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REVIEWS OF Spanish Fort PREMIERE 14 Eastern Shore IN Alabama

Windy Brown

This movie theater is always clean and the staff are great!! I do wish they had an atm though for if you need to get cash for the coin machine so you can play the games in the arcade..

John Bruneau

Clean, good food and movies!

Cindy Stirngfellow

It's always nice and clean, comfortable chairs, and prices for the movie's are reasonable. Their snack prices are to high though.

Chris Caylao

Very comfortable

Brian Conway

movie was good staff was good

Katherine Coe

Concessions was poorly staffed, very few options available (more than half the menu was unavailable), cashier was a little rude but I think that's mostly due to the fact she didn't seem to know what she was doing (probably first day), the theatre room itself was really dirty and appeared to not been cleaned the entire weekend or at least the entire day, and the restrooms needed cleaning as well.

Stephanie Mclaughlin

Clean awesome employees #aladin

Keilin Brinkley

Loved the movies

mazie ikner

Very good place to go to movie


Before they changed management Premiere wasn't exactly amazing (sound quality, staff etc) so I hadn't been there for a while. But out of sheer desperation I attended Premiere Cinemas and found the newer staff to be highly concerned with my every wish and were over and above in the line of helpful and gracious. They seemed chipper and friendly and willing to attend to me in a timely fashion and with an air of apologetics. The restrooms, contrary to popular belief, were immaculate despite them having a distinct smell of old soap. When I strolled the halls I didn't go 100 ft. without having one of the lively ushers blow me back with a luminous smile and a bright greeting to the theatre. The stadiums could use some TLC in some areas but overall It was rather a beautiful and exciting experience to get away at the Theatre/resort that is The Premiere.

jeffrey smith

Every movie looks extremely dark here, hard to see alot of the movies. watch the same movies at other theaters and its fine. Need to change equipment or something, dont waste ir money here.

Claudia Hage- Wright

Went here today with family of 7... to watch Jurassic World.. day there for about 30 minutes only for the lights to come on and a young guy to come in to inform us all their ‘key’ had expired. I’m sorry but I can’t understand that.. you got one job to do which is to supply people with films. How in the world does management not know when their key expires to be able to sort it out before leaving people with lost time lol. We were refunded for our tickets and any food and drink we purchased. It’s still a joke in my opinion. Btw...ALL films were suspended and we were told it would take 1 Hour for it to be sorted out.

Nicholas Roussos

Terrific service. Great condition of the theater. Spacious with an incredible picture. Large arcade and plenty of parking.

Jennifer Moody

Great theater and customer service

Clarence Mason

Easy going laid back place during Matinee. Avengers Infinity War was AWESOME! However, this large location did not receive Marvel cups... A collector's item for a movie of this magnitude is Necessary! So many kids and adults were disappointed because of this lack of a collector's item.

Squirrels Rock

I love this place and it’s always family friendly

Ruth Mercer

Nice place

Stephen Sullivan

Small screen, tight seating, movies consistently start late. Terrible experience

Susan Berent

Nice big comfortable theater.

Lady BrenaDayne

I took my daughter and niece to see Secret life of pets 2 and I was shut a good time. Staff was friendly, prices were reasonable, seats were comfortable!


Answered my question

Rebel X

This is The Theater

Jodie Plato

I purchase the #1 combo lg bag of popcorn & lg drink for $11.75. I'm disable & walk with a cane, so I'm not able to carry them. My grandson & his 2 friends carry them for me to the #12 theater, which is the furtherest one. I got seated & the boys went to see another movie. That is when I fou d out that all my popcorn was all broken piece & kernals, so I was stuck with nothing but little pieces & unpopped kernels. After the movie finished I spoke with the manager & told him they shouldn't sell popcorn pieces that were scrapped from the bottom of the machine. He offered me another bag, but I declined because I was unable to carry it.


Theater #3 gave me one of the worst showings i have ever been to. The movie cut out 4 times for at least 30 seconds each time, and one time was over a minute. There is a clearly blown speaker on the right side that buzzed rather than produce any actual sound the entire movie making the characters' voices sound like they were speaking through one of those spring microphone children's toy. I realize that the issues are likely with just the one room, but it speaks heavily for the theater itself for them to show a movie in a room that has so many problems. Had i not been given a gift card, i would have asked for a refund.

M Adams

Good movie theater. Comfortable seating, food options in the area are a good selection, bowling nearby, seating arrangement is great (especially with kids). Shopping area is perfect for a date night or family outing with everything in one place.

Ginny Phillips Allen

Friendly, helpful, courteous personnel. Spacious lobby, clean. Great chairs in stadium seating. Sound volume was way too loud. Everything else was stellar.

Robin Kline

The kids loved the dippin dots that we were able to buy from the counter. Popcorn was a bit too high for me! But good prices for the matinee.

Gary Fondren

This place use to be so great at service and clean. Now it’s not. The cashiers? seem to care less if you’re there and they often overcharge you. Their response, “ oops” sorry. Always check your receipts and question the charges. I’ve been overcharged at least 4 to 5 times.

Malcom Pitts

Went to see M.I.: Fallout, movie experience was great. Volume was too much....

Jessy Distasio

Fast friendly service

Kristin Allison

Good theater but the last few times we've visited, someone had to go ask them to turn the lights down when the movie started. And our most recent visit, the screen didn't even come on until half way through the previews (because someone had to go ask).

Derek Robinson

Very clean and orderly theater.

albert dozier

Hot dogs $4.75 with cheese and Nachos $5.00.. Self served on cheese

Caitlyn Whitlock

Popcorn and drinks ridiculous on prices but movies and the sitting area is super nice.

Samantha Harrison

The staff is nice and the place was clean.

bruce wegner

This waz a nice place to go.

Anita Odom

Comfortable environment. Fair prices for early matinee movie. Did not have any drinks or snacks, even though they were available, so cannot comment on them.

Wendi White

Floors had a lot of leftover popcorn and candy BUT the movie was FANTASTIC

court zero

The staff is incredibly nice and helpful! The popcorn is great and the rooms are always clean! Plus, you can't beat the $5.50 ticket prices before 1pm! Great place to enjoy movies by yourself or with friends! The theater rooms here are much smaller than your typical AMC theaters in the surrounding areas, but honestly I prefer this theater over all the others. My family and I also watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi here on premiere night and we never felt so welcome! There were characters everywhere and a huge TIE fighter on display! Crowds were not crazy and everything felt very relaxed. We will definitely be back for more future premiere shows!

Jon C. Masiella

Great movie theater!

Marzipan The Raccoon

Their Popcorn is amazing, The staff is so friendly, and although the arcade is small, its so much fun!

Ondrea Hobbs

Most comfortablest seats ever

Tyler Vaughn

Comfortable seats

Louvnia Penn

Every time I come here, the staff members are dry, rude and seem very indifferent about their job. The last time I came here was my very last time. The girl, never got her name, made us even more late for our movie than we already were because she accused us of not paying for our tickets even though she was the one who just sold us our tickets. Then even after showing her my bank statement on my phone proving I had bought my tickets, she continued to accuse us of not paying. So the other guy that was working with her, didn't get his name either but he was a lot more nice, he looked at the transaction, talked to the manager and said I could go ahead. I just came to watch a movie last minute and instead was disappointed to have been accused of "stealing" a movie basically.


Very well trained staff. Personable and courteous. You want to pick this place for your film fix.

oncloud9 myignite

Great family and friends gathering fun and entertainment

Camden Grant

Love the auditoriums and the environment as a whole, but good luck getting anyone on the phone if you have a question. Called two different times and waited through nearly five minutes of a dial tone just to get hung up on at the other end of the line. That doesn't exactly scream customer service.

Shellie Miller

Could use a little more human interaction.

Ryder Burk

Nice people and staff. Good crowd. Good movies. And good food

Mary Jones

Excellent movie house very clean and friendly

Jade Cooper

I went to this theater last night with my friend to watch the new Hobbs and Shaw movie in theater #5 Me my friend and other people on the top row had to move because the prompter was making really loud wiring noises it sounded like somebody was literally vacuuming in the middle of the theater. Paid 20$ to sit and listen to that sound for two hours and when we tried to find someone to tell about it we could not find an employee anywhere it was one of the last showings so it’s not abnormal for there to be only a few around but we couldn’t find anyone at all.

Celia Harden

Very comfortable, great staff

Jason Brown

Pricey three people drinks and popcorn $60 theaters have gone outrageous

Becky Jones

Saw Downton Abbey! Geat movie!

Lynette Thames

Very clean!! Nice


Great movie theater and very very comfortable seating. Not bad pricing on movie tickets but the snack bar will empty your wallet very quickly. Ridiculously high snack bar prices. Other than that I highly recommend this movie theater.

Mallorie Ruffin-Wesley

I enjoyed the movie it was awesome great sound effects! I never understood movie house prices of food and drinks then families are coming. It's going to cost to see the movie but food cost the same as the movie does! But it's business

Twinkle Davis

I love going to this particular movie theater verses the theaters in Mobile.

Janice Gunther

I think it's a great theatre. People are very nice. Atmosphere is great.

Dorothy Grace

Great place nice and peaceful

William Rodriguez

The theater is nice but the popcorn not always fresh

Deidra Jackson

I love coming to the movies here, but, OMGOSH!.. Please do a sound check in ALL of your theaters before you play these movies for people! I absolutely did NOT get a quality movie theater experience whilst watching the new Spiderman movie. I felt like I was watching TV at home with no surround sound. I was very disappointed. Please get that checked out you guys. Thanks in advance!

Sophia Jones

Great movie but cold popcorn

Robert Nelson

It's fine. I suggest going a short drive down the highway to the AMC in Jubilee Square though, where they have bigger screens, Coca Cola Freestyle drink machines, and nicer experience in general.

Joanna Graves

Friendly employees. Had fun with my daughters for their birthdays.

Sherry Brewer

No MILITARY Discounts! We were very disappointed in this theater. Although the employees were very nice, they do not offer Military discounts . All other theaters in the area do offer them, as they should. Also, there was no coffee and when I paid the $3.25 for a bottled water, it was a generic brand that wasn't cold.

Brandon Boyington

It was a good staff

Rene Taylor

Love the movie's

Jennifer Bradley

Blown speaker and the projector needed to be adjusted. It didn't fit the screen at all. Very disappointed.

Jennifer Rodgers

Last two times we have been here was bad

Emma Colbert

This is a nice place to see a movie. Although it might be smaller than some other theaters, it is comfortable. The staff is friendly, and they keep everything clean in the lobby, restrooms, and screening rooms. It's convenient to have another theater close by with showtimes that fit my schedule.

Michael Casallo

A great place

Hunter Kiker

The BEST place I have ever been to. The staff were great. My Movie started to glitch and mess up so they gave me my money back, let me watch another movie AND gave me free popcorn, drink, and candy!!!!

LaTorya Nettles

Went on $5 Tuesdays. Gentleman at the counter was very friendly. My only complaint is that the movie started over 30 minutes late. Never experienced that at the movies before, but things happen. Will definitely go back however.

Ronald Davis

FRIENDLY STAFF! GREAT PLACE FOR A GROUP! We had a group of 34. We booked the group and made all reservations/plans via email with Dan L. He made everything VERY simple. Upon our arrival to the theater, the staff was very helpful and extremely efficient! They had our seats reserved, our drink orders and popcorn READY to go, and offered any other help that we needed. VERY EASY. VERY FUN. VERY RECOMMENDED!!!!

George Dodson

$5 Tuesday's! 1. Popcorn, check! 2. Candy, check! 3. Theater colder than outside, check! What else can you ask for? Oh... 4. Sticky floors, check!! Restrooms a messy and annoying mechanical hum in theater. $5 Tuesday's!!

Anonymous Food critique

Very lonely place nobody hardly went to this theater even though tuesday nights were 5$ a person so yeah

Kevin Sauer

Tiny screen that had a big gash in it, which became prevalent only after the movie started. Movie started late. No warnings given to the audience to be quiet or to stay off phones, so of course people talked and were on their phones throughout. Go to the Jubilee.

Toni Tyson

Love that they have $5 Tuesdays

Sharon Garth

Clean! Friendly! The movie "UNPLANNED" is A MUST SEE. About Abbey Johnson.

Lesia Bishnoi

No one to tell you were to go for your movie. Food and drink price way too high for average family and not so clean place

Rachel Noble

Good service nice place to see a movie


This is my favorite place to watch movies,

Bayou Johnson

Most of the staff is very nice but one guy (not sure of his name) is a bit of a jerk. My first time dealing with him was not a pleasure, I'll say that. Concessions are of course very overpriced. Ticket prices are about average. They have a decent selection of movies. The seats are comfortable. Unfortunately most of their screens are very dirty or have something else wrong with them. It's very distracting and pretty noticeable even when a movie is playing. There have been times where a plain and bright white dot is on the screen and won't ever go away and one time there was a bright green dot on the screen. VERY DISTRACTING. The screens need a cleaning and I think some of the projectors need fixing. I think I'll stick to the AMC in Daphne.

Francisco Queiroz Neto

Cleanliness is perfect. Popcorn is great. Employees are very friendly and professional.

Jade Davis

I have never watched a movie in this theater, but a good friend of mine will ONLY use this theater. For this friend's birthday, I decided a Premiere Cinemas Gift Card was the way to go. We live in Mobile, and I was en route to the theater when I realized they were likely "closed" (the last movie had already begun, but was still playing). I called and spoke to Asst. Manager (First name) Houston and he told me he'd leave a door unlocked so I could get in to see him at the Concession stand to purchase the gift card. When I arrived, as promised, a door was unlocked and propped open. I went straight to the concession stand and Houston greeted and assisted me with a smile and pleasant demeanor even though I'd interrupted the cleaning/closing down process. I'd use this theater again in a heartbeat. Even the other employees that were working all smiled, said hello, and were genuinely pleasant (not the fake "customer service" pleasant that we've all had to utilize at some point.)

James M. Underwood

Average cleanliness, expensive tickets and food just like any other movie theater.

Priscilla Autry

Friendly atmosphere clean & I love the popcorn. Premiere Cinema in Spanish Fort is the only movie theater I will go to.

Kay Ley

Terrible sound terrible screen is not big enough and lighting is terrible. Popcorn is bad. I guess I’m just use to the one where I live. Spanish fort is missing out

Mark Mitchell

Went to see 2D "Solo" at Premiere in Spanish Fort. Terrible projection. The brightness was so bad the entire movie appeared to take place at night, in a well, during a blackout. Maybe they had left the 3D optics on for a 2D projection. I know this was shot by low-light cinematographer Bradford Young but this was ridiculous. Came away with eye strain and a sense of having missed half the movie. They really need to improve their projection systems. Going to AMC Jubilee Square in Daphne next time I want to actually see a movie. These guys need to start paying attention.

Jennifer Parker

Now charging $1.50 to season your popcorn. As if the price of popcorn isn't already marked up enough. Terrible way to treat customers.

Andy Henderson

Great movies at a great price.

Roy Franklin

Had to ask twice to start the screen, missed previews before the film

Julia Richardson


Angela Lassiter

The staff are so rude and irritable. They were not giving me my money back after there were technical difficulties in the movie so it was glitching and I couldn’t watch it. And she wouldn’t give me my money back cause I had a “rain watch” and it wasn’t mine. It was already there

Michael McCarthy

Watched infinity war, theater was clean and food was good.

Sebastiaan Cheyns

beautiful place great place to watch a movie it is also kid friendly and they have delicious snacks for during the movies I have gone here several times and I loved it every time

Stringypasta69 lit boi

The chick selling tickets was very friendly

Charlene Benson

Friendly and helpful staff

Elizabeth Andrews

Favorite movie theater comfy seats not too crowded

Elizabeth Teresa Castellanos

Friendly and courteous staff. Sound was a little bit too loud, otherwise it was a nice experience.

Kamal Elwa

Love the popcorn and clean theaters!!!

Remi Harrison

Nice place. The seats are fairly comfortable unless you get a kid behind you that kicks your chair and talks the Whole time!

Ashley Horton

I am not sure why this theater has outside ticket windows. They never have them open, and people who just want to buy tickets to see a movie have to wait inside forever, behind everyone buying concessions. Very poor management!!

GJDPK Kinslow

Decent theater. I like it much better than the other local theater because it seems cleaner, it's cheaper, and service is always good here.

Guido Darwin Uruchima-calle

I have been here about 2 years ago. The theatre is still the same clean and fun atmosphere. The staff were very polite as it should be of course. Since you are in the south "Politeness at it's Best." I most definitely will return. The cashier Riley was very helpful getting my refund since I bought 2 extra tickets. She is a great asset to the company. Until next time Spanish Fort Premiere 14!!

Dylan Daughety

Spanish Fort Premiere doesn't set itself apart in any way from other theaters, but it is a great experience. Surrounded by a plaza of stores and buried away in its own area of the plaza, the secluded theater really packs a punch for sounds quality and comfort. The seats were nice, and the picture quality for the theater is as expected. Overall, it earns 4 stars.

L Nick

Theres better theaters out there

Sandra CLARK

No parking close enough to the doors. Had to ask where inside to purchase tickets. Movie was great. Went and saw Downton Abbey.

Justin Andrews

Sold me tickets to a movie that was not showing. All employees are kids with little training. I'm not one to give a bad review anywhere, but had a horrible experience here will not be back!

Dylan Hardwick

The seats were awesome. The concessions were highly priced but that's what you get from all movie theaters. The staff were all very nice and helpful. They were also patient when I was making up my mind on what to get. Avenger Infinity War was definitely a great experience with the big screen and not too loud speakers.

Brandon Dillard

Our movie started at 10:10pm. We arrived at 10:15pm and they had already locked the doors. We attempted to get persons attention who was cleaning the front lobby to inform him of the situation. The employee looked in our direction and then continued to clean and ignored us at the door. After a few more minutes trying to get their attention we gave up. Extremely poor customer service. We will not be back.

Tammy davis

Great employees, good snacks, amazing movies to take family to. Wesley Crosby helped me with my disabled son last week and helped carry snacks to the movie we saw (I ran out of hands). Thank you for going above and beyond to make our movie wonderful

olivia and Chloe Vlogs

Brooklyn was the best 100% best service ever

Jack McConnon

Grant is good employe

Cynthia Munger

Movie started late.


I don't go many times to the movies but every time I had gone I had visit this cinemas and I've been amazed on how nice their staff had been with me and my kids all the time. and how clean it has been the time we go. Not to mention is in a very good area in town were you can go shopping or out to eat while you wait for your movie. I truly enjoy visiting Spanish fort premier cinemas! 2 thumbs up!

Donald Deal

I stop by an caught a movie

Tina McClain

Very nice. I'm cold natured and the temp in there was perfect. The popcorn was fresh. The bathrooms were clean. The staff was efficient and respectful.

Carrie Williams

Clean, family environment! Our favorite theater!

pubg galaxy 111

I would give It a zero rating but I can't it's was terrible they lie and it's stupid im never going back again

Valerie Mitchem

Best popcorn you will ever have! The front is always nice and helpful. This is by far my favorite place to go!

Kitty Gum

I went to watch “A Wrinkle in Time”. Half way through the movie the screen went black and it completely glitched up. The audio of the movie still played and the commercials came on. They couldn’t fix it for an hour.

Stacy Collins

Children (literally) running the theater. We bought our tickets on sight early for a show that started at 7. Were told to be there by 6 to insure the 3 of us could sit together. We were not allowed into the theater until 6:40, which was 40 minutes after the previous show ended. Went for concessions twice, and spoke to the ticket counter both times on my way. Both times, I had to show my stub to get back in the movie. The kids were basically good natured, but lacking in the basic wisdom one needs to interact with customers.

Savannah K

Theater was extremely hot! & the Projection systems need updated! BAD. Just had to leave 10 minutes into a movie because it was like a strobe light in my peripheral vision. The whole time. It got worse when the movie started. Wasted $20

Tee Huff

We always enjoy visiting here when we come for a quick getaway.

Sherri Bankord

Terrible experience! Old and worn out seats. I had to go out and find a staff person to shut off the theatre lights so we could see the previews. We had to wait in line at the snack counter to buy a ticket. When the movie was over the staff didn’t bring up the lights so we could see to exit. I’ll never go there again!

Randy Emrick

Clean, beautiful, great movie selections. Great night out!

Gail Shields

I live in Mobile, and was looking for a movie theater to carry my grandkids. This theater was absolutely the BEST! The theater was clean, comfy, and nice and cool. After the movie was over, we decided to see another was $5.00 TUESDAY! Morgan and Eli were working the popcorn area, and asked us if we wanted a refill, because we bought a large tub and 2 large drinks...combo 4 excellent price too. But, shout out to Morgan and Eli, for being so professional, and friendly. It was our first time at this theater, and they both were friendly and helpful. I think they are both a big asset to your company. I will definitely be back, and highly recommended this theater.

William Alexander

Love the prices compared to other theaters, in better shape then others, and staff is helpful and friendly. Lost my iPhone 6 looked everywhere no one seen it thought it was lost for good and had it completely open and asked one of the workers and he had it put up and returned it to me wish I would have gotten his name, thank God, And the young man that returned it!

Katrina Brown

Was packed! Don't go when school is out for the holidays, lol.

Julie Bolinger

Projector broke during movie :(

Leo McDermott

Expensive popcorn and drinks compared to the deals at AMC. I'd be inclined to visit more if they wouldn't charge over $13 for popcorn and a drink.

Tom Casolaro

The theater can be unclean at times. They do not offer ticket discounts. Some employees are very friendly. Parking is not close to the entrance. Wheelchair accessibility is quite a distance away form the entrance, too. They do have a variety of movies and showtimes.

Adam Robinson

Great theater!

Russell Whisnant

They do a good job of keeping friendly faces sell you tickets and concessions. They keep the place clean and the movies are always on time. I've never had a bad experience, it's local, and the prices aren't too bad.

Pacita Stratton

Spiderman was awesome

Catrina Stevenson

Clean theater. More of a small town movie theater. Very little selection on snacks and no reclining chairs like the new movie theaters

William Childress

Camille was real good

Jessica Smith

By far my favorite theater in the area, but I was extremely disappointed this visit. The women's bathroom was a mess and there was only 2 stalls with toilet paper. That is not ok! I informed one of the employees that came in to sweep that there was none and she said that she had repeatedly told the manager and nothing was done about it...

Tommy jones

Always nice.

Stephen Bozeman

Great theatre. Good location. I like it

Morgan Davis


Namon Scott

Great place to watch movies.

Latishia Booker

Was on vacation n it is a nice place


Poor service, artsy theater in business district. Clerk up-sold large popcorn by telling us we could refill, even on the way out, then was closed when we came out. Didn't tell us 1:2 butter stations were closed. Inconvenient to go to other end of lobby. Then which machines weren't operating was not posted. So while I was waiting for kids to get back, a staff member asked if I needed help; I explained. No apology. At the same time, a woman who had been behind the counter said "oh, this butter station isn't working." I said I wished she would have informed earlier. No apology. $42 for 1 adult @ $8.75, 2 kids @ $6.75, large popcorn, 2 large drinks @ $12.75, but no itemized receipt. I asked for one, was told no. Inside theater, too many seats removed in wheelchair-accessible section. They assume everyone will stay in their wheelchair. So, if you transfer and use a theater seat, you can't sit with more than one other person. Only 3 seats, 2 on one end and then 1 way down on other end. Love the décor, bathrooms super clean and wow factor! Though long drive from West Mobile, well situated with tons of restaurants and shopping, and right behind big bookstore w/coffeeshop, so you can kill time/combine outings. Wheelchair-users will have to move car frequently though bc shopping center is missing curbcuts at key places. NEEDS more wheelchair access throughout. Premier shows movies that the AMCs, who have ruined the former Carmikes in Mobile, aren't showing.

Shawn Pryce

The screen isn't big enough but the sound is great

Christy Callaghan LeGros

The ONLY theater we will go to!! We have 2 kiddos so we usually go to the first movie of the day. 1. It's less expensive and 2, our kids behave better earlier in the day so we don't disturb others who are watching the movie. The people who work there always bend over backwards to help and make us feel welcome. They are great communicators with our kids, too. The refillable large popcorn and drink help out with our budget and their $1 movies in the summer are fabulous as well. This theater gets "customer service" like no other in the area:-)


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