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5895 Trussville Crossings Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35235 Located in: Colonial Promenade Trussville

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Nowadays the firm gets a score of 4.4 stars out of 5 and the rating is based on 1146 reviews.

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Where is Regal Trussville?

REVIEWS OF Regal Trussville IN Alabama

Darth Goggins

It's gone down hill

teresa mcdowell

Had fun at the movies.

Frank Pearson

Clean and great popcorn

Geordan Goodmiller

Saw IT2 and the theater allowed a large group of minors into the showing under the supervision of non parent or guardians. These children were unruly and loud. After multiple complaints and disruptions the staff finally said something. Usually this is a great theater, but whoever allowed that to happen has about as good of judgement as those adults who brought the kids. Ridiculous.

Paul Peacock

Love watching movie with my wife on 12 year anniversary

Florence Howard

Great seating

Daniel Warden

Love this movie theater. Seen some great 3d movies here!

Stephen Litchfield

I painted my face prior to visiting this place tonight to watch The Joker. Sadly, the manager, Randy, told me he could not sell me a ticket with my face painted. I mentioned this is ironic, me being denied based on the color of my skin. He laughed.

Stacey Smith

I think they handled the opening day of Avengers great!

Luvonia Alexander

It's a pretty decent movie theater. Staff is nice for the most part. The snacks are pretty typical. The location is good. The theater rooms are a nice size. The prices for movie and food, however, can run you close to 100 for a family of 4. Pretty pricey... as movie theaters are...

Erik Teschner

It is close to my house not thst crowed

Angela Randall

All went well, no problems at all ! Perfect evening with my gal.

Extended Gaming

I've Been Going To This Theater Since I Was A Kid And I've Always Enjoyed It. The Snacks & Drinks Are A Little Pricy But It's Still A Great Place To Go And Watch Great Movies.

Kaleigh Boyd

I saw Aladdin in 3D it was amazing

David Seidel

We come here regularly for movies.... They are clean and courteous...just expensive!!

S Morrow

One of the best theatres I've visited. Great atmosphere and very neat and clean. They also have a menu with great selections. This theatre also has a bar if you want to get a drink or two during your movie. I really like that they'll deliver your food to your seat.

Linda Lockett

Had a great time with my daughter. Loved watching toy story 4 with the cheetos crunchy popcorn!

Brandy Wickliffe

Accommodating to caregivers assisting handicapped individuals.

Cheryl June

Always enjoy using my Regal app and getting pts each time I go. I also got a birthday popcorn. I upgraded for only a $1.00. Wonderful!!@

Red White

Had a good time, I actually went inside and watched a movie.

Kimberly Sciro

Great place.

Trisha Dailey

This is one of THE cleanest theaters around. We had recently gone to the AMC in Hoover and the men's restroom was the worst my boyfriend had seen but this place was SO much cleaner. The concessions were clean, bathrooms and theaters.

Glen Malone II

I always enjoy going to Regal in Trussville everyone is super awesome and nice. Thank you for everything you guys do.

Sharon Howell

Only problem was people talking behind us

Nikki Krachinski

Me and my kids love going here. The seats are comfortable. The place is always clean and the staff are always friendly. In the summer time they have $1 movies which is awesome. The kids love it.

Tara Hollis

Love $1 movies

Escar Wood

Great movie theater that's clean! They are kind and helpful with good food and drink options, although I do wish they had coca cola freestyle machines available. The seats in the theaters are comfy and the sound and video quality is good.

Sally Heifer

It was easy to search and purchase tickets online, no problems getting in with online tickets. The employee scans the barcode that is emailed to you. However, two adults and two kids watched a Thursday lunch movie for $47. I figured it would be cheaper because it was during the day and a usually slow time.

Luretta Holifield

Nice place to take your family

Vincent Parker

This was my first visit the theater was nice and very clean, and every one there was helpful. I got an ticket for the wrong time and they changed it no problem, but the GPS won't get you there every time that's the only problem

Steven Antselevich

Older movie theater, underperforming employees

Judi Adamson

They have really turned the service and attitude around here. I have been going here for 20 years and they have never been nice or quick until the last year. It is a pleasure going to see a movie there.

Collins Batchelor

Nice theater. All Regal Cinemas impress me. Clean, well maintained, great amenities. And the customer service was great. Manager was attentive and anticipated my needs. Concession clerk was friendly and efficient. It's a little farther from my home than I'd like, but it's the closest Regal cinema and I'll be back. Just wish I could select my seat when I purchase my tix online.

William Jennings

It's clean the employees are friendly. It would be nice if there was more discounts at the movies. Or the seniors rate was lowered. As well as the age for seniors.

Erick Njoka

Great service, clean, and not crowded for matinee movies.

Ethel Wilmer

I always enjoy this theater...very clean! Jontiai is super employee always willing to help the customers.

Lanae Reynolds

Had a great time but the prices went up since I was last there. For two adults to see a movie, it was $24. Next time I'm going to AMC. I get more for less there.

Tha OG

Great sound and location. Burgers, chicken tenders ect is optional on the menu. Only like 8.00 for the meal lol. Why pay $7 for popcorn..when i can have a cheeseburger and fries

jerilynn thompson

Love this place.

Dawn Shaw

Always fun to go to the movies, and they serve food!

william powell

Clean theater, good movies, Friendly waitstaff

Mark McCay

Good movie experience

sonya gibson

It was quick service for ticket and food.

Brenda Sweatt

Awesome place movie was great

jose sanchez

they didnt let us in for a curfew znd we waited in a line for half an hour b.s

Traci Stubbs

We love it, it's always clean and friendly staff

Martha Ross

Plenty of parking ,a lot of choices,helpful staff.

Bruce C

Perfect movie experience! Saw lego movie 2 with my son he loved it and the game selection.

Jonathan Rutherford

Excellent clean comfortable theatre, plan to spend money on refreshments, of course that is how the theatre really stays in business, it's not the movies. Staff is great and helpful.

V Johnson

Friendly staff, good selection, great movie

Kristina Hocutt

The seats in this theater are amazing! Super clean and very friendly staff. Great experience!

Brian Rheaume

Theatre was good, picture and sound quality was good. Definitely have to do a matinee or you will spend a ton of cash. Concessions are good but extremely over priced. I mean it was a great experience and everyone liked the movie but it cost us over a $120 for 6 of us to go to the movies and get popcorn and sodas. But that’s the price you pay now a days to go see a movie in the theatre. This place has stadium seating and seats are comfortable. Would recommend this movie theatre to any movie fan or anyone wanting to see a new release.

Bobby Hosea

Saw two movies both magnificent and the employees even better

Brandie Kay

Very nice. Hate that the arm rest do not move though. On date night you really don't want that one in between you.

Erica Holmes

The worst service I have ever received! Rachel, victor, and Timothy CLEARLY were having a bad day! Especially Rachel...did not greet us did not smile, seemed like she was mad at the world. After receiving our change we said thank you to Rachel and Timothy to which we were just stared at...we felt very unwelcome. We will not be returning. Management please speak with these employees, they were horrible.

Jeff Vaughn

Always enjoyable to come here even though the prices are insanely high for the snacks. Just make sure and wash your hands on the way out the door and don't touch the doors.

Mike B

Manager was talking down to a young lady in the box office in front of customers. It was clean and the screens were in good shape

Big Tee

I really enjoyed the family atmosphere of the theatre!

Cortney Carter

Good time. Good movie. Katelyn at the snack bar was fantastic! Almost made me feel good about how much we spent...

Casey Thomas

Fun place. Amazing customer service. The snacks were good. The movie was awesome. The place was clean and was well taken care of.

Dorathy Crawford

WOW, the movie was GREAT. The theatre was GREAT, not crowed at all, but it was a 10pm showing. Clean and vert comfortable seat. Prices are not that bad to get in. Didn't do the snack bar.

Erik Segura

I'm not on cloud nine, but I am satisfied.


People working there are great, facilities are 3/5

Andrea Prewitt

It was a good experience.

Sheila Spencer

Shaft was good and gunny

Alejandro Bermudez

Nice movie theater in the Birmingham area, with a rather larger selection of munchies compared to other similar places. Another advantage to the place is that it still runs some of the movies that have been dropped by other theaters in the area. Prices are standard and theaters are modern and comfortable

Vincent Scott

Not many there on a work week Friday. Comfortable seats. Sound and video were good.

Emanuel Hawkins

My go to movie theater..close and convenient

Christina Walker

Great movies and great place

Eric Brown

Great experience! Will return.

Dott Cain

Enjoyed the evening and movie experience. Employees were super nice and extremely courteous. The restroom was clean and tidy.

Fitzgerald Hampton

Went to the movies yesterday to see Aquaman, excellent movie. It just remind me of every typical movie theater I mean nothing out of the ordinary. Only reason I'm giving it a higher rating than normal because the movie was great and it wasn't that many people inside particular theater and we enjoyed the movie immensely.

Von Justice

Was late to see endgame thought I missed the first 5 min walked in to see this. Movie started 5 min later wooo

Leigh Howard

Always love this place! Such a comfortable atmosphere!

ginger crumpton

Clean and friendly. Movie was wonderful!!

Shannon Richardson

Love it fun cold and interesting but too high prices


Great location for watching movies. Good service and food at concession too


Clean. My wife doesn't like the seats. Lol. All in all great time.

Thomas manthei

Good theater

Karrawinds Salters

Okay great theater, also is so close to where I live. This is a Regal theater so they do not have any special programs like AMC Theaters do. AMC has where you can pay $20 a month to see 7 movies. Whereas Regal does not have anything to compare to AMC's deal. This theater is very clean and customer service is great. Only drawback as someone who is handicapped they do not have automated door to get inside, and the doors are quite heavy. Of course the snack bar is expensive but the popcorn is great, meaning fresh.

Philip Taunton

Clean. Staff very nice.

Mick McMeme

Great Theater, far better than the other chain theaters in the greater Birmingham area. Friendly staff, clean theaters, comfortable seats. if there's any complaint at all, it's with the cooling system...but that would be a very minor complaint!

Donna Pike

Dollar movie 6dollars for 6 people Childs popcorn, drink, small candy, 34.00 for 5. Popcorn was cold and hard. Will not be ordering or paying 35$ for this ever again. 41.00 for dollar movie. I was told by another customer, how to save a LOT of money, but person at snackbar did not. Not happy...

Joy Kelley

Clean, good service, never had any problems here

penelope billingsley

I really enjoyed the movie, I message my son before leaving telling him that it was MAGNIFICENT!! I enjoy coming to this theater!

Rose H.

We had a great time! Clean movie theater and they now serve pizza, hamburgers and hotdogs.

Cheryl Smith

Wonderful!! Very clean! Staff very helpful!!

Kim Black

This is our go-to movie theater. We like the upper back row because it all allows plenty of leg room for my husband who is 6'5". Usually clean and comfortable. Don't like the blow dryers in the restrooms as blow dryers spread germs. But can deal with it.

Terry McAnnally

Helpful at the box office, helpful at the concession counter.

shane poteate

Much better than "Cats" I'll come here again and again

Wayne Grill

I like the movie theater but I wish they would put one in the Gardendale Fultondale area it will be a lot more convenient for me

John O'Rear

Great place to watch movies with family, small arcade, great snack selection, but lacks security/workers

xxrtentacionn n

it’s one of the best theatres i’m been to in my life it’s justs a all around great place

Karen Glover

When we arrived there were tons of kids in the parking lot and not to mention two buses full of kids unloading. To our surprise, we got in and about 10 minutes and that included purchasing tickets. Walked right up to the concession stand and was waited on very quickly. We had plenty of time to find a seat before the movie and all the advertisements started. The place was clean and all employees were super nice.

Daniel Conniff

Comfortable and great selection of films

Dennis Brooks

Clean, concessions are great, and everything is top notch.

Max Cribb

Usually, we have a really great experience with no distractions. Tonight was different. Seemed like we sat in a high volume of traffic area. Between one couple coming past us and then three minutes later they decided they didn't want to sit there. Another couple in front of us kept dropping their phones. One would drop it and then the girlfriend would turn on their phone flashlight and then STAND UP to look for it. Just constant back and forth most of the night from every direction. Like I said, usually not a problem, but tonight was annoying. Still enjoyed the movie, so it could've been worse! Lol

Pamela Lesley

Great time with the family

Kim hammonds

Every face was, as I passed, stuck in a happy/welcoming grin. With some nods and exploding smiles. Every time I am through with you guys, I exit with a good feeling, not just because I enjoyed the movie, but that I enjoyed the whole shebang. I kinda feel like they said to me "Yall come back now!"

Edward Clayton

Went to see widows it was wonderful great movie good action


This is our go-to theatre. We’ve been here countless times and have never been let down. The seats are comfortable and usually very clean. As most Regals are, the prices are steep for tickets and especially for the food court. But other than that this is a great theatre!

Charles Fuller

Great for family outings at the movies. Staff is very friendly. Once they got use to us coming they always ask my wife where are the children. I have to tell them they are pretty much grown but we've been going there over 12 years

Exploration Unknown

It was good thanks for asking

linda smith

Great movie great refreshments always enjoy regal Cinema Trussville

Harley Higginbotham

Always my go to for movies in the area

Blake Boo

Polite employees....

Sandra Hardy

We enjoyed our movie experience. The popcorn was really fresh and the free refills were a pleasant surprise! We will definately be back!

Princess Delta

Polite and cheery staff (possibly because we had a fairly empty theater) but nice and clean seats and floor!

T Rich

Best movie theatre I've been to in a long time! Everything was exceptionally clean, even the bathrooms - you could probably eat off the floor, depending on how weird you are and what you're into. I wouldn't, but maybe that's just me. Staff was extremely helpful and pleasant. They also seem to show so many movies that aren't shown in other theatres, presumably because they may not make as much money. I'm really not sure. This is definitely going to be my first choice for any movie I choose to see in the future. Why is our theatre in Tuscaloosa not like this one?

Daryl Isbell

Great movie theater.

Marva Middlebrooks

Nice and friendly customer service

Nailah Johnson

Very good service. Little wait for certain orders but understandable for fresh food.

Tara Flowers

Bring your own snacks just too expensive I purchased m&m's and twizzlers about $11

kylie k

Loved coming here for Ghibli films!

channel has shutdown

Expensive but comparable prices clean and comfortable

Philia K

I enjoyed the movies saw Ralph Wrecks the internet. Clean theater and good service

Imani Jones

Me and my family went to see Spider-Man and we enjoyed ourselves!

Tammy Simmons

Regal Cinemas Trussville was great to visit today with my granddaughters We had a great time and enjoyed the movie. Of course snacks and drinks were pricey but it was worth it to see them enjoying our day out.

Tammy Stephenson

My favorite movie theatre

Victory Cobb

Normally the staff is very nice and friendly and happy to help you, unless they are swamped. (but that's anybody) also normally very clean. I've been going here for 22 years.

Jason Roca

Nice place to go see a good movie

Tiffany Lee

Nice atmosphere and laid back

Kenordis Fleming

Good atmosphere. Clean theaters.

Gretchen Wilson

First visit to this theater. I enjoyed it. The theater was well maintained and employees were helpful and courteous.


Very relaxing, enjoyable place for watching movies that will last lifetimes.

Cecil Bowden

It took forever to get waited on.a new girl came up and made ut all go fast..some of the people are just slow.wish they would care and speed up

Barbara Swader

Went to see Gone With The Wind. Comfortable seating. Sound good. Popcorn always good. Clean.

Jacque Hagood

Nice, no waiting to get tickets.

Preston Holloway

Good times here man. Especially as a teenager nam sayin? Usually clean enough to eat leftover popcorn off of the floor. I haven’t gotten sick yet. Keep it up Regal 16 you are doing a great job!

Blanca Johnson

Nice movie teather

william phillips

Mary Jane in the snack area was extremely pleasant . Great movie experience.

Ken King

This theater needs an upgrade BADLY. It's ridiculous with the business it does that it is not kept in better shape than it is.

Shon Shepherd

Great experience, comfortable and pleasant environment

Cathy Williams

The movie was great

Jeanette Sims

Good night out

John Graf

The movie we saw was great. The service we received was the worst we ever had there . Bought the snack packs with pop corn Pop corn was piled high where it dumped out when set in the counter...dumped again when a cut was forced in the cup the cashier. My burger I got was down at the end of the counter and not told where to get it at even when ordered. Basically was not very good. Fries were not done very well either. I made a complaint to the GM about.poor service. No compensation for the concern.

Wesley Carnley

Always enjoy seeing movies here.

Joy Phillips

This is the best cinema in Birmingham area. We drive 20 minutes to see movies here rather than go to theaters with inferior sound, screen and seats.

mary holmes

The family and I really enjoyed ourselves

Cassandra Hunter

Clean theater. Great customer service.

rozenmiko -

Saw detective Pikachu, it was really nice

Candy Higginbotham

Older cinema but geta the job done

Vicky Gary

I had a great time but the staff needs to clean in between movie times. Popcorn, cups, and trash were everywhere. People really should clean up their mess.

Crystalnn Rowell

Nice place...Need to fix the machines in the game room but three movie room was nice

Lawrence Williams

I only have one complaint. The Cheetos popcorn is never available. Other than that I love it here.

dingo Rex

Great screen brightness. Comfortable AC. Clean and soft high seats.

Donald Anderson

Nice clean theater. The prices for matenee shows is getting a bit dumb though. And the showtimes leave something to be desired.


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