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800 E Dimond Blvd Suite 210, Anchorage, AK 99515 Located in: Dimond Center

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Where is Regal Dimond Center Cinemas?

REVIEWS OF Regal Dimond Center Cinemas IN Alaska

Top Flip

First theater in Alaska to have recliners. Screens and sound systems are high-quality but not RPX or IMAX. Located in a mall with several restaurants if you want dinner and a movie or drinks and a movie.

Angie Cochran

My husband and I came here when we visited Alaska and we love the reclining seats! Makes me wish New York City had seats like these.

Cathy Fisher

Comfy chairs! Fairly clean for a movie theatre.

Jerre Hudgins

Very accessable and always clean with friendly staff every time I visit.

Christopher .Jordan

I usually preferred this theater when you first got the recliners. But I feel like they are getting worn in. Also found out the your competitor also had recliners that are heated. So I might be going there. But you will still be in my heart dimond and my preference will still be you.

Bruce Kempen

Wow, the men's restroom is child sized. I sat on the throne & almost tore the toilet dispenser off the wall. Absolutely no leg room.

Lori Lee

I Love to go to the Dimond Regal and watch my movies, but recently the recliners are breaking and my arm rest came right off and grandson almost got cut by staple or nail. You really need to update your recliners or at least fix the ones you have! I did mention it to a worker and they said that there has been lots of complaints!!!

Jim Kelly

To me the worse of the Anchorage locations. Chairs are better here than Totem 8 but they hit you for an extra few using gift cards.

Kahdija Imari

Very clean restrooms! Friendly service at the concession stand as well. Gotta love the reclining chairs in the theater.

Ben Sands

Easily my favorite theater in Anchorage, roomy full reclining chairs, decent show times, and it's in a large ish mall so you have something to do if you show up a little too early.

Gloria Trefon

Great seats. Had the front row wasn't to bad. Great movie. Saw the avengers endgame

Pablo Samaniego


Jay Williams

Best movie theater in anchorage and great service

Tamelen Welsh

My favorite theater is closest to home. The seats are roomy and comfortable. The theaters are small enough that the back row is probably close enough. I love that Regal lets me reserve seats.

Glen Kratochvil

Love their big seats and online reservations!

EliBourd 245

My favorite thing about this theater is their seats, the seats are leather recliners. The seat go great with a bowl of popcorn and a movie.

Brice Wilbanks

People rave about this location...I don't see the appeal. Although the chairs are comfortable, due to space issues within the mall, all of the theatres are too small and not sloped enough. This makes almost every seat a front row seat. Along with that, it is really annoying having to purchase your tickets online just to get a seat. You can show up and purchase them, but if you want a good seat, you need to preorder. Along with that, with parties over 2, you need to purchase more than 24 hours in advance in order to get seats together. On the good end, the concession stand is reasonably priced (for a movie theatre) compared to Century. The popcorn is a little plain and I think they should add a little butter salt to the popcorn before serving. Also, beware the large soda is HUGE! The Century 16 Large is Regal 9 Medium drink for comparison. Have a good movie!

Vault-Tec Representative

Nice and clean, comfortable seats, great audio quality, and amazing visuals. Not only that, but the lobby is nice and clean plus the tickets aren't too pricey. Only bad thing about the place is the price of things like popcorn, soda, and candy. But then again, what movie theater isn't overpricing their consumed goods?

Cynthia Supe

No problem with the theater itself or interaction with staff but when we got back to our car, I found gum on the back of my pants. Apparently no one checks the seats for trash or spills. First show of the day in that theater so it wasn’t cleaned last night or before opening today. Yuck!

Tigran Andrew

Nice theater. But paying 40$ for popcorn is crazy.

Farid Sanouvong

It’s a bit cramped, but the convenience of lounge theaters has been prevalent in Anchorage. The setting is small and comfortable so I wouldn’t complain too much.

Michael Alto

They were sold out so I couldn't watch was 1

Preston Busby

Comfortable seating with recliners. Wish it was a little more clean.

Dan A

Who doesn't like movies? It has big screens and loud speakers that most people don't have at home. It also has very expensive popcorn, candy, and soda. It's a good place to go watch those big action flicks that will rock your whole body.

Anita Hernandez

Nice place to relax now

Teresa Agnes

Shout out to employee Sarah McCabe! You are a PRO popcorn maker and you always recommend the best seats. Regal, you have an amazing employee working for you.

Kathy MacLeod

Good but still cold. The chairs are so wonderful

Jared Rockman

it was so hot in the theater. the worst part was it started off hot. they never turned on the ac the whole time the movie was playing

Estrella Vargas

I love the big comfy chairs. Great food too. I did not understand why when choosing seats there were only 3 available but when movie started most seats were empty.

Craig Kingsbury

It's ok seats not greatest


Good place to watch a movie. Has decent reclining seats.


Comfy seats and good views from all of them.

joseph tikiun

totally worth it

Lil Phoenix

Chairs that are like furniture cause they go back when you want to lay down instead of just sitting Popcorn and popcorn seasoning butter stuff... Etc..

Francine Murphy

Great seat's, roomy, and clean.

Ron Frazier

Great idea with the seating, here! If only the theater had bigger screens and an IMAX option, then this would be a real 5-star movie spot. Thanks to the staff for quickly and politely handling people that deviate from the assigned seating that they purchased. We appreciate what you do and what you must put up with from time to time.

Conce Rock

Small theaters, but very comfortable seating. Seats can be reserved, so one knows what seat to expect. I like the theaters being in the mall; allows for other shopping, activities before or after. Plenty of parking. Great for south Anchorage; can stay local. Good variety of snacks.

Joy Lovejoy

Excellent venue. Lost one star because order for popcorn and soda was messed up 4-5 times. I think the cashier was new, but should have been supervised.

David Pestrikoff

Don't go very often, but this theater sits in the Dimond Center Mall. More places to spend money after the show.

Sage Reeder-cuffel

It was great the only exception is that the seats throughout the movie usually get uncomfortable

Melissa Petty

Best. Theter. EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I saw Slenderman there and it was amazing.

Bob La Brash

Nice seats to see Lion King!

Ethan Hawkins

I like the seats.

Frances Martin

Very comfortable

Coral Lee

Dude those new chairs tho!!! Love it lol keep it up anchorage

James C

Comfy seating

Martin Moody

Loud, noisy and inconsiderate patrons. Not worth the money!

DL Hereford

Nice theater, loud patrons. Ushers, please?

Mary Glover

Great time st the movies!

Elsy Danedi

You have to go through the mall to get in, and the restrooms are not as clean as Tikahtnu or Century, but that’s the only negative stuff I can think of. The theaters are small, which I actually think makes for a better movie experience since there’s not so many people making noise. And the seats are recliners and very comfortable!

Eric Johnson

Clean, wonderful friendly staff also.

Sarah McCabe

I love the service and reclining seats

Monica Foshaug

Love this theater. Recliner seats and small audience.

Anthony Kennedy

Reclining chair for my son was broken. And there is a policy that makes it so you cannot be isolated from other viewers when selecting seating

Rock Reed

Smaller and more intimate, I enjoy going with my wife.

jeremiah iyatunguk

I watched avengers there, and it was amazing$$$

jackie reinstedler

Love this place!! Reclining chairs, prepaid tickets/ seats.

Kristina C. Henning

Best seat ever!

Michael Spear

Best seats in town. Service is what you would expect from kids working in a mall.

Charlotte Van Zee

The reserved seating is comfortable and great to stretch out in.


Wonderful place to unwind and enjoy the latest films.

Cheryl Feik

Good movies comphy seating

Nichole Smith

Best seats! Good location. Right next to D&B! I love not having to wait in lines for a good seat.

Morgan MacConaugha

I LOVE the big, comfy reclining chairs! They are so amazing! It is by far the first class of movie theaters!

Nihao Style

I like the prepay for seats, the food is to spendy for my liking and it's your average movie food. I find the lazy boy style chair very comfortable. The sound, video, and lighting are pretty good also.

ron hoffman

It good but need clean open caption glass sometime i see dirty.

tayla jones

Expensive and not up to date as far as thg e reclining chairs go but everything else was cool nice employees

Jason Pickens

Very nice seats

Spencer Quirk

I LOVE Dimond Center Cinemas! Reclining lounge chairs, delicious concessions, and superb audio systems in the theaters. They play 3D movies and have crisp and clear projectors. Just be sure to use Fandango to get your tickets early because shows sell out FAST! They offer a seat reservation system, so you can make sure you and your friends all get to sit next to eachother! It's a great system and works out really well, so long as there's seats available!!

Brian Cole

Love the seats and the place always looks clean.

Rakshanda Visave

I went there to watch Simba but the cinema wasn't clean there was paper cups on seats, etc.

Brad Wuerer

Nice reclining chairs super friendly people at concessions

James Snyder

Comfortable reclining seats. Great place for a date.

Joshua Fox

Great popcorn, and recliner seating. Located within a shopping mall for your convenience.

Robert Angasan

The recliners are great and comfortable and waiting time is minimal compared with other theaters in Anchorage.

Mo'e Ieremia

Love there chairs

Keyser Söze

The reserved seating is rad! Big nice seats.

Mike Dietz

Super comfy seats.

Dahlene Hancock

I love the intimate feeling of watching a movie at home with my lounge chair blanket and granson by my side with his blanket and pop corn

Shane Mecham

Best seats in Anchorage. Front row is not horrible, but still too close. My preferred theater for premier's as its all reserved, but there are limited seats, so book early. Concession options are good. Use your regal club card to get cheap drinks and popcorn.

David Nees

Second run movies, but never full

Ed Gross

I really like the recliners and being able to reserve your seats online.

Abed Fede

A good movie theater in the dimond mall area. Its cozy and they have recliner seats. They are also military/veteran friendly in terms of those types of discounts. They also have kids and seniors discounts as well. Definitely watched a few movies here and I will keep going back as long as they have these deals.

Hilda Mark

I like the love movie i watch

Wes Smith

Big recliners w/ slots for you're drink and buttered popcorn

Rose Rhythm

Assigned seating. Pricey. Theatres aren't very big.

Matt Richardson

Best theater for sold out seats!!!Endgame is amazingly Epic!

Leigh Anne Gubatayao

Make sure to join loyalty program.

Shellene Allridge

I always enjoy a movie in a recliner! It was a Friday so I bought tickets on Fandango. Smart thinking right? I am physically trying to restrain myself from lol. We literally stood in line behind one person for 20 minutes to get our popcorn and drinks. I'm not even exaggerating. I had decided on a Snickers icecream bar, it was melted before we ordered our popcorn. The girl behind the register was having a difficult time doing her job because she was too busy flirting with the guy in front if her. To say I was irritated was an understatement. I might not have been so upset if she had given me half the courtesy she did my predecessor but she barely even looked at me. Other than missing the first 10 minutes of the movie, everything else was great.

Randall Danes

I enjoy movies, however, the seats are not always comfortable.

Andrew Chong

I've been there for more than 10 times this year. And everytime I go, there is always some sort of technical difficulties: light, sound, screen length, powerouttage. Pictures posted shows while the movie was screening, the light was still on for more than 20 minutes in. Someone later attempted to turn off failed by turning all the light up but corrected. I want my movie experience be flawless since I am paying 'premium' to this movie theater compare to other theaters nearby.

Tayla Jones

A little behind as far as luxury goes but friendly staff and new movies

Marilee Davieau

Nice theater with spacious seats - and you can reserve online!

Edwardray BostonII

Cool movies nice seating

Luis Degollado

Best experience I have had in a long time. The new seats are really nice.

Michael Cleveland

They have reclining chairs, but the auditorium seems a bit small.

Ben H.

Very convenient, being in the mall, and free Regal membership gets free tickets after enough points!

Alice Bushey

I love family movie nights

Azalia Isenhart

I noticed several of there seats in bad need of repair the I sat in turned out to be one of them. I did let one of the workers there know however. Especially about the one I sat in. The movie was 3d and good the food was good. The staff very friendly.

Allison Marie

3D is always fun. But be aware that if you don't get your tickets in advance, there may not be enough seats for your crowd, or you'll have to sit apart from one another. Other than that, it's a great theater to experience.

Jennifer Pittman

I love the option to have reserved seating while purchasing tickets through the app. The recliners are also pretty comfortable and make watching the movies more relaxing.

Justin Knowlton

Small but spacious theaters with reclining chairs. They are not automatic, but still comfy! The theater is a little bit older but it was still clean. We enjoyed our time.

John Angaiak

The place is nice and the seats are comfortable. I still would prefer watching movies at Century 16 in midtown

Foxy The pirate fox :3

Diamond Center Mall is a great mall. And it has Dave & Busters!

Matthew W

Very comfortable theater.

Paul Bavilla

I love the seats, the workers are almost 100% at doing there jobs. But I’m giving a bad rating because, the people that were in the auditorium with me, were loud and taking/recording the movie. I told the workers. But they did not do a single thing about it

Roy Buckalew

Good selection of movies and snacks

Gregory Chase

Always clean nice good movie choices. Chairs are comfortable recliners. Ok prices.

David O'Brien

Great seats in this theater, all available online to reserve.

Brianna Moxlow

My daughter-in-law is an employee and a customer called her ugly because she accidentally put too much butter on her popcorn. "Ugly people do ugly things" she says while my daughter-in-law hears it and begins to cry. The managers did nothing to stop this woman from sullying my daughter-in-law's excellent customer service credibility. Dear Sarah, if you are reading this, I'm so sorry you dealt with this person. My son and I are just as angry about the situation as you are. We love you, and you're like my own daughter and we, as Moxlows, do not tolerate our family being bullied. Love, mom

Gary Mike

After going to century theater for awhile dimond 9 seems a bit rugged hard seats got uncomfortable

Jennifer Townsend

great as always

Sara Tall

Clean, comfy chairs. Would be five stars except the theaters only have numbers so I got lost when I used the bathroom. Maybe that's just me though.

Scott Chow

I don't go to the movies often but reclining seats are clearly the future.

anthony maldero

Nice chairs

Chad Hudson

Visited Dave & Busters fun for the kiddles

Jennifer Carpenter

Great local theater, close by, convenient location. LOVE their choice of concessions. Highly Recommend.

Billy Heresa

I normally go to the other side of town Smaller screen but very comfortable and clean no crowds I really liked it

Thomas Tunnell

Great movie, live the recliners, food is still expensive.

Presscilla Estes

Very comfortable and awesome video footage!!


Management resolved the issue that led to my previous review quickly and efficiently. This is the only theatre we go to. Love the comfortable, cozy, quiet seating. My children and I love this theatre

InOther Words

It's the only theater in town I'll go too. Counter staff seemed short staffed and popcorn seemed almost stale. But it's a good theater.

Dan Barter

Best movie theater seating, I have had the pleasure of enjoying.

Robin Beyer

Great time had at The Book Club movie!!! With Mother xo

Alaskan Brighteyes

My favorite place to watch a movie.

Bernard Prince

Nice food

Phebe Moriyah Israel

Watched 6:50 pm Spiderman Into the Spiderverse in theater 9 Feb 5th 2019. There was a second audio track playing during entire movie; female voice whispering; very annoying & distracting. Notified management to no avail. Whispering continued throughout end credits.

Rachael Bill

It changed, but it's ok


Very pleasant. Multiple broken seats that would not recline.

Jose Diaz

Fun but expensive

Pi R-Randall

So this joke of a company can do a big old dive as far as I care. The phone line not only is a generic all center line regardless of which location you select but it does not function and loops in circles when trying to navigate the selections. There is no operator option.

Vincent Rogan

Comfortable seats and good sound, popcorn was the theater type and they served Coke. Everything goes better with a Coke.

Gene Okitkun

Enjoyed a real d 3d and the seats weren't as comfortable as I thought it would be.

Cyndi Montgomery

Comfortable seats that you reserve

Danielle Orr

great place


Comfortable seating

Mad Hatter

Seats were very comfortable

Lee wally

Great seats

Jerry Quinn

This is a good, local, theater. If you want to arrive early and wander around the mall, you will enjoy the location.

Kenneth McLeod

Very nice seating. Had a really good time

West tv

Is be good to be there with famliy

Adam Barber

Best, most comfortable seating in any theater in Anchorage. Reserved seating is great too so you don't have to show up early. Hands down the best place to see a movie.

david ash

My send a 9 we went to go see spider man he had a great time and I also was comfortable and then reclining chairs and was awesome people were nice When we Paid for popcorn

William Calhoun

Incredibles 2 in 3-D in reclining chairs where you pre-pay for your seat. Would be 5-stars if we were sitting a little further back. For 3-D experience, they might should not utilize those front two rows - we were in row B middle. I could not see the whole screen with my 3-D glasses, and many of the images were not projecting correctly in 3-D at that angle. The seats and the story made it bearable if not still fun. Lots of people talking through the movie, but not sure if there were just high or if talking through the show is a bit more of a thing in Alaska.

Tammy Michaels-Jimenez

Comfortable, high prices snacks though

Grace Frazier

The summer one dollars movies

Keeley Wall

We sat in the front row. About twenty minutes into the movie I started looking around to see where the “extra movie like noise” was coming from. It was music and people talking. After about ten minute I realized no one around me had a phone on or an extra movie going and that it was in fact coming from behind the exit sign door. After walking into the lobby, during the movie to complain (because it was so constantly disturbing and often equally as loud as the movie) I discoscovered it was coming from the check in desk. Nothing was improved. I complained once more and within ten minutes of returning to the movie I could hear music and laughing from my seat again, enough to know it was a Katie Perry song. Complete BS to spend $50 on ticket and $30 on food and drinks to listen to high school drama all night over our movie. Poor response to complaints and really poor Service.

Sharon Webb

1st time in "forever " Comfy seats that recline with foot rests. So great

Elizabeth Angasan

Nice theater

Ali B

Nice seats. Buy your tickets in advance though or you won't stand a chance to get a good spot

Hannah Vesely

Movie theaters are always pricey but I love this one. The seats are super comfy, and it's always clean.

Travis B

Fun to be had here.

Richard Dougherty

Recliner seats?! Yes! So much room you can be reclined, with your legs out, and someone can walk in front of you. Huge arm rests, I love it. Reserved seating easily made from Fandango.

Ronnie Carroll

excellent theater but a little pricey

David Brown

Great theater but confusing layout. Had fun here.


A neighbor and myself went to see the movie The Upside. Great movie. We had popcorn and bottle of water. You can never go wrong with popcorn! Lo

Carrie Whitfield

Wow! I have never been to a cleaner for comfortable movie theatre!

Christine Ness f.k.a. Christine Swanson

Hard to hear movie with vacuum outside theater 1 door.


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