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405 Mission St, Ketchikan, AK 99901

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REVIEWS OF Coliseum Twin Theatre IN Alaska

Wilbur Dundas

john haye

Recently watched Angel Has Fallen and it was great

Logan Howe

chad sivertson

Steven Booth


John Coss

Xx420blaze itz420xX

(Translated by Google) thanks (Original) Dank

Sasa Kravic

Timothy Lu

Quick and clean. Small but comfortable theatre.

Paul white

Sam Fitch

Ebeth E

Erin S Agosti

I'm not the best critic. Not a fan of theatres. But this one is about 15 years behind the times

ian stonee

Nice and clean

Shelby H.

We went to watch IT while we were visiting and I loved the red balloons. The constant chatter around me made the experience a little frustrating, but the concessions were great!

Ashley Joy Vedrode

Cute and nostalgic.

Joe W

Justc Awesome. The boys and I had a great time.

Martin Jr

They need to expand the menu of movies!

angelina mcgilton

Went and saw IT

jonna cragun

Paula Guthrie


LaMeisha Smith

Alaina Rochelle

Cat Geer

Peter Amylon

Michelle Annette

Conner Ray

Albert great

Tyler Varner

Always fun to escape the heat on a hot day and get a spush puppy.

fred berkeley

Gryshko Jennings

Only theater in town. Prices aren't bad overall but the experience is dated. Two screens both small but the compensate with extremely powerful sound for the size of space. Concessions are a bit limited compared to your typical modern theater. I will say the popcorn butter (oil really) usually tastes a bit low grade and the sodas are mixed pretty weak. Sprite is the only drinkable one. Seats arent very comfortable not is the area particularly clean. All that said I keep going to enjoy first run films on a night out.

Sherry Potter

Two options, one upstairs

Jeevaani Selvarajah


Admiral Weisert

Victor Demmert

Stephanie Michelle

Good seating good food and drink

Cotton Candy Boy iamnotcole

Андрей Б

Raymond H. Blair III

joe Volpi

This place is good for a date night or bring the kids to see a show with good picture as well as 3d movies, good quality digital sound.. Costly to hit concetion stand but definetly worth coming by for a show

Rensheil Bickford

4 Stars. Yes this is the only theater we have in Ketchikan. It's time for upgraded seating.i dont mind Paying $20 a movie for more comfortable seating. There should be more sessions for children and adults with special needs including sensory disorders. Otherwise, they do really well serving as our ONLY movie theatre.

Kristine Dela Cruz

I love watching movies with my family and love movie popcorn. I wish that this theater was bigger and less cost entry...

Kyler LaRose

Only theater in town, has good showings and a good selection of theater snacks.


Decent little theater.

Nicolas Cage

Good service in an outdated building.


rich hayes

It's old school seating but it works. Great popcorn and reasonable pricing.

Henry Brannon

Old and cold in winter, but it's the only theater in town. Two screens. Upstairs screen not ADA accessable.

iver nore

Fresh Friendly Staff and Popcorn Nighty. Historical Building great Vibe a Rare treat.

Meliss Wallace

Peggy Farrar

Doc Holliday

Vanessa Hawk

I've lived here since I was 4yo. Its been 32yrs. The price of tickets is so high that a few ppl i know would rather stay home & wait for the movie to come out on dvd. Can't say i don't agree with them. I like to laugh at the movies too. But, it seems I always get a snotty person telling me its not that funny. Even though everyone else is laughing. Or some kid throwing things at me. Or a former cashier elder lady telling my guy cousins & myself to settle down. One man walked out because of it. Or a little girl copping an attitude telling is we're cutting in line. When it was her friends fault for not moving with the line. So, most the time I don't bother going. It should be a fun time. A time to relax & enjoy. & maybe make it bigger. So there's more movies to choose from. & bigger audience. & lower the price. I remember when it was $5-6.50 I was still a kid.

4D Enduro trails

Need chairs. The ones there are a bit old. Also try not turning on giant vent during film......

Dinah Pearson

Best theatre in town!!

Mischa Chernick

Good over all movie experience for an older-style theater.

Wes Smith

Great movie ,FINE Staff


Ok movie theater. Could use some upgrades, interior is a lil outdated. They also need to get more genre of movies. They have not had a kids movie in over a month. There are kids movies out but they are only getting in ones for adults.

James Nordlund

Tori Love

Desmond Vasquez

Present staff and clean seats.

Jerrod Schumacher

It was awesome

Carlene Dixon

Best theater in town! Also it's the only theater in town so... there's that.

Austin Temple

Wish there were more showings

Bronson O

Decent theater. Staff are friendly and concessions selection has a lot to offer. Seating is understandable but uncomfortable. The arm rests don't move and seat spacing is very similar to an airplane, tight and cramped.

William Joseph

3d movies are good


denise tevelde

Great movie sound effects but the prices on the consession stand is outrageously high

Robin Ashcraft

justin burns

great place always treated me great


Too small, and they change movies way too often, even huge blockbusters are gone in two weeks

Sherrie Yunker

Keeps up with current releases. Often keeps blockbusters more than one week. Most often allows you to choose between standard or 3D showings. Good mix of items at the snack bar. Lose a star because they need a filter on their soda fountain water and a revamp on the bathrooms (plywood stalls and slow toilets).

Jos Govaars

My buddy's TV screen is higher definition and bigger. No way this theater would stay open if there was any competition in town. It reminds me of a $3.00 theatre down south; but hey, we have very few options on this island.

George Kimmel

So fortunate to have this theater - it a great place to take the kids.

Red Man

Seats are fairly comfortable. Popcorn is pretty good. Price is a bit higher than I like.

Ruby Battles

marvin buxton

Alyssa Ray

Charles Oyedeji

Very expensive, better prices during the matinee.

Brittani Budge

Pretty good

Michael Young

Evelyn wilson

kelsey fleming

A little dated, seats uncomfortable, but overall decent movie theater. It’s also the only one in town...

Alexander Lege

Tylo Kennedy

david funk

Great! Freshly popped popcorn, comfortable seats with cupholders, friendly and helpful staff, and current release movies. A terrific find for a small town in Alaska!

Christopher Dalton


We don't go to this theater very often as the quality of the pictures and quality of the screens lack big time. You can see the creases in the screen and color differences between sections of the screen. Also a blue dot. Yes a blue dot on the screen when the movie is playing. It's annoying to say the least. If you are from another state I don't suggest enjoying a movie here. The service is always friendly here and it is a clean theater.

garfield williams

I like going to the movies here they are very nice people.


Richard A Gallaway

Make an effort to visit this small local theater.

Danielle Orr

Great theatre but spend for date night

Janie Grant

Only theater for many islands!

Timothy Taylor

Nicole Watson

Love getting movies here in our small community an those that travel here to get a movie theater experience

Victor Huerta

Ian Roskam

Older theater with recent audio upgrade.

Lawrence Shields II

josh Sudduth

John Tha Chief Edmo

Very good in service and very thoughtful

Lindsay Byron

My Grandparents take me there every other weekend! I am glad we have this theater in Ketchikan

tara Etheridge

Edward Weston

Trisha Lane

Very affordable and nice theater

Kier Hack

Tyler Pendergrass

Isaiah Escobar

Greg masters


Donna Gregg

Customer service is GREAT!!! Quality of the silver screen is poor,each time we've bought Junior mints they are hard and melted at the bottom! The quality of the popcorn went up some! I wished they'd use REAL BUTTER like the Century 16 cinema in Anchorage now that's a 5 Star theater!Other then that! I LOVE movies!!!so I go...Also,you can catch up on current events talking with folks while waiting in line


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