Feller

With the availability of online media, I don't venture out to theaters often, but this visit with my granddaughter was enjoyable. No sticky floors or boisterous theater-goers. Yes, the concessions are more than expensive, but that is how they manage to keep the doors open. Sometimes there are movies that you just want to see on the big screen with a great sound system. And sometimes, you just want to take your granddaughter to a movie. I don't mind occasionally supporting the theater through my patronage so that they are there when such opportunities arise. Stadium seating, clean and comfortable seats, great sound system - this is a modern, well-maintained theater that's never given me a bad experience.

Andy Laposki

It's a great theater. The seating is very comfortable (for a movie theater) It's a relatively new theater, so it's still very nice. The snack options are pretty good, ike all theaters, the snacks are WAY too expensive, but that shouldn't be surprising to anyone. We saw "Bohemian Ryapsody" & the theater sound system is great. Overall, we had a great time.

stacy neumann

Great show place

shaylea younger

Very friendly and efficient workers and movie quality is awesome! You should really see a movie in 3D!!!

J Pale

The Valley Cinenma belongs to the CA Theater group and opened in Wasilla several years ago--a welcome and overdue upgrade to 12 screens from the previous theaters 3. The bathrooms are almost always clean and the concessions line always moves quickly. The ticket booth in the from of the theater should be bypassed and movie goers can by tickets directly from concessions or from a self serve kiosk located in the lobby.

Dave McDonough

Go early due to small staff or buy your tickets online.

Cody Larson

As movie theaters go prices are competitive, But Its all we have in the valley.

Clayton's cell 666

Great place great times

Ed Blocker

Poorly managed concession & ticket sales. Lines backed up out the doors with 2 people working concessions and ticket sales on New Year's day when it can be expected to be busy.

Evelyn Goughnour

I love to take my grandson’s to the movies here.

D Wilson

A modern multiplex theater, comfortable and clean.

Chase Jones

This is small town movie theater with a small town feel. It's not the nicest movie theater out there but there is a seat for your butt and a huge screen with surround sound so it's better than my setup at home. Ticket prices are very reasonable. Drinks and popcorn are priced high but what movie theater isn't. Overall, it's close to our house, cozy and has all the big hits. I recommend.

Beau St Germain

Love Thursday night 21 and up theater with food and drink!!!


It's either this or drive 45 minutes to anchorage, your usual theatre experience. Has an overpriced bistro attached. If you want to wait for your movie and you went in too early, they have an arcade room.

Debra Kane

Its the valleys only cinema. was a great and well needed replacement from the old theater. they have a small selection of arcade games and a great little bistro. for being in the valley, id say its one of the nicest source of entertainment available to all ages.

Ryan Stafford

2018/10/06 - Watched Venom today at 4:10 PM, ticket price $8.25. Had a great time and enjoyed the movie. When you want to see a new movie in the valley then you'll visit The Valley Cinema. Plenty of parking! Buying a ticket is very quick and easy. If you're getting food then buy the ticket at the same time. You can buy an alcoholic drink here, but you can't drink inside the theater. The bathrooms are in the lobby, so hold on to your ticket or you may have trouble reentering the auditorium. Seats are clean and soft. There might be additional leg space here compared to other theaters. Sadly there is the customary 30 minutes of previews here too.

Greg Workman

This place is a little out of date on major plus to it is the alcohol theater! That In my opinion is well worth it. Having a 21+ theater where you can sit back and drink booze is alot of fun.

Emma Frisby

Have you heard of Movie Pass? It's $10 a month, they send you a credit card, you install an application on your smart phone, and then you can see one movie every day. Definitely worth it, just to go to one movie a month even. Guess what else, The Valley Cinema accepts the movie pass credit card! All you have to do, is select the movie you are going to, in the app, then use the machine to buy a ticket, like you're paying with a regular credit card. Save money with Movie Pass, then you can buy all the snacks you want. This theater is the best one in Wasilla to see all the movies at. :D

Kiana Wrate

Great night out with my boys. thank you.

Ivan Rinck

A great theater. Clean, loud, lots of snacks.

Breckin Hagan

Spider man Super fun I just saw Spider man far from home amazing


It's a decent movie theater. I went to see the new Jurassic park movie and I didn't get the feeling like the movie theater is a dive spot. The only suggestion I would make is that a employee be present to make sure movies get started in each theater showing before leaving the projector room. Our movie didn't start and had to wait almost a half hour before someone restarted the computer so the movie would play. Other than that I would definately come back.

Malina Colon

Nice place just wish it wasn't so spendy.

Theresa Jacot

Clean and comfortable. Sound quality was good and the staff was very friendly. I like going to this theater cause if feels calming. They also offer beer at a decent price b4 the show so go early enough to relax have a beer with a friend. Enjoy

Michael Elsass

Was great my girlfriend and I had the entire theater to ourselves. Therefore let's just say it was a great time

Teresa Cappel

My family and I frequent Valley Cinema and normally have a wonderful experience. However this Saturday at The Incredibles we were very disappointed and ignored when it was reported that people were “vaping” during the show. We were very concerned by the lack of response to the issue.

Kim in Alaska

We took our grandchildren to see Meg 3D. We had a great time. Concessions were expensive.


Chilled out, clean, comfortable.

josh godwin

I like this place. The staff are friendly, the prices are high though. The only one that's good is there early showing.

Noey Crane

This was THE first date place to go when I was a kid lol. Wasilla's only theatre. Palmer as well. If you don't wanna drive into Anchorage you gotta come here. They do discount prices in the mornings. Guarantee you'll see someone you know if you're from the valley.

morgan williams

The theatre is clean and well maintained. Seating is comfortable, but certainly not comparable to the high end super recliners in deluxe theaters. Decent sound system. Food prices are somewhat high, with a modest but varied selection.

yolanda ahuna

Love taking my son on our mother son dates !

Rebecca Wilson

Comfy enough for a good 2 hour movie.

James Watkins

The customer service was excellent. The facility was very clean. Well worth the money.

Rebecca Poppino

Good theater, decent ticket prices. Expensive food prices, and nothing for people with food allergies

cliff T

Nice place to watch a movie. Chairs could use more cushioning for long movies


Our tickets didn't print, make sure your printer has paper

Ken Slauson

Clean, good equipment, sometimes too loud.

Tiffany Shimp

Simple and easy, nice chairs (moveable armrest is great).

Atlantis Yancey

Friendly staff that know what they are doing. We have gone as a couple and gone as a family. We have been happy with each experience. There is a bistro with pizza and an arcade area as well.

Travis B

Great place and price

irabmol J

Very clean theater, with plenty of rooms to guarantee a good film for anyone. They offer accommodations if you bring a child and decide to leave early because they become too restless. Includes a Pizzaria and small arcade inside.

Kevin J

Overall nice theater. Prices for the movie are lower then city movie theaters from the lower 48, and only slightly higher then the small town one I went to this spring in Michigan. Folks complaining about concession prices have never been to a theater in a big city in the lower 48.

Sandy Vasquez

Great movie, smiling and courteous to customers. Had a great time.

Dragon slasher DS

Good customer service and movies

Owen Ballos

I dont really like this place, just the movies

Louise P

We've been going to the movies here lately I like it


Nice theater. The chairs were comfortable with drink holders in arm rests that move up if you want to snuggle during movie.


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