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REVIEWS OF Regal Totem IN Alaska

Samuel Epp

Fantastic venue for the price! Movies come out much later than opening weekend but your not paying $12 a ticket and you get a theater experience.

Top Flip

Old theater but great for the price, especially on $2 Tuesdays. Plays second run films.

Matt Fjorden

Great affordable place to enjoy entertainment.

Margarita Farnsworth

My family enjoys the movies and prices

Donna Allison

Movies I see are SciFi and love Scarry ones the best food and fun games to try.

Blanca Hernández

Good cinema

Christopher .Jordan

Usually never go here because I'm impatient and like to see movies right when they come out. But it was very cheap which was awesome to save money. Nice staff and theater. Will be back eventually!

Wendy Norling

It's a second run theater, so ticket prices are really cheap. Good place to go to see movies .

Jim Kelly

Good inexpensive place to see second run movies. Add the Regal Club card and it can save you money at the concession stand or box office. Not perfect but restrooms are clean and there's perks like free refills on a large popcorn or drink.

Rich Brandon

Totem is a great place to catch second run movies for a good price. The theater is starting to show its age, but it is always clean and the chairs are comfy. There is sometimes a (seemingly) longer than necessary wait for concessions, but the staff is friendly and professional. Recommend visiting for a movie if you missed it the first time or if you just want an inexpensive afternoon or evening's entertainment.

Harold Humphrey

Great atmosphere and prices

Nirvash Tank

I cant complain about how run down it is because in an oldy type I like the old feel and looks of it makes me feel like i went back to the time it looked new. Over all the prices and the theater are great.

Cindy Ahwinona


Madline Lassiter

I love this place.Always good movies

rudd plate

Older second run theater, but still a nice place to see a movie

Ru Tec

the price is right! Would be 5 if we didn't have to wait a long time at the concessions just to get a tickets for the movie! Oh and good think the seats are just a little more comfy then plywood or I'd fall asleep but none the less for the price right!

Thomas F Haas

Great bang for the buck plus it's the original anchorage Alaska spot for movies.

The Database

Nostalgic type of discount theater.

Lakisha Evans

The seats stink....gettin old totem, still got the same everything since I was in high school


Been going here since i was a little kid and still love it, Highly recommend.

Pablo Samaniego

The best

Tom Tunnell

Great movies

Christopher Croll

Great place, great price

Joshua Demain

Love this place! The charm of an old theatre, discount prices, generally not many people, friendly staff! I consider myself a movie enthusiast and if you can wait until after the rush of the new release of blockbusters then I think this is a great way to enjoy the show.

Raymond Bourdon

A lot of spaces to sit if you don't like crowds

Timothy Gill

Who stands in line at the concessions stand to purchase their ticket

Rob Finke

Able to see movies that are no longer showing at the other theaters in town and only having to pay $4.20 for a ticket. Just wish it had seats that were not so old and uncomfortable.

Alaskanbaby love

The theater was empty and the movies had a great sound quality plus staff w a s super friendly

Daniel Shipley

A bit run down, but the theater delivered in customer service and great prices!

Evelyn Blandino

Great prices and good service. This theatre is a little dated, but it's a discount theatre. They provide you with more than you pay for.

Linda Friend

It was cheap, and quit, like a goat town. I loved it

Richie foster

Saw axl too adorable

Stephanie Aguilar

I love it here I think it's a really good place for a good price.

Russel Dudley

A clean facility with affordable movies!

Wayne Kernak

Great theater close to stores, McDonald's restaurants across the way.

Menzo Bell

They have good cinemas and awesome staff! Movies are great there

Dan A

This place has been here forever. They have upgraded a lot over the years. The movies are a little older than the new releases, but the price is much better. Most of the time you can see the movies on DVD just after they play here. There are just some movies you want to see on the big screen, instead of your TV, and this place makes it possible with their lower rates.

Tuuq Stevens

Great movie prices and there selection is pretty good and it is random

Elizabeth Taylor

Stupid that you have to get your ticket at the food counter instead of the box office where you would normally get them.

Duke of Curb

Big screen but the theater stinks.

Natasha Washington

Always really good service. The seating hurts the bum after a bit though but it’s $3.50 a ticket which makes it well worth it (though you would hike up the price with concessions). They are about a month behind other theaters in town which is to be expected with the cheaper price. Once Tikatnu or Century 16 stops showing, totem does! It makes great for cheaper movies! Recommended!

Jose Morales

Budget friendly movies great for those on a budget

Sarah Corneilla

Nice and cheap if you are on a strict low budget.

Conce Rock

Clean, remodeled theather. Comfortable seats, although they don't recline. Second Run movies shown at discounted price. Works for me cuz I don't like the crowds of First Runs. Admissions reasonable, but concessions still high; small popcorn costs more than admission.

Isabel Mendoza

The only thing was that there was a person on drugs who waddled in and tried to hug people (including my mom)

Isaac Dinardo

Cheap and quiet they have $2 Tuesdays.

Danielle Kendall

I've only had one negative experience here. I showed up 15 min before previews and the theater was closed, lol! I was knocking on the door along with a line of people wondering wth? Finally an employee opened up the door just a little bit with a deer in a headlight look saying...yes?? Not one person that worked there knew that a movie was about to start. So now there is a long wait for till in the front and then had to wait for the till at the concession stand. The manager who is clueless said,'re on time, you're just missing commercials. Well, I like to see what movies are coming up before the movie I'll be watching tyvm!

In Alaska

Not the fanciest movie theater but for 3.50 a ticket it's good.

Paul Baughman

Great value. $4 a ticket. Nice screens. The people are friendly and we had a very good time. Good sound system and comfortable seats. The popcorn and drinks were typical theater price.

Shade Lulu

It was quite a night last night. Watched Mary Poppins and the theater was a bit empty compared to others, but that's great because that means no loud chatter!

Kyle and Jenn Todd

Nice dollar theatre. Sometimes it's just a few people per movie showing but that's fine with me. Nice to go out at discount prices. Not always the cleanest, but works for me.

Isaac Perrien

Good place to watch $3.50 movies that have been in theaters for about a month.

jackie reinstedler

I love this place! Not crowded, better price. The decor is a little older, but that's fine with me. Movies shown here have just left other theaters in town, so you can catch up!:)

Keith Burgess

Cheap movies are always good movies. Why pay more when you can just go here in a month or so. Easier to sneak candy into, also

Sharolyn Wyeth

For a discount movie house, it's really good. The popcorn is fresh & it's never very crowded. The tickets are less than $5/ea., which is great!

Adam J. White

Last of the 70s 80s 90s era theaters up here. It's like stepping into a time machine. Love it.

John Sokol

Older theater, comfortable with good first and second run movies at a nice affordable price.

Gene McCoy

I like the lower ticket prices for second run movies that I haven't seen anyway. The last time we visited one restroom was closed and the other one could have used a good cleaning. Otherwise, I would still return if they had a movie I wanted to see.

Miles Gibson

Best theater in anchorage

Gregory Scott

Nice movie selection

Sharon Menzo

Family fun! The best price in the city & great top movies! Wonderful place to bring the family.

Erica Klushkan

this place is alright. good popcorn and recently debuted movies

Genesis Allen-Lockhart

1st complaint: I really didn’t wanna rate 1, but I rate a 0. Me and my home girl came and watched Maze runner tonight at your 9:40 pm showing March 28th and upon buying the ticket everything was good. Half way thru the movie

Ellen Michelle

It’s an affordable place to see the older movies.

Sami C

Love this place. My pretzel was a little burnt but the staff was very nice!

Ethel Reed

Great Cinema, GREAT comfortable seating, wonderful staffing and very tasty fresh popcorn

Roger Gaston

Took the grandkids to the movies and this was the right place to go. The theatres offer a wide variety of current movies including children's films. Me and my wife have gone here for a quit night out and found films that were suitable for us.


Enjoyed an awesome movie at a nice theatre. Pleasant, helpful staff.

Tilly Dee

The seats might as well be wood benches... But for $4 and change, you dont expect recliner, I guess. Lol. Good movies and showings at good times. We will be back for their $2 Tuesday!

David Nees

Cheapest place to see or re watch movies for $4.20. Clean and comfortable.

Ken Brett

Good place for discount movies. Not very good disability access for restrooms.

Conza Refalopei

It was awesome!, hope I can go there again •

no no

A little gem in the rough. Considered an old theatre by today's standards. The screens are big and clear. The sound system is bright and clear and this old guy can hear it perfectly. The seats are clean (I think their clean, it's pretty dark in there). The floors are clean. PLENTY of seating. (I'm sure that'll change eventually). Bathrooms are older but clean, although updating them might increase female traffic. I hear that matters to them. Standard high pricing on concessions but there's a McDonald's across the parking lot you can hit it before or after if you're stretching your dollar. I wish they had a pinball machine. Thank you for funding this business Regal.

Jack Daniels

The prices are climbing back up to regular rates and the seating still sucks but they do have titles that aren't at the main theaters anymore and the crowds are much smaller but louder and less savory...

Randall Danes

Went to watch the movie "Escape Room", got a captioned goggles, enjoyed the movie. Easy to deal with the staff, always ready to help.

Brendan Schick

$2 movies on Tuesdays and half off popcorn

Semaj James

Great place to catch movies without the crowd. $2 movies on Tuesdays.

Luis Degollado

Great family fun. Great discounts.

Alice Bushey

Fun family night

Tom Jones

A true classic, like walking into a time capsule with a staff thats about as nice and welcoming as a toys r us store back in the 90’s. Theaters like this are rare and hopefully this stays the way it is as long as it can. And the prices? Unbeatable.

Java Bean

This theatre has been around a long time, but the seats were comfortable and have cup holders. It is a huge theatre unlike the new stadium type. The surround sound was very adequate for the movie. And for $8.40 for 2 tickets can't go wrong. Food prices were about the same as other theatres.

Azalia Isenhart

Got many good deals here food was good tried there boneless chicken with barbque sauce they were very moist and juicy. The theater was clean. The woman's handicap bathroom walls could use some extra attention though the movie was great an was warm.

Shauna Redmond

Definately a great place to take a hoard of kids and still manage to keep money in your pocket.

Jim Sargent

Good family fun

Katie Fa'aloua

The staff was wonderful and listened to what I wanted. They didn't pressure me too much on candy but advised of their $2 Tuesday!!! Will definitly take advantage as long as they have good movies showing...Thank you!

Dan Bushey

Great movie theater!

Ariel Epenesa

Service was great, then some random crack head walked in and just grabbed my son's drink claiming she forgot it. This place really needs to be more strict for safety purposes, especially when kids come here to have a fun time.

Essence Reigns

Way more than I expected for the price! The theater was big, clean and comfy

Roy Buckalew

Clean and employee helpful

Jonathan Berkey

They have really really good service there is a really gentle I mean that so far I've been to 3 different dentals and there they're better way better they're nice to treat you with respect and they're great great place to go

Dien Haas

Great theater to catch up on movies, at a great deal!

Janet R

Ya gotta love $3.75 movies. Big theaters, leather(ish?) chairs. Often more than half empty - good for adults who just want to see the movie - doesn't have the excitement of watching with a crowd - for better or worse. Not much staff at the concession counters, sometimes getting popcorn can take a while. Get a Regal Club card - free - every so often when you get your ticket, they give you a coupon for a free popcorn, or even a free movie. The free movie coupon can be used at ANY Regal theater, not just the $3.75 theater, so it is really a good deal.

Pamela Proffer

The last cheap theatre in town. Enjoy coming there with the family.

Cody H

4 stars instead of 5 for the design of the seating in the theaters. It's not stadium seating. But this is a nice theater to watch movies that have been shown already in the new release theaters at a much cheaper rate.

Gene Kurpis

Good prices

Tina907 Tina

They have good cartoons and if u really want to watch a movie before buying it's great and only $4 or $2 on Tuesday

Jennifer Daunning

Great movie theater

Carrie Adams

good place nice ppls

leslie cabinboy

Bot too many workers but good price

Bone krasha

Cheap place to watch movies

Andy Laposki

The movie was fantastic & the staff was cool. But the seats are uncomfortable & the nachos are too expensive. . . .but that's not a surprise, the food at theaters is always too expensive, so what are you gonna do.

David Suarez

Love this theater

Jenn Conlon

Love $2 Tues. Nice to go on a budget, snacks and soda are still full price, but movie tickets are cheaper.


We took the kids to see Wonder Woman yesterday. The theater was clean, prices great, and the popcorn was delicious.

Jennifer Carpenter

Best movie deal in town. There's another place, but I have had issues with noise there. I prefer this venue, because it's a traditional theater setting!!!

Shane Clarke

Good place to watch movies. Not a super fancy place but it's nice place. Clam and little old fashion

Sean Ryan

If there is movie you wanted to see in theatre but it is no longer there this place is for you. Around the same time movies are coming out on blu ray or download you can see them on the big screen for $4. Usually any movie I wanted to see on the big screen I have seen at this point though.

Oxy Ford

Low cost, movies are great, great food, and deals on Tuesdays! 10/10 had a blast

Thomas Tunnell

Great staff and great prices.

Ray Mc

First Visit 21Nov. Satisfied. I usually go to Regal 16 Tikahtnu & thought to attend here once this past summer. I drove past then because the location and folks' malingering in lot deterred me away. However, I took a chance today for a 4:30 show and am pleasantly surprised. It is a throwback theater and I found it nostalgic. The staff is friendly and the popcorn was fresher than my usual theater. Old school seating but screen & sound were spot on. So far, so good.

j wade

Use to come here when I was a kid, still looks the same lol

Bad Youtube Channel BOI

It's ok because my little cousin can't see the screen because he's little

Daniel Hernandez

Large screens, comfortable seats, nice staff. Also, fresh projectors. Alita: Battle Angel looked sharper then Tikahtnu Theater.

Ron Leddy

4 stars on price for movies being a few weeks old, 3 stars for older facility. Helpful and friendly staff

Presscilla Estes

Not too many people and they are very hospitable

Shannon Buterin

It wasn't high end seating; but it was comfortable. The way they make their money is by the concession stand. In the end; we got to see the movie and have popcorn. It was worth it. #familytime

HairSlayer 4Justyce

Kool place to take the LOs. Nice, inexpensive spot for date night.

Phoenix Runner

Good movies at a great price.

Erin Atwood

The cheap cost of seeing movies here gives this a 3-star rating otherwise it would be 1. The theater itself is sticky and dirty and my phone once fell out of my jacket and was stolen here. Used to be in Anchorage people would find a phone and turn it in at the office. It's definitely changing on the east side.

Val Hunter

always a great place to go for your entertainment.

Timothy Hoffman

Great for the kids but the older adults could you some manners

fredrick ervin

Great economy price! The 1st show is 2$ cool, seats could be better. Old and worn.

Christine Hohf

Didn't know on Tuesday it is $2.00 and it's a regal so can earn points

Scott Pessetto

Great price to see relatively new movies. Theaters are older but clean.

Kimberly Tooman

Had an awesome time watching the movie. Great clean movie theater and bathrooms. I appreciated having a booster seat for my child. The only thing that would have made my experience better would have been able to buy Sno-Caps candy.

Janice Lackey

I agree it is an older theater but everyone is very nice and helpful. I love the $2 Tuesday.

Lisa Sumner

Nice quiet movie at a reasonable price...who wouldnt give it a good rating

Myra Scholze

Tickets are $4 and the theater has a retro feel to it. Great place to see movies you missed on their initial theater run and a fun affordable option for date nights or family fun! They generally have a good variety of films showing. Snacks are available at normal theater cost, and there are arcade games scattered throughout the lobby area.

Dawn Green

Hey I love this place I went here for every movie I've seen for the past two years and if I ever got the chance i would love to work here

Janet James

Great affordable prices for the whole family, old school theater though

Brandon Swartz

Kendras coffe is a raid spot for pogo and the movies arent half bad

Robert Froehle

After living out of Anchorage the past 17 years we went to a movie at Totem theater. We had a very pleasant surprise. We thought the theater was in very good shape. Comfortable seating, cup holders, and snacks were good. We will definitely be back for more movies. You’ve got a good thing going.

Dimitrie Brand

Very value added movies. Staff was great. Seats could use some updating. I would add beer if possible. That would greatly increase customers.

Mersadez Meneses

Cheap. Good popcorn. Audio listening devices. Great service I love this place great for quiet date nights or movies with kids.

Jared Holbrook

Been going for about 25 years now. Love this place. $3 movies can't beat it!

Randy Giddings

Good service, but there was some sort of ground thing going on with the speakers

John Paul

You get what you pay for and for the price it's a great little theater

Will Platzek

Not a bad theater the online times didn't match the actual show times didn't grade down for that tho. It was the lines they dont have one line feeding all concessions. They had really quick worker's but often you have difficulty customers have no clue what they want. So one line bogs down instead of next customer getting next available register. Also that staff was very helpful and seemed to be on the cleaning but some people that night were kinda off ...weirdo in bathroom tweaking out making a mess, and people in theater feet on seat backs and being loud tossing stuff at each other. (Popcorn, candy, normal teenager stuff we all did it) Not against regal but they could have better setup and have staff approach weirdos and rude people to behave or leave. I'd go back, I had fun, staff was cool and working but room for improvement wouldn't let kids wander alone there tho or hit restrooms alone

Yadhira Luna Vargas


Jared Higgins

A great movie theater to go, low prices on tickets and old arcade games.

Victoria Kotongan

Love it! Especially $2 Tuesdays

Earl Bell

Price is right on a budget

Stacy Nicholi-Deacon

Fun, cheap, great movie lineup

Dalton Lew

Best movie theatre ever. Highly underrated. I appreciate it very much

Bonnieli Collins

Super cheap theater with good movie options. Not many people, at least when I went

Bernard Sullivan

Haven't been there for a while it was good when I went before though

Akdubsound Bass

I would recommend this place for anybody who has small children that cannot sit through a whole movie the ticket prices are extremely low and they have quite a selection of movies I always see this movie theater is a very nostalgic place because I have gone there since I was a child taking my children there is building new memories that will last a lifetime

Tammy Kosusnik

I love Totem and the prices there!!!

Ben Lipsey

Great parking lot!

Lorrena Terry

Always a nice place to take in a movie

Russell Snyder

Cheap movie alternative

Dean Barnes

Cheap, not crowded, but not real clean

Salior Moon

Went today for first time. It was $2 Tuesday night. Every Tuesday night all the movies cost only $2. That is an amazing deal! Especially in Alaska where a 99cent worth bag of chips cost a whopping $2.50. A mini bag of chips is $1. It is like Greyhound food prices in terminal but throughout the whole state. So, when you find a rare deal like this you gotta sing it to the mountain tops. Besides the price of ticket on Tuesday being amazing if you get their FREE savings card you get your food and drinks a significant amount off. Their prices are already cheap conpared to other movie places. Using their FREE savings card reduces it even more. Just come Tuesday and pay $2 for movie ticket and reduced cost for food. The prices for food aren't dirt cheap but they are the lowest I have seen. The staff are very friendly and kind. The prices are great, esp on Tuesday and esp if you have their savings card. Great cost efficient family night place. Their movie selection is recent so great date night movie theatre.

Paul Robarge

I love this movie theater it is well run and clean. Grrat customer service and the movies might be a couple of months old but the it is at a huge discount price. This is my favorite nostalagic movie theater in Anchorage and i try and support it by bringing my family here as often as i can. I am impressed at how well they have kept it up.

Nicole House

Great customer service, good price for movies. Used to have awesome popcorn but they changed the recipe somehow. Concessions are super expensive and they don't offer military discounts.

Aisha Gardner

Don’t let the outside fool you, first time there and although the snacks were highly priced the place was super clean and my toddler wwas able to run around the front without disturbing anyone!

Cindy Crewdson

The new loungers are fantastic.

Ni-Ni Boo

Totem is always good for pricing and had special pricing on Tuesdays. Hope they leave this 1 up we enjoy the location and the staff is cool!


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